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Zane & Alex - Best Mates Spanking
Blake - Bath Brush Beating
Bobby & Blake - Locker Room Bully - Part Two
Jake - Bath Brush Beating
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1st June 2014 13:41 | LAST COMMENT 2 weeks ago

So this is something I have been asked to set-up. A Suggestion Blog! This is where you can ask me questions, or leave ideas you have for movies or pretty much talk about anything you wish!

I promise to respond to everything that is left if needed!



melly | 15th January 2022 06:43
Hello? I am a new member and I feel like I'm late to the party. Where is everyone, I feel a little lost. My name is Melly and I identify as a cishet female. I come with a bag full of daddy issues and have fallen in love with this site. I read a comment somewhere that they wanted more female involvement in the movies, please reconsider. Females just would muck it up. It always turns out to focus on the male/female and it would lose the flavor of your genre. Might as well be hard porn and there are too many sites for that already. It would definately take the uniqueness away from this site. Sorry if this is confusing...first time blogging. Love and keep it up! Melly-Kat
wetboy100 | 18th December 2021 15:27
Hi Dave,

I just joined and the site is fantastic! Amazing spankings and great guys getting red asses!

One suggestion for new videos - based on the superhot video with Dom called Bubble Bath Blues - I'd love to see Taylor, Bobby or Fraser in that same scenario. I got the feeling Bobby enjoyed that First and Last video more than he was intended to, too... :D

Did your Straight Lads Wank site close down - I googled for it but can't find it?!

Keep up the good work! :)
vinniecp | 18th February 2019 17:36
Hi Dave
I would love you to have some of the model hands on knees or grabbing ankles normally shows the bottom off nicely
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2019 22:18 (124 weeks ago)
I’ll try & do more of this. 👍
Serena89 | 21st February 2019 00:17
I'll write a scenario or a few sometimes for suggestions or idea for you, Dave. Not that you need them as you have great creativity clearly! I appreciate what you do here as it is a clear nice like most sites for spanking aren't normally about punishment or discipline and are about being brutal and to the point or else about more of the sexy element hahaha. I used to have to satisfy myself with fiction and stories and a lot of the time they didn't always hit what I wanted so I have my own that I either play out in my head and sometimes write so I can give you some scenarios... just for fun even as I doubt you'd need to use them. Anyway I'll start with the one I hinted on in my comments under Bobby's video which is from one of my own fictional series ... yeah I'm weird I legit have series that are like full blow books series/tv series in my head ahahaha

The boy is usually genuinely well behaved and very nice and respectful to most people but can be temperamental although they are very quiet and unassuming so no one really expects much from them. Okay so the guy is new at school (or can be at college/work/univeristy or a club or team) and gets on okay with everyone but is mostly a loner as they're a bit shy/awkward. But they've always been brought up to rest and treat people well so when they witness an other guy who is generally a dick to everyone bullying an other guy who is a bit weaker and can't defend themselves they lose at and basically beat the crap out of the bully.(you can obviously change it to like the guy says something really disrespectful or derogatory about a female or something that would make a generally quiet and respectful person very angry.
Depending on the location anyway the boy in question is caught by a teacher/coach whatever and is sent to be punished (either their parents are phoned or its the coach or principal or whatever.) And the person in the authoritative role isn't interested in the reason for the fighting and thinks it warrsnts a serious punishment. Either they don't want to hear the excuse or the boy doesn't offer an excuse and accepts the punishment.

Anywaaaaays that's one of hundreds of scenarios i have/think about LOL
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2019 22:18 (124 weeks ago)
Thanks for this. I’m sure I can do something like this. 😄
LordGeff | 11th May 2019 00:18
Plot idea, have a twink or some smaller model or such spank two muscular athletes, or such in response to their bullying them. Let the twink do all of the spanking, to end up with a paddle.
LordGeff | 29th May 2019 01:23 (139 weeks ago)
Muscle 1 and Muscle 2 are getting prepped to take over as co-captains for the football team. There are several rules to go through to be installed in that position. They were told that they will be seriously spanked. Thus they end up in a corner with their noses literally on the corner. The person that is going to spank them is a smaller guy that is the Captain of the Chess team from a rival school. Paddles would be appropriate.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2019 22:13 (124 weeks ago)
Hey Geoff.

I’m not so sure logistics would allow me to get 2 hunks & a weedy guy in one movie. But I might be able to have one think & one hunk in the movie with the twink dishing it out.
flashgordon | 31st August 2019 17:08
Dave, please could we have a tennis-themed film sometime?

We get a lot of footballers, which is fine, but a nice classic pair of white tennis shorts looks great on a fit young man (as long as they're well-fitting and not baggy!), and to see a bratty young player getting it from his coach after a bad-tempered tantrum on court would be so satisfying!

Cast a muscular lad with good legs, and buttocks that will fill out the rear of a pair of shorts to tight capacity. Over your knee like the child he's been behaving like, or bending right over with hands on the bench for the strap, stretching the fabric of his shorts even tighter over the curves of his bottom - you'll have an instant classic on your hands, I feel sure...
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2019 22:09 (124 weeks ago)
Ok sure. I’ll certainly keep this in mind. I like it!
Lee | 6th September 2019 07:47
I would like to hear 'bend over' more as Dave seems to prefer ''assume the position''. Also would like to hear 'bare your bottom'.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2019 22:08 (124 weeks ago)
I’ll certainly make more of an effort to say ‘bend over’ more. I’m not so sure about ‘bare your bottom’. It’s not really something I would say.. I’ll see what I can do.
Daddy_Spankes | 6th February 2019 00:17
Hi Dave is there any way I can down load the movies fro, your site as a fully paid up member?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th February 2019 05:50 (155 weeks ago)
Hey, there are different membership options available. Some are Streaming Only & others include Downloads.

If you only see an option to Stream the movies it means you would have chosen a Streaming Only membership.

One option would be to cancel this membership & allow it to expire & then rejoin with a different package.

mattnyc | 19th January 2019 21:37
Hi Dave. I like the new model, Jerry. The ginger hair makes him unique, I think, on the site. The clip is great and it gave me an idea for a future movie. How about Charlie or even Andy if he's available to play the police officer who let Jerry off in exchange for a spanking from his dad. Charlie or Andy could arrive to inspect Jerry's bottom and make sure it's red enough. Of course it would have faded by the time he arrived so he'd say it wasn't good enough and Jerry would have go over the police officer's knee for another humiliating spanking. This could be expanded into a series. The police officer could visit other naughty boy's houses and spank them after an inspection. And my "pie in the sky" suggestion for this series would be a clip where Charlie, as the police officer, has to report to his superior officer played by Andy. Andy says he's heard about all the spankings and tells officer Charlie he's fired or has to get an over the knee spanking from Andy. Of course he chooses the spanking. I know the last idea is probably tricky to realize but I'd love to see Jerry get another spanking from one of the other models after a bottom inspection. I hope these suggestions all make sense. Thanks for a great new clip and for reading this!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 27th January 2019 18:10 (157 weeks ago)
Hey Matt, thanks for all of this. Yes I do like the idea of a follow up to this movie involving the Police Officer. :)
mattnyc | 1st February 2019 14:26 (156 weeks ago)
Excellent! Thanks for responding. Officer Charlie or Officer Andy would be pretty hot! 😜 Love to see one of them with Jerry over their knee. Looking forward to today's update.
Ficwriterjet | 29th September 2018 16:43
I was looking through the site last night and writing down all my favorite movies to date. Once I was done I had 20 movies on the list. Eight of them are from the ‘Brother in Charge’ series, four of them are from the ‘Real Punishment’ series, and the rest are odds and ends. One that stands out to me as having a somewhat different feel to it than a lot of the other movies that I’ve watched on the site is ‘Matt – Bubble Bath Blues’. I love that Dad is calm and regretful instead of angry while dishing out the spanking. I love that Dad has never spanked his son before, but goes through with it anyway to keep his son out of trouble with the law. I also love that Matt is sorry and ashamed of himself before it even starts, because he’s generally a well-behaved person and not used to being in trouble.

I have a thing for ‘first time’ spankings, and we get plenty of those with Mr. X, but I’d love to see more dad/son movies where it’s a ‘first time’ spanking.

Instead of ‘this is what I did to you when you were little’, it could be ‘I never had to do this when you were little’. Instead of an angry ‘get those pants down’, it could be a regretful ‘the pants are going to have to come down’. Instead of ‘things are going to change around here’, it could be ‘things need to go back to the way they were’. And as a counterpoint to that demeanor from Dad, the son could be apologetic and ashamed of his behavior instead of bratty or argumentative. Instead of ‘you can’t’, it could be ‘are you going to’ or ‘do you have to’. Instead of ‘I’m too old’ or ‘you have no right’ as arguments to get out of it, it could be ‘I’m already ashamed of myself’ or ‘I’m never going to do it again’ as arguments to get out of it.

I know this type of storyline doesn’t really lend itself towards more movies with the same actor – because if he’s normally well behaved, then it’s not very believable that he’d be much of a repeat offender. But he could be the one to do the spanking in another movie. Or he could do something less bad in a second film.

For example in movie one his girlfriend breaks up with him, he goes out drinking, tries to drive home drunk, and wrecks the car. The cop who finds him is a friend of the family and takes him home instead of taking him in with the stipulation that Dad takes care of it. In movie number two he gets in a physical altercation at work with a friend who’s saying things about his ex-girlfriend, and gets sent to Mr. X.

Or as another example, in movie one he’s out with some friends, and they cajole him into trying drugs for the first time. He has some kind of bad reaction and has to go to the emergency room. Dad, terrified that he almost lost his son, regretfully decides punishment is needed. Then in the second movie, the guy finds his little brother hanging around with those same friends, and drags him home protesting.

Thanks for having a spot to put suggestions, Dave!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2018 21:38 (166 weeks ago)
Sorry it's taken so long to respond to this. I absolutely love this idea and I will be using it! I think I'm going to wait till I have a new model and do it that way. :) Thanks a lot for the suggestion and detail.
Ficwriterjet | 24th November 2018 18:43 (166 weeks ago)
Hooray, I'm glad you like the idea. :) Having a new model for the movie makes a lot of sense. I look forward to seeing it eventually.
mattnyc | 16th August 2018 17:38
I loved the Andy/Conor movie so I thought I'd make a "pie in the sky" suggestion. How about a double-length, two-part, all four Lee brothers, OTK epic film? I'm sure it's not practical but here's the pitch: Andy and Patrick find out that Dan and Conor, who have been staying with Andy, have been messing around at work or maybe taking money from Andy's wallet. The two younger brothers have to choose between getting thrown out or taking a good, old fashioned spanking. They've been acting like naughty little boys so they're going to get treated like naughty boys. So Andy takes Conor OTK and Patrick takes Dan and both naughty boys get an embarrassing spanking at the same time. At some point it would be cool if Andy suggests they switch and they spank the other brother. Maybe at some point Andy could take both young men and put one over each knee and spank them both at the same time as Patrick encourages him. This could idea also lead to a third part where Patrick gets a spanking from Andy in front of his younger brothers. If all four Lee's is impossible, maybe a version with Andy and Dan and Conor? I'd love to see them both over his knees at the same time. It's a position I don't think you've tried, Dave, but it really turns me on. Basically anything with any of the Lee brothers is going to make me happy, so I'll leave it to you to take my suggestion or adapt it to something more do-able. Thanks for reading and responding. The site is better than ever!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2018 21:40 (166 weeks ago)
Hey, I'm not sure I'll ever get all four Lee brothers in one movie. There is actually a fifth brother and I'm trying to get him! I hope the recent Brother In Charge movies though have been to your satisfaction :)
mattnyc | 24th November 2018 15:05 (166 weeks ago)
The latest Brother In Charge films are among my favorites of all time. I love seeing Andy spank Conor and Sam. Those two parts we DEFINITELY to my satisfaction. :) Fingers crossed for a fifth brother clip. Thanks, Dave!
mstr_spkr | 22nd June 2018 20:15
I don't know if the Zach Helping Hand series has finished shooting but I have a suggestion on how to continue it. Please take it for what it's worth. It's just a suggestion

Zach said he stole money to get his weed. He's off to rehab at some point (maybe after the serious spanking his dad promised if he failed another drug test). When he comes home, he's in a 12-step type program and has to make restitution. Here are two video suggestions.

You need 2 guys who are not afraid to spank a naked guy laying across his lap. Many of the "this is how the team deals with it" spankings were less than satisfying in that regard. In the first clip, Guy A meets up with Guy B. Guy B reminds A that he lost the bet and needs to pay the money he lost. Guy B tells A that it had been stolen so he needs more time. B reminds A that the terms of the deal were that if A did not pay up by that day that he'd get a spanking in order to get an extension of the bet repayment. A tries to convince him otherwise but B tells him that he'll let the others know that he doesn't keep his commitments if he does not pay the spanking. Fearing word getting out, A agrees and B gives A a full "3-phase" (pants, underwear only, completely naked Mr X-style) spanking (implement optional when he's completely naked in Phase 3). They shake hands and part ways. This, of course can be repeated if A still does not have the money by the next payment deadline.

Video 2: Zach goes to Guy A to confess that he stole the money. He has the money to repay A and says he wants to make restitution. A tells Zach that he had to get a spanking because of the stolen money so he'll have to spank Zach as well. Zach agrees so A gives Zach the full 3-phase spanking definitely with an implement even if none was used in the other video.

Of course there are many other areas in which dad can also help Zach so the "Helping Hand" series can go on for a long time.

Just some thoughts.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2018 21:47 (166 weeks ago)
Hey, thanks for the suggestions! I like the first one of Guy A & B. I'm not sure though I'll be working with Zach again.
I understand your disappointment with straight guys having some reservations about having a naked guy across his lap.. The truth is. It often takes a lot of persuasion often lasting months the get these guys to appear in the movies in the first place, Getting them spanking each other is nearly impossible. They just don't want to do it. So when I do get them to agree to it there is often compromises.

I am left with the options of simply not doing it at all or employing guys that are into spanking and that would go against what I am trying to achieve,.
mmlabbd | 20th July 2018 23:53
My dream Jason scenario would be that after telling Dad about Jason’s bunking off college, big brother Charlie is asked to help Dad to teach Jason a lesson. In the scenario, Jason, wearing only his grey socks, is held by the ankles by Charlie in the diaper position on the edge of the bed/a table whilst Dad gives him a good walloping with the slipper.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2018 21:42 (166 weeks ago)
Thanks for the suggestion :)
Beccan | 27th July 2018 20:24
I wonder what dad would do if Sam thinks his grounding are boring, and decides to take a trip to the pub instead...?

I bet that dad will be waiting on the bed until Sam returns, what a surprise when he is trying to sneak in!

I really hope that Sam will be back soon!!
Uchikimatsu | 4th August 2018 11:48 (182 weeks ago)
I like this idea! It would be even funnier if Sam went to the pub and Dad was already there, having stopped for a drink with a buddy after work. Of course that would be almost impossible to film, but we could see Dad dragging Sam into the house or his room by his ear while Sam complains how embarrassing it was to be hauled out of the pub while being scolded. :-)
Beccan | 5th August 2018 20:01 (182 weeks ago)
Ohh yes! Love the idea! :-D
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2018 21:41 (166 weeks ago)
Great ideas!
marianoluciano | 25th August 2018 03:18
Could you try face farting in your videos?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2018 21:39 (166 weeks ago)
I'm afraid that wouldn't be of any interest to me.
Paddleboy | 2nd October 2018 00:45
Hi Dave

I would like to see another movie like when Karl was punishment by bailey coach then at home by dad probably Jason as he same age
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2018 21:34 (166 weeks ago)
I'm afraid I don't have Bailey working with me any more :(
mooner | 29th April 2017 07:39
Think verbal and set-up is really important, which is why I love these videos - would love to hear some of the lads being threatened with or complaining about a 'smacked bum' or a 'smacked arse' rather than a 'spanking'!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 11th May 2017 19:03 (246 weeks ago)
hmm, I'll see what I can do! Are you Scottish mooner? I think I always associate a smacked bum with Scotland.
Uchikimatsu | 10th July 2018 19:01 (186 weeks ago)
Hey mooner, have you seenthe last clip with Jason?
I think you'll be pleased!
Uchikimatsu | 7th July 2018 12:33
Hi Dave!
I think Jason would be perfect for my "sous chef" scenario. Maybe in a future film you can introduce the idea as Dad is talking to Jason about his new job at the restaurant and how his apprenticeship is going, or something along those lines.

Then you could do the "sous chef gets sent to Mr. X" scenario with Jason! Of course, since Jason's dad is a caring and involved father, there could be the whole "its not another man's job to discipline my son" thing when dad finds out what happened...

Ok, end of fantasy...
Thanks for listening!
JamieJones | 19th May 2018 14:34
Hi Dave,

Hope all is well with you. This isn't a suggestion but a request...please, please, please could you ask one of the SLSville Dads to use the word 'hiding' instead of 'spanking'? So we would have Dad saying 'I'm going to give you a good hiding' rather than 'I'm going to give you a good spanking.' It's just one little word but it would tick so many boxes for me and would be amazing to hear.

Putting either 'damn' or 'bloody' in front of the word 'good' would make the sentence absolutely perfect but I know you don't like profanity so I'll just have to hope one of the Dads doesn't consider these are swearing.

Thanks loads, Jamie x
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th May 2018 15:18 (193 weeks ago)
I'm sure I could manage that :)
Uchikimatsu | 27th May 2018 21:57 (192 weeks ago)
Hi JJ, great suggestion. I had wondered if "hiding" was mostly an American saying, akin to "I'm going to tan your hide." I know what its like when one little word can make all the difference. My own trigger word is "discipline" and just replacing the word discipline for punish can be so thrilling for me to hear. I hope GenieDave grants your wish!
FraserFan | 19th May 2018 16:06
I'm surprised there is as yet no comments. TWO NEW MODELS in this video AND ANOTHER LEE BROTHER. Conor looks very like Dan. Dave one day you should try and get the reaction of Mrs. Lee the boys mother and ask her whether they were misbehaved growing up and needed a good spanking? Like all the recent videos - a great video - but badly missing a before and after-interview with the boys. I reckon you owe us `Dave / SLS fans` about 10+ interviews already but whos counting! Dave, I was hoping, with a certain very special wedding on today and a bank holiday coming up there might have been one or two bonus videos to help us celebrate. In anticipation. x
Uchikimatsu | 25th March 2018 13:52
Hi Dave!

I have an idea for a movie premise. I don't think you've done it here before. I'd like to see a sous chef be sent to Mr. X by the executive/head chef for making customers sick because of poor food handling practices. If he shows up in his chef whites its a bonus! Somewhere in there I would love for it to be mentioned that the chef wants this young man to attend his mandatory Food Handling and Safety course with a very sore bottom! (or something along those lines...)

This was inspired by watching old "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares" episodes, because...who doesn't want a good dressing down from Chef Ramsay???
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th May 2018 15:19 (193 weeks ago)
I'm not sure about the Chef's whites but I like the idea! :)
Paddleboy | 16th April 2018 22:11
Hi Dave

Thought of a movie two lads spend the night at a casino and lose the money they borrowed from mum without her knowing they had taken the money

Yours Paddle bou
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th May 2018 15:18 (193 weeks ago)
Thanks for the idea Paddle Boy :)
spankjason | 20th March 2018 00:28
Hi Dave.

I have two ideas for spanking clips, maybe you like them or can comment. Ideal sons for me would be Jacob and Jason.

1. Son is in some Kind of financial Trouble (e.g. has borrowed money from a friend and needs to pay it back as soon as possible). He talks to Dad, who decides to help his son out by giving him some extra money. Dad also tallks to his son about money and responsible behavior.
A few days later however, while Dad is waiting for his son to come home, the door bell rings and a package the son has ordered online is delivered to Dad. Dad is suspicious and either opens the package or tells his son to do so. He is shocked to see that his son decided once again to spend the money Dad gave him on unnecessary stuff (video games, a new phone, clothes, whichever idea you like) instead of paying his debts. Dad decides that it's time for a good spanking to teach his son a lesson ... Afterwards, his son has to return the package.

2. This is a more special one and I see that it might be difficult to do. It's morning, Dad is waiting for son to get up for school / work. He finds him still in bed (wearing pajamas). Son explains that he hardly slept at night, because he is feeling ill. Dad is a little skeptical and fetches a thermometer to check for temperature. Son puts it in his mouth. The phone rings, so Dad's away for two minutes. Son finds a way to fake a high temperature (e.g. by using a heater/hairdryer next to his bed). Dad returns, checks the thermometer and is even more skeptical. He decides to take the temperature the old fashioned (rectal) way. Of course the thought of this is super embarassing for the son, so there's some discussion but Dad is serious about it. The thermometer confirms that the son indeed has been faking illness and we learn that he just doesn't want to go to school / work. A good spanking follows ... Then he is sent off to school / work.
Dave, I know you wrote somewhere on this site that you can't think of any models that would let you stick something in their butt. I see that we have this problem here. However, I can imagine this scenario still working even if we don't get to see any shot of a thermometer in anyone's butt. Maybe a short sequence like Shot1: thermometer in Dad's hand, Shot2: Close-up of butt, Shot3: close-up of son's embarassed face? Or some other way of implying this being done, but not showing it explicitly (off-Screen)?

Looking forward to your comments....
Nat74 | 16th March 2018 14:58
Hi Dave

I enjoy looking at the pictures that accompany each movie and I wondered if it might be possible to be able to scroll through them instead of or as well as clicking on each one individually.


From Nat74
spankee | 13th March 2018 03:44
Dear Dave, as a spankee interested in athletic lads putting their little brothers or their mates over their knee (which you do from time to time and thanks for this), I would allow myself to make a suggestion in the "spanking ritual" department. Rituals are in my opinion 50% of the spanking ...
Personally I have a hand fetish (which makes sense as a bottom) and I would love to see the tops playing with their hands to further humiliate their bottom : showing them the palm of the hand and saying "you gonna get it" or, during the spanking, raising the hand in the air and asking the bottom "can you feel it ? how this hand smacks your bottom !"

For some reason I can't explain, this kind kind of hand ritual almost never appears in any spanking video on the market whereas it is very easy to implement and it adds something symbolic : the large and strong hand which YOU will soon feel over your backside - and for the customers who are bottom, it's a big turn on to see the hand being in the center of the action, so to speak.

Do you think that's something you could do in your clips when handsome sportive guys spank other young guys ? If it's not too much to ask :-)

Thanks for reading me.

Olivier from Paris
spank102 | 10th March 2018 03:15
Hi Dave
I have a suggestion/request to see the battle of the Gladiators with Andy & Charlie doing a remake or challenge of Andy & Jay where they break into Mr. X implement room and challenge each other with various implements seeing who takes the most on their trousers, briefs & bare after awhile Mr. X walks in on them and takes things in his own hands and orders them both to take the position and spanks/canes their redden bottoms.

Or they could be in Big Brother in Charge where Jason goes to John and buys more drugs and gets caught buy Charlie who then Calls Andy. Charlie spanks Jason & Andy spanks John having both boys getting spanked at the same time.

What do you all think of these types of story-lines.

Thanks Charlie
Keep up the great work Dave & Art and the SLS Boys.
mattnyc | 3rd March 2018 17:06
I just posted some positive feedback about Jacob in the comments section for his first movie. I thought I'd make a specific suggestion on this page. He's a great new model for the site. He's a lot like Jason in that they're both 18, cute, and really intelligent and verbal. How about pairing them up as cousins who get spanked by either older brother Charlie or you could introduce a new family member like Sebastian as an Uncle. My first choice would always be another return for Andy. He could be their strict Uncle since he's still the undisputed king of the site. But that's probably wishful thinking. They'd also both be great in a scene with you as Dad, Dave. Great work with the casting, Dave. Looking forward to more Jacob. He's really promising.
fredandcoach | 2nd January 2018 13:50
i want to see fred spanking coach
JW0508 | 17th December 2017 17:11
It would be amazing if you did a video with a proper wedgie. One where the person had his underwear yanked up all the way to his back before getting spanked and during the spanking. Maybe he could make a few comments about it being painful as well throughout the ordeal. Just an idea.
Uchikimatsu | 30th November 2017 01:57
My comments on the latest Charlie / Ashley movie got me thinking about how to incorporate a character that really did want to be spanked into SLSville. Not sure it would work, but what if...

...there was a young lad whose father was mostly absent, distant, and neglectful of his parental duties. Not on a "call the authorities" scale, but enough so that when the other lads of SLSville are moaning about how strict their dad is, or how many rules they have, or how they couldn't even sit down after getting the slipper, etc, our boy feels a bit envious. He would probably make friends with some of the lads with the strictest dads (or brothers, Andy; Charlie) and deliberately cause trouble in order to gain the kind of attention he is missing from his own dad.

One of them is bound to call his dad to get permission for a spanking and be surprised when told "I don't care what you do with him" or something similar. It would be really cool to see one of the dads, or even a few dads (a dad co-op!) just *know* and step up to help the kid out. Whenever he's over I imagine in addition to checking up on his own son would also make it a point to check up on the other kid.

"Hello, son, how's it going? Hi Milo, nice to see you, too, are you staying for dinner? Son, do you have all your assignments finished for your classes like we agreed? No falling behind again. Milo, what about you, all your assignments done? No? Why not, young man, do you want a sore bottom?"

I think that would be adorable. But he'd get his ass kicked on a regular basis in SLSville if he kept trying to get his friends into trouble on purpose.
JamieJones | 8th December 2017 19:33 (216 weeks ago)
Chiki, I love this - you come up with some of the best ideas! If Dave was prepared to give this a go it could be totally AMAZING! 'Milo' would be a great addition to SLSville!

I get that this scenario wouldn't work for everyone (or maybe anyone other than me!) and it would need to be with a new model, but it could really, really work and there would be a massive 'Awwww' factor at the end when Milo reveals what he has been doing and why.

Milo wouldn't need to keep getting his mates in trouble, he could turn up at a mate's house having bunked off college when he knows the mate's dad will be working from home or when the mate is out at football practice then 'lie' to the mate's dad about things he has done wrong. The mate's dad would phone Milo's dad and the scenario would play out as you have suggested.
mooner | 26th November 2017 12:52
Would love to see one or more of the boys get smacked for mooning - for obvious reasons - especially if we see them get caught in the act!
Fuse74 | 26th November 2017 18:44 (218 weeks ago)
Good idea. I would like to see this :)
mattnyc | 24th November 2017 20:54
Hi Dave. Charlie's second clip is even better than his first. Great work! Needless to say I also loved Andy and John together. I'm guessing we won't be seeing much of Andy. But if I'm wrong I'll be really happy. Here's my suggestion: an all-star clip with Charlie, John, and Jason. I can't imagine a sexier group. I got the idea when I re-watched the Andy, Lee, Dom clip which is one of my all-time favorites. I know you're great at linking clips, thematically, so what if Charlie is Jason's uncle and he tells his bratty nephew, Jason, who's staying with him, he spoke to his friend Andy who told him how he keeps his nephew (and his nephew's friends!) in line? We could even see a quick phone call. Just Charlie's side, obviously. This would lead to a scolding and an old-fashioned, OTK spanking for either Jason or if you can get three guys together, Jason and and his friend, John. I'd love to see Jason up high over one of Charlie's knees they way he spanks Ashley in the most recent clip. That position is super hot. The idea would work with one or two guys but if it's just one, Jason would be the dream casting. I also noticed that when Andy is ready to spank the guys bare bottom in that clip he has them strip themselves. Since most of the models seem squeamish about stripping the other guys maybe that's a good detail to work in. After the spanking on underpants, he orders them to strip. We'd get the embarrassing, revealing, totally bare spanking without making Charlie do it. So that's my latest suggestion. But if you have any ideas of your own for Charlie and Jason or Charlie and any of the other guys, go for it. You're the best, Dave. And the site is better and stronger than ever. Thanks!
Teacherman123 | 9th November 2017 17:11
Hi Dave,
At the moment I'm just checking that you 'moderate' this suggestion blog part of the site and that messages left here aren't posted automatically. I'm pretty sure that you would do that....but since I have a proposal of a private nature to put to you, I just wanted to be sure!
- Ian
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 9th November 2017 20:44 (220 weeks ago)
Hey Ian, if you have anything private to send me just email me on [email protected] . That would be better than posting it on the website. :)
spank100 | 13th December 2015 14:19
Hi Dave I was wondering if we can have another game which consists of 2 or 4 players where 2 players roll the dice for each other where the dice will decide on the number of spanks, the implement to be used for example
1. Hand
2. Leather Paddle
3. Chinese Birch
4. Slipper
5. Wooden Paddle
6. Cane
Plus the position the need to be in for example hands on wall, bending over a chair, touching toes extra. And if the dice comes up as a wild then Mr. X steps in and does that particular spanking. I have a set of dice like this if you want to see them i can email you a pic of them. One has the amount of spanks it goes from 1 to 30 the other dice picks the implement to be used and the 3rd dice is for the position to be in to be spanked. Just an idea it could go for a few rounds like Jenga did. And its fun to play.
Spanked Chris | 14th December 2015 22:05 (320 weeks ago)
What a great idea spank 100

I was thinking of the game snakes and ladders if you get on a snake and go down the ladder you get a spanking where you roll the dice again to see what Implement the others use to spank the lad that lands on the snake and how many times they get spanked.

or Monopoly or trivial pursuit
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:13 (319 weeks ago)
Hey, I like this idea thanks. I did something similar with Spank Twister but I will look into these dice!
spank100 | 21st December 2015 02:10 (319 weeks ago)
Hi Dave, Just in case if you do not get the dice I mentioned. You can also play it this way where they guys roll a pair of dice which will decided the amount of spanks/strokes for example if they rolled a pair of 6's which means they get 36 spanks instead of added the dice together you multiply the dice together. Then they use a single dice to decide the implement to be used as above from 1 to 6. Then they roll again with the single dice to decide what position they will be spanked. If they refuse and decides to forfeit the roll then Mr. X steps in he rolls the dice and what ever Mr. X rolls they have to do it. And its all done on bare butt or totally naked.

1st Roll a pair of dice to decide the amount of spanks.
2nd Roll with one dice to decide the implement as above
3rd Roll with one dice to decide the position. for example.

1. OTK
2. Hold Ankles
3. Over The Table
4. Hands On Wall
5. Over The Chair
6. All Fours

Looking Forward to seeing this in an up coming movie if people do like this idea. Curious to hear what the members think of this.


Keep up the great work Dave.
Spanked Chris | 5th January 2016 21:24 (316 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave

I really think this idea could actually work
spank102 | 6th November 2017 17:46 (221 weeks ago)
Hi Dave keep up with the great work. I was wondering if you could use the spanking dice in an up coming challenge with the guys.
jamester | 16th October 2017 17:31
I'd love to see more movies where Andy and Bailey are doing the spanking. They are both hot guys and love the videos where they dish it out really hard.
FraserFan | 16th September 2017 06:27
Dave hope its okay to make another suggestion. Do you remember the caning scene you did with Karl? I think it was a long time ago. (Ive been watching your movies one by one) Well I would hope you might repeat that style of caning with a new model. Where they get naked at the start, not even the stripped prison uniform, like Karl wore. Reading that I sound a bit mean or something. But I really liked that video where Karl got the cane. I hope you will do something similiar another time.

Ps. Fraser is pretty darn awesome. I don't know if a boy can be described as beautiful? but Fraser near enough is beautiful. His looks are perfect. I think so anyway.
mattnyc | 10th September 2017 22:47
Hi Dave. I've been loving the recent releases. I just re-watched Charlie's "solo" clip and it's amazing. He may be the hottest model you've ever had on the site. He's so handsome and he has the most perfect, muscular, smooth body. He's also a really good actor. He stays completely in the character of the sorry obedient young man and for such a big, strapping guy that takes real acting ability. Here's my suggestion/request: I think Charlie could fill the niche that Andy and Bailey filled on the site. I still definitely want to see him get spanked but with his acting chops, size, and manliness he would be a perfect spanker. I'd love it if you revisited the "Uncle Andy" type scenario. Something like either Andy's clip with Lee or the followup with Dom and Lee would be amazing. If you want to try something totally new, maybe Charlie could be a strict, young, new step-dad who has had it with his stepson's misbehavior. He's been authorized by mom to offer his step son two options: move out of the house which he can't afford to do, or take the spanking his dad should have given him a long time ago. The scene would be a classic, "taking a brat down a peg" type scenario where the lad starts out defiant but ends up completely obedient and sorry and promising not to misbehave again. Obviously it would be an old-fashioned, OTK spanking! Type-wise John would be perfect for the step-son/nephew since he's smaller and seems on the young (but clearly over 18) side. Josh would be perfect in terms of temperament since he always seems to throw himself into the "obedient' type roles. But I leave it to you to think about and consider. Obviously I'd also be thrilled with any clip where Charlie spanks one of the other models. Thanks for listening and for producing such great spanking clips. Best m/m site on the internet. Hands down! (Pun sort of intended)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th September 2017 22:37 (228 weeks ago)
Hey Matt, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. I've taken all of that onboard. I'm so pleased that you like Charlie. I like him a lot too! All I can say is that I have so much coming up that I think you will LOVE! So watch this space! :)
mattnyc | 16th September 2017 05:21 (228 weeks ago)
Thanks for the update, Dave. I can't wait to see what you have coming down the pike. And thanks for listening (reading). If you say I'll love what's coming up I'm sure it's true. It sounds like there's more Charlie and nothing would make me happier. But whatever you've got planned is sure to make me happy. Looking forward to whatever's coming next.

andtonia | 24th July 2017 17:37
Hey I recently discovered this site and it is brilliant. While I understand it is very unlikely to bring Bailey back, I'm wondering if you could do more videos in which one of the well built straight lads (maybe Fraser or Kevin) acts as a disciplinarian? The ones in which Bailey acts as the spanker are simply mesmerising.

Many thanks and keep up with the good work!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2017 18:39 (233 weeks ago)
Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. All I am going to say is watch this space! :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2017 18:39 (233 weeks ago)
Though I'm afraid Bailey wont be coming back. But I have some other plans.
Billenkoek1984 | 21st April 2017 22:24
Dave, I ADORE your "old fashioned spanking" and "real life spanking" videos! Fred is one of my less favorite models but because of that spanking I still liked it..
So I hope you will continue with these type of spanking (only over the knee) and I hope with one of these models; they really need these kind of spanking!

Wayne & Harry (especially Harry is my all time favorite, but these guys won't come anymore I'm afraid?)
Uchikimatsu | 21st April 2017 23:49 (249 weeks ago)
I really also love the Old Fashioned Spanking films (OFS) Dave has been making recently! I have noticed that per member request he is adding in some basic background reasons for the punishments now. I have to be honest in saying that NOT having a reason for the punishment is why I initially liked these spanking films so much to begin with. I know it sounds odd, but I'll try to explain for anyone that might care to listen.

Currently, in any Dad/son spanking film on SLS the format is very similar. Not to say that Dave doesn't bring us fresh and creative ideas every week, because he does, but the format tends to be very familiar which is the initial telling off and/or discussion of how the son came to be in trouble, the punishment (during which there is more awesome telling off!) then usually some reconciliation or closure for the audience in the form learning what the fate of the punished boy is (no supper, grounded, etc.)

This is a comfortable and pleasing format that lends itself to all kinds of scenarios, including all of the WTYFGH and BBB spanking films as well as the Dad/son stories and seriels.

I liked the new OFS format for the very reason that it *was* different. Sometimes watching a spanking that intense I am thinking to myself, goodness, what did that naughty boy do? And always the fantasy is better than the reality. A spanking that fierce must come on the heels of some horrible act...but do I really want to know? There have been times when SLS Dad/son movie dialogue has been just this side of depressing for the sake of realism. It sparked some really great conversation and I think if you are going to present a beating of that severity, it just cannot be for some trivial nonsense, so Dave was right to do what he did to have the film make sense.

The issue is, having just a touch of a sadistic soul, I truly enjoy watching a good old fashioned no nonsense spanking, hard, fast, and relentless on a helpless upturned bottom! In the earlier film where there was little dialogue and "Dad" swept into the room all fury and business and did the job he had to do was really quite thrilling to see!

I can't help feeling now that these are no longer their own "category" of spanking film as they are just basically your routine Dad/son film with the same format as usual, the only difference being that it is filmed in one take. Dave might as well just use "stole money from mum's purse" for all of them, really, as the reason just doesn't seem to matter to people as long as there is a reason.

I seem to be the only member that would prefer to eschew either the depressing or the trite for my own imagination to keep the OFS spanking films their own unique category!
Billenkoek1984 | 22nd April 2017 00:26 (249 weeks ago)
I understand you completely but I just dont watch Spanking/porn that way. When I watch it I immediately know it's not a real father/ son spanking, but when it's filmed with no breaks for me that's the closest way of a realistic dad/son otk spankin. And the reason he got spanked, doesn't mind cause it stays a not-realistic situation; mr X is not his dad..

And from experience I know every dad has his own gradations and limits when to put their bad son (or daughter) over his lap; once l heard a father spankIng his child for only eating the chips and my neighbour spanked his (very cute) teenage son just one time because he had robbed a bank with a gun!
Uchikimatsu | 22nd April 2017 04:10 (249 weeks ago)
Hi Billenkoek1984, thanks for your reply!

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that about 75% of the spanking films on SLS are as described; Dad/son with explanation followed by punishment.

I was hoping to see the Old Fashioned Spanking films stay truly unique and their own catagory by not following the same formula as the majority of the spanking films already on this site. Otherwise, For me, just filming non stop is not enough to be deemed a special catagory. I know I'm only one person but maybe every once in a while Dave will do an Old Fashioned Spanking film like the early ones where Dad comes in and there is already an understanding of what's going to happen because the discussion had already taken place off camera. Just a no nonsense rapid fire serious punishment that no amount of talking or pleading or kicking is going to stop until Dad says so!
Uchikimatsu | 19th July 2017 23:06 (236 weeks ago)
I really also love the Old Fashioned Spanking films (OFS) Dave has been making recently! I have noticed that per member request he is adding in some basic background reasons for the punishments now. I have to be honest in saying that NOT having a reason for the punishment is why I initially liked these spanking films so much to begin with. I know it sounds odd, but I'll try to explain for anyone that might care to listen.

Currently, in any Dad/son spanking film on SLS the format is very similar. Not to say that Dave doesn't bring us fresh and creative ideas every week, because he does, but the format tends to be very familiar which is the initial telling off and/or discussion of how the son came to be in trouble, the punishment (during which there is more awesome telling off!) then usually some reconciliation or closure for the audience in the form learning what the fate of the punished boy is (no supper, grounded, etc.)

This is a comfortable and pleasing format that lends itself to all kinds of scenarios, including all of the WTYFGH and BBB spanking films as well as the Dad/son stories and seriels.

I liked the new OFS format for the very reason that it *was* different. Sometimes watching a spanking that intense I am thinking to myself, goodness, what did that naughty boy do? And always the fantasy is better than the reality. A spanking that fierce must come on the heels of some horrible act...but do I really want to know? There have been times when SLS Dad/son movie dialogue has been just this side of depressing for the sake of realism. It sparked some really great conversation and I think if you are going to present a beating of that severity, it just cannot be for some trivial nonsense, so Dave was right to do what he did to have the film make sense.

The issue is, having just a touch of a sadistic soul, I truly enjoy watching a good old fashioned no nonsense spanking, hard, fast, and relentless on a helpless upturned bottom! In the earlier film where there was little dialogue and "Dad" swept into the room all fury and business and did the job he had to do was really quite thrilling to see!

I can't help feeling now that these are no longer their own "category" of spanking film as they are just basically your routine Dad/son film with the same format as usual, the only difference being that it is filmed in one take. Dave might as well just use "stole money from mum's purse" for all of them, really, as the reason just doesn't seem to matter to people as long as there is a reason.

I seem to be the only member that would prefer to eschew either the depressing or the trite for my own imagination to keep the OFS spanking films their own unique category!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2017 18:38 (233 weeks ago)
You see for me what makes the Old fashioned Spanking movies different is not the lack of reason for the spanking. It's the fact that Dad is not stopping throughout and lecturing, He is getting on with the business of spanking the lads bottom. Fast and steady. No need for much chat. Just a bottom to be spanked. Maybe Dad does mention the reason for the punishment and maybe he doesn't. I'm not hugely fussed wither way. It's all about the style of the punishment, This is not time for lectures. This is a time to ensure the lad has a very sore bottom!
mstr_spkr | 29th July 2017 16:44
I agree with others regarding allowing (moderate) swearing in Real Punishment videos. In the scripted videos, please punish any swearing severely. Chastise the guy for smirking when his mate is being spanked, limit arguing since Mr.X, Dave, coach, or dad knows who is at fault, and keep strict order in these videos, too.

In the real punishment videos, on the other hand, we as viewers want real reactions. Gallows humor does cause one to smirk, smile or laugh when seeing one's mate being spanked. An occasional curse word does happen. If folks strenuously object to a slip of the tongue in a real situation, perhaps a bleep can be edited in. Warn the guys about cursing. However, excessive swearing, such as dropping an F-bomb with each swat should not be tolerated so maybe there could be a threshold before giving additional punishment, and it should be with a more severe implement than that which was intended for the spanking. Nevertheless, please encourage true feelings and reactions; let true emotions flow. When there is more than one guy being punished (like the recent Charlie and Sebastian video) banter between the guys is good too. Let them argue over who was at fault with pointed questions thrown in to establish guilt. In other real punishment videos the pre-spanking conversations led guys to realize just how much they deserved the spanking. This was very effective for first time guys who were late. I encourage more of that. It also let us understand the context better.
mattnyc | 28th July 2017 21:15
Hi Dave. Just wanted to convert part of my (rave) review of Sebastian and Charlie's clip into an official suggestion. First of all, more of Charlie getting spanked! With Sebastian or without. He's an amazing new model. And I think he'd make a great new spanker in the Bailey/Andy mode. He's so big and manly he'd be perfect as a strict uncle, stepdad, boss, or coach. He also seemed from his first clip to be natural and not at all self-conscious so I'm thinking he'd be good at role playing. I've missed that kind of clip on the site and it would be great if Charlie could fill that void. Thanks, Dave. The site is better than ever and the models are sexier than ever. Great work. Thanks so much.
Kass44 | 9th July 2017 00:07
Have you ever considered doing a theme where one of your actors is actually playing a spoiled brat actor (a young johnny depp type) who refuses to (or can't) get his lines right so that the director or stage manager spanks his behind until he gets the lines right or drops his Diva attitude? I think that could work nicely - you are a film director - you call out "places" "camera's rolling" you do the clip board thing - "ACTION" and then the Diva keeps screwing up the lines until finally - at take like 22 - you just rush onto the scene and spank him - then end the film with the actor doing the scene again, maybe wearing just his tighty whities - then "CUT - PRINT" and the shamed Diva is left rubbing his sore bottom. Maybe at the end you as the "director" can say - "Hey that worked great, let's add a scene where your character is given a spanking in act two" - or something about his contract mandates he do "Spanking Sequels". I think that would work wonderfully - no need to hide the cameras or the fact that your on a movie set. I think you could have a lot of fun with that. It might add a bit of humor to the whole thing - I always love a film, even a spanking film, that makes me have a good laugh. - Maybe it could lead to a series of films - where one actor spanks another - gets caught doing so, and instead of being angry the director decides to add it to the "Film"? Or a famous actor getting spanked by his agent because of the bad press he caused by getting caught with a prostitute? Or - a film is being made and just as the scene gets to the spanking part the Diva calls out "Stunt Double" and some poor underpaid acting double has to come "on set" and take the actual spanking for the Star. And the Star makes them re-shoot cause he didn't care for how the stunt-double acted with his buttocks - later there could a revenge spanking where the stunt-double spanks the Star Diva.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 14th July 2017 13:15 (237 weeks ago)
Hey Kass thanks for all your ideas! I do like your thinking and I enjoyed reading them. I'm just not sure I have the space and so on to recreate the film studio that you describe. I am going to think on it though.
master shane | 10th July 2017 18:13
i like to see guys ask for a spanking and maybe for the bad boys use ginger root
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 14th July 2017 13:12 (237 weeks ago)
Hi Shane. To be honest I'm not sure I would ever go down the ginger root route! I can't think of any of the lads that I am currently filming with that would be ok to have anything inserted in their anus!

Can you tell me more what you mean about them asking for a spanking?
pridds | 7th May 2017 06:49
I would really like to see one of the lads stood in front of you and you pull down his trousers and pants. The camera is set up so we see the boys back and then when his trousers and pants are pulled down we see his bum revealed.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 11th May 2017 19:02 (246 weeks ago)
I like this idea and I don't see why not! :)
mstr_spkr | 16th January 2017 23:00
As a follow-on to the Elliot Spanked Banker video, I suggest that the IT guy who did not keep the anti-virus software and the firewalls up to date get a real punishment bath brush beating. I don't know who would volunteer for that but I think it would be well received.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:37 (262 weeks ago)
I like your thinking!
mstr_spkr | 28th April 2017 19:05 (248 weeks ago)
This latest video with John ("Don't Mess with Dad's Computer") is yet another reason that the IT guy needs to take a trip to Mr. X. Obviously the IT department does not require passwords on computers used for work. Elliot accessing porno sites that crash the servers and John accessing dad's work computer are more than enough reasons for him to get a very serious spanking for lax security.
jacko | 25th April 2017 01:18
There are a number of websites that feature “old-fashioned spankings”; i.e. continuous chastisement utilizing the hand or implements in common use in days gone by, with minimal characterization, explanation and commentary. In fact, some of the longer episodes have been so monotonous that I have actually nodded off while watching. I have witnessed the whacking of a hundred or so bare backsides featured on videos available in full movie format and often produced by amateurs.

Therefore, if Dave is to find a niche to which he can market such films, the performances must be different, authentic, professional and memorable. It is not sufficient for his productions to replicate the often severe spankings that are extensively offered without charge. Spanking for a spanking’s sake is not a sound foundation for the production of videos for commercial release.

I ask myself, therefore, “What do I expect of SLS movies that makes them superior to and different from productions available elsewhere? Which of these features can be adapted to more readily suit the "old-fashioned spanking" format while still retaining the entertainment value and warranting the cost of purchasing a such a video or committing to membership? The “old-fashioned spanking” format was proffered as an alternative and different scenario to the existing spanking movies so how can that be done while still retaining the SLS uniqueness and exemplary quality?"
I have come up with the following answers to my question. No doubt, other members will have their own ideas. I have come across some amateur spanking videos that kept me spellbound from start to finish and which I often revisit. "What aroused this special interest and stimulation?"

(a) Superb visual quality. A hallmark of all recent SLS movies.

(b) A multitude of camera angles designed to accentuate the effectiveness of the spanking. Vital to the success of any movie but particularly the "old-fashioned spanking" movie in which positioning remains constant so variation of viewing angle enhances to visual spectacle.

(c) The age, size and physique of the model. I prefer 18 – 25 year-olds who appear vulnerable to the pain of a thumping.
(d) The realism of the reactions. Appropriate and impromptu vocalisation such as would be experienced in an actual “old-fashioned spanking”; tears, moaning, shouting and convincing pleading. This should be relative to the severity of the swats and status of the pain experienced so should not commence too soon and should increase as the pain increases. Facial expressions and body movements are also vital. So many of the amateur productions focus solely on the rear end and the increased colouring and marking evident there with the facial expressions not revealed at all. (Perhaps for privacy reasons!)
(e) As several members have suggested, characterisation is essential, perhaps indicated by a uniform or clothing indicative of the age of the character. I am sure that some of the “schoolboy” spankings on amateur videos feature men who are 30+ but their attire and physique can make a big difference to the characterisation. A single sentence at the commencement of an “old-fashioned spanking” to establish cause is all that is needed; no further commentary or counselling necessary.
(f) Corner time and/or non-aggressive closure at the end of the spanking.
(g) The effectiveness of the spanking itself. Although this will be indicated by redness and reaction, the pace, power and positioning of the swats (the 3 p’s) can determine whether a spanking appears to be tentative and ineffectual or authoritative and resolute. It is essential that the viewer “feels” the way that the model is feeling, stimulated by auditory and visual clues.
(h) Expert editing to convert raw material to marketable material by a careful selection of shots and inclusion of highlighting techniques.
(i) The audio quality of the movie. The need for clarity of dialogue while emphasising the crack of the swats is a difficult balance to achieve, but with the limited vocal interaction of an “old-fashioned spanking” there is more opportunity to stress the latter.
(j) Direction is vital when continuous spanking is employed so that spanker is aware of the spankee’s tolerance status. If vocalisation is prominent then a discrete key word or phrase can advise the spanker that a conclusion should be imminent without making this obvious to the viewer. Reactions should be reflecting this already. The model receiving the spanking deserves to be confident that following the key word or phrase there is only a limited time remaining to fight the pain.
(k) The setting, environment and positioning of the model are important for providing the opportunity for different camera shots, enhancing characterisation, adapting to a model’s size, physique and reactions. “Old-fashioned spankings” usually maintained the same positioning throughout.
(l) The before/after interviews at the end are a highlight and much appreciated.

Having offered the suggestions above, I have to admit that one of my favourite amateur videos features an 18+ high school student wearing jeans partly bent over a chair and given six hefty swats with a school paddle. There actually is no reaction from the boy at all. It is over and done with and he is out the door in only a few minutes leaving to the viewer to contemplate his reaction once out of sight. Dialogue is restricted to one initial instruction and one concluding counselling sentence.
So why does that video appeal to me so much? It has excellent visual and audio quality, is fast-moving, very realistic in setting, characterisation and execution and leaves much to the imagination. It would not have achieved nearly the same impact with pants down, accompanying counselling or drawn-out explanations. Perhaps Dave’s original idea is not far off the mark. It may just require a couple of little tweaks and models prepared to react to reveal their true feelings. .
Orla | 20th April 2017 20:40
Ok for my next scensrio i think you will need 2 new boys (damn😆) ok here goes Nick's Mum has recently married again and Nick and Mum have moved in with his new Stepdad and Stepbrother Dylan and all is well Dylan is a little older and has been away for 4 mths doing a semester abroad for his college course so Nick has been getting on really well with his Stepdad even helping him out in his Warehouse , but Dylan is home now , and Nick's Gran isn't well so Mum goes away for a few days to look after her and Stepdad tells her to leave Nicky that he's a great help to him so Mum is delighted, but Dylan is a little jealous of just how close Nick and Dad are, so one day after working in the Warehouse Stepdad sends Nick home to have his dinner and rest that's he's done for the day and tells him he'll be home later just needs to finish some paperwork,so Nick cooks up dinner (dirty dishes everywhere ) has a shower (wet towels and dirty clothes everywhere ) and lays back on his bed listening to music and reading one of his car mags , Dylan bursts in telling him to clear the mess , that it's not his house and to show some respect to his Dad but Nick argues and shouts that he'll do it later and that Dad is cool with it, Dylan loses it he's not your Dad you can't call him Dad he's your Stepdad and your not even my real brother and he goes to punch Nick but in the meantime Dad has come home and had heard the shouting he pulls Dylan away from Nick and straight across his knee for a good old spanking and then all 3 sit down and make amends or something like that ☺☺
Orla | 1st April 2017 18:14
Ok Dave I've finally sat down and got my stories and like my other stories these are based on real life events minus the spanking. ..A Lad is doing his apprenticeship in the local garage Mr.Kelly is a friend of the family so he takes him on and sees that the lad has potential ....the chance for a lads boozing and gambling holiday comes up but he needs to pay x amount of money upfront to be sure of a place so he starts charging customers who want they're cars checked out for NCT test for new parts but he uses parts from scrap yard or parts are actually fine they don't need to be replaced or tells customers they're tyres are bad and they need new ones but goes on to sell the old tyres as remoulds but Mr Kelly catches him in the act and sends Mr.X

A lad gets in trouble with Dad ...he's been borrowing Mum's car and has gotten a few parking tickets and has been caught on the speed camera and has been hiding the letters but one day Mum is in town shopping and her car is towed away and she's left stranded andvhas to ring Dad for a lift home and ring around to sort out anout the car ...Dad beats the ass of the brat.
jacko | 3rd April 2017 10:14 (252 weeks ago)
Both story-lines have plenty of potential. I look forward to seeing them adopted. Maybe Mr. X goes for an NCT test and is ripped off. Now that would result in a spanking with plenty of feeling.
mstr_spkr | 14th April 2017 20:35 (250 weeks ago)
I think there are many opportunities for employees messing up and getting spanked by Mr X and/or "Dad". One could be a convenience or hardware store cashier shortchanging or overcharging people, sneaking the ill-gotten money from the till and being irrefutably caught by the security camera. Faced with a larceny charge versus spanking, they choose spanking by Mr X. Another could be a waiter who is rude to customers or keeps messing up the orders. I know there were many times I would have liked to have spanked a rude waiter! Maybe he's a bartender who charges for drinks not served and pockets the difference. (Shades of the origin of "mind your p'a and q's!) Spank him for the sake of the business as well as helping him with his attitude or morals.

If there are two models, one could be the dishonest clerk and the other his accomplice who brings an expensive item to the cashier and it is rung up as an inexpensive one. They both get spanked due to the conspiracy. Each could be spanked by Mr X and then by his "dad".

Along the conspiracy line, a dad can find some papers or other evidence left by his son and son's friends (I envision 3 lads total) with a plan to defraud a local shop through distraction and shoplifting. Dad finds the evidence before they can carry it out but confronts the lads and, along the line of the "Lazy Lads" series, spanks them all (or both if there are only two involved). The friends agree to be spanked because they don't want their dads to find out because the other dads spank with harder implements, for example, than the first dad who just uses his hand on their bare bottoms. Somehow the other dads find out and they all agree that they should each spank all of the conspirators in the way they normally spank their own sons. This would mean a series with increasingly harsher spankings, of course, so maybe hand, then slipper and then leather paddle if there are three of them. When the lads balk at having to strip naked for the "stage 3" of each of the spankings, they are told that they should get used to being naked. They'd have to strip if they got sent to prison! Maybe each wears a different kind of underwear for the spankings to satisfy the viewers who like to see someone spanked in something other than boxers for "stage 2". (And at least one could be in Levi 501's for at least one viewer's pleasure.)
Uchikimatsu | 12th April 2017 00:37
Hi Dave! I've noticed in a lot of the Dad/son spanking films Dad will walk into the son's room in the morning and the room will be a disgraceful mess! Occasionally Dad will comment on this but always the spanking commences amid the discarded cups, half empty booze bottles, and an amazing assortment of detritus strewn about the floor. This never fails to give me a vague sense of unease. I'm wondering if we can have a scenario where Dad comes in to discipline his son but refuses to do so in such a disgusting environment, first making his son clean his room as part of the punishment, and consequently creating a kind of anticipation!

What does everyone else think? Dave?
uchikimatsu | 8th January 2016 00:33
Hi Dave, watching the new Karl clip where he says he doesn't want to see the object with which he's just been punished after dad throws it on the bed gave me an idea for a "different" kind of ending. What if, after a few seconds of bottom rubbing, the lad picked up that slipper, paddle, wooden spoon, etc left on the bed by dad after his spanking and in a petulant little fit threw it towards the door just exited by dad. What if dad was just on his way back in to make peace and the object almost hits dad, or he opens the door to witness the lad throwing the object across the room. I imagine a second mini fast and hard spanking on a very shocked and scared lad with a whole bunch of sorry's, LOL! Yep yep.
Ooleary | 8th January 2016 01:50 (316 weeks ago)
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

YES love it Chiki xx
wardcoleman | 8th January 2016 09:46 (316 weeks ago)
Very nice idea
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 22:32 (302 weeks ago)
Great idea! :)
Uchikimatsu | 7th April 2017 01:22 (251 weeks ago)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 7th April 2017 19:43 (251 weeks ago)
You are very welcome! :)
mstr_spkr | 1st April 2017 15:36
Could you bring real reasons into the Real Punishment spankings? I remember Sebastian's early videos where he got punished for real reasons and I think those were some of the best.

Karl's real punishment with no context was a good spanking video but still very much lacking. John's new video with minimal context (the police brought him but why?) was better.

I think that if the model is spanked for a real reason from his past it will help him focus better on the character because the character is himself. Dad starts by reiterating the thing the lad did or failed to do for which he is getting a real punishment. We get context and the model gets something to help him focus his character.

This may start a wave in the genre of "Reality Spanking". We saw it with Chris who fixed the light right after his spanking.
mooner | 31st March 2017 13:35
Got a real thing for 'lads being lads', and love some of the scenarios you've come up with - especially Fraser and Karl, with their 'ladies of the night'! Would love to see a couple of lads get walloped for mooning - especially if we saw them in action ;)
Uchikimatsu | 31st March 2017 15:09 (252 weeks ago)
Yes! I can see some of the lads being sent to Mr. X for drunk mooning a police officer or something after being told to quiet down their disorderly behavior. Very funny idea! Especially if they have to "moon" their bright red bottom to show the consequence after!
mstr_spkr | 31st March 2017 15:58 (252 weeks ago)
Wouldn't that be a hoot? Some guys get caught mooning and rather than be arrested for public indecency, get sent to Mr. X for a spanking (perhaps with bath brush or leather strap after the hand), something to be the CP equivalent of restitution for a public nudity charge without the police record. Maybe that officer could be some new model dressed as a policeman (or an actual policeman who is going to be a new model.) He's there the whole time observing and not letting Mr X stop until he is satisfied. As a "fine" he makes the guys pay for their own spankings.

Then in a later video that model has to come for a spanking himself, having been sent by his commander for overstepping his authority when he sent the guys for a spanking instead of arresting them like he should have. Either that or, possibly better, the two guys who got spanked find him doing something wrong and rather than reporting him make him come to Mr X for a payback spanking like the one they got. Of course if it's the guys bringing the officer, they make him pay for his spanking and encourage Mr X to keep going until they are satisfied.

I believe that in other videos, Mr X has said that the one who contracted him to spank the guy had to be satisfied with the result, not just Mr X, so having the officer or guys say they want more is not out of the question. (Obviously, "satisfied" in the scripted videos will be determined off camera and only made to look vengeful.)

Of course that officer can then get a spanking from his dad when word of what he did gets back to his dad. You know the guys are not going to keep their mouths shut, and for that, the guys also deserve yet another spanking from their dads (perhaps Bath Brush Spanking or Bubble Bath Blues types) for being so dumb. You could make a whole series out of it with the "dad" spankings Real Punishment spankings.

I don't know what kind of compensation you pay the non-spanked models so I hope something like this does not drive up the cost of producing the videos too much. However, having someone observe the spanking does add a level to the scene.
Uchikimatsu | 31st March 2017 16:19 (252 weeks ago)
It would be SERIOUSLY HOT to have a proper looking police officer "supervising" the punishment. I mean, I can't be the ONLY member with a teeny tiny fetish for authority uniforms, can I? Guys?
Yes, fully decked out officer...with, ahem, motorcycle boots.
Orla | 31st March 2017 19:01 (252 weeks ago)
I'm with you Chiki... God who doesn't love a man in uniform 👀👀
jacko | 1st April 2017 10:25 (252 weeks ago)
Some really good ideas here but the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is the suggestion that the courts order that fines for misdemeanours by young offenders be used to pay for a visit to Mr. X perhaps with conditions attached. (It wouldn't be a bad idea in real life!)

As I've mentioned before I don't like the idea of authority figures being spanked although I appreciate non-authority figures in uniform being spanked. (Eg. army privates, sportspersons other than the coach, 18+ schoolboys)

I also appreciate "serial" type scenarios but only if they follow a reasonable sequence of consequences. Following a storyline to its logical conclusion can be very enjoyable if realistic. Eg. Two sons are paddled together by headmaster then separately by their fathers. When caught by the law committing the same crime outside of school they are sent by the court to Mr.X. Once again they are punished by their parents but more harshly this time and grounded. One of the boys sneaks over to visit the other via window and is discovered under the bed by father. Both are spanked together. Either one or both still commit crime and are subjected to CP in prison when sent there, etc.
Uchikimatsu | 1st April 2017 12:25 (252 weeks ago)
Well I mostly agree with you, jacko, in not preferring to see certain types on the receiving end and that would include figures of authority and much larger/burly types otk. But many members here love to see a guy get taken down a peg or three!
jacko | 18th March 2017 04:20
For me, there are many components of a hand spanking movie that make it entertaining including the quality of the audio and the actual sound of the swats, the visual appeal of the buttocks and the position and mode in which they are presented, the plausibility and appropriateness of the model’s physical and vocal reactions and the visual recording of facial expression, the power of the whacks, their method of delivery and the speed of the reddening, the variety of camera angles, the lighting and the editing. The storyline, spanker, environment, dialogue and the number, skills age, size and pain tolerance of the models are other variables which can be vital to a successful outcome.

So many aspects for Dave to consider when producing a video to meet the needs of individual members and the diverse small niche market. The magnificent work done by Dave and Art to achieve videos that satisfy the demands of the majority are worthy of commendation, particularly when the scope of the audience’s sexual orientation, fetishes and backgrounds is taken into account.

My suggestion here involves a number of the essential characteristics of an enjoyable video mentioned above which could all be enhanced with one small change introduced occasionally and in a bedroom or sitting room hand spanking scenario. That change would be the positioning of the model when being spanked and would appease my personal dislike of watching the bigger lads awkwardly balanced over the spanker’s knee. The suggestion is that every now and again, models be spanked in the “wheelbarrow” position with their legs under the spanker’s armpits. It is a very sexy pose as it accentuates the curves of the buttocks. I particularly appreciate the view it provides of facial expressions and the actual spanking at the same time without the use of split screens. For models with beautifully shaped bottoms which redden markedly and whose facial expressions and vocalisation are especially animated, such positioning would be a delightful innovation.

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2017 21:29 (253 weeks ago)
Hi Jacko,

I do take your preference here on board and I have given it some thought. The truth is though that where you find the sight of a strapping lad over my knee to be awkward. I find the thought of trying to get them into the wheelbarrow position unnatural and clumsy. I'm just not sure how I would interact the lads to do it in a way that does not seem a bit sexual.

I'm finding it difficult to explain properly but my movies are always about punishment. Getting a lad to go over my knee to get his bottom spanked, or lie on a bed to be belted or against a wall to be thrashed all seem logical. Whereas getting a lad to lie between my legs with his own legs wrapped around my body seems to me not something I could easily persuade the guys I work in to do.

Maybe I am missing something here?
jacko | 26th March 2017 20:01 (253 weeks ago)
Thanks for your reply, Dave. As usual, you are probably spot on with your assessment. That's one of the reasons why your videos are so successful. I have seen the wheelbarrow position used effectively in spanking videos on other punishment websites but in case it is a signature position featured by another spanker it is perhaps best to search for another alternative to the OTK spanking of strapping lads. As my suggestion was only intended for the bedroom spanking scenarios perhaps an idea with a similar outcome but without the wheelbarrow position would be to film part of the on-the-bed spankings from head-on so that the son's facial expressions, body reactions and the swats could all be viewed at the same time; a similar effect but without requiring anything more from the model than keeping the head raised and giving special to reaction. I know this is done already to some degree but the camera could be positioned a little higher to allow the buttocks and face and even the legs to be viewed at the same time.

I would be interested to learn if the wheelbarrow position is used in the domestic spanking situation or by persons who like to spank and be spanked. I hadn't experienced it before I viewed it on some other spanking videos.
Orla | 26th March 2017 23:29 (253 weeks ago)
I wouldn't like Dave to spank any of the guys in the wheelbarrow position to me it's too sexual , i too have seen this on another site and the guy was holding the lads balls while he spanked him so he wouldn't wriggly away , i like Dave's site cos it's not sexual it's purely about punishment and reasons for punishment.
jacko | 27th March 2017 12:47 (253 weeks ago)
Orla, I appreciate your point about the potential for wheelbarrow spanking to appear sexual although I have seen websites where the genitals are held onto during OTK spanking and in some cases even fondled or masturbated. There is the potential for sexuality whenever naked bodies are involved. Watch Josh kneeling to accept bare-bottom punishment or the bubble bath scenes that feature indiscreet zooming or the full frontal poses at the end of some of the bedroom spankings or the dangly bits on display during OTK spankings or models who sit nude on the couch while being interviewed. Can you still say that this site is not sexual? While I would prefer not to be confronted with any of these things there are many SLS viewers who comment on how much they look forward to the sexual highlights. It is an essential marketing ploy. It is to Dave's credit that due to his discretion and consideration for his team, the models are left with a little dignity while being spanked.Although it is accurate to say that the SLS movies are all about spanking, they are not all about punishment. Take the game movies for example. I like to see spanking with a model in a sexy pose, i.e. attractive, exciting and appealing. However, a sexual pose is very different because it involves intimate contact or features the sex organs. I think that my revised suggestion about camera angles in bedroom spanking scenes would retain the "sexy" but eliminate the "sexual" which would appeal to both of us and should not be of concern to the models.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2017 19:06 (252 weeks ago)
I'm sure the wheelbarrow position appears in one of the spanking games with Harry, Dom and friends! Can anyone remember which one?
jacko | 1st April 2017 10:50 (252 weeks ago)
The hilarious video to which you refer is "Harry & Adam & Dom & Wayne in Spank Jenga Part 5." I had forgotten about it when I made the comments above. These four models, admittedly good mates, seemed to have no problem with the "wheelbarrow" position. The visual effect even without filming head-on is stunning although the lads highlighted how the position could appear sexual if precautions such as Wayne employed weren't taken. Thanks for reminding me about this video. It was so entertaining watching it again. These lads were such a fun group.
Guccipro | 5th December 2016 22:28
More Black men!!!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th December 2016 16:14 (267 weeks ago)
Really good point! I'd love to have more black guys on the site to be honest
Uchikimatsu | 1st April 2017 00:12 (252 weeks ago)
I would enjoy this also. I'm guessing the reason they don't score higher at SLS is because a large part of the spanking fetish is being able to see the reddening of skin during the punishment. That being said, how about some men of color to dish out the spankings every now and then when Mr. X needs a break? I can see a hot black cop in the "mooning" scenario discussed earlier in the Suggestion Blog, or a strict boss, or perhaps one of those naughty lads cheated with his girlfriend, etc.... huummmm...
Anthony | 8th December 2016 14:17
Hi Dave

Just wonder as was mentioned in one of the films that Chris was staying with you if you could do a film or two of spanking films based on what used to happen years ago, getting a punishment for not having the home tidied by time got home from work , shopping not bought, late rent payment something like that would be so realistic now we know that he has stayed with you briefly.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th December 2016 16:14 (267 weeks ago)
Anthony! I could make a years worth of movies based on Chris's behaviour around this place! There would be no need for me to make ANYTHING up! Everything in your list would just be a basic starting point!
Anthony | 19th December 2016 20:50 (267 weeks ago)
film film film lol, that doesn't surprise me , typical straight guy.a surprise spanking would go down well. a planned spanking arranged for a date in future suddenly brought forward to there and then. i could just imagine his face reaction.
jams | 28th January 2017 16:25 (261 weeks ago)
I think Chris is one of my favourite models, his face is priceless and I think a surprise spanking for all these naughty things around the home would go down well
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2017 21:36 (253 weeks ago)
Well, did you enjoy the surprise spanking of Chris?
flashgordon | 4th February 2017 13:55
Some new correspondence recently had the effect of bringing the picture of "18-year-old Karl" in his school uniform back up to the top of the homepage for a while. It was a reminder of how seldom we see school uniforms on the site. Do you think this is something you might do with some of your other younger-looking models?

Obviously, in the modern-day stories that you do, corporal punishment in an actual school setting wouldn't be realistic nowadays. But there are other situations you could devise, just as you did with Karl.

An obvious example: a boy coming home from school, to find his angry Dad waiting for him and ready to give him a good hiding - perhaps having had a call from the school about his son's behaviour during the day.

Or, a scenario involving two models: a school bully (played, in school uniform, by the smaller/younger of the two) is collared on his way home from school by the (past school age) older brother of his victim (in my mind's eye I see Oscar). The bully, who thinks he's big and tough, is a lot less so on both counts when he meets Oscar from the rugby team, who could use the club changing room for the purpose, and the cane that they keep there (and which we've seen in action), to give him a thrashing that will teach him a lesson. As the actor playing the schoolboy will be a bit older than the role he is playing, real school trousers will probably be a nice tight fit over his buttocks and will present a beautiful target!
mattnyc | 4th February 2017 17:03 (260 weeks ago)
I also love a school uniform scenario. Great ideas, flashgordon. Dave came up with a brilliant way to use a uniform in the Uncle Andy clip with Lee. As part of naughty nephew Lee's punishment for his behavior, Uncle Andy made him wear an embarrassing schoolboy uniform with short pants for his spanking. It was amazing. I'd LOVE to see John get that treatment; forced to dress like a schoolboy and spanked OTK by his uncle or step dad. Andy would be the best actor for anything like this but since he's said he probably won't do another clip any chance of Bailey returning? I also think Sebastian could pull it off. He's such a great actor and he's manly enough to make it work. Thanks Flashgordon for the idea and thanks Dave for reading!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2017 21:34 (253 weeks ago)
I'll see what I can do regarding getting a school uniform into another movie. I do really like the idea of the school bully being sorted out by the slightly older brother of one of the bullies victims!
Kass44 | 9th February 2017 23:59
I realize this is a American thing and not a Brit thing - but would you ever consider doing a Frat Paddling & spanking type film - a Frat Master lining up his pledges wearing nothing but their tighty whities spanking them and then paddling them as they recite "Thank you, Sir, may I have another" - like the film AMINAL HOUSE where a young Kevin Bacon got paddled (by the way even in doc made about the film Kevin Bacon admitted he was actually paddled while making the film - over & over again as they had to do reshoots - he even admitted that afterwards he showed off his red ass to the other cast members)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2017 21:31 (253 weeks ago)
hmmm, I am vey aware of this scenario. I'm not 100% saying no, but I'm just not sure it's the type of setting or story that I feel comfortable making. Maybe because the idea of a Frat paddling is so American and not something I am too familiar with. I also don't feel that I have the setting required in order to film this.
Kass44 | 14th March 2017 01:33
I am very sorry to ask this of you, Dave – but seriously - I just watched a film of yours starring one of my favorite actors – Chris. I had seen it before, it bothered me at the time, but I said nothing because I did not think I had the right to speak out. The film was called Ultimatum and it was filmed in October of last year. During that film Chris continually used the name of God in vain. As if it were a curse word. You never corrected him, that I can recall. I have watched older films of yours where you washed out the mouths of your actors who cursed as you spanked them. I would be very grateful if you would considering giving Chris a very severe hand & handbrush spanking for his use of the Lord’s name in vain. You may not be aware of how offensive his words are to others. I understand that, and respect that. But based on so many of your films, the importance of a True Discipline Spanking is not lost on you or the other members of this site. Whether or not Chris realized who offensive what he was saying was, I believe he deserves a substantial punishment. Soap sucker to the one end and hand & handbrush to the other.
jacko | 18th March 2017 04:46 (254 weeks ago)
I totally agree with your comments, Kass44 although I would extend my displeasure to cover unacceptable swearing as well. However, it must be acknowledged that in our diverse society what is found offensive by some is readily accepted by others. For example, my aversion to flaunted sexual acts, brutal spanking and uncontrolled coarse language are the very things that some viewers of spanking websites find exciting and contextually enhancing. I try to avoid movies involving models who curse habitually unless an attempt is made to curb this. I appreciate the respect shown by models who are able to resist the temptation to cross the line. However, It is very hard to depict real life these days without including the crudity and contempt of real life.
mstr_spkr | 18th March 2017 23:11 (254 weeks ago)
Granted, a "real life" punishment should hurt and it should hurt a lot. However, even in pain there is a difference between dropping an f-bomb or some other crude expletive and maligning someone's belief system through cursing, especially if he inserts an "f-ing" in between the name of the one invoked in the curse and his title. One can show the contempt of real life of which Jacko wrote with other choices of curse words.

I believe that there should be attempts to curb excessive swearing and the use of foul language that many members find offensive. Perhaps a series of real life mouth soapings with hairbrush spanking is in order.

I actually enjoyed other movies where, after a warning, the model would get some additional hard whacks for foul language. I remember seeing the model quickly trying to pull back the offending language (to no avail in most cases). Perhaps that should be the standard.

In Chris' "Ultimatum" video the carpet beater could have been applied until he stopped swearing. Of course that may have made the video over an hour long. I'm sure some models like Bradley would appreciate a more equitable treatment.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2017 21:22 (253 weeks ago)
Hi, I do take the comments on board regarding language and it's clear that there are many different opinions on this and that different people are offended by different words.

From a personal point of view, I certainly never take offence to words that people use. I just choose not to. We could all go around being offended or we could not be, I do understand though that others do get offended when they hear some words.

When it's a 'real spanking' movie I will keep the language in check where I think it's appropriate (and if I feel I can get away with giving them some extra) but I also like to keep the balance of allowing the lads to be themselves and not some version of what others should think the should be. I believe that one the appealing things about these movies is that I don't used, polished, professional actors that have an interest in this fetish. I am using every day real guys. So I feel it's pointless to strive to find these guys and then turn them into something different.

Also, I should point out that when I am filming I really do have to concentrate on many things. From the lighting, positioning of cameras, sound, storyline and of course the well being of the model. In addition to all of that I also have to perform.

The point I am making is that I don't always notice everything that is said and done in the moment of filming. It;s very easy for me to look back and see how things could have been done differently or see things I never spotted at the time, But again, I believe part of the appeal of the way I make these movies is how "off the cuff" and "in the moment" that they are.

It's all very well suggesting al the extra punishments that I could dish out to the lads, but I'm afraid that is not usually the reality. Punishments are agreed in advance and I stick to that as much as possible, pushing the guys where I can. But I can't suddenly start hitting the lads with extra implements because of words that they have said.

Mr X, however does not stand for any bad language and will nearly always address that! Then again, he is a professional spanker!
ThorstenOrr | 27th January 2017 16:54
Dear Dave,
Might we be allowed to suggest stories/scenarios for your films?
qmccm1 | 26th January 2017 03:01
I'd love to see some fingering and cock play during spankings.
Kass44 | 14th January 2017 22:33
Not to get political – but - in America we just had a very "passionate" election - Got me thinking that if I was running for office and my staff/advisors/pr-guy screwed up and cost me the election, or very nearly cost me the election, I would paddle their backsides until they’d remembered me every time they pulled up their drawers. I love to see smart, ignorant yuppies all dress to the 9s having to get spanked and paddled because they were incompetent – they cost the PM an important vote – advised the VP to heavily invest in a stock that fails – screwed up a very important sale with a business associate overseas. I think I remember seeing a video once where the boss was spanking a screw-up in his office, and while he was spanking away an assistant actually knocks on the door, is told to come in by the boss because papers have to be signed, and the boss actually signs the paperwork using the bad boy’s back as a makeshift desktop – then the boss goes right back to spanking before the assistant gets out of the office. It was great. I think this was a movie. Maybe it was just a fantasy of mine. I’m not 100% sure. Another wall street fantasy I have is the boss is spanking away and actually takes a business call while he’s doing it. Maybe the boss could even hand the phone to the bad boy so that he could apologize to the other business associate on the phone while still getting spanking? I don’t know if any of this is usable – but I do like humor involved in the spanking scenes – humor for the audience I mean – not the poor fellow getting spanked.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:39 (262 weeks ago)
Hey Kass, I do like a guy in a suit getting spanked. To be honest though I'm not entirely sure I have the studio set up to properly create what you are describing never mind the older actors. Though I'm sure now I've said this I will get lots of volunteers!
flashgordon | 21st December 2016 17:54
Now that you have introduced the Scottish tawse - and the traditional way of administering it - and you've got three models there at any rate who won't now be scared of it (Chris even chose it as his option for "King". That was probably because his bottom was so sore by then, but still...), do you think we might see it making further appearances? I don't imagine people would want whole films of it. But the occasional "Hold out your hands!", just included once in a while, would be a nice bit of variety, especially for us Scots of a certain age who remember this punishment from our real-life schooldays!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2017 17:19 (265 weeks ago)
Hi, to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of hand hitting but I'm sure it will make an appearance at some point in the future.
Ooleary | 28th December 2016 12:17
What id like Dave is if just even once while your spanking one of your naughty boys Otk cos that's my fave with the wooden spoon and he swings his hand back to cover his bottom you warn him that if he does it again that you'll smack his hand and of course after a few more hits with the wooden spoon the boy throws his hand back again and being a man of your word he gets a couple slaps with the wooden spoon on his hand 😆😉👋
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2017 17:18 (265 weeks ago)
Hmmm! I'm not so sure I'd want to hit any of their hands! Too many bones and things that I might do damage too.
billenkoek1984 | 3rd April 2016 05:08
Hi Dave,
i asked this before, but maybe you did not read it; but i have two things i would really love if i could see it here.. :P
* could you ask the boys if they have any levi's 501? it would be super exciting to see one of your boys laying over your knee wearing a tight levi's 501 while you give him a hard sound spanking!
Especially Tom, Tyler and Carlo would look sexy wearing tight levi's 501 in my opinion :P
* second thing, could you give one of your boys once an over the knee spanking with the carper beater? So whille the boy is over your knee give him a nonstop spanking with thew carper beater..
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 22:30 (302 weeks ago)
Hey, I am going to see if i can get a decent pair of vintage Levi 501's off eBay. I like them too!
billenkoek1984 | 23rd April 2016 19:58 (301 weeks ago)
Thanx Dave! Maybe some of your models have an old pair of Levi's at home? you could ask them..
Especially the boys with bubble butts should wear tight levis 501 and spanked over it; Bsiley, Carlo, Harry, Jay, Rico, Sebastian, Taylor, Tom, Tommy, Steve
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th April 2016 10:19 (301 weeks ago)
Well the good news is that I found a pair on eBay and have already purchased them. Just need to wait until I film again and see if they fit the lad. I went for a 32" waist.
billenkoek1984 | 25th April 2016 22:54 (301 weeks ago)
Wonderfull Dave! 32"shiuld be perfect for the bubble butt guys, i earlier mentionned. Harry is alsoone of them. But doesn't return i think? Who do you think will be the first wearing tight levi's? Thanks!
billenkoek1984 | 23rd December 2016 14:52 (266 weeks ago)
hey Dave.. Did you already record a spanking of one of your hot boys wearinjg a levi´s 501? I'm so curioius who was wearinjg levi's 501... Keep up the good work
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd December 2016 18:45 (266 weeks ago)
Hmmm, so Chris is wearing them in the "Taylor and Chris - Late For Their Spanking" movie. Though you don't really get to see them until part two which is not released yet. However, Chris is quite slim at the moment and he didn't fill them out as much as I would have hoped.
Kass44 | 30th September 2016 01:03
I have always loved a good story line, one that might stretch over several films – like you series “Brothers In Charge”. I have, for some time, had an ongoing fantasy. A private prep school where CP was part of any and all disciplinary actions – even the slightest infraction - but only the Vice Principle, Coach, and visiting Priest was allowed to administer substantial corporal punishment. The middle age Head Coach is interviewing two applicants for the position of Assistant Head Coach. They come into his office “dressed to impress” with suits/ties/cufflinks/clean shaved (the works). The Head Coach begins with a friendly chit-chat then questions them on their qualifications, past experience, their philosophy on education, their morals, adherence to a proper dress code – including crisp clean white jockey short -and finally their opinions concerning corporal punishment. Have they ever been spanked, do they respect spanking/paddling/caning etc. / how did it improve their “manliness” and will they be willing to administer corporal punishment, – etc.… Of course the two young men, vying for the job, attempt to outdo each other in a macho sycophant way – each trying to outdo the other with stories (most/all made up) of the spankings they had received and were VERY willing to give. Both even give vivid explains of how they would – without remorse – spank any & all miscreant – adding one or two unsuggested embellishments like “If the bad boy used any foul words I’ll spank his bare backside while he nursed on a bar of soap!”. And then the Head Coach announces the final step of their interview – to spank each other in just the way they each just described. They both reluctantly do so – and do a pretty poor job of it – so the Head Coach demonstrates how it should be done (based on what they themselves had just described). First he gives each of them what they themselves had explained – just to be sure he understood them correctly – to the letter. Then the Head Coach gives to each of them what the other had said they would have do – just so they understood the other fellow’s “point of view”. Finally he would allow them to “give it another try”. The first applicant would spank the other, just as he himself describe – the Head Coach pointing out any mistakes. Then, turnabout, the second applicant spanks the first as he described – the Head Coach pointing out his failings. “No, no, he just used a bad word and you said if a boy had done that you would spank them with a bar of soap in their mouth”. “That’s not right – he’s not wearing the correct underpants and you said that violating the dress code would earn him six with the cane”. Are the applicants all done? Of course not, because both of them should try and learn from the other – so they have to do it all over again using the others tactics (so they might learn from each other). After all is said and done the Head Coach will employee both on a probationary status – after all they still have so much to learn – and must be tried out on the students
mattnyc | 30th September 2016 11:59 (278 weeks ago)
That's an amazingly sexy scenario. Great story and great details. I particularly like the idea of the assistant coach describing in detail his own spanking experience (over dad's and his coach's knee) and talking about how much he believes in spanking for young men. And describing how eager he is to spank the students himself. It would be perfect with Kevin, Sebastian, or Tom (if he would come back)as the interviewing young man. And the series could include later episodes where we see the new Assistant coach spank students played by Josh, Fraser, and/or Callum. Love this concept! Excellent suggestion, Kass44!
mattnyc | 30th September 2016 12:02 (278 weeks ago)
P.S. And in a twist in another clip, the head coach could bring the new coach into his office, tell him he's aware of a serious misdemeanor and says if he wants to keep his job he's going to get a spanking. And to make the punishment even more humiliating he's brought back the other young man from the interview process and he has to get spanked by him. Thanks, again, Kass44.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th December 2016 16:43 (267 weeks ago)
Hey Kass44, really sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this. I really do like the concept of it all. I'd probably want to simplify the story a bit to bring it round more to SLS world. But I do like the initial idea of two guys being interviewed for a position that involves dishing out CP and then having the tables turned on them.

I really appreciate you contributing and again, please accept my apologies for not getting back to you sooner on this one.
Billbuster | 11th October 2016 00:47
I am totally hot for Kevin, I admit it. His body is so tight and what an amazing ass. Plus his personality..... Well, here's what I'd like to see. I know you aren't a jack off site. But listen, you have to get Kevin to give us the "FULL KEVIN EXPERIENCE." He owes it to the universe to let us see him jack off and cum, and also to give us more than a little glimpse at his asshole. You used to have a jack off site, and I know they don't pay any more because it's so common, but this should be an exception. I'm willing to bet that Kevin would be willing to do this "by popular demand." Please consider this, I'm desperate!! (heh heh)
ronwade | 9th June 2016 21:06
Hi Dave,

I made this suggestion a number of weekends, but you are likely too busy and overlooked. Will you do a video of an over the knee spanking in which the miscreant does a lot of kicking with his legs? If you were sitting on a stool or something high enough to give his kegs plenty of kicking room, that would be ideal. And no pants please, nothing to encumber his need to kick! Some vocals would be great too! My favorites are Glenn and Sebastian! Thanks!!!
ronwade | 9th June 2016 21:08 (294 weeks ago)
That should have read "a number of weeks ago!" Sorry.
billenkoek1984 | 24th May 2016 06:20
Dave. Can you do a LIVE spanking once? By cam fpr example (of course you have to pay for it)
So we all can give suggestions during the spanking
Kass44 | 28th April 2016 22:49
Chris & Sebastian were fantastic together - but, in my opinion, Chris getting to spank Sebastian did not work as well as Sebastian spanking Chris. I would love to see Sebastian giving Chris (and all your other actors) a harsh spanking and paddling with a wooden paddle. A work place story line would be great - with Sebastian and the other actors dressed to the nines in business attire - Sebastian as the manager giving them their quarterly work performance reviews with inspirational paddlings/spankings/canings to help motivate his unproductive employees. Would love to see Sebastian welding that hairbrush on a pair of tight slacks and tighty whities. And please bring back the punishment soap (like you did with Dom) - also lockerroom horseplay & towel snapping would be great!
barebutt29 | 25th January 2016 03:21
Hi Dave, Great films. I especially like the "worker" situations (painters, workers around the house) you've filmed recently. Would love to see one of these painters in a proper pair of overalls - dungarees as you say in the UK. They look so great stretched over a lad's rear over a man's knee and there's that moment of antiquation when the straps are unbuckled and he has to lower them to bar egis bottom. Hope you'll consider one of more scenes like this in the future. Thanks & keep up the good work.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th April 2016 10:24 (301 weeks ago)
Hi There, I wil have a look into dungaree's. Is it denim ones in particular that you are interested in?
Kass44 | 25th April 2016 21:50 (301 weeks ago)
levies are the best in America
lazycat999 | 8th January 2016 01:16
Hi Dave.I think if a lad did some naughty things by hand,such as stealing,spraying graffiti,playing computer games too long time,spanking other lads without permission,ect.How about MR.X/dad hits his palms by wooden ruler or leather paddle as a punishment after spanks him?:-P
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th April 2016 10:26 (301 weeks ago)
Hi, I'm not sure I would ever do this to be honest. It's not something that interests me and I really can't see the lads being willing to have their hands whacked! They text to much for that!
lazycat999 | 24th January 2016 15:51
Hello Dave,you know my favourite model is karl,I found there are not many Karl-Mr.X movies released.As a high-producing model in SLS,expect for "real punishment",naughty Karl only visits Mr.X three times and one time was spanked by Ben,not punished by MR.X,other time was 36 lashes without storyline.Only one time was spanked by Mr.X with Liam.
More Karl visits Mr.X,please.(by himself or with other lads,both are acceptable).I always enjoy listen Mr.X's lecture and karl's cheeky attitude.😏I think a seasoned naughty cheeky young lad visits Mr.X might be a very funny thing.😄
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th April 2016 10:25 (301 weeks ago)
Hi, yes you are quite right, I am sure another visit to Mr X is in order for Karl!
Kass44 | 6th March 2016 23:36
When I went to catholic high school in the USA the boy students could be paddle and the priest did this sometimes using a very large paddle, but he often used a smaller one. After you "assumed the position" you had to recite "For what I am about to received, may the Lord make me truly grateful." I always wished a spanking film used that line.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th April 2016 10:22 (301 weeks ago)
Hey, yeah I have heard that line but to be honest I'm not sure that the religious side of things fits in with my Straight Lads Spanked theme.
Ooleary | 25th January 2016 20:33
Hello, Hello, Where is everyone??

Chiki, Cheryl, Rasputin , Welshboy ,Fic , Anyone 😢😢😢
lazycat999 | 26th January 2016 02:50 (314 weeks ago)
Ficwriterjet | 26th January 2016 05:48 (314 weeks ago)
Hey Ooleary. Real life has been busy, and I'm behind on watching and reviewing. I'll do one or two tonight!
wardcoleman | 26th January 2016 08:30 (314 weeks ago)
It has been quiet recently, which is a shame as this board is great fun when its busy. I hope the likes of Chiki, Cheryl and Welshboy etc have deserted us
Ooleary | 27th January 2016 01:57 (313 weeks ago)
Hi Fic 😊😊 God real life sucks sometimes lol xx.

Hi Lazycat what were going to say about the Karl Bedtime movie , you're comment box is blank ??
lazycat999 | 29th January 2016 12:59 (313 weeks ago)
Haha,that was just a false touch. I always have a lot of words to say about Karl's every movie,but i cant express my feelings exactly by my poor English.So I can only watch his movie several times and love him more and more:-D
Cherylkay | 7th March 2016 06:05 (308 weeks ago)
I'm here :D I've had some health issues lately that have put me flat on my back. I'm rebounding now and will be catching up as my strength allows. I feel slightly ashamed that people think I've left SLS because of my lack of participation.

I had to have a second stent placed in my heart (not as serious or complicated as it sounds) and I got a clean bill of health at my check up last week. I'm a bit out of the loop (and a bit loopy, thanks to pain meds LOL), but trying to get back into it.

@Orla. my love, you can hit me up on Twitter anytime you want to, when I'm not taking my nap ;)
Ooleary | 7th March 2016 23:11 (308 weeks ago)
Cheryl So sorry to hear you were unwell but glad you're on the mend I'll DM you later for a catch up and a good ould moan xx
Kevinfan | 1st April 2016 20:28 (304 weeks ago)
Welcome back Cheryl
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th April 2016 10:20 (301 weeks ago)
Welcome back Cheryl, I hope the recovery is going well. :)
welshboy | 21st March 2016 09:32
More Birthday spankings , I have mist them. The two that stand out for me are Oliver's and Andrews and Patrick's when the were spanked together. they were fun light and different from all the other spanking given on the site.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 22:33 (302 weeks ago)
Birthday Spankings are coming your way! Welsh boy!
Kass44 | 12th April 2016 00:55
Hello, Dave, back in the late 1980s (when I first got a computer & realized I wasn't the only person in the world who was into this type of entertainment) I found 2 video companies that made these type of films in the united states - man hand films and control T studio - I collected every one of their films I could. They both did a storyline that spoke to me - one called itself GROUP THERAPY and the other one a name I can't remember - but the idea was the same. 4 or 5 guys comes together to be counseled and disciplined so that they may be better men. They were all strangers, all had done a bad thing or were behaving in an improper manner to themselves, their families, or society as a whole. Some came because they wanted to, others were forced to because of a court order. Sort of the same concept as Mr X. But it was a group of stranger, and none of them had any type of friendship/connection with each other. These films reminded me of a "AA" sort of environment - where you are almost required to bare your soul as a form of public repentance. These films also brought back memories of my grade school (in America Catholic Schools go straight from kindergarten to senior year and then you are tossed out to High School) where there could be (if you were VERY bad) a hallway paddling to purge the soul. That when "May the Lord make me truly grateful" became like a mantra to me - you had to recite it after every swat. In High School paddlings were never public in the hallways because a girl might see, BUT 3 or 4 guys would be marched into the VP or Coach's office and paddled together. In the Boys Lockerroom all bets were off and you were paddled in front of all the guys while they showered or changed. As someone who enjoys creative writing I even penned a few short stories called "C.P.T" (Corporal Punishment Therapy) based on the concept of Aversion Therapy - where men apply, or are forced to attend, a 45 minute season of shame and spanking in front of total strangers - cause - just like the motto of that old Video I saw way back when: "No Pain No Gain". Would you ever be willing to considering making a film like this? Were strangers are lined on and paddled side by side - atoning in a way. Also I have a few questions - why do you not focus on the briefs for that long - why do your actors wear such crazy underwear, do you ask them to wear them or they just the underpants the actors happen to have on when you start the film and when you say you're going to use a "paddle" to me you are (normally) using a strap - why do Americans and Brits have such different ideas of what a "paddle" is? Please do more "soap in the mouth" spanking films. Thanks for reading this.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 22:29 (302 weeks ago)
Hi Kass, thanks for leaving such a detailed suggestion. There are a few issues that would make this typeof movie for me quite difficult. Control T Studios used to make full length movies whereas I need to make shorter scenes (and at least 52 of them in a year).

What you described has like 4 or 5 guys that don't know each other all in the one production. I just wouldn't have the budget needed to pay the wages for that about of guys in one scene.

There are aspects of what you described that interest me though and I will think about it all.

Spanked Chris | 5th January 2016 21:26
Has I mentioned before Dave the use of a ruler for spanking naughty straight lads I used to get spanked by a ruler and by it really did hurt

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 22:11 (302 weeks ago)
Oh, I have never used the ruler before but don't see why not! :)
ronwade | 29th March 2016 22:26
Hi Dave,

I posted a message in regard to your latest release, then realized that this blog is likely a more appropriate place to post since mine is a suggestion. I know you like variety, so may I suggest some leg kicking in future movies? A boy kicking his legs while being spanked is extremely natural, though rarely seen in your films. This can't be done effectively on a sofa or bed. I would love for you, Dave, to sit on a somewhat high stool, take the young man over your knees and pull him forward so that his feet do not touch the floor, and spank him soundly. I find it very exciting when the boy kicks his legs and is vocal throughout his spanking! My favorite of your models is Glen. I feel that he has the best physique (that butt and those legs!) and it the best actor in your stable. Obviously, I would LOVE to see Glen kicking and yelling as he gets the spanking of his life!! By the way, thanks for taking suggestions! That is very cool. It is great to know that you care about what your buyers want to see!!
Kevinfan | 1st April 2016 20:28 (304 weeks ago)
Yes I like leg kicking too. And socks (especially black socks but White is OK). And undies around ankles or knees.
Kass44 | 3rd April 2016 16:01 (304 weeks ago)
I agree with all of this 100%
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 22:10 (302 weeks ago)
Hi Ron, thanks for your suggestions. I will have a think about this. My biggest issue is that I like all the reactions to the spankings to be natural. I never direct the lads on how they should react, I just spank them hard and see what happens! So I worry about "staging" something like this. I will have a proper consideration though of your idea :)
Natalia | 6th April 2016 22:29
No new preview as yet :(
lazycat999 | 7th April 2016 00:55 (303 weeks ago)
Yes,maybe Dave is very busy.I have wait it for 5 days😭
Ooleary | 7th April 2016 01:06 (303 weeks ago)
It might be one of the previews from twitter so excited xx
Ooleary | 7th April 2016 01:06 (303 weeks ago)
It might be one of the previews from twitter so excited xx
billenkoek1984 | 29th January 2016 14:59
is it possible in a next video that the models with a bubble butt could wear tight levi's 501. That would be very sexy. A hard spanking otk over their levi's 501 and finally bare bubble butt
lazycat999 | 8th January 2016 00:48
@uchikimatsu Great idea!I love chiki's script.I'm looking forward to whatching part2。😏
pthompson | 21st December 2015 07:12
I have had some ideas for different videos. It would be amazing to see if anyone is interested in these ideas as being videos.

1) Mr X is going on holiday and so needs to pick a lad to take over with the spanking while he is gone - but before he goes he needs to ensure his new apprentice is well trained. So, when one guy comes over for a spanking he calls up his apprentice to train him by demonstrating how a really good spanking is done and then getting the apprentice to also spank his latest victim. I would love to see Mr X giving tips on how best to spank, where best to hit and full on discussion about the victim's buttocks.

2) Another idea would be a spanking for a lad who has been taking pics of his arse for the internet. I would love the discussion that would go with this video, with the spanker commenting on the guy's backside.

3) The third idea is really just the outfit - a nice tight, smart pair of trousers . . . maybe an office scene. There is nothing better than a slim guy with a nice bubblebutt wearing a pair of tight suit trousers.

Finally I would also love to see more wedgies and also the stroking of the buttocks. There is something so erotic about stroking a guy's bum during a spanking, making him tingle and apprehensive about the next spank.

What do you think Dave? Any of these ideas possible?

What do other people think? Any of these ideas appeal? Also, who would you have dressed in the tight trousers showing of a slim waist and defined backside?
liu | 21st December 2015 09:23 (319 weeks ago)
I love the first one!
uchikimatsu | 22nd December 2015 18:46 (319 weeks ago)
Love #3, it's been suggested often and I'm pretty sure Dave is working on this or has already filmed something like this for future release!
mattnyc | 26th December 2015 19:29 (318 weeks ago)
Great ideas. I'd love to see any of those but I'd especially like the first one. Very hot idea.
pthompson | 27th December 2015 10:44 (318 weeks ago)
Thanks all and I am very pleased you like my ideas. I have a whole load of them! Also very excited that the idea of someone in tight suit trousers might soon be spanked! It's funny but that idea only came to mind when someone commented on my own backside looking as if it needs a spanking when I was wearing my own skinny fit tight trousers!
wadejohns | 28th December 2015 19:56 (318 weeks ago)
You asked who should be spanked in an office situation. GLEN, hands down! He has a great body with a full bottom, narrow waist, and great chest and legs. The suit pants have to be really tight though or the scene loses its effect! And he needs to kick a lot!!
pthompson | 29th December 2015 09:30 (318 weeks ago)
Wadejohns . . . I had a look at Glen and you are right, he would be great to spank in tight trousers. Also, looking forward to seeing Tom's trousers. I hope they are really tight . . . really tight trousers are definitely a turn on for me! Glen looks great with his full bottom and narrow waist however, I do admit I would like it even more if there was a guy whose waist was even narrower and whose bottom was even fuller! That kind of backside really turns me on! My waist is 27 inches and my backside is a solid 9 inches bigger which means any trousers I buy are always very tight around my bum . . . especially seeing as I favour skinny fit trousers! My backside always looks as if it is set to explode from the trousers - and this hasn't been unnoticed by other men!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2015 19:51 (317 weeks ago)
So I think you wont be disappointed at all when you see Tom's muscular, beefy bottom stretching his trousers!

As for the first idea.... It's really interesting as this is the most common suggestion that the models come up with. The idea of one of the lads standing in for Mr X when he goes on holiday....

It clearly is a popular idea..... however, it is something that has never felt quite right to me... It's difficult to explain why but I will have a go.

I think my issue is that I feel the idea of Mr X, the local community spanker that wears a mask and gets paid to punish lads is already stretching credibility. However, it is now an established part of Straight Lads Spanked and I feel people just accept the idea.

I have always made a decision never to show Mr X outside his established role. Like you would never see him in his every day life.. I just find the idea of him handing over to another lad just not something I feel comfortable with, Maybe I am too defensive of the character... I think the other reason though os that with Mr X, the spanking is only part of the punishment. Really the main part is the scolding and lecturing that he does and I just can't see any of the other lads pulling that off...
pthompson | 31st December 2015 08:25 (317 weeks ago)
Ah I see. Thank you for the explanation.

How about the idea of the guy who has been caught taking pictures of his backside for online?
Spanked Chris | 7th December 2015 20:22
Hi Dave and everyone

Has it winter Dave what about as I mention last time a model get spanked wearing a onsie in bed or sat up been told off my their dad they back chat and the angry dad puts Him over his knee.

I think that would be so funny to watch as a member but out of the models we have at straight lads would like good in a onsie I would suggest Chris or Fraser who do you
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:15 (319 weeks ago)
Hi, I'm not really sure I will be making any movies with lads wearing a "onsie" It was difficult enough to get Liam cuddling a Teddy Bear never mind wear a Onsie!
leto1701 | 11th September 2015 06:50
Would love to see Fraser taking a spanking on a pair of jeans, which of course come off later in the movie.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:17 (319 weeks ago)
Hi, Fraser was wearing jeans in his recent "I Messed Up": movie
Hunter | 10th October 2015 21:05
Please Dave could we have another Aaron movie I really like him
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:16 (319 weeks ago)
Hi, it's unlikely Aaron will be filming with me again.
wadejohns | 11th December 2015 08:42
Dave...just a reminder that some of us would love to see Glen in an office situation (young attorney!) being spanked otk in his tight pin striped suit! Hope you haven't forgotten!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:14 (319 weeks ago)
Hi, don't worry. I have not forgotten. There is a suit scene coming your way soon though... :)
SoupGoblin | 8th December 2015 14:55
Since the holidays are coming up, why not a Christmas-themed episode where an exasperated Santa discovers that ALL the SLS lads have somehow been put on the Naughty List ;D
uchikimatsu | 8th December 2015 14:59 (321 weeks ago)
This had me in stitches, @SoupGoblin! I love the thought of Dave/Mr. X dressed as Santa giving out spankings to the naughty lads in SLSville!!!
Spanked Chris | 8th December 2015 21:26 (320 weeks ago)
what a brilliant idea well done
Lynne | 11th December 2015 21:45 (320 weeks ago)
AS an add-on, sort of :). It's been a few years since the last one but how about another bloopers reel?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:14 (319 weeks ago)
Every year I plan to do something like this and I'm afraid it never happens! December always comes round too quickly! So maybe next year! :)
Spanked Chris | 14th December 2015 22:06
hi everyone what do you think of Spank snakes andladders
spank100 | 15th December 2015 01:07 (320 weeks ago)
I think thats a good idea Spanked Chris. I would have going down the snake you get spanked if you go up the ladder you would of avoided a spanking.
Spanked Chris | 19th December 2015 20:30 (319 weeks ago)
I would agree with that
Kevinfan | 6th December 2015 23:09
We never did get Fred hugging his cuddly toy in bed after a spanking (as I once suggested). So maybe same scenario with Fraser or someone like that?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 23:12 (321 weeks ago)
I think the only lad that still has his teddy bear is Liam..... getting him to hug is bear was a REAL effort!
Kevinfan | 6th December 2015 23:16 (321 weeks ago)
Lol. Really? Doesn't seem like that big if a deal. Straight guys are so sensitive. :-D
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 23:23 (321 weeks ago)
Yeah, it was a big drama on the day! having his pyjamas pulled down and his bare bottom spanked by another man was no big deal. Being filmed snuggled up with teddy was very nearly a step too far! Bless him! It is funny though the little things the guys can have an issue about though...
uchikimatsu | 9th November 2015 12:05
I was thinking about what @wardcoleman said about people not voting and I think since there's been an upgrade to the site and many members now use the mobile version and can't vote, nor could we ever vote from an iPad, like I regularly use, it's time for another upgrade, this time to the voting system.

I'm suggesting a vote button that opens another window that allows the user to make their choice and also has a proper "enter" or "vote now" button to click so that whatever platform the member is using can vote.

I'm also suggesting that SLS add a category or two so that we can not only rate the movie overall but, say, maybe rate the model and spanking action, or dialog. This way there could be best overall movie, best spanking action, best model...something like that...? Too complicated...?
wardcoleman | 10th November 2015 08:28 (325 weeks ago)
That may be the answer, it is a bit more difficult to leave a comment when you are using a phone, rather than a PC. That may be why some updates, like the Spanked Footballers (Kevin and Fraser) which were excellent and scored straight 10's yet received so few comments.

Making it easier to vote would at least get a few of the great new updates up the rankings.
Ooleary | 10th November 2015 10:06 (325 weeks ago)
Great idea Chiki maybe Dave will have a word with Stuart, i watch on my phone 90% of the time and most of the new releases with Kevin , Chris and Fraser should have made into the top 10 movies for sure xx
uchikimatsu | 10th November 2015 14:07 (325 weeks ago)
Ward, I find it quite easy to comment on my phone, especially when using the new mobile version! Unfortunately, we cannot vote using the mobile version and I have yet to figure out how to vote from my iPad, so I can only vote from a desktop or laptop, which I almost never use. I do hope Dave and Stuart decide to fix this issue because I enjoy voting and these newer films certainly deserve their place in the rankings.
wardcoleman | 10th November 2015 14:17 (325 weeks ago)
Maybe it is just me, I am far more comfortable with a nice sturdy keyboard and extra large monitor, than I am trying to tap out a comment on a tiny screen! Does that make me sound really ancient?!! LOL!! It would be good if Stuart can make voting easier for phone users though
Bruce | 12th November 2015 17:40 (324 weeks ago)
I am using an iPad and I am not able to vote, which is shame as I would have given Spanked Footballers and Chris Branded a Thief 10/10 each , really great movies
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:25 (321 weeks ago)
Hi, I will mention this again to Stuart and see if he has any way of making this work on mobile devices. :)
uchikimatsu | 3rd July 2015 13:41
Hi Dave, can you please have an exasperated Dad send young Karl (or possibly young Dean, sweet, nervous, scared Dean) off to visit STRICT COUSIN SEBASTIAN to see if maybe he can get through to him? Sometimes a man closer to the naughty lads age is able to relate, but still properly discipline them!
Ooleary | 3rd July 2015 14:09 (343 weeks ago)
Fantastic idea Chiki we haven't seen Karl or Dean in a while or who knows maybe Dave has another newbie boy he might like to try out xx
Cherylkay | 3rd July 2015 19:50 (343 weeks ago)
I think Dean is a fantastic choice! He does dialogue well and has a lovely speaking voice. I could picture Sebastian having a go at Dean :-)
Cherylkay | 3rd July 2015 19:50 (343 weeks ago)
I think Dean is a fantastic choice! He does dialogue well and has a lovely speaking voice. I could picture Sebastian having a go at Dean :-)
uchikimatsu | 10th September 2015 19:28 (333 weeks ago)
Giving this thread a "spank" to bump it to the top...

Sebastian seems to be on a filming roll (and a spanking roll) so maybe this idea will make it to film one day...
Spanked Chris | 3rd December 2015 20:04 (321 weeks ago)
Yes that would be great idea
mattnyc | 4th December 2015 02:04 (321 weeks ago)
I'd love to see Kevin or Fraser in the scenario with Sebastian. Or, of course, Andy.
uchikimatsu | 5th December 2015 20:17 (321 weeks ago)
Good suggestion, Matt, I think Sebastian could pull that off quite nicely. I'd love to see a quieter, more obedient type lad as the counterpoint, which is why is suggested Dean, but Fraser would fit the bill perfectly. Perhaps he passes his exams, but its later revealed that he cheated. He gets to keep his job, but Dad won't be happy....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:24 (321 weeks ago)
Hey, I'm afraid I have lost contact with Dean which is a shame. I am sure we will see Sebastian doing some more spanking though.. :
Spanked Chris | 5th December 2015 18:01
Hi Dave I was thinking about Aaron been again careless at work and this time been spanked by Mr X then his boss and later his dad
Spanked Chris | 3rd December 2015 20:07
HI Dave and everyone

In a movie I would like to see Aaron in a dad Movie his way of cheeky back chat would funny and Dad giving his son Aaron giving a real good father son spanking on his joggers then undies then his good looking bare butt I know you ladies like
Hunter | 27th October 2015 12:55
how about a movie featuring a couple playing rock paper scissors and loser getting spanked
uchikimatsu | 27th October 2015 16:47 (327 weeks ago)
Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock
Spanked Chris | 7th November 2015 20:40 (325 weeks ago)
I see you a fan too too
uchikimatsu | 8th November 2015 01:34 (325 weeks ago)
Ha ha, I got interested when I found the spanking scene on YouTube...then saw a few random episodes. It's really good but comedies aren't my thing usually.
Hunter | 10th October 2015 21:03
Hi Dave

I should of put my rugby movie idea where a player is sent to the coach after he was sent off and in the changing room the coach spanks the player in front of the team then the phones his dad and his dad spanks him at home then he a call to see the club captain and finally Mr X
Cherylkay | 28th August 2015 16:25
I would absolutely love to see a film with Jay and Sebastian in it. This is very strange, given that when I first joined those two were my least favorite guys. I don't know what's happened, but they just got on my radar. So Dave, any chance of this happening?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2015 16:16 (333 weeks ago)
Hi, I don't see why not. Don't have anything planned but it's certainly possible. :)
Cherylkay | 10th September 2015 20:01 (333 weeks ago)
*Jumping up and down clapping*
Ooleary | 3rd September 2015 12:03
I wonder if today is Coach Andy Day ☺☺
wardcoleman | 3rd September 2015 17:34 (334 weeks ago)
It seems you have second sight Orla!!!
Hunter | 4th September 2015 21:12 (334 weeks ago)
Thank you for the update
Hunter | 2nd September 2015 22:11
Hi there

Been away for a few days have I missed anything exciting
wardcoleman | 3rd September 2015 17:36 (334 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, Welcome back. Chris has had a bubble bath Spanking, Karl got birched and today Sebastian has had his bottom whacked by Coach Andy!
spankster1 | 23rd July 2015 18:52
hi I know this site features young lads but what about turning the tables and have some of them spanking older men many older men want spanked too just a thought what do others think . great site guys
Ooleary | 23rd July 2015 22:33 (340 weeks ago)
Me personally NO NO NO
flashgordon | 24th July 2015 13:39 (340 weeks ago)
Well, spankster1, I am a middle-aged man and I like being spanked by a young guy - on the extremely rare occasions when the opportunity arises. And I'm 100% with you: I would love to see the tables turned and one of the lads getting their revenge or something: I'm sure there are plenty fictional storylines that could be devised. But I think it's probably a minority taste - sadly, I fear that Ooleary probably speaks for most viewers - otherwise there would be more of that sort of thing out there already - so I'm not holding my breath. But, Dave, if you're listening, and you're looking to include a bit of variety... What about it? How do you fancy 36 strokes of the leather strap across your bottom from one of those fit young guys?
wardcoleman | 24th July 2015 15:58 (340 weeks ago)
Some other sites have tried the "turning the tables" idea butt in my experience it has never been commercially successful. Some older guys may want to be spanked by younger guys, but not so many people want to watch that scenario. It is probably something that works better between two people in private than as a public performance.
Lynne | 24th July 2015 18:00 (340 weeks ago)
:) flash....a few have asked Dave that question before in various forms. I believe his general overall response is somewhere along the lines of....only when the moon starts to sing :)
uchikimatsu | 28th July 2015 00:46 (340 weeks ago)
Just my two cents here...

I would not actually mind seeing an older model spanked, but more like in a judicial punishment setting. I can even see, as we sometimes do, someone older showing up to Mr. X and having to endure the humiliation of being punished in a way that he should have out grown, have Mr. X ask things like, "aren't you ashamed, being so old," or "aren't you embarrassed that you ended up in this position by your foolish behavior," etc.

Of course, my favorite scenarios are domestic/family scenes and in that case its preferable to keep the roles traditional. I would never ever like to see a "turning of the tables" for established traditional roles like father/son, teacher/student, coach/team member, etc... just, no.
wardcoleman | 28th July 2015 08:04 (340 weeks ago)
Good to see you back and commenting Chiki, I was starting to wonder if you had been kidnapped by aliens on the way home from work!! :-)

I am sure there is a Market for what Spankster1 is suggesting, but I don't think Straight Lads Spanked is the right place, as it is quite a departure from what most people joined up to see. Perhaps someone could start up a site called "Spanked Daddies" of "Punished Pops" and see how that does. But I probably won't join it.
Hunter | 17th August 2015 08:28 (337 weeks ago)
You got to be kidding no way it wrong on all accounts
Hunter | 25th July 2015 19:10
You have got to be kidding my reply to that idea is a big fat NO older men will be awful
Hunter | 25th July 2015 19:10
You have got to be kidding my reply to that idea is a big fat NO older men will be awful
Hunter | 24th July 2015 08:38
Dave & everyone

What about a race night movie and the loser of the race night gets a spanking from the winner
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 09:35
Ok, so if I (or Stuart) could develop member profiles and features, what would you like to see? No promises of course, just looking for ideas!
stuartd | 4th July 2015 09:40 (343 weeks ago)
Female bottoms? I might be off track with this request? lol
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 10:10 (343 weeks ago)
Hey Stuart, I was just about to say the same thing! Ha ha ha
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 10:20 (343 weeks ago)
I'm most interested in geographic location (where is everybody from), M/F (not always evident by screen name), and hobbies outside spanking, so there is something to discuss Saturday through Wednesday on the Random Blog, LOL. And although these tend to be grayer areas, orientation (gay/straight or where you fall in between, top/bottom or where you fall in between) would be interesting as well.

Oh, and of course what your Ryan's Hair orientation is (it's just hair vs. Worzel Gummidge)... that's very important.
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 10:25 (343 weeks ago)
Sorry, also any nickname you like to be called because sometimes saying "good morning, Sdl34h4jj598000" isn't the easiest to type or sound the friendliest, LOL!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 11:29 (343 weeks ago)
Well members, since Stuart is watching this, now is your chance to get your ideas in!! 😄😄
stuartd | 4th July 2015 11:48 (343 weeks ago)
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 11:56 (343 weeks ago)
Y E S!!!!! AVATARS!!!!
Ooleary | 4th July 2015 12:58 (343 weeks ago)
Yes to chiki's suggestions on names where your from etc and Avatars for sure

My name is Orla .I'm from the west of Ireland.My Avatar must have red hair and freckles just like me lol .
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 13:10 (343 weeks ago)
Y E S!!!!! AVATARS!!!!
wardcoleman | 4th July 2015 13:11 (343 weeks ago)
Nicknames and locations are good ideas, and how about birthdays? However, I recommend that people who do not wish to disclose personal information, such as location, age or gender have the option of not doing so, nobody should feel obliged to reveal details they don't want to. I have been a member of sites in the past where individual members have a private mail facility, but unless you have the time to monitor it you need to be careful, as PMs can be abused.

On Google my Avitar is a tiger, naturally
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 13:19 (343 weeks ago)
Yes, I assumed all fields would be optional, but good point, Ward!

I meant to also add a link to an email that only members would see. There are times I'd like to ask a question or have a discussion off-forum and there is just no way to to do that without blasting my email and asking the other person to contact me there. I'd also make the suggestion that only members have access to the profiles.
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 13:27 (343 weeks ago)
LOL @ tiger, Ward...
I was going to post a giant va-jay-jay as my avatar, then considered the negative impact that might have on the membership enrollment at SLS. I'll probably put up a palm tree or some other Floridian shit like that.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 18:00 (343 weeks ago)
I'm surprised about how little you are all asking for now that you have the tech guys ear! :)
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 18:10 (343 weeks ago)
I want a pony
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 18:16 (343 weeks ago)
Click-able links to photobucket or the like, or better, the ability to post photos until some asshat fucks it up with something inappropriate like competing sites or something I guess.

The ability to use html to modify text bold, italic, underline, color, size... Just the basics...

Lynne | 4th July 2015 20:46 (343 weeks ago)
A couple of things; one of which I saw from the start :):

A way to change passwords without having to cancel and resubscribe

A text box for general info above and beyond the specifics.

Cherylkay | 4th July 2015 21:08 (343 weeks ago)
I love the idea of member profiles. I'm not sure how helpful avatars would be since I can't think of anyone who would actually be OK with showing their faces on here lol. But a nice pic that says something about the member's personality would be great. Also, area and gender are good, too. And I love the idea of listing hobbies and interests outside of spanking. I feel like we're a sort of family and it would be great to know about other members (other than whether or not they like "dangly bits" lol). I also think a chatroom would be great! I don't really type that fast, and I'm rarely available in the evenings, but what a fabulous thing it would be! Dave, I know that you can't make any promises, but just the fact that you're offering is sweet of you and of course, Stuart.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 21:35 (343 weeks ago)
One thing I want to mention briefly is the Chatroom request. Isn't his entire blog a chatroom? I mean the comments get posted straight away meaning you can have real-time chats! Not sure what else is needed in that respect.. or am I missing something?
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 21:43 (343 weeks ago)
I think chat rooms are just slightly more instantaneous in that, say, I know that Domfan and Lynne are both online we could have a group discussion about the ratio of dangly bits in old vs. new films without wondering if one of us is on vacation and not going to see the comment for days. Also, generally chatroom comments disappear once the room is closed and are not recorded for posterity....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 21:47 (343 weeks ago)
Ah! I see what you mean about knowing if the other person is online or not. However, it is better for the sites if conversations remain online. There are some good ideas coming in though! Please keep them coming! :)

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 21:50 (343 weeks ago)
Oh and I'll address the PM request too. That is one feature that definitely wont happen. There are a couple of reasons why. Being very honest, I guess I don't want anything that would take away from discussion being online and part of the site. But also, there is more of a chance of people trolling and private arguments and so on and even though it's unlikely it is much easier to moderate as it is.

I do however see the desire to want to reach out to some people privately, I would recommend setting up a Twitter account with a user name that is still confidential and share that. :)
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 22:04 (343 weeks ago)

Cherylkay | 4th July 2015 22:20 (343 weeks ago)
Yep, that's why I got on Twitter, so I could follow the lovely folks here who are members. Twitter is a great site, for those of you who haven't joined. It's completely free and you can be as active as you like.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 22:31 (343 weeks ago)
I've just worked out what a va-jay-jay is!

I think!

wardcoleman | 4th July 2015 22:35 (343 weeks ago)
Made ya' rethink Avatars huh?!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 22:36 (343 weeks ago)
I'm really just trying not think about them!
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 22:38 (343 weeks ago)
I proper LOLed at that, Dave... I promise, if we do have avatars, as previously stated, mine will be a palm tree or flamingo. SoFla Representin' out here!!!
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 22:41 (343 weeks ago)
I dunno, i think i just made my case for a chatroom...
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 22:45 (343 weeks ago)
Shhh You!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 23:01 (343 weeks ago)
@ Lynne! Welcome back. Ok so I checked with support at Epoch (who process payments and deal with passwords) and they assured me that passwords cab be changed at any time by simply contacting them at [email protected]

Also I have no idea what this means ""A text box for general info above and beyond the specifics.""

Could you explain further? Please excuse me it is late here! :)
Hunter | 14th June 2015 09:30
Hi everyone

Had an idea about a movie as I live near the coast I watch surfers so my movie is A young stranger finishes and someone falls over the board a hurts themselves. He is reported to see Mr X to be spanked snd when he see's Mr X the stranger turn out to be Mr X long lost Son and they are reunited.

What do you think.

A friend of theMr X does that and reports the lad to the police

Just had idea for a movie as I live near the sea what about a lad surfer been sent to Mr X for leaving his surf in a dangerous place and a close friend of Mr X gets injured and he comes in and spanks the lad as well as Mr X
uchikimatsu | 19th May 2015 01:55
So, Cheryl and I were talking about the latest Scott movie and just having a silly conversation about what the backstory might be to explain why "Dad" has an asian son. Did Dad vacation in Thailand and pick up a wife along the way? Is Scott adopted? Then Cheryl mentioned something about seeing the preview and assuming the story was about an exchange student. So, I'm going to post this suggestion on behalf of Cheryl because it really is her idea.

How about a story about an exchange student that is placed in Dad's home? The scolding could include something about "I'm sorry but you knew that you'd be subject to the house rules when you signed up for the program, etc..."

To make it more interesting, (and more expensive and complicated - sorry Dave) the exchange student could be placed in the home of one of the lads like Wayne or Dom.

Ok, kudos to Cheryl for thinking of "exchange student!"
Cherylkay | 19th May 2015 03:31 (350 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I took it for granted as the way Dave would explain having an Asian young man in his home. I do appreciate you giving me the credit though just in case Dave decides to use this particular idea in a movie. I do like the idea of Dom or Wayne being involved in the story. And I love having silly conversations with you because they are often constructive :)
nanarr | 20th May 2015 21:13 (349 weeks ago)
Like the exchange student idea. Make for good "culture shock." The adoption idea would work, too.

Or, Dave could just leave it a mystery!
Lynne | 21st May 2015 21:51 (349 weeks ago)
Foster father.....
nanarr | 22nd May 2015 00:32 (349 weeks ago)
Good idea ... foster father ... hadn't thought of that. WTG.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 15:54 (346 weeks ago)
Funnily enough I have already made an exchange student movie back in the olden days! I must see if I can get Art to weave his magic on it and release it on here! :)
Ooleary | 13th June 2015 18:00 (346 weeks ago)
Yes would love to see that and if anyone can sort it Art can... i believe in him xx
Lynne | 13th June 2015 18:05 (346 weeks ago)
Wasn't that the movie with Peter? "Peter Exchange Student" is in the main alphabetical listing.
uchikimatsu | 13th June 2015 20:11 (346 weeks ago)
Hey Lynne, Peter was a Mr. X clip and he did not film any domestic/dad movies....
Lynne | 14th June 2015 00:20 (346 weeks ago)
Dave didn't specify it was a Dad clip or just exchange student.....going back I do see the line of the thread...:)
Domfan | 13th June 2015 20:01
*Still waiting for video of Fred with his Teddy Bear and pyjamas* 😏
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 20:52 (346 weeks ago)
You are being very patient!
Ficwriterjet | 3rd April 2015 07:19
I’ve got another idea for a movie. I’m just throwing it out there to be used if Dave likes any part of it, or not used if he doesn't. :)

This idea came to me while watching the Peeping Tom videos with Andy and Matt. Just like with Oliver, I feel bad for Andy’s character when he keeps messing up. I felt especially bad for him when Mr. X said that he didn’t know how many more chances Andy should get.

So how about a movie where Mr. X goes on vacation? He has to have someone fill in for him for a week, and he decides Andy is the best choice. (What? It could happen.) Since Andy has been there so often, he obviously knows how it supposed to go. Mr. X knows that Andy has taken on the role of disciplinarian for his brothers, and he knows that Andy needs the money, so why not? Okay, maybe I just really like Andy as the spanker, and that’s my convoluted way of making that happen. LOL

I think it could be hilarious to see the reactions when someone shows up expecting Mr. X, but finds Andy in his place. Mwahaha (that’s my evil laugh). It could be a series of a few movies with different guys getting into trouble during the week and having to submit to Andy for punishment.

And then of course because Andy has to get spanked too, when Mr. X comes home, he could find out that a couple of times during the week Andy didn’t follow through with a full punishment. When his close friends showed up for Mr. X, Andy let them off lightly but told the customer that they’d taken a full punishment.

Ooleary | 3rd April 2015 08:21 (356 weeks ago)
Hey Jen love your suggestion i could see that the evil laugh xx
wardcoleman | 3rd April 2015 08:47 (356 weeks ago)
Nice idea, and as we have seen in the past, such as in one of my favorites "Uncle Andy spanks Dom and Lee" Any makes a damn good spanker!
uchikimatsu | 3rd April 2015 12:50 (356 weeks ago)
Yes, we can't have those naughty lads getting away with their shenanigans just because Mr. X is on vacation!

And I too prefer Andy as a spanker. Perfect.
Cherylkay | 3rd April 2015 16:00 (356 weeks ago)
I love your idea, Jet! I also prefer Andy as a spanker and let's face it, Mr. X deserves a vacation.
Ficwriterjet | 3rd April 2015 21:11 (356 weeks ago)
Thanks guys. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who'd like to see Andy as the spanker. :)

I had one more thought on this idea: I think it would be funny if every single guy who went to see Andy for punishment assumed that Andy was there for punishment, too. They’d be like ‘What did you do to get sent here today.’ Early in the week, Andy would be awkwardly explaining that he was filling in for Mr. X, but then by the end of the week, when people were STILL assuming he was there to get spanked, he’d be frustrated and annoyed. LOL
uchikimatsu | 3rd April 2015 21:17 (356 weeks ago)
Good afternoon, my name is Andy Lee and I'll be your spanker today...
nanarr | 4th April 2015 00:16 (356 weeks ago)
Jen, I like this idea, too. Let's see, who would be some of the "clients"? Fraser comes to mind, as does Dom, Wayne, Harry, Parker, etc. It's fun watching Andy get spanked, but it's even more fun when Andy does the spanking.

Of course, to me, the perfect one to take over for Mr X is Bailey! I wonder if he'd come back to us to be the spanker? He can deliver a ferocious spanking (Andy can, too) and I really miss him! > Ask Chiki ... I'm about Bailey the way Aimee is about Andy
Ficwriterjet | 4th April 2015 01:02 (356 weeks ago)
Chiki - When you say it like that, it makes me want to sign up. Is there a waiting list I can get my name on? LOL

Nanarr - Well even though this was my idea, my favorite is still Oliver. :) But Bailey is quite attractive, and yes 'ferocious' is a good word for the way he spanks. I think I prefer Andy as a fill in for Mr. X, but maybe that's because I've seen him as the spanker in more videos.
tinhead | 27th May 2015 21:24 (348 weeks ago)
Hi guys, and Dave, I'd just like to revive this thread by saying HELL YEAH. What a great idea!
Hunter | 1st June 2015 20:08 (348 weeks ago)
Hi everyone just a little thought

When Mr x goes away the boys come out to play or do they to throw a possible name to do the spanking how about the return of Mr Barton I have seen him for awhile does anyone else agree with me the return of Mr Barton
Hunter | 3rd June 2015 07:09 (347 weeks ago)
Hi everyone

If Mr X goes on vacation a name for a possible replacement whilst he's away would be Karl he had a few spankings and knows how spank when he spanked Ben, it would be nice yo see spank some models does anyone agree with me on thid
uchikimatsu | 3rd June 2015 16:05 (347 weeks ago)
Hey there Hunter,
As much as I like Karl, I don't think I can agree with you here. The only reason Karl spanked Ben was because Mr. X allowed it under his supervision. I love Karl, for purely personal reasons that have little to do with SLS, but I doubt he'd be a good fit in the role of spanker. The spanker needs a certain kind of presence, not just physical, but a confidence and an ease with dialog as well since they are usually the ones doing most of the talking. Karl, bless his heart, tends to look like a deer in headlights during dialog, his interviews being an exception to that.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 15:51 (346 weeks ago)
Hey, so I have been reading all this. Funnily enough, it is not the first time a stand in for Mr X has been mentioned! Some of the lads have also suggested it.... For some reason though the idea just does not sit well with me. I realise it's probably only me that has an issue with it too! It's difficult to explain why... But I will try! I do have a bit of a love hate relationship with Mr X. He really is the means to an end. He allows me to make these storyline movies. However, I do feel his very existence is stretching the realms of believability! I really do make an effort to try and make everything as believable as possible! Which is really difficult when you are dealing in fantasy!! So I feel I just about get away with Mr X, or at the very least, people have began to accept him. Having stand-in's would just be a bit too complicated for me as far as story telling goes... I would much rather go down the lines of having Andy as a football coach dishing out the punishment as I feel that is more believable. I really do appreciate the input though and it has been a great thread! :)
Hunter | 12th June 2015 07:51
Hi Dave

I have watched the belt movies and noticed that you use the strap of the beltand not the buckle.

As a boy I got the belt for bad behavior my dad used the buckle on me and it made my bottom red and very sore
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 15:42 (346 weeks ago)
Well that sounds like a horrendous punishment to me.
Hunter | 4th June 2015 07:15
Hi everyone

Another one to to punish these naughty boys whilst. Mr X would be Coach Bailey because when I watch him spanking bad boys he scares me and that would fear of god on the lads
Hunter | 2nd June 2015 19:20
Hi Dave

Is just me but I can't wait for Thursday to watch the next wonderful movies from you Dave its a wonderful site so keep those great movies a coming
Hunter | 1st June 2015 13:37
A student missing an example because he went out with his friends the high before and was drunk and overslept and is sent to Mr x then gets a spanking from his dad
Hunter | 1st June 2015 19:06 (348 weeks ago)
HI Dave

An idea for a movie

This how my blog should of be written An student turning up late for an exam because he was out with his friends and got wasted and overslept. and when he wakes up he realises he's going to miss the exam when at college the teacher in charge of the exam allows him to take the exam but he is later sent to Mr X for a spanking with a paddle then when he gets home he is again hand spanked again by his dad then dad uses the cane on his son's bare bottom
mattnyc | 17th May 2015 16:01
Hi Dave. I mentioned this suggestion in my comment on Matt's movie but I thought I'd make it an official "suggestion". Since Matt is such a good actor (as well as sexy as hell), I think he'd be a great spanker in the Andy mold. I'm thinking a new series: "Uncle Matt". I'd love to Fraser squirming and kicking over Uncle Matt's knee. Maybe in front of one his friends; Kevin or even Lee if he's still around. The Uncle Andy clips are the best. I have a feeling Matt could do something similar. I love seeing him OTK as well but the big guys who can be convincing as the spankers are a bit rarer it seems to me. Keep up the great work. Thanks!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th May 2015 16:21 (350 weeks ago)
Thanks Matt, I'm certainly planning on getting some of the older guys to do some more spanking.... Maybe even get Uncle Andy back! :)
wardcoleman | 17th May 2015 18:52 (350 weeks ago)
I guess you could arrange auditions for potential spankers, except that the council might object to the queues
nanarr | 20th May 2015 21:39 (349 weeks ago)
Hadn't thought of Matt, yet, as a spanker ... hmm ... it could happen!

Always love "Uncle" Andy as the spanker (especially with poor Lee, who gets himself talked into so much mischief).

I'd go crazy to see "Uncle" Bailey ... we know he's a great spanker (and spankee)! We also know he's a "mean-ass" coach ... he'd make a perfect, strict uncle. Maybe Bailey would come back to be a spanker ... well, a girl (albeit a much older one) can dream, can't she? ::: marching around the den with a "Bailey Come Back" sign in my hand, munching on a batch of Lynne's famous double chocolate brownies (if she'd be so kind as to make me some), and hissing at Chiki with her evil sharpened-tine fork! ::: LOL
Lynne | 21st May 2015 21:55 (349 weeks ago)
@nanarr...I am afraid the next batch has to wait. I am a week in to being unable to use the kitchen due to a broken sewer pipe under the concrete slab in the basement; I feel like I am camping inside my own house. Am in the process of quote gathering to try and get the cost somewhat lower than the stratosphere. I may have my kitchen back in a couple of weeks....
nanarr | 22nd May 2015 00:29 (349 weeks ago)
That's okay about the brownies, Lynne; I understand. Sorry to hear about the plumbing problem, though. Hope you can find a quote that's isn't higher than a "cat's back" so you can live in your house again (and get your kitchen back) instead of camping.
uchikimatsu | 22nd May 2015 18:28 (349 weeks ago)
@Lynnie - sorry about your plumbing troubles! The pipe under my kitchen sink broke last week. Luckily I have a butch around the house that's pretty good with that stuff. Plumbing I'd the WORST,it's so dang expensive to hire a professional. Unless it's an electrical issue, then that is the worst.

@nannar - I don't believe I've ever heard that term before, "higher than a cats back" and im not quite sure I understand it...
nanarr | 27th May 2015 03:56 (348 weeks ago)
Hey, Chiki ... I've heard that expression all my life (maybe it's a Texas thing?) and I'm pretty sure it came from how high a cat can arch its back, so if something is expensive, it's higher than a cat's back.
lorilee | 23rd May 2015 23:25
Thanks Dave and Art. I would love for Art to put together a short video of some of your funniest moments on your times with the models , what do you think ?
Hunter | 17th May 2015 16:30
Hi Dave

What you're option on spanking with the ruler it hurt.the metal ruler hurt more and it left a definite mark.

If you did use the ruler in a movie who would prefer to use on a boy Mr X or the coach?

I think uncle Matt would be a great idea.

Lynne | 21st May 2015 21:58 (349 weeks ago)
A metal ruler is increases the risk of cutting the skin.
flashgordon | 14th May 2015 07:24
Please may we see more use of the tawse - I'm thinking of the strap that Andy got from his uncle in "Brother In Charge Part 8"? We don't see it very often, and for those of us who grew up in Scotland it has memories like no other implement. (Even though I don't suppose your models would put up with getting it on the palms of their hands, the way we used to get it in school. Or would they?)
Cherylkay | 14th May 2015 16:09 (350 weeks ago)
@flashgordon, that's a great suggestion! But I think you're right. I can't think of any lad who would be brave enough to take it on the hands. Marks on the hands would be very hard to explain or hide. I was tawsed on my hands at a party a couple years ago and I have to admit that getting hit on the hands did nothing for me lol. But I was keen to try it just to say that I did it. I myself would love to see a traditional tawsing seeing that Dave is Scottish.
uchikimatsu | 14th May 2015 19:05 (350 weeks ago)
Hey Flash,

I also recognized that implement as a tawse (I own a few of them) but I think Dave called it something else. I was wondering if my Non Scottish idea of what defines a tawse is skewed somehow. If I recall, Dave called it a paddle, if not in that particular clip then some other film.
Not sure I could stand to watch someone's hands being punished with that thing. I've seen it in mainstream films and it looks truly awful.
Care to share a personal anecdote with us? Have you ever received this treatment as punishment in school ore at home? I hope you don't mind me asking but stories about discipline from those that have actually experienced it in their youth is my favorite.
Hunter | 16th May 2015 07:51 (350 weeks ago)
At my school in Yorkshire I got a thick Ruler on my hands sometimes on my butt. so I was thinking what a model spanked by Dad or Mr X with a ruler across their but by it stung afterds and left a mark does anyone agree with me
Hunter | 16th May 2015 08:00 (350 weeks ago)
Hi Dave

I have watched loads of video's now and I have noticing that the ruler has not been used in any of the videos so I was wondering if you could use one in your new batch of spanking video as I said to flash Gordon I used get it regularly at school and by my Uncle when I visited him.

The ruler is great implement to use because it was very painful and got good facial expressions from those that was on the receiving end of the ruler

nanarr | 16th May 2015 09:36 (350 weeks ago)
Hunter, like your suggestion. A ruler would be good and could be used OTK (my personal favorite). Maybe Dad could pick up one from his desk (or wherever) and use it on a naughty boy's bottom for some infraction (possibly revolving around school). Or, perhaps Mr X would be sent a ruler, from Mom or Grandma, in the same envelope as the money. Then the victim (um, lad) could be told to bring the ruler back home in case it needs to be used again. I can see Dom, Kevin or Fraser in the "naughty" role. Another thought ... Uncle Andy (or Uncle Bailey, if he'd come back) could be the spanker.
Hunter | 16th May 2015 17:43 (350 weeks ago)
I agree with the lads you have named plus add in Wayne and fred as the naughty boy that need the ruler you think the same way as I do
volpesco | 9th May 2015 09:49
Hi dave my suggestion is a Wait till your father gets home, with a grown up lads, Bailey or Matt.
The lad is really guilty for some reasons and doesn't know how to gain mercy from his father. He knows his father will be informed by the police or something like that and he's in his beedrom not knowing what to do.
Then, in a desperate effort, he chooses to tell him before the police ;
then he tries to voluntarily submit to a punishment even before his dad forces him;
guilty and embarassed, he strips to his boxers and lays on the bad;
than he do even more, he raises up from the bad and strips butt ass naked and lay again;
then, after some thoughts, he's convinced this is not enough, raises and takes a slyppery or the belt and put it besides him, waiting
DAddy arrives without knowing anything. Than follows The dialogue between the two (tha lad completely naked and trembling) and the punishment
Zanuk | 3rd May 2015 14:11
Hi Dave, would love to de more. Real tears from these guys. Especially the cocky ones.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 17:40 (352 weeks ago)
I'll see what I can do!
Zanuk | 4th May 2015 21:49 (352 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave. BTW great work!
Hunter | 25th April 2015 11:47
Hi Dave

When I said about onsies is because they.are nice to wear and will be funny to see a lad been spanked in one what do you think and been spanked in superhero undwear is a!so a great idea too cherlkay
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 17:43 (352 weeks ago)
I'm not too sure if any of these lads would ever be wearing a Onsie but I'll have a think about it!
Hunter | 4th May 2015 20:35 (352 weeks ago)
Thank you dave i would be funny

Cherylkay | 1st May 2015 04:08
Dave, get a set of twins to shoot for you and I will be the happiest lady alive! :D
Ooleary | 1st May 2015 07:43 (352 weeks ago)
@Cheryl yes love that idea but they have to be identical
Cherylkay | 1st May 2015 13:47 (352 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, I know male identicals are rarer than females, but there has to be a set out there who fits what Dave likes for the site. I would be over the moon if Dave could get this one accomplished. I know it's not likely, but wouldn't it make for a great movie?
Hunter | 1st May 2015 16:42 (352 weeks ago)
I think twins boys would be great.

Cherylkay | 1st May 2015 17:54 (352 weeks ago)
@Hunter, I'm an identical twin so I have a thing for twins getting spanked together :D
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 17:41 (352 weeks ago)
Trust me, if I found twins that were willing I'd be right on it!
Cherylkay | 3rd May 2015 22:26 (352 weeks ago)
Dave, I have faith in you and your powers of persuasion :)
Domfan | 19th April 2015 23:06
We need a video of Fred in PJs. Cuddling a teddy bear.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 19:26 (354 weeks ago)
I do like how specific you are Domfan! What colour are the PJ's?
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 19:40 (353 weeks ago)
Surely you could work that in for Domfan somehow, Dave! Maybe Oliver walks in on sleeping Fred, sees the teddy, and teases him mercilessly about it. Oliver thinks the teddy is ridiculous and does something horrible to it while Fred is away, setting off a fight or a prank war...

Erm. At least that's how it goes in my head....
Lynne | 21st April 2015 21:42 (353 weeks ago)
Emerald Green for a handsome look; big orange and yellow polka dots (think of a wearable Twister mat) for the silly look.
Domfan | 21st April 2015 21:45 (353 weeks ago) are quite close to my wavelength.
Dave, any PJs will do, but I had in mind either blue ones or ones with cartoon animals on because Fred's a bit crazy sometimes.
Lynne | 21st April 2015 21:54 (353 weeks ago)
Sorry DomFan...I muscled in :)..I don't usually do that.
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 22:37 (353 weeks ago)
Lol, Spongebob!

Do you have that over there? A square yellow pants-wearing sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea and has a pet snail named Gary...?
Ooleary | 21st April 2015 22:47 (353 weeks ago)
@chiki I love spongebob square pants,we have an irish language tv station here called TG4 and i watch spongebob in irish I love it ha ha
Cherylkay | 21st April 2015 23:31 (353 weeks ago)
I used to really like Spongebob. When I saw Paul turn up for his first film in Spongebob underwear, I did a fist pump LOL.
Domfan | 22nd April 2015 22:56 (353 weeks ago)
That's OK @ Lynne, all suggestions are welcome when it comes to dressing Fred up (or undressing him preferably).
Not SpongeBob please, it's been done already. Maybe Scooby Doo or something else classic.
Cherylkay | 23rd April 2015 02:28 (353 weeks ago)
@Domfan, I would love to see him in Batman underwear! That would be awesome.
uchikimatsu | 23rd April 2015 10:50 (353 weeks ago)
I love Scooby Doo! Shaggy was a righteous stoner. I like the superhero idea too, Batman, Spiderman for classics, or iron man for updated.

I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so seeing SW pjs would be fun. And Disney would be cute too, Mickey or

Disney world is only a few hours drive from my house. We're all about the Disney in south Florida.
Ooleary | 23rd April 2015 11:45 (353 weeks ago)
I absolutely love Animal the crazy red drummer from the muppets
uchikimatsu | 23rd April 2015 12:30 (353 weeks ago)
@Orla - if you go to YouTube and type "fat cat sat hat" it will bring up a skit from Sesame Street that features Animal. It's one of my all time favorites in the history of ever! Any time I'm in a bad mood or just need a giggle I watch this, and it makes me laugh every single time!
Hunter | 23rd April 2015 21:48 (353 weeks ago)
Hi everyone instead of pjs what about a onsie i think that would be funny
uchikimatsu | 24th April 2015 00:23 (353 weeks ago)
@Hunter - you mean a union suit with a button drop-seat? That would be adorable!
Cherylkay | 24th April 2015 00:50 (353 weeks ago)
@Hunter, I have one of those :-) And yeah, that would be cute but it might be too warm now.
Domfan | 24th April 2015 20:03 (353 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, yes Animal would be perfect for Fred.
@Hunter, I'm not too sure about a onesie. But Fred could pull off anything. And the button-drop flap sounds interesting.
Hunter | 25th April 2015 11:32 (353 weeks ago)
Hi Domfan If was animal onsie what animal would you like Fred to wear I likto him in cat one
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 17:44 (352 weeks ago)
I'm just thinking Fred would be rather scared if he read this thread! lol!
uchikimatsu | 3rd May 2015 18:06 (352 weeks ago)
He should be...

:::whispers::: he should be...
Hunter | 1st May 2015 16:49
Hi Dave

Been thinking in my blogs I mentioned the introduction of Karl's older brother. He was mentioned in the broken curfew but haven't seen in a movie this would great if it came about
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 17:42 (352 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, I did enquire about his brother but he has a very different look to the other guys!
Zanuk | 1st May 2015 21:50
The only thing that could make these videos any better would be more Real Tears! Real Tears from Oliver in front of another guy would be...Well,there are no words.
Hunter | 27th April 2015 17:03
Hi Dave

What about a naugbty young chef mixing up orders then the owner sends the chef to Mr X to be spank
uchikimatsu | 27th April 2015 18:13 (353 weeks ago)
Ha ha, can it be Chef Ramsay?
wardcoleman | 27th April 2015 18:26 (353 weeks ago)
Ramsey may deserve it, but I am not convinced he qualifies as either "young" or a "lad"
uchikimatsu | 27th April 2015 18:34 (353 weeks ago)
@wardcoleman - I meant one of Ramsay's students or protogets
wardcoleman | 27th April 2015 19:18 (353 weeks ago)
Ah yes, that would be better. I misunderstood. the young Chef would be terrified having to choose between Mr X and Chef Ramsey!
Hunter | 27th April 2015 19:33 (353 weeks ago)
I like that idea Mr X or chef Ramsey but you would need a bleep machine if he faced chef Ramsey.
uchikimatsu | 27th April 2015 19:36 (353 weeks ago)
@ward - EXACTLY, tho if it were me I'd gladly face Mr. X rather than Gordon Ramsay when he's annoyed
Hunter | 27th April 2015 20:36 (353 weeks ago)
if it was Marco Pierre White the chef I would still prefer Mr X
Hunter | 24th April 2015 19:57
What about Wayne spanked by dad wearing cordoroy shorts
Hunter | 23rd April 2015 19:38
Hi Dave

When you interviewed Karl I wasn't a member but now I am I would like you ask him for me the next time you see him. My question is What doe's his parents think about him getting spanked now as they didn't spank him when he was a boy.
P5BYN | 3rd April 2015 21:41
get oliver in a pair of levis n spank his ass
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th April 2015 15:04 (356 weeks ago)
Olive gets spanked in Jeans in a lot of his movies
Domfan | 4th April 2015 16:19 (356 weeks ago)
More Oliver. He's a sexy stud.
P5BYN | 5th April 2015 22:03 (356 weeks ago)
needs to be levis dave!!!
Cherylkay | 5th April 2015 22:24 (356 weeks ago)
Yeah, Dave it's gotta be Levi's because that little red label on the back right pocket is oh-so-sexy LOL.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th April 2015 00:07 (356 weeks ago)
Ok, I'll bear that in mind!:)
Cherylkay | 6th April 2015 04:25 (356 weeks ago)
OK, I was being facetious but that works, too ;-)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th April 2015 07:45 (356 weeks ago)
No need to be facetious on Easter Sunday now Cheryl, we all like different things! :P
flashgordon | 6th April 2015 08:52 (356 weeks ago)
Levis are nice, certainly. But surely what's really important is the way the jeans fit. They've got to be really good and tight over the buttocks, showing off the natural curves, for a supremely tempting target. And if those all-important conditions are in place, then, yes, I guess the cheeky little red tab does then add a pert note of its own to the effect!

So I guess I'm with P5BYN after all: got to be Levis - but it's got to be tight ones!
wardcoleman | 6th April 2015 10:12 (356 weeks ago)
Levis will do just fine, just so long as they eventually come down!
Cherylkay | 6th April 2015 15:38 (356 weeks ago)
@Dave, I can be quite sarcastic at times lol. Like the others, I do enjoy seeing guys in tight jeans. But I haven't had a fantasy so precise that the brand of jeans entered into the equation. Besides that, I haven't seen really tight jeans on guys since the 80's. I'm more apt to see them in the baggy style that I hate so much. The trousers that Oliver wore in Part Nine of the BIC were perfect, at least in my opinion. I wouldn't imagine that you're in the habit of telling the guys what to wear.
flashgordon | 6th April 2015 23:14 (356 weeks ago)
There are more of them about than there used to be. For an extreme case, go to YouTube and look for "Grocer boy 2 extreme tight levis". Some may think that "2 extreme" is deliberately ambiguous. Others may think that if he isn't actually asking for a caning, he should be given one anyway. You would be able to see the stripes on the fabric of the jeans!

PS. I agree with you about the perfection of Oliver's trousers in BIC 9. And maybe Dave ought to be giving the guys some guidance about what to wear to maximise the viewers' pleasure.
Domfan | 6th April 2015 23:49 (356 weeks ago)
You simply cannot improve on the trousers Oliver wore in BIC 9. They were almost obscene. They are branded in my memory forever.
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 19:44 (353 weeks ago)
@FlashGordon - I actually did watch the video on YouTube as suggested. It was like a gentleman spanko's soft porn! LOL, I bet you would be able to see the cane marks right through those jeans!
flashgordon | 22nd April 2015 15:20 (353 weeks ago)
Haha! LOL at the "gentleman spanko"! Now, who could that be?!
Domfan | 27th March 2015 00:51
My suggestion is more Fred. Yes even more.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st April 2015 17:25 (356 weeks ago)
I'll see what I can do! :)
Domfan | 3rd April 2015 21:45 (356 weeks ago)
:-). Can't wait. He's my number 1 now
uchikimatsu | 27th March 2015 12:34
I was just pondering how much Jay has evolved and think soon would be a really good time to have a Q&A with Jay.

Whose with me? C'mon people, raise 'em high!

Ooleary | 27th March 2015 13:11 (357 weeks ago)
Q&A with JAY 🙌🙏🙏
Cherylkay | 27th March 2015 14:31 (357 weeks ago)
I would love to see a Q&A with Jay. He's one of the lads we have never seen an interview of any kind with.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st March 2015 21:14 (356 weeks ago)
hmmmm, I'm sure there is an interview with Jay somewhere on here?
uchikimatsu | 31st March 2015 22:01 (356 weeks ago)
If there is, I can't find it. Is it hiding somewhere? Lynne would know.


Even if there is one, I'm sure it was filmed some time ago. Jays recent character development would make for an even better Q&A interview. Just sayin' ....
Cherylkay | 31st March 2015 22:03 (356 weeks ago)
Yeah, Lynne would know. Wasn't she the one who found his WTYFGH that wasn't listed on his model page? I have yet to see anything resembling an interview with Jay...even a mini. And it would be delightful to hear him discuss working with Dave and also Scott.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st March 2015 22:39 (356 weeks ago)
Erm, ok, I found it lurking away on a dusty shelf deep in the SLS vault (alongside the abandoned spanked with an ostrich feather series). It should be up within the hour!
Ooleary | 31st March 2015 22:53 (356 weeks ago)
Just home from work and I see this post, thanks Dave...waiting patiently xx
uchikimatsu | 1st April 2015 01:32 (356 weeks ago)
@Dave, have you reserved the domain name for "" yet....?

:::blows raspberries at Dave and runs:::
Ficwriterjet | 18th March 2015 15:04
I have a fairly specific storyline suggestion, so I thought I'd post it on the off chance that Dave will like it, but it's totally fine if the answer is no. :) It's awesome that you have a blog spot for suggestions - thanks!

Since Oliver is always denying the things he’s done until he gets caught red handed, I think it would be amusing to see him getting punished for something he actually didn’t do. It could be a story of ‘the boy who cried wolf’. ‘Dad’ doesn’t believe Oliver when he’s telling the truth, because of all his past lying to avoid getting spanked.

A big part of me would also like this scenario, because I feel bad for both Oliver’s character and Dad’s character when Oliver continually messes his life up. It would be nice to see him start to turn his life around, so it would be awesome if Dad finds out by the end of the video (after Oliver is well spanked) that Oliver really was innocent.

I could picture this happening either deliberately or accidentally. Someone could be pissed at Oliver and purposely incriminate him for something he didn’t do. Or it could be some sort of mistake. It could be just a Dad and Oliver story, or it could be part of the Brother in Charge series if Fred was the one to incriminate Oliver – and that way Fred could get spanked too. :)
uchikimatsu | 18th March 2015 15:39 (358 weeks ago)
Even before I finished reading I was thinking it would be perfect if Oliver was set up so we could get a follow up clip of the perp being punished! Brilliant suggestion, Jet! I do hope we see this realized on film.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th March 2015 15:41 (358 weeks ago)
I do like the idea...How do you think Dad reacts when he realises his mistake, or more to the point, how do you think Oliver reacts to Dad when Dad realises his mistake?
Ficwriterjet | 18th March 2015 21:17 (358 weeks ago)
Hi Uchikimatsu – Hooray. I’m glad you like the idea. :)

Hi Dave - Double hooray that you like it, too.

I think Dad would be quite apologetic once he realizes his mistake. Oliver would be rightfully angry and probably self-righteous. But if that went on too long and Oliver got mouthy instead of accepting Dad’s apology, I think Dad could point out that he has valid reasons not to trust Oliver due to past experiences, which would subdue some of Oliver’s anger.

Then of course if Fred had been the one to incriminate Oliver, part of the concession on Dad’s part could be allowing Oliver to punish Fred, while Dad supervises. Especially since in the most recent BIC movie (which I love and still need to comment on) Dad told Oliver he wasn’t supposed to punish his brother.

Thanks again, Dave, for having a place to put suggestions. :) You rock!
Ooleary | 18th March 2015 23:43 (358 weeks ago)
Yes I too love your suggestion Jen , i hope Dave can make it happen.
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 14:46 (358 weeks ago)
This would play nicely into Oliver's innuendo in the last film that Fred isn't as innocent as dad believes him to be. I'm not a huge fan of the Oliver spanks Fred while dad supervises idea, but I'd love Fred to get double from dad, indicating that the ethical/moral crime of framing someone is much worse than whatever Oliver was framed for to begin with.
Cherylkay | 19th March 2015 15:38 (358 weeks ago)
Wow, great idea and I also love that Dave loves the idea, too :) This means it's possible we might see this one played out. I absolutely love sibling scenarios of any stripe so I hope Dave can convince Oliver and Fred to do it.

Ficwriterjet | 20th March 2015 00:13 (358 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki - Fred gets double from Dad? Poor Fred! LOL But I agree, that would work quite nicely as a storyline, and excellent point about Oliver saying in the previous film that Fred isn't all that innocent.
uchikimatsu | 20th March 2015 02:25 (358 weeks ago)
@Jet - ok, maybe not double.... but lots!
nanarr | 26th March 2015 22:02 (357 weeks ago)
Jen, I like the way your mind works! I, too, would like to see Fred being spanked (long and hard) for getting Oliver in trouble. Of course, it's hard to believe Oliver's innocent of anything LOL, but that would just make his spanking even better listening to him protest that he didn't do anything wrong. Then we can see Fred getting his just desserts for lying about Oliver!

::: hmmm, do I have a mean streak? :::
uchikimatsu | 26th March 2015 22:11 (357 weeks ago)
@nannar - Yes. Yes, you do. But that is why I love you 😝
uchikimatsu | 17th September 2014 21:23
Member Introductions Blog


Member Profiles
kristi | 20th September 2014 04:39 (384 weeks ago)
What happened to the voting on the best spanking scenes ? I had to think about for a bit , but I think I may have a good top five.
kristi | 20th September 2014 05:33 (384 weeks ago)
And , YES, they all involve Andy Lee, save for one, the wait till your father gets home with Bailey. That movie , in my opinion , is the best movie on the site. It is the most intense spanking I have ever seen In my life. Dad never said a word, which completely explains his anger.

Bailey, in this movie , played the son whom had disrespected his mother in a big way! Dad found out about his outrageous behavior and comforted his wife, then with out hesitation, called his son and told him he was going to have to deal with a harsh punishment or move out of the house! Bailey, having no place to go, chose to take this punishment. Father at one point said " stop arguing with me" . Bailey said " Yes, Sir". Excellent point of the film, every son should say " sir" to his father.

Then when dad got there , he simply accepted the punishment, and dad never said a word, just whipped him till he felt like bailey had understood the lesson.

WTYFGH bailey will be my top pick.

Very intense spanking , love it, I will submit my others later,, they all have Andy in them ,, by the way!!
uchikimatsu | 15th October 2014 22:52 (380 weeks ago)
@kristi - I'm not really partial to spankings that don't have much dialog or interactions between the players, so for me the best part of that film is the phone conversation...I really love it! I'm glad you brought up this film because it reminds me of a question I have. As most people already know I have a bit of a fascination with the MM bond, especiall Dad/son and the way real life discipline unfolds in a family.

At one point Bailey says, "I will apologize to Mum." I remember this exact line being said in other movies on this site so am curious to know if this is actually common in real life, for a father to discipline a boy for disrespect to his mom. I'm curious because its the same exact line throughout a few different movies, so was wondering if this was a common thing to say like, "I'll be good, I promise."
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th October 2014 23:15 (380 weeks ago)
I suppose I am responsible for that line. I come from a family of three brothers (so my mum had four boys) and we all very much adore her! So yeah, as far as I am concerned sons should respect their mothers I think sometimes boys might get a bit carried away and misbehave and having a strong male figure saying to them "what would your mother think about your behaviour, or even worse, "your mother is upset because of your behaviour" could be the trigger point in bringing a naughty lad back to reality.......

My own Mum, for example would rarely show that she was upset by me or my brothers bad behaviour. She would hide it well. So sometimes it took Dad to take us aside, man to man and explain that she was upset and that was never a good feeling.... So yeah, I play on that in the movies...
Cherylkay | 15th October 2014 23:36 (380 weeks ago)
Dave, I actually love that your "Dad" character expects his "sons" to respect women (the dialog about the threesome with Dom in "Dad Found Twitter" is a good example). You are sort of an old-fashioned guy and I love that about you. Even as Mr. X, if there's a mother involved, you will often ask "How do you think your mother felt?" or "Do you think that made your girlfriend happy?" One of my favorite lines is from "Stole From Dad", (I think) where Oliver is talking on the phone to his mother and he says "Don't cry, mum." You don't really see a female presence of any kind on most of the M/M sites I've seen. This is another reason your site is so good. I, for one, hope that respect for women and mothers remains a staple in your films.
Cherylkay | 15th October 2014 23:38 (380 weeks ago)
Looks like my computer has been nipping the cooking sherry again LOL, Sorry for the hiccup.
Cherylkay | 15th October 2014 23:44 (380 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I have one brother (and there were three girls in our family) who's 15 months older than I am. Being so close in age, he and I and my twin would have some hellacious arguments. However, my brother was never allowed to hit us (but, as the babies of the family, no one was allowed to hit my twin and I). In our family, you could sass my dad and usually not come out too bad. But you NEVER disrespected Mom in our house. My brother was raised to respect women and he raised his own son the same way. If you ask me, I don't think enough families do that these days.
uchikimatsu | 16th March 2015 22:12 (359 weeks ago)
I'm bumping this because I really love our little SLS family/community and have made some really amazing friendships here. I would love to see member profiles because I think it would be fun to see how we might relate to one another through interests other than MM spanking. I was also thinking that since we cannot post pics directly to the blogs it would be great to be able to post them on the profile. Many people don't use photobucket or the like, and I also don't necessarily want open access to all my photos there.
uchikimatsu | 12th March 2015 00:08
I was just watching BIC 9 for the umpteenth time (that one still makes me feel all blushy and tingly no matter how many times I see it) and was thinking that a well placed and heartfelt "Sir" here and there from either or both of them during the scolding would have been great. So, I'm making the suggestion that in the domestic scenarios, when a lad is being scolded, he answer with a "yes, sir" or "no, sir" every once in a while during a scolding or interrogation.
I know that lads do it when they have to count their spanks, but its usually prompted by dad demanding they show some respect. I would love to witness that kind of unbidden respect and hear a few "sirs" slip out during the conversations (or even after the spanking!) that demonstrates either the lad's realization of how much trouble he's in, genuine respect for his father, or even out of habit if he was raised strictly.

It doesn't really matter who, but keeping in mind the diverse characters that reside in SLSville, it probably wouldn't sound right coming from someone like Oliver or Dom. We haven't seen a demonstration of that kind of relationship between either of those two and their Dad.

I would love to see this from either Adam, or more so, Jay. I think it would really create a beautiful dimension and depth of Jay's character that we've watched develp over the years. I know Jay's dad said that would be the last spanking for Jay.... but maybe, just maybe....?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th March 2015 10:28 (359 weeks ago)
Ok Ma'am, I'll keep that in mind for sure! :) (oh and I'm glad you really like this one)!
red1967 | 24th January 2015 00:04
My favourite movies are the dad/son and brothers could we have more please I know we have the brothers in charge witch I am loving. My Suggestion is when spanking the younger models dad or big brother tell them they are grounded I love when that happens for me it more then just the spanking I know this wouldn't work with the older models but with the younger ones it could if it fits in the storyline. I know it my silly little thing lol
Cherylkay | 24th January 2015 00:06 (366 weeks ago)
@red, oh yes! I also love hearing Dave say "you're grounded! or better yet "You're grounded to your room!" Works for me!
uchikimatsu | 24th January 2015 00:33 (366 weeks ago)
@Cheryl and @Red "You're grounded!" is a favorite of mine as well! I'd love to hear Dave/Dad use the word punish, punished, or discipline, too. Its just a quirky little fetish of mine. Those words tick my box in quite a special way 🙈

There is a moment when the spankee hears you're grounded, or you'll be spending the day in your room, etc. and you can just see the resignation and acceptance on their face, and fear of talking back and making things worse. OH YES! THAT! That right there, that moment...

Except for Dom who can't help digging himself a deeper hole with all the faces, eyerolling, and huffing. Which has its own kind of charm.

P.S. - it took me forever to post this because I'm out of a laptop. Anyone care to donate a laptop?😩
Cherylkay | 24th January 2015 00:45 (366 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I so wish I could help you out with the laptop. I just got mine back. I was using it without sound for a while (yeah, watching the films without sound wasn't much fun, but I did manage to brush up on my lip reading lol).

It's funny, but I also have a fetish for hearing "You're grounded!", although not when it was directed at me...ahem. I don't have a lot of verbal fetishes, but that's one. I have no idea where it came from. I think, if I'm being honest that it's pretty much only hearing Dave say it that makes me go all mushy inside. And yeah, Dom does seem to get grounded more than anyone else lol.
Ooleary | 24th January 2015 02:28 (366 weeks ago)
I'd love to help Chiki but i loaned mine to a friend in October and he still has it :(:( such a pain doing everything on my phone.
red1967 | 24th January 2015 09:41 (366 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay uchikimatsu Wow I thought I was the only one that liked hearing your grounded or You're grounded to your room and when they get sent to bed they all do it for me @Chiki I agree Dom dose make things worse for himself but that why we love him I also think Oliver dose as well lol and I Wish I could help with the laptop I hope you get it sorted out soon and My x got my desktop off of eBay it works well Cherylkay I'm not sure why or where mine come from and definitely did not like it when I was told I was grounded witch was often lol Dave can we please have more of Dad brother saying Your grounded Ect
Cherylkay | 24th January 2015 19:04 (366 weeks ago)
@red, I do have a number of verbal fetishes (just a few lol) and "you're grounded, young man!" is one of them. Dom not only got grounded in one (I think it was his Bubble Bath Blues film) but he got sent to bed without supper. I also believe Dave used the time worn phrase "This hurts me more than it hurts you" in at least one film, but I can't remember who he said it to (I think it was Wayne but I could be wrong lol). It's just certain phrases make me go all gooey inside. I adore "What have you got to say for yourself?" or "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" (which Dave just asked Dean in the new one and I love it when, like Dean, the lad has nothing to say). Maybe it's because they're so traditional that many of us were likely to have heard them ourselves that makes us react the way we do?
red1967 | 25th January 2015 02:20 (366 weeks ago)
I did not think I had a verbal fetishes but I must have I'm cool with that like you I love you're grounded, young man and get your jeans etc down lol yep makes me all gooey inside as well he he Dom Bubble Bath Blues I love that movie your right he did get sent to bed I've watch it a lots of times also Uncle Andy sends Lee to bed without supper. I will watch Wayne again see if I can find it and of course the phrases "What have you got to say for yourself?" dose it for me as well . I agree the phrases are traditional that one reason I like them.
Cherylkay | 25th January 2015 02:36 (366 weeks ago)
@red, I stand correctecd, my friend. It was Wayne's WTYFGH (the one he did by himself). Not only was he grounded for his suspension and sent to bed without supper, but this one has the famous line "This hurts me more than it hurts you." All of this was mentioned in my comments so I didn't have to actually watch the film to find this out LOL. I think I will go watch it again just because I don't have anything else to do :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th February 2015 23:31 (361 weeks ago)
Hey, I'm really pleased that the phrases I include are working! I really do try and fit as many in as possible! For you thought Red, I will try and include more groundings!
Cherylkay | 26th February 2015 17:12 (361 weeks ago)
@Dave, for people like me, who have a fetish for certain phrases, you do an amazing job of getting those in without making them sound trite or shopworn. Your attention to what your members like is just one more thing to love about this site and why it's head and shoulders above the others.
Domfan | 7th January 2015 23:30
Dave I want more Fred Fred Fred !
Cherylkay | 8th January 2015 00:42 (368 weeks ago)
@Domfan, I'm not sure how old you are, but I just had the mental image of Ethel Mertz calling her husband, Fred from the old (very old) "I Love Lucy" show LOL.
Domfan | 8th January 2015 21:10 (368 weeks ago)
I'll have to check that one on Wikipedia and You Tube lol. Maybe a bit before my time
Lynne | 8th January 2015 21:59 (368 weeks ago)
Oh geez..these kids :)...she was an actress even, gasp, before color TV :). Redheaded and funny...she is an icon.
Cherylkay | 8th January 2015 22:22 (368 weeks ago)
@Domfan, "I Love Lucy" ran from 1951 to about 1960 so it was before my time, too.But the show has been aired in reruns for most of my life, which is why I know it so well lol.
uchikimatsu | 8th January 2015 22:25 (368 weeks ago)
How is it that no one has mentioned yet that there were *SPANKINGS* in that show? Several.
Lynne | 8th January 2015 22:45 (368 weeks ago)
Actually she had several shows..I Love Lucy was the first, then The Lucy Show, then Here's Lucy; the last two were without Desi Arnaz so she was active from 1951 - 1974. She also did a year on a show called Life with Lucy but I never saw that one..that was in 1986.
nanarr | 8th January 2015 23:13 (368 weeks ago)
Yeah, Chiki, especially when Ricky said she had some 'splaining to do. lol
Cherylkay | 8th January 2015 23:29 (368 weeks ago)
I find it kind of unbelievable that in the 1950s, spanking ones wife was considered wholesome, family entertainment. The spankings on "I Love Lucy" never did much for me, to be honest. The Lucy character was one of a woman who was ditzy and scatter brained, when in real life, Lucille Ball was a very savvy businesswoman. She was also eight years older than her husband. Maybe even as a child, a man spanking his wife wasn't realistic to me because I never saw my dad spank my mom. I knew it was something that only happened to women on TV. Why it only seemed to happen to women is another discussion entirely lol.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th February 2015 23:33 (361 weeks ago)
Hey DomFan, I hope you enjoyed the latest Fred movie!
Cherylkay | 26th February 2015 17:07 (361 weeks ago)
He may have to change his name to Fredfan LOL
Cherylkay | 24th January 2015 00:07
My suggestion is for Dave to release the "real tears" film forthwith. We have been waiting patiently since October and I think that's long enough. Who's with me?
uchikimatsu | 24th January 2015 00:42 (366 weeks ago)
Hear, hear! I second your motion!

@Dave - A proposal that you release the "real tears" movie presently has been proposed and seconded... what say you, Sir?"
uchikimatsu | 24th January 2015 00:42 (366 weeks ago)
Hear, hear! I second your motion!

@Dave - A proposal that you release the "real tears" movie presently has been proposed and seconded... what say you, Sir?"
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th January 2015 00:49 (366 weeks ago)
I'm listening!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th January 2015 00:52 (366 weeks ago)
hmmmm it was due for release on February 6th.....
uchikimatsu | 24th January 2015 01:08 (366 weeks ago)
Fuck that. I want it NOW! I want a goose that lays a golden egg!!!!!!

millie | 24th January 2015 01:14 (366 weeks ago)
@Dave can we have a hint, not the name just a hint as we have no idea what is in store a new model or a familiar face or bottom, tease us just a little more and roll on feb thats all i have to say on this matter lol x
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th January 2015 01:23 (366 weeks ago)
Ok, I'm going to make it the next video release...I'm going to blog about it a bit tomorrow... :)
Cherylkay | 24th January 2015 01:45 (366 weeks ago)
Well, that was easy :-) Thank you, Dave! Can't wait to read the blog post.
uchikimatsu | 24th January 2015 01:46 (366 weeks ago)
Hooray!!! Was it the nagging or the tantrum that worked?

Never actually threw a tantrum before, but have witnessed plenty. Mostly I ignore them, sometimes I laugh, sometimes punish....and every once in a while, just to keep them guessing...I cave
Cherylkay | 24th January 2015 01:57 (366 weeks ago)
@Chiki. I've thrown plenty in my time and can tell you yours was a doozy! Store it away for future reference should it ever be needed again :-)
Ooleary | 24th January 2015 02:24 (366 weeks ago)
So excited for this Thanks Dave .
red1967 | 25th January 2015 01:49 (366 weeks ago)
Thank Dave I was going to agree with uchikimatsu and say I want it NOW but I don't have to lol Looking forward to watching it
Ooleary | 25th January 2015 02:31 (366 weeks ago)
Dave real excited to learn more about this movie but i don't want to know which one of the boys it is, as I'm typing this I can feel chiki's hands around my neck shaking me but i'd like a little surprise xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th February 2015 23:32 (361 weeks ago)
Well we all know now that it was Jay and it has been released! :)
OregonSir | 21st February 2015 16:48
another feature of this website that I particularly appreciate is the number of times you have two (and sometimes more) guys getting spanked. I would love to see the guy getting spanked having his arms held down by his mate now and then. It's embarrassing enough to have your bottom bared and spanked in front of a buddy, but how much more embarrassing if he has to (or gets to) hold you in place to take your punishment..... Just a thought
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th February 2015 23:28 (361 weeks ago)
Hello, I have done a bit of this in the Spank Jenga movies with the Dom,Wayne, Adam & Harry...
OregonSir | 18th February 2015 03:47
I like the mix of models - the big burly guys with the smaller / thinner guys - however it seems pretty unrealistic to take a big burly man over your knee - while I certainly appreciate the implied embarrassment that such a fully grown man would experience in that situation, it seems like men of that stature are more appropriately punished when they are leaning over the back of a chair or perhaps the classic "assume the position" hands on their knees / leaning over. (followed closely by another favorite, hands flat against the wall, feet back a bit and spread).

While I get that a lot of your subscribers enjoy seeing guys going OTK, how about including some licks in one of these other positions as part of their punishment? Think of the extra sting that could be delivered with a proper arm swing?

Just one opinion, I appreciate what is here and hope you keep up the good work.
Cherylkay | 21st February 2015 16:59 (362 weeks ago)
OregonSir, there are tons of videos of guys being spanked while assuming the position. Check out any of the "36 Lashes" films for that. Also, many of the guys are punished bending over a chair (the "Birthday Spanking" videos offer this along with scores of others). There are too many to list here. But just have a look at all the films and you'll see that it's not all OTK.
OregonSir | 22nd February 2015 00:43 (362 weeks ago)
I agree - there are quite a few vids that have either all swats delivered in some position other than OTK or some delivered in another position - I like the site a lot and am recommending it to my friends. I would like it more if *most* of the vids had at least some component of the spanking that wasn't delivered OTK. (Mind you, some of the films like COLLEGE LAD SPANKED - INTRODUCING JAMES -the model, the interaction - worked great with all OTK). There are several others like that - I'm not complaining.
Cherylkay | 22nd February 2015 03:55 (362 weeks ago)
@OregonSir, maybe it's a "girl thing" but I love the OTK position when I'm the one getting spanked and when I'm watching the videos. There's just something about a young man getting put over an older man's knee that adds to the embarrassment aspect. Of course, when Dave is using an implement that's just not suitable to the OTK position (such as the cane or paddle) then over the chair works well, too. As I said, maybe it's because I'm a female bottom and I adore being OTK but I do love it. Dave does listen to the members and takes their suggestions to heart so you may get your wish :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th February 2015 23:27 (361 weeks ago)
Hey OregonSir, first of all it is fantastic to see you contributing and joining in. Really do appreciate it! A lot! I will take your suggestion onboard but will also add that if I am being really honest, the majority of my movies will always be OTK spankings... I understand that it does seem unrealistic to take a big burly man over the knee, however, what I try and achieve is a situation where you have the big burly man having a choice to make and in the end, submitting to an OTK spanking.... I know that is a big thrill for many viewers...
flashgordon | 10th November 2014 13:12
I like a good belting. Yes and I like to see others getting one too. Especially when it's boy-on-boy. Do you think you might be able to show us one of your lads, dressed in jeans with a nice big wide manly leather belt in them, pulling out his belt and using it to give another lad a thrashing? I don't mind which lad does it, or who it is that gets it, and it doesn't matter what the storyline is - the only essentials: two young guys, one leather belt and one sore bottom.
uchikimatsu | 10th November 2014 13:40 (377 weeks ago)
@flashgordon - hey, flash, check out Brett Belts Billy! It's exactly what you're looking for....i wrote a review about why i enjoy this underappreciated film in Random Blog
flashgordon | 10th November 2014 21:56 (377 weeks ago)
Hi Uchikimatsu! Thanks for drawing my attention to that! You're right: that's exactly what I was talking about - and very good too. And what a lovely belt for the purpose! Ideal!

Please may we have more of this kind of thing?
Cherylkay | 10th November 2014 22:12 (377 weeks ago)
Liam and Karl belt Bailey in one of the Jengas, just not sure which one.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 28th December 2014 09:32 (370 weeks ago)
Hi Flashgordon, I'm glad you enjoyed Brett Belts Billy. I'll see what I can do regarding more like this.
Domfan | 28th December 2014 00:09
Dave can we have more videos where the model has their teddy bear in bed with them. Love a bloke cuddling his teddy.
wardcoleman | 28th December 2014 08:48 (370 weeks ago)
There was one way back in 2013 Bed Time Spanking with Liam where he slept with a Teddy bear, however, I think that was before Dave set up this site and I can't see it in the archives.
wardcoleman | 28th December 2014 08:51 (370 weeks ago)
Actually it was 2012 - here are some pictures on the old SLS blog
wardcoleman | 28th December 2014 08:54 (370 weeks ago)
And now the correct link!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 28th December 2014 09:31 (370 weeks ago)
I'll see what I can so DomFan and thanks Ward, you can see the Liam movie here
uchikimatsu | 13th December 2014 17:15
Dad, slowly and deliberately rolling up his sleeves as he calmly lectures and scolds, moving steadily towards his son while never missing a beat of his tongue lashing as the lad is trying to back away. we watch the dawning of recognition and eventual resignation of what is about to happen on the boys face. Once Dad has the lad cornered, Dad places him into position before removing his belt to give the naughty boy a well deserved hiding.

Yep. I'd love to see that translated onto film. That is my suggestion.
Ooleary | 13th December 2014 18:31 (372 weeks ago)
@chiki ur a genius would so love to c that too xxx
uchikimatsu | 13th December 2014 19:15 (372 weeks ago)
@Orla - mmm hmmm....
I imagine Dad walking and pressing the boy backwards from say... the front door or kitchen down the hallway to back bedroom where the bed serves as his final where else to go! He stumbles backwards into it, sitting down hard, and Dad just flips him over, takes off his belt and gives the boy a good thrashing....

Ooleary | 13th December 2014 19:23 (372 weeks ago)
@chiki which lad are u picturing in this scenario - i picture Dom he is such a great actor and hasn't had a proper belting yet ???
uchikimatsu | 13th December 2014 20:19 (372 weeks ago)
@Orla - I was actually picturing Dom in this scenario! However, I do think Dean would be fantastic here as well. He makes great "sorry face" and his character would be less likely to argue so we'd get a dilemma-free punishment, like I picture in my head. Adam, too! There's not enough Adam, as a wise woman once said. And then there's Karl. Always Karl..
Ooleary | 13th December 2014 20:46 (372 weeks ago)
@chiki I agree more Adam xx
Ooleary | 13th December 2014 20:52 (372 weeks ago)
Now that u mention it I've changed my mind Dean/Adam would work best cos Dom/Parker wouldn't back away from Dad they'd talk back
Ooleary | 14th December 2014 07:27 (372 weeks ago)
@chiki thanks i had wonderful dream last night about above scenario but it wasn't any of the models we mentioned i had a dream about Fred !!
nanarr | 14th December 2014 09:04 (372 weeks ago)
Chiki, I'd like to see this, too. I picture Dom being backed down the hallway trying to talk back and being shushed or scolded even more for sass. You do mean OTK position while being spanked by Dad's belt? Love OTK! What would be the reason Dom's in trouble? Maybe he did something while being grounded? Oh, well, you'll come up with a good reason ... we're counting on you, you know ... LOL
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 14th December 2014 09:33 (372 weeks ago)
Nice idea!
uchikimatsu | 14th December 2014 17:41 (372 weeks ago)
@nanarr - ihad not envisioned the spanking to be OTK mostly because I first imagined the spanking to be with Dad's belt. I find through experience that wielding a belt with someone over your knee is really awkward and somewhat less effective. Also, it doesn't look that great on film, either. I do REALLY, RALLY LOVE your idea about the shushing, and there is no reason why this wouldn't work OTK, just without the belt. My initial vision was of Dad just flipping over son, similar to one of Oliver's early films, might have been Stole From Dad.

@Dave - thanks! I'll look forward to seeing this in one of the films soon! LOL!
uchikimatsu | 14th December 2014 19:02 (372 weeks ago)
@Orla - I'm glad you had anice dream! It's funny you mention Fred because idid think of him in this scenario, but the Fred of shaven face and soft hair, not the Fred we saw in the last competition.

I dreamt of trying to buy perfume for my best friend. I wonder what that means....
Ooleary | 14th December 2014 20:26 (372 weeks ago)
@chiki i think it means u haven't all your xmas shopping done yet i haven't even started doing it all on Saturday I💚💛💜⛄🌲 Xmas
uchikimatsu | 15th December 2014 01:38 (372 weeks ago)
@orla - I think you are correct, my friend! It must be anxiety over shopping and gift giving!
By the way, what is that second little icon you posted? I swear it looks like a heart with three days' beard growth...
Ooleary | 15th December 2014 02:39 (372 weeks ago)
@chiki it's a snowman ha ha ha no snow here yet but hopefully it'll snow for xmas we don't get anything like u in the states just a light dusting but it looks beautiful I'm worse than the kids i always get so excited and giddy this time of year i drive everyone at work mad cos nothing they do or say can take the big grin that's permanently on my face ☺☺☺☺☺
uchikimatsu | 15th December 2014 04:11 (372 weeks ago)
@orla - no i see the snowman next to the tree. It's the middle heart I'm talking about, why does it look hairy? 💛
Cherylkay | 15th December 2014 05:20 (372 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I could see Adam in this scenario, mainly because he's so good in domestic scenes (or at least he was good in the one that he did). I can't see him being overly mouthy either. I would love to see Adam in a scenario like this. As I've said before, Adam does regretful while embarrassed almost better than anyone.
red1967 | 23rd December 2014 11:25 (371 weeks ago)
@ uchikimatsu Hi I hope Dave makes this into a movie sound good and the I also think good choice on the models with Dom, Adam, Fred and Dean I also thought of Dan.
red1967 | 15th October 2014 11:11
Hi I am new to this site not joined any other site before I did not think I be welcomed as a female. Thank you so much to everyone I am loving the movies. Working my way through them. I have been reading some of the post and agree I love to see Patrick spank Dan then Andy Spank Dan but I also thought having Freddy and Dan trying to get Patrick in trouble with Andy and Olivier but of course it doesn't work. Dan and Freddy get a hard spanking from Andy and Olivier.
Any other fun movie would be instead of wait tell your father gets home but wait tell you get home.

Looking forward to more movies thank you to all the models thank you Davie and Art.
A silly thing A few of my friends say That I am not misunderstood I am a little shit I think that sounds like the Lads on the site and of course it true about me I just very cheeky lol
Cherylkay | 15th October 2014 21:38 (380 weeks ago)
@red1967, welcome to the group :) I just joined a few weeks ago myself and have been made very welcome. This is the first M/M site I've been on that has made me feel welcomed as a straight female. For me, at least part of the appeal of SLS is that the guys aren't into spanking. Something about that dynamic just blows my hair back :) Again, welcome to the asylum.
uchikimatsu | 15th October 2014 22:44 (380 weeks ago)
Hey there @red1967! Welcome to the dark side... LOL! Have a look around, grab a comfy chair, and join the madness! @Lynne usuall has a pan of warm, just baked double fudge brownies at the ready....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th October 2014 23:06 (380 weeks ago)
Welcome! It's great to have you onboard! We are all really friendly. It would be great if you were able to join in and have fun. :)
nanarr | 16th October 2014 07:04 (380 weeks ago)
Red1967 and Cherylkay, welcome to the family!

About Lynne's brownies ... be careful around the pan if Chiki has a fork in her hand!! LOL. She stabbed my hand with her fork when I reached for some!?!

Red1967, there's a lot of female members on this site, so don't worry about that. Just sit back and enjoy!

Cherylkay, do we need to have an intervention concerning your computer's drinking problem?
Cherylkay | 16th October 2014 17:03 (380 weeks ago)
@nanarr, not an intervention, necessarily, but maybe someone should sit it down and talk to it LOL. Thank you for the welcome :) I feel as if I know everyone already.
red1967 | 19th October 2014 22:52 (380 weeks ago)
Hi sorry I have not replied to your kind messages My uncle passed away yesterday after a long illness . I been busy at the hospital. It's nice to know I am welcome.. Cherylkaythank you and welcome to the group as well. uchikimatsu I am already on the dark side as I am a metal head, love horror films and like gothic things lol Ok I have a comfy chair, Lynne I hope there are double fudge brownies left and please may I have one. Thank you to Dave I will join in the fun. nanarr thank you for the warning I will be carefully around Chiki when there is brownies. on the table.
Cherylkay | 20th October 2014 02:35 (380 weeks ago)
@red, so sorry to hear about your uncle's passing. Please accept my deepest condolences. This is the first M/M site I've been on that made me feel totally welcome. And yes, when you're feeling happier, do join in the fun. I also have a thing for scary movies so that's another thing we have in common. As you watch the videos here, leave some comments to let Dave, Art and the boys know we appreciate them. I'm still feeling my way around here so having a fellow newbie around makes me feel better :-)
uchikimatsu | 20th October 2014 16:30 (380 weeks ago)
@red1967 - i am deeply sorry for your loss.
i too enjoy horror on film, but feel like the quality of horror movies is in decline. It's difficult to find really good ones, do idon't she'll out my hard earned cash anymore to see them in theaters.
I'm currently enjoying AHS, which i love (except the 3rd season "coven" which i think lost alot of AHS cred)
Any movies/shows to recommend?

Lynne | 20th October 2014 21:27 (380 weeks ago)
Ah red...welcome aboard but so sorry for your loss...I won't join in on the horror film stuff as I can't stand the things :). As for the brownies, feel free to indulge as long as it isn't the last one...Chiki wields a mean fork :).
red1967 | 22nd October 2014 23:02 (379 weeks ago)
Hi everyone thank you so much for your kind words I feel that I need some normality back in my life watching the movies on here gives me a brake from what is going on in the real world.
Cherylkay Glade you you are enjoying this site and cool you like scary well I will start posting comments on the movies to let Dave, Art and the lads know I am enjoying them.
uchikimatsu glade you like horror movies I will post a list of horror movie I like on the random blog ( the movies don't scare me lol )
red1967 | 22nd October 2014 23:13 (379 weeks ago)
Lynne its ok you don't like horror movies and thank you for the brownies they where lovely don't worry I used my leather bicker jacket over my hand to protect them to get the last brownies off of Chikil lol You are right she can wields a mean fork thank you all again
uchikimatsu | 22nd October 2014 23:33 (379 weeks ago)
@red1967 - i sharpen the tines ::::laughs maniacally::::
Cherylkay | 22nd October 2014 23:37 (379 weeks ago)
Note to self: never stand between Chiki and the last brownie lol.
baroquen_art | 4th September 2014 08:33
Hi Dave, as I'm considering a move to Scotland, it got me thinking about you being from there. And that got me to thinking…wouldn't it be nice to see a hot Scottish model on here? Perhaps in a kilt? That may be pushing it, but how cool would it be to see you lift that thing up? Just a random thought… and maybe a request?
Domfan | 4th September 2014 08:52 (386 weeks ago)
While you're at it Dave, come and do a Manchester weekend too. There's some hit lads up here who I'm sure would drop their undies for you, so to speak
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 09:36 (386 weeks ago)
@baroquen_art - you don't have much to say, but when you do.....!!!!

OMG - I love that idea! That is really HAWT! I love to see men in kilts. Kilts are cool.
baroquen_art | 4th September 2014 13:33 (386 weeks ago)
Chiki - I am more of a lurker, I guess. A bit blog shy. :) But I got this idea in my head about a kilted lad and…couldn't let it go! He'd need to be properly Scottish, though. :D
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 14:14 (386 weeks ago)
Well I hope you're inspired to participate more often!

Let's see...Dave is Scottish, maybe he can do something about getting your proper Scot, and I believe Andy works over there, and since he's so good at recruiting.....hmm, it's promising!
Aimee1234 | 5th August 2014 22:47
Small suggestion, possiblu already been said but I'll say anywsy. Can we maybe get a comment box at the top of the page as well as at the bottom? Just for the radom, suggestion & ask Dave blog you now gave to scroll for quite some time to get to the box if you want to create a new thread. Just a thought ☺ since we are all such chatterboxes now.
Aimee1234 | 5th August 2014 22:48 (390 weeks ago)
Wow that was a lot of typos there, sorry lol
uchikimatsu | 5th August 2014 23:09 (390 weeks ago)
How about spellcheck? LOL!

I was going to suggest a larger box, or at least the option to enlarge the box to type comments. typing on a phone, which many of us do, is TORTUROUS and AGONIZING in this little box. For realz.
Aimee1234 | 5th August 2014 23:22 (390 weeks ago)
I think it is my fingers that are the problem lol. But a box at the top for new threads would be handy on the bigger blogs if you aren't replying to a more recent one since they are at the top now which is great 👍
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th August 2014 10:32 (390 weeks ago)
Hey, I will have a look at these suggestions and see if it is possible! :)
uchikimatsu | 6th August 2014 11:07 (390 weeks ago)
Where did Stuart go, anyway? Was he overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of the members here (read: did we scare him away?)
Aimee1234 | 6th August 2014 14:44 (390 weeks ago)
Aww thanks Dave.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th August 2014 15:08 (390 weeks ago)
Stuart is still running!

I actually had a go at using the blog with my iPhone and I can maybe see benefit having the new comment box at the top of the page and spell check but I don't really get it about making the box bigger? I am able to hold my phone 'landscape and the box just fills out the screen. Am I missing something here?
Aimee1234 | 6th August 2014 15:29 (390 weeks ago)
I am ok with the box size but I am not sure what device Chiki is using it may be more difficult on hers? It's just the box at the top I thought would be useful. ☺ knowing me I will still make typos even with a spell check feature lol
uchikimatsu | 22nd July 2014 02:21
Recently watching shows with Idris Elba, Damian Lewis, and Hugh Laurie where each of them (flawlessly) play an American made me think I would like to see an "American" get spanked by Mr. X. Kind of like when Michael Fay was caned in Singapore; you have to abide by the customs of the land.

And something about it being an American (unlike the exchange student movie) would provide a super boost of WHAT THE [email protected]!K Factor, and embarrassment, if the model/actor could pull that off.

Yep, I'd really like to watch an American lad find out what happens when you're naughty in SLSville!
kristi10 | 22nd July 2014 02:43 (393 weeks ago)
lol.....that is an excellent idea!! The "WHAT THE [email protected]!K" factor!! Superb idea uchikimatsu!!!
nanarr | 3rd August 2014 05:34 (391 weeks ago)
Chiki, that could be sooo much fun !! Wonder who would play the spankee? It would be amazing if Dave could find someone who's really from the States and didn't know any customs, especially concerning discipline, in the UK. Thi
nanarr | 3rd August 2014 05:46 (391 weeks ago)
Think what conversation?, complaining?, whining? there would be ::: I can hear it now, talk about culture clash !! LOL.
uchikimatsu | 3rd August 2014 11:55 (391 weeks ago)
I know, I know... I think about this one all the time, toy with variations on the theme. Played right it could be absolutely brilliant (instead of say, just your average Mr. X encounter with an American accent.) One variation I like a lot is having a british friend (they're caught together doing something stupid) The one that resides in SLSville knows the dealio, but the American visitor is clueless. I see lots of over the top reactions, and his friend having to kind of calm him down, and remind him of how much worse his dilemma choice is, etc.

I know, I'm a strange person. But I'm also a writer and once these plot bunnies get hopping.....
Lynne | 3rd August 2014 12:06 (391 weeks ago)
Given the attitudes in the US, I can definitely see the over-the-top reaction. Hmmm..Andy and Bailey both had time in the US and we all know how good Andy is at recruiting new victims, er, models. :)
uchikimatsu | 3rd August 2014 14:10 (391 weeks ago)
@nanarr - there are currently more sanctions against spanking/corporal punishment (of children, obviously) in the UK than there are in the US (we are a bit slow on the uptake, and being the literal child of the UK, still growing up I guess.) That is why so many young models will say they have never been spanked before in their whole life, including childhood.

Ask an American from somewhere in the bible belt and if he's 18 and still in school, chances are he's still spanked at school and at home. However, its not like that everywhere, and Americans have this certain...attitude. Not sure how I can describe it, but its not humble. I'm a martial artist, not sure I ever mentioned that, and studied in a very, VERY SERIOUSLY traditional dojo for years. I cannot count the number of students in and out of that school who didn't stay because they didn't want to be disciplined, wasn't going to be told what to do (we had rules of behavior in AND outside of the dojo,) wasn't being promoted fast enough (no timelines, sensei's discretion and you better not even ask) or couldnt handle being sent to a corner to repeat a movement 200 times to gain muscle memory while the rest of the class moved on doing kata or whatever. Americans are generally not humble people open to admiting weakness or accepting correction.
Lynne | 3rd August 2014 14:22 (391 weeks ago)
This could turn into a serious debate :).It isn't just anti-spankikng attitudes but attitudes in general. Kids these days, and even teens, young adults who were brought up in the "you can do no wrong youi are just misunderstood" way of parenting have no way to accept true and well meaning discipline, and not talking just spanking here but any "restriction" or gentle disapproval, because many have been brought up to believe they are deserving of everything and if anyone tells them something different, the other person is in the wrong or is jealous, mean-spirited..insert word of choice.

I have friends who are teachers, grammar to high school level, who are making serious decisions about retiring early or quitting the system. Good teachers who enjoy teaching but who can't teach properly due to restrictions placed on how they maintain their classroom. A teacher says the dreaded word "no" and they are criticized by the parents for making their child feel bad. A child isn't allowed to fail; if they do it is 100% the teacher's fault. A high school student in sports, especially football, who doesn't do well in a class is usually, in most school systems anyway, to be removed or suspended from the team, yet, inevitably, the coach complains, the parents complain and said student, especially if they are a star player, is allowed to stay on the team regardless of grades. It isn't the kids who fight for it, it is the parents. It has yielded at least two generations of people not willing to take is always someone else's fault.

I've come across more than a few people who could well benefit from Dave's attention whether in the guise of Mr X or just as Dave. Plenty of candidates that would fit the SLS profiles :).
uchikimatsu | 3rd August 2014 14:58 (391 weeks ago)
It seems a bizarre kind of paradox, beat the children while emotionally coddling them....

A great example of our unwillingness to allow our children to fail, to feel pain, embarrassment, or disappointment, and the growth that comes with "try again, try harder," is, this: my sister is a teacher in High School. She is no longer permitted to mark papers in RED ink because red has such negative connotations. She is only allowed to grade homeword and tests in green ink.
uchikimatsu | 3rd August 2014 15:02 (391 weeks ago)
by the way, I was talking about ADULT students at my dojo, not kids. these were grown up egos that couldnt handle a little discipline. seriously. there were no children students at all at the school, only adults.
Lynne | 3rd August 2014 19:26 (391 weeks ago)
I agree Chiki...adults seem to be regressing. I am not so much a stickler but at least expect some semblance of basic manners and through persistence of showing my own, people I deal with regularly tend to chill around me; they don't swear, apologize if they do, temper their drinking if we are out and about, and suddenly have great manners :).

I see more adults throwing temper tantrums, any 3 yr old would envy, if they don't get their way about something; returning an item; trying to get something repaired where it may take a day or two..I won't even go in to the drivers.

There was a school, I want to say in Minnesota (mid country north and touches the Canadian border for the non-US types) that no longer uses a grade of "F" to indicate a failure; no students can fail. Similar to the idiocy about ink color, a visual F on anything was considered demeaning and discouraging. If a student fails something they have to mark it with a "P" for progressing. My question on that is, how does anyone know the student is progressing when the grade is actually issued? To me it is like our representatives voting "present" instead of voting on a piece of is a useless action.
uchikimatsu | 3rd August 2014 19:33 (391 weeks ago)
I call EVERYONE "sir" and "ma'am" or "miss" at work, not just my superiors. At first everyone thought it was a little quirky, but you wouldn't believe the trend it set. I do it with affection, but it definitely sets the tone for respect in my office.
toshiba | 12th July 2014 04:03
Scrolling down takes time and is boring. New comments first might be better.
uchikimatsu | 13th July 2014 01:07 (394 weeks ago)
@toshiba - great suggestion, and it's already been put up along with a few other possible solutions.
toshiba | 12th July 2014 03:59
I would like to see new comments at the top of the page. I do not having to scroll down.
Lynne | 4th July 2014 21:20
Not a vid suggestion but more a suggestion for future interviews. Seeing Wayne so often these last few weeks brought this to mind. Asking the models, those that have been back several times, even Bailey after his downtime, how their experiences from the first time they saw you to "today," have changed. What sort of differences do they see; how do they look at things now as opposed to the first time.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th July 2014 06:55 (395 weeks ago)
Hey Lynne, good question. I will do! :)
swespanker | 18th June 2014 20:58
Any chance that we will ever see Harry or Tommy or Jay getting the hairbrush treatment?

Would also love to see Bailey having a hairbrush in his hand and a naked Andy over his knee.... :-)
jamester | 18th June 2014 14:43
A couple plots I would love to see would be either a hard prefect caning or a hard frat initiation paddling given. I think Bailey would make a great prefect with his looks and accent and Andy would be a great frat pledgemasterl
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th June 2014 09:18
Lynne | 17th June 2014 10:39 (398 weeks ago)
::looks sideways at Dave:: Code or Charlie stomping across the keyboard? :)
uchikimatsu | 17th June 2014 15:32 (398 weeks ago)
@Lynne - looks like a test run for the new New Comment Notification Move Blog to the Top of the List feature! Check it out!
::::points to the the blog list at the right of the web page:::::
Lynne | 18th June 2014 22:28 (397 weeks ago)
OK, I admit I am really liking this whole "move the last comment to the top of the page" feature :).
uchikimatsu | 19th June 2014 01:10 (397 weeks ago)
It really is awesome, but since the newest comments can be anywhere on the page, not just at the bottom, we really need a way to find those quickly, like a change in header color that can be clicked once the comment is viewed to change back to the default color. Or something like that so we can quickly locate the new comments on the page. Now that the site is so active I find myself frequently missing replies for days, sometimes just catching them fortuitously on the way to other replies!
Lynne | 9th June 2014 21:22
New thought on possible reasons for spanking..though would have to tone it down a little as this particular crime is in the felony range :)

Saw an interesting news headline today. A 19 yr old in California stole multiple credit cards and proceeded to rent a sports car worth $240,000/ approx 143,000 pounds for $13,000/7700 pounds and also rented an estate for $27,000/16000 pounds. At few months back he was also charged with using a fake credit card to try to buy 14 iPhones and two laptops. The article indicated he was a star basketball player at his high school. I have a few other terms to describe him though.
wardcoleman | 11th June 2014 08:15 (398 weeks ago)
It would take him quite a while to pay that all back at 100 bucks a spanking! :-)
uchikimatsu | 11th June 2014 14:43 (398 weeks ago)
We're patient folk, @wardcoleman
uchikimatsu | 5th June 2014 03:25
Ok, because *CLEARLY* Dave does not do enough for us members, I have yet another suggestion for design improvement of the site.
I love that the Reply buttons allow the members to keep conversations grouped together, that is fantastic (I think I mentioned we should be able to do this in the movie comments as well?) However, as these blogs grow ever larger, it is a royal pain in the BALLS to find any new comments that may have been posted.

Even when you get the New Comment Notification Move Blog to the Top of the List feature working, there will be no way of finding new replies to conversation groups unless trawling through the entire page, top to bottom, looking at the date/time because they are all embedded randomly throughout the page as members continuously perpetuate conversations, embedding comments everywhere. Pain. In. The. Balls.

Would it be possible to move entire conversation GROUPS to the top of the blog *page* (as well as have the feature of moving the blog to the top of the list at the right when there are new comments?) Or, alternately, have some kind of color system whereby new comments are displayed in (insert Dave's favorite color here) and we can click the headers back to yellow once we read them?

Stop rolling your eyes, Dave, you know you love me.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:56 (399 weeks ago)
I do love you and I like all these suggestions and i am going to put them all to my tech guy! :)
baroquen_art | 2nd June 2014 17:27
Would it be too much if "Dad" spanked two sons in WTYFGH? Poor dad! Imagine the two of them waiting for their punishment! It's not much different than Mr. X spanking more than one lad and having the other watch, but this time, the brothers could wait in the living room for dad, sit and stew and argue and then get dragged in to the bedroom by their ears and then dad makes one watch while the other gets spanked with the belt. It could be a bit much, but an interesting dynamic change. Andy and Patrick would be great - or Oliver and Fred, or Dom and Wayne… Hmmm…
uchikimatsu | 2nd June 2014 18:31 (400 weeks ago)
One of my favorite scenarios ever! See Brothers Caught with Porno - Andy and Patrick for exactly what you describe!
baroquen_art | 2nd June 2014 19:01 (400 weeks ago)
Ah! I do remember that one, and I do like it. I like a stronger premise and a bit more build up, like WTYFGH, though. That is a good one, though. :)
uchikimatsu | 2nd June 2014 19:47 (400 weeks ago)
I totally get what you mean! I have spoken before about what makes WTYFGH such a great series and why I love them do much. I am a huge fan of anticipation and build up, and Dave and Art are very good at being able to not only convey the feelings of the model but help the audience empathize with the dread and suspense.

I have wondered about a brother WTYFGH movie whereby each brother must listen to the spanking of his sibling from the next room, not necessarily witnessing it. Perhaps the boys are fighting and need to be separated first...?
nanarr | 5th June 2014 01:18 (399 weeks ago)
Wicked idea, Chiki, I like it!
uchikimatsu | 5th June 2014 18:22 (399 weeks ago)
@nanarr, I’ve been thinking about this one all day!  I envision two brothers having a fight (row over there in U.K.?) maybe just locked in a vulgar argument, being disruptive, or alternately pushing and shoving, knocking things over in the house… I imagine it both ways, depending on my mood.  Dad comes in and has to separate them, sending each of them to their different rooms to WTYFGH! (but not before giving them a good scolding and told what to expect!) We get double the pleasure, double the dread, double everything of seeing their horror and anticipation as the clock ticks down on their doom and they undress to their shorts and lay across their respective beds to wait.

 He goes to one room and tells that lad not to move, then steps to the other room and begins to punish the other brother.  The lad who isn’t being punished cant help but move to the wall/door to listen and we get transitions between the spanking of one brother and the facial reactions, involuntary reaching for the bum, etc of the other while he listens. (some nice split screen action here) Then he must scurry to his place on the bed when he senses Dad is finished with his brother and is ready for him; the brothers change places…

Yep, that’s a movie I would make if I could…

Of course, Andy/Patrick, Patrick/Dan, Oliver/Fred are natural choices… what are some non-brother pairings you would use?

I’d like to see Dan/Dom, Adam/Fred, or, in a perfect world, Karl/Lee
uchikimatsu | 6th June 2014 16:28 (399 weeks ago)
@nanarr - this would work nicely for BIC a well if Andy had to beak up an argument between Patrick and Dan
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:57 (399 weeks ago)
Loving your ideas and I'm afraid I'm not going to say any more that I have very recently just filmed my first ever 'double' WTYFGH! :)
baroquen_art | 9th June 2014 12:03 (399 weeks ago)
Dave, that makes me 'double' happy!! :D
nanarr | 11th June 2014 02:54 (398 weeks ago)
Thank you, thank you, Dave. Can hardly wait to see it! You're the best!!!

Chiki, like your pairings ... can't think of any others right now. I especially like Patrick and Dan together. Patrick spanking Dan would be great, but that would be a different video!!
uchikimatsu | 11th June 2014 03:13 (398 weeks ago)
@nanarr - you know, i've discovered I dont really favor Patrick as the spanker, he's just kinda awkward and stiff, and that cupped hand technique - that's gotta go.
I do, however, really like your idea about Patrick spanking Dan. I like the idea of both Andy and Patrick spanking Dan. Maybe he gets in heaps of trouble and they confront him together and both spank him one after the other!
Dave, if you are going to use Patrick as a spanker again, may I suggest a few lessons for him in proper spanking technique, and perhaps he just needs some practice as well to become more comfortable with it. I submit myself as a subject as needed for any practice sessions. LOL!
Aimee1234 | 11th June 2014 07:09 (398 weeks ago)
I really like the idea of 2 brothers in WTYFGH. Your description of how it could unfold is wonderful. I think Andy's & Patrick would be the best pair for this. Like you Chiki, one of my favourite videos Is brothers caught with porno because it has such a realistic feel to it and so many elements making it a perfect spanking scenario in my head :-)
nanarr | 12th June 2014 02:35 (398 weeks ago)
Jumping up and down, holding my hand in the air ... Chiki, I think Patrick just needs more practice and I'd gladly submit as a test subject right after you! since you called it first. Maybe we could get used to NOT cupping his hand when he spanks (perhaps Mr X could reinforce that lesson?) Ahh, Patrick, of the black hair and beautiful blue eyes!! But I digress LOL.

Love the scenario of Andy and Patrick both spanking Dan. Poor Dan, but he's tough ... he can take it LOL. Remember his birthday spanking? ... he's the only one who took the cane rather than the paddle for his "one to grow on".

Aimee1234, I'd like to see Dan and Patrick as the two brothers in WTYFGH. Chiki's description of the circumstances leading to it is great. I also enjoy re-watching Andy and Patrick being spanked
nanarr | 12th June 2014 02:56 (398 weeks ago)
after their mad scramble to "hide" the evidence when Dad wakes them up and realizes what his boys have been up to!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st June 2014 15:48
Hey! I kinda forgot about this! Oooops! I will catch up with it soon! :)
uchikimatsu | 5th June 2014 02:45 (399 weeks ago)
:::hands Dave a large white envelope containing 50 pounds and a sheet of paper with some wavy lines inked onto it::::

TSK! TSK! Off you go....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:58 (399 weeks ago)
LOL @ Wavy Lines! :)
uchikimatsu | 20th May 2014 21:09
I think we should have a blog for "You Know You're Addicted to SLS When..." Shall I go first? LOL!
Aimee1234 | 21st May 2014 22:40 (401 weeks ago)
I like this idea lol
uchikimatsu | 22nd May 2014 00:04 (401 weeks ago)
Aimee, your hand slipped, you meant to put this comment under my suggestion for George ::::giggle::::
uchikimatsu | 14th May 2014 20:24
Story suggestion for George:
I can’t watch the new Oliver Interview at work on my slow-ass phone (I’m dying over here, DYING!) so I’ll do this instead.  I could work at work, I suppose, but where’s the fun in that?

I love George the Rock-Star and would like to see some continuity of story there.  I would also like to see some lads spanking lads involving George so thought maybe there could be either bandmates or roadies (or a mix) giving it to him.  My preference is always going to be that the punishment originate from care/concern rather than anger, so some ideas are that George could be having some issues with drink or something else causing his friends concern for his wellbeing.  One variation is he could be given a choice of going back to Mr. X, or receiving discipline at the “intervention.”

:::imagines George being passed around between the SLS lads for spankings and scoldings and melts in a puddle on the floor:::
uchikimatsu | 8th May 2014 12:49
Ok, I have a general question for anyone that can answer, please. Being from the States "the slipper" is not a familiar implement for spanking. To be honest, when I first saw it used, I laughed. It just looks so light and flimsy that I think there is no way it can hurt more than a hand spanking. I'm curious if anyone has firsthand experience with it? Or maybe next time its used in a film Dave can ask one of the models for me afterward, ha ha!
nanarr | 23rd May 2014 00:30 (401 weeks ago)
I was surprised when I realized the "slipper" was just a house shoe. Doesn't seem as if it would hurt that much (of course, I have no knowledge of the pain factor); but, the guys sure don't like it! Maybe it's worse than we think. Like your idea about asking one of the models about it.

Speaking of house shoes,
nanarr | 23rd May 2014 00:34 (401 weeks ago)
"Dad's" slipper is looking sorta stained and ratty. Maybe take up a collection so he can get a new pair?
uchikimatsu | 23rd May 2014 09:42 (401 weeks ago)
@nanarr - awwww, I kinda liked that it looks old. We can then imagine that it might be the same slipper used on the boy when he was a naughty child, not so long ago, and there are still unpleasant, embarrassing memories attached to it.
r1108 | 23rd May 2014 23:51 (401 weeks ago)
Not sure when or how I got into the conversation with someone but the sole of a slipper is usually leather or suede..or rubber these days. They said essentially it is like getting hit with something made of has a sting to it. From the looks of it though it takes some strength behind it to get the effect..
uchikimatsu | 24th May 2014 02:36 (401 weeks ago)
Yes, but its also really light and flimsy, and I still contend that it can in no way hurt more than a hand spanking. I don't know why everyone reacts with such dread when told to fetch the slipper. Honestly, imagine getting smacked with Dave's ratty house shoe compared to Andy's giant hams slamming down onto your backside. The slipper is it? Any time, pal, any time...
uchikimatsu | 19th June 2014 14:48 (397 weeks ago)

So… The Great Slipper Debate continues! I was watching a clip
somewhere(*see below) and the description said the lad was slippered, but in the movie they actually used what we in the States would call a gym shoe or tennis sneaker, nothing like Dave’s lightweight ratty house slipper. Any UK peeps out there care to comment? Is this something that would commonly be used in the home as well, or maybe just in a school or institution setting?

I know Dave said there was an interview about the slipper pending, but… Hello, I’m Uchikimatsu, have we met? Have I mentioned the OCD?

*Dave, love, I’m not cheating on you! It was only innocent flirting with some preview clips! Those slutty clips were free and just asking for it, anyway.

And what’s up with those anyway? The preview was supposed to be 1:20 long. We get:

:10 of music with black screen
:20 of “Boring Studios Presents….”
:10 of “Broken Curfew…”
more music and black screen wasting an additional :10 precious seconds, then
:10 of “Introducing TRAVIS,”
and possibly :20 seconds of actual movie preview.

The little tarts. Harlots. Teases.

Let me just say that just ONE of Dave’s preview clips blows any other studios entire collection of full length movies right out of the water!!!!!
Lynne | 19th June 2014 20:16 (397 weeks ago)
Thanks to my UK buddies I may have somewhat of an explanation for the sneaker :). If you go back and watch Clark's vid, one of the items on Dave's arsenal table was something similar to what I would call a deck shoe but what I believe the UK types call a plimsoll. I think it was used more on girls than the boys in its heyday but was essentially what you saw..a lightweight sneaker, call it a woman's walking shoe (not the nice ones but the really cheap versions with no support). Same as before. it is the sole that is the issue. Suede, rubber, leather. Still, it looks like it takes some muscle effort, if Dave's, and for that matter Andy's, application is anything to go by. Seems that the spanker has to get quite the workout to have the desired effect. I still laugh at the one where Andy used it on Dan in BIC3...Dave never confirmed it, and it could have been an edit cut, but I think Andy lost his grip on the slipper and it went flying.
Lynne | 19th June 2014 22:13 (397 weeks ago)
Make that count was off :)
uchikimatsu | 19th June 2014 23:28 (397 weeks ago)

Seriously, what is with the Brits and smacking people with footwear?
uchikimatsu | 20th June 2014 01:46 (397 weeks ago)
@Lynne - Ok, this isn't exactly forensic proof, but this is the best I could come up with as I'm working with an iPad which only lets me stream and screen capture. Once I get these movies downloaded and can play with them I might be able to extract something better. Can we please take a moment to appreciate the amount of times I had to rewind and tap the Play/Pause button really, really super fast in order to get the screen shots I wanted?

The center shot is basically Andy's open hand as the slipper is flying out of it....
Lynne | 20th June 2014 19:38 (397 weeks ago)
Thanks so much for the effort :)...I had said previously, in the actual vid comments I think, that Andy seemed to recover very well but I have a sneaking suspicion there was a break just after that as his rhythm changed.
uchikimatsu | 8th July 2014 01:21 (395 weeks ago)
Yep, more "Slipper Talk"

So, I found this quote about the slipper....erm...somewhere....else. It was written by an older gentleman from Australia. His gives a great description of the slipper experience. He is a spanko as well so I only hope he is not also a member here and is offended that I quoted him without permission.

"As a person who has first hand experience of the humble carpet slipper as a punishment implement, I can say with complete conviction... It's like having your rump slowly roasted... It also takes an age to subside, unlike the cane, which stings like hell, but soon subsides.

Given the choice of being caned or slippered... I'd choose the cane any day of the week."

r1108 | 1st May 2014 21:22
Patrick's vid brought up a thought. In those videos where you have a before and after interview, how about a future consolidation post of the pre-spanking interview, then the vid, then the post-spanking interview? Sort of in the line of those vids like the consolidation of everything Sebastian and the Spank Jenga rounds.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:59 (399 weeks ago)
Yes, I am going to try and do a lot more of this now! :)
uchikimatsu | 30th April 2014 13:27
Thank you Dave, for having this suggestion area! You really do spoil us, and your site is unlike any other out there. I'm a curious girl, so here is the first of many questions to come:
What is the philosophy or reasoning behind having the model look directly into the face camera during his spanking?
i'm very shy, so I love to feel like i'm an invisible observer to the unfolding scene. When the model looks into the camera it appears he is looking directly at the viewer, and I feel "caught!" Silly as it sounds, i've actually blushed. Anything that can elicit a visceral response is powerful stuff, but was wondering if that was your actual intention? If its simply so we can so all those lovely reactions, maybe once in a while have them look slightly off to the side..?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th April 2014 22:45 (404 weeks ago)
Hey Uchikimatsu, it's a really good question about the staring into the camera. The truth is, it's not something I want or intended to happen. I tell the lads time and time again not to look into the camera... But they continued to do so..... It was only after some time that I worked why they were doing it....... You see the camera has a view screen and the model can see that, so it gives them a picture of what Mr X is about to do! So when it comes to getting whacked they can look at the screen and anticipate it! So now it is happening less and less! I am having serious words with them about it in advance........
Lynne | 4th June 2014 21:48 (399 weeks ago)
A little late in the response, but, put the bath brush next to that camera. I think it is safe to say that brush is one they all want to avoid (even those that haven't had the pleasure of being properly introduced to it as yet) so may avoid looking at it and thus the camera, or, put it there as a warning :)
uchikimatsu | 6th June 2014 19:06 (399 weeks ago)
ROFLMAO!! probably work better as a warning, you know how you just can't look away from the things that horrify us, like train wrecks, and everly spanked bums..?
r1108 | 30th April 2014 11:44
Very simple idea...chronic tardiness.
uchikimatsu | 10th May 2014 05:51 (403 weeks ago)
Married with your earlier idea about "summoned by Mr. X" this could be something really fun! Imagine being summoned to your punishment for tardiness, and then being late for your appointment?!?
r1108 | 16th May 2014 11:47 (402 weeks ago) and I have the seem evil minds :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:54 (399 weeks ago)
Very evil indeed!
DoberDork | 28th March 2014 00:14
Here's an idea for a scenario: how do the speed/red light cameras in London work? In the US, if they get a picture of the car speeding or running a red light, the photograph and ticket are sent a few weeks later to the car's registered owner, who may or may not have actually been driving at the time. Maybe you could have a scenario where a lad borrows the car of a friend, speeds/runs a red light, and a photo ticket comes in the mail a few weeks later addressed to the car's owner. When confronted, the lad who borrowed the car does not have the money to pay the fine. Naturally, the only way to resolve the situation is with a spanking.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:53 (399 weeks ago)
I really, really like this idea! Brilliant!
regina | 9th June 2014 05:27 (399 weeks ago)
I don't know if we still have these cameras but I'm pretty sure they don't dont. Because once when I going to helen(a place in the Georgia mountains to go tubing) I ran the hell out of red light. I didn't notice the sign and ran the hell out of red light. I was so piss when my passenger noticed it, it ruined my whole trip but I never got ticket and that's been a year or 2 ago. I also think it happen again in Athen still no ticket. Trust me my driving record is spot. My 26 year old brother didn't like riding with me. That's what you get when you learn how to drive ATL. good thing I have a good lawyer in my back pocket(my much older brother and he damn goo at what he does!):)
r1108 | 9th March 2014 20:34
I tried to put this via Twitter but admittedly I am rather long winded when it comes to writing and 140 characters just isn't enough room :). Since, however, the subject has come up two thoughts for George. The first: I believe someone mentioned something about George acting as a step father for being on the spanking side of things. Given his age that one might be a tough scenario so maybe switch it out to an older step brother type scene using one of the Twitter suggestions; the one with Dom comes to mind. For a return visit on the being spanked side, anyone with the attitude George acted would never be able to handle that spanking without some post issues; embarrassment, anger, even worse attitude. Am thinking late to practice sessions (or not showing up at all), fights with the other band members but this time sent by his manager or even other band members.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:52 (399 weeks ago)
All good ideas but I'm afraid, at the moment, I'm struggling to get George back. Which is a shame!
nanarr | 11th June 2014 03:07 (398 weeks ago)
Kicking and yelling, having a tantrum ... WE WANT GEORGE!!

In his interview George indicated he'd be willing to do more videos. What happened, George??

What can be done to help change his mind?
flashgordon | 15th February 2014 15:06
For a change, it would be nice to see a young man in a smart business suit being punished. Perhaps he might be a bank cashier, or work in an office, or maybe he's a trainee manager in a department store, or something like that; perhaps he's messed up the accounts, or there's been some office misdemeanor; the boss isn't minded to sack him, but wants him to be reminded to take more care in future and sends him to Mr X to be taught a lesson, which Mr X duly does, on the seat of his well-fitting suit trousers - before their inevitable removal... A quick shot of him back at work and sitting down painfully at his desk would round the film off nicely!
uchikimatsu | 30th April 2014 13:12 (404 weeks ago)
What a great idea, flashgordon! I really like this one and can imagine for some reason the humiliation or embarrassment being multiplied tenfold for our dignified young man as compared to our rough builders whose bottoms must already be calloused by Mr. X's attentions! Ha! Love to see this Dave!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:50 (399 weeks ago)
Well I'm delighted to announce this has now been filmed! :)
uchikimatsu | 9th June 2014 02:32 (399 weeks ago)
Hooray! But is it Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones?)
nanarr | 10th June 2014 21:22 (398 weeks ago)
All right, Dave, now you're talking LOL. This one sounds like fun!!!

Having worked in an office, there were several guys I'd have liked to seen spanked, especially the twits!!
nanarr | 10th June 2014 21:31 (398 weeks ago)
You know, the ones who come in full of theory and no experience and try to tell everyone else how to do their job.

Really like your idea, FlashGordon ... what an opportunity to have OTK, along with belt, paddle, etc.!!!
venezuela | 7th February 2014 19:16
my idea for the next video, a homophobic guy, Spanked by two old, I'd like to see these bullies punished
james | 4th February 2014 22:25
Hi Dave

Have you ever thought about releasing a preview clip on Mondays for the coming Friday, to give something for the members to look forward to ?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:49 (399 weeks ago)
James, I have done this from time to time. Part of the problem is that i just never know what I am going to release. So many factors come into making the decision. For example, I like to keep good continuity and keep story lines going. So maybe I might make a movie on Tuesday that is part of a continuing storyline, so then wants me to release an early part of that storyline earlier than planned. It is a good idea though and I am working on it!
flashgordon | 25th January 2014 17:46
If you could get all the "Jenga" team together again sometime (Wayne, Dom and the others) - or indeed any of your lads in sufficient numbers - perhaps you might consider doing another birthday spanking, but this time, instead of the birthday boy being sent to Mr X, the lads do the job themselves: several guys with a nice leather belt taking turns - a bit like those real-life clips that you can see on YouTube of (presumably straight) Polish boys getting their "pasowanie", as it seems to be called, with their friends' belts on their 18th birthday - but with all the screen magic that a Straight Lads Spanked production would bring to it!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 27th January 2014 11:58 (418 weeks ago)
Hi Flashgordon, i was wondering if you have seen Part One of Oliver's birthday spanking as this is pretty much what happens! :)
r1108 | 24th January 2014 16:49
In keeping with the theme of PD2, this could be a possible new storyline..."Summoned by Mr X." Talk about a sinking feeling of doom for the one(s) who get(s) the summons :).
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 27th January 2014 12:02 (418 weeks ago)
Yes r1108, I do like the idea of people being summoned by Mr X sometimes rather than them being sent there by somebody else...
nanarr | 22nd May 2014 23:10 (401 weeks ago)
That would be neat! See someone answer his phone, hear Mr X telling him the appointment time, and see the dread(?), fear(?), resignation(?) cross his face knowing he's in trouble. That phone call could be done outdoors so we see him coming to Mr X's door and being let in to "meet his doom". Does that sound plausible? It could heighten the anticipation for everyone. Just an idea,,,,
uchikimatsu | 23rd May 2014 03:46 (401 weeks ago)
nanarr, I agree, part of the reason I love the WTYFGH vids so much is that they can convey that awful feeling of dread and anticipation. When its done just right we get to experience that along with the subject instead of being a mere disinterested observer. This kind of series would allow the same build up of nervous tension.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:46 (399 weeks ago)
My only slight issue with this idea is that for what reason would Mr X have to 'summon' lads? At the moment, someone else normally pays Mr X to dish out the spanking. I am struggling to work out why a lad would turn up to a 'summoning' by Mr X. Any ideas anyone?
uchikimatsu | 9th June 2014 02:29 (399 weeks ago)
this idea would work if Mr. X was doing his work Pro Bono, as if for a personal favor to a friend, perhaps Dr. Barton, or Stephen, or any other friend he has in the community that has trouble with a naughty lad needing a lesson.
Lynne | 9th June 2014 09:04 (399 weeks ago)
I was thinking somewhere along the lines of Mr X being out and about in disguise, unmasked :), and just spotting one or two of his past, customers, doing something Mr X sees as unacceptable; harassing kids/elderly, disrespect towards a merchant, generally being a pain in the neck due to an attitude issue or even someone blowing off an appointment and Mr X making contact.

Call it giving back to the community with the occasional pro bono action.
uchikimatsu | 9th June 2014 12:15 (399 weeks ago)
So basically, the idea is that "un-Mr. X" decides to summon a miscreant out
uchikimatsu | 9th June 2014 14:30 (399 weeks ago)
Stupid phone ! Never mind what I was typing, I your idea!
nanarr | 10th June 2014 21:14 (398 weeks ago)
Dave, if pro bono doesn't work for you (although you have done a few), maybe the neighbors could take up a collection for you to deal with the neighborhood "pest" or whomever or someone could donate your fee (anonymously or whatever). Maybe the miscreant doesn't know why he's being asked(?) told(?) to come see you and learns why after he's come into your apartment (flat) so there's no getting away from his punishment! Then we see the dread, etc. on his face LOL. Still like idea of seeing him outside, though, taking Mr X's call!!
Lynne | 10th June 2014 22:10 (398 weeks ago)
Maybe a community contingency fund set aside for Mr X for those unplanned "just in case you catch them and we don't" kinds of punishments :)
uchikimatsu | 12th June 2014 10:50 (398 weeks ago)
I like thisgood too! I was thinking what would happen if one of the Magic Factory boys were in the U.K. on vacation and causing mischief, that's a good pro
uchikimatsu | 12th June 2014 10:58 (398 weeks ago)
I like this too! I was thinking what would happen if one of the Magic Factory boys were in the U.K. on vacation and causing mischief, that's a good pro bono case! So some pro bono and a contingency fund will give Mr. X plenty of reasons to summon victims to his layer!
uchikimatsu | 12th June 2014 11:05 (398 weeks ago)
Seriously? I know how to spell "lair," but my phone autocorrects everything, even correctly spelled words!!
Silverking | 20th January 2014 13:33

I've joined temporarily, I don’t actually have any interest in spanking . I joined because there were a few guys that I just fancy :) Obviously you need to cater to your niche but I think having situations where you have them maybe playing with themselves, talking dirty (similar to the Lee and Dom video), webcaming/skyping or even caught with another girl or guy prior to the punishment will broaden the appeal of the site a little bit more?

Also I’d recommend having streaming as an option rather than having to download.

Once I’ve let the current subscription expire I’ll no doubt come back in a few months time to see some of the new content.

It is a great little site and I admire your openness and the way you interact with the members. You don’t see it often on adult sites!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 27th January 2014 13:03 (418 weeks ago)
Hi Silverking! Well sometimes soon I will be opening a new site called Straight Lads Wank which I have a feeling you might enjoy. Also, streaming is something I am working on as we speak so watch this space! :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:42 (399 weeks ago)
and the streaming is now up and running! :)
venezuela | 14th January 2014 23:03
sorry i mean the spanker very older and the spanking young
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd May 2014 00:05 (404 weeks ago)
Thanks, I will look into having older Spankers!
uchikimatsu | 2nd May 2014 02:22 (404 weeks ago)
Clark :-D
tinhead | 9th June 2014 19:36 (399 weeks ago)
I'm liking the younger spanking younger - along with the goold old fashioned Mr X movies Dave! Keep it up!
venezuela | 14th January 2014 23:02
is possible to see the spanker spanking young and old? No longer like to see the young spanker. Thanks to the site and 'beautiful continue the series with straight guys.
liuhaoda | 13th January 2014 11:51
Will Karl and Clark come back in the future?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd May 2014 00:04 (404 weeks ago)
Very good questions! Karl is uncertain. Clark is possible. I just don;t know what to do with Clark. Any ideas?
uchikimatsu | 2nd May 2014 02:20 (404 weeks ago)
Hi there,
Can you use Clark as a spanker? Somewhere around here I was reading that there was a plot bunny hopping around for George as a step-father, but he was too young, and someone here was just complaining about too much Mr. X (impossible, I say!) So.... Clark sounds like a natural fit as a spanker, no?
nanarr | 22nd May 2014 22:53 (401 weeks ago)
There's never too much Mr X, Chiki (may I call you that?), but just for a little variety (if it's not too cost prohibitive) Clark does seem a natural fit as a spanker. Perhaps he could play a step-father, teacher, uncle, band or office manager, etc? Maybe George has been late for band practice once too often? I'm dying to see George again (especially as the spanker). If it's not too far-fetched, possibly Clark hasn't been doing such a good job as band manager, etc. and George takes action?

By the way, will we be seeing more of Ben (as spankee or spanker, he's good at either. In fact, he's good if he just stands there ... am I the only one who's noticed his eyelashes? They're so thick and long, just wonderful). I hope he'll still be making movies with you, Dave (may I call you that instead of Mr X?
uchikimatsu | 23rd May 2014 03:34 (401 weeks ago)
nanarr, please do call me chiki, thanks, and I agree, I'll never tire of Mr. X! Poor Dave does his best to please all of us and our twisted little fantasies, doesn't he? AtIts sometimes hard to keep track of the comments, so at one point I thought he said he was looking into older spankers, which is when I suggested Clark. Then I thought I saw him comment that he was moving away from older spankers (Dr. Barton, I presumed.)

Not sure I'd enjoy George as a spanker, at least not yet. I think he's got a few more spankings coming his way before graduating, lol!

I've also been thinking about a riff off of what r1108 suggested about being summoned to Mr. X. If we took that one step further you'd have someone showing up voluntarily to be disciplined. I got that idea also from Sebastian-Can't Take the Guilt. That scenario wouldn't fly with cocky young lads, but could work for an older model like Clark with some experience and wisdom under his hat.

I miss Karl. Have you watched his interview? I can't say enough about it, really. What a great kid. And yes, Ben, with the eyes. Scrumptious.

Well, we have a new model to look forward to, a righteous bath brush beating on Wayne, and of course, Oliver, which should be epic. Good times, good times.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:39 (399 weeks ago)
Hmmmmmm, so I'm afraid Karl wont be coming back to film any more movies, however, I'm trying to get him to come back for an interview. I still can't quite work out what to do with Clark. Having met him, I just don't see him as being a strong enough character to be a spanker. He is there wanting to film and I just can't properly see it in my head! Sorry! Oh and Ben, sadly has slipped off the radar!
r1108 | 8th January 2014 19:32
An observation leading to a suggestion for Patrick's next shoot :). At the end of the vids; the first where Andy introduces Patrick and where Oliver first introduces Fred, both older brothers allowed the younger siblings to leave the room first. Andy actually stepped back to allow Patrick through and Oliver hesitated long enough to let Fred take the lead out the door. Given this idea of older sibling protecting younger, perhaps Patrick could be seen dealing with a bully that has latched onto Dan.
flashgordon | 8th January 2014 23:29 (420 weeks ago)
I really like this idea, of the older brother giving the younger brother's bully his just deserts. It appeals in lots of ways!

A thing I would love to see is some of the younger lads in school uniform - present-day style blazer, white shirt, school tie, dark trousers - but obviously, CP in an actual school setting wouldn't be realistic nowadays. This could be perfect for it. Dan and the bully, coming out of school in their uniform; older brother Patrick, obviously past school age: perhaps Patrick happens to be coming from work, in jeans with a nice big leather belt, when he catches the bully, and the belt is what the bully gets, over the tight seat of his school trousers - at least to start with...
r1108 | 8th January 2014 23:57 (420 weeks ago)
:)..I was trying to think of something that wouldn't necessarily require Dan to appear given his distance from Patrick and Andy. Was thinking along the lines of said bully being in London and being located by Patrick in a pub or some such.
flashgordon | 9th January 2014 08:59 (420 weeks ago)
That's a good idea too! I think this theme has lots of possibilities. That, for Patrick and Dan, and perhaps my variation using Oliver and Fred? A series: "Don't pick on my little brother"!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd May 2014 00:03 (404 weeks ago)
Hi guys! Ok, I like this idea too! I'm really going to work on this one! :)
uchikimatsu | 23rd May 2014 03:37 (401 weeks ago)
@r1108 - I love that you picked up on such subtle interaction between the brothers, and I adore your idea
tinhead | 9th June 2014 19:32 (399 weeks ago)
I'm jumping on the bandwagon here and saying what an excellent idea this is. Especially if Patrick is going to take the reigns! ;o)
nanarr | 10th June 2014 21:44 (398 weeks ago)
I want to jump on the bandwagon, too,Tinhead, and love the idea of Patrick taking the bully over his knee and dishing out hand, belt (or both) punishment.

Really like this scenario, Flashgordon and Lynne ... great ideas!!

Dave, you know we're looking to you to make this happen LOL!!! Love ya, Dave!
090406 | 7th January 2014 11:05
Dave your site is hot but using mr x too much waters down your site and can you get some diversity on here a hot Latino and or more black guys with some nice asses at least. Most spanking site feature white twinks and this gets so old and tired over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over get the hint ....................
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd May 2014 00:01 (404 weeks ago)
Hi 090406. Ok so let me address both points here. First of all, about Mr X. The truth is this site all comes from myself. I persuade the models to film because they build a relationship with me and trust me. Also, not having Mr X would involve paying another model and it's really tight as it is. So I'm afraid that me being in the movies is very much an integral part of SLS. Mr X is here to stay! Though I do try and make things like Spank Jenga, Stolen Holiday Money and Brother in Charge that don't involve me being in them...... As for the site being full of twinks, I disagree. Andy, Bailey, Clark, Tony, Lewis, Patrick, Dale and Oliver are not what I would call 'twinks'
nanarr | 22nd May 2014 22:31 (401 weeks ago)
Dave, they are definitely NOT twinks, and I'd love to see their reaction if someone was silly enough to call them that!
staninwpa | 6th January 2014 16:56
First, thanks for all the good work. We appreciate it. I like the idea that unlike most other male-male spanking sites, your guys are straight and there is no sex included in the scene. I much prefer watching a "discipline" type spanking. Right now, my one suggestion is that when you release a shoot in stages (part one, part two, etc), like the recent Spank Jenga video, could you give us an idea when you will finish releasing the other parts? Frankly, I move the clips to DVD and clear my hard drive, and I want to have the complete set of videos together. Finally, please try to get Karl back. He is awesome.
Best wishes to you and the guys for the New Year.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st May 2014 23:55 (404 weeks ago)
staninwpa Ok I do understand your request about wanting to know when the multi part movies will be released. I wish I could, but the truth is I just can't always plan that far ahead. My movie released schedule changes about twice a week and sometimes on the day of release. Sorry.... Oh and I'm trying to get Karl back! No luck so far but hopefully it will work out!
tinhead1 | 5th January 2014 10:17
Hi Dave, a suggestion from me is a 'Bully Beats Brat' series (or similarly titled). Similar to the 'Stolen Holiday Money' series, but these would not be all for the same reason. The guys can be rotated, giving every lad a chance to play the 'top' or 'sub'. There could be as much or as little storyline as needed; this series would after all be about bullying through spanking
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th January 2014 18:50 (421 weeks ago)
Thanks tinhead1, I'm not sure what you think about this idea, but I have been planning to do a series of movies similar to Paddle Dare. The main difference would be that there would be no real set-up for it and it would it would be run simply as an endurance test! So for example the lads simply trade one spank each and keep on going until one admits defeat! The loser would then also have to submit to a 1 minute OTK spanking form the winner.... Oh and then the winner would stay on and do the same with another lad and this will continue until he is beaten! :)
r1108 | 5th January 2014 23:12 (421 weeks ago)
Hmmm...a spanking game show :). One more twist; the implements are written down and chosen at random. By Mr X for the first run and the "challenger" for subsequent runs.
tinhead1 | 6th January 2014 01:58 (421 weeks ago)
Liking the idea Dave - it could be done with shorter OTK bursts of spanking too but both will work and could be randomly chosen between somehow, as r1108 suggests above. Whatever way it works, I'm sure the testosterone will fly as usual as the guys try to outdo each other!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st May 2014 22:49 (404 weeks ago)
Actually tinhead1, I have been struggling how to make this work as I was thinking single spanks would end up being dull. But I like the idea of short OTK spankings. Even if they are just 10 or 20 seconds each. I'm really going to try this idea out!
tinhead | 4th June 2014 21:49 (399 weeks ago)
Ooh, any update on this Dave? Even a cryptic reply? :o)

Loving the way you were still considering and responding to member's suggestions nearly four months later!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2014 23:41 (399 weeks ago)
No need for an update Tinhead! The movie is out there! :)
r1108 | 4th January 2014 23:18
A few possibles:

The first would require roping in another person, possibly Dr Barton or Danny. Have one of them, with the model in question standing there and listening, make the phone call to Mr X to report them and schedule their meeting; maybe have them pass the phone to the model to set that "fear of Mr X" anticipation; then the shoot.

The second, one of the lads borrows Mr X's vehicle, with permission, and returns it with the gas tank on empty which in turn makes Mr X late for an appointment of some sort due to running out of gas while on the way to fill up.

Given some of the team concepts presented, a shoot related to hazing might be a possibility though it may require more of a group atmosphere.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th January 2014 18:44 (421 weeks ago)
Thanks r1108, funnily enough I have always been interested in shooting something where we see the lad getting sent to Mr X. The closet I think I got to that was Consequences of Cheating when coach Bailey call's Karl's Dad and Karl gets told to wait in his bedroom for Dad to come home...
flashgordon | 4th January 2014 19:38
Two suggestions for spanking straight lads. And for scenes employing Bailey, whom we haven't seen much lately.

(1) White tennis shorts make an attractive target, provided they are well fitting and not baggy.
Bratty young tennis player (played by one of your young lads) storms in, in a mood, having just thrown another tantrum on court. But he's sworn at the Umpire once too often. His Coach storms in after him. Or maybe it's the Umpire he just insulted, coming to look for him after the match. Anyway, it's Bailey. "You foul-mouthed little brat! It's about time you learned some respect" - and he hauls him over his knee and administers a course of anger management training to the seat of those cute little shorts. Maybe you could prepare something along these lines for release at the end of June, to tie in with Wimbledon fortnight?

(2) Two beefy rugby players (Bailey and Andy?) in their team strip. The Team Captain (Bailey) is "having a word" with a player (Andy) who has let the team down in some way (You'll think of something, I know). "Where I come from," he says, "Guys used to get caned for that." And he brings out a cane, and makes Andy bend over a chair.
Imagine the figure of Andy, bending right over the chair, his already snug-fitting rugby shorts now stretched to ultimate tightness over his manly buttocks.
Imagine getting a full-on caning from Bailey! Wow....Poor Andy!

If you manage to find your changing-room location (ref. the comment in the Interview) these would obviously be ideal for it. But I think they would also work fine in the set you used for "Coach Bailey's Office" when he was giving Karl the Consequences of Cheating.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th January 2014 18:41 (421 weeks ago)
Thanks FlashGordon for the ideas. Straight Lads Spanked is not too far from Wimbledon either. Maybe I could recruit a real life tennis player!!!! :)
iloveabba2 | 2nd January 2014 17:02
Hi Mr X / Dave.

I like your site. i've just turned 30 and only discovered the spanking thing this past few months. i like that your site isnt sleazy (or its not really gay either) and you seem to treat the lads with respect.

i hope its okay to make a few suggestions.
Could you maybe re-edit the video of Liam in prison and change it back to colour.
I was thinking would there be any merit in releasing the unedited videos maybe as a bonus mid week item.
Or how about a photo of each model and a very short biography - age etc
Perhaps maybe a short interview with each new model before and after their first film shoot and they could introduce themselves, again as a possible mid week bonus item release. I know i've come back to that twice but i'm not very sure once a week is enough for a new release.
oh! the other site you have Straight Lads W*** i was thinking it could be an idea to combine the two sites into one. which would allow you to have more than one release every week. Sorry! to come back to that but i had to get it in as a suggestion one more time. lol
The last suggestion is Dave please consider keeping Mr X I think its just better that way.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd January 2014 23:34 (421 weeks ago)
Hey iloveabba2! It's great to have you onboard! Ok, so here is a response.... You are not the first person to ask for the Liam Prison movie in colour. To be honest though, it would require a full re0edit from scratch and I'm just not sure I can justify that as I have so many new movies that need editing. I'm also afraid that I won't be releasing unedited versions of the movies on a regular basis. I will be doing it once to give you all an idea of how it all happens, however I wont be releasing that for every movie. I've seen another site do something similar and to be honest, I think it just ruins the finished movie.

As for one movie a week not being enough. It's a fair comment and I don't blame you for wanting more. But the simple truth is that financially I could not afford to release two movies a week. The whole MM Spanking scene seems to have quite a small audience and there is simply not enough return to cover the cost of 2 movies a week (or 104 a year)! If you are in the UK and you purchase the Super Saver membership it costs just £18.98 a month! Which works out at just £4.38 a movie! I think that is great value to be honest. It's a great point about the adding photos of the models. I can do that on the models page. I just need to get round to it! I'm doing a lot more mini interviews like the one I released with Patrick recently so you will see more of them appear!

Straight Lads Wank will be very separate. One lesson I learned very on was to find the niche and stick to it. Turning the Spanking site into a Wanking site would be confusing and a big mistake! Watch this space though as I'm really working on that at the moment and it should be live real soon! :)Oh and Mr X will always be around! Don;t worry about that! :)
james | 3rd January 2014 01:04 (421 weeks ago)
Thanks for saying where to find it. I can understand about the pictures but with the lads being so competitive I just wondered if it was possible. Epecially now Dom has become the latest one to complete 2 spankings in one day, don't know how they do it lol.

The site is defiantly value for money with the 1 movie a week. Some sites charge more than the monthly fee on here for just 1 movie.
If you are changing the models page could you say which movies were there first ones?

Looking forward to the new venture and hopefully its as real as this one.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st May 2014 22:51 (404 weeks ago)
Hmmm, I'm working on changing the model pages now. I'm not sure I can release them in the order that they were released but I will look into it... :)
james | 1st January 2014 23:32
Hi Dave

Where can you access this other than the link from the interview.

I hope people use this.

I really like the interviews from the model when they talk about the spanking they receive and makes it more realer and like seeing the results a while after. I know it is not possible to do this for each movie but I wonder if after the video a few pictures shots could be added like later that day,1 day later 2 day later etc
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2014 23:58 (421 weeks ago)
Hey James, I've made this blog a lot more accessible, though you will always find it by clicking on the 'Blog' button on the website. I am doing more and more interviews with the models after the spanking. As for getting pictures days after the event? Well I have a few from unreleased movies that I will publish but it really is not easy for me to obtain. The models do the shoot, collect their wage and leave. Trying to get them to take selfie pics of their bottoms later is not easy, in fact, trying to take a pic of your own, bruised bottom is not easy anyway. However, I like these pics too and will try my best to get them. This spanking stuff is very new to me and it is actually useful for me to see pics of how a certain implement has left it's mark..... :)
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