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13th November 2014 16:27 | LAST COMMENT 335 weeks ago

This is the place where you can writie your own Straight Lads Spanked stories!

Hunter | 23rd May 2015 09:19
Two friends discussing Mr X

Wayne was meeting his friend Dom at the local park and when they met up Wayne was still rubbing his backside from his spanking he had just received from Mr X and Dom see's his friend rubbing his bottom and say's"did your dad do this to you Wayne" Wayne Replied " No Dom a Mr X did it".

Dom says " I have a meeting with this Mr X in ten minutes". Wane says to hjs best friend " You better go he's a very harsh on who is late for a meeting and also do exactly what he says or you might get extra spanks" the two friends says their goodbyes and Dom goes for his meeting with Mr X.

Dom goes into Mr X house and he tell what he did wrong and Mr X says " Right young man this will not take long so go to the chair and bend over and drop your trouser's and underwear" remembering what Wayne told him he obeyed straight away.

Dom got a sound and painful spanking and then Mr X says "Smoking is not acceptable if do it again I will use my belt on your bare bottom".

Dom says " I promise sir I never smoke again".

Mr X Says "That's the end of the matter now boy you may put on your clothes and in a few minutes you may leave".

After ten minutes Mr x says " Okay Dom you may leave and remember next time your up before me its the belt".

Dom replied "I try and behave sir because I don't want the belt".

Dom leaves Mr X house crying and rubbing his heavily spanked bottom.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th March 2015 19:50
Hmmmmm, did Nick just swear in front of Mr X? Oops!!!!
uchikimatsu | 24th March 2015 20:02 (343 weeks ago)
Ha ha! I want Cheryl to write Mr. X faithful to her own interpretation, but I guess I was hoping for a little face smooshing. Face smooshing is my favorite. I love face smooshing like Rasputin loves Speedos...
Cherylkay | 24th March 2015 20:51 (343 weeks ago)
Way to keep me on my toes, Chiki lol. I hate swearing even more than Mr. X does...hmmm, wonder if Nick will earn the belt on his first visit?
uchikimatsu | 24th March 2015 20:55 (343 weeks ago)
Cherylkay | 24th March 2015 21:32 (343 weeks ago)
It's not unheard of, Chiki ;)
uchikimatsu | 18th November 2014 15:53
Truth, Justice, and the American"
----------------------------------------------------Stepping from the dark interior of the pub into the bright mid-day sun,
Nick pushed the aviator style sunglasses down onto his nose from where they were resting in the honey colored curls atop his head.   He watched curiously while the large white envelop passed from one hand to the other as his friend swiped damp palms over skinny, jean-clad thighs. As soon as the package had been handed to the lanky boy, he turned and ushered Nick out of the pub without a word.  Now, stealing glances from behind his sunglasses, Nick could see the envelop trembling in his mate’s grip.

Standing near the billiards table and leaning casually on his cue stick, Nick watched the frantic gestures between the other boy and the proprietor, a stout frizzy-haired woman with the face of a girl and hands of an old washer-woman, until she lifted the receiver from an ancient rotary phone sitting on the bar.  The woman, red-faced and pinch-mouthed, waved the receiver inches from his friend’s nose before using it to point to the front door. With what Nick guessed was a rude gesture, the boy turned and stomped toward the door, envelop in one hand and Nick’s elbow in the other.
He allowed himself to be steered from the pub, shrugging off the grip once they hit the stone walkway with the entrance door safely between themselves and the crazy-haired woman behind the bar.

“What was that all about?” he asked, watching his friend wipe at beads of moisture forming in the dark, neatly trimmed hairline of his neck.

“We have to go see someone,” his friend answered, lifting the envelop and giving it a little shake, as if that should make everything clear to Nick.

“Okay,” Nick answered, drawing out the vowels in puzzlement.  “Like, right now? Who do we have to see?”
Ooleary | 18th November 2014 23:33 (361 weeks ago)
Quit talking about the weather on the random blog and finish the story ...PLEASE ...
uchikimatsu | 18th November 2014 23:43 (361 weeks ago)
@Orla - just waiting on my girl, @Cheryl so we can continue. I would just ask one thing though. We both welcome any commentary, kudos, or gentle criticism, but when making comments would everyone mind very much to create a new comment rather than replying to the main story thread? This is only so that we can keep the flow and have the story complete under one thread. That will make it much easier to read the story as a whole. THANK YOU!
Cherylkay | 19th November 2014 01:56 (361 weeks ago)
"We've been reported," his friend said. "There's a man who...sorts things out. We'd better go straightaway though. He doesn't like to be kept waiting."

Mr. X took the ringing phone from his pocket and looked at the number. It was one he knew well. It was Mrs. Turner from the pub down the road. She was always hysterical and if there was one thing he hated, it was an hysterical woman.
"Hello, Mrs. Turner," he said. "How are you?"
"I rue the day I put those tables in," she replied. "They're nothing but trouble. I'm sending two lads to you; a couple of right hustlers they were, too."
"Calm down and start at the beginning," Mr. X said, sitting down in case he was in for a shock.
"I know the game," Mrs. Turner said. "Those boys thought I didn't know what they were up to. They waited until the other lads had had a couple pints and then asked for a game. I'm not sure who did the asking, but the other lads agreed. They acted all clumsy, like they didn't know how to play. Got 'em drinkin' and talkin', just like mates. That one lad, the blond one with the fancy shades, he knows his way around, there's no doubt of that. They took those lads for a hundred quid at least."
"Are you saying the boys conned those other guys?" Mr. X asked.
"That's exactly what I'd call it," she raved.
But Mr. X heard another voice in the background, arguing. And he knew that voice well. He knew the lad had a history of stealing, but he never had him figured as a pool hustler.
"You shut it!" Mrs. Turner said to the boy who was arguing. "And get going!"
"Mrs. Turner, pool hustling is a bit outside of what I normally deal with," Mr. X told her.
"Well, those other lads were spoilin' for a fight," she said. "There was nearly a riot. I had to talk fast to get those lads to leave in peace. Who would've paid for the damages?I told 'em go see Mr. X or I call the police. This is a respectable place, I'll have you know."
"Right, Mrs. Turner," Mr. X said, "I'll take care of it."
"I'm sending double your usual fee on account of there's two of 'em," she said. "You wanna watch that other one as well. He's got a nasty gob on him and he likes to argue. You tell those lads they're never to set foot in here again."
"It'll be alright," Mr. X assured her. "I'll give you a ring to let you know they've gone through with it."
"What if they don't" she asked.
"They will," he replied. "In all the years I've been doing this I've never seen one lad take the alternative."
"Oh well, cheers then," she said and hung up.
Pub fights. Why was it always pub fights with these lads? He had to admire Mrs. Turner's pluck. Not many women would have been able to talk two guys who'd just been cheated out of a hundred pounds out of taking it out on the perpetrators. He put on his mask and waited for the knock on his door.
uchikimatsu | 24th November 2014 20:13 (360 weeks ago)
“Alright,” Nick said, noting the way his friend's eyes did not meet his own.  A man who sorts things out sounded like they were on their way to a Magistrate or some kind of village mediator and didn’t explain at all the obvious anxiety in his friend.  Nick wondered if money was the problem.  If they were going to be fined he would certainly spot his mate a few bucks until the next drunken sucker bet his rent money that the American kid couldn’t play a decent game of billiards.

“Listen, Dom, slow down.” With one hand rammed in his jeans pocket and eyes affixed to the pavement, the boy was practically trotting to their appointment. Nick, possessing neither Dom’s height nor wiry frame was laboring to keep pace.  He stopped and grabbed at Dom’s arm.

“Listen, man, its ok. I can pay the fines, you know I can.”
Cherylkay | 25th November 2014 23:33 (360 weeks ago)
Dom managed to scoff at the notion that the man they were meeting was a magistrate and they were heading off to pay a fine.
"Look, mate," he said, his eyes still firmly fixed on the pavement, "we're not gonna get fined.You'll wish we were though, trust me."
Dom had seen the community punisher on many occasions and knew exactly how he would deal with a situation like this one. What he didn't know was how to tell his friend. He braced himself for the questions that Nick would surely have.

At his flat, Mr. X looked at his watch. The pub was just down the road so it shouldn't take them long to arrive. He shook his head at the thought that he would, once again, be dealing with Dom.
uchikimatsu | 3rd December 2014 20:04 (359 weeks ago)
This definitely wasn’t how their fun afternoon in the pub was supposed to go.  Just watching Dom’s shaking hands and the way his shoulders bunched with tension made Nick want to bolt, and he didn’t even know where they were going.

“Dude,” he said, landing a playful punch on Dom’s bicep, “It’s all good!” It sounded considerably more cheerful than he felt, and he noted with some
satisfaction the tiny curl shaping one side of his friend’s mouth.

“As long as the cops aren’t involved,” he added quietly. “If I get in trouble with the law The Colonel will kill me, dude. Seriously. Dead.” He was exaggerating, but not by much. “Boy, you better pray for God’s intervention if you ever bring that kind of embarrassment to the family!” Nick stopped, shocked at how much like his father he sounded.  He ducked his head to catch Dom’s eyes, apparently still busy studying the sidewalk.

“Oh my god, I’m turning into The Colonel,” he said, shaking his head as if to dislodge any of his father’s traits from his brain.

“Seriously,” he said again, “He’ll stop paying for my college, the car, the debit card, and probably even kick me to the curb.”

Nick knew it was unlikely his father would throw him out of the house, but it was a lot less embarrassing than admitting your dad would kick your ass. The Colonel would probably be too concerned about what other families on the base would think if he turned his own son out of the house but wouldn’t think twice about baring Nick’s bottom and strapping it with his belt.

Blushing at the thought of what awaited him if he was ever brought home by the police, he turned his face away from Dom.  “C’mon, Dom,” he said, tugging on the thin boy’s sleeve to get him moving again.

“It’s all good.”  This time it didn’t sound quite as cheerful.
Cherylkay | 3rd December 2014 23:20 (359 weeks ago)
For the first time since they left the pub, Dom's eyes met his friend's.
"Look, it's not all good, mate," he told him. "I mean, yeah, the cops aren't involved, but we're not getting away scot free. You don't know what this guy's like. He makes the meanest dad in the world seem like Father Christmas."

Mr. X was growing impatient for the lads' arrival. No doubt, they were trying to delay the inevitable. He knew Dom's penchant for not telling his friends what they were in for the first time they came for the first time. He also had a hunch that Dom, while he may have been guilty of many things, probably wasn't the main culprit this time.
uchikimatsu | 5th December 2014 16:37 (359 weeks ago)
“Well,” Nick started with a tilt of his head, “clearly, you haven’t met MY father.”

It wasn’t that The Colonel ruled his house with an iron fist exactly; he did, after all, support Nick’s choice to make a career outside the military.  But his parents had a few immutable expectations of him and his younger brother, and when those expectations went unmet justice was swift and certain.

“Listen, dude, my dad is really strict, ok?” Nick blushed again with the admission. “So whoever this guy is can’t be THAT bad.  I mean, I’m nineteen and still have to follow his rules as long I’m living there.”  He hoped embarrassing himself like that would at least make Dom feel a little better and distract him. “ I still, you know, get punished sometimes,” he said quietly, suddenly finding interest in his shoes. “Your dad is cool, though.  I mean he lets you have friends over, and lets us have a drink if we ask.  That’s pretty chill.”
Cherylkay | 15th December 2014 05:15 (357 weeks ago)
Dom looked at Nick and shook his head. "You think your dad is tougher than mine?" he asked. "Believe me, you don't wanna be around when he finds out about this. He'll hit the roof, mate. Sure, my dad's not military like yours, but he's strict enough, believe me."
Dom's expression softened.
"The strange thing is, my dad can be a pretty reasonable bloke," he explained, "letting me have a drink when I get his permission and having friends over. But when I do something this, he totally changes. I don't honestly know which is gonna be worse; seeing Mr. X or facing my dad later. He'll be gutted, that much I'm sure of."
uchikimatsu | 15th December 2014 18:21 (357 weeks ago)
Nick had no intention of getting into a "my Dad can beat up your Dad" discussion with Dom. He was certain he could easily win that argument, but not without revealing to his friend that he was still occasionally spanked at home, and that was just NOT going to happen.

"Well, you don't have to tell him, right? Maybe we can just deal with this Mr. X situation ourselves and he never has to find out." It had sounded like a reasonable plan for both of them, but when Dom threw a withering look back at him, Nick sighed loudly.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. The Colonel will know something is up the minute I walk in the door."

**And I can't lie to him** Nick thought, shaking his head at the very notion.

Nick jogged a few steps to catch up with Dom, whose stride contained an urgency Nick didn't really understand.

"Dude, where're we going, anyway? We need to catch a bus or something?"
Cherylkay | 16th December 2014 19:12 (357 weeks ago)
"No, we're close to his flat," Dom replied.
He didn't want Nick to know how familiar he was with the area, with Mr. X and with what was about to happen to them.
"Anyway," Dom went on, "I can't take the chance of my dad finding out about this from someone else. We've had a few go rounds because he says I don't talk to him enough about things. If he hears about this from someone else...well, let's just say it's been good knowing you."
He managed a laugh. It wasn't much of a laugh and was a bit on the nervous side, but he wanted to lighten the situation a bit. He couldn't help noticing that his friend looked preoccupied and was racing to keep up with him so he slowed his stride as they approached the estate where the dreaded Mr. X lived. He grabbed Nick by the upper arm as he caught up with him.
"See here," he said pointing, "that's where he lives."
uchikimatsu | 19th December 2014 19:41 (357 weeks ago)
Nick looked up to see a typical apartment complex, or estate as he sometimes heard his friends describe it, of several innocuous multi-story brick-faced buildings.   Bright blue handrails secured narrow walkways connecting each neighbor’s front door.  The complex looked cheerful and well kept; not the kind of place he would expect to cause his friend quiver with fear.

Dom’s reluctance to get his dad involved was something Nick understood very well, but being so nervous about seeing this Mr. X guy didn’t make much sense.  What could this person do or say that could possibly be any worse than facing The Colonel with a hustling or bar brawl complaint?

“No use standing here and gazing at Mordor from afar, I need to get back to the shire by nine to finish studying for classes tomorrow. C’mon, Aragorn.”

He waited for the inevitable eye-roll from Dom that was the only acknowledgment of his brilliant Lord of the Ring references.  He guessed Dom wasn’t a fan and seemed embarrassed when Nick mentioned Frodo or Gandalf around others, so Nick made sure he had a line from the movies ready to recite loudly in public at the most clever times.

Calling Dom by Aragorn was no random choice; to Nick, Dom did seem kind of like the Aragorn of his mates.  While he and Dom became good friends right away, the rest of his crew didn’t seem to like him much, especially Harry. While Nick and Harry were similar in height, Harry seemed to hold the theory that Nick was slightly taller than him on purpose.  He occasionally wondered what Harry would think if he knew Nick thought of him as Gimli.
Cherylkay | 19th December 2014 21:55 (357 weeks ago)
"This isn't a joke, Nick," Dom told him.
He turned and looked at his friend face-to-face for probably the first time since they'd left the pub. He couldn't put it off anymore. He had to tell Nick exactly what was going to happen in that flat once they got inside. But how to tell him? He wanted Nick to understand the seriousness of the situation, but at the same time, not treat it like it was life or death. He had to find some kind of balance.
"You see that door with the red flower on it?" Dom asked. "That's his flat. I've put off telling you what's gonna happen to us, but I can't put it off any longer, can I?"
There was no chickening out now. He hoped that Nick wouldn't ask a ton of questions once he'd told him what they were in for.
uchikimatsu | 14th March 2015 00:16 (345 weeks ago)
With an exaggerated sigh, Nick threw his hands into the air. They floated above his head a few beats before he let them drop to his thighs with a soft thud.

“Yeah, alright, Dom,” he said irritably. His friends anxiety was beginning to wear on his ordinarily affable nature.

“For the crime of hustling a few pounds off some drunken idiots we're going to see a man in an apartment, with a pretty flower on the door, that will, what, push bamboo sticks under our fingernails? Pluck out the short 'n curlies? Strap us down for some good ol' fashioned Chinese water torture?”

“Come on, dude,” Nick implored, “this is London, not Singapore.”
Cherylkay | 17th March 2015 16:24 (344 weeks ago)
"Right, mate," Dom said, looking at his friend with sad eyes, "it's time to tell you what's gonna happen. There won't be any joking when we go in. Mr. X is the name of the man who lives here. We don't know his real name so don't ask. Here's what's gonna happen to us--we're both gonna get spanked hard, probably I'll get it harder coz I've seen him so many times."
He noticed the immediate change in Nick's demeanor when he told him. Dom was relieved it was out. The best way, he'd felt, was to come right out and say it.
"It'll be painful and embarrassing," Dom went on. "But at least the police won't be involved."
Nick's face bore an expression of...what was it? Not panic. Not alarm. What was it? It looked like horror.
"For God's sake, say something!" Dom said.
uchikimatsu | 17th March 2015 17:51 (344 weeks ago)
Quickly turning away, Nick scanned the sidewalk for something to focus on. He had been walking beside Dom, watching his friend grow more anxious as they approached the building while he was more curious than nervous about what fate awaited them. Suddenly, the tips of Nick’s ears were burning and he decided the way the sunlight caught the pointed toes of his snakeskin boots was fascinating. His friend just told him they were both about to be spanked by some mysterious man in a suburban London apartment. Realizing that Dom was again a few strides ahead of him he quickened his pace to catch up while trying to make sense of it all.

“I…,” he started, meaning to tell Dom that he didn’t believe him and ask if this was some kind of joke. Nick desperately wished it was a joke, but the worry on his mate’s face confirmed the worst.

“But I’m…” he said, instinctually wanting to declare his American citizenship, as if it implied impunity from all things un-American. That would have earned him more than a stern glare from The Colonel.

“No.” Nick stopped and folded his arms across his chest making the sweat from his body soak into his white t-shirt. “It’s not right. I mean, how did we get sentenced without a trial? Where’s our…” Nick hesitated, wishing he paid more attention in civics class. “…our due process?”

He didn’t actually want any kind of due process because that would involve the police or the court system, which in turn would involve The Colonel putting a size twelve foot, almost certainly donned in a freshly shined combat boot, up Nick’s ass. “That’s just weird. I’ve lived all over Europe and never heard of this kind of thing,” he protested, actively avoiding the word spanking so he wouldn’t blush again.
Cherylkay | 17th March 2015 18:38 (344 weeks ago)
Dom would have had to have been blind not to notice the way his friend blushed at the mention of the punishment they were about to receive. He had blushed to the tips of his ears. The blush told Dom that spanking probably wasn't totally foreign to Nick. That was a relief because Dom didn't want to have explain the technicalities to Nick.
"We weren't sentenced," Dom replied. "We have a choice, you know? We don't have to go through with it, but you know if we don't that old shrike WILL call the police on us. Believe me, as horrible as it is, I'd much rather deal with Mr. X than the cops. I'd rather deal with my dad than the cops. You don't realize what a break we caught getting sent to Mr. X."
Dom softened, looking at his American friend with both pity and understanding.
"Look, Nick, I understand what you're feeling right now, really I do," he assured him. "We all feel that way the first time we get sent to him. As unpleasant as this may be, it's way better than calling our dads from the cop shop."
He noticed that Nick was inspecting his boots while he talked, as if avoiding looking at him would make Nick forget what was about to happen.
"There are ways to make this easier and less painful," Dom told him. "Don't swear, for one thing. He hates that. Also, don't laugh. He spanks harder if he thinks you're not taking it seriously. And whatever you do, look at him when he talks to you."
Dom's own nerves were getting the better of him. He felt the best thing to do was to just get it over with. But Nick looked like he wanted to pit it off for as long as possible.
uchikimatsu | 17th March 2015 19:53 (344 weeks ago)
“I really don’t understand,” Nick said, shoving his hands into the tight pockets of his Levi’s. “I thought this sort of thing was outlawed here.” He risked a glance at Dom. “I mean, that bar maid knew about this Mr. X guy, and you said you’ve been here a bunch of times, so does that mean all the people around here know what happens and they’re all just cool with it? How come this guy never got arrested or something?” He doubted The Colonel would even blink at the news that his son was spanked by another adult for misbehaving. In fact, Nick mused, he would probably shake the guy’s hand and offer him a cigar. But he’d also seen plenty of outraged parents, puffed up with the righteous indignation that anyone would presume to say their child was not perfect and somehow possess the impudence to correct the behavior. He’d seen it happen at his old school in the states where paddling was an option for discipline. Nick discovered the hard way that a spanking at school meant double at home and his first paddling at school had been his last.

He could certainly relate to Dom’s preferences, but if his friend was this nervous going to see Mr. X, and it was the lesser of all the evils, he had to wonder just how strict Dom’s dad was. He didn’t seem like the type, but Nick considered that his Dad might still spank Dom at home too. He immediately dismissed the idea, knowing it was exceedingly unlikely in a country where spanking had been outlawed for some time.
Cherylkay | 17th March 2015 22:14 (344 weeks ago)
"I'm sure the cops know all about him," Dom replied. "He's been doing this for years. I don't know of very many guys over eighteen who haven't been spanked by Mr. X. I'm more surprised to find someone who hasn't been to see him. My own dad approves of what he does. I mean, spanking someone our age does seem a bit strange, but look at it this way: I wonder how many guys have been saved from being sent to the cops because Mr. X is there? If he wasn't here doing what he does, more guys would have a criminal record or be inside, right?"
Dom's own dad had spanked him on occasion and once put soap in his mouth in addition to the spanking, but he had no intention of telling Nick his dad still spanked him. There was no way that Nick would understand. He would probably laugh at him if he knew or ask him why he let him do it.
He noticed that, for a change, Nick was really listening to what he was saying.
"Spanking kids at home, yeah, that's pretty much illegal," Dom admitted. "But there are still parents who do it. I know if my dad told me to get over his knee or pack my bags and leave, I'd take the spanking. You probably would too, if you were being honest."
uchikimatsu | 18th March 2015 17:44 (344 weeks ago)

“Pft.” Nick barked a humorless laugh while stealing another sideways glance at his friend. If Dom knew just how close to the truth he was preaching he would have a good chuckle and probably tell his mates as well. He could only imagine the endless ribbing he’d have to endure from those guys. He’d never live it down.

“Wait, did you say just about everybody Wayne? Harry? All the lads, punished by this guy?” Nick wasn’t about to confess his own experience with spanking, but if the rest of the group had all been punished this way, even if it was by some random guy and not at home, he might have a shot at keeping his dignity. But that was only if The Colonel never found out and Nick didn’t end up walking sideways for a month.
Cherylkay | 19th March 2015 15:59 (344 weeks ago)
Now it was Dom's turn to blush, though he didn't do it often. He knew that Nick looked up to both Wayne and Harry as tough guys who could take care of themselves on the streets and in the pubs. He had personally seen Wayne threaten a guy who had made a rude comment to his (Wayne's) girlfriend. The thought of either of those guys getting spanked over the knee of another man would probably crush that admiration in Nick's eyes, although Dom didn't know Nick well enough to be sure. But he had asked, so Dom felt it was only right to be truthful.
"Yeah," Dom said, dropping his head in embarrassment, "Wayne and Harry have been to see Mr. X. Harry's been twice that I know of; once alone and once with me. Just like this time, Harry and I got sent together. As if that wasn't bad enough, when Mr. X got done with us, he made us spank each other. Then we got the strap. It was awful. Wayne's been lots of times. Once I had to go with him, too. He got the bath brush last time. He told me he had bruises from it."
He let this information sink in. He tried to place the look on his face, but his friend kept his cards close to his vest so it was hard to tell what he was feeling at that moment.

"Fred's been here, too and so has Adam. All of the guys have been here, they just don't talk about it. I mean, we talk about it with each other when we're in the pub, but we don't really talk about it to other people. Not that you and I aren't mates, but things with those guys go back a lot longer. We've known each other for a long time. It's funny, but Adam was never spanked at all growing up. His first time ever was with Mr. X. A bloke can go his whole life and never have a hand laid on him until he turns eighteen and he's old enough to get turned in to Mr. X."
Dom gave Nick a playful clap on the back.
"Look on the bright side," he said managing a laugh, "when you go back to the States, no one will ever believe you if you tell 'em about this."
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 17:36 (344 weeks ago)
Nick tried to smile, but his head was still trying to wrap itself around all Dom had just said. He tilted his head back as if imploring the sky to save him from his fate with a deadly bolt of lightning. When no lightning came, Nick’s head fell forward and a guttural little noise escaped his throat. With another sound of disgust, he turned away from Dom and walked a few steps before pivoting on the heels of his boots and aiming an angry glare at Dom.

“Bath brush? Spanking your friend in front of this guy?” The words tumbled out of Nick in a frustrated jumble. “No one’s beating me with no bath brush, dude, and you ain’t hitting me in front of that pervy old geezer, either. Fuck that, I’d rather deal with The Colonel.”

He didn’t know if that was actually true. He felt his eyes burn and well, suddenly grateful for the sunny day and a reason to wear his shades.
Cherylkay | 19th March 2015 18:28 (344 weeks ago)
Dom was caught off-guard by Nick's reaction. He had been all joking and kidding until now. Now, he looked like he wanted to bolt. It was hard to tell because of Nick's shades.
"The thing with Harry was unusual," he explained. "We'd had a fight on the pitch over a girl and we got sent to Mr. X. I guess Mr. X thought we were still mad at each other or something. He said 'If you want to hit each other so bad, then I'll let you.' It was only for one minute each, then he made us stop. And you don't have to worry about the bath brush. He only uses it in really serious circumstances. Wayne's was serious. He'd been caught stealing for the third time. Mr. X thought he deserved it."
He noted that this explanation didn't do anything to make Nick feel better.
"Look, mate, you don't have to go through with it," he said. "You've got a choice. But if you don't go through with it, he'll call Mrs. Turner and tell her. And she'll call the cops. I don't know who The Colonel is, but it can't be worse than going to jail. I told you it wouldn't be pleasant and it won't be. But he's not gonna make us spank each other. He only did that because Harry and I are meant to be mates and we were fighting. Our fight cost our team a win. I suppose he didn't know what else to do. You'll only get a hand spanking if you do what I told you--don't swear, don't make a joke of it, and look at him when he talks to you. Plus, he takes it easy on first timers. I'm probably getting it worse than you."
After an uncomfortable pause, Dom held up the envelope.
"We'd better go up," he advised. "He hates to be kept waiting."
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 20:11 (344 weeks ago)
Listening in growing horror at the details of punishments past, Nick considered facing The Colonel with the truth before that hag behind the bar had a chance to call the police. If he was honest, his dad might offer some mercy. The Colonel was not an unreasonable person, but considering his rule against doing anything that would involve local law, clemency was probably off the table at this point. Mom, he knew, felt the same way and wouldn’t offer any protection in this case.

“Trust me, dude, I have to go through with it,” Nick said solemnly. Eyeing the envelop in Dom’s hand he asked, “So, what’s in there?”
Cherylkay | 19th March 2015 20:27 (344 weeks ago)
"Two things," Dom replied. "The first thing is a letter from Mrs. Turner telling him what we did. Even though she told him on the phone, he has to have it in writing for some reason. His fee is also in there. He gets paid to do this. There's probably a double fee since there's two of us. Before we go up, there's something else I better tell you, even though I know you won't like it."
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 20:35 (344 weeks ago)
Nick was just about done digesting the fact that Mr. X got paid for his services like some kind of executioner, when Dom announced there was yet another bomb to be dropped. At least, Nick thought, he was polite about freaking me out.

“What? Just tell me, Dom. It can’t be worse than anything you’ve already told me.”
Cherylkay | 19th March 2015 20:57 (344 weeks ago)
"I'm pretty sure this will freak you out, mate," Dom said, "but the spanking will start over our jeans. But that doesn't last too long. He'll make us take our jeans off at some point and we'll get spanked on our pants. Then, after a bit of that, we'll have to take off everything. I'm sorry to just blurt it out like that, but I don't know any other way to tell you."
Dom remembered that both Wayne and Adam had been mad at him for not telling them this part. In fact, he had even told them they were getting spanked. He hadn't wanted to make the same mistake with Nick. He figured Yanks always wanted the plain, unvarnished truth.
"He'll see us naked and we'll get spanked bare bum,' he went on. "That's why I've been acting a bit wonky. I was worried about how to tell you and how you'd take it."
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 21:32 (344 weeks ago)
Nick had a momentary urge to punch Dom in the face. No wonder he waited until we were halfway up the first flight of stairs to tell me, he thought. It wasn’t Dominic’s fault, he reminded himself, none of this was. He was the one that got hot tempered. He was the one to come up with the idea to run a grift on the obviously inebriated men taunting him about his accent. Nick could take some good natured joking, but this group was relentless. Talking to each other in exaggerated American dialects probably culled from television, and none of which sounded authentic, until they asked Nick if all “poofs” spoke like him in the States. He could have cracked his pool cue over the guys head, but thought that taking his money would be better. Dom agreed that earning a few extra pounds for booze was a better idea than doing jail time for assault and battery.

“Jesus, Dom, that’s creepy. I don’t know if I can do that.”

As a tireless advocate for working efficiently, The Colonel almost always spanked Nick and his brother on their bare bottoms, but he had never stripped them naked when disciplining them. He and Dom had seen each other in the buff more than once, but to be completely naked in front of a stranger, who was also punishing you, that was too much. Nick wondered if he would make it through the experience without either punching something or crying. He wasn’t a baby, but this was all so foreign to him and he missed the States, where people had *rights* damnit. Like the right not to get your ass beat by a stranger buck nekkid in front of your friend.
Cherylkay | 19th March 2015 22:11 (344 weeks ago)
"I'm sorry, Nick," Dom said. "The whole time we've been walking, I've been trying to think of how to tell you that bit. I remember Mr. X asking me when I asked him if it could just be on my jeans if I thought he could teach me a lesson over my jeans. As much as I hate it, I have to admit he's right. Mrs. Turner isn't paying her hard earned money so we can get spanked over our jeans and then go back to the pub for a laugh. He means to make this as painful and embarrassing as possible."
The look on Nick's face was one Dom would never forget. It bespoke regret, anger, embarrassment and fear all in one. He recognized it as one he himself had worn that day at work when Adam had told him he was turning him in to Mr. X. He felt betrayed. And Dom was pretty sure that's how Nick felt, too.
"I didn't tell Wayne or Adam what was in store their first times," Dom went on, "and they were both furious with me. So I decided you deserved better. If you'd rather not go through with it, I wouldn't blame you. But you know what'll happen then. So we gotta make our minds up and now."
Dom realized that they had come to the top of the stairs and they were now at a point where it was time to put up or shut up.
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 22:58 (344 weeks ago)
Nick shrugged. “Its alright, man. If you had told me any earlier I might not have gone through with it, but here we are.” He stepped to a narrow walkway lined with a bright blue handrail opposite a row of doors each varying in style and color. He turned before Dom could take the last step, enjoying the height advantage, and pointed at his friend.

“Dude, if you laugh in there....”
Cherylkay | 19th March 2015 23:51 (344 weeks ago)
"Oh believe me, I won't," Dom told him. "Just make sure you don't."
They had come to the landing at last. Dom steered Nick to the door. There was a turn down a short hallway and then they were face to face with that vile white door. Dom felt his mouth go dry.
"Poker face," he said softly and knocked.
"Come in!" came a severe reply from the other side.
Nick looked like he wanted to jump out of his boots. Dom pushed the door open and saw the familiar countenance of the community spanker. Mr. X was a man of average height and build, but his reputation was fierce. Nick was behind him, still standing in the hallway.
"Dom, get in here," Mr. X said impatiently.
When he saw another lad standing behind Dom, Mr. X spoke up.
"You as well," he said. "And close that door."
uchikimatsu | 20th March 2015 10:46 (344 weeks ago)
Walking behind Dom through what appeared to be the man's sitting room door, Nick pushed it closed behind him. He turned to find a man, casually dressed, who appeared to be a few years younger than The Colonel, not the pervy looking old geezer he was expecting. Nick was again reminded of an executioner; the ones he sometimes saw in cartoons or movies set in older times. Though dressed in simple jeans and a button down, the man wore a black wool ski mask. Only his eyes were visible, but Nick could see that they were not the eyes of an old man, though they did have a rather stern set to them just now, causing Nick to swallow hard.

Out of the sun and into the conditioned air of the apartment, his t-shirt, damp with sweat from the brisk walk and impending doom, stuck to his skin in clammy patches, making him shiver. Any other time he might worry that his friend thought him some kind of coward, but he could see the envelop was still shaking in Dom's hand.
Cherylkay | 20th March 2015 22:44 (344 weeks ago)
In normal circumstances, Dom would be more worried about his friend's well-being, but facing the menacing Mr. X all he could think about was what was about to befall him. Even with the mask obstructing his face, Dom could see the anger and disappointment on his face. Nick stood slightly behind Dom, perhaps trying to make himself less conspicuous Dom reckoned. One thing was for sure: visiting Mr. X wasn't something you got used to or became blase about.
"For goodness sake, Dom," Mr. X said snatching the envelope out of his hand, "what took you so long?"
"We had to walk," Dom replied lamely.
"A five minute walk that turned into nearly half an hour," Mr. X scoffed.
"I'm sorry," Dom said, offering the only reply he could think of and the only one Mr. X was likely to listen to.
Mr. X turned his gaze onto the blond young man standing next to Dom.
"And what's your name, young man?" he asked.
uchikimatsu | 23rd March 2015 19:40 (343 weeks ago)
Nick watched the exchange with an increasing sense of trepidation. The usually confident, if not cocky, Dom seemed especially subdued now that they were actually facing the masked community punisher known as Mr. X. When Nick first heard his mate call the man Mr. X he thought it sounded a bit pretentious, like some kind of superhero name. Giving some thought to it now he realized it was as good a name as any for someone that wished to remain anonymous. The man was gruff, impatient, and quite obviously used to having his expectations met.

When Mr. X addressed Nick directly he unconsciously stood a little straighter.

“Nick,” he answered, and then added after a short pause, “Sir.” If living with the Colonel taught him anything, it was a little respect went a long way with adults.
Cherylkay | 24th March 2015 00:21 (343 weeks ago)
Mr. X was somewhat taken aback by Nick's American accent. But he was even more surprised to hear the lad say "Sir" without the usual "persuasion". It was then that he noticed the young man's mirrored aviator sunglasses.
"Nick," he said, repeating his name as he was wont to do to make sure he had gotten the name right. He tore open the envelope hastily. "Take those sunglasses off and look at me when I'm talking to you. I take it Dom has told you what's going to happen?"
uchikimatsu | 24th March 2015 01:52 (343 weeks ago)
"Yeah, sorry," Nick mumbled, folding the shades and hanging them from the ribbed collar of his white t-shirt by one hinged arm. When he glanced at Dom he was certain he detected an apology lurking behind his friends eyes.

"Yeah," he confirmed, letting his gaze drop to the letter and bills of folded currency now in the brusque man's fist, "Dom told me." Nick felt the blood crawling up his neck to burn the apples of his cheeks until the heat was so unbearable he thought the tops if his ears would combust and fall to the floor as ash. That, he thought, would be less humiliating than the conversation at hand.
Cherylkay | 24th March 2015 02:36 (343 weeks ago)
"I've had a hysterical phone call from Mrs. Turner," Mr. X said opening the letter, "so I know what's in here. "Dom, I thought I'd seen the last of you when you came in with Wayne."
Dom dropped his eyes.
"So did I," he said so softly that it was almost inaudible.
Mr. X read the letter from Mrs. Turner with great interest, despite the phone call. Her shrieking was still ringing in his ears as he read.
"So she says that the two of you got it into your heads to run a con on a couple of drunk lads in her bar," he said. "Is that true?"
Dom nodded.
"I didn't hear you, Dom," Mr. X said, somewhat angry due to the headache he felt coming on.
"Yes, it's true but..." he replied, but his words were cut off.
"But what?" Mr. X asked.
He turned to Nick.
"What was your part in all this?" he asked.
uchikimatsu | 24th March 2015 14:42 (343 weeks ago)
“Well, is that even relevant?” Nick countered, not wanting to implicate himself any more than was absolutely necessary. “Dom told me what was going to happen to us. I’d rather just take the punishment and go, please.” He didn’t rather just take the punishment, he would actually rather just go, but this guy didn’t seem like the kind to grant clemency, even to a first time offender.
Cherylkay | 24th March 2015 15:52 (343 weeks ago)
An amused grin crossed the lips of the community spanker. Here was another young man trying to dictate his punishment. He remembered Dom trying to that very same thing himself during his first visit.
"Is it relevant?" Mr. X asked. "Young man, let me tell you something. I make the rules in here. When I ask you a question, it's not because I like hearing myself talk. I'm pretty sure if I ask every young man who gets sent here if he would rather just take his punishment and go, they would all say yes. But you don't get to make that decision. Now, let's try this again. If it's not too much trouble, would you kindly tell me what part you had in this little escapade?"
If Nick thought he was going to outflank him and get around the request, Mr. X hoped it was beginning to dawn on him that it wasn't going to that way. He had been doing this for a long time and he knew that the physical part was often the least of it, especially to a young man like Dom, who could take a lot of physical punishment. The emotional part was often much harder to endure. If Dom had failed to inform Nick of that part of it. then that was on him.
uchikimatsu | 24th March 2015 18:16 (343 weeks ago)
This guy was reminding him of The Colonel more and more and Nick wondered briefly if his dad already knew about Mr. X. Dom mentioned that many people had been sent to the guy and local law condoned what he did, or at least knew about it and turned a blind eye to it. Since RAF Alconbury was occupied by both British and American forces, it’s possible, Nick mused, that stories of the mysterious Mr. X had already reached his father’s ear. He snapped back into focus and flinched at the man’s impatient demand for explanation.

“Well, Sir,” he started, hoping to ameliorate their circumstances, “these guys were being total assholes. I really didn’t want to start a fight with them, so I offered to settle the matter with a friendly game of billiards. I don’t think it’s our fault they suck at the game and were too drunk to care.” Grinning faintly at the memory of the easy mark and the extra cash in his pockets, he hurried to school his features into a neutral mask. The man made no attempt to interrupt Nick, instead steadily regarded the boy with obvious disapproval, as if certain Nick could not possibly be finished. The attention made Nick blush again and he added, “I…I guess it was my idea. I suggested it, so it’s my fault, Sir.” He honestly hoped that saved Dom from getting a worse punishment.
Cherylkay | 24th March 2015 21:05 (343 weeks ago)
"Well, that's a change, isn't it?" Mr. X replied. "Usually, it's Dom who instigates things."
He pinned Dom under a stern gaze, a gaze he knew well. Dom knew that once Mr. X was finished with his interrogation of Nick, his turn to be grilled would come. He almost felt sorry for Nick because he had no idea how Mr. X could tear someone apart verbally so he hoped Nick chose his words carefully.
"I find it hard to believe it was a 'friendly' game," he went on, "since there was almost a brawl. Now tell me the rest of the story. And try to leave the swearing out of it."
uchikimatsu | 25th March 2015 16:02 (343 weeks ago)
“Sorry,” Nick apologized. He remembered Dom’s warning and peered over at his friend, scanning his features for any clue on what to say. Getting a read on Dom was impossible. He was standing perfectly still, gazing forward, but not looking directly at Mr. X. Nick groaned inwardly. He knew that stance well. It was how Nick learned to seem accepting of his inevitable fate when called up in front of his dad. Nick studied at The Colonel’s School of Hard Knocks, where learning curves were steep and painful. The Colonel called it standing at ease but both Nick and his brother discovered it was an effective way to avoid further trouble. Dom seemed even less nervous now than he had been when they were on their way. Obviously, his friend had learned the same lesson about shutting up and not digging deeper holes. Although, Nick guessed, it was possible Dom just had an excellent poker face, in which case Nick would ask his friend if he was interested in running a game with him.

He looked back at Mr. X whose eyes were still set with stern expectation. “Maybe you’re right,” Nick told him, hoping to sound more adult and appeal to the man’s rational nature, “it probably wasn’t a fair game, I’ll give you that. But Dom and I weren’t drinking. I’m not allowed and Dom just came out to shoot a few games of pool with me. But those dudes were totally wasted, like, flat out annihilated at high noon in the middle of the week. They were total jerks, wouldn’t stop running their mouths, talking smack. They’re lucky I didn’t embed a pool cue upside their thick skulls. How those buttered idiots ever thought they could win a game of skill against two sober and upstanding young gentlemen is honestly beyond me, Sir.” Nick hoped that had sounded as good to Mr. X as it had sounded to him. “Dumber than a bag of hammers.” He added, shaking his head in disbelief.
Cherylkay | 25th March 2015 19:13 (343 weeks ago)
"Upstanding?" Mr. X replied. "Well, I don't know how upstanding you are if you're friends with Dom. But I can promise you that when I'm finished with you, you WILL be standing up."
The attempt at humor by Mr. X was so unexpected that Dom let out a snicker before he could suppress it. Mr. X turned his gaze on Dom.
"What do you have to say for yourself?" he asked.
"Nick's telling the truth, sir," Dom said. "Those guys were arse over elbow before we ever got there. As soon as they heard Nick's American accent, they started trying to take the piss out of him. They imitated him, called him 'dude' and stuff. They were looking for a fight. So yeah, we challenged 'em to a game just to shut 'em up."
"Mrs. Turner said you hustled those guys," Mr. X said. "Besides, you're both old enough to know that two wrongs don't make a right."
"We didn't exactly hustle them," Dom admitted, "but let's just say we took advantage of the situation."
"What do you think your father would say if I called him right now and told him you were here?" Mr. X asked.
"He wouldn't be very happy," Dom replied.
"And what about you, Nick?" Mr. X asked, turning back the the blond American youth. "What would your father say if I told him you were here?"
uchikimatsu | 25th March 2015 20:24 (343 weeks ago)
When he finally remembered that Mr. X did not actually know his dad or have his phone number, Nick allowed himself to breathe again. He sighed heavily, puffing his cheeks and releasing the air in a thin stream between pursed lips. Running his hand over the messy curls atop his head, the boy watched his friend with nervous curiosity. Dom had practically begged him not to laugh, yet he chuckled at the guy and no one was bleeding yet. He had, though, felt the familiar warmth of blood rushing to his face. The lesson of two wrongs was a frequent guest in The Colonels repertoire of lectures. Since both he and Dom were the sober ones, Nick reasoned, not without a bit of guilt, it would have been easier to just ignore the idiots or leave rather than start a near riot in the pub.

Nick turned to find those humorless eyes fixed on him once more. “Yeah, same here. I’m sure The Colonel would be pretty upset.” If, Nick thought, pretty upset was a euphemism for livid with rage.
Cherylkay | 26th March 2015 00:13 (343 weeks ago)
Dom kept stealing fleeting glances at Nick, as if looking to him for his cue on how to behave, despite this being Nick's first time and Dom had been there countless times. For some reason that had nothing to do with age, Dom felt that Nick was the more mature, more worldly-wise of them. Certainly, Dom hadn't traveled to all the places that Nick had. While he was thus occupied, he noticed that Nick was also stealing sideways glances at him. Despite Dom telling Nick what would happen and how to behave, Dom had a sick feeling that this wasn't going to go well. He hadn't been this nervous with Mr. X since he had come in with Adam. Both he and Adam had been guilty, but Dom had tried to make it seem that Adam was more guilty than he was and it had hurt their friendship. He didn't want this to happen with Nick. Even though Nick had been the one to challenge those guys to a game, Dom felt just as culpable. After all, he couldn't just leave Nick alone to fight when he was outnumbered. He had seen Harry in a fight with a drunk guy and Harry had come out on the short end of the stick. Dom had little confidence that Nick could have come out the winner in a fight with those guys. Then there had been Mrs. Turner's reaction to the guys being upset about being gamed.
"You ought to be very lucky that I have no way to contact your father, Nick" Mr. X said. "However, Dom isn't so lucky."
"Please, don't call him," Dom pleaded. "He'll hit the roof. Things have been pretty good between us lately and this would ruin it."
"Alright, here's what I'll do," Mr. X said. "No real harm was done. But when you're done here, you're taking the money you hustled from those guys back to the pub and put it in the charity pot. Am I understood?"
Dom didn't want to give up the cash they'd "won". Nick's jaw dropped.
Ficwriterjet | 15th March 2015 17:56
Hi Cheryl and Uchikimatsu.

I'm finally getting around to reading and commenting on some fanfiction. I enjoyed the story of Nick and Dom so far. Pool hustling and almost getting into a bar brawl seems like a legitimate reason to be sent to Mr. X. I found it humorous that Mr. X had to sit down to hear what Mrs. Turner had to say, expecting the worst from the woman. I thought you guys did a good job of showing how nervous and upset Dom was through Nick's observations of him. I liked the fact that Nick has no idea what he's in for, but Dom knows very well what will happen once they get to Mr. X's apartment. I also thought it was amusing that both boys have fathers who will spank them, but neither boy is willing to admit that to the other. :) Nice job so far.

I see that most of it was written in November and December, and then there's a big gap. I hope the post from this month means that you guys are going to continue the story. It's just getting to the good part. :)

uchikimatsu | 15th March 2015 19:07 (344 weeks ago)
@Jet - thank you for the kind words and encouragement. This is high accolade from one of my favorite spank fic writers!
I stopped writing for a bit when my computer broke down and it was just too difficult to write at length on my tiny phone. I've got a new laptop and I'll be writing regularly again!
Ficwriterjet | 15th March 2015 21:27 (344 weeks ago)
You're welcome. :) Hooray for getting a new laptop. I agree, trying to write on a phone is much too difficult. I look forward to reading more of the story. :)
Cherylkay | 15th March 2015 22:34 (344 weeks ago)
@Jet, thank you so much. I'n glad you like the story so far. This is my first attempt at collaborative writing (though I have been writing fanfic for many years). Chiki was actually the first person besides my late twin who has ever gotten to read my writing. I wrote my first spanking story when I was 11 (I hope it's OK for me to say that here) so I've been at it a long time. Such encouragement from someone Chiki obviously respects highly means a lot to me. I hope you continue to enjoy what we write...and now I see it's my turn :-)
Ficwriterjet | 16th March 2015 14:26 (344 weeks ago)
Hi Cheryl,
You're welcome. I'm glad that Chiki was able to talk you into sharing, and into doing a joint story for everyone to enjoy. :) I wrote my first spanking story when I was 29 - late to the game as usual. LOL
Cherylkay | 16th March 2015 16:15 (344 weeks ago)
@Jen, I got into writing generally at a very young age, probably from the time I could hold a pencil and make words. I was only eight or nine when I discovered my interest in spanking and thought that the two interests ought to go together. I'm glad you got started. Better late than never :) By the way, could you tell me where your stuff is posted so I can read it? Thanks :)
uchikimatsu | 16th March 2015 16:30 (344 weeks ago)
I didn't start writing about spanking, I actually started drawing spanking first. I remember being really bored in science class one day (6th grade, so I was likely 11 years old) and sketching out some generic figures in OTK position. It was so thrilling to have on paper what was in my head! (yes, this is long before the internet) I didn't begin writing about spanking until I was in collage when a like-minded friend and I wrote for each other and exchanged chapter for chapter our stories for one another. I knew what she liked, she knew what I liked, and it was so much more exciting to get a tailor made story where you didn't already know what was going to happen!
Ficwriterjet | 16th March 2015 21:29 (344 weeks ago)
Hi Cheryl - I was about 7 or 8 when I noticed my interest in spanking. Things like focusing on cartoons with that in it, and making my barbies spank each other. But writing was always my WORST subject in school. Mostly because I had serious issues with being able to spell - I still do - thank goodness for spellcheck. Because of that I never would have attempted to write something for fun while I was still in school. But once I found the internet in my 20's and started reading fanfiction, I figured I could try my hand at it. All of my stories are archived on my website here: But if you google 'ficwriterjet' my stuff should come up. Soooo..... when is the next part of the Nick & Dom story going to be up? ;)

Hey Uchikimatsu - That's cute - I used to draw little spanking scenes too. Though my drawing was fairly abysmal, so it was more like stick figures than a drawing. LOL In college I spent a lot of free time in book stores scanning Romance novels for spanking scenes - If I could go back and do it again, I most certainly would have been writing my own. I've written stories with friends before - it does add a level of fun and anticipation to the process. :)
Cherylkay | 16th March 2015 23:02 (344 weeks ago)
Hi Jen...I'll try to get that entry done tonight. I'm playing out in my head how I want it to go. Cartoons and comics fed my spanking interest for a long time. I'm in my early 50's so I grew up in an era where there was a lot of spanking in the movies, on TV and in the home. It's kind of funny that I enjoyed watching other people get spanked as a kid, but it wasn't until I was in my late teens/early 20's that I started wanting to experience it. And writing about spanking was one way to experience it. It was an outlet for lack of a better word. Writing was my best subject, despite being dyslexic. I was quite an introverted child too because of being hearing impaired (which I still am) and writing helped me a lot with learning how to relate to people via my characters.My first stories were written on paper with notebook and pencil, but I later graduated to a Smith Corona electric typewriter. I started writing "Star Trek:TNG" and "Quantum Leap" fanfic in the early 90's. Then I gave up on it until Chiki talked me into doing this collaborative project with her. I'll mosey over and take a look at your stuff. Hopefully. you'll contribute to this fanfic blog at some point :)

To everyone else, I apologize for the boring autobiographical stuff.
Ficwriterjet | 17th March 2015 14:02 (344 weeks ago)
Hi Cheryl - Well I'm almost 45, so we're not that far apart in age. In my late teens I got a state-of-the-art word processer as a going to college gift. It's amazing how much times have changed. :) That's awesome that you wrote fanfic for TNG and Quantum Leap. I actually have one Quantum Leap story on my site - I loved that show. :) If you ever want to email me off list, I'd like to read some of your fanfic. So many choices for spanking pairings on TNG (I'm an equal opportunity spank writer so I've done M/M, M/F, F/M, and F/F - but mostly M/M). My email is ficwriterjet at gmail - there's a link to it on my website. :)
Cherylkay | 17th March 2015 16:11 (344 weeks ago)
Hey Jen...I wish I could send them. but the stuff I wrote back in the day isn't online. The stories are in binders, unfortunately. This was in the days before internet. Well, CompuServe was up but it was just news. It wasn't "the internet" like we know it now. If I ever get around to posting them, I'll let you know. I can't wait to read your stuff!
nanarr | 18th March 2015 23:12 (344 weeks ago)
CherylKay, do yourself a favor and go to Jet's site right now! Chiki, thanks for telling us about Ficwriterjet's stories (and thank you, Jet, for writing them). I'm in the middle of reading them right now and can't tell you how much I'm enjoying them. By the way, welcome to the SLS family ... glad you're here. One point to keep in mind ... if you're offered brownies, make sure Chiki isn't there with a fork in her hand LOL (she knows what I mean).
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 01:29 (344 weeks ago)
:::waves fork with sharpened tines at nanarr:::

Shut it, lady!
Ficwriterjet | 19th March 2015 05:45 (344 weeks ago)
Hi Narnar - Thanks for the warm welcome, and I'm glad you're enjoying my stories. :)

Cheryl and Chiki - I'm happy to see that you've both been posting more of the story. Good for Dom telling Nick exactly what was going to happen. Aw, it's cute that Nick is blushing. But knowing that all of Dom's mates have had to see Mr. X should help his pride at least. :)
nanarr | 19th March 2015 22:20 (344 weeks ago)
::: blows raspberry at Chiki and runs :::

This story about Dom and Nick is really fun! Liking it a lot!!
uchikimatsu | 20th March 2015 12:18 (344 weeks ago)
Thanks, nanarr, I really appreciate you saying so and am glad you are enjoying our story!

Run as far as you like, by the way. I'm confident you'll soon be back within the reach of my fork, especially if Lynne sets out a pan of her double fudge brownies...
Cherylkay | 20th March 2015 23:12 (344 weeks ago)
@nanarr, I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Knowing that Dom and Mr. X are real people, I worry more about things being "right". I don't want to have either person say something I know they would never say in a million years, so I take the task very seriously, as I know Chiki does too. I love how she challenges me! This has been amazing fun and I'm thrilled that she asked me to participate with her.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th March 2015 17:57
I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the story. It's really cool seeing my fictional world come alive in other peoples minds! Keep up the good work! :)
Cherylkay | 20th March 2015 22:28 (344 weeks ago)
Holy guacamole! This is high praise indeed. Thank you, Dave :-)
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 18:38
LOL, I assumed Dom would know that Nick called his dad The Colonel since they were friends and it must be common knowledge that Nick is an army brat, there because his dad is stationed there...I guess I leave too much to supposition and imagination sometimes!
Cherylkay | 19th March 2015 19:14 (344 weeks ago)
Or maybe I need to reread this story occasionally LOL. I will just put Dom's lapse of memory down to nerves...yeah, that works.
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 19:21 (344 weeks ago)
Works for me 😉
uchikimatsu | 19th March 2015 16:11
Awesome post, Cheryl! Just really great! Can't wait to work on a reply!
Cherylkay | 19th March 2015 17:08 (344 weeks ago)
Thank you, Chiki :) I was worried about this entry, to be honest. So glad you liked it!
red1967 | 22nd November 2014 21:15
@ uchikimatsu @ Cherylkay loving the story thank you I'm probably to late to vote for saying who the SLS model could be I would of voted for Dom. Looking forward to hearing the next part.
uchikimatsu | 14th November 2014 17:10
Hello everyone! This project is officially underway!

The Story will be one about an American that is sent to Mr. X! Ithought it made more sense to have him be with his British friend (they get caught being naughty not THAT kind of naughty)

We are letting you guys choose the SLS model that will guest star in the story! Who would you like to see as The American's mate to get spanked with him? Any suggestions?
uchikimatsu | 14th November 2014 17:37 (362 weeks ago)
Bump. I wanted to keep this on top so people see it and put in suggestions...
Cherylkay | 14th November 2014 19:03 (362 weeks ago)
I have a suggestion, but as the co-author of the story, I'll refrain from saying who I'd like to see. Just keep the suggestions coming :)
Aimee | 14th November 2014 22:38 (362 weeks ago)
I am voting for Dom :)
uchikimatsu | 14th November 2014 23:15 (362 weeks ago)
Ok, so The Butch insists i put her vote on the board. No amount of explaining about her not actually being amember will sway her. She wants her say. The Butch votes for: Liam!
Ooleary | 14th November 2014 23:20 (362 weeks ago)
I'm voting for Adam not enough Adam here xx
Cherylkay | 14th November 2014 23:25 (362 weeks ago)
@Orla, good choice! :-)
uchikimatsu | 14th November 2014 23:26 (362 weeks ago)
Yay, voting! We're going to give it at least 48 hours to let people have a say. @Cheryl and I have the same first choice, but no one's mentioned him yet! LOL!

Dave, which SLS model/character would you pick to accompany The American on his first visit to Mr. X?
Cherylkay | 14th November 2014 23:58 (362 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I have confidence in the good folks here. I think the young man in question will get mentioned at least once.
@Dave, I'd like to know the answer to Chiki's question, too.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th November 2014 00:54 (361 weeks ago)
Hmmmmmmm I'm going to suggest Liam! :)
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2014 01:33 (361 weeks ago)
Thanks, Dave! Seems like you and The Butch are in the same page...

@Cheryl - still no votes on our favorite companion for the story! Oh well, 2 voted for Liam, and 2 for Dom. Hmm, we might have to relent...
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2014 01:54 (361 weeks ago)
Oops, i missed @nanarr's response down it's also two for Bailey....hmm, what to do, what to do....
Cherylkay | 16th November 2014 03:02 (361 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I would go for Dom. I think Bailey's a bit old for lad status, but we have to be on the same page.
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2014 03:07 (361 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - I'm good with Dom! Ican't believe our first choice hasn't been mentioned, and i was hoping people might consider some of the newer models like Dean, Paul or Ryan. But Dom is good, especially for that idea for a twist in the story i mentioned! He'll do just fine, LOL!
Ooleary | 16th November 2014 03:13 (361 weeks ago)
Hey now I'm curious who did you pick @[email protected], was it Wayne??
Cherylkay | 16th November 2014 04:26 (361 weeks ago)
@Orla, love I won't say unless Chiki does ;-)
liuhaoda | 16th November 2014 06:31 (361 weeks ago)
I vote for Parker, because his dialogue is the best.
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2014 13:12 (361 weeks ago)
@liuhaoda - I agree that Parker is very good with dialog! Since this is going to be a written story, we can make any model good with dialog, LOL!

@Cheryl - when first thinking about writing this, in my head Andy and Bailey were right out as possible choices for The American's companion, mostly for their age. Its a shame though because I find that any model with distinguishable speech patterns or habitual gestures is easier to write believably, and those two are easy to write!

@Orla - That was a good guess! Yes, @Cheryl and I both had Wayne as our first choice pick. We just thought his personality would work well here. Also, since we are each going to be writing a separate character and sharing Wayne's actions and dialog as necessary, Wayne seemed like a good choice, mainly in my mind because he has just a few habits that @Cheryl and I can incorporate, but not so many that that we can't keep track and then Wayne seems like a different person in each our posts. For that, and other reasons, Dom is an excellent choice as well. Boy, that sounds way more complicated than it actually is!

Two votes each for Bailey, Parker, Liam, and Dom! Since there was no overwhelming response for one model, I guess we're going to have to make a choice soon and get writing!
Ooleary | 16th November 2014 13:55 (361 weeks ago)
@chiki stick with your choice of Wayne xxxx
Lynne | 16th November 2014 16:38 (361 weeks ago) thoughts for the SLS companion would be one that has a talent for getting their pals into trouble. On that idea, and I won't be of much help to narrow things down :), and in no particular order of preference, I would imagine Andy or Dom.
wardcoleman | 15th November 2014 11:39
It depends on the story. Dom or Parker would be nice, and, of course you could have a lot of fun with Bailey :-)
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2014 15:43 (362 weeks ago)
Great choices, Ward! Thanks for the input!
nanarr | 16th November 2014 01:32 (361 weeks ago)
Bailey or Patrick
Ooleary | 13th November 2014 23:53
@chiki Dave set up a blog just for you xxx get writing girlie lol
Aimee | 14th November 2014 00:01 (362 weeks ago)
☝ what she said xx
uchikimatsu | 14th November 2014 00:23 (362 weeks ago)
As Dave would say:

Watch this space!
Cherylkay | 14th November 2014 00:29 (362 weeks ago)
Squeeeeee!!!! A place to write :D
uchikimatsu | 14th November 2014 00:35 (362 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - I know, right? This is what I was working on and had you in a holding pattern for, LOL! I sent a couple messages via email/text.... lets get things rolling! Need to establish a few thing off-forum, first...
Cherylkay | 14th November 2014 01:05 (362 weeks ago)
I didn't receive any texts, Chiki, Did you send them to the right number? Remember, I killed my other phone and had to buy a new one. I'll email you my new number. I've been sending you texts and trying to call, but I haven't heard back so I'll ring you later tonight. I'm so excited my toes curled :D
uchikimatsu | 14th November 2014 01:08 (362 weeks ago)
Yep - I totally texted the wrong number and probably squicked out a stranger....
Cherylkay | 14th November 2014 01:16 (362 weeks ago)
I just emailed you my correct number and tried to call you :)
uchikimatsu | 14th November 2014 14:25 (362 weeks ago)
Seriously, I'm not getting any texts or calls from you...did my phone number get entered correctly when you switched phones?
Aimee | 14th November 2014 15:01 (362 weeks ago)
I am very excited to see this get going after just reading another of our Chiki's writing samples and it was brilliant! Such fun! Can't wait to see this develop here :)
Cherylkay | 14th November 2014 15:24 (362 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I've checked and double checked against the number you gave me and it's correct. My phone also tells me whether or not my text went through. So now I need to deal with weird phone behavior LOL.
uchikimatsu | 14th November 2014 15:32 (362 weeks ago)
Are you getting my texts? I sent a few this morning....well just have to use email for now!
Cherylkay | 14th November 2014 17:34 (362 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I'm glad I'm getting your texts now :) What a relief! I don't want to buy another phone already lol.
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