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Kevin - Real Punishment - Don't Be Late

RELEASED: 11th June 2015

Kevin - Real Punishment

Don't Be Late

This movies follows on from Kevin's debut movie Bad Start.

This is Kevin's second attempt at making a movie with me. The first time around he messed up badly and didn't show up. He got spanked for real that time. You would think that he would have learned his lesson? Right? 


Kevin managed to turn up late! I had plenty of time to work out how to proceed with Kevin whilst he kept me waiting. I decided that a second real punishment was in order!

Kevin was issued with an ultimatum. Either go home and end our working relationship, or stay and accept my punishment. Kevin decided to that he would stay.

I decided that he should learn a hard lesson!

Kevin received a very long, hard over the knee spanking. Not just from my hand, but I also introduced him to the leather paddle! 

You could see how much the message was getting through as he squirmed and kicked throughout his punishment!

""""More from Producer Dave..........This film was a real first for me in that it was shot in one continuous take. The camera started from before Kevin arrived at the front door and continued running all the way through and lecture and subsequent punishment. All of the discussions I had with Kevin are there in full for you to see. If you like to see very real life punishments then this movie is about as real as it gets!"""

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cursive | 26th August 2018 07:49
James | 5th August 2015 21:26
Well done Kevin, great movie, great to see a movie from start to real.

The whole dialogue was great.

A good star in the making
Seanb2 | 14th September 2015 11:39 (197 weeks ago)
Fabulous movie Dave , love the verbal interaction from you, I just wish it were me over your knee
uchikimatsu | 24th June 2015 01:42
Hi Dave, it seems what people notice most about Kevin is his vulnerability and his obvious discomfort in a situation he's placed himself yet loathes. We've also seen comments on his facial expressions and his politeness. What amazes me is that no one else has noticed the astounding transformation that Kevin goes through during this film. At some point, I believe this movie stopped being Kevin filming to make some extra cash and became so much more. I wonder if I noticed only because while I do have a spanking fetish, it is part of a larger scale *discipline* fetish. It is also possible that because I do have a discipline fetish that I saw what I wanted to see. I have a few questions:

Am I mistaken in believing that Kevin really took his spanking to heart, believing that he was being truly disciplined for his actions? Was everything as sincere and genuine as it seemed?

At what point did you realize Kevin was treating this as actual discipline and an opportunity to learn?

What did you do differently to accomodate Kevin's attitude of acceptance?

How did you feel about what was going on?

Did it surprise you or did you suspect something like that might occur?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th June 2015 15:49 (209 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki,

Well that is some good points you raised, let me answer them as best as I can.

So, yes, everything that was presented in this movie was as exactly as you saw it on film. Every single thing was left for you to see and hear as it unfolded. Kevin and I had not discussed any part of this at all in advance and he was not expecting he camera to be running when he finally turned up.

I don't think you are mistaken, Kevin was genuinely sorry and absolutely took his spanking to heart!

As for what point did I realise that Kevin was treating it as actual discipline?? So to answer this you really have to properly think about the situation from Kevin's point of view. From the second I answered the door, all Kevin saw was a guy that was not happy with his behaviour and was threatening to punish him for it. There was no secret winks from me or knowing smiles, Kevin was given two very clear choices. Leave or stay and face his punishment. It was that simple. I'm guessing about half-way through the interview stage it properly dawned on him what he was facing.

As for what I did differently, well I can answer what I did differently compared to other movies and other Real Punishment movies. In this case Kevin never got to see me "out of filming mode", he never got to see friendly Dave tell him everything was going to be ok, or even that it was going to be tough. I played my part all the the way through and never deflected.

As for adapting to Kevin's level of acceptance well it was just a gradual process, I was lecturing and Kevin responded correctly. He thought about what I said and clearly took it all onboard. I suppose when I saw he was doing that I pushed the punishment as far as I thought was fair and reasonable under the circumstances. I cold have chosen to back off when I saw he was getting the message but instead I made sure that once he did understand he still endured the punishment.

It's difficult to say how I felt about what was going on. I have so many things to consider like lighting, sound camera angles as well as playing my part. I run on adrenaline and it's a blur to look back on. I know that I felt excited that I was making a good movie. It felt right at the time. Kevin was also a joy to converse with. He talks very easily which I guess makes me better. Dom, Andy and Oliver are examples of other models who are like that for me.

As for your final question, I wouldn't have attempted this if I didn't feel Kevin would go through with it, but I was surprised that it happened without any discussion or attempt to stop filming. Truth is, if Kevin had point blank refused to proceed it is unlikely I would have sent him home, I would have worked out something to film and you would have never have got to see any of the footage that was filmed.

One extra thing I will add though is this. Kevin is a smart guy. On our first meeting I had a very lengthy discussion with him (like I do with all models) trying to explain exactly what I am trying to film, what the fetish is all about and what makes it tick for the audience. So Kevin is aware of all that. So it is possible that he was taking that into consideration during the filming. Chiki mentioned that he wasn't able to even find the correct Face Camera. Well in actual fact he did. Kevin had of course been briefed on his first visit not to look directly down the lens and I spent some time showing him all the places that he should look at. He remembered that during this movie and looked in exactly the right place.

So to sum it all up! I think that what you saw was a lad being truly punished with him fully accepting it and responding and learning. I also think though that you were blessed with Kevin as through all of that spanking he still understood that he was making a punishment movie and performed brilliantly!
uchikimatsu | 24th June 2015 16:16 (209 weeks ago)
Blessed is the right word, Dave! We are super lucky to have someone so astute and willing to play the game like Kevin on board! How could you even consider not bringing him back? I think you were pulling our collective legs about that.

He might be a little too smart for this old broad because now I can't decide if he was genuine about learning a lesson or just really good at giving the audience what they want!

Either way, I ain't mad at him! He's a treasure!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th June 2015 16:21 (209 weeks ago)
Oh I'd say he genuinely learnt a lesson! He was appallingly late and he knew it! I honestly don't think he thought it was that much of a big deal when he arrived. So what if he is late? I have no doubt at all that I properly managed to get him to view it in a different way.
Cherylkay | 24th June 2015 17:04 (209 weeks ago)
Thank you for sharing your insights here, Dave. That was one of the first things I picked up on in his first interview/film--how smart Kevin was. He obviously understands what spankos want to see even if it's not his thing. Also, I think we need to give you your props, too Dave! It has to be difficult for you to concentrate on the lad you're punishing while having to be mindful of the camera angles, etc. That's what I call multitasking lol. I think we're extremely fortunate to have you, let alone the young men you bring onboard.

Ooleary | 24th June 2015 20:43 (209 weeks ago)
Wow thank you Dave for sharing all that it just makes me love both you and Kevin even more,i also think we haven't seen the last of Kevin xx.
uchikimatsu | 24th June 2015 21:50 (209 weeks ago)
Orla, I feel the same! There was already something quite endearing about Kevin, but learning something personal about a model or some interesting behind the scenes info always makes me feel even more special and privileged as a member!
Ooleary | 24th June 2015 23:27 (209 weeks ago)
Chiki every time I read back Dave's explanation and I've read it quite a few times it makes me feel all gooey inside and I just want to hug someone it's so precious xx
red1967 | 21st June 2015 08:54
As I am s late to write a review on the movie and everyone has said what I wanted to say glade Kevin agreed to his punishment and I enjoyed this movie and hope to see Kevin again but next time in a storyline so we get to see more of him thanks Davie and Art
uchikimatsu | 15th June 2015 19:15
It seems I’m so far behind on my reviews these days that all I get to do is echo everyone’s approval and agree on the highlights of the film. In part, that is what I’m going to do, and I’ll be focusing on the second half of the clip since we already saw the first half interview a few weeks ago.

I want to mention that I find Kevin to be a polite, thoughtful young person
that seems quite respectful even without the formality of addressing Dave as “Sir.”

Here are some of my favorite moments:

· Dave gently pulling on Kevin’s hair to direct him to the face camera

· Kevin never really finding the right face camera

· Dave asking Kevin what he’d have on if they were filming the BBBlues movie (LOLZ)

· Kevin’s exquisite facial expressions… just gorgeous; he seemed
genuinely close to tears

· Kevin’s tremendous self-control, despite his obvious growing physical discomfort

· Kevin’s near-palpable emotional/psychological discomfort; such a delight to the sadist in me

· Dave taking Kevin’s hand to hold it to his back “Let me make this easier for you… thank you!”

Removing the temptation to reach back was actually a very kind thing to do

· Dave reminding Kevin of how uncomfortable he was about having his
pants pulled down, then letting him know he was getting a warning. Not a
choice, a warning.

· The double-edged sword of Kevin getting a break from the spanking, but having to think about the fact that he was bare-assed over another man’s knee being punished. Again, such a treat for my inner sadist.

· Kevin’s reaction to having to think about being bare-assed over Dave’s knee, “Ok, I’ve thought about it!” which is a common and naive spankee technique of attempting to control the situation (I’m done with this part now, or, I’ve done what you asked, time to move on…)

· Speaking of Kevin’s ass… need I say more?

· Kevin’s polite protest at the surprise extra swats

The real shining star of this movie, however, is the chemistry between Dave
and Kevin, and the stunning, gorgeous exchange of dialog between them.
Knowing how sensitive Kevin is to the situation, Dave works to both alleviate his anxieties and alternately exploit them. Dave plays abdeliciously wicked little game of tug-of-war with Kevin’s emotions that isvan absolute joy to watch.

This clip is a little miracle. I do believe this is the closest we’ve ever
come to witnessing true and pure discipline occurring on film at SLS,
including Oliver’s Real Punishment. I use the word discipline, even though
the title is Real Punishment, with good reason. Punishment is what Mr. X
does. Punishment is basically a consequence or end result of breaking a rule. You did something bad, now something bad will happen to you.
Discipline, however, is designed to guide someone toward understanding and
wisdom so that they can make better choices in the future.

Even in Oliver’s Real Punishment we understand that Oliver filmed the movie to make restitution to Dave. Oliver knew it would be good for Dave and good for SLS to have such a film, and that it would please the members. In contrast, I honestly believe that, even though Kevin was paid for his work on the film (unlike Oliver,) there was actual learning going on in that sweet little head of his.

I know that many people will view the teasing and shaming and see “Mean
Dave,” but when I watched the clip the second and third time, I noticed
that these “mean” episodes seemed to be well timed to break down Kevin’s
defenses between lessons. I thought asking about his supervisor was
especially brilliant as it made Kevin realize he always sees his supervisor
at work, hopefully sparking a bridge to the thought that perhaps that is
WHY this person is the supervisor and Kevin is not.

Throughout his ordeal, Kevin maintained a candid, respectful attitude. I could see that rather than saying anything that came to mind, or giving mono-syllabic answers, Kevin really struggled to offer thoughtful, honest answers to all of Dave’s questions. It seems at some point Dave realized there was more than just a movie being made here. I think he recognized Kevin’s willingness to take this lesson to heart and Dave took on the role of father figure/disciplinarian with rare grace and compassion.

Even in the Real Punishment clips, many models present an attitude that the treatment they receive is not really merited, but simply an excuse to film and make some cash. When Dave asks if the spanking is deserved, we often hear “I guess so,” or “maybe.” There was nothing at all in Kevin’s
demeanor or dialog indicating he thought he wasn’t getting exactly what was right and just. In fact, after wriggling around a bit, trying to sit
comfortably on a sore bum, he even said that it was his own fault for being late, he should not have been late or messed around. I simply have not seen humility in a young person like that in forever. Everything about this movie ticked every discipline fetish box I have, and more.
wardcoleman | 15th June 2015 20:37 (210 weeks ago)
Excellent review Chiki! Very evocative
uchikimatsu | 15th June 2015 21:25 (210 weeks ago)
Thanks, Ward! I found this clip truly fascinating to watch on many levels
Cherylkay | 15th June 2015 23:45 (210 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I wondered how you would feel about the face cam shots. I know you aren't fond of the guys looking directly into the camera, but being made to show his facial expressions seemed to be part of the punishment. I really did like how Dave made Kevin feel keenly uncomfortable about the whole situation. I think for Kevin the pain of the spanking was probably not nearly as bad as Dave playing up the emotionally uncomfortable aspects of the process--getting over his knee, getting undressed and then stressing that it was a man who was touching his bottom.

I really do love your thought provoking reviews. They were what finally made me decide to join SLS.
uchikimatsu | 16th June 2015 03:51 (210 weeks ago)
Hey Cheryl, thanks for the kind words!

Its hard to explain, but I think in a situation like this, or any real punishment, where Dave mentions "the people at home" or "the members" and its understood that we are meant to be virtual participants in the event, I don't mind the models looking into the camera, especially when Dave directs them to do so (I just thought it was particularly funny that when Dave wanted him to, Kevin couldn't find the right camera)

In situations where the punishment is taking place in SLSville by Mr. X or Dad, when the model looks directly into the camera at the viewer it destroys the illusion that we are secretly observing events as they unfold and we are "outed" to the players. Basically, the observer becomes the observed.

I hope that makes sense....
Ooleary | 16th June 2015 15:36 (210 weeks ago)
@chiki I've read and re read this post a few times you write so beautifully i wish i could express myself as well as you can through writing .... I agree with all your points
uchikimatsu | 17th June 2015 14:29 (210 weeks ago)
Thank you, Orla, especially since I wrote this at work, in between emails, phone calls, and files, and with a bunch of nosey ass bitches trying to look over my shoulder at my computer screen to see what I was typing. I read this and can only think of what I would say differently, how to improve it, and everything I missed... but I do so appreciate your kindness!
Ficwriterjet | 12th June 2015 03:58
Wonderful video. I loved it. :)

While Kevin was obviously a bit uncomfortable being across Dave's lap, he seemed much less nervous about the whole process this time around. I thought it was hilarious when Dave pointed out that he knew how uncomfortable Kevin was to be across his knee, and just let him lay there and think about it for a few moments. Mean Dave! LOL I especially thought that was funny because Kevin seemed to hate that bit almost more than he hated the spanking. I thought it was quite nice of Dave to warn Kevin that the underwear were coming down before he did it. And it looked like Kevin could just barely tolerate that even though he knew it was coming. He almost put his hand back at that point.

I was impressed with Kevin's ability to take the spanking without putting his hand back to block the blows, even though he clearly wanted to. I was also impressed that he didn't ask for it to stop, or try to talk Dave into going lighter. In the very end I was surprised that he asked for the last twenty to be a mix of hand and paddle. I thought he'd chose the hand since it hurts less, and then I wondered if he said a mix because he couldn't bring himself to ask for the hand since he has issues with that.

I truly loved that Kevin seemed to not only understand why he was getting punished, but he accepted that it was somewhat deserved, and he acknowledged that it would most likely change his behavior in the future, i.e. being on time when working with Dave. I liked Dave's line about Kevin's boss always being on time or early. Very good point to make.

Kevin has a wonderful ass, and I loved his choice of underwear. The end of the movie when Kevin couldn't sit comfortably made me smile. Lovely shifting around and trying to find a way to sit. :)

Thanks Dave for the movie, it was fantastic.
Cherylkay | 14th June 2015 17:56 (211 weeks ago)
@Jet, I also thought that the fact that Kevin was sitting gingerly after the spanking was precious. I meant to mention that in my original comments, but I forgot, as I often do lol. I also loved the part where Dave made Kevin aware that he knew Kevin was nearing the point where he wanted to reach back and block the spanks. I really admired Kevin having the grit not to do it, even if it was just to prove his "toughness" to Dave. That was a very, very nice segment.
Ficwriterjet | 15th June 2015 05:54 (210 weeks ago)
Hey Cheryl,

That always seems to happen to me too - I read a review that someone else left, and I think "Oh right! I was going to mention that, because I loved it.' LOL

Like in your review when you point out his line about 'that was more than 20', because that made me chuckle.
Cherylkay | 14th June 2015 05:22
OMG "I can tell by your voice" is something my mom used to say to me! She was a nurse could always tell that I had been out smoking because my voice would always get raspy. To this day, I still sound like Barry White first thing in the morning (some of you younger folks might need to Google him lol). I like that you called him on his "oyster card" not working being a bogus story. One thing I learned as a kid is that lying gets you in deeper trouble lol. I love that he said "that was more than 20" after you finished up. He's cheeky without being rude or annoying.

In a way, I find Kevin's discomfort with being spanked very appealing and I hope he never fully loses that. The fact that he can express that discomfort both verbally and non-verbally is a real plus. I really like models who act with their eyes (such as Oliver) and Kevin is very good at it. His facial expressions are so real it's a joy to watch them. I love the visual of the pants only being pulled down to below the bottom. It's just a lovely. lovely visual. I suppose it also sends a message to Kevin--you could have stripped him completely naked but you chose not to. He might not be so lucky next time.

Kevin is delightful and I sincerely hope he decides to show up on time next time. I think the acting side is going to be something he's really good at (although I might need a translator once in a while).
Hunter | 13th June 2015 22:35
Kevin will be a great addition to the Models here.

I think next time when he is to record a movie Dave he will 5 to 10 minutes early.

I changed my opinion of Kevin he now is genuine young man well done to the lad.

It was good to see that the spanking worked when poor Kevin found it hard to sit after his spanking you did a great job on spanking him Dave.

To finish best of luck Kevin on your next movie and please do't be late again
mattnyc | 13th June 2015 17:15
Kevin is fantastic! What a great new model. He has the best football player legs and butt and he's really handsome. I have a feeling he will be able to handle more dialogue in the future; he seems smart and articulate. I love how his perfect round butt looked when Dave pulled his briefs up super tight. And, of course, I loved the bare bottom round. Great spanking action. Kevin is a perfect model for the site and this is another great SLUK video. I can't wait to see more of Kevin. Excellent work Dave and Art.
wardcoleman | 13th June 2015 08:37
I finally got time to watch this, and it was certainly worth the wait. Kevin took his punishment very well, although you could tell he did not enjoy it at all. Personally I prefer Fraser's tattoo free body, but Kevin has a very spankable bottom and an attractive handsome face, especially when he gives that shy, self depreciating smile.

I agree with Kristi and would like to see him take on an acting role, and hoe the Bubble Bath Blues scene has only been deferred.

Ooleary | 11th June 2015 14:57
I love Dave ... I love Kevin ... I love THURSDAYS

Well done Kevin xx

More Kevin please
Ooleary | 12th June 2015 14:20 (211 weeks ago)
Watched again for the 6th time i just love this movie from start to finish.

Dave your lecture on time keeping and asking about his boss and if he got spanked everytime he was late and he said he'd be 5 mins early and stay 5 mins later...yes i think Kevin learned his lesson.The whole who has the Power speech 'genius' that whole dialogue with Kev both of you such amazing actors.

My fave part was probably when you pointed out about his twitchy arm and his squirming around wanting you to stop.

It was very kind of you to warn Kev when you were going to take his boxers down and you could tell how uncomfortable he was he kept trying to control his arm from swinging back and stopping you.I loved the mental torture too when you stopped for a few seconds so he could think about the fact he was lying naked across you lap his face was priceless.

I always love it at the end when you tell the lads they have 10 or 20 more hits cos these are usually the hardest plus the extra few with the hand when they think it's over xx.

Now this is odd cos in most movies i want this to happen but not with this one i was praying that he wouldn't swear or cry i was really rooting for him to get it over and done with and learn his lesson and i think he did that spanking was seriously tough and he didn't complain what a guy.

The bit at the end when he couldn't sit comfortably it made me so happy.

When (not if ) Kevin comes back again you have to let us know if he turns up 5 mins early lol .
kristi | 12th June 2015 12:08
Kevin Kevin Kevin.....i cant believe you turned up nearly two hours late considering your punishment last time!! What were you thinking? I really hope you learned your lesson because i ,for one, would love to see you in a movie that your acting in, rather than actually being punished! Real punishment movies are among my favs but i would like to see you in an acting movie as well, so, behave yourself!!!

Excellent movie Dave, i love kevin!! You can tell him i said that too, might make him feel good to know he has a fan! And i know im not the only one too!

This movie was excellent on several different levels. First, i loved that you started filming before he even walked in the door, so there was no pre-discussion before interviewing, i like that. You caught him off guard, but he dealt with that with ease, good job.

Second, it was a really hard spanking that he took, without ccomplaining, but i could see on his face that he was really starting to feel it, even when the jeans were still on. I thought for sure we may see a tear by the end of it all.

Third, your not an old fart just because your trying to teach these youngens some manners! You have a good work ethic and are trying to teach this young man that a good work ethic is important, no matter what that job might be. Good for you!

I hope he got the point!

Next time you see him, tell him he has a big fan!!:-)
Domfan | 12th June 2015 00:49
Ok I'm sold on Kevin now. He was tough enough to take the beating but also feminine enough to admit he was hurting. My kind of guy.
Also the camera angle was beautiful and the choice of socks and undies made my heart race.
The only disappointment was lack of dangling penis and balls and not enough crack.
Lynne | 11th June 2015 23:11
Just what I thought...he caught it....

Almost feel sorry for him....I would say he was a bit shocked at the final result.

A couple of incidents today with some teens, language, attitude, just acting with the "tough guy don't mess with me" persona makes me wonder if what Kevin received here wouldn't have done some good with these guys. Of course, we know mindset of wrongdoing and willingness or need to atone goes a long way.

Well done to all :)

Hunter | 11th June 2015 21:49
I saw a humble Kevin after his spanking from Dave and my Opinion has changed of him he a geniune sorry young man.

Well done Dave it was a wonderful acted out video.

I thought the punishment fitted thw crime.

I bet Kevin will not be late ever again
lorilee | 11th June 2015 18:43
Kevin you did a wonderful job , Dave dished a had spanking , It looked to be one of his hardest The fact you did not say no you must have on some level thought it was deserved. I think you learned two very important things trust in Dave and not t be late anymore. I almost cry'ed for you . Hope you get to sit soon look foreword to seeing much more of you. Great job Dave I think this is best so far. My fav. videos are real punishment and wtfgh. I can't say enough about this one great, great , great job.
NovaDad | 11th June 2015 17:57
Great to see Kevin again. I absolutely hope that he will be back to star in another video -- perhaps another chapter in such memorable series as "Bubble Bath Blues" or "Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home! Then again, perhaps it's time for a new "Spank Jenga" contest series. =;-))
In any case, thanks to all three of you (Kevin, Dave, and Art) for this latest great video!!
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