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Blake - Bath Brush Beating
Bobby & Blake - Locker Room Bully - Part Two
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Alex & Zane - Spanked For Smoking - Part Two
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20th August 2014 21:22 | LAST COMMENT 15 weeks ago

So I have noticed a discussion on the Random Blog which is pretty cool and discusses your top three favourite Straight Lads Spanked models.

I really enjoyed reading all the different opinions and reasons. All valid and appreciated.

So I thought I should make this discussion into a blog of it's own.

So of course we all know that all the guys on Straight Lads Spanked are amazing in their own way. 

But if you had to choose your top three lads who would they be and why?

(I realise that some of you have discussed this on the Random Blog, so why no copy and paste and repost your answers here?

LadyM | 16th August 2021 11:49
I'd like to see some more non-white models. Taylor is great especially in the caning sequence and I liked the reality of Tony's film, he was really going through a lot of pain. I haven't found a third one that I really like yet because I'm not into white guys.
Angel53 | 13th August 2021 22:26
If I had to pick three they would be, TAYLOR, BRADLEY and CHARLIE. Did I mention TAYLOR. Would love to see more videos with him. His video for "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home " was by far THE BEST in that series. He was fighting back those tears. Hell, he damn near had me crying. Being a father myself and after I administered the same type of punishment I would hug/hold my sons to reassure that I STILL LOVED THEM.
bearcreek51 | 14th August 2020 01:47
I would sure like to see Clark back
LucienG | 7th September 2019 13:10
Jay, Karl, Charlie, Stan, Sam, Tommy
SerenaG3 | 6th September 2019 06:22
It is so hard as it jumps around a lot but at this present time for me it is


Though if I was doing favourites of all time it'd be

1. Bobby
2. Jason
3. Frasier
Lee | 6th September 2019 03:09
1. Jason 2. Dom. 3. Kevin
Lee | 6th September 2019 03:09
1. Jason 2. Dom. 3. Kevin
vinniecp | 24th February 2019 10:15
1.Dom 2.Josh 3.Chris though have to say Jerry might move up the ranks
Bobbyfan | 23rd February 2019 23:59
Too many to name. At the moment:
1. Josh 2. Kevin 3. Alex 4. Dom 5. John 6. Dale
Serena89 | 12th February 2019 00:07
Fraser is my all time favourite and the reason i signed up here. Everything about him just gets me and I never thought I had a type. It's the innocent and contrite demeanour and his mannerly tone and soft spoken, gentle nature. The big innocent eyes, floppy hair and beauriful jawline and perfectly proportioned body ahhh I cant get over him.

I also really think Karl is a brilliant and believable actor and I liked a few Oliver films as well.

Based on those three can anyone give me any recommendations. I much prefer those who are vocal and make natural movements through out the punishment and prefer more sad and contrite reactions than the stoic and idgaf type reactions

Thanks :)
Serena89 | 17th February 2019 06:44 (145 weeks ago)
Okay I think I have decided on my favourite 3 now after watching at least one video from everyone.

1. Jason the cutie
2. Fraser
Serena89 | 17th February 2019 08:18 (145 weeks ago)
Damn comment cut off. Sebastian number 3
Paddleboy | 9th November 2018 18:16
1 Jason
2 Connor
3 Alex
elvin | 24th September 2018 10:41
popov29 | 31st August 2018 13:42

^^ (in bubble bath blues for sure)
hvicn1960 | 31st August 2018 00:34
get Clark back I like his quiet dignity even when he is gettting hsi naked butt spanked
czech22b | 10th August 2017 23:13
Top 3.

Honorable mentions Wayne and Elliot
Orla | 26th March 2017 23:19
My new updated list again,i call it the J for Jaysus these guys are hot list xx

Billbuster | 25th January 2017 04:56
I have to say that I'm surprised more people haven't picked KEVIN. To me, he's far and away the sexiest, most adorable, best acting, and most "into" the scenarios of all the others, and you do have many good models. It's like he's really buying into the rationale for his punishments, and when they are "real punishments," and he admits he needs to be punished, I believe him! Plus Kevin has the hottest, tightest body of the bunch, and a great sense of humor about the whole things, as well. Of course, I also love FRASER for just having the most spankable ass of all, although WAYNE is a close second on that.
LucienG | 18th March 2017 19:38 (245 weeks ago)
I love Kevin's first movies. Then he seemed to have lost some weight from his previously perfect posterior. So his later work isn't as appealing to me. Falls flat, so to speak...
jacko | 5th February 2017 02:30
I have two groups to submit; the "current crop" group and the "already harvested" group, the labels being self-explanatory.

To be eligible for either of my groups, there is a requirement of a minimum of five SLS movies released pre 2016 for the "Already Harvested" group and post - 2015 for the "Current Crop" group. Also, movies of more than one part or game series count as only one movie. Interviews don't count unless they include a spanking. Dave is not eligible because thems my rules.

No doubt the "Current Crop" group might change over time as more films are made and new models make an appearance. I have not placed my favourite models in any particular order.

"Already Harvested" Group
(* = eligible for both groups)

Karl *

Special mention to Dan, Lee, Johnny and Ryan who all impressed me but didn't make enough movies to be eligible.

"Current Crop" Group

Karl *

I consider that the models I have selected have all displayed the following characteristics:

a. Visually appealing before, during and after spanking.
b. Excellent interaction with other models.
c. Great sense of humour.
d. Tolerant of a good spanking with hand and implements.
e. Entertaining impromptu dialogue.
f. Genuinely pleasant personality
g. Convincing characterization.
h. A willingness to meet new challenges.
I. Excel in dramatic and light spanking scenarios.

There are a number of models who have performed superbly in the role of spanker but don't appeal to me as spankees. They have not made it to my lists of favourites because they don't satisfy all my criteria but they would be selected if I had a "Favourite Spankers" group.
Mylene88 | 20th January 2017 15:28
Like many members , it's very difficult to choose only 3 guys because i appreciate almost 3/4 of models , who get spanked since 2012 ! and some of them were much exposed than others . It's not always the first video , which reveals completely the personnality of a model . ^^
This is why i decided to make a top 3 but for several categories . ;)

Category HANDSOME : 1 DALE ( I love his face and his video with Oliverin " Caught screwing the neighbour". I would like to watch him again )
2 Harry
3 Bailey

Category BEST ACTOR : 1 ANDY ( He is so credible , i congratulate him for all his videos )
2 Oliver ( the video " Bath brush beating " is a jewel ! )
3 Callum ( it was difficult to choice only a third guy but Callum's facial expressions have convinced me )

2 Karl
3 Taylor

2 Oscar
3 George
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:12 (253 weeks ago)
I love your lists!!! Could you explain more what you mean by the 'Touching' category?
Mylene88 | 23rd January 2017 04:43 (253 weeks ago)
Thank you again :) .
By " touching " i meant : we could feel sorry when their butt is sore , even if we know , that the spanking is deserved . ;)
For example , Sebastian and Karl can very well have a hangdog look . ( i hope it's the good translation , i'm french ^^ ) .
Mylene88 | 23rd January 2017 04:47 (253 weeks ago)
Maybe should i say Jay in third place for TOUCHING category .
sumai-Davefan | 17th June 2016 16:17
Top three models, Can I choose Dave? NO.1 Dave NO.2 Dave NO.3 Dave. (If I do that , Maybe I can love all models because I love Dave :)) .Seriously , Dave always the NO.1 in my heart. Without Dave , I can’t know so many great models and can’t watch so many outstanding movies. spanking is my natural propensity and straight mm spanking is my favorite hobby. But I’m a girl, I can only imagine about mm spanking situation. Thank God I found Dave, Through models I can know SLS, But only Dave can make me fall in love with SLS. There are many plot, In my mind I’ve already imagined, thank Dave to realize my imagination. I am crazy about you!
About models, I like a lot. I like Oliver’s eyes, Andy’s smile, Karl’s strong-willed, Bailey’s body, Kevin’s fingers, Liam’s affectionate, Adam’s tiger teeth, Dom’s acting. And I also like Patrick, Dan , Fred, Wayne and so on. Thank all of them for their efforts.
friedpopcorn | 16th June 2016 15:45
After watched a lot of movies, I find it difficult to choose only three lads.Dave,you are awsome,can find so many good models.I considered about it carefully and still want to choose more than three men. So,please allow me to choose more.
I like Oliver,karl,Kevin,Dom,Liam and Fraser.
Not only like their looks,but also like their acting in the movies.They all nice men.And you are the best,Dave.
Thank you,Dave.
Jamesadams1992 | 13th June 2016 09:34
wadejohns | 25th October 2015 23:24
1. Glen (most handsome, best body, best actor)
2. Jay
3. Sebastian
| 26th April 2016 02:23 (292 weeks ago)
Kass44 | 27th March 2016 15:20
Chris, Oliver, Dom
Hyde | 25th March 2016 23:37
Andy Oliver Dan
Ooleary | 2nd February 2016 23:25
This was tough cos a lot of the lads are gone and a few more have started since i first made my list in 2014 so here's my updated list :

1.Kevin - Great actor and so Gorgeous

2.Tom - Great actor love his accent and so damn sexy ...did you see that chest aahhh.

3.Fraser - Such a little cutie , a little too shy with the dialogue compared to some lads but i just love his floppy hair lol.xx

Now Oliver and Dom hold a special place in my heart and I will love them always.
Natalia | 1st February 2016 23:53
Karl (Cute)
Kevin ( Can act quite well)
Sebastian or Carlo :) ( Just because)
jeremiah15 | 19th January 2016 12:20
1. Rico
2. Tom
3. Jay
(enjoyed the ways in which these good-looking guys were ordered to remove their clothes as well as being spanked)
rgsix | 11th January 2016 18:21
1. Bailey
2. Dom
3. Karl
billenkoek1984 | 9th January 2016 00:36
2. Tom
3. Steve

Spanked Chris | 10th December 2015 20:19
Since June I have changed my top three models Dave.

1 Is still obviously Karl
2 Is Chris that is why I have changed my Members name
3 Is Aaron even though he not in the picture all the time
SoupGoblin | 1st December 2015 21:41
This was a very difficult decision for me, but I think I've finally narrowed it down.

The #1 spot has to go to Jay. He's got the most amazingly beefy body--especially his butt--and the way he squirms and yelps through his punishments is simply irresistible. I must admit to having a weakness for shorter, solidly built men, so he pushes all of my buttons in the looks department. He also is a fine actor, especially when portraying the more immature 'bratty' side of himself! The kind of guy who you don't feel sorry for at all as he's laid over a lap for a good spanking, but rather makes you want to see him get it over and over again.

A very close #2 is Andy. Honestly, I would have put him at #1, but Jay narrowly edges him out in the butt department. He is, however, definitely the finest actor on the site! He's got a great personality and his smile is infectious. He also shows great range in playing either a spankee or a spanker role. Whether as a cheeky builder or Coach/Uncle Andy, any movie with him in it is sure to be a fun one. He's also brought so many other models to the site, I feel like he deserves an additional casting fee for some of his movies. ;P

The #3 spot was hardest for me, as there are so many fine candidates left to pick from. I did however, much enjoy Glen's role in the latest 'Caught in the Act' film. He also has a fantastic body, and his surly attitude just makes you want to punish his bottom more. I'll give him the final spot, with the hope that he comes back to film more movies soon. ;]
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:28 (312 weeks ago)
Hey SoupGoblin. Really good choices and I am very pleased to see Glen in there. In fact it has spurred me on to see if I can film some more with him. :)
SoupGoblin | 7th December 2015 16:24 (312 weeks ago)
Oh, cool! I hope you have luck in that department. I personally prefer more rugged men getting spanked over 'twinks', so Glen fits just perfectly. His hairy chest and beard are just too much! Might be fun to see him in a spanker roll sometime too. Maybe as a substitute or assistant coach?
cbtsub | 30th November 2015 05:17
kevin, fraser, and oliver. if dom was still around he'd be on the list
Rasputin | 25th October 2015 16:51
Dave, a first-rate spanking model must have three attributes.:

1. He must be good-looking;
2. He must have an athletic or muscular physique; and
3. He must be a good actor, one who responds to his punishment in a demonstrative manner - i.e., lots of squirming, kicking, grimacing, yelping, groaning, etc.

You have many attractive, athletic models who are also good actors - Oliver, Patrick, Harry, Fraser, Wayne. Scott, Liam, Sebastian, just to name a few.

However, the top three models in my humble opinion are as folllows, in descending order:

1. Bailey;
2. Andy; and
3. Jay.

Bailey has the best combination of a handsome face, a smooth, athletic body, and demonstrative acting style of any of your models.

Normally I would not rate highly a guy with as many tattoos as Andy. However, his good looks, fine physique, and demonstrative acting style, combined with an engaging personality, earn him a solid second place. Congratulations, Andy - you charming, lovable Irish bear! :-)

As for Jay - what can I say? Good looks, fine physique, demonstrative acting style - great balance of attributes.
| 8th October 2015 21:04
Bailey is just simply drop dead gorgeous. Liam is hot. And Andy just seems to be the nicest guy going (with a great body)
hyde | 8th October 2015 05:24
Oliver Andy Bailey
nanarr | 19th August 2015 07:30
My revised list (since we're doing lads who are currently making vids) is (in no particular order): Fraser, Kevin, Matt.

I miss Bailey so much!!!
MistressAlex | 17th August 2015 07:16
1. Bailey
2. Sebastian
3. Andy

Kevin is another favorite of mine.
wardcoleman | 12th July 2015 08:52
Back in the day, when I first responded to this Fraser had not yet appeared on the scene and neither had Kevin. Had I voted now, Fraser would certainly have made the top three, with Kevin not far behind.
Cherylkay | 12th July 2015 18:00 (333 weeks ago)
@ward, yep same here!
eschilo | 11th July 2015 20:40
he has the best boddy
Hunter | 22nd June 2015 08:48
Hi Dave My top three are

|1 Karl

2 Dom

3 Fraser

Karl because I have liked since I joined

Dom Because he so funny when getting spanked.

Fraser Because he a genuine guy
Cherylkay | 29th September 2014 18:50
I'm too late to get my vote in, but as a new member, I thought it might be interesting to throw my hat in the ring on this subject. Before I go any further, I would just like to say that I don't dislike any of the guys on here. All of them have something unique to contribute. Because I joined after the Andy/Bailey/Liam/Karl era, I'm limiting my choices to guys who are currently shooting with the site. These three are my favorites so far (and they change depending on what movie I'm watching:

1) Wayne. OK, he's not the best actor in the group. But there's something about him that just does it for me. And it has very little to do with this looks, although he's a very handsome young man. I think it's just his whole personality--the mischievous young lad that can drink in a pub, have girlfriends and sometimes get into scraps, but struggles with he belt. That's so sweet to me. I just can't put Wayne's appeal into words. He just has "something".

2) Dom. What can I say about him that hasn't been said already? He's a brilliant actor (probably the best of the bunch right now). He can play the sorry lad, with his big, expressive do eyes that go right to my heart and make me feel for him or the cheeky "Is that it?" little brat that fully deserves everything he's getting. I also love his commitment to making the best movies possible. I also love that he said he would be "up" for doing a spanking outdoors, something I personally love doing (as long as there's no chance of getting caught!).

3) Adam. Adam wasn't even on my radar until I watched him in "Spanked Charity Thief-The Conclusion". I think, in that particular film, he was just so perfect. He had that wonderful mix of embarrassment, desperation and total unease with the situation that I immediately felt sorry for him. Being paired with Dom must have helped because I think Dom lifts everyone's game a bit. But Adam in that one was just exactly what I love in a spanking video. His other performances are also good. I also love that Adam doesn't swear that much. I have a personal dislike for foul language (I don't expect everyone to watch their language by the way lol) and his "oh dear"'s when the spanking gets hard or the situation gets dicey really are sweet. Adam is a bit quirky, for sure. But I like quirky.

Domfan | 7th September 2014 17:41
I just saw Karl's interview film and decided he's my new number 1. Revote please ;-)
Lynne | 1st September 2014 12:42
OK, I just sent an e-mail to Dave with the numbers. I sort of put a mental stop date of 31 August for final voting dependent upon the activity within the thread. SInce voting has died back I did my final tallies this morning. This only takes into account everyone who made three definitive choices and the allegedly final (by date) decisions of those who may have posted different lists. I made up my mind as well for just for info purposes, I went with Oliver, Adam and George as my top three. So, as it stands as of 0832 US Eastern Time:

By rank order (based on individual votes for top, second and third):

Top: 4-way tie between Andy, Bailey, Dom and Oliver (4 votes each)
Second: Dom (4 votes)
Third: 5-way tie Andy, Dom, George, Oliver, Patrick (2 votes each)

Overall number of votes:

Top: Dom (11 votes)
Second: Oliver (9 votes)
Third: Bailey (8 votes)
Aimee | 2nd September 2014 11:06 (378 weeks ago)
Well done Lynne. Our very own little number cruncher.
baroquen_art | 4th September 2014 13:34 (378 weeks ago)
Did anyone else laugh at the ranking. Top: Dom ?? No one? Just me?
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 13:58 (378 weeks ago)
Hey now..... Dom is super popular...he is good looking, has made lots of great movies that are marked high in the rankings, is one of the top actors who has great comedic timing and is really clever with the improv dialog, plus he is generous and gives us lots of great interviews!

I'm not the least surprised at the top model poll results!
Aimee | 4th September 2014 17:27 (378 weeks ago)
Im sulking. Lol Andy will always be king for me :) lol
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 17:51 (378 weeks ago)
None of that, now....I believe your movie is winning!
Aimee | 4th September 2014 18:52 (378 weeks ago)
I am allowed to sulk. It is my girly girl, pouty lipped right to sulk lol
Lynne | 4th September 2014 19:18 (378 weeks ago)
@Aimee: when Dave made the decision to go with the overall number of votes, I warned him you might go into spasms of hysteria if Andy wasn't mentioned :) If it helps at all Andy was fourth with 7 votes so he almost tied with Bailey :)
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 19:35 (378 weeks ago)
I don't think you actually helped matters there,
Lynne | 4th September 2014 19:42 (378 weeks ago)
I know..I kinda just wanted to see Aimee's reaction :)
baroquen_art | 4th September 2014 19:53 (378 weeks ago)
No, no, nothing to do with Dom himself…. oh geez, this is why I don't post much. Have you ever heard of someone being a Top? It's like they're the more outward or controlling, or on Top for sex or in a relationship? Then I thought about someone being a dom - as in a dominating. Sorry. i'll stop posting now!
Lynne | 4th September 2014 20:03 (378 weeks ago)
:) baroquen...sometimes you just have to explain things. People get certain things in their heads and it sticks. Since the thread was about models, well, Dom was automatically seen as the model :)
Lynne | 4th September 2014 20:03 (378 weeks ago)
I wrote it out and it didn't even hit me :)
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 20:11 (378 weeks ago)
@baroquen_art - your gift of perception and subtle genius surpasses the limited capacity of my ineffectual little brain. I bow down to your intellect.

Girl...u got skilz
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 20:16 (378 weeks ago)
p.s. please don't stop posting just because we are idiots! I identi as Top/Dom and still didn't see it!
Aimee | 4th September 2014 21:31 (378 weeks ago)
@lynne...I'm not sure I can continue with our friendship. You have cut me to my very core! #teamandy lol
Aimee | 4th September 2014 21:32 (378 weeks ago)
@baroquen_art...I got what you meant :)
baroquen_art | 4th September 2014 22:03 (378 weeks ago)
Haha, okay, well I feel better then. I was wondering (and a little embarrassed) that I was alone on Top/Dom! :)
Aimee | 4th September 2014 22:19 (378 weeks ago)
No I understood you completely so don't stop posting :) top/dom made me chuckle when you wrote it on here :D
kristi | 5th September 2014 05:46 (378 weeks ago)
Lynne must have missed something when she was calculating the numbers, something is amiss
Brumspanker | 27th August 2014 06:50
How could anyone forget Karl?! Have to say, though, Dom is just so adorable that he edges out in front. Like many others, picking a third seems mean when so many of the lads are great and any form of ranking seems almost disrespectful. So I'm going to go for a singleton: Jack, whom I thought was lovely.
uchikimatsu | 27th August 2014 13:18 (379 weeks ago)
Hey! A few of us have Karl on our lists! 😝
Domfan | 28th August 2014 08:39 (379 weeks ago)
He's number 1 on my Sexy Ass chart
nanarr | 1st September 2014 05:29 (378 weeks ago)
Brumspanker, I liked Jack!! Wish he'd come back to do more movies. Jack was the reason I joined SLS in the first place. Found his video with Mr X somewhere and looked up SLS.
Domfan | 4th September 2014 08:49 (378 weeks ago)
Yes Jack back please!
edmund47 | 1st September 2014 08:38
Dale is my top model. Cute and hot!
uchikimatsu | 2nd September 2014 14:47 (378 weeks ago)
I like Dale too, but I don't think I would ever use the word "cute" for him, he is so very masculine...not boyish at all! Definitely hot though, hot is a good word, LOL!
Domfan | 27th August 2014 21:53
We should do a separate vote if 1. Best ass, and 2) best willy.
Best ass is definitely Karl (so smooth and plump) and best willy is definitely Andy (big and floppy) . Love the site of Andy's willy rubbing on Mr X's lap.
uchikimatsu | 28th August 2014 07:40 (379 weeks ago)
what about Harry's ass?

I'm not commenting on any junk....
Domfan | 28th August 2014 07:48 (379 weeks ago)
Yes Harry's ass is top 5 material. Hmmm, will have to go back through the movies again to see who else qualifies. What a chore ;-)
uchikimatsu | 28th August 2014 07:55 (379 weeks ago)
Well, I'm going to nominate Adam, then, because its so ridiculously pale. Its also lovely, round and spankable, but another thing that makes Adam so appealing is that his ruddy little cheeks get as red as his bottom cheeks. C'mon, how adorable is that?

Wait, is "ruddy" a swear word in the UK and not to mean reddish in appearance?
Domfan | 28th August 2014 08:14 (379 weeks ago)
Yes I know what you mean about ruddy cheeks (upper and lower). That is endearing esp. in fair haired blokes I noticed.

Below Karl and Harry I would also add Billy and Parker in the mix .
Domfan | 28th August 2014 08:27 (379 weeks ago)
Oh, and Ryan's ass would round off the top 5 ( so to speak). A sweet little ass he has.
uchikimatsu | 28th August 2014 08:29 (379 weeks ago)
Ohhh...I haven't watched Billy in a while! I'll have to do that when it isn't 4am and I have to get up for work in an hour...insomnia sucks.
uchikimatsu | 28th August 2014 08:38 (379 weeks ago)
Hmmmm... I think there is some ass we may not be giving proper consideration. I'll have to look again at the choices tomorrow.
Domfan | 28th August 2014 08:40 (379 weeks ago)
*awaits Chiki's important deliberations*
Aimee | 28th August 2014 08:52 (379 weeks ago)
Dom has a very sweet little but as does Wayne. Doing everything in my power not to pick Andy so as not to be predictable aren't you proud?
uchikimatsu | 29th August 2014 02:59 (379 weeks ago)
::::reads Aimee's post above again, scratching head in confusion::::

Dom has a sweet little what? Because anyone that's seen his BBBlues movie would agree he's definitely a grower, not a shower.
Aimee | 29th August 2014 03:33 (379 weeks ago)
A great little butt. His tushy.
uchikimatsu | 30th August 2014 01:45 (379 weeks ago)
Ah, tushy... I see. Wasn't sure if you meant great little willy, great little mole on his upper lip, great little sense of humor, great little spleen, great little recipe for pumpkin cheesecake...
kristi | 30th August 2014 03:52 (378 weeks ago)
If you have a great recipe for pumpkin cheesecake,,,, spill it ,,,, I love cheesecake!!
Aimee | 30th August 2014 12:30 (378 weeks ago)
I said great little but I just forgot the 2nd t you grammar nazi!!! Lol
Ooleary | 30th August 2014 13:57 (378 weeks ago)
Sexiest Butt award goes to Bailey everytime i see it i just want to bite it and lick his beauty spot [that's the big freckle/mole on his ass]
Cutest Butt award goes to Dom
uchikimatsu | 30th August 2014 23:38 (378 weeks ago)
i dunno, man... i think Harry is getting a bum rap... ha ha ha ha... bum rap, i crack myself up...

Harry, people! those gorgeous, plump, perfectly round spankable globes.... Harry has seriously great spanking ass!
Domfan | 31st August 2014 11:15 (378 weeks ago)
Yes I've been on a Harry bender recently (so to speak). He's a stunner, and his cheeks are to die for.
nanarr | 1st September 2014 04:58 (378 weeks ago)
LOL at Kristi ... cheesecake recipe !!!

Aimee, Dom does have a cute butt ::: sticks tongue out at Chiki ... I put the second "t" in ... happy? ::: In fact, he's just cute all over. But, I'm going to be predictable ... BAILEY forever !!! Bailey's my absolute, all out favorite ... so there!

Ooleary, I'm with you about Bailey's birthmark
nanarr | 1st September 2014 05:19 (378 weeks ago)
on his bottom. I saw him in an interview and he said it was a birthmark. It just looks delectable !!

Domfan, I'm not getting into a willy (pecker) discussion. Every guy has a "dangle" in front, but not every guy has a CUTE tush behind him. Makes you want to cup it in your hands and/or spank it. (Not cupped hand spanking, Patrick lol.) Okay, I admit it ... I'm a sucker
nanarr | 1st September 2014 05:21 (378 weeks ago)
for the male tush. Love to look at them.

::: damn machine! :::
welshboy | 30th August 2014 07:25
Ok I have been thinking about my top three models over the last few nights and its been so hard to pick three. But here's what I think. First of it has to be Andy just for being a great all rounder he is great in any role Dave ask's of him. Then I will have to pick Oliver, he has grown as a person and as a spanking model and I think we have all grown to love him here. Then it has to be Dom, as he has grown into a wonderful all rounder too with great acting and a bottom you want to spank all day long.
Rasputin | 29th August 2014 01:30
A great spanking model must be handsome, have a muscular or athletic physique with minimal tattoos, and respond to his spankings in a demonstrative manner - i.e., lots of squirming, kicking, flinching, grimacing, groaning, crying out, etc. A great model must also have a winning personality - a combination of cockiness, charm. and likability.

Bailey is my favorite model, followed by Andy in second place (in spite of his excessive tattoos), and Jay in third place (now that he has slimmed down).
uchikimatsu | 30th August 2014 01:42 (379 weeks ago)
Hey Rasputin, thanks for chiming in! I agree with some of what you say here in that I do enjoy a more demonstrative model, although it wont make or break a movie for me. Someone like Tommy is still a great model to me because while he is not as openly demonstrative as some of the other lads, it can be fun watching for all his subtle little reactions. Partly because I'm a gay female and partly because I'm so often focused on other things, I often hardly see a model's physicality, so that never really plays a part in whether I "like" a model or not. I do appreciate when a model looks comfortable and confident, has good chemestry and rapport with Dave and whatever other models he is working with, and can get good rhythm and timing with the dialog.

Any model able to produce tears or realistic crying noises and motions on film gets automatically rocketed to the number one spot.

natoshiba | 30th August 2014 01:17
natoshiba | 28th August 2014 00:48
lisa72 | 27th August 2014 10:15
Has to be... 1st Andy, 2nd Patrick and 3rd Bailey.. :)
Domfan | 20th August 2014 23:46
It feels mean to choose. I think they're all the cutest guys on any website.
Maybe I love Dom, Oliver, Wayne, Parker, Andy, Patrick best. But Bailey and Liam are growing on me too. And I love the others one in a while too.
I love how Parker and Wayne keep unconsciously sticking their little tongues out. I love the 'cry baby' facial expressions of Dom and Wayne.
Oliver is just ridiculously sexy all round. Andy and Patrick are crazy Irish boys who behave like naughty schoolboys
uchikimatsu | 20th August 2014 23:52 (380 weeks ago)
The Dom Crybaby Face! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

Every time he does it he reminds me of Stan Laurel crying...if you're very young you might have to Google that....
Aimee | 20th August 2014 23:54 (380 weeks ago)
Isn't it weird how it feels mean to choose because we love them all in different ways. I actually feel guilty choosing. Lol this must be what teenage girls feel lile when asked who their favourite member of westlife is lol
uchikimatsu | 20th August 2014 23:59 (380 weeks ago)
Oh, I agree, I could never choose just ONE member of westlife!

what the fuck is westlife?
Aimee | 21st August 2014 01:03 (380 weeks ago)
Did westlife not break in america???? Extremely successful irish boyband. Rivalled the beatles in success so far as record and number one sales.
uchikimatsu | 21st August 2014 01:15 (380 weeks ago)
Never heard of 'em. But George Harrison was always my favorite Beatle... The Dark Horse....
Domfan | 21st August 2014 05:15 (380 weeks ago)
No I never liked Westlife boys but maybe their horrible music put me off. I used to like that blonde from Backstreet Boys. But generally prefer lad-types rather than boybanders. Anyway, back to Dom's face... I'd love to kiss him when he's got that crybaby face on. Like a proper French kiss
uchikimatsu | 21st August 2014 19:25 (380 weeks ago)
Well Did you ever look up the Stan Laurel cry? Tell me it isn't the same as Dom's crybaby face!
celestianpower | 21st August 2014 22:53 (380 weeks ago)
Shane all the way in Westlife!!
nanarr | 25th August 2014 06:53 (379 weeks ago)
::: stick out my tongue at Chiki :::

I know who Stan Laurel is ... thanks for reminding me of my age LOL ...

Stan's cr
nanarr | 25th August 2014 07:02 (379 weeks ago)
crying face and Dom's crybaby face ARE the same! When I saw Dom being spanked and the faces he made, I knew it reminded me of someone else, but couldn't think who until you mentioned Stan Laurel. Thx !!
uchikimatsu | 25th August 2014 08:16 (379 weeks ago)
Ha ha! it actually took a while, maybe a month or so, to come to me before I thought of it myself! My insomnia missed yours by an hour, its 4am and I'm ready to go back to bed for a few hours and get up for work at 6am. This is the second round, was already up at 1:30am so probably should be able to sleep, hope you are too! Awww, Dom's crybaby face!
Aimee | 25th August 2014 09:38 (379 weeks ago)
I love laurel & hardy. My dad was a big fan and always got me to watch them with him.
uchikimatsu | 25th August 2014 12:00 (379 weeks ago)
Yes, my uncle loved Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Spanky & Our Gang (The Little Rascals) and I used to watch with him every Saturday morning with my cousin when I was very young.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd August 2014 21:14
Ok, so I have a task for someone! I thought it would be interesting to see who the the top three models were. So if anyone has tome and can be bothered this is what I would like you to do. Go through the posts and list all the models that were voted number 1, number 2 and number 3. Then see which model got the most votes for each placing giving us the definitive ranking. I hope that makes sense! :)
uchikimatsu | 23rd August 2014 21:27 (379 weeks ago)
Sounds like a job for Lynne
Lynne | 23rd August 2014 21:42 (379 weeks ago)
This is hard as four of us, myself included, didn't really commit to three; my other indecisive partners are Domfan, Millie and ooleary :) I worked this two ways first as rank order, each model 1, 2 or 3, and then as an overall voting regardless of ranking. So, for the first version:

Top Choice: Andy and Oliver tied with 3 votes each
Second: Bailey, Dom and Oliver tied with 2 votes each
Third: Andy with 2 votes

Overall number of votes regardless of ranking:

Top Choice: Oliver with 6 votes
Second: Andy with 5 votes
Third: Dom with 4 votes

Uhm, I have a spreadsheet set up so as more people vote, or those of us who can't make up our minds decide to commit, I can update as the new changes come in :). Yes, I do have a life outside SLS but it is a rainy, lazy day here in Maryland, the horse is at the trainer's so no riding, house is clean, laundry is done and dogs are just chilling :)
Lynne | 23rd August 2014 21:42 (379 weeks ago)
LOL Chiki..I honestly didn't see your post until I put mine up :)
uchikimatsu | 23rd August 2014 22:40 (379 weeks ago)
Yes, and somehow I knew you were going to set up a spreadsheet to keep track. I didn't rank as indecisive? LOL, The Butch will be tickled to hear it, though since today is a waning crescent moon, my list may change yet again.

p.s. How can Andy be both tied for first place and also in third place? what am i missing?
Lynne | 23rd August 2014 22:45 (379 weeks ago)
That was by rank order...someone ranking this model 1, that model 2 and so on. Andy had a total of 5 votes; 3 for first and 2 for third. All the other models for third only had 1 vote each.
uchikimatsu | 23rd August 2014 22:48 (379 weeks ago)
D'oh! Hmmm, with so many pain in the ass indecisive people, maybe a proper poll should have been set up! LOL
nanarr | 24th August 2014 07:01 (379 weeks ago)
Lynne, you probably counted my votes on the other blog; but, here they are again.
Bailey ... (because it's Bailey!)
Ben ... (where are you, Ben? We miss you!)
George ... (did you lie to us? In your interview, you said you'd be back again. We miss you, too!)
I know Ben and George don't count because they're not making movies for us anymore.

Now, for the one that counts.
Bailey ... see above.
Patrick ... (because I really like him and would like to see him spank somebody again ... WITHOUT the cupped hand ... practice, practice!!)
Dom ... (because he's so good at everything!)
James | 24th August 2014 12:44 (379 weeks ago)
Hi Lynne. Dont forget the orginal blog I started on the random blog, there is some votes there. I havent left mine and mine is 1 Oliver, 2 Dom, 3 Karl
Lynne | 24th August 2014 13:51 (379 weeks ago)
OK, I went back and did a more comprehensive recount (and after three cups of tea) so as of 0950 EST/1450 SLS time, this is accurate. Last night I didn't pay attention to duplicate posts or to those who posted twice in the same blog with different choices. First I will pick on the people who need to make up their minds :). Baroquen, you made two separate posts in this blog so I took the most recent as your final decision.

ooleary: no fair choosing two for each level
Domfan: I think you beat out even my rambling
Millie: you need to make a definitive choice for third; "Lee brothers" is cheating
Kristi: sorry...can't pick Andy three times.

Now, the list as it properly and triple checked stands:

By rank order:

First: Bailey with 4 votes (but Andy and Oliver are following close behind with 3 votes each)
Second: Dom with 3 votes (followed by Bailey and Oliver with 2 votes each)
Third: Tie between Dom and Patrick with 2 votes each

By overall number of votes (regardless of ranking)

First: Dom with 7 votes
Second: Tie between Bailey and Oliver with 6 votes each
Third: Tie between Adam and Patrick with 3 votes each
Lynne | 24th August 2014 15:15 (379 weeks ago)
@aimee in the correct listing :).

My background is in project management, and general logistics, so a spreadsheet is just a normal part of the package :) When you need to organize data, and a lot of it, a spreadsheet is the only way to go :)
Aimee | 24th August 2014 15:20 (379 weeks ago)
Yea I love a spreadsheet myself just made me LOL that one is being able to be utilized in SLS.
uchikimatsu | 24th August 2014 15:33 (379 weeks ago)
I think Aimee is going to need a xanax that Andy didn't place anywhere...
Aimee | 24th August 2014 15:36 (379 weeks ago)
Yea I would demand a recount!!!!! Lol
uchikimatsu | 24th August 2014 15:37 (379 weeks ago)
@Aimee, nowhere over here did Lynne call me out as one of the indecisive ones, so shut her cake hole
uchikimatsu | 24th August 2014 15:39 (379 weeks ago)
"your" not her.....

What is that confounded edit button?!??
uchikimatsu | 24th August 2014 15:40 (379 weeks ago)
"Where" not what....

[email protected]@#$%@#!!!!!!
Lynne | 24th August 2014 15:45 (379 weeks ago)
Chiki was indecisive at first and then made her choice :)

As for Andy, he came in tied with Oliver for rank order first and in overall votes (ignoring the tie) came in third with 4 votes. Depending upon when the polls might officially close, any of this could change :)

Dave, are you going to set a time limit on this? :)

Oh chiki...I officially return your 'refresh' button; the cat was having a grand old time playing soccer with it yesterday and Spirit may have chewed on it a little but it will probably still work :)
James | 24th August 2014 15:56 (379 weeks ago)
How about 1st 3 points 2nd 2 points and 3rd 1 point and total up the points. Lynne is right some peoples are hard to work out maybe Dave can start a new blog top 3 models official and then we can all do it properly. When I started this I didn't think it would become so popular. So good that this site is more active between members. When I first started writing no many people used to comment so stop. Much better now
Aimee | 24th August 2014 16:06 (379 weeks ago)
That is a good idea James. Yed I know you lile to male fun of me cheeky chiki but then someone like Oliver could lose out in the rank order one. See I'm not alĺllll about Andy... ok i am but you know what I mean!!!

Mmmmm ... cake!
kristi | 24th August 2014 18:08 (379 weeks ago)
What?? What do you mean I cant pick Andy three times? You mean there are rules? Ok, I've given it some thought, and my votes go like this:

First: ANDY

Second: every body else

Lynne | 24th August 2014 18:24 (379 weeks ago)
@kristi...I still need a third choice :D
uchikimatsu | 24th August 2014 18:39 (379 weeks ago)
@Lynne - thanks for my refresh button back!
wardcoleman | 24th August 2014 16:57
Irrespective of votes, I would like to add my personal ranking

Top place goes to Dom because he is so good looking, has a really great body and he is a talented actor with a skill for improvisation

Second is Bailey, because it is always such a joy to watch him him get his well deserved comeuppance, especially when its really humiliating.

Third place is difficult but it probably has to go to Oliver on the basis of combining personality with good looks

Honourable mentions to Ben, George, Jack, Wayne and not forgetting Karl who has taken some great spankings in his time with SLS.

If I was voting for best spanker the, naturally it would be a tie between Andy and Bailey and, of course, Mr X
Domfan | 23rd August 2014 08:51
Damn I forgot about Fred! Fred was sexy. Any chance of a return? Wasn't he Oliver's friend?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd August 2014 08:55 (379 weeks ago)
Fred is Oliver's real life brother!
Domfan | 24th August 2014 00:34 (379 weeks ago)
Really? Wow. Can't Olly persuade sexy Fred back?
Aimee | 24th August 2014 15:07 (379 weeks ago)
Lol!!!! @lynne- you must be an oftice worker or a teacher or something with your little spreadsheet I love it. It is really interesting to see how the vote changes depending on rank order or total votes! Indecisive people coughCHIKIcough male your choices properly stop being big cheaters lol!

It's making me wonder whether total votes or rank order is most fair because for example someone may find a 3rd favourite and just stick a 3rd in but by going total votes that could mean they end up above some who are actually more popular? Then again rank order wise? For example if the top was e.g Bailey and Andy & Oliver where close behind him? You would think they would be second favourite but because they aren't being selected as 2nd but 1st they aren't making the final stats. Which means the results may not reflect the actual top 3 models? Do you know what I mean?

Dave I think this calls for an official vote poll.
Aimee | 24th August 2014 15:08 (379 weeks ago)
Sorry this should have been below the rankings post lol about an official top 3 haha
uchikimatsu | 22nd August 2014 12:58
Apparently, Jupiter has aligned with Mars, therefore my list is now thus:

1) Liam
For all his military, pub brawl tough-guy bravado, he's still that scared little kid at heart

2) Sebastian
For being an endless resource of my favorite kind of movie, "Real Punishment"

3) Ryan
Because Fuck You. All my nurturing protective instincts kick in when all y'all give him do much bad press and are hatin' on the boy (and his hair) The kids did good this time!
Alg | 22nd August 2014 10:07
Adam - its the boyish thing, the blushing, the faux laddishness that never quite works - so vulnerable... and he babbles when he is in pain which turns me on
Parker - stroppy, chavvy, pretty; those lips and those dead eyes and his 'yeah I'm great' attitude. Deserves taking down a peg or ten.
George - I hope he comes back, he was as so natural and arrogant and 'beautiful .. and funny
Natasha | 22nd August 2014 07:04
choosing only three is so hard, but i guess I would go with Dom,Adam, and Wayne, mostly because I like the dynamic of them all being friends so when they are in scenes together its really interesting. They play off each other really well probably because of that familiarity and that makes a really great movie.
kristi | 20th August 2014 23:04
ok,, seriously, Andy obviously is my favie, I think after that would have to be Bailey, Oliver, then Wayne. ok, that's four.

My reasons are fairly simple, Andy is my favorite because I love everything about him.....his smile, he is funny, and cute, while incredibly sexy, well, just everything about him!

Bailey is very good-looking, I really liked the interviews with him, such a charming young man. Oliver, I wasn't super crazy about him until the real punishment video , I feel like we got to see the "real " Oliver. And I like him a lot more than Oliver the character. Wayne, he is just really attractive! Very simple reasons!
uchikimatsu | 20th August 2014 23:19 (380 weeks ago)
Hey, Kristi, I agree... thats exactly what I said about Oliver on the movie comment page...
kristi | 22nd August 2014 02:08 (380 weeks ago)
Yes,chiki, there is something about that real punishment movie that is really grabbing when It comes to Oliver. so real, so emotionally sound, I like it a lot.
[email protected] | 22nd August 2014 01:17
1.Oliver & Dom - eye contact, facial expressions and acting.(prefer them with Dad).
2.Andy & Bailey - tough, muscular, great acting(prefer them with Mr. X or doing the spanking)
3. Karl and Adam - cute, cheeky smile, the babies of the group (Karl can take a serious spanking).
I love all the lads it was really hard to pick spend all day at work thinking it through writing and rewriting my list xxx
uchikimatsu | 22nd August 2014 01:21 (380 weeks ago)
Hooray for Karl and Adam! 💋 ❤️😍💋
celestianpower | 21st August 2014 11:37
1) Dom (seriously hot, but also charming and sweet)
2) Bailey (great at dishing out the spanking, and therefore all the more exciting when he gets it back!)
3) Adam (Patrick and Oliver came close, but I have a soft spot for Adam)

Andy and Wayne are great, but perhaps controversially they're a bit too built for me - I prefer my lads without so many big muscles...!
uchikimatsu | 21st August 2014 18:16 (380 weeks ago)
Hi celestianpower!
Just wondering what attracts you to Adam? I like him quite a bit too. I think he has great potential for acting, a wonderful ability to express appropriate emotions, and a very sweet, vulnerable quality
celestianpower | 21st August 2014 22:55 (380 weeks ago)
Thinking about it, I think it's Adam's smile that does it for me :)
baroquen_art | 21st August 2014 18:00
My comments always disappear. Dave, what gives? ;)

Okay, first - Oliver. Liked him since day 1. No idea why, other than the fact that he's super handsome.
Second - Dom. He's so cute and has a boyish quality that is very appealing.
Third - Andy. I think it's because he's one of the few models to open up and cry. Plus, he's handsome and easy in front of the camera, even if he does sound like Lorraine from Mad TV when he's spanked!
baroquen_art | 21st August 2014 18:00 (380 weeks ago)
Never mind - I saw it! I even changed my mind! :D
millie | 21st August 2014 16:03
1 Oliver he is a star, hot charming, good looking, great body oft the list goes on and he is a great actor and does interviews regularly , in the interviews he always comes across as a nice guy, he is a pleasure to watch and to listen to. 2 Tommy, he has made 3 great movies , he has a different attitude to the others, calm strong and quiet, also has a really nice body and love his accent, though he hasnt been around for a while i still hope he comes back. 3 the Lee brothers, cheating yes i am but i think each of them are fantastic, good looking hard working in the gym or on the riggs , young Dan returning from spain and looking for work over here just amazing boys, dont know if Patrick has a job but he certainly works hard at sls
baroquen_art | 21st August 2014 15:59
Oliver, then Dom, then Patrick!! After that, Andy, then Wayne, then…Adam, I think. :)
lorilee | 21st August 2014 05:56
This is different from most I will wish I had not put on here but here goes my three and why but I really enjoy all the lads here, Dave does a great job interviewing each one and picking the best so as far as models I picked them.

1) Bailey because I started with him long time ago, and he is my fantasy boyfriend.

2) Dom is like many of the young lads I use to work with sweet and out going but has a sneaky side also.

3) Andy also because of our time together with sls and he just makes me want to Hug him to death.

But my all time actor, mentor, care giver and friend is Dave I was with him before this sight and very happy to have found him, I will be here as long as I can :)

Domfan | 20th August 2014 23:49
Oh I forgot Karl. His ass is stunning.
Aimee | 20th August 2014 23:36
Ohhhh i love it.

1) Andy andy andy andy andy andy andy andy!!!! Ok so on a shallow level he is everything I look for in a man. Cheeky personality, cheeky grin (which makes me melt inside like a an ice cube in summer), absolutely outstanding body (knees quiver), truthful eyes with a sparkle. Just a genuine nice guy with that bit of cheeky that I just adore! On a spanking level? Brilliant actor! Amazing in my opinion. Always gives 10/10 in effort to the story. Also my age which I think makes it easy for me to relate to him. He has also proven himself a brilliant spanker and hats off to him for that. I'll See you in my dreams Mr lee.

2) Oliver - best SLS actor we have I think. The genuine relationship between him.and Dave is clear on screen and that really transcends into the movies. Outstanding!

3) Patrick - he's also a good actor and commits to the story. His relationship with his real life brothers makes him easy to watch and believe as a character as I feel like I sort of know him despite never having met the bloke. Also very natural in interviews and we get to see his real personality shine through which is really important for me.

(He better be careful though! Dom & Adam are close at his heels! :) )
Lynne | 20th August 2014 23:01
Repost: Dave is making us work here:

No particular top three, or even a favorite, as each has their own draw. I admit I didn't think much of Wayne at first but he has gotten much better..more personable maybe. Andy is just a kid at heart, Patrick the ever suffering younger brother :). Dan has a fresh energy. Oliver can act with his eyes. Dom is, well, Dom with his signature "is that it? which always brings a smile..or snort depending upon how I am feeling. I liked Adam in his first appearance and think he has the attitude needed here. He also projects to me, perhaps subtle in a way, that he accepts what is going to happen but is really thinking "really?...again? You're kidding right?" I wasn't entirely fond of Bailey in this last vid..something about the attitude bugged me. Could have been acting but he seems, I don't know, harder somehow. Maybe Dave can chime in to see if that was just acting or something else. It could be attributed to him being away for so long. Let's see, George just has a sense of no self-preservation and just someone that loves life; am hoping Dave can work his magic and convince him to come back. On Ryan and Parker I am still reserving judgement; need to see a few more shoots.

In the initial response I realized I forgot about Liam. He just seems like the type where trouble just follows him but he takes it in a goodhearted way :).
uchikimatsu | 20th August 2014 23:29 (380 weeks ago)
Lynnie, I think you got Liam pegged exactly... thats how he seems to me, too! Just kind of befuddled how all the trouble seems to find him, but willing to accept the correction as it comes... love him too... he'll be on next week's list 😛
uchikimatsu | 20th August 2014 23:13
Brilliant. Of course this list is subject to change depending on the day of the week, the phase of the moon, and whether or not the month contains an 'r' in it.

In no particular order:

1) Andy
For versatility. Andy has shown us he is capable of not only acting as the spankee in the storyline movies, but he is also one of the best spankers as well. He meshes well with any other lad he's worked with, in any role, spanker or spankee. He has also been willing to be extremely vulnerable on camera and has given us one of the best "Real Punishment" movies with a very raw interview beforehand, and has even cried on camera in different films. Andy is also very good at recruiting new models for Dave! I don't think there is another model as flexible and versatile as Andy is, that maintains quality throughout every role he fulfills!

2) Oliver
For integrity and growth. Oliver has been able to maintain the character of "Oliver" throughout the thread that connects all his films. Its wonderful to watch them in order and see a character stay that character yet grow and change, especially within a genre like MM discipline spanking movies. He obviously has fun playing the role but its clear he's dedicated to a quality product for the site. On a personal level, I have great respect for the personal integrity Oliver displayed and the personal growth that was implied in his "Real Punishment" movie.

3) Karl
Because. Young, fun-loving, tough, puppy-dog eyes, mischievous, cheeky, adorable, humble (sort of,) funny, open, and he was absolutely terrible with dialog but took a beating from everyone (Dad, Mr. X, Andy, Bailey x2, Ben) that would shame most of the other bigger "tougher" guys. I miss Karl ::::cries::::
kristi | 20th August 2014 22:44
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