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Blake - Bath Brush Beating
Bobby & Blake - Locker Room Bully - Part Two
Jake - Bath Brush Beating
Chris & Jay - Smoking On The Job
Dexter - Painful Return.
Patrick - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
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Christian - Gambling Woes - Locker Room Spanking
Alex & Zane - Spanked For Smoking - Part Two
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1st June 2014 11:51 | LAST COMMENT 91 weeks ago

Hey Everyone!

Wow! The amount of comments that are coming through onto the website is amazing! In some ways it's a bit overwhelming for me to keep up with everything!

That is not a complaint though. I love it! Please keep them coming!

However, I am aware that people may have been asking me things on specific movie threads that I might have missed which would be terrible for me as I don't want anyone to feel ignored!

I also realise that some of you have random questions that you like to ask that don't relate to any move in particular!

So here is how this Blog will work.

If you have asked me a question on a particular movie thread and I have not answered it, feel free to give me a nudge here.

So for example it might be something like this..

"Hey Dave, I asked something on the Consequences of Cheating movie thread, can you have a look please?"

That will prompt me to rush over and answer your question on that thread.

Or maybe you just have a random question or thought for me, in that case, just ask away here and I promise to answer as best as I can! 

(I'm standing by)! 



Kass44 | 28th December 2019 20:49
Have you ever considered posting unedited versions of your films? I for one would love seeing the entire experience of the process. Please make Oliver's interview when he is sitting in his white briefs available for down load. My personal favorite films of yours was when you used the wooden spoon or bath brush. I hope you had a peaceful and merry Christmas and hope you are well and happy. I will remember a member of your website as long as you will allow it. I am so grateful for you, your actors, and your films. God Bless.
Cooper | 4th January 2020 18:37 (94 weeks ago)
Gibt es keine neuen Filme mehr? Gibt es eine Alternative?
flashgordon | 6th January 2020 14:20 (93 weeks ago)
Hallo Cooper,

Dave hat das erklärt, unter "Dave Speaks".
FraserFan | 24th January 2020 19:14 (91 weeks ago)
I think posting the unedited versions of the videos would be a great way to provide posting in the interim until Dave is up and running again. It would hopefully be a simple matter of bleeping out any private details such as an inadvertant use of a model's real name or address. I hope a real Behind The Scenes look at SLS could be considered.
mooninyou | 19th January 2020 14:35
not sure if I've missed something, but there doesn't seem to have been any new updates for a few weeks - not since Finn 'Facing Dad', anyway - is everything ok?
Keose77777 | 20th January 2020 00:26 (91 weeks ago)
Yeah, what's happened to the updates?
Deandra | 20th January 2020 06:06 (91 weeks ago)
if you go to the blog thread titled, Dave Speaks, his most recent post generally explains the lack of updates right now. Hope that helps!
Deandra | 16th January 2020 03:33
I realize for you and the models, privacy is of great concern and I definitely would never want to cross any boundaries. That said, I'm curious about the different... dialects (is that the right word?) heard here. I know it's akin to the different accents found in America (where I am) such as New York vs. Texas. So without giving too much info, I'd love to know generally where the models are from if that's at all possible.

Obviously, the many (lol) Lee brothers are Irish. I've noticed Patrick's accent seems thicker at times than Andy's for some reason. I can often hear a difference between two models coming from different areas (I'm guessing) of England. I ADORE the many different variations I've heard here and am just curious about their origins.

Keep up the great work! I love the Scottish brogue btw. :)

shortsspank | 9th January 2020 22:43
Hey! I am new to this blog and have recently signed up! Loving the content. Not all models are to my taste but I’m sure the ones I like aren’t to others... can’t please everyone all of the time!
I would find it beneficial to have a search criteria to detect certain tags on videos I.e OTK, Shorts, gym, father/son etc. I am finding myself going backwards and forwards to find vids I might like. This is just a suggestion not a criticism.
I love to see spanking over clothes more than I do on a bare behind. My absolute fave is the more “swishy” style of shorts (not quite sure how to explain that haha) I am yet to discover such shorts on here lol. A few football/rugby shorts though which are great. Any recommendations on which vids I should watch based on the above?
I am also curious, how many chaps on here are like me! I’m “straight” with some bi curious tendencies.... for some reason I am pulled to spanking rather than sex with a guy. I have never been spanked as this was banned in the UK when I was growing up so I don’t know where this fantasy has come from!
Keep up the awesome work.
| 7th January 2020 21:47
I think I have said before that I adore real spankings. Birthday spankings are fun especially when using the cane.

I love spank jenga and the card games. A bit of jeopardy adds to the fun and I would love to see things like double or quits thrown in too.

Wpuld be fun to see quiźes where the loser faces a forfeit based on how wrong he is e.g. they are all asked to write down how many metres high is the Eiffel Tower. For every metre they are wrong they get one hit.
denimclad | 9th January 2020 21:03 (93 weeks ago)
Yes, I liked the spanking games too. It would be good to see a return of Spank Jenga or the card games some time. I don't think I'd be much good at the quizzes though ... I guessed at 200 Metres, so would be in for a very sore bottom!
| 9th January 2020 22:20 (93 weeks ago)
Ha I guessed 94. So even worse.

Am playing a version of the card game next week. More jeopardy woth double or quits etc
Cooper | 4th January 2020 18:35
Hallo, wie geht es den weiter? Wurden weitere Teile von Kevin gedreht nach 2015? Wenn ja wo sind sie zu finden? Gibt es einen Teil 3 zu Kevin und Mike? Arbeitet Kevin hier noch ? Gibt es Chatmöglichkeiten? Vielen Dank für die Antwort, gerne auch von anderen Mitgliedern hier
garydw | 27th October 2019 15:39
Are there likely to be any new videos featuring Christian? He is by far my favourite of your models.
drvans | 22nd October 2019 15:22
I just wondered if I might ask a question, although if it's touching any raw nerves, please feel free to tell me to mind my own business. Is there a reason you don't post your fab videos on Jock Spank any more? In particular I think that 'Spanked for smoking' would go down like a boy's bottom on fire with the viewers!

Just a thought - if it's out of line or unhelpful, please just ignore it. CJ.
Lee | 5th September 2019 01:34
There seems to be a lack of school type scenarios. Would really like to see some of those. I like unjust and unfair punishments, like being caned for getting less than 70% in a wriiten English or maths test. Would like to see more traditional canings in general too.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2019 23:04 (110 weeks ago)
Hi Lee,

Yeah I rarely do School scenarios. Truth is, I’ll happily admit Sting Pictures do them far better than I ever could.

But also, they just don’t interest me that much.


Lee | 11th September 2019 18:34 (110 weeks ago)
No probs, I understand.
flashgordon | 16th September 2019 00:11 (109 weeks ago)
Dave, I completely understand about you not being interested in school scenarios. But school uniforms are a nice adjunct to spanking scenes, and a school uniform doesn't require a school setting. And just now, with the fashion for slim/skinny-fitting trousers, it seems a pity not to seize the moment...

A senior boy comes home from school, smart (and knows it) in his senior blazer and tie, and his fashionably tight school trousers. An angry Dad is waiting for him. The school has been on the phone to him about his son's disrespectful attitude to teachers/constant absenteeism/bullying of younger pupils - whatever it may be. It's come as a shock to Dad. Dad hasn't felt the need to spank his son in years, but he hasn't forgotten how to do it! But now, when he hauls the lad over his knee, the tight-fitting trousers stretched over his son's now manly-looking bottom give Dad the most inviting target he has ever had to spank!

mattnyc | 16th September 2019 22:46 (109 weeks ago)
I second Flashgordon's suggestion! I'd love another domestic scene where a naughty son or nephew is in tight school shorts. Super sexy! Thanks.
richardc | 8th September 2019 08:37
Hello Dave,

I am new to your site, although I have been enjoying M/M spanking videos for many years now. Something I like to see in a video is the spanked man having his butt cheeks pulled apart, so that the viewer can clearly see his asshole. I notice that you don't do this in your videos, which to me is a great shame as it really heightens the erotic experience. We all have our personal likes and dislikes so I hope I won't be judged for saying this! I just wondered if there is a reason that you don't do this - perhaps because you don't feel it would be appropriate to the scenarios you are trying to recreate in your videos?

Thank you for considering this point, Richard

PS Sorry for posting this here as well as on the random blog page - just not sure where to put it as I'm new :-)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2019 23:02 (110 weeks ago)
Hey Richard, thanks for the comment. I’m not judging at all 😄.

I’m afraid that suggestion just wouldn’t fit into my scenarios. I’d find it inappropriate if ‘Dad’ was to do that to his ‘son’ for example .

Also, it wouldn’t be something the vast majority of my straight models would agree too.

richardc | 9th September 2019 20:25
Hi Dave,

I have been a member for over a month now but I am still not able to download movies, only stream them. At least, I can't see the download links, only the streaming button. How do I download?

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2019 22:58 (110 weeks ago)
Hi Richard, I’m afraid I only have Streaming Only membership options now. It would have said Streaming Only when you signed up.

northenden | 5th May 2019 13:13
Hello! Can you spank in wheelbarrow position sometime? :-)
denimclad | 6th May 2019 10:29 (128 weeks ago)
That would be fun, and very embarrassing for the boy too.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 28th June 2019 17:44 (121 weeks ago)
I get asked this a lot. I do have a bit on an issue though with doing this.

Most of my movies are father and son and I just don't think it fits in with a father/son movie. Same with football coach.

Plus, I have mentioned it to some the lads I work with and the reaction is always the same. They would just be really uncomfortable in that position and are not prepared to do it.

It's one thing to convince a heterosexual guy to get his bare bottom spanked over another man's lap. But asking them to get into that position, fully exposed and vulnerable seems to be a step too far!

I'm not saying never, but its something I struggle with.
FraserFan | 20th June 2019 00:23
Hi Dave was Mr X in France or Ukraine recently? There was an item on the BBC News tonight about a conman from Ukraine who wearing a silicon mask that made him look very VERY Like Mr X, He impersonated a French Defence Minister and stole over 70 million pounds from the French Government. So I was just wondering if Mr X might have another job abroad - besides keeping the boys of his local community on the straight and narrow?

Mr X don't spank me for suggesting you are anything less than totally honourable!!!

PS I cant figure out how to add the link to the article from the 19th June. Hope someone gets to see Mr X moonlighting in France and Ukraine and its not just me who can see the resemblance.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 28th June 2019 17:40 (121 weeks ago)
I tried asking Mr X about this, but I couldn't get hold of him, Apparently he has bought an Island and is enjoying an extended vacation...
| 20th June 2019 20:30
Hi Dave - I’m a relatively new member (about three months now) and I absolutely love the site. Are there any upcoming movies starring Charlie? He’s my absolute favorite!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 28th June 2019 17:39 (121 weeks ago)
Glad you are enjoying it. I'm afraid it's doubtful I'll be working with Charlie again. I moved away and it's not really viable for Charlie to make the journey to my new location
Orla | 17th March 2019 09:57
Happy St.Patricks Day from Ireland 🐍🐍☘☘🇨🇮🇨🇮
Serena89 | 23rd March 2019 05:43 (135 weeks ago)
An other Irish person on here :D yay!
LucienG | 3rd February 2018 00:12
Hey Dave, will we see Josh again?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:18 (186 weeks ago)
I'm not sure. We did plan to film but then he cancelled because of the journey. To be honest, I'm running out of ideas of things to do with Josh so I didn't try hard to encourage him to travel. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them :)
flashgordon | 2nd April 2018 13:43 (185 weeks ago)
A suggestion for Josh? Specifically tailored for Josh's particular qualities, to make his journey worthwhile? Josh with his beefy thighs?

Josh on the diving team. Josh in tight little speedos, as favoured by divers. Josh coming out of the pool, dripping wet, into the locker room. His training today has been rubbish. No wonder, his furious coach tells him, when he turns up at the pool still with a hangover from last night. Just when there's a big competition coming up, and they all need to be focusing. Well, he's had one binge too many. And his muscular bottom gets thrashed, right there in his wet speedos.
james | 3rd April 2018 12:16 (185 weeks ago)
Please Dave with Josh , he is so great, have these moved away or have you moved? Your place does look so different now.

Good one from Flash, could then be caught for steeling from locker room and then cheating- taking performance enhancing drugs for upcoming tournament.

Hope to see Josh soon.
LucienG | 3rd June 2018 13:44 (176 weeks ago)
I must say Dave, that's a pretty poor reason not to spank Josh. No ideas? Are you kidding me?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd June 2018 17:26 (176 weeks ago)
I know it might seem like an odd excuse.. But I have to feel motivated that I can produce something different and then weigh that up with putting energy into working with someone new.

So when I run out of ideas I'm talking about making it look new and fresh...

I guess I probably over think this stuff sometimes! :)
LucienG | 7th June 2018 00:47 (176 weeks ago)
Yes, with that said you are the expert in this matter but give the people what they want! Josh's beautiful butt being spanked! How about the straight spanking where there's not a lot of dialogue about what the spanking is for? I definitely love those.
Teacherman123 | 14th June 2018 09:36 (175 weeks ago)
Couldn't refrain from adding another voice to the host of members clamouring to see Josh back where he belongs, over your knee! I must say, I would never run out of ideas for things to do with Josh, but that's another story.... I don't much care what he does to deserve it (although he is such an obviously nice lad that I don't think any of us could really buy the idea of him stealing stuff in the locker room), as long as he ends up getting his bottom smacked for it! And if wet Speedos were involved, as flashgordon suggests, well, I don't think any of us would be complaining! All together now...."WE WANT JOSH! WE WANT JOSH! WE WANT JOSH!" ;)
Bobbyfan | 23rd February 2019 23:56 (138 weeks ago)
I too miss Josh. Maybe the best of all time. Even if you repeat everything you've ever done with him will be worthwhile lol.
MattJGM | 22nd February 2019 23:09
Hey Day,

Would so LOVE to see the Bath Brush make a comeback with Jason, Jacob and Christian all on the receiving end of it.
vinniecp | 18th February 2019 17:34
Hi Dave
I have been buying clips from the clip storefor a while but decided to join your site my fav model was always Dom I hoping he is doing fine in life.
have to to say I love the new model Jerry. I have been spanking Males for 40 years well since I was 15 years old done it all.Site wise I find yours the best. Love the interviews just the whole set up. love it when you use older guys now and then as well. Keep up the work
I love the why you work
neasaos | 17th February 2019 02:11
Hi Dave,

I am a fan of the Lee brothers (as I know many are). There was a comment on one of the movies about a possible movie with all four of them (which would be amazing) if that would not be possible I am wondering if there may be on with Dan and Connor? I'd love to see them in a movie together.

Keep up all the great work :D
jddavidson61 | 8th February 2019 04:48
Hey there! Are we going to see more Dad/Son of Jason soon?
Nevermore | 8th February 2019 11:21 (141 weeks ago)
Hey - would love to second this! >:D
Serena89 | 12th February 2019 22:37 (140 weeks ago)
Serena89 | 12th February 2019 22:37
I know this was posted ages ago but I see recent comments so thought I would add mine.
I'm a new member I had seen short clips on other sites and decided to join... I've never subscribed to anything before as I was nervous and felt weird for this particular interest but seeing how many people are here and feel similarly I feel much better.

Suggestions :D feel free to ignore aha as I am just one person with my own preferences but hey! Why not comment anyway.


MORE JASON. Wow. His type of acting and look is exactly my interest and why I like this type of thing but I have never seen many sights have such emotional and heart warming and realistic scenarios as I see in his! So morreeeee haha. I love seeing how the dad character is softer and more compassionate when working against Jason's type of character. So more of that nice fluffy stuff like the hugging at the end and the time Jason told dad he loved him. That floored me it was so natural I have never seen that in a spanking video and I do believe people would enjoy more of that as it reflected his youth. It felt very real. I like when the guy in the video is actually sorry and contrite.
This might sound weird but I'd like to see nore real crying reactions from Jason like his first video (or someone else). More so crying from emotional and feeling guilty...not JUST from pain.

An other mouth soaping video would be good. A very realistic and intense one would suit Fraser as he is very good at the whole remorseful and respectful attitude. And I just love watching him. As I posted before, he is the reason I signed up here. Although...Jason may have moved him to number two now. Sorry Fraser haha you're still a gem tho.

And I would like to see more from Taylor. He seems to be a little underrated but I think he had massive potential. His wtyfgh video was one of the best of that genrr. I'd like to see him in more dad/son scenarios.

Also any more Josh would be great too in any scenario. He's just great!
Orla | 25th December 2018 18:23
HAPPY CHRISTMAS DAVE,DAISY,ALL THE LADS,STUART ETC.🎅🎄🍺🥂🍾,all the best for 2019 with more vids and new lads xx
Paddleboy | 2nd October 2018 01:48
Hi Dave

Is it possible to do another movie like Karl's the consequences of cheating but with Jason
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2018 21:33 (152 weeks ago)
The thing that is missing from that I'm afraid is Bailey!
| 5th November 2018 10:16
Dave just curious as to why my name isn't showing on my posts anymore xx Orla
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2018 21:33 (152 weeks ago)
Just a little glitch. Should be working now :)
Burlington68 | 1st September 2018 15:55
Most of the videos do not play because the stream does not seem to load at all. Sometimes it is fine but most times, it does not load.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st September 2018 20:24 (163 weeks ago)
Hey, sorry you are having this issue. I've just checked randomly checked 10 movies and they all played fine. Can you let me know what Operating System you are currently using?
Uchikimatsu | 27th May 2018 23:03
Hi Dave,
I posted a question for you in BIC 22 but just in case you dont catch it there I'll post it here as well. I was just asking how you managed to get footage of Sam in the middle of a real plumbing disaster with water actually leaking all over someone's home...??!!??
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd June 2018 17:27 (176 weeks ago)
So I did answer the question over on the movie page. But yes, this really did happen!
Uchikimatsu | 27th May 2018 23:03
Hi Dave,
I posted a question for you in BIC 22 but just in case you dont catch it there I'll post it here as well. I was just asking how you managed to get footage of Sam in the middle of a real plumbing disaster with water actually leaking all over someone's home...??!!??
flashgordon | 5th May 2018 14:00
It's been great to see so many new lads on Straight Lads Spanked in the last couple of months, but I do hope there isn't a down side to this. I hope the reason we're going through so many new faces isn't that they come once, and when they experience the feeling of one of Dave's spankings they leave and never come back again. That would be a pity. Jacob has been back, it's true, but Marco, Jake, Alex, Zach and now Simon - I hope we'll be seeing at least some of them again.

And I hope we'll be seeing some of our older friends again too. I am missing Charlie. (The boys he spanks probably aren't...!)
mstr_spkr | 26th April 2018 18:21
Hey, Dave, will we be seeing interview videos with the new guys? I greatly enjoyed the interviews from before. They gave us some things with which we could relate to the models. Great job all around!
Beccan | 18th April 2018 21:19
Hi Dave! Will John and Dad be back soon?
Kass44 | 16th February 2018 23:02
Hi, Dave, hope you are well. I have probably some of the stupidest questions you might have ever been asked, but I’m going to ask them anyway. Being an American I have always been wondering - in your locker-room/sports theme films your actors are never wearing jockstraps. Are jockstraps an American thing that brits don't really wear? (love seeing a hot guy in a jock almost as much as I do in briefs). Why do you never do a school theme caning film? And what exactly are Prefects, and why do so many caning scenes from other film makers have their “students” in short dress pants? In private schools in America corporal punishment is still allowed. Does Britain allow corporal punishment in private schools anymore? Why is “underwear” called “pants”? What do you call actual pants? Have you ever considered doing a period film? I would love to see your actors dressed in the tight ass jeans of the 70s with those hilarious (and sexy) bikini briefs that were all the rage back then. Have you ever considered doing a film where a real stupid punk breaks into Mr. X’s place and gets caught in the act – imagen his surprise when he finds out what’s instore for him. I love all your films, but I must admit my favorites are when the actors are spanking each other. Can Mr. X take on Charlie as an apprentice spanker? Maybe a film where Mr. X is training Charlie on how to properly spank&cane&paddle&bathbrush Elliot or John? I think that would be a hoot. Years ago my favorite film studio was CTS (Control T Studio). Every now and then they would make a short of documentary style film where the bad boy would literally introduce himself to the camera and explain how he gets/deserves/received corporal punishment and in-between the interviewer’s questions you would see the punishment. Those films were really cool and no one makes them anymore. Any chance you would consider that scenario? Also, another cute twist on the standard formal would be for a bad boy to be surprisingly willing to receive his thrashing. The bad boy doesn’t WANT the caning, but he knows he DESERVES it – so despite the pain and the tears he takes it willingly. Saw that in a comic sketch once, I believe performed by Rowan Atkinson as the caner. Please wash out some filthy mouths with soap (like you did to Dom in the kitchen – my all-time favorite film). More bathbrush! Be brutal! Those are always worth the price of admission. As always I hope you are well, thank you for your wonderful films, and please pass on my very best wishes to your actors.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th February 2018 22:18 (191 weeks ago)
Lots of questions for me to answer! I'll reply to you asap.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:59 (186 weeks ago)
Hi, Dave, hope you are well. I have probably some of the stupidest questions you might have ever been asked, but I’m going to ask them anyway.

I've always believed that the only stupid questions are the ones that you DON"T ask!

Being an American I have always been wondering - in your locker-room/sports theme films your actors are never wearing jockstraps. Are jockstraps an American thing that brits don't really wear? (love seeing a hot guy in a jock almost as much as I do in briefs).

Yes, Brits hardly wear them..

Why do you never do a school theme caning film? And what exactly are Prefects, and why do so many caning scenes from other film makers have their “students” in short dress pants?

There is another spanking studio that really does the School set-up's really well. I don't feel I can add to what is already out there. But also, I like to keep some reality with what I'm doing and try and keep it contemporary. I don't feel replicating traditional School punishment fits with that.

In private schools in America corporal punishment is still allowed. Does Britain allow corporal punishment in private schools anymore?

I don't think so.. Maybe someone else knows better than me?

Why is “underwear” called “pants”?

Because we speak English properly! :P

What do you call actual pants?


Have you ever considered doing a period film? I would love to see your actors dressed in the tight ass jeans of the 70s with those hilarious (and sexy) bikini briefs that were all the rage back then.

Not really. Please see answer above. I do like Levi 501' though!

Have you ever considered doing a film where a real stupid punk breaks into Mr. X’s place and gets caught in the act – imagen his surprise when he finds out what’s instore for him.

I have thought about that. I'm just worried about pushing the Mr X character too far. I quite like only seeing him as we do..

I love all your films, but I must admit my favorites are when the actors are spanking each other. Can Mr. X take on Charlie as an apprentice spanker? Maybe a film where Mr. X is training Charlie on how to properly spank&cane&paddle&bathbrush Elliot or John? I think that would be a hoot.

Again, I have a requests for this kind of thing but I just like keeping Mr X how we see him.

Years ago my favorite film studio was CTS (Control T Studio). Every now and then they would make a short of documentary style film where the bad boy would literally introduce himself to the camera and explain how he gets/deserves/received corporal punishment and in-between the interviewer’s questions you would see the punishment. Those films were really cool and no one makes them anymore. Any chance you would consider that scenario?

I'm not sure I would do something exactly like that. I prefer to interview the lads and then lead up to the spanking. Like the latest movie with Alex.

Also, another cute twist on the standard formal would be for a bad boy to be surprisingly willing to receive his thrashing. The bad boy doesn’t WANT the caning, but he knows he DESERVES it – so despite the pain and the tears he takes it willingly. Saw that in a comic sketch once, I believe performed by Rowan Atkinson as the caner.

I have touched on this before, I believe Sebastin, Can't Deal With The Guilt was like this?

Please wash out some filthy mouths with soap (like you did to Dom in the kitchen – my all-time favorite film).

I am working on this!

More bathbrush! Be brutal! Those are always worth the price of admission.

I'm never going to be too brutal! Again, its not really my thing. I was quite brutal with Frazer recently and got told off for it!

As always I hope you are well, thank you for your wonderful films, and please pass on my very best wishes to your actors.

THank you very much!

Kass44 | 14th April 2018 00:18 (184 weeks ago)
Thank you so much for answering my questions - I love your films - and by the way I speak American properly. I did not understand the ":P" but I really meant no harm by the question - just always wondered why the term "pants" was always used. All the best to you and your actors.
spank102 | 28th January 2018 01:42
Great work from Charlie and John looking forward to seeing more from them both both. I would like to see a scene if its possible Dave in Brothers in Charge having Andy and Charlie spanking John and Marcus after they have been warned numerous of times about selling drugs to Jason and Dan. Both get spanked by Andy and Charlie it might have to be done in 2 parts.

Plus I would like to see movie of Andy and Charlie in a spanking Challenge who can take the most with a cane or various implements. Like Andy did with Jay and then they were caught by Mr. X.

Great Work Dave
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:19 (186 weeks ago)
Do you mean having Andy and Charlie in the same movie spanking the lads at the same time?
spank102 | 30th March 2018 23:10 (186 weeks ago)
Hi Dave
Yes if possible if it would be great having both boys over Andy & Charlie's knee facing each other seeing each other getting spanked. not separately in 2 parts. Andy sitting on one sofa and Charlie on the other and both boys face to face while they are being spanked.

Dave Great Work.
JamieJones | 30th March 2018 18:05
Hi Dave, I've just been watching Alex's movie again and it got me thinking about something...a while back you said you had a bit of an obsession with trying to create the 'ultimate punishment situation' which you described as being where one of the models was not getting paid for making the movie but they were being punished. As you now seem to have achieved this with Alex, I was wondering, was it everything you hoped it would be and did it live up to your expectations? I hope it did as it would be great to think you had realised a dream because you make so many of ours come true :-)
JamieJones | 21st September 2017 21:46
Hi Dave, is there any reason why Greg doesn't have an entry on the Models page but you've released two movies made with him? Thanks. xxx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:35 (186 weeks ago)
I'll look into that :)
jamester | 16th October 2017 01:40
Hi Dave, Glad to see Andy back and spanking hard. The top photo of this weeks email update has a photo of Andy in a blue tank top holding a leather paddle. What video is that from?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:35 (186 weeks ago)
Hi Jamester, Andy was just posing in that pic. Its not from a movie
flashgordon | 18th September 2017 11:54
Has Jason's Mum said what she thinks of his finished film?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:34 (186 weeks ago)
Oh I don't think she will ever watch it! I'm not sure Jason has told her the name of the website :)
Kass44 | 16th October 2017 23:23
Now that Andy has popped in for a new film any chance his brother Patrick will too? He was one of my favs - also there is an interview with him but it is only stream-able - could you add it to the downloads?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:32 (186 weeks ago)
I'm not sure Patrick will be back. I'm afraid that interview is only available to stream.
JamieJones | 19th November 2017 15:37
Hi Dave, this isn't a question but I've posted it here as I didn't know where else to put it... I just want to say I really like the new style of movie descriptions (which started with Jason's Caught Peeping on Girls movie). It's not that I don't like the previous ones - I do, but I just wanted to acknowledge the change in style. I was going to say they sound more 'Corporate' now, but that makes it sound like I'm saying the previous ones didn't which isn't what I mean. I've not explained this very well but I hope it makes some sort of sense. Jamie x
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:31 (186 weeks ago)
Hey Jamie. I'm glad you noticed the new style and I'm really pleased that you like them :)
sumai-Davefan | 22nd November 2017 15:55
Hi Dave,
I haven't seen Kevin for a long time,I miss him very much …
Can we has him films?at recently.
thank you Dave! love you very much!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:30 (186 weeks ago)
I miss Kevin too. I'm afraid to say that I believe his filming days are over :(
Woodshed1164 | 23rd November 2017 08:46
I read that you were looking for Movie ideas - Here is one - young male becomes of legal age to drink and gamble. So him and his friends go to a casino and have a blast - problem being the birthday boy had the rent/mortgage payment on him and lost the whole amount. When asked for the payment he has to either lie about it and get caught or tell the truth.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:28 (186 weeks ago)
Hey, thanks for the idea. Sounds like a good reason to be spanked.
fredandcoach | 2nd January 2018 13:32
when are we going to see fred spanking coach? it would make my dream come true
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:20 (186 weeks ago)
I'm not sure we will ever see the coach spanked!!
Uchikimatsu | 3rd February 2018 13:27
Hi Dave, just wondering if we will see Ashley again or if he has moved on from filming?

I'd love to see another movie with Ashley and his step-dad. Perhaps Ashley took revenge on Charlie in a way that snowballed out of control, like planting evidence and then tipping off the police resulting in Charlie's arrest.

Dad would explain that unbeknownst to Ashley, he had already discussed the issue with Charlie's dad and Charlie had already been punished for his treatment of Ashley. He could drive home his point (on Ashley's very spankable bottom) about not taking matters into his own hands.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:17 (186 weeks ago)
Hi, I'm not sure about Ashley to be honest. Since I moved it's quite a distance for him to travel now.
Orla | 4th March 2018 12:31
As it's my Birthday🎉🎁🎂 today I was hoping maybe you had a little interview we haven't seen yet and even better still if it just happened to be new boy Jacob or some other little surprise xx👍😚
Uchikimatsu | 5th March 2018 03:10 (189 weeks ago)
Ohh, Happy Belated Birthday, Orla!!!
Did you do anything special?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:15 (186 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday! Watch this space for an interview :)
| 28th February 2018 20:49
Just askng if there is someplace on the sight to find all interviews?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:15 (186 weeks ago)
I'm afraid they are randomly spread out over the website! Maybe some of the other members can help point you towards them :)
Uchikimatsu | 5th March 2018 03:14
Hey Dave, quick question:
I noticed that the voting for individual members is no longer visible in the comments on the movie threads. If I remember we used to be able to see how everyone voted on a movie. What happened to that?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:14 (186 weeks ago)
Hi There, I removed that years ago. There was a very good reason and I can't remember what it was!
Kass44 | 15th March 2018 23:02
Dave, any chance you'll have an Irish Theme for Saint Patrick's Day? Please! I'll be your best friend!!!!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2018 17:13 (186 weeks ago)
lol! Sorry. I didn't manage to get any Irish theme. However I was in Dublin for St Patrick's weekend :)
FraserFan | 16th February 2018 20:51
Dave, how did you get started with SLS? What gave you the idea for the website? Is your very first video on the site? and who was your very first model? How did you come up with the character of Mr X? And Mr X is the community `spanker` disciplinarian? Actually, sometimes I think if a lot of communities had a Mr X the whole country could be better off.

Oh, one final maybe not quite so serious question - did you ever explain how `dad` has so many handsome sons. `Dad` must be keeping the Child Support Agency going single-handed with child maintenance cases!

PPS Have you settled into your new home? Maybe you could give us viewers a tour of the new place and I'm presuming new `sets`. Many happy years in the new place Dave BTW.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th February 2018 22:18 (191 weeks ago)
I'll get round to answering these asap!
FraserFan | 16th February 2018 21:43
Dave, sorry I'm not sure how I managed to get my comment on twice.
billenkoek1984 | 9th February 2018 17:01
Hi Dave,
Have You had reactions from neighbours or other people because of the spanking sound at your home? Or did one of the models once got reactions cause of their red butts or because they had problems with sitting?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 9th February 2018 22:16 (193 weeks ago)
hmmmm, great questions! So I was never directly approached by any neighbours about the sound..... however, there was one day when I was filming and the window cleaner did all the windows at the front of my apartment and I he must have heard the spanking! Oh and a year or so ago I was filming and thought I heard a noise but couldn't work out what it was, Later, I discovered that my cleaner had returned to the house to leave a gift for me under the tree! I'm sure she must have heard some noise!

One model had to cancel an underwear photo shoot because his bottom was a bit marked after a spanking!
Orla | 1st January 2018 16:21
Happy New Year Dave & Co.🎊🎉 Any little bonus or interview for the New Year 😁😁
FraserFan | 2nd January 2018 19:15 (198 weeks ago)
Ditto to what Orla said, Dave. Ps, next year we should have Mr. X Christmas Day Message to the nation or at least SLS Land. PPS Looking forward very much to new videos and too new sets. Good luck in the new place Dave.
Orla | 25th December 2017 09:06
HAPPY CHRISTMAS Dave and Daisy xx🎅⛇❄🎁🎄.

I also want to wish a HAPPY CHRISTMAS to Art Stuart and all the Boys.

And here's to many many more great movies for the new year. Orla xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2017 20:12 (198 weeks ago)
Thanks Orla!
FraserFan | 8th September 2017 22:36
Hey Dave, This is totally random question. I'm not that old probably the same age as most of your models. I know if i got naked in front of a stranger and a camera, a certain part would come to life if you know what I mean? Well my question is does that ever happen to your models or if not how do you and them avoid it happening?

An idea for a movie.

You have probably already done something similiar. but if you had a new guy auditioning for a movie and an experience regular model to hand, well spank the experienced model first, while the new boy stands and watches, let the cameras capture the expressions of both models but especially the new model and then spank him. Its the build up and nervous anticipation that I would like to see. I don't think you have done anything exactly like I have in mind. I hope I have described my idea fully.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th September 2017 23:49 (215 weeks ago)
Hi FraserFan, It's a good question you ask about the lads getting aroused during filming. It's not something that has happened in ANY of the movies I have made. It is, however something that the models do mention when they first film. They are also worried it might happen.

So why does it not happen?

I think its for a variety of reasons. You need to always remember that these guys don't share the MM Spanking Fetish. Also, they have to act and concentrate on filming, This is often brand new to all of them. They are also going to be nervous about the whole procedure. Worried about getting things wrong, or how they will look on camera or how much it will hurt. I think also, I film most things without hardly stopping so they have to endure me being strict and angry in whatever part I am playing. That can be quite a shock when I switch from being friendly Dave to that stern character.

So the situation you described about the new model watching another get spanked has happened a lot! Just think of any video where there are 2 guys in it. So for example Kevin and Mike. Andy has brought loads of guys to film. I'd have to go through the archives but there are lots of examples of exactly what you describe. Even the new Sebastian & Charlie movie is a good example of that happening.
FraserFan | 9th September 2017 00:09 (215 weeks ago)
Cheers Dave.
That's something I have wondered about. Speaking for myself its not something I could stop no matter how much I would want to.

I don't think I explained fully the idea I have. It is very similiar to what youv'e done but not exactly. I don't think.

Its where both boys get undressed the new model keeps on his boxers but nothing else, and stands hands on head or something. Making it very clear he is next. Then you use an implement of some kind on the experienced boy, as well as your hand, but only use the hand on the new boy, but you don't actually tell him that until he is over your knee, then you make it clear you are being a bit easier on the new boy. Its so you build up anticipation and a bit of nerves. I know it is kinda very similiar to what you have done, but not exactly. I can see it in my minds eye better than I can describe it. anyways love your videos.
Orla | 1st September 2017 01:59
Hey Dave , just wondering if you might have a little extra surprise movie this weekend, I'm back to school on Monday and need a little something to end my summer holidays xx
Orla | 25th August 2017 23:32
Just home from work and was looking forward to new movie .......😢😢😢
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th August 2017 00:03 (217 weeks ago)
It's ready! I hope it was worth the wait!
Orla | 26th August 2017 22:12 (216 weeks ago)
100% worth waiting for xxxxx Orla had some sweet sweet dreams after this lastnight 😂😂
Cmwilson | 11th August 2017 00:52
I'm trying to find out how to change my user name
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th August 2017 00:12 (218 weeks ago)
What would you like it changed too?
| 18th August 2017 15:19
Please give charly the next time the tight Levi's 501 jeans before he got spanked, it will fit him perfectly
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th August 2017 00:12 (218 weeks ago)
Good idea!
Cmwilson | 9th August 2017 19:33
Actually I was wondering about Karl. My heart aches for him really. He seems so very much like my youngest son. A lost soul I think. Is he okay or can you say
Cmwilson | 10th August 2017 16:42 (219 weeks ago)
Never mind I now see a later video and he looks good. I feel better. Crazy !!
Cmwilson | 10th August 2017 16:42 (219 weeks ago)
Never mind I now see a later video and he looks good. I feel better. Crazy !!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2017 19:27 (219 weeks ago)
Hey, I can assure you that Karl is doing great! He has really turned his life around and is busy being a responsible Dad! Words I'd never thought I'd say but it's true!
Cmwilson | 10th August 2017 20:22 (219 weeks ago)
That is good to hear
Thank you
Kass44 | 20th May 2017 01:21
Good evening, Dave, please let me express to you how much I love your films, your actors, and wonderfully crafted productions - I am almost afraid to make this suggestion because some might take it as a criticism but it is not. I love LOVE your Spanking Game films - you have not only touched on a recurring fantasy of mine but brought back memories of when I was in junior high and high school (and on 4 occasions in college) when we guys would get together in a "club" house or out getting drunk together by the beach - often we would play the stupidest dare games and any loser or losing team would have to take swats or "go under the old mill" - would you ever consider making one of these Spanking Games films where you/MrX was not a part of the game. As if it was a spontaneous (or ritual) game that the boys played amongst themselves. Also, would you consider doing an initiation themed film? When I was about 17 I joined a gang - not a GANG - but a gang and of guys - and we all had to strip down to our drawers and the "leader" put each one of us otk and spanked the hell out of us and then the other members got to swat us as we all drank cheap wine and laughed (well they did more then us) our asses off, It was all in good fun. No harm or foul, We being American it ended with us lined up for the paddle - hard paddling - but again all in good (shaming) fun. No hard feelings just swollen backsides.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2017 19:32 (219 weeks ago)
Hey, I do like your ideas and I would like to do it. It's just quite a big acting job to ask of the guys. But if I can I will.
Slipper Boy | 8th June 2017 06:49
Hi Dave is there in the future going be another model spanking another model like Karl and bailey that was my first video I watched
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2017 19:30 (219 weeks ago)
There will be!
Orla | 26th June 2017 12:00
Freedom 😁😁 School's out til September again , I've been quiet here the last few weeks so just catching up on the new movies , the last few weeks of school are the worst and most stressful with doing child assessments and parent's /Teacher meeting and trying to organise open days for next terms kids but all is well now , the only thing left to do now is end of year staff party 🍸🍸🍸🍸.

I'm loving Todd by the way and if you could do maybe an interview with him that would be awesome Thanks again Dave xx😊😀
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2017 19:29 (219 weeks ago)
I hope you enjoyed your party. Not had a chance to interview Todd but I will do if I can!
billenkoek1984 | 7th July 2017 14:41
Hi dave , do you know if some of your models watch their spanking videos or the spanking clips of other models? And how are their reactions? For sure at the end when there is crying, what do they think about that ?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2017 19:29 (219 weeks ago)
Hi. the lads hardly ever watch their own movies. To be honest they don't like seeing themselves on screen getting spanked. They like to film and forget! Bless em!
mattnyc | 4th August 2017 18:55
The suspense is killing me....when will part two of Sebastian and Charlie be available? Any word, Dave? Thanks.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2017 19:27 (219 weeks ago)
I hope it was worth the wait Matt!
Slipper Boy | 19th May 2017 08:15
Hi Dave thought about a movie for you two lads sneaking to a concert without paying and getting caught so its either jail or a meeting for a spanking with Mr X I know what I would choose lol
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 14th July 2017 14:16 (223 weeks ago)
Good idea, thanks!
Slipper Boy | 19th May 2017 08:09
Happy belated birthday Dave
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 14th July 2017 14:15 (223 weeks ago)
Why thank you!
sumai-Davefan | 3rd May 2017 14:33
Happy Birthday Dave!Wish you have a nice day!😄😄😘😘😘💋🍺🎂
Orla | 4th May 2017 00:15 (233 weeks ago)
Happy B'Day Dave 🎁🎂❤🍻 Have a great day,Hugs and kisses from your favourite Irish Girl xxxx I Love you,Orla😊
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th May 2017 18:05 (233 weeks ago)
Aww thank you very much! :)
Orla | 27th March 2017 00:41
It's been 25 weeks since the last Kevin movie is he still filming with you , now the J crew (Josh/John/Jenson) have leaped frogged him on my model list but he's still one of my faves and i miss him.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2017 20:04 (238 weeks ago)
hmmmm, I've not been in contact with Kevin recently, however there is no real reason why he wouldn't film again. I just haven't had any idea. What scenario would you like to see Kevin in?
mstr_spkr | 30th March 2017 21:25 (238 weeks ago)
How about a scene where he borrowed money from you after the last shooting and has not yet paid it back. Not only has he not paid you back by the time you had agreed but he seems to have disappeared. This is partly true (his disappearing and we miss him very much) so it's a plausible scenario. Kevin has taken two "Real Punishment" spankings and a bath brush beating so he has set the bar pretty high for himself. Maybe he's dreading a call from you!
Orla | 27th March 2017 00:23
I love Chiki's scenario on twitter with the guy losing the dog,you need to somehow do this xx 😊 I have a few more scenarios but i just need to simplify them .
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2017 20:05 (238 weeks ago)
I don't mind complicated!
Orla | 30th March 2017 10:36
Just watched Chris's spanking in bedroom again and i was wondering did he fix the light in the toilet within the hour after the spanking
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th March 2017 20:02 (238 weeks ago)
Honestly.......... the light was fixed about 10 mins after the spanking!
Orla | 17th March 2017 08:46
Dave xx 😊 💋 ❤ as it's St.Paddy's Day this weekend I'm hoping you might have a little extra bonus movie for your favourite Irish member Me of course xxxx Happy St.Paddy's Day 🍀🍀🐍🐍
Anthony | 17th March 2017 15:19 (240 weeks ago)
One from an Irish model to maybe :-)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2017 21:06 (238 weeks ago)
Ah! I'm sorry I didn't have a bonus movie for you this time. :)
Orla | 26th March 2017 11:50 (238 weeks ago)
That's ok xx 😊 there's always next year 😆
srandhr | 17th March 2017 15:18
Hi Dave, excellent work on a very interesting (and hot) video featuring Chris today. I would like to make a request, if possible, I would like to see Chris featured in the more tradiitonal role/play scenario of "Wait Til Your Father Gets Home." Thank you for all the great work you do.
Anthony | 17th March 2017 15:20 (240 weeks ago)
Or a slight twist on it the deadline date of work to be finished failed and movie called wait till your tenant comes home
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2017 21:05 (238 weeks ago)
Hi, I have avoided playing Chris's Dad in the movies as it may feel a bit weird considering the relationship that we have. I would however like to do more role-play stuff with him. I'll think some more about it.
sumai-Davefan | 3rd March 2017 09:23
Hi Dave,may you have a good mood! I loved the Spanking Game-Karl,Fraser&Jay-Round One very much.When to release the second? I can't wait it anymore.thank you!😘😘😘
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th March 2017 06:04 (242 weeks ago)
Hey, you shouldn't have too much longer to wait. It will certainly be released in March :)
Anthony | 17th March 2017 15:23 (240 weeks ago)
Looking forward to these games are really good, thought Jenga was but this tops its. On subject of tops Dave if going these again do you think part one can be topless, then the usual for part 2 underwear and 3 underwear off. Even if the tops go back on after part 1
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2017 21:03 (238 weeks ago)
Hey Anthony, I don't see why part one cant be topless! :)
LucienG | 18th March 2017 19:42
I'm sure you've seen this question before, so one more time won't hurt... Do the models ever read our comments? If so, what's their response?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2017 21:02 (238 weeks ago)
Hey, the models rarely even look at the website to be honest. Occasionally I will tell them some of the comments if I think they will find it interesting. Some of the models have told me that they have looked at the comments on previous movies they have filmed just before coming to film again to see what the members have said.

Andy used to read the comments all over the website when he wanted work and would then come back to me saying that he had read someone suggest a storyline and that he would be up for doing it.

Mostly the members are amazed at the interest that members take and they think it's pretty cool that people take the time to get involved and leave comments. To be honest they always seem to like the attention.

Sometimes it can be tough when people leave comments that are personal to the models, but hey, that is the game that we are in!
Billbuster | 22nd October 2016 03:22

I asked this in the Suggestions box, but I think it really belongs in the "Ask Dave" category:

I am totally hot for Kevin, I admit it. His body is so tight and what an amazing ass. Plus his personality..... Well, here's what I'd like to see. I know you aren't a jack off site. But listen, you have to get Kevin to give us the "FULL KEVIN EXPERIENCE." He owes it to the universe to let us see him jack off and cum, and also to give us more than a little glimpse at his asshole. You used to have a jack off site, and I know they don't pay any more because it's so common, but this should be an exception. I'm willing to bet that Kevin would be willing to do this "by popular demand." Please consider this, I'm desperate!! (heh heh)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:23 (260 weeks ago)
Awwww! I do hear your plea! Sadly, I'm afraid Kevin is probably not prepared to share the "Full Kevin Experience" on camera.
Billbuster | 30th October 2016 22:07 (259 weeks ago)
At least ASK him, Dave. Even if he says "no" now, maybe he'll think about it over time.... after all, he's shown us his boner!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th December 2016 19:42 (254 weeks ago)
I'm afraid it;s not something he is interested in doing. Sorry
Billbuster | 21st March 2017 03:49 (239 weeks ago)
Okay. Well, I had to ask. He IS my favorite of all your models, though there are so many that I like.
jacko | 23rd January 2017 03:02
Hi Dave

I was wondering if the models supply their own clothes and what influence you have over their gear when performing in movies. I notice that they usually change their clothes when a movie follows an interview and you did at one stage mention purchasing some jeans. The labelling of the boxers is usually so obvious that I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of the models have sponsors. The effectiveness of advertising on the backside of a handsome model being spanked would surely be greater than a tv. ad.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th March 2017 06:19 (242 weeks ago)
Hey Jacko, this is a tough one actually. So as much as possible I like the guys to wear their own clothes. I can barely select clothes for myself and I want the guys to look authentic. I know this does not please everyone as they have their own ideas of how a model should look.

So very rarely do I supply their regular clothes.

When they are going to be filming more than once scene in a day I will ask them to bring a change of top so that it looks like it was a different occasion.

Occasionally I will ask the lads to bring something specific like sportswear or a suit.

I do have a supply of underwear available and I will get the model to wear that if I feel that their own is really loose and ill fitting (or not clean!!)

Sometimes, I will let some loose underwear through if the model has worn snugger fitting briefs on different occasions. I always need to remember that the viewers all like different things.

Black underwear or trousers does not look great on film and Art always tells me off when the models wear that! So I do try and remember to ask the guys not to bring that. Art is quite right to do this! :)

Oh and I do have some sports gear that I supply although the models often use their own.

Of course, sometimes none of this happens. Sometimes the models just forget. Or sometimes the film shoot is really last minute and they don't have time to prepare.

With these guys, especially when filming for the first time, just getting them to turn up can be a miracle. Nearly all the guys are just regular lads that are not professional models. Most have never done anything like this before and are nervous. So giving them a whole list of extra demands to bring certain stuff can be overwhelming and can put them off. So sometimes I just have to accept them as they are and be grateful that they turned up.
jacko | 13th March 2017 11:12 (240 weeks ago)
Thanks, Dave, for taking the time to respond in detail. It has helped me to further appreciate the SLS filming process.

I am fascinated by the variety of underwear that is worn by the models; from briefs to boxers to very long boxers in an extensive variety of colours, patterns, styles and brands. Even if supplied sports uniforms are worn, the underwear provides the opportunity for individual choice and helps to personalize the characters portrayed. Of course, tight underwear can accentuate a model's natural curves and enhance the visual and acoustic effectiveness of the spanking process. (Check out Karl’s undies in his latest film for proof of this.) The same can be said about figure-hugging trousers.

Although they might not be aware of it, the clothing choices made by the models reveal much about their attitudes, life styles and personalities. That is why I asked if there was any influence on the selection of clothing they wear for filming. It is interesting to note how clothing choices often change as the models make more films, increase in confidence and commitment and perhaps have a little extra cash to invest in flattering apparel.

test29 | 21st February 2017 06:55
Why can't I get a movie to play on my iPad, it loads and the play button has a line through it?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd February 2017 17:32 (243 weeks ago)
Hi, so I tested on my own iPad and iPhone and it streamed just fine. It's more than likely going to be either your anti virus software or some filter that your Internet Service Provider has put on your service. If you are still stuck, email me on [email protected] and I'll do my best to help you further.
pv82 | 27th February 2017 01:09 (242 weeks ago)
I had the same problem, it resolved when I downloaded and installed the latest software update. Hope that helps!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th March 2017 06:06 (242 weeks ago)
Yes, always having the most recent software is important.
jacko | 12th February 2017 19:42
Hi Dave

I seem to be having a problem with one of my feedback reviews. Last night I added a review for "Aaron - Health & Safety." I note that the video has jumped up to #2 on the list at left but no review is appearing. The latest review found there is dated June 2015.
jacko | 12th February 2017 19:54 (244 weeks ago)
I notice that this is not the first time that this has happened. My comment on "John & Jordan - Spanked Brothers" is also missing although the video appears at #4 in the list at left. Although two comments are listed for this video, only one appears and that was posted by Orla. I hope that my reviews are not lost forever as I spend a lot of time creating them and there is no way I could rewrite them.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th February 2017 20:29 (244 weeks ago)
Hey Jacko, I'm very much enjoying your reviews and the effort that you are putting into them. I see you have been having some issue with the reviews getting posted before you are finished composing them. One solution is to write them off the website (for example on a word document) and once you are happy, them paste them.

As for the missing Health & Safety review. I did see that a comment was left on this movie, however it was a duplication (although shorter version) of the wording for the other Aaron movie, I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. Having duplicate content on the website is extremely negative from a search engine ranking point of view. Google will penalise any website that has duplicate content. I'm not sure about the John and Jordan review, however I can email that over to you so you can repost it?
jacko | 13th February 2017 09:48 (244 weeks ago)
G'day Dave

Thanks for your quick reply. I appreciate the tip about duplication. I will not do that in future. While there was duplication in the "Aaron - Health & Safety." review, it wasn't all a duplication. If it is possible to email it to me I will repost it without the duplication. I was a bit brain-drained at the time and resorted to being a bit lazy, I'm afraid.

I enjoyed the "John & Jordan - Spanked Brothers" movie so much that I made sure I took the trouble to write a review worthy of such an entertaining film. It was on the website after I had submitted it but not this morning. It would be wonderful if you could email me a copy so that I can repost. I think it was one of comments to which you refer which was submitted prematurely. Thus there would have been duplicated content when I restarted. That might be why it disappeared into cyberspace.

Your suggestion about writing my reviews in Word is of course the solution to the early submissions. I have done this on some occasions but not on others. (I am not doing it now.) I will endeavour to consistently cut and paste in future.

When I say that I have submitted prematurely, it is usually not because I hit the submit line but because for some reason my browser has decided to shut down then reboot immediately which has the same effect as submitting. Cutting and pasting will prevent this from happening.

If you find any other examples where I have duplicated, please email the posts to me so that I can resubmit them without duplication. I'm sorry to have caused you problems.

I'm pleased to see that you enjoy reading my comments. It is my ultimate aim to review every movie (or at least the ones I like) in order to encourage existing members to look at high quality earlier movies and interested browsers like I was once to subscribe and reap the benefits.

Keep up the good work! So long as you continue to see my reviews you will know that you are producing movies that I find appealing.
jacko | 14th February 2017 10:11 (244 weeks ago)
Thanks for the email. I have reposted the review.
jacko | 12th February 2017 10:46
Hi Dave

Could you please let me know how each video is rated?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th February 2017 13:35 (244 weeks ago)
Sure, on the top left hand corner of each movie page you will see stars. Just hover over the stars and you can select up to a rating of 10 stars. This only works on desktop version and not mobile version.
jacko | 12th February 2017 19:32 (244 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave. Your reply is much appreciated. I can now start adding my own ratings.
Mylene88 | 27th January 2017 16:20
By e-mail .
Mylene88 | 27th January 2017 16:20
I sent it to your official adress " [email protected] " .
Mylene88 | 27th January 2017 16:08
With pleasure , but i have no facebook , how can i send to you ?
Mylene88 | 27th January 2017 15:33
Hi Dave ,

the last week end i made a trombinoscope , i don't know very well the translation : it's a facebook / group photo of every models of SLS since 2012 in a JPG file . Are you interested to see it ? Maybe the other members could be interested to see it too ? What do you think about it ? :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 27th January 2017 15:36 (247 weeks ago)
Hi, yes I would like to see this. Can you post a link please?
jacko | 11th January 2017 12:03
Hi Dave
What are the numbers superimposed on the pictures at left? Perhaps the number of viewings or purchases, the number of comments or where each movie stands in the ratings?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:09 (247 weeks ago)
Hi Jacko, the numbers relate to how many comments have been left on that movie. Also when a comment gets left then that appears at the top of the list, so there is no need any more to use the Movie Alert blog.
jacko | 23rd January 2017 03:05 (247 weeks ago)
Thanks for the tip about not having to use the Movie Alert Blog. I was wondering why I seemed to be the only person making comments there.
Ooleary | 3rd January 2017 21:44
Was on twitter and you have been busy , saw all the beautiful spanked bottoms and new models as well as my favourites Josh and Jenson and Chris 2017 is going to be another great year . Thanks Dave.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:11 (247 weeks ago)
You are very welcome!
jacko | 5th January 2017 03:27
Hi Dave

Some of the movies follow a very similar format so it is really only the reactions and appearance of the model or the scenario that make a difference. As I appreciate the storyline and the model's acting ability I am very grateful when from time to time you include little twists or differences in your movies which are quite unexpected. Eg. Your use of the bath brush for swearing, George getting the belt on his first appearance with Mr. X., Josh actually agreeing that he deserved punishment before his spanking by Mr. X, threatening to bring Ryan's sister in to observe his spanking and the compassion shown during Oliver's real life spanking. A simple little twist to a movie with a regular format can make a big difference to my response and interest and hopefully the model's challenge. It seems to have worked well on the occasions I have noticed you try it t previously. Eg. When punishment is suggested by father, such as a grounding or loss of privilege, the son suggests a spanking as an alternative. (The reverse of the "I'm too old comment.") The son or client of Mr. X gets to choose the implement he deserves thus taking ownership of the punishment in part. The implement to be used has been sent along with Mr.X's client. The punishment is an extension of another punishment.

Linking punishments to previous occasions is proving to be a winner and helps to explain an already-spanked backside.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:10 (247 weeks ago)
Hi Jacko, I'm glad you notice and appreciate these efforts that I make to shake things up when I can. Continuity is a bit deal for me too.
jacko | 4th January 2017 03:18
Hi Dave

Any chance of removing the redundant items from the Community Blog? For example:

Chris : The Interview
Bonus Movie
Sebastian Interview
Vote on Next Movie Release
Let's Vote Again on Next Movie Release
Interview with Fred
Vote on Next Movie
Coming Soon: Ben & Karl
Interview with Dom

Alternatively, any chance of indicating the date of the last entry for each item as is done with "Ask Dave"?

Alternatively, would it be possible to retain entries such as Bonus Movie, Vote on Next Movie and Coming Soon while removing content that is no longer relevant or up-to-date?

Also, any chance of an "Update" blog that provides latest information on models, films and interviews? (Like a real blog where regular entries are made by Dave to keep us in the loop and provide the latest gos.)

Any chance of somewhere providing background information for each model (Perhaps above each model's list of movies)?

Any chance of a location that lists currently available interviews for the models? (Possibly linking to the interview movies.) A date on interview movies would be welcome.

The Community Blog is fantastic and the first part of the website that I check out, but I would find it easier to navigate if the ideas above were considered.

Keep up the good work!

Of course, you would need to find the time to do these things and that could be a tall order.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th January 2017 23:29 (250 weeks ago)
Hi Jacko, thanks for the message and your interest. There is a good reason why I don't delete anything. It a boring technical reason to do with google and how they index pages.

However, I think I have an answer for most of your questions about the blog. The last thing to be posted or receive a comment jumps to the top. So if the blog post is near the top then you know something has happened there recently. It will then count down and show you how many days ago it was posted. Anything that has been there for a few weeks wont have a time date on it.

I hope that makes sense?

As for the update blog that you mention. I tend not to post about upcoming movies or events as I found from past experience that it annoyed more people as they just wanted to see whatever it was NOW! Also, sometimes I need to change the release order of movies so people could end up waiting months for something I spoke about. However if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you are more likely to see little updates and teasers on there.

To be honest I don't really have enough background info about the models to make it something I would do for all of them. Some are more private than others. So you will get that information from the interviews that I record with the models.

Most of the interviews are linked to the model on the models page, Some earlier ones were released on the blog and they are not listed there so I guess it's always going to be an adventure to find these little gems!

I do listen to all of the comments and make additions where I can and where it's possible. Sometimes though what might appear to be simple can be challenging technically if it;s not something that is built into the website.

On second thoughts. If anyone can be bothered pointing me towards any interviews that are in a blog posting ant not linked to the models movie page then I will find a way if reposting that as a stand alone movie and linking it that way so that everything can be connected to the model and found that way.
jacko | 5th January 2017 03:14 (250 weeks ago)
Hi Dave

Thanks for taking the time to provide that clear and concise explanation. As a new member I appreciate it. I have now learnt to be a little more discerning and so don't open and read every section every time in the hope that I don't miss anything.

I guess that if I was on Facebook or Twitter I might catch up on a little more gos about the models. I'll just have to make do with the interviews which I enjoy immensely. I don't really want info about coming attractions and can quite understand why this is not offered.
billenkoek1984 | 16th December 2016 20:46
Hi dave
Which models you know did receive spanking so at home as a teenager?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2017 17:17 (250 weeks ago)
To be really honest I can't remember! You would need to watch the interviews. Maybe some of the other members could help?
Ooleary | 25th December 2016 01:17

That's Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all.🎄🎁💞❄❤

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2017 17:16 (250 weeks ago)
Oh and the same to you too!
sumai-Davefan | 25th December 2016 00:56
Hi Dave,hey everybody,Merry Christmas!😄😄😄
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2017 17:16 (250 weeks ago)
Why thank you! Happy New Year to you too :)
jacko | 29th December 2016 07:08
Is there a reason that Johnny doesn't appear in the list of models? I enjoyed his performance in the only video in which he appeared.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2017 17:15 (250 weeks ago)
HI, just an oversight there is no real reason.
jacko | 29th December 2016 08:34
Dave, I just sent you an apology by email. Please let me know if you received it. I was too ashamed to enter it on the website. I am such a wimp.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2017 17:15 (250 weeks ago)
I received your email.
Ooleary | 24th December 2016 13:00
Just scrolling through twitter and say pics of some of the new models Wow 2017 going to be another Spanking Good Year and new Irish Brothers too
Ooleary | 10th December 2016 16:02
Hi Dave,Can you please post a bonus for me this weekend I'd love part 3 of the spanking game as I'm in bed sick 😷😥😩 it's one of the disadvantages with working in a crèche, toddlers are little germ carriers and love hugging and kissing Orla so now I've picked up Whooping Cough didn't think adults could get it but you can and i'm muserable 😢😢😢 😙😙
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th December 2016 19:31 (253 weeks ago)
Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly!

Watch This Space!

Ooleary | 10th December 2016 21:35 (253 weeks ago)
Cherylkay | 13th December 2016 19:32 (253 weeks ago)
Oh Orla, I'm so sorry to hear about you having whooping cough. It's making a comeback here in the States, too. I hope you're well soon. One of the advantages of an illness is free time to look at the movies here. I'm still catching up myself. Stay in bed and get your rest.,
Ooleary | 14th December 2016 02:11 (253 weeks ago)
Thanks Cheryl xx I'm getting lots of rest and watching all my old faves,feeling a little better,energy level is slowly rising thank god but the coughing really knocks it out of me , when i was talking on the phone to my sister the twins said i sound like an old dog that needs to be put down ,I'm not contagious anymore according to the Doc but I'm staying away from everyone til xmas just in case so I'm so looking forward to xmas 🎄🎅❄⛄🎁🍸🍸
Cherylkay | 14th December 2016 07:49 (253 weeks ago)
Yeah, the cough is distinctive. I'm down with bronchitis right now and had two severe bouts with rheumatoid arthritis that I'm still recovering from. Coughing takes all my strength at times and sounds horrible. I had someone ask me if I'd been tested for TB. I work at a grocery store (like you?) and I come in contact with infected people daily. I'm surprised I haven't sick before this. Orla, I know how much you love Christmas and I know that having to stay away from people will be hard. But you can do it :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th December 2016 16:05 (253 weeks ago)
Well, just to add to the mix I also have a chest infection! So you all have my sympathies! xx
Cherylkay | 17th December 2016 00:19 (253 weeks ago)
Oh Dave I'm sorry to hear that. This is the worst time to be sick. Infections just have to run their course unfortunately. I hope you're back to your old self soon :)
Ooleary | 17th December 2016 04:30 (253 weeks ago)
Get well soon Dave 🌼🌼💞👍
Anthony | 8th December 2016 14:12
Hi Dave

How are you?
I have been a member here for quite a few years now. This really is the best site on the market worldwide, 100% my favourite.

I dont speak much on here I am going to try to do more just have to be so careful.

However the last few months everyone seems to have gone quiet, even yourself are a bit more quiet. I hope it is because you are busy working and filming.

I hope there is no plans on your finishing this venture with the new law that is in place isn't affect such a great site like this
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th December 2016 16:12 (253 weeks ago)
Hey Anthony,

Well since you asked I have a check infection and am feeling a bit lousy! But other than that, I'm really good thanks.

Thank you so much for the kind things you said about the site. I'm really pleased that you enjoy it so much. :)

It's true that there has been less comments on the site. It seems to go through stages. I have been very busy the past few weeks making lots of new moves too. I do, of course have other work that I do and I like to separate it out as much as possible. So I tend to do a few weeks or months of filming and then give it a break for a while. Then start up again when the stocks are running low.

There have been rumblings about new laws and regulations going on for years now and to be honest, until something definite happens it's very much business as usual from me. I have no intention at all to finish this venture any time soon.
Ooleary | 12th December 2016 13:29
Thanks Dave that little interview really cheered me up xx 😊 As I'm still at home recovering I've been on an SLS marathon watching some old movies i haven't seen in a while and I just wanted to ask whatever happened with Darren he was a cutie is there any more of him ??
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th December 2016 16:07 (253 weeks ago)
I wish I had a better answer about Darren, but I honestly can't remember! He tuned up, filmed and that was that. I don't remember any real reasons why we could have made more. I think sometimes it's just a case of catching the lads at the right time when they want some work.
Ooleary | 9th November 2016 10:01


Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th December 2016 19:41 (254 weeks ago)
I love you too!
cheeky | 1st December 2016 11:35
Hi, I would love to see more embarrassment for the lads during corner time, like having to put their nose against the wall!! They'll really hate it.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th December 2016 19:41 (254 weeks ago)
hmmmm, I'm not sure even Mr X would be that cruel. I am including more corner time in my movies though
Ooleary | 5th December 2016 19:02
Wow just saw the pics on twitter of the new Lad , thought it was Karl at first glance , he looks cute what's his name and when can we see his movie xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th December 2016 19:40 (254 weeks ago)
That will be Elliot and he is scheduled for the first couple of weeks of January. So not too long to wait!
Ooleary | 18th June 2016 14:06
At home nursing a sore head we had our end of year staff party lastnight if any of the parents of the kids in our school saw us lastnight they'd have been shocked ha ha Anyways just watched Bradley and Stepdad again I'm really liking Brad very curious about him, have u filmed any interviews with him yet and if not would he be up for it , i really really love him Thanks again my beautiful wonderful awesome friend Dave xx 😊 💋 💋
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:32 (260 weeks ago)
Awwwww! I'v not had an interview with Bradley yet I'm afraid
naughtytwink | 5th July 2016 03:52
Hello Dave!! :) I'm a new member and I love your site! I was just wondering if by chance you have any spankings in the diaper position?

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:31 (260 weeks ago)
There are some spankings like this in the Jenga Games
Slipper Boy | 3rd August 2016 09:06
Hi Dave has Aaron actually left because i haven't seen him for a while i may be a bit unfair but I think Declan needs to go for some acting lessons because he doesn't come across as natural as The fantastic Callum and Josh
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:31 (260 weeks ago)
Hi, I've not heard from Aaron for ages. I'll be sure to pass on your feedback to Declan
lazycat999 | 7th August 2016 04:05
Hi Dave.How are you recently?
I watched one of the best movie "Dom-Dad Found Twitter"once again,the last line Dad spoke was:next time the belt be coming down.This reminds me of we haven't Dom-Wait Till Your Father Gets Home,but his friends Harry,wayne,Adam,Fred all has made WTYFGH.I know dom has already retired from filming,but I just wondering is there Dom-WTYFGH in your stock not released?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:30 (260 weeks ago)
I've been really good. Thanks! I'm afraid there is no more Dom movies to be released.
Giuseppe | 11th August 2016 12:03
hello dave, why not make a new video with Wayne, maybe where it is taken for the third time to steal.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:29 (260 weeks ago)
I'm afraid Wayne is no longer filming the movies
welshboy | 29th August 2016 08:02
Dave I do hope we see more of Oscar as with this last film he has so grown on me and I do want to see more of his spanked bottom
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:28 (260 weeks ago)
I'm sure there will be more Oscar at some point.
Giuseppe | 17th August 2016 12:26
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:27 (260 weeks ago)
I'm afraid Mr X is pretty booked up at the moment.
Ooleary | 5th September 2016 11:45
I've been away for a few days hols before i'm back to school tomorrow and i'm just catching up on some new movies and WOW what a treat Josh PHOAH and Taylor YAH so a big Thank you Dave.☺☺
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:26 (260 weeks ago)
Oooh! My Pleasure!
Ooleary | 25th September 2016 15:16
Dave,loving 😍 the new Callum movie 🎬 watched it loads and want to know if there was maybe an interview with Callum xx and also that slap to the face was that discussed beforehand or was it a spur of the moment cos he looked shocked and I loved it 😊😊 Orla.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:26 (260 weeks ago)
Hey Orla, I actually did film a mini interview with Callum as we drove back to the train station. I will dig it out. The slap was 100% not discussed beforehand. In fact I have never planned or discussed any of these rare slaps in advance with any of the models
Secky | 27th September 2016 13:17
Dave - would love to see more Caning for Cash such as Fraser endured recently. It's great seeing how far these tough guys will go to make some extra cash. Many of them have never experienced the cane either.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:24 (260 weeks ago)
Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed that movie. I will have a think about it and see if the opportunity arises.
Slipper Boy | 21st October 2016 09:36
Hi Dave hope you don't mind me Asking when is the second part of the Spanking game Movie I loved the first one can't wait for the second one
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 26th October 2016 21:23 (260 weeks ago)
I don't mind you asking at all. It will be released very soon!
bonmar | 7th August 2016 05:50
Hi Dave, I've got the same problem as Kevinfan. The Chris and Jay movie will not play. I've tried 2 web browsers with the same result. The second browser gave the following error message: unsupported video type or invalid file path(?????) Everything else seems to play ok. What else should I try? This is the first time I have had any problem.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 7th August 2016 10:03 (271 weeks ago)
Hey, it looks like there is a glitch with the streaming of this movie. I'm looking into this now. Hope to get it up & running soon. 😄😜
bonmar | 7th August 2016 19:14 (271 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave, It's playing now!
Kevinfan | 7th August 2016 00:24
Hi Dave the Chris & Jay movie isn't viewable to me. Black line through the play button. Please fix.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 7th August 2016 01:00 (271 weeks ago)
Hey KevinFan, I've just tested it on this end and it seems to be fine. Can you try a different web browser? Thanks, Dave
Ooleary | 25th July 2016 01:16
Hi Dave just wondering if you have filmed the the new dice game did it go...did the lads have fun and more importantly sore bottoms xx
Ooleary | 25th July 2016 01:18 (273 weeks ago)
Shit not dice but card sorry CARD GAME
Art | 4th July 2016 22:31
welshboy: I'll answer your question on the Ask Art blog to get it started.
And by the way, members can ask me any question they like about the editing - it doesn't have to be technical.
welshboy | 4th July 2016 11:00
I have one more thing to ask Dave. Can Art have his own Ask Art page as their are a few things I want to ask about the filming side of these wonderful spanking films. Well I will ask here first. Art I just love what you do with these films. But I want to ask When you get the uncute film from Dave , how much of it can you change. Before we see the great spanking epic on the Thursday? Best wishes to you Art.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2016 21:52 (276 weeks ago)
Even Better! As requested I have set up a new blog where you can ask Art any technical questions you have about his work as editor. :)
friedpopcorn | 18th June 2016 17:07
Hi,Dave. Is there any possible to release movies about Fraser,Karl or Kevin recently?I miss them so much that i can't sleep.
I watched movies about them many times,and I really really love them.They are amazing.
If I can see one of them,I will be too excited to go to sleep.So,please,please,please satisfy my desire.
Thank you,Dave.:)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2016 21:13 (276 weeks ago)
Hey, there will certainly be some more Kevin later this year. :) I'm working on Fraser and Karl. :)
welshboy | 4th July 2016 10:14
Hi Dave so looking forward to this weeks film with Josh and Jenson, I do hope at some point you will film mini or full interviews with both guys as it will be great to see how they are doing. As always you are doing such a great job Dave.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2016 21:10 (276 weeks ago)
Thanks Welshboy and I will see what can be done regarding an interview :)
Ooleary | 12th June 2016 16:46
Watching Josh again just because I'm bored and I'm curious to know if you have recorded anything else with Josh,i really liked him in his first movie ☺☺Happy Sunday Dave xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th June 2016 00:00 (279 weeks ago)
I'm pleased to say that there will be more Josh at some point! :)
Ooleary | 17th June 2016 01:53 (279 weeks ago)
💋💋yippee,Thanks Dave.
2l8k | 1st May 2016 22:28
Hi, I'm new to this site and I'm loving the videos. As I possibly gushed overly on one of the vids, I finally signed up after seeing a Ryan teaser so I could watch the whole thing. I think he's an adorable model. Is there any chance he's coming back, or is he another lost to time (or, hopefully, a great career if that has to be the case)?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st May 2016 22:59 (285 weeks ago)
Hey! Welcome to the site and I am so pleased you are loving he videos. It's not actually possible to gush overly so please continue to gush away! I read everything and it always spurs me on to continue making the movies.

I have not spoken to Ryan for a long time. However there is no reason why he wouldn't come back that I am aware of. So since you asked, I will make an effort to see if I can get hold of him and see if he wants to film again.


2l8k | 2nd May 2016 00:09 (285 weeks ago)
That's great to hear. I always worry about sounding over the top or creepy. I always wonder what the lads think to hear they have fans on this site. I always imagined what I'd think in their place but I can never quite picture it. I shall continue to look around and see which other models appeal to me :D Thank you for this great site again ^.^
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd May 2016 16:55 (285 weeks ago)
Hi, it's a good question about what the lads think about having fans on the site. From my experience it seems to me as though the lads are really pleased when they here people like what they do. I know some of the guys get particularly excited when they know they have female fans. I know some get a bit excited knowing that ladies are getting excited watching the movies!
mattnyc | 2nd May 2016 21:21 (285 weeks ago)
I wanted to second 218K's request to bring back Ryan. I think he was one of the sexiest models on the site. I loved seeing him over your knee, Dave. Amazing, smooth, naturally fit body. He's a really god actor and very handsome. I think he'd also be a great spanker, too, since he's more "manly" than boyish. But anything with Ryan would make me really happy. He's much missed.
billenkoek1984 | 22nd February 2016 22:44
taylor is so hot! thank you for bringing new models like Taylor and Carlos!
P:S. Could you spasnk them once wioth the carpet beater over your knee?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 23:05 (287 weeks ago)
Hi Billenk, really pleased you like Taylor and Carlos. I'm not sure I could use the carpet beater when the lads are over my knee as it's huge! But I will try it!
Ooleary | 5th March 2016 20:02
I feel really bad for poor Declan I know he's not my number 1 guy but i wouldn't write him off completely and i feel really bad for him missing out on the extra cash he makes cos he does have a nice spankable bum that turns red easily

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 23:04 (287 weeks ago)
awww, no need to feel bad for him. He actually has lots of fans! Glad he made your top 10
Kass44 | 14th March 2016 21:07
Any chance you'd be willing to line up three or four of your lads in a row and give them a good paddling - wearing some old school white briefs - with a fine old fashion American frat paddle - and make them recite "thank you, sir, may I have another?" like in that classic comedy Animal House? Spank them well and proper, sure. But I went endured that, and would love to see if they could take as many as me & my friends did. I always wanted to see 10 swats to the jeans, then a spanking on the jeans, 10 swats to the briefs followed up by a good spanking with briefs up then down, and last 10 swats on the bare behind - and as they dress (thinking the punishment is over) - its ten more on their brief, and ten more on their blue jeans. As the lads are leaving the room - its a good swat on each of their bottoms to send them out the door. In the next room the bad boys "show off" and display the damage to each other.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 23:03 (287 weeks ago)
Hi Kass, I'm not 100% sure I would find a way of making such an exact American theme work for my website. I will have a think about it though.
Kass44 | 14th March 2016 20:55
Good day, Dave - could you do me a kindness - and spank a red haired lad until his bottom is blistered? Afterall, it's near to Saint Patrick's Day and I've been a good boy.
Ooleary | 14th March 2016 23:14 (292 weeks ago)
Ha ha Kass i can tell you that I'm Irish and a Ginger but the female variety and only 1.1% of the world's population is Ginger so we are an endangered species and unspankable lol xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 23:02 (287 weeks ago)
Hey, I'm not sure I have had any red haired models ever apply, but if they do I promise I will sign him up!
Slipper Boy | 10th April 2016 10:38
hi Dave

Thank you bring in Oscar the Rugby player I think I asked you about having a rugby player as a model so I say to you Thank you so much for this your the best
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 23:01 (287 weeks ago)
No worries, glad you like Oscar
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 23:01 (287 weeks ago)
No worries, glad you like Oscar
Slipper Boy | 18th April 2016 12:08
HI Dave

Just seen Kevin first video when he was late for filming by hasn't he come on a long way since that first video we played to him

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 22:58 (287 weeks ago)
I agree,he really has! :)
Ooleary | 1st March 2016 23:33
It's my B'Day on Friday and Mother's Day on Sunday so i think we should get an extra bonus movie this wkend 😇😆😆😉
Lynn | 6th March 2016 20:42 (293 weeks ago)
Happy birthday a couple of days late to a fellow Piscean :). Thanks to Leap Year mine is on Monday..I hate it when I skip a weekend birthday :)
Ooleary | 6th March 2016 23:14 (293 weeks ago)
Happy B'Day to you too Lynn 🎂🎁🍸☺
Ooleary | 21st February 2016 10:52
Just wanted to say Thank you and that I'm enjoying the new models , great finds there Dave, Tom,Carlos,Darren and Callum can't wait to see more from these guys.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st February 2016 18:04 (295 weeks ago)
Oh it's my pleasure to bring some news guys to freshen things up... Speaking of new guys, I have just released a teaser of ANOTHER new model Taylor!
Ooleary | 18th February 2016 22:49
It's Thursday, where's Callum ??? I worked 15 hrs today and this was my reward Cutie Callum 😦😦 a not so happy Orla.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th February 2016 23:31 (296 weeks ago)
30 mins Orla and it will be ready for you! :)
Ooleary | 19th February 2016 00:07 (296 weeks ago)
Yahoo still not streaming though but pics look Fab , I'm going to watch new episode of Suits and hopefully it'll be streaming after that .☺☺a now very very happy Orla xx
Ooleary | 19th February 2016 01:48 (296 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave xx
Ooleary | 13th February 2016 19:12
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day ❤❤❤ Any little surprise bonus movies for us 😉😉😉
lazycat999 | 26th January 2016 12:25
Hi,Dave.In Karl's first interview Karl said his birthday is in February.Is there anything about Karl's birthday spanking planned?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 29th January 2016 20:42 (299 weeks ago)
Hi, I'm sorry Lazcat but we never got to celebrate Karl's birthday with a spanking this year!
Slipper Boy | 7th February 2016 21:42 (297 weeks ago)
It would be a great idea to have on his actual birthday and as a bonus Movie
Spanked Chris | 14th January 2016 17:19
Hi Dave been spanked hris is not right so if could change it for me to Slipper boy
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 29th January 2016 20:44 (299 weeks ago)
Slipper Boy | 7th February 2016 21:41 (297 weeks ago)
Thank you Dave so much
Ooleary | 7th February 2016 17:36
I ha
Ooleary | 2nd February 2016 23:13
Dad just wondering if you have/or are planning on filming some more with Tom, he was great.xx
Ooleary | 2nd February 2016 23:15 (298 weeks ago)
Dave Dave Dave shit sorry I've Dad on the brain after watching Kevin Teaser again, Dad/Son movies are my absolute favourite.
Ooleary | 3rd February 2016 03:21 (298 weeks ago)
One more question Dave , has the dreaded Bath Brush been put into retirement????
Spanked Chris | 24th January 2016 23:04
HI Dave

how r you and Daisy.

have I missed much as I been away thi week instead of the week before
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 29th January 2016 20:43 (299 weeks ago)
Oh I am fine and Dasiy is currently snoring by my feet! You have not missed too much!
Spanked Chris | 14th January 2016 16:59
HI dave the weather been awful so I am back early so I see tomorrows movie
nandoman1984 | 17th December 2015 14:37
is olly coming back soon
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:08 (304 weeks ago)
Hi, I'm afraid Oliver has retired from filming.... I'm really glad I managed to get so much filmed with him over the years though.
lazycat999 | 11th January 2016 03:18 (301 weeks ago)
Oliver is one of my favourite models in SLS.In fact I have added him in my top3 list after I watched all his movies in these few days,from"Kissing Other Girls"to"Bath Brush Beating","BIC series","Real Punishment",I think he was absolutely fantastic/perfect in every dad-son movie and brothers movie.I also enjoy he visits MR.X due to his big impressive beautiful eyes, lovely big smile.:) and the friendship between him and Dave.Read about he has retired... it is not a good news for me but I 'm really glad that he got a lovely well-paid job and doing well.Thanks for his so many wonderful movies-nice memories.:)
PS:Dave,please,how about ask Oliver for a short viedo like Andy's "Says Hello"?For his so many loyal fans who are missing him,for his funny momeries in SLSyears.
Spanked Chris | 9th January 2016 23:22
Hi Dave

I am going away for a while so would let know what I have missed and when Aaron coming back I miss him
billenkoek1984 | 9th January 2016 00:28
Hi, At first thank you for the hot clips! I really like the latino/ black bad boy types. Like Rico and Steve. Will these two models come back for a harsh otk spanking? Or are there new latno/ black models coming
Cherylkay | 1st January 2016 01:38
Hi Dave, while I was commenting on the new film, I didn't think my first post went through and I ended up posting two separate posts. Would you delete the last one for me, please? Thank you in advance.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2016 04:45 (303 weeks ago)
Done! :)
Ooleary | 24th December 2015 10:27
Wishing You, Art, Stuart, Charlie, Jimmy, Daisy and all the SLS Boys a very Merry.Christmas ☺🎄🎅🎁🍺🍸
welshboy | 20th December 2015 21:33
Hi Dave I have been away for a while. I am back and well. It was so good to see Liam back. I can't wait for next for next weeks film. I am shore Liam and Chris will work so well together. I do hope you will get to interview Liam real soon, as I have a few things I want to ask him. Its good to be back.
Ooleary | 20th December 2015 21:52 (304 weeks ago)
Ha ha welcome back Welshboy Chiki posted in the random blog about 2 weeks looking for you , hope all is well .Happy Xmas 🎄🎅🎁
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 22:13 (304 weeks ago)
Good to have you back too! I'll see if I can get Liam back for an interview. What did you want to ask him?
welshboy | 21st December 2015 11:10 (304 weeks ago)
I have a lot of catching up to do with the reviews. I want to ask Liam If you could spank anyone who would it be and why, also of all the films you have done which one are you most proud off? and lastly what do you want to achieve in 2016. I want to wish all the models, Dave and members a Happy Christmas and a safe and well New Year
Ooleary | 20th December 2015 01:24
How are you Dave? ☺😊👍❤
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:06 (304 weeks ago)
Hey, I really am very thank you! Working hard behind the scenes to keep the movies coming! How are you Orla?
Ooleary | 20th December 2015 21:08 (304 weeks ago)
I was actually very good until i read Oliver has retired 😢😢 ...

i know you don't like to give much away but any more new models like Kevin/Chris/Fraser those guys are awesome.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 21:22 (304 weeks ago)
Hi, yes I don't like to give too much away! However yes you will be seeing a new model soon. I'm not sure he is the same as Kevin?Chris/Fraser but I suspect you will like him!
Ooleary | 20th December 2015 22:08 (304 weeks ago)
If he gets the thumbs up from Dave that's good enough for me ☺☺.

I'm home alone after finishing work the lads had their Junior A hurling final today and they won Yippee, which means next year we'll be in the Intermediate group so big bonfires lighting everywhere and everyone in the pub drinking from the Cup they won today , i had a little sip earlier but couldn't stay out I've school tomorrow morning screaming toddlers and hangovers don't go well together I've found.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 22:12 (304 weeks ago)
I can't imagine that toddlers and hangovers go well at all! I have not had a drink since March and I certainly don't miss the hangovers! :)
Spanked Chris | 20th December 2015 21:11
Hi Dave is there more from Aaron coming up in the new year
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 21:21 (304 weeks ago)
Nothing so far.
spank100 | 13th December 2015 12:35
Hi Dave I was wondering if you can do a segment on where are they now. Which models are still around if any of those who have left are willing to come back. If Dan Lee, Patrick, Dom, Harry etc I like them all. Thanks keep up the great work.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:11 (304 weeks ago)
Hi, I don't like to give too much away regarding what is coming up. I can tell you though that Dom & Harry wont be filming again. It's possible that Dan Lee or Patrick may well come back to film but there is nothing planned. Dan lives in Ireland so it would only happen if he traveled over here. Patrick is busy doing other work so it not looking to film at the moment, however that could always change.
karlfan | 19th December 2015 07:38
Dave, I will be out of for a couple of months, so have suspended membership. I will rejoin as soon as I get back. Yours is a great site and with plenty of Karl and Fraser recently has been in top form. Keep up the good work.PS Any chance of seeing Lee and Parker again?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th December 2015 19:07 (304 weeks ago)
Hey, have a good trip... I'm afraid there are no plans at present to feature Lee or Parker as they are not available.
Kevinfan | 29th November 2015 10:10
I miss Dale. 😕
I rewatched his movies and realised that he is sex on legs. Bring back Dale!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:29 (306 weeks ago)
I might just do that! :)
Kevinfan | 6th December 2015 23:06 (306 weeks ago)
Yay! Love me some Dale. Proper bloke with great acting skills, nice bum, nice balls etc.
wadejohns | 21st October 2015 09:31

Will we see more of Glen anytime soon? May I suggest that you make him a arrogant businessman in a tight suit and take him down a few pegs?. Take him over your knee, kicking and yelling, for a sound spanking with a hairbrush on the seat of is snug suit pants, pinstriped boxers, and beautiful bare bottom. I would love to see a business/office scenario with this young man upended!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st October 2015 19:48 (313 weeks ago)
Hi Wade, there is nothing further filmed with Glen at the moment but I do like your idea of having him in a smart suit! Let me think about that some more!
wadejohns | 23rd October 2015 20:35 (313 weeks ago)
Thanks!! The business exec (or attorney!!) in a tight pinstriped suit is a woefully neglected scenario! And Glen is the perfect candidate. When he messes up a case, the boss has no recourse other than taking him over his knee and using the wooden hairbrush in his desk drawer to set things straight. I imagine that Glen's last film was very popular since he is quite handsome and a good actor. You'll excite a lot of us again by bringing him back in this new role. And please don't forget the traditional, snug powder blue boxers!! I am holding my breath!
uchikimatsu | 23rd October 2015 21:03 (313 weeks ago)
Wade, I have to agree with you here! I very much like the scenario you present. I actually work in a law firm and some of these guys are real jerks. It tickles me pink to imagine one of them returning from trial, having made a big mistake or pissing off a judge (which is not hard to do just by forgetting some paperwork) and being called into a partners office to get a real dressing down and a good spanking.

I think it would be doubly interesting on film if the spanker and spankee were connected somehow, like if the older partner of the firm had decided to hire his little sister's husband fresh out of law school, as a favor, something like that.
wardcoleman | 24th October 2015 09:33 (313 weeks ago)
I like this idea! Remember Parker as the arrogant guy getting spanked in his tight suit trousers?.it would be nice to see something like that but even smarter, with a tie, double cuff with cuff links, shiny Italian shoes, tight bottomed Business suit - that would be hot
uchikimatsu | 24th October 2015 12:27 (313 weeks ago)
wardcoleman | 24th October 2015 13:54 (313 weeks ago)
You like! huh? Chiki?!! :-)
uchikimatsu | 24th October 2015 15:50 (313 weeks ago)
Hi Ward! Yes, usually I'm 100% about the domestic scenarios, but the inter-office spanking really intrigues me. Probably because I work in an environment where there are highly distinct demarcations of authority. Everyone scrambles to please the judges, of course, because they decide your fate at hearing or trial. The partners own the firm and basically dictate the attorneys life, and most everyone else is support staff for the attorneys. The idea of a partner or a managing attorney taking a junior attorney to task for messing up a hearing is just incredibly hot. Most especially if they were both sharply dressed and it took place in the office, rather than a Mr. X type thing. YAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
wadejohns | 25th October 2015 18:57 (312 weeks ago)
Thanks for the support, guys! From your mouths to Dave's ear!! I agree that the attire must be formal ( skinny suit would be ideal as they are very popular in law offices and very tight!) along with shirt, tie, tight boxers and proper shoes and socks. My wish would be for the young attorney to be turned over the knee of a man (Dave?) sitting in a chair, feet not touching the ground, with lots of real kicking and vocals which can be heard in the outer offices. I also love it, when the man rubs his butt post spanking and has a great deal of difficulty sitting in that wooden office chair. Dave, I'm a writer. Want me to volunteer some dialogue?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:33 (306 weeks ago)
So I am planning a movie with a suited guy. Just not sure I can currently facilitate the office scene. I will be doing the spanking and I'm not sure how I could work that into this description whilst not showing my face.

However, Mr X is very much on stand-by!
Spanked Chris | 7th November 2015 20:38
Is there going to be more model spanking each other I do do hope so I really like watching them dave
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:30 (306 weeks ago)
More than likely
Spanked Chris | 28th November 2015 20:39
Hi Dave is there any real punishment story lines coming up I do like those movies I would like to Aaron or Declan getting a real punishment movie
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:30 (306 weeks ago)
Nothing as yet. These are not movies that I can plan, due to them being real.
Spanked Chris | 28th November 2015 20:42
Hi Dave

It me again have you any news on how the great model Adam I really miss his cheeky grin and his perfectly shaped bottom for a spanking
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:29 (306 weeks ago)
Adam wont be making any more movies
Kevinfan | 15th October 2015 00:17
Just returned to the site after few months absence. The models are still top notch which is great. I just think things are getting too straight-laced, perhaps aimed more at female viewers than male. Hate to be basic but I liked how the original models opened up their legs more when OTK so we could see all the junk and other nooks and crannies. I'm sure we used to see the occasional hard on too. I love the stories although they sometimes seem to take preference over the action.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th October 2015 19:39 (314 weeks ago)
Hey Kevinfan, welcome back! What was your username before? I've not made any kind of conscious decision to show less of the lads and movies like Bubble Bath Blues where you get to see them in all their glory are still regular. I will look at how the lads are positioned otk in future though. Yes, there is no doubt that as the site develops so do the stories. I can assure you though that they never mean less spanking! Longer movies yes! The latest movie for example is 28 minutes long. The first 8 minutes is story time leaving a glorious 20 mins dedicated to non-stop spanking! :)
Kevinfan | 23rd October 2015 00:08 (313 weeks ago)
I was Domfan. But he's sadly gone :-(
uchikimatsu | 23rd October 2015 00:28 (313 weeks ago)
Hey, I was wondering where you went... welcome back! You'll always be Domfan to me... LOL
Kevinfan | 23rd October 2015 01:06 (313 weeks ago)
Cheers Chiki. I miss Dom and his cry baby face ....but Kevin's a nice replacement.
uchikimatsu | 23rd October 2015 01:16 (313 weeks ago)
Agreed! I think we all miss Dom and we can all agree that Kevin is da bomb diggity dot com!
Ooleary | 23rd October 2015 01:40 (313 weeks ago)
Seriously can't get enough Kevin ,he has it all great acting great ass great body and i love his lips aahhhhh and HI welcome back Kevin Fan xx
uchikimatsu | 23rd October 2015 02:01 (313 weeks ago)
Those lips need touching. I cant remember who it was, but I seem to remember "Dad" tapping one of the lad's lips either for back-talk or swearing. It wasn't a smack but it was more than just placing his finger over the lips... if I'm remembering, it was a firm tap on the mouth, just as a reminder like. Kevin needs that. Or face smooshing. Face smooshing is good too.
Cherylkay | 23rd October 2015 04:19 (313 weeks ago)
Welcome back! You'll always be Domfan to me, too :) But I guess I can get used to calling you Kevinfan, Whatever you call yourself, I'm glad you came back.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd October 2015 20:25 (313 weeks ago)
I'm glad you are back too! :)
Kevinfan | 13th November 2015 01:34 (310 weeks ago)
Aww thanks everyone. Nice to be missed. Keep bringing back Kevin and Chris and I'll stay 😜
Kevinfan | 13th November 2015 01:36 (310 weeks ago)
Oh, and Fraser. In fact all three together would be orgasmic.
Spanked Chris | 6th November 2015 21:09
Thank you dave

Your spanking website is the best
Hunter | 31st October 2015 21:01
would change to to for me to spanked Chris
Hunter | 27th October 2015 19:31

Just to ask If I wanted to change my username t but keep the same password how do I it without ruining my membership
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 29th October 2015 18:05 (312 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, I can change how your name appears on the website without changing your login username & password. So just let me know what name you would like...
Hunter | 26th October 2015 17:21
Hi Dave

Been away for a week have I missed anything important please let me know
natasha | 20th October 2015 08:26
hey Dave, I was just curious do you ever plan to do an interview with Fraser? If not that's totally fine
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st October 2015 19:50 (313 weeks ago)
Hey Natasha, I'm not ruling out an interview with Fraser, however he is quite shy and private so have not approached him thus far. Not ruling it out though...
Kevinfan | 23rd October 2015 00:08 (313 weeks ago)
Yes we don't want to scare him off. He's one of your best assets!
uchikimatsu | 22nd October 2015 21:44
Question for you on Declan, Dave!
uchikimatsu | 22nd October 2015 00:10
Now that Karl's back, do you think he could convince Liam to come film some more...?

Whats going on with Ryan? Is he done with SLS?

What about Dean? I want to see him in a domestic scenario, all sorry and subdued and scared... that was hot.

Steve? I really liked Steve, where did he get to?

What about Waldo? Where's Waldo?

uchikimatsu | 21st October 2015 00:18
Hi Dave, I'm wondering if you're ever going to have an interview with that gorgeous silicone caulking from your tub? I mean, it's the hottest caulk on any site! I think we should have a Q&A so we can get to know that sexy caulk better! I'm dying to ask it things like has it ever been caulked before it was caulked around your tub, and if it's actually silicone in its private life, and not just while performing in your tub!
Lynne | 21st October 2015 16:22 (313 weeks ago)
Chiki....what drugs are you on? :)
uchikimatsu | 21st October 2015 17:19 (313 weeks ago)
Have you read the comments in the Declan BBBlues Teaser? LOL!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st October 2015 19:47 (313 weeks ago)
I asked the silicone about an interview and I was told I had to speak to it's agent about such matters!
Hunter | 8th October 2015 21:10
hi Dave

Just been thinking it would be funny to see a blooper page so we members can have a laugh if at the moment of dramatic scene a mistake happens.and how they react to the mistake and how they carry on

I would like the other member thoughts on this as well
nanarr | 8th October 2015 23:59 (315 weeks ago)
Hunter, there has already been a blooper video done; but, it was some time ago. Andy hosted it. Look in the Models section under Andy Lee and you should find it.

Dave, it would be fun to have another blooper vid since we have so many newer guys .... just saying.
uchikimatsu | 5th October 2015 00:28
Hey Dave... can't remember if I've already asked this, so I apologized if I have, but...

Why don't you touch anyone's face any more? In the older movies it was quite common as either Mr. X or Dad for you to either smoosh a lads face, slap a lads face, touch or tap their lips, etc. Those gestures, any touching on or around the face (like the cigarettes into Lee's mouth) were the most thrilling and consequently the most favorite moments for me. Yet, I have not seen you do that in ages. Is it because you were more comfortable with models you worked with long-term (like Dom, Andy, and Liam who all seemed to receive the lion's share of face touching) and have not yet gotten a chance to build a rapport with some of the newer models? Or is it that face touching is just so 2012 in SLSville?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th October 2015 13:46 (315 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki! I must apologise for the lack of face touching! There was no real reason for it and I will try and make more of an effort in future! :)
uchikimatsu | 6th October 2015 10:27 (315 weeks ago)
Apology accepted. Now get touching!
I'd love to see dad touch or lightly tap those lovely red lips of Kevin's sometime, perhaps as a gentle reproach about his language, or during a scolding about how how it's his "smart mouth" getting him in trouble... Hmmm, yes....
Aimee | 6th October 2015 22:14 (315 weeks ago)
I loveeeeee the shock face slap :)
uchikimatsu | 7th October 2015 01:37 (315 weeks ago)
Meeeeee toooooo!!! LOL...

But really, any kind of touching on our around the face is particularly thrilling. I guess I'd have to call it a fetish at this point, and I didn't know I had it until I discovered this site!!!
Ooleary | 8th October 2015 16:44 (315 weeks ago)
Yes i agree touching of the face eyc especially in the Dad movies xx
Hunter | 5th October 2015 20:46
Hi Dave

I have had an idea for a movie it surrounds a rugby player and his coach and then finally gets a slippering from his dad, I think I am right we had football movies but we haven't had lad spanked in a rugby setting I I am wrong will someone tell me.
Hunter | 1st October 2015 08:21
Hi Dave

its been a while since we saw Paul I was wondering if you are going interview him as we have seen him since February I would be nice to see what he's been up to since the last movie
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th October 2015 13:47 (315 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, I'm afraid I am not in contact with Paul at the moment and have no interview filmed with him.
Hunter | 2nd October 2015 09:31
Hi Dave it was so nice to see Aaron back today.

Is there any plans to do an interview with Aaron so us members see the real young Aaron
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th October 2015 13:46 (315 weeks ago)
Hi, there is no interview with Aaron I'm afraid
Hunter | 27th September 2015 10:11
it would nice Dave to see Paul getting his bottom roasted again I think its been a while since we saw him been spanked or has he left.
uchikimatsu | 28th September 2015 02:13 (316 weeks ago)
I agree, I would love to see more from Paul. Perhaps that first lesson from his step-father is beginning to wear off, or maybe his attitude has become an issue at work...? School...(he decided to go back after leaving the army?)
Hunter | 28th September 2015 13:18 (316 weeks ago)
Uchikimatsu thank you for replying I think the same Paul must be ready for another spanking plus I would like him to get the 36 lashes what do you think
uchikimatsu | 28th September 2015 16:15 (316 weeks ago)
Well I'm not really a fan of the 36 lashes series as I love the dialog and interaction between players.

Maybe we can see some character development in Paul? Have the step-dad mention how much he's improved, how well he's doing, how he appreciates the respect he's been showing mom, etc, but there is a specific incident that needs to be addressed, something he's really screwed up (I'll leave that up to Dave)

And if Paul says "it's not normal" one more time, dad should sock him in the eye.
uchikimatsu | 28th September 2015 16:16 (316 weeks ago)
Wait, wait...I know! Paul got into a fight with Fraser!!!

Why not? Everyone else in SLSville has...

Bwah ha ha ha ha!
Hunter | 28th September 2015 17:12 (316 weeks ago)
That would make a good movie I would send Paul over to Fraser's house to spanked Fraser's Dad then when he'goes home his step dad gives him a lecture Paul swears at his step dad and his step dad washes his mouth out then gives him a sound belting but the story-line is up to Dave
Ooleary | 15th September 2015 20:28
Just wondering if you've done an interview with Fraser and if not can you please please please organise one xxx Orla
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th September 2015 13:07 (317 weeks ago)
I'm afraid I haven't done one yet... I will certainly see what I can do though! :)
Ooleary | 25th September 2015 20:47 (317 weeks ago)
Or maybe even a real punishment like Kevin and Chris , really love them so much.
Ooleary | 22nd September 2015 20:48
Since i got my new phoneI've been watching a lot of the older movies i wasn't able to stream on my old phone,and i just wanted to say that your acting has come on so much since the old days of Tommy and Ben etc and these days i find myself concentrating more on your acting and dialogue it really adds to the movies and makes them more real to me esp the Dad movies ☺☺☺
uchikimatsu | 22nd September 2015 22:14 (317 weeks ago)
Orla, I have always felt that SLS has offered the best in this area, the best storylines, the best models, the best acting, the best...chemestry(?) between players, etc... and has always, hands down, been the best at offering completely non-sexual, discipline only spanking... and everything about the site keeps growing and improving day by day....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th September 2015 13:06 (317 weeks ago)
Awww! Why thank you very much! I am blushing here?
Aimee | 25th September 2015 19:35 (317 weeks ago)
Absolutely Orla. I am the same. I got an iPad and have been able to stream all the movies I had been missing on my phone. Some of my favourites are older ones too so it was so annoying. I entirely agree. The acting and presentation of all the movies has come on in bounds. It is without a doubt the best spanking site out there for those of us who like it with no sex. 😀 SLS is the place to be!!
uchikimatsu | 22nd September 2015 22:55
Hey Dave, just curious... who held the camera for Bailey's caning, the one in the bonus download where he is being punished retroactively for cheating at school final exam, LOL!

I have to say his face at the moment you tell him what you are planning for him is the best 10 seconds out of those 2 hours.... "wait...caning, today?" LOLZ!!!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th September 2015 13:06 (317 weeks ago)
Oooh I remember that look from Bailey as if it was yesterday! As to who held the camera? I seem to recall it was Karl for some reason! But I can't be 100% sure to be honest
Ooleary | 24th September 2015 13:38
Hi Dave ;

What's in store for us today?

I'm thinking maybe part 3 of Coach Andy, Karl and Sebastian.xx
wardcoleman | 24th September 2015 18:26 (317 weeks ago)
Orla, your powers are scary!! Do you forecast the results of horse races? How about the lottery?!!!

I have been looking forward to the conclusion of that story! :-)
Cherylkay | 24th September 2015 18:39 (317 weeks ago)
Orla, you're uncanny!
uchikimatsu | 24th September 2015 18:48 (317 weeks ago)
:::whistles theme from The Twilight Zone:::
Aimee | 24th September 2015 18:53 (317 weeks ago)
Yay!!!! I've been looking forward to this one!!! When was it uploaded cuz it says it will take two hours but I don't know how long it has been up for.?
Ooleary | 24th September 2015 19:27 (317 weeks ago)
It's streaming now Aimee xx
Ooleary | 24th September 2015 19:56 (317 weeks ago)
Ward I'm quite lucky at picking horses but not the lottery I'm afraid xx
nanarr | 25th September 2015 02:58 (317 weeks ago)
But, Ward, is it really the conclusion of Locker Room Thief? Remember, Dad said something about Mum taking the bath brush to Karl
nanarr | 25th September 2015 03:02 (317 weeks ago)
Okay, the Phantom is in my laptop again!!??

Could Mum talk Dad into using the bath brush on Karl in pt4? Don't know how Andy and Sebastian could be worked into that; but we know that Dave is very inventive!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th September 2015 13:05 (317 weeks ago)
I certainly don't see that this story has been concluded! :)
Hunter | 15th September 2015 08:16
Thank you DAVE it would be nice to see young Declan again
Hunter | 14th September 2015 20:08
Hi Dave

Please would you let me know what's the latest on Aarom and is Declan coming back
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 14th September 2015 23:08 (318 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, I answered this same question about Hunter just 4 days ago. If you scroll down you will see the answer. Nothing has changed since then. I don't have anything planned with Aaron. You might see more from Declan, but nothing 100% confirmed at the moment...
Ooleary | 15th September 2015 01:20 (318 weeks ago)
That's great I'd like to see Declan again xx
James | 21st August 2015 11:39
Hi Dave

I know you don't like disclosing too much but is it possible to know which of the older models that you are still working with so we know what we can expect in the future
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st August 2015 14:57 (322 weeks ago)
Hi James, you are right, I don't like to discuss too much about what is coming up. There are many reasons for this. One of which is that sometimes I am around 6 months ahead with my filming. Right now I have movies filmed that take me through to February 2016! That schedule that I have now though is always changing depending on what I film. So for example. If I film with a new model, next week. I might decide that I want to get that movie out real soon. One of the reasons for doing that is that the model might be keen to do some more but before I commit I want to see the members reaction. So that could mean that the movie I have scheduled for October gets put back to November. Or maybe a model suddenly becomes available, then I might make a lot of movies with him whilst I can, so that will then changing my release order... Of course the opposite can happen. Maybe I am unable to film for several months so my reserve runs dry and I have to release things in a different way...

So, with all of that in mind, what I don't like is to tease members about what is coming up when it's possible they might have to wait 6 months or longer for that movie to cone out. I have seen that before and sometimes it can make people view that weeks release unfavourably as it was not the one they wanted...

So, for these reasons and more I just like to release one movie at a time.... If the movie has a "to be continued" at the end then I try not to make you wait for more than a few weeks for the next part...

However, let me ask you, are there any models in particular you are hoping to see back. Maybe I could answer that question better. Well if I know for sure they wont be coming back I might be able to let you know...

But no promises!
Lynne | 21st August 2015 17:11 (322 weeks ago)
I'll muscle in on James' question :) and try to be subtle...

Who is still on the SLS radar (still in contact for possible work).

nanarr | 23rd August 2015 19:38 (321 weeks ago)
May I also horn in on your question, James? Dave, of course I'd love to see Bailey again; but don't know if that'll ever happen. Seems as if we'll be seeing more of Andy (I hope). Also would love to see Patrick again. What happened to Dom?

Really enjoying Kevin, Fraser and Matt.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2015 17:15 (319 weeks ago)
Hi Nanarr, I'm afraid the 4 lads, Dom, Wayne, Harry and Adam decided not to film anymore.
Hunter | 5th September 2015 09:01
Hi Dave

what the latest on Aaron I hope those that was negative when you introduced him put him returning because his dialogue with you fantastic to watch.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2015 17:14 (319 weeks ago)
Hey Hunter, I have nothing planned with Aaron at the moment.
Cherylkay | 6th September 2015 03:43 it's a holiday weekend (Labor Day) here in the States, are there any surprises planned?
sparte75 | 28th August 2015 10:47
Want the come back to Jay.....
Ooleary | 20th August 2015 00:18
My friend had a baby yesterday little boy named him Thomas OLIVER

My nephews were up on the bog today with my brother and brother in law Mike to bring home the turf and someone had abandoned 4 little kittens up there my brother called the vet but alas only one survived and the kids named him OLIVER and Mike's sister kept him.

All this talk of Olivers got me thinking about our OLIVER how is he and have you filmed with him lately i miss Oliver xx
Aimee | 20th August 2015 01:46 (322 weeks ago)
Awwwwww. Congrats to your friend on the baby. How lovely. I agree. I miss Oliver too.
Lynne | 21st August 2015 17:26 (322 weeks ago)
Thomas Oliver...I like that combination :). Some parents today need to be figuratively shot for some of the names they give their kids :).
nanarr | 23rd August 2015 19:31 (321 weeks ago)
Only figuratively, Lynne?? LOL
Hunter | 19th August 2015 21:21
HI Dave

Just wondering whats the latest news on Aaron
karlfan | 18th August 2015 06:56
karlfan | 12th August 2015 11:59
Hi Dave, great that we have had a lot of Fraser recently, He has a great body.

Any chance of more Karl, Parker or Lee (my other three faves) in the near future?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th August 2015 19:58 (323 weeks ago)
Yes! Karl is back! :)
Hunter | 10th August 2015 22:37
Thanks Dave

Did I put my question to Chris late if so would ask my question to another model when they are interview ed by you as I never heard my question put to Chris
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 11th August 2015 07:33 (323 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, what question was it that you wanted me to ask?
Lynne | 11th August 2015 19:40 (323 weeks ago)
I'll chime in :)...I heard your question asked Hunter...I want to say it was just a little before the halfway point but, there was a bunch of extra chatting between Dave and Chris in between the questions so I may be off in the timing :).
Lynne | 11th August 2015 19:42 (323 weeks ago)
Belay that response :)...I didn't hear the 2nd question.
Hunter | 11th August 2015 23:00 (323 weeks ago)
okay Dave I will rplay the video and if wrong I will say sorry
Lynne | 9th August 2015 20:55
Decided to put this here rather than in the actual interview. Chris did great :) and did bring up a good question that would be nice to have answered by all the active models; or even those not active, who had never been spanked prior to their SLS debut, that are willing to answer.

If you had been spanked as a child, knowing now what you had done wrong AS a child, would you have answered Dave's ad, or had allowed yourself to be persuaded by friends/siblings, to put yourself in Dave's hands?
Hunter | 8th August 2015 08:41
Hi Dave

How's Karl waes havent seen him since. The trust movie is he well.

I have another. Idea about a movie but I. SEND it later
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th August 2015 21:33 (323 weeks ago)
Karl is doing just fine. :)
frankpoulain | 21st July 2015 09:23
Hey Dave ! when Jay come back for hard session ? Cheers.. Frank

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th July 2015 20:11 (326 weeks ago)
Hi Frank, been talking with Jay recently so am planning something real soon. Did you have any particular idea for Jay?
frankpoulain | 7th August 2015 07:55 (324 weeks ago)
Hey Dave. Good news Jay come backs ! Humiliating and spanked hard stand up for 40 lashes ! Fir this massive hunk


Hunter | 6th August 2015 08:06
Thanks Dave for the previews of the movie that's coming this week.

Pity about Aaron but that's life
Ooleary | 3rd August 2015 22:22
Hey Dave just want to say that i really loving these little teasers....Friday can't come soon enough ☺☺☺
Ooleary | 3rd August 2015 22:24 (324 weeks ago)
Ps. Did Chris make it for the interview ? ?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd August 2015 22:48 (324 weeks ago)
I'm afraid it still hasn't happened yet!
wardcoleman | 4th August 2015 10:36 (324 weeks ago)
Don't say that bad boy didn't turn up again?!!
Ooleary | 1st August 2015 21:46
Did you know that this wkend is a Bank Holiday????and i'm off for 4 glorious days so Any little extra treat in store xx
wardcoleman | 2nd August 2015 10:34 (324 weeks ago)
You lucky person, I could do with tomorrow off work, it isn't our August bank holiday until the end of the month! I guess we can't expect bonuses every weekend, but who knows! :-)
Ooleary | 2nd August 2015 11:22 (324 weeks ago)
Just wishful thinking on my part Ward..... Dave is staying very quiet!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd August 2015 14:27 (324 weeks ago)
hmmm, well I've still not interviewed Chris and there is a chance I might be doing that later today, o if that happens I'll try and release it straight away for you! :)
Ooleary | 2nd August 2015 14:51 (324 weeks ago)
OMG that would so Awesome thanks Dave xx
uchikimatsu | 28th July 2015 13:16
Hey Dave, I added a question for Chris interview, but I don't even know if he's already come in for his interview! Is the Chris Interview blog closed?
Hunter | 22nd July 2015 13:54
Hi Dave

Just wondering when Aaron will be returning it's been a while since his debut movie or has he left after 1 movie I hope not.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th July 2015 20:10 (326 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, nothing planned with Aaron at the moment, but that could easily change. I really liked working with him.
Hunter | 25th July 2015 21:36 (325 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave

Hope so Dave but if not I like Chris he certainly respectful and took his punishment without refusing any part of his spankings tomorrow would you ask him for me How long was it after his spanking did the pain go away plus did he have a comfortable journey home
spankster1 | 25th July 2015 11:53
Hi Dave have you read my suggestion in the other blog if so whats your thoughts you could put these movies in a seperate section on the site for those who want to view them. while not mixed with the great movies all ready on the site . im sure they would be popular addition sons spanking naughty fathers , older uncles and grandfathers would be a good addition i know not to everyones interested but im sure it would increase subscribers please give this a try.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th July 2015 20:09 (326 weeks ago)
Hi Spankster1, thanks fir your suggestion. It's appreciated. The thing with the spanking genre is that there is so many different directions that you could take it and all of them would have some kind of audience. For me, I am focussed on Straight Lads Spanked and currently don't have any extra time or resources to move onto a different variation of that. Who knows what will happen in the future, but for now I am concentrating on this. Thanks! :)
Ooleary | 19th July 2015 15:58
How did your interview with Chris go and did he turn up on time lol xx and more importantly did he agree to do more movies xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th July 2015 19:12 (326 weeks ago)
Hi! Chris has not done his interview yet. There is no drama, just not been able to sort out a time that fits both our schedules.
Ooleary | 19th July 2015 20:50 (326 weeks ago)
Ok so long as he does come back i really really like him xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th July 2015 21:58 (326 weeks ago)
Oh I'm sure he will! :)
Jarvo88 | 8th July 2015 11:50
Hi Dave
Just wanted to say that this is a good site
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th July 2015 21:01 (328 weeks ago)
Well hello! That is very much appreciated! Would be great to see you joining in and leaving some comments on the movies. :)
uchikimatsu | 7th July 2015 02:29
Hi Dave!

Just wondering how Paul and his stepdad were getting on? Is he flying right or does he need a refresher course in respect and courtesy? How about Ryan? Maybe he's been fighting with Fraser too (Fraser's such a little trouble maker)
uchikimatsu | 24th June 2015 01:43
Hi Dave - some questions for you in Kevin - Real Punishment - Dont Be Late.... THANKS!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th June 2015 15:53 (330 weeks ago)
All answered! :)
fesseur26ans | 15th June 2015 15:33
Hi Dave,
I don't know if you will agree to answer this, i wonder how much you pay your models for spanking video.
thanks for all your moovies.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th June 2015 22:22 (331 weeks ago)
Welcome to Straight Lads Spanked! I was just wondering why you would need to know such information?
fesseur26ans | 24th June 2015 00:15 (330 weeks ago)
First sorry for my english. Well, I don't need to, i'm very curious about it. Some spanking studios do this with models they pay very low in poor countries. That's not your case and you seem to be fair with your models. In the first video of kevin (i think), the model say he need the money, you wanted to precise that he need the money as extra cash, that he have a job and he isn't in a situation in wich he has no choice according to this. So I wonder what is a fair amount of money for models you spank; to agree to do this. Spanking for them in a way is quick extra cash, in another way it is hard to win because it hurt. So i just wonder what people think is a fair price to do this, and if this fair price is the same for evry body, or if it depends of the mentality of the guy, his pride.
Feel free to not answer. Sincerly yours.
uchikimatsu | 19th June 2015 01:22
Hi Dave, I'm having some issues with playback on my iPad for the new release - Steve. Thanks!
Ooleary | 19th June 2015 01:51 (331 weeks ago)
Yes me too but on my phone .Thanks Dave.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th June 2015 07:08 (331 weeks ago)
Hey! A million apologies. Just discovered there is a glitch with the streaming of this movie. I am working on getting this fixed, however it could take me 24 hours. Please bear with me. I am doing everything I can to get this to you asap!
Hunter | 17th June 2015 17:54
HI Dave

I haven't seen young Karl in any Movie since the Trust Interview and real spanking Like dam and Wayne has he left or is there new movies featuring Karl in the near future.

I write this blog as I am a big fan of Karl's from when I started my membership.

It sad that both Adam and Wayne have left but I now Like seeing new Models Such AS My new favorite Aaron.

Your Spanking site is the best one by far.
Hunter | 12th June 2015 08:46
Hi Dave

After watching The movie of Kevin yesterday I saw a young man very sorry for what he did and his spanking really got through to him because I noticed he was crying a bit when he had a bare bottom when you used the leather paddle I was wondering if you knew he actually wiped his eyes on a few occasions.

When he come back to you I bet he will be on time so he nerve has a repeat dose.

After watching the movie I have changed my mind on Kevin
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 16:37 (332 weeks ago)
I'm pleased to hear you are now a Kevin fan!
Hunter | 9th June 2015 17:15
Hi Dave

Have you heard from Adam and how he is doing in his job I have have missed his little cheeky face
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 16:36 (332 weeks ago)
Adam is doing great! I miss his cheeky face too! :)
goodyuk | 11th June 2015 22:33
Hi Dave

Loving the site. As quite a newbie here I have a couple of suggestions

1. On the models tab, I think it would be helpful to have a photo of the model next to their name in their category - as, as a newbie you sometimes forget who is who so this would help when scrolling down the model list. Well, in my opinion, not sure if you or anyone else will agree, or if it is logistically possible?

2. I absolutely love it when you interview the guys, especially the new guys. I love in particular to hear about any type of discipline that they might have got for real as a child in these interviews - many a time the guy has not had any but sometimes, the question see,s to get skirted over - would be nice to get more of the gory details where they exist!! Don't let them wriggle out of telling all! I also love getting some personal info stuff like do they smoke? (potential for a spanking?!) or perhaps stuff they ought to have got spanked for in real life but got away with, or got a lesser punishment.... again potential for a move!

3. Would love to see some moves too where the guys get an implement used on them first, maybe on their bare backsides, like in the good old days, and then this could be cemented later with a vigorous hand spanking! Kinda the reverse to how things normally pan out - for maybe the experienced models who you know can take it well, the "no warm up" would possibly make them squirm more..... or this could be kind of a major sanction when you want to punish a model for screwing up in some way, punctuality, cancelled meets, etc etc

Just a few initial thoughts coupled with some of my own pervs!

Keep up the great work - more interviews and all the other stuff (I love real reactions, I love it when a guy is majorly embarrassed or uncomfortable with what he is going through, and when he finds the punishment hard to take!!_ Also love the gratuitous nudity - long may it continue!

Have you ever spanked anyone to tears??...... maybe you could film a series where that happens for real..... maybe I am throwing down the gauntlet for the experienced guys who have been here an age and can take it really well........ or for those newbies who wanted to earn the extra by not stopping until tears.....?

Who knows... maybe you will indulge me with incorporating some of this, and I will be interested to see if I get a reply... and indeed what it is!! :)

Cheers for listening

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 16:36 (332 weeks ago)
Hey GoodyUK, Welcome to Straight Lads Spanked! Really glad to hear you are loving the site! Ok, so I am working on getting photos on the models page. This should be possible. I'll bear in mind the extra questions you mentioned when interviewing the guys. I will often post in advance if I am going to be interview a model so you will get an opportunity to ask what you want. If I don't ask them if they have been spanked before it's generally because I know that answer is no. Hardly any guys get spanked any more! There are quite a few movies where the guys receive implements without any warm-up, like the Wait Till Your Father Gets Home and 36 Lashes movies. As for spanking a guy to tears... I think it's unlikely you are ever going to see full sobs from theses guys, but I believe there are some instances of real emotion. In fact look at Kevin in the vary latest release! I'm sure some of the other members will remember other movies with tears! :) I hope I answered everything! :)
Hunter | 31st May 2015 14:15
Hi Dave

About Kevin's lateness

I agree with you about wasting your time I hope Kevin has learned from his spanking you have him Kevin don't be late I know public transport can be a problem but a text message would of let you know He's gonna be late

Did he apologize to you and did he say sir when it came to the counted part of the spanking.

He comes across as bit moody is he or is genuinely shy young man

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th June 2015 12:43 (333 weeks ago)
You can see him apologising in the movie.... I'm not obsessed about him calling me Sir all the time
Hunter | 10th June 2015 09:21 (332 weeks ago)
Hi Dave

Thank you Dave it a thing I have with today's young the lack courtesy I was brought up by it.
nanarr | 10th June 2015 09:50 (332 weeks ago)
Me, too, Hunter. I was raised to say "sir" and ma'am no matter what ... most kids nowadays don't seem to have much in the way of manners.
nanarr | 10th June 2015 09:52 (332 weeks ago)
Okay ... either sir shouldn't have been in quotes or ma'am should have been in quotes ... ahh, consistency! LOL
Hunter | 31st May 2015 22:59
HI Dave been on holiday have I missed anything important and is there a lot to catch on.

m first name is Philip I wonder if you have or any Philip's as models if not don't worry.but it would be nice if oe comes along
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th June 2015 12:42 (333 weeks ago)
Hello Phillip, hope you had a nice holiday! No philips as yet!
Lynne | 1st June 2015 20:34
Hi Dave....admittedly I didn't go back and listen to the earlier interview or vid, but, how old is Kevin?
Ooleary | 1st June 2015 21:45 (333 weeks ago)
He is a delicious 23 Lynne and he is by far my favourite new model , Oliver will always be my no.1 but Kevin has bumped Dom down to 3rd position xx
Hunter | 2nd June 2015 20:12 (333 weeks ago)
Hi everyone

Kevin is good but he needs to work on his manners esepecially when adreesing Dave he should say sir when spoken to in his answers , they mean a lot in my book so if you're gonna be late please ring, mine favorite model is Fraser so could we have more Kevin is two and Karl is 3 Dom is now fourth and Waynes is now at 5 what does anyone think about ex army lad Paul I think he could be a hit with you ladies because I know Ladies like a bad boy don't they
Cherylkay | 2nd June 2015 21:10 (333 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter...I'll put my two cents' worth in because you addressed this to "everybody". I myself don't have a problem with Kevin not addressing Dave as "sir" in the interview. It was just a chat with the cameras rolling, it's not like either of them were "in character". It would be different if they were making an actual film where Dave was playing an authority figure, but they were conversing as equals. For Kevin to call Dave "sir" in this situation would have sounded creepy to me.

I like Paul quite a lot because he seems to march to his own drummer. Dom and Wayne will both always have a soft spot in my heart for different reasons. I think all of the guys bring something special to the table.

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th June 2015 12:41 (333 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, I have never found Kevin to be disrespectful at all once he actually turns up. Quite the opposite. I wouldn't want him to always refer to me as Sir all the time. Dave is good for me.
Hunter | 4th June 2015 18:39
Will Aaron be joining the site I hope so I really like him

So please could we have more from him
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th June 2015 12:40 (333 weeks ago)
I'll see what I can do Hunter!
Ooleary | 3rd June 2015 23:41
Go Dave,you have been busy,another new model to test drive lol Aaron just saw pic on twitter.When can we expect to see him in action??
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd June 2015 23:54 (333 weeks ago)
Very soon indeed Oleary! :)
genuineguy29 | 31st May 2015 10:09
hi Dave
i just join the member and because my internet speed too slow , so i can not view the movie on stream player , if i changed to join the 3 months memebership , can i able to dowload the movie at frist month ? if i can how can i change the membership from 1 month to 3 months ? thanks
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st May 2015 11:19 (333 weeks ago)
Hi There, welcome to Straight Lads Spanked. All membership options are restricted to Streaming Only for the first 30 days of membership. However, we should be able to get your streaming working better. A lot can change depending on the browser that you use. Maybe you can email me on [email protected]
Ooleary | 30th May 2015 20:31
The wait is killing me when will new Kevin stream I've been trying for 10 mins OMG your description sounds incredible i just know I'm gonna love it xx
Ooleary | 30th May 2015 20:35 (333 weeks ago)
I'm just going to watch the other Kevin movie while I'm waiting xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th May 2015 23:09 (333 weeks ago)
LOL! Deep breathes now! It is all ready to stream! I hope it was worth your wait! :)
Ooleary | 31st May 2015 01:36 (333 weeks ago)
It was so worth the wait ,I'm so giddy with excitement after watching it 4 times now and no actual spanking took place ...weird...can you imagine what I'll be like when part 2 comes out
Tony | 29th May 2015 22:57
Thats the best!
Ooleary | 28th May 2015 15:08
So excited to see the new Fraser movie 💋💋💋💋.What time roughly will it stream .
welshboy | 17th May 2015 11:40
Dave I have just been watching Bailey's old/new film and loved it. So i was thinking, do you have any other old films left in the can, that art could work on in the future. As it would be great to see them.
wardcoleman | 17th May 2015 16:09 (335 weeks ago)
Art did a great job on Bailey (and so did Dr. Barton obviously) it would be great if a few more popular classics could be remastered
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th May 2015 17:19 (335 weeks ago)
Hi Welshboy, yes, there are some older movies that have not been released here... there is nothing in the pipeline at the moment to remaster them but it could be possible. :)
Ooleary | 14th May 2015 23:33
Hi Dave,i was wondering if you have any more interviews coming up soon ??
nanarr | 8th May 2015 05:47
Hi, Dave, been wondering about some of the guys we haven't seen in awhile.

Do you and Bailey keep in touch (you know how crazy I am about him!) If so, how's he doing? What's he doing? Is there any chance he'll come back? Sure miss him!!

How's Patrick doing (and what)? I know Andy comes back occasionally ... thank goodness.

I know you've said Adam is in a good place in his career and Ben has dropped off the radar (miss Ben, too ... and those beautiful eyelashes)!

Have you heard anything from George? Thought for awhile there was speculation he was going to come back. Guess not.

What about Lee? Liked his movies, too ... especially when playing Uncle Andy's nephew LOL.

I know there are lots of others we haven't seen lately. I wish them all well in their endeavors; but, still miss them!

Thanks, Dave.
Zanuk | 4th May 2015 22:55
Hi Dave. Fairly new just wanted to say great work
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th May 2015 22:33 (337 weeks ago)
Why thank you Zanuk. Welcome to the boards! I would really enjoy reading some more comments from you!
red1967 | 7th May 2015 09:44 (337 weeks ago)
@ Zanuk.welcome to SLS It's nice to see knew members
nanarr | 8th May 2015 03:16 (337 weeks ago)
Hi, Zanuk, welcome to the SLS family. You'll like it here in SLSville!
Cherylkay | 8th May 2015 04:00 (337 weeks ago)
@Zanuk, welcome aboard :-) I'm looking forward to seeing your comments on the movies and in the blogs.
Cherylkay | 3rd May 2015 23:27
Hi Dave...isn't tomorrow your birthday?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th May 2015 00:02 (337 weeks ago)
Well remembered! It was today! :)
Cherylkay | 4th May 2015 01:12 (337 weeks ago)
Hope you had a good one, my friend :) I keep forgetting about the time difference.
Ooleary | 4th May 2015 07:04 (337 weeks ago)
Happy B'Day Dave 🎂🎁🍺☺💋
wardcoleman | 4th May 2015 09:24 (337 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday for yesterday Dave, I hope you got to spank someone nice on your birthday! :-)
red1967 | 4th May 2015 12:57 (337 weeks ago)
@ Dave sorry to of missed your BD Happy belated birthday I hope you had lots of fun :-bd
nanarr | 4th May 2015 15:11 (337 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday, Dave ... hope you had a blast!!
Lynne | 7th May 2015 22:28 (337 weeks ago)
Happy belated birthday Dave :) Who got this year's spanking? ;)
Ooleary | 3rd May 2015 14:40
Just watched Kevin again for the 100th time , so i think it's nearly time for a new Kevin movie -You have filmed more Kevin ???
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 18:39 (337 weeks ago)
Possibly! :)
Zanuk | 3rd May 2015 15:14
HiDave, personally I like to see a big tough cocky guy spanked to tears. Any possibility of more tears in the future.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 18:39 (337 weeks ago)
Hi Zanuk,, to be honest it's very rare indeed for these guys to cry real tears... but trust me, I do always think of ways to squeeze them out!
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 18:35
Hi Dave! I was wondering if there was one central place to find all the bonus clips of interviews? I see some on the bonus download page, but there are lots of little ones scattered about like the one in the car after Spank Twister, or after the nettles, and the one of you putting cream on the nettle stings,etc.

If there isn't one page that holds all these awesome little gems, would you consider creating one?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 19:15 (339 weeks ago)
Hey there isn't a page for this type of thing but I will see what I can do... I'm not even sure where all the things you mention are? I'm guessing they are scattered around the blog?
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 19:28 (339 weeks ago)
Yeah, each of them was made into a blog and we would have to remember what it was called and about how long ago it was up loaded to find them...I'm not sure, but have some of the older blogs fallen off the page or are they all still there from beginning of time?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 20:22 (339 weeks ago)
All the blog post are there but you will need to look under the blog menu button rather than scrolling down right hand side for the older ones. :)
jimdon | 18th April 2015 23:24
Hi Fave, do the lads wear their own underwear or do you supply it?
wardcoleman | 19th April 2015 18:56 (339 weeks ago)
If you look at some of them, I think they must be their own. I think I remember Dave once commenting on a pair of underpants one of the lads had chosen to wear
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th April 2015 19:52 (339 weeks ago)
Hi Jimdon, it's a bit of both to be honest. I always encourage the lads to bring their own suitable underwear, but I have my own supply on stand-by if I feel that what they have brought is not really appropriate.
uchikimatsu | 19th April 2015 20:47 (339 weeks ago)
@wardcoleman - I believe you are thinking of Andy in Making of Builder in Trouble. From what I remember Dave gave Andy some builder clothes to change into and when Andy was down to his underwear Dave asked him something like "Is that what you're wearing? You're so straight."
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 19:17 (339 weeks ago)
Lol! I always teased Andy for his hetero baggy boxers!
Bsacco12 | 19th April 2015 02:36
Hi. Does anyone else have trouble streaming SLS videos on an IPad ? I have no problems with other sites but SLS videos are constantly buffering and stop every 5-10 seconds. Also, if I try to watch them on TV using Apple TV, I get no access forbidden or something like that. It literally took hours to watch Kevin's video.
Cherylkay | 19th April 2015 03:06 (339 weeks ago)
@Bsacco12, the only thing I have trouble streaming SLS on is Internet Explorer. It stops and buffers about every ten seconds or so. The movies stream perfectly well on Google Chrome. I really don't have any experience with the iPad or iPhone. I did stream one film on my Samsung Android phone with no problem.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th April 2015 04:52 (339 weeks ago)
Hi Bsacco12, I use apple products, including iPad to view the movies without issue. Let me address the apple tv issue first. What device were you using to go through Apple TV? If it was say a Macbook and you were getting the Access Denied message then you were probably using Safari with Private Browsing enabled. If you turn off private browsing you should be be good to go.

As for the issue with the iPad can you ensure that it is fully updated wit the latest Apple update?

What can sometimes happen is that over peak times like weekends, some Internet Service Providers can put a brake on your internet use which will lead to the buffering issue. You may well find that it was a one off issue and trying again later will see everything resolved.

If you are still experiencing an issue, then just drop me an email at [email protected] and I can help you further.


Domfan | 19th April 2015 08:25 (339 weeks ago)
I have exactly the same problem @Bsacco12. I've noticed that late night is worse like after 10pm. I have to keep switching to different WiFi hubs to try to stop it buffering. I still haven't watched the Fred interview start to finish. I tend to skip forward other videos a bit otherwise it would take me hours to view in one sitting. I'll update my iPad settings again but I don't think that made a huge difference last time.
Hunter | 17th April 2015 18:37
I think it would a great video to seeing Karl getting a spanking from older brother then Karl turning to movie around with him spanking his bro
Cherylkay | 17th April 2015 19:53 (340 weeks ago)
@Hunter, while Karl does have brothers, none of them have shot at SLS. There is a set of real brothers currently filming (Oliver and Fred) and brothers who have filmed in the past (Andy, Patrick and Dan Lee).
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th April 2015 22:59 (340 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, thanks for your question. while Karl does have brothers, none of them have shot at SLS. There is a set of real brothers currently filming (Oliver and Fred) and brothers who have filmed in the past (Andy, Patrick and Dan Lee).
Lynne | 18th April 2015 00:18 (340 weeks ago)
::hears an echo::
Cherylkay | 18th April 2015 05:18 (340 weeks ago)
LOL Dave! I didn't mean to answer your question. I gotta stop doing that.
Domfan | 18th April 2015 12:48 (340 weeks ago)
Lol. Dave's getting very sarcy these days ;-)
uchikimatsu | 18th April 2015 13:02 (340 weeks ago)
@Domfan - I know, right? It's like Kevin helped him find his inner mean streak, and now he's just flexing it in front of everybody. I love it!
uchikimatsu | 15th April 2015 01:20
Hi again, on the desktop site models page, "Tim" has 2 headings, one listing his movie and one blank
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th April 2015 11:37 (340 weeks ago)
Thanks, should be fixed now! :)
uchikimatsu | 14th April 2015 19:00
Hiya Dave/Stuart,

I cannot access or comment from the mobile site on the blog celebrating 200 films. I see a page with a button titled "NEXT PAGE" which when clicked takes me back to the home page.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 14th April 2015 23:48 (340 weeks ago)
Well spotted! This is deffo a job for Stuart!
stuartd | 16th April 2015 05:58 (340 weeks ago)
Should be fixed now
uchikimatsu | 10th April 2015 11:18
Hi Dave! Seb's new clip prompts me to ask: has there ever been a model that has done something stupid, either in his own life or affecting you directly that you thought would make a great Real Punishment movie but the model decided he did not want to publicize something so personal? Maybe because he was embarrassed by his own behavior or his ego would not allow it?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th April 2015 13:24 (341 weeks ago)
Hmm, it's not such a straight forward question to answer Chiki as yes, the lads get up to things all the time that I feel deserve a spanking but there has not really been any justification in me dishing it out. Until recently it was mainly the involvement of "Sir" that actually gave me leverage to get the guys into a Real Punishment situation. I appreciate there has been some exceptions to that. So no there has never been a time when I have asked a guy to make a Real Punishment movie and he has declined. There has probably been many incidents though, where if I had asked the guys they would have refused out of embarrassment..
uchikimatsu | 10th April 2015 13:31 (341 weeks ago)
Great answer, Dave! You remind me that "Sir's" involvement was usually because our naughty lad required funds to get him out of hot water!

And I'm never straight, love, but always forward... 💋
Aimee | 5th April 2015 18:17
Hi Dave. I am still having issues with viewing older movies with my mobile. Was talking to Orla and she is javig the same trouble I am. It appears to be affecting samsung phones. I have an s5 and any of the older movies say predating olivers Bath brush movie play 1 second and then stop and just continue that way. Pausing to wait for it to buffer doesn't help. It seems to be any movies that were added before streaming was added to the site. Just wondered if you had any ideas of what could be wrong. I had an s4 before this one and it was the same :(
Ooleary | 5th April 2015 17:33
DAVE how do i vote on movies just watched Jay/ Scott part 6.Orla xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th April 2015 17:38 (341 weeks ago)
Hi, I'm afraid you will have to wait until you get on a desktop computer to do your voting.. It's just not compatible with the mobile site..
Ooleary | 5th April 2015 17:56 (341 weeks ago)
Cool thanks Dave there's a tab on side of my screen that says request desktop site and it lets me on
Ooleary | 4th April 2015 12:26
Stuart/Dave are you going to have list of models on homepage like on old page it was so easy before if i was in the mood to say watch Dom or Oliver or whoever i could just click and get all the list of their movies or will i just have to scroll down through all the movies click next page next page next page xx
uchikimatsu | 4th April 2015 12:37 (342 weeks ago)
👍👍👍 the alphabetical list of models with the movie links was always my go-to page
Ooleary | 4th April 2015 12:45 (342 weeks ago)
Seriously my beautiful red hair is turning grey,I'm not very techie but i will admit the new page is very eye catching.Good job Stu/Dave
stuartd | 4th April 2015 12:57 (342 weeks ago)
ah yes we will but more mobile friendly im just working on the models page currently. It will all come through the nav thiugh so its not a heavy load and easier to pick through :)
stuartd | 4th April 2015 16:27 (342 weeks ago)
Movies a-z if you click the menu icon on the mobile app version
Ooleary | 4th April 2015 16:44 (342 weeks ago)
Thanks Stuart looking good
Ooleary | 4th April 2015 17:20 (342 weeks ago)
What about the a-z models that's what I was looking for
stuartd | 5th April 2015 05:44 (341 weeks ago)
Heya! I have now got that list live so should make it much easier
uchikimatsu | 5th April 2015 11:41 (341 weeks ago)
Hi Stuart, there is only one movie listed for Scott and I believe there should be three.
stuartd | 5th April 2015 11:53 (341 weeks ago)
That will be an admin thing for dave to look at, he cant have attached scott right to the videos his in, so Ill throw that to him
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th April 2015 14:32 (341 weeks ago)
Sorted! :)
Aimee | 4th April 2015 08:19
Dave, is there work being done to the site at the minute? Like a mobile version or something? It keeps skipping me to what looks like a mobile version of the site and wont let me log in. It says my account details don't match. It was working fine about an hour ago. I can't sleep and can't get into the movies this is a catastrophy!! Please help!! Lol. ☺ just when you have a wee minute to let me know if I'm doing simething wrong somehow.
Aimee | 4th April 2015 08:20 (342 weeks ago)
And as youncan see is letting me comment here no problem under my name but wont let me in to watch movies...this is odd.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th April 2015 09:23 (342 weeks ago)
Yes, shiny new mobile version of the site is being launched gradually today! You should be able to log in now and view movies! :)
stuartd | 4th April 2015 11:26 (342 weeks ago)
Testing 123
stuartd | 4th April 2015 11:33 (342 weeks ago)
Testing 456
Aimee | 4th April 2015 14:35 (342 weeks ago)
Oh wow this is awesome!!! So excited 😀😀
uchikimatsu | 4th April 2015 12:14
Erm. Never mind. Box nice and huge as I'm typing now. 😳
stuartd | 4th April 2015 12:59 (342 weeks ago)
Only because you pointed it out ;)
uchikimatsu | 4th April 2015 12:18
@Stuart, are we still going to have the cool feature where the newest comments and replies are highlighted a different color to make them easy to find?
uchikimatsu | 4th April 2015 12:20 (342 weeks ago)
Seriously, I'm an idiot. I see it now.
stuartd | 4th April 2015 12:58 (342 weeks ago)
Blue. They should appear blue. just not as intense. And gives an hour break down
uchikimatsu | 4th April 2015 12:10
So, I was all excited because the comment box looked bigger. I tend to write lengthy posts so checking for typos is difficult when you can only see 2 or 3 lines at a time and I have to use my big 'ok sausage fingers to scroll up and down, which is how most premature submits happen. When I clicked in the new larger box to type,it changed back to the smaller version.
So, nice and large when dormant, tiny when active. 😠
stuartd | 4th April 2015 12:13 (342 weeks ago)
Good spot. Sorted that if you refresh. Thanks!
uchikimatsu | 4th April 2015 12:15 (342 weeks ago)
Thanks, Stuart! 😀 💗💗💗
nanarr | 3rd April 2015 01:26
Hi, Dave. I have a question/comment on the Random Blog. Could you take a look when you have a minute? Thanks!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th April 2015 09:22 (342 weeks ago)
I'm afraid I don't even know where the random blog is! I'm not allowed in there. You can, however ask away here! :)
uchikimatsu | 28th March 2015 07:10
Hi Dave, I have a rather unusual question, please bear with me patiently.

As I've mentioned before, I have a thing for face touching. It doesn't matter what kind; smacking, smooshing, lip touching, chin chucking, or whatever, I love it all.

There are many examples of this on SLS, but what I have noticed is a rather sharp decline of face touching recently. I'm really curious why this might be. Have you found the newer/younger models to be opposed to it? Or perhaps is this a technique that Mr. X has outgrown or evolved away from?

Here is a poster to go with this post:
uchikimatsu | 31st March 2015 17:31 (342 weeks ago)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st March 2015 22:12 (342 weeks ago)
hmmm, it wasn't intentional! I'll have a word with Mr X about it! :)
uchikimatsu | 31st March 2015 22:39 (342 weeks ago)
And Dad. Make sure you speak to Dad as well...
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st March 2015 23:40 (342 weeks ago)
I will do, is it any Dad in particular?
uchikimatsu | 1st April 2015 18:34 (342 weeks ago)
Well, since we never know which lad is filming what, or who is likely to do another dad film, I'd say...

Aimee | 1st April 2015 18:38 (342 weeks ago)
I need to agree with this request of Chiki!! I love the face touching :D
OregonSir | 3rd March 2015 21:43
I don't know if I'm seeing something wrong or if others are seeing the same thing. I downloaded two of the movies - danbirthday and coachrules - the zip files were both 2x the size of the mp4's themselves ( 1,748 GB vs. 876.9MB uncompressed mp4, 833.5MB vs 484.4MB uncompressed mp4) is there a way I can download the smaller .mp4 directly?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th March 2015 10:24 (345 weeks ago)
Hello! Sorry I just saw this. I'm hoping it's sorted for you. No one else has mentioned this and I am unable to replicate the issue.
Lynne | 12th March 2015 20:25 (345 weeks ago)
Hi system does the same thing. The download is always exactly double of the indicated zipped file size indicated on the site. Other than a slightly longer download time no other issues exist as far as I can see. I wasn't sure if it was something on Dave's side with the process or our side with
the translation between programs. Since there weren't any download problems I didn't worry about it. :)
OregonSir | 15th March 2015 00:04 (344 weeks ago)
same thing - not sure if it could be the chrome browser? (karltrustint) the zip file is 755,977kb and the mp4 377,988
Lynne | 15th March 2015 00:12 (344 weeks ago)
Hmmm..good point about Chrome...I didn't think about that. Anyone have IE or Firefox that can verify?
OregonSir | 18th March 2015 01:42 (344 weeks ago)
using current release of firefox - - the zip file is 335,400 kb on disk, the .mp4 file is 169,474kb on disk when it is stored outside of the zip file (comparing properties of 2 disk files) - the .zip is still costing 2x the bandwidth vs. being able to download the .mp4 file by itself.
uchikimatsu | 18th March 2015 10:49 (344 weeks ago)
@oregonsir - hi there. i;m not tech savvy, but i am curious so i downloaded the same file, which was stored as adam36.mp4 not i do not have winzip so cannot open the file, however, the file size is 335,400kb. i'm using Chrome. it does kind of suck that the files have to be downloaded and opened using a paid application that not everyone might have.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th March 2015 20:08 (344 weeks ago)
Hi, you don't need to have a paid application to unzip files. Most systems have the ability built in. It does depend on your operating system. Often a right click on the file and 'extract all' will do it.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2015 23:33 (343 weeks ago)
Hi, well good news. Stuart the tech guy has been working on this and you should find now that files are not larger when you download them! :)
OregonSir | 28th March 2015 06:39 (343 weeks ago)
please extend my thanks to Stuart the tech guy. The file I downloaded just now was roughly the same size as the included mp4 - whatever was changed solved the problem!
uchikimatsu | 28th March 2015 21:11 (342 weeks ago)
I was able to unzip the file with Windows Media Player and did not need to use WinZip... thanks for letting me know!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st March 2015 22:12 (342 weeks ago)
Glad it's all sorted!
essexspanko | 28th March 2015 02:12
Hi Dave,

Are there any particular browsers etc I should be using to stream? Tried to no avail for about an hour this evening to get things to buffer or load up so I might watch more than a couple of seconds.

Hope this finds you well,
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 28th March 2015 06:04 (343 weeks ago)
Hi There, it could be a few things. From a browser point of few, most work fine as long as they are the latest version. Google Chrome always seems to work. There are rare occasions (especially over the weekend) when your own (Internet Service Provider) may put a buffer on your service if there is high usage in your area. This is usually a temporary situation. If you are still struggling email me at [email protected]
Domfan | 25th March 2015 22:43
Hey Dave, a question girl you?
Do you ever get all nervous and tongue tied with your handsome models? I would totally get nervous even though I'd try and hide it.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th March 2015 23:32 (343 weeks ago)
Ha! I get nervous most times when working with a brand new model. It makes no difference though how handsome they are! It's the very initial stage when I am meeting them for the first time and explaining it all in person that makes me nervous! :)
Ooleary | 10th March 2015 09:46
Dave is there anymore Adam filmed or are you planning more movies with him preferably solo movies xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th March 2015 10:21 (345 weeks ago)
Ho Oleary, I would love to say yes, but sadly I'm not sure I will be filming with Adam again. He is in a good place career wise and he is not keen on filming at the moment.
Ooleary | 12th March 2015 10:31 (345 weeks ago)
I'm glad Adam is doing so well right now but also a little sad that he won't be filming any more xx
uchikimatsu | 12th March 2015 11:11 (345 weeks ago)
😱 😪 😢 😪 😭 😭 😭
Cherylkay | 12th March 2015 17:46 (345 weeks ago)
I'm so happy to hear that Adam is in a good place as far as his job goes, but I'm crying inside at the thought of not seeing him anymore.
bungabemia | 11th March 2015 09:52
hello dave, please more films, with only one guy spanked and one old man who spanks, while another old man looks at the scene, and maybe in the next scene the boy wearing mankini
Cherylkay | 11th March 2015 15:38 (345 weeks ago)
@bungabemia, who do you suggest the other "old man" should be? Dave has only filmed that way once and that was with Stephen of Magic Spanking Factory. Also, which of these straight guys do you see wearing a mankini? These are straight, regular guys, who probably don't even like wearing boxers half the time lol.
bungabemia | 11th March 2015 17:02 (345 weeks ago)

sorry for my english, but I wanted to say that I do not like that a young boy is spanked by his own age, I prefer to be spanked by a dad, a grandfather, a schoolteacher, a sports instructor elderly, the spanker should avre more than 50 years

sorry for my english, but I wanted to say that I do not like that a young boy is spanked by his own age, I prefer to be spanked by a dad, a grandfather, a schoolteacher, a sports instructor elderly, the spanker should avre more than 50 years

sorry for my english, but I wanted to say that I do not like that a young boy is spanked by his own age, I prefer to be spanked by a dad, a grandfather, a schoolteacher, a sports instructor elderly, the spanker should avre more than 50 years, because I noticed that some young straight guys in the website does not do spank from daddies, but they do spank exclusively by peers
Cherylkay | 11th March 2015 22:58 (345 weeks ago)
This is eerie...both of our posts posted three times lol. I actually enjoy it when the guys spank each other. The Mr. X films, and to a lesser extent the "Dad" films, follow a formula. Aside from Dave (in masks or hiding his face in some other way), the only other spankers so far have been the other lads. I know Dave will want to chime in, but I'm going to because I just don't have anything else to do LOL. When Dave makes a movie, he has to pay the model involved. When more than one model is involved (either because one lad spanks the other or because Dave spanks more than one lad), you guessed it, he has to pay the other guy, too. Until the day comes when SLS becomes so wildly popular that money becomes no object, money will be a consideration, I'm afraid.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th March 2015 10:19 (345 weeks ago)
Hey Bungabemia, thanks for your suggestions. I'm not sure I can think of any situation where I would want to put the pads in a Mankini! There are not many movies where the lads spank each other, it's normally by 'Dad' or Mr X. It's unlikely to be honest that I would recruit another older gentleman just to sit and watch.
Cherylkay | 1st March 2015 03:54
So Dave, did you get to do the interview with Fred? If so, how did it go? We're dying to know :-)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st March 2015 17:41 (346 weeks ago)
I did! I hope to have it ready for you over the next week or so! :) It went great I think! :)
Cherylkay | 1st March 2015 23:44 (346 weeks ago)
Great to hear, Dave. I have to admit I love the interviews almost as much as I love the actual spanking videos. I'm really kind of a nosy person in real life and I kind of like knowing about people in general. And speaking honestly, I have to admit that it was the interviews that first drew me to SLS.
Bsacco12 | 1st March 2015 16:52
Dave, I'm fairly new here. Love the site. You probably have answered this question before. What kind of mask are you wearing when you play "Dad". I know that that can't be anything like the way you really look, so how do you do it.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st March 2015 17:40 (346 weeks ago)
Hey Bsacco12, welcome to the website! I do hope we get to see you commenting and posting on the movies! It's a great question! "Dad' looks nothing like me at all. You can get a much better idea of how the mask works here
Bsacco12 | 1st March 2015 22:42 (346 weeks ago)
Wow! Unbelievable mask. However, I wish you had gotten the Handsome guy mask. The elder mask scares me!
karlfan | 13th February 2015 08:18
My two favourite. Models after the wondrous karl are Lee and Parker. Will we see them again. Would love to see them give as well as take.
Ooleary | 8th February 2015 19:26
Hi Dave I'm watching some of my favourite movies and just wondering is there any more Parker please say Yes xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 9th February 2015 01:00 (349 weeks ago)
I'm afraid there is no more Parker filmed.... however, it's not impossible there could be more! :)
Ooleary | 9th February 2015 03:04 (349 weeks ago)
Cherylkay | 11th February 2015 01:27 (349 weeks ago)
I sincerely hope he does come back and shoot some more. He's incredible. Maybe you can let him know that people would like to see more of him?
Bruce | 11th February 2015 08:48 (349 weeks ago)
Parker did well and came across as very much deserving what he got. I would like to see more of him too.
bungabemia | 10th February 2015 08:44
Hi, my dream; Mr x spank a guy, and another old man see the action
Cherylkay | 10th February 2015 11:01 (349 weeks ago)
I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole...nope, no way. I hope you're not implying that our Dave is old?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th February 2015 19:43 (349 weeks ago)
HI Bungabemia, thanks for the suggestion. I can assure you that Mr X is very young! However, I will take on your suggestion about having an older man watch the punishment..... hmmmmmmm any volunteers? :P
uchikimatsu | 10th February 2015 21:38 (349 weeks ago)
Hey, maybe you can throw the dad mask on Andy or something so that Mr. X can spank while "dad" supervises! LOL!

:::ducks quickly avoiding various objects thrown by Dave:::::
Cherylkay | 10th February 2015 21:51 (349 weeks ago)
Dave, I'm not an old man but will an old woman do? lol
uchikimatsu | 10th February 2015 22:59 (349 weeks ago)
Pretty sure Daisy is going to be the only female making an appearance in any SLS clip 😉
Cherylkay | 10th February 2015 23:16 (349 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I guess you're right, but it never hurts to ask LOL.
Ooleary | 11th February 2015 00:33 (349 weeks ago)
@chiki I like your suggestion xx
uchikimatsu | 30th January 2015 16:51
Dave, does Jay read the comments here? Is he aware that he's now got a whole new fan base of men and women because of his last few performances?
millie | 16th January 2015 00:03
are you making us all wait with bated breath for the next movie Dave ive just fin work and i was like yass its thursday, then my heart sank lol
Cherylkay | 16th January 2015 04:41 (353 weeks ago)
@millie, we're so spoiled lol. I suppose tomorrow will bring the much awaited new movie. Maybe we'll get to see the one with real tears in it! Here's hoping.
millie | 16th January 2015 11:26 (353 weeks ago)
@Cherylkay which one is that fill me in some, ive been on this website a year next month and this is me just finding out this little bit exists its like a whole back room of chatter, but yes please feel free to fill me in on what movie you are talking about
Cherylkay | 16th January 2015 18:02 (353 weeks ago)
@millie, a couple of months ago, Dave announced that he'd made a film that involved real crying (and a warm hug!). That's all he'll say, despite all of threatening to throw a synchronized tantrum if Dave didn't tell who it was LOL. Then we spent several days over on the Random Blog trying to guess only to be told by Dave that none of us were close. We've been waiting impatiently for that film since then. I wish I had more info, but Dave won't spill lol.
millie | 22nd January 2015 13:57 (352 weeks ago)
im not sure i enjoy these as i find them too severe, it hurt to see the models cry i think it has been way too sore if the cry, im all for the boys making extra money but it does look so sore at times and i wonder how they do feel a few days after when their rear is still tender by that time they will be thinking was that worth it lol
Ooleary | 22nd January 2015 15:33 (352 weeks ago)
@millie don't worry Dave told us the crying started before the spanking
millie | 22nd January 2015 16:52 (352 weeks ago)
@Ooleary that makes me feel so much better lol thank you for clearing that up for me xx
Cherylkay | 22nd January 2015 21:11 (352 weeks ago)
@millie, I'm afraid I forgot to mention that the floodgates opened before the spanking started. My bad. Like you, sometimes I do feel a little bad for the guys, even though they do get paid for their efforts. That they do it for the fans as well as the money sometimes makes me feel a bit guilty. But what can I say? Someone's gotta do it LOL.
millie | 23rd January 2015 23:24 (352 weeks ago)
@Cherylkay who has been ruled out then and who is left do you know if it is a newby or one of the regulars lol, you hold my interest with this one
Cherylkay | 23rd January 2015 23:51 (352 weeks ago)
@millie, to be completely honest, I have no clue. I don't even remember all of the names we discussed. That thread is here somewhere...probably in the Dave Speaks blog because it was an announcement he made that started the speculation. And he's being mean and not even giving us a hint LOL. He just said that all of our guesses weren't even close.
millie | 16th January 2015 11:54
has Daisy ate the laptop again lol
baroquen_art | 6th January 2015 18:05
Dave, this may have been asked before, so if it has, I apologize for the repeat. My question is directly to you. Have you ever allowed one of the guys (or someone) to smack you with any of the implements you use? I would figure you might want to know how hard to use it and maybe even know what they are going through? I know you don't allow yourself to be spanked (not even on your birthday!) but do you at least test? Empathize? Thanks, I'm doing a marathon watch of my favorite videos. :) Happy New Year.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 7th January 2015 19:17 (354 weeks ago)
Hey, great question..... well I am delighted to say that none of the guys have ever smacked me with any of the implements... I hope that remains!
baroquen_art | 7th January 2015 20:10 (354 weeks ago)
Thanks for the response, Dave. I can't help but think you're leaving something out of that answer! ;-) Okay, just teasing. How about hands? With you, that's a pretty hard implement. After Oliver's real punishment, your hand was the same color of his butt!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2014 22:27
hmmmm, I wonder what this weeks release is going to be????
Lynne | 30th December 2014 22:36 (355 weeks ago)
Weeeeellllllllllllllll..let's see. You haven't made any major or minor announcements about what has been shot recently. I know we have Andy's return as well as the "real tears" vid unless the two are the same? I am guessing there was a spanking competition part four already shot? You also sort of kind of left a possible hint that there might be a Jay Substance Abuse part 4 of sorts; the "dad" reckoning. Admittedly I lost track a bit :).
uchikimatsu | 30th December 2014 22:56 (355 weeks ago)
I'm gonna guess Paul's 2nd video!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2014 23:16 (355 weeks ago)
Of course I should have started this in the 'Dave Speaks' thread!

I like the idea that I have managed to even confuse the lovely Lynne as to my schedule! That really is an achievement!
Cherylkay | 31st December 2014 00:06 (355 weeks ago)
Glen...please say it's Glen. Pretty please with sugar on it.
uchikimatsu | 31st December 2014 00:15 (355 weeks ago)
Ooh, Glen would be a good choice, or Dean, I like Dean.
Domfan | 31st December 2014 00:30 (355 weeks ago)
Who's Glen?
Domfan | 31st December 2014 00:37 (355 weeks ago)
My wish would be Ben, Harry, Dale, Fred, and Andy. And then Dom, Patrick, Olly, Wayne, Liam, Billy, Parker, and Ryan.
uchikimatsu | 31st December 2014 00:51 (355 weeks ago)
@Domfan - he hasn't been debuted yet, but Dave put some pics up on Twitter some time ago. He's a beefy rugged Aussie!
Ooleary | 31st December 2014 01:47 (355 weeks ago)
What i really want is a Dad movie xxxx
uchikimatsu | 31st December 2014 02:04 (355 weeks ago)
@Orla - I always want a Dad movie. I live vicariously thru these clips as I watch and imagine that I had an upbringing half as normal and stable. Sad, isn't it? 😜
uchikimatsu | 31st December 2014 02:13 (355 weeks ago)
@Lynne - I somehow missed your post earlier! (missing posts, missing movies - it's official; I'm old.)
I forgot about the real tears video. Oh boy, that would be a lovely way to ring in the New Year! Yes, only a spanko would want to welcome 2015 with tears and pain! Ha ha!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st December 2014 19:26 (355 weeks ago)
hmmmm, did I forget to mention that the Brothers In Charge saga is still ongoing??
Cherylkay | 31st December 2014 19:47 (355 weeks ago)
Really? No, you didn't mention that, Dave. That's great to hear :-)
Cherylkay | 31st December 2014 19:55 (355 weeks ago)
OK, Dave since you know I love sibling scenarios and today is my birthday, you are now officially the sweetest man on the face of the earth :-)
Lynne | 28th December 2014 17:43
Hi Dave..I was thinking about this. Given the intensity of the bath brush, just how do you talk about it to the model before the shoot? If you followed the usual pattern Jay had another shoot that same day prior to the BB vid. Even with a change in "attitude" through talking about the change prior and the model going with that, there always seems to be an air of nerves or tension that seems to be beyond just the change in acting. The reality of the BB has to be worse than the imagined ideas.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 28th December 2014 22:20 (355 weeks ago)
Hey Lynne, as it happens, this was the only movie I shot with Jay that day. The discussion had been in advance of filming. With someone like Jay who has been filming with me for a while, it's not a big step to discuss the bath brush. He was already very much aware of it and we both knew it was the natural progression if he was going to film again.

I guess, because of the way that I film all my movies, hardly stopping, keeping in character and of course spanking for real then any sense of air of nerves is genuine.

I hope that helps?
uchikimatsu | 27th December 2014 16:35
Dave - question for you in Uncle Andrew Spanks Lee and Dom
wardcoleman | 27th December 2014 17:12 (356 weeks ago)
I don't know what your question was uchikmatsu but I must sat that was one of my select dozen or so favourite videos, all three actors played their allotted roles perfectly, and it was really cute and sexy
uchikimatsu | 27th December 2014 17:22 (356 weeks ago)
@ward - this is also one of my favs, I watch it a LOT. I asked if there was any chance of Lee coming back to film for SLS. We've seen models return after a long hiatus, so I thought there might still be hope for Lee.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 28th December 2014 09:36 (355 weeks ago)
Question answered!
MJM | 2nd December 2014 21:00
Hi Dave, can you tell me what happens when I sign up again for another 3 months (as my subscription is coming to an end, in the next couple of days). Once I've signed up again, will I be able to continue downloading videos? Or will I have to wait for 30 days to pass, before I can do so?
uchikimatsu | 2nd December 2014 22:26 (359 weeks ago)
Hi @MJM - from what I remember you will have to wait another 30 days to download content once you have a new subscription after the old one lapses. Bummer, right? You might consider getting a rolling subscription. That's what I did after my initial subscription period was up so I never have to worry about waiting for downloads. You can also cancel whenever you want. I got the best bargain with the 90 day rolling subscription.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd December 2014 22:39 (359 weeks ago)
Hi, if you sign up again within a few days and send me an email I'll lift the 30 day restriction. It would, however, be better value for you to choose the 90 day recurring option in future. Dave
MJM | 2nd December 2014 23:01 (359 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave & uchikimastu. I'll certainly give the continuous 'rolling' subscription some thought.
MJM | 15th December 2014 10:21 (357 weeks ago)
Hi Dave and Everyone else, I'm back with the 90 day Rolling subscription. Now I just have to remember to keep some money in the bank for the next payment. Thank god I've got 3 months to put it in there. Lol! 😃
uchikimatsu | 13th December 2014 15:12
Hiya Dave! Question waiting for you in Tim - Shamed Accountant...thanks! 💋
kristi | 29th November 2014 06:42
Dave, the picture of Andy on his bike with the puppy, ,, where is it?? And the pic of Andy sleeping,,,,,, him and Patrick at your place,,, super bowl.... where did those pics go??? I love em,,,, wanna see em again!!
Ooleary | 29th November 2014 20:59 (359 weeks ago)
@kristi there still there hit the blog button and scroll down i love reading back over the interviews with Mr X/Dave and little extra movie interviews and just saw the pics u wanted xx
Domfan | 13th November 2014 00:34
Dave I have a good question for you.
I believe you are a big Dr Who can. So tell me, in your opinion which SLS model do you think would make a good Dr Who companion? The Dr has had many male companions over the years. Which would work best. And no I don't mean for the Dr to spank lol!
Domfan | 13th November 2014 00:35 (362 weeks ago)
And that leads to the natural follow up question, which Dr Who make companion would make the best SLS model?
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 00:59 (362 weeks ago)
::::raises hand and waves it wildly in the air:::: Ooh! Ooh! Can everybody play?

@Domfan - I have written some collaborative Doctor Who spanking fiction...LOL
Cherylkay | 13th November 2014 02:34 (362 weeks ago)
I can't wait to hear Dave's answers to those questions. I need something or someone to keep me occupied. I'm always like this on Wednesday nights, knowing that Thursday is new movie day :)

@Chiki, I would LOVE to read whatever you've written.
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 02:39 (362 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - it was collaborative, so half of it is even worse than my own abysmal prose. She wasn't a great writing partner so I quickly wrapped the story up and dumped her. LOL I will try to dig it up... Its the only Who I've written and the scenes are mostly between Nine and Jack, with a smattering of Rose. No slash, in case you were worried about that...
Cherylkay | 13th November 2014 02:59 (362 weeks ago)
@Chiki, no I wasn't worried about that. I've read some pretty well written slash over the years, but never tried my hand at it myself. Nine and that does sound promising. Part of the reason that I hadn't done any collaborative work before is because I was, like you, afraid I would get someone who's worse than I am. Now, there is nothing abysmal about your prose. There will be no more talking bad about your writing. Do I need to hand you a white envelope and send you off to see a certain community spanker? LOL
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 03:52 (362 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - by the gods I actually found it! You should have it in your email by now. It is pretty long and taking a cursory scan of the story reminded me that this was written before I got really into the DW reboot, and long before my interest in Torchwood. If you're a die-hard fan you might find it annoying and attempt to correct all the non-canon stuff...LOL! I'm not afraid of writing with someone "worse" than me; I've written with all kinds of people with different levels of skill, but a good writing partner understands certain rules about writing and the laws of physics. This one had a habit of trying to alter the known laws of physics in her story to spin it when her character made a mistake. If she didn't like my characters reaction or where the story was going, she would basically keep trying to get "do overs" by writing them. I put a foot up her ass about it, finished the story with her, then said adios amigo!
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 03:52 (362 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - by the gods I actually found it! You should have it in your email by now. It is pretty long and taking a cursory scan of the story reminded me that this was written before I got really into the DW reboot, and long before my interest in Torchwood. If you're a die-hard fan you might find it annoying and attempt to correct all the non-canon stuff...LOL! I'm not afraid of writing with someone "worse" than me; I've written with all kinds of people with different levels of skill, but a good writing partner understands certain rules about writing and the laws of physics. This one had a habit of trying to alter the known laws of physics in her story to spin it when her character made a mistake. If she didn't like my characters reaction or where the story was going, she would basically keep trying to get "do overs" by writing them. I put a foot up her ass about it, finished the story with her, then said adios amigo!
Cherylkay | 13th November 2014 04:50 (362 weeks ago)
@Chiki, now that doesn't sound much like collaboration to me. It sounds like she wanted to lead the show. Of course, I'm always open to constructive criticism, which is one the first things they teach you in any creative writing course--be open to honest appraisal and constructive criticism. I'm not a die-hard fan so things don't have to be exactly canon. I rather like it when things get a bit wibbly-wobbly and I can take creative license with the material. That's one of the joys of writing fanfic; you can pretty much do whatever you want. But when you're writing with someone, you don't try to undo what the other person does and that's what it sounds like she was doing.

I now have something fun to read to help me pass the time until the new movie is released. Thanks, Chiki :D
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 17:17 (362 weeks ago)
@Cheryl and @Aimee - I sent it to both of you. Just an FYI, I had meant the sorry to be more of a study about the characters, but my writing partner decided to throw "adventure" in there, so please excuse the sequence about the volcano and aliens...I had to work with what I was handed; thems the rules.

Kindly let me know what you think when you have time; on here if it's to lavish praise and kudos, or privately if it sucks...LOL!
Cherylkay | 13th November 2014 18:54 (362 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I enjoyed it. I loved your parts way more than the other lady's. It seemed that, instead of trying to complement what you'd written, she tried to undo it. But I do love the way you did your narrative. I'm so bad with both narrative and plot, if I could do a story that's nothing but dialogue I would LOL. It was a very good read, but I found myself skipping forward to your sections because I thought yours showed way more imagination and creativity, whereas hers was just a bit too pat and safe. And predictable.

Hopefully, our writing partnership will prove more fruitful. But you know from my writings where my weaknesses lie and I thoroughly expect you to make up what I lack :)
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 20:31 (362 weeks ago)
@Cheryl – thank you for the kind words!  Sometimes RPG fiction can be
awkward if the writers aren’t in synch with one another in philosophy and
style.  I have written with people of all ages and skill levels.  Every
writer has her strengths and many have surprised me with a particularly
well executed turn of phrase or an especially original storyline idea.
Writing with others has made me a stronger writer, certainly, but I’m still
not great.  Better than I was, but still not that good.  I lack the
discipline to write every day, which is the only way to improve.  I look
back at some of the passages I wrote when actively writing at least an hour
every day and some of it astounds me.  I wonder if it really came from me!

As for my partner on that story, I strongly suggested she change the posts
that defied logic.  She did change most of it so you don’t see things like
my character catching something and tucking it away in his pocket, then her
response where her character snatches it back from mid-air (after my
character already put it in his pocket!!??!!) because she changed her mind
about throwing it in the first place.  So annoying.

I really enjoy your writing as well and believe we can complement one
another’s style to create something fun and exciting.

Now, I don’t think anyone has yet answered @Domfan’s questions.  I was
waiting for Dave to answer first as the questions were directed at him, but
he’s apparently a busy-bee this week.

So, the SLS model I think would make a good companion is Dom, Dan, or
Karl.  They are each smart, independent, willing to take direction,
industrious, and open-minded.

The male companion I’d like to see at SLS is either Jamie McCrimmon or
Adric. What about you guys? @Domfan, what are your thoughts?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th November 2014 00:47 (361 weeks ago)
Hmmmmmm, DomSpank well that is a good question indeed! I reckon Andy would be a great companion. He would be open to new ideas and experiences & be fiercely loyal to the Dr. Also, he would be able to go off during episodes and have his own adventures without needing the Dr to look after him all the time! :)
Cherylkay | 16th November 2014 18:41 (361 weeks ago)
@Dave, his companions do tend to not stay put when he tells them to stay put LOL.
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2014 18:49 (361 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - ha ha ha ha, are you quoting my story?
Cherylkay | 16th November 2014 20:05 (361 weeks ago)
@Chiki, no I'm going by the show, really LOL.
Domfan | 16th November 2014 23:36 (361 weeks ago)
Interesting choice Dave. I was thinking about Andy as he would (a) be able to stand up for himself on many occasions but still (b) need the Dr in a fatherly way plus (c) would get into trouble a lot and (d) would sometimes be cheeky and need the Dr to pull him into line.
Dave you didn't answer the second part of the question yet.....
Cherylkay | 17th November 2014 03:59 (361 weeks ago)
@Domfan, if I had to say, I would choose Karl. He's small, but he's scrappy and tough.And there are plenty of times when having a boxer around would come in handy lol. As for which companion would be good on SLS, I'm choosing Adric. He seems a pretty good choice.
Domfan | 17th November 2014 10:42 (361 weeks ago)
Granted Cheryl but Karl doesn't seem motivated enough to be a companion, he's a bit too passive/lackadaisical.

Domfan | 17th November 2014 10:43 (361 weeks ago)
As for the second part of the question, I want to see Dave's answer first before I give mi e.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th November 2014 11:30 (361 weeks ago)
I suppose I would have to choose Jamie! The kilt would be very interesting! :)
uchikimatsu | 17th November 2014 11:51 (361 weeks ago)
Ha ha....Jamie was my choice too! And he'd be a multi-tasker. He'd be able to spank as well as take a spanking....
uchikimatsu | 17th November 2014 13:30 (361 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - I used that phrase alot (too often, in hindsight) I guess it just got sick in your head!

"The best thanks would be to stop messing about with the TARDIS and stay put when he was told..."

"If I say 'stay put you lot till I get back,' then that's what..."

"Although," he said, throwing his hands up in a gesture of defeat, "I did tell the girl to go to her room. Doesn't anyone stay put when told 'round here?"

"That's how I try to keep you lot safe. If I say to stay put and wait for me..."

it's the best compliment...
Cherylkay | 17th November 2014 16:50 (361 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I spent the entire weekend watching "Dr. Who" LOL. Netflix has the classic shows from the 60s and 70s and staying put seems to be an issue with almost all of The Doctor's companions. But I do love how you wrote that because Rose did seem to have an issue with staying put. I don't think you used it too often at all. I loved your story! It was awesome. You should more on your own if you have time.

@Domfan, you make a good point about Karl, but he strikes me as a lad who needs a lot of action or he gets bored.

@Dave, Jamie is an excellent choice!
uchikimatsu | 17th November 2014 17:10 (361 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - I'm sad that Netflix has only 1 or 2 story arcs from the original series. A lot of the film was destroyed and is no longer available, but much more has survived or been recovered than what is presented on Netflix.

Thank you for the lovely compliment! Rose is definitely very independent and street smart! I really didn't like her, but she had become so central to the show. The butch loves The Ponds, and I adored Donna from the reboot. Classic i would say i liked nyssa and adric...and of course Sarah Jane :::sniffle:::
Domfan | 18th November 2014 00:01 (361 weeks ago)
Interesting choice Dave. Yes I see from a kinky point of view, Jamie in his kilt. But Jamue is not naughty enough to need a spank. I would chose.....drumroll..........Turlough. He is very badly behaved and has nice black trousers to be spanked over. Plus he's a redhead and so his butt would glow red from a spanking.
After Turlough I'd chose Rory, just for the hell of it as he's cute.
uchikimatsu | 18th November 2014 00:49 (361 weeks ago)
Ooooohhhh....SSSSNAAAP! Turlough! Nice one, @Domfan! FYI, Rory was also The Butch's pick...

Adric was such a pain in the ass, tho, that Five should have beat him at some point....and I embedded that as a memory of Nine's in my fic...just cuz I could!
Cherylkay | 19th November 2014 03:52 (361 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I liked Rose, too. She was sassy and independent. But if I had to choose a favorite, I would choose Donna. First, because that was my mother's name and I love that name. second, because she had the guts to slap him when she thought it was warranted. And also, she was hilarious. Not sure about Turlough, though he was pretty naughty. Funny, I went back and watched the ones with Adric (the ones that Netflix has anyway) and I agree that Five should have beaten him at some point. It would've been awesome! LOL
uchikimatsu | 19th November 2014 11:50 (361 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - LOL, you mis-read my post, I stated that I did NOT like Rose. Nor did I like Martha. Both of them annoyed me. Donna was fantastic and I miss her all the time. She was smart, adventurous, really funny, and the only one that didn't seem to have mushy girly *feelings* for The Doctor.
Cherylkay | 19th November 2014 17:20 (361 weeks ago)
@Chiki, doh! I did misread your post (another thing I'll just blame on dyslexia lol). I think it would be hard not to have some kind of feelings for The Doctor. He's adventurous, usually handsome, really smart and has a sweet ride--everything most girls look for in a guy lol.

While we were speaking about Jamie and his kilt earlier, am I the only one who thought Zoe was annoying? Even as a little girl I found her tiresome.
flashgordon | 20th November 2014 21:11 (361 weeks ago)
Ah, Adric...! For what it's worth: I would just love to see Adric receiving a sound caning from the Doctor. That would be so satisfying.

Adric bends over, still grumbling, as the Doctor flexes the cane. I'm sure the Fifth Doctor can give the cane with the delivery you would expect of a cricketer. But Adric is a sturdy lad, with a good pair of buttocks on him under the thin, unprotective-looking fabric of those khaki trousers, (has anyone else ever paused the action and zoomed in at the moment he gets up from his horizontal position at the start of his first scene in "Earthshock"? Nice view!), and I'm sure he'll be able to take his punishment well enough. How many strokes has he earned?

Pity it's off-topic for SLS! Or is it?! I presume Adric is a Straight Lad? (Have we any reason to think otherwise?) And administering behaviour improvement therapy across the seat of the pants is right on target for what the site is all about!

Maybe one of these days Dave will combine two of his interests, in a costumed production. Which raises another interesting question: which SLS lad would be best cast in the role, if he did?

Perhaps Dave is just waiting for the right script (all you writers out there...!)
flashgordon | 20th November 2014 21:38 (361 weeks ago)
Sorry about the duplication - I don't know how that happened!
uchikimatsu | 20th November 2014 21:53 (361 weeks ago)
I don't see any duplication, it must have gotten fixed.
Lynne | 20th November 2014 23:18 (361 weeks ago)
Duplication tends to happen if you refresh the page without going OFF the page first. I think all of us, or most of us anyway, have done it at least once :)
flashgordon | 21st November 2014 17:03 (361 weeks ago)
Thanks Lynne - that's useful to know.
uchikimatsu | 22nd November 2014 01:37 (361 weeks ago)
@Flashgordon - I never saw Five as a disciplinarian type. He was always much too passive to spank anyone, but I can see it with Adric because he was so young and such a pain in the balls all the time. I like your scenario, and if Five ever did go there I can definitely see him using the cane, he really does look the part for it.

I couldn't guess at your age, but did you ever happen to watch "The Tomorrow People?' Not the reboot in the 90's and not the re-re-boot that is running now (BLEH) but the original aired on BBC between 1974 and 1978. I freakin' LOVED that show. LOVED. Ok, obsessed was more like it, maybe. I ask because there was definitely discipline in that show, implied, subtle, and one outright spanking from the "leader" played by Nicholas Young. The lucky recipient was Sandra Dickinson, who played sister to her future husband, Peter Davison. The whole story arc was super-cheesy and ridiculous. But that spanking....

I'm gonna guess the show had a combined wardrobe and special effects budget of about $10 per show. But it had one of the most original premise of any show I had seen. I could forget about the cheesy effects and sometimes abysmal acting to escape within the story and their world. Did I mention I loved this show?
flashgordon | 22nd November 2014 18:22 (361 weeks ago)
Hi Uchikimatsu! I agree with what you say: Dr Five was probably not an instinctive spanker. But living with Adric 24 hours a day (we only saw half-hour episodes!) would test the patience of the most long-suffering person. It would just need one last straw - one more self-absorbed whine at an ill-chosen moment, and even he would reach for the cane! As for why the Doctor keeps a cane in the Tardis, on the off-chance that a bratty young boy might turn up as a companion some time, and have to be disciplined - well, any explanation could be found. Who knows what past adventure it might be a souvenir from...

I didn't see "The Tomorrow People" when it was shown in the 70s. I was a university student around that time (so that's how old I am!) and being (as I now think) a bit of "a pain in the balls" myself at that age, I would have regarded my tastes as being too superior for "that kind of thing"! So I knew nothing about it until recently, when my attention was drawn to it by some website or other, and I've now seen one or two episodes (the DVDs are available for rental) - but never the spanking episode! I don't suppose you happen to remember which episode that was, by any chance? I would certainly rent that! Pity it had to be the girl that got it, rather than one of the lads, but still...
Domfan | 22nd November 2014 23:55 (360 weeks ago)
Hey Flash and Chiki....I refer you to Planet Of Fire where Dr Five did get very strict and testy with Turlough. I think he just flipped out and also ended up murdering Kamelion and The Master on some weird killing spree. So I think he most definitely us capable of spanking Adric, or Turlough, or anyone else who tests his patience too much.
uchikimatsu | 23rd November 2014 00:14 (360 weeks ago)

@Flashgordon - of COURSE I know in which episode of The Tomorrow People that spanking took place! You will find it in Season 3, the story arc is called "A Man for Emily" and the episode is titled "Shotgun Wedding." Its rather brief, but I love discipline in mainstream movies and television.

I might have written here about this before, but the best shows have writers that create main characters from family archetypes; father, mother, genius child, clown child. The roles often transcend traditional gender, but the viewer will subconsciously relate to the characters as a family unit.

The Tomorrow People utilized this technique exceedingly well with sharply defined roles for the characters. The spanker in this episode is the oldest of the group and most definitely the father figure throughout. I agree that it would have been much more satisfying to see "John" spank one of the younger males of the group. He was responsible for both teaching and taking care of them. I believe I remember writing a few spanking stories about this show when I was 11 or 12.

So, what made you choose your screen name "Flashgordon?" Are you a fan of superheroes/comic books? I confess that I have a real *thing* for superhero spankings, especially if its their own sidekick! I don't remember Flash having a sidekick, but the Batman/Robin pairing makes for perfectly believeable discipline. I also love The X-Men for a reasonably plausable premise. The idea of Professor X (Professor X, Mister X...hmmm!) as leader of the mutants and headmaster of the school is just ripe for all kinds of discipline! I think Kurt and Remy are especially deserving. In my head canon Professor X, Beast, and Wolverine are interchangeable as disciplinarians....
uchikimatsu | 23rd November 2014 00:25 (360 weeks ago)
@Flashgordon - I forgot to mention: Matthew Waterhouse, who played Adric is gay. I don't know about the character of Adric, but he was very young so who knows? Or perhaps on his planet people had no need for such archaic labels 😜

@Domfan - Turlough was a little bastard. I never seem to get satisfaction from watching an incorrigible person or character disciplined out of anger or revenge. When the spanking is done out of love or to teach and the recipient can show remorse, I'm all over it!

I do believe Five got a bit snippy with Adric as well. Called him an idiot if I recall, but I don't remember which episode that was! I'm going to re-watch the scenes you recommend as I probably haven't seen those episodes in 25 years!
flashgordon | 24th November 2014 09:34 (360 weeks ago)
Haha! No, Uchikimatsu, I'm not a "superheroes/comic books" person at all! "Flashgordon" isn't from that. Well I mean, he is, I know, but I chose the name because my own first name is Gordon, and in looking for a variant of it, I used a bit of what I guess you would call "British irony", as there was never a person less "flash" than me!

So I can't really comment on your other superhero ideas as I don't know enough about them. But Oh! To have been Robin, over Batman's knee for a good spanking! What would that feel like? Even I know enough to have been well into that fantasy, long before now!

Thanks for all your information. I didn't know that about Matthew Waterhouse. And "Tomorrow People Series 3" is added to my wish list already!
uchikimatsu | 24th November 2014 11:58 (360 weeks ago)
@Flashgordon - I can appreciate the irony of your screen name. All of my friends, family, and co-workers call me Say-Say, and while I can talk up a storm here in the forums, I'm probably the least talkative human you'll ever meet in person!

I think you and I share that Batman/Robin fantasy with quite a lot of other people! With Robin being Batman's legal ward, not just his sidekick, it makes absolute perfect conditions for that sort of thing.

I wanted to see some Tomorrow People again and discovered that most, if not all, of the full episodes are available on YouTube. (I've seen them so many times I just couldn't bear to pay for them - now I can watch any time for free!)
kristi | 6th November 2014 18:00
hey Dave!!! Where is the beautiful Andy Lee? Has he had his competition yet, if so, how did he do? We haven't seen him for four pages, i'm really missing him!
uchikimatsu | 7th November 2014 00:16 (363 weeks ago)
@kristi - he was filming today so you have to wait, oh :::glances at watch::: 2 months or so, give or take a week. You can check with Lynne, though, she might have a look on her spreadsheet and provide a more accurate answer.

aaaaaannnnd...... how are you? its good to have you back on the boards...
Ooleary | 7th November 2014 00:20 (363 weeks ago)
@kristi check out pics on twitter Andy Lee is back xx
Cherylkay | 7th November 2014 00:34 (363 weeks ago)
Andy posted some nice pics on his Twitter page today :) I tend to think that with all the films that are already waiting patiently to be released (including the long awaited mouth soaping video) it might be awhile before we see Andy but I do hope we see him soon. From the pics, it's pretty obvious that Andy got spanked. I would LOVE to see him topping more as he's a good spanker.
Lynne | 9th November 2014 00:26 (362 weeks ago)
Just went to the Twitter site. I really like that almost abstract profile pic Andy has..where he is looking off into the distance. And Dave, that Dad mask as is looks quite, uhm, interesting :). I hate to say it but unworn it reminds me of the puppet used by Jeff Dunham; Walter. Of course you don't look like him when it is on but unstretched it hit me what (or is that who) it resembled.

As for my spreadhseet, uhm (looks around her desk, under her books, shuffles project paperwork)..I am sure it is here somewhere.
Lynne | 9th November 2014 00:27 (362 weeks ago)
@Chiki..another aside..that pic of Andy on his Twitter page where he is looking off into the distance..that might be a good one for your magic portrait fingers :)
Lynne | 9th November 2014 00:30 (362 weeks ago)
See, lack of observation...didn't even see the date of release...a year ago?????? Have no idea how I missed it.
Cherylkay | 9th November 2014 00:59 (362 weeks ago)
OMG that mask does look like Walter!!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th November 2014 00:48 (361 weeks ago)
Yes, there has been more Andy recorded..... this time he goes to visit his Uncle Dave!
Ooleary | 14th November 2014 01:31
Hey Dave any ideas as to why my voting is all screwed up ???☺💕💕
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th November 2014 00:42 (361 weeks ago)
I don't! But I'm looking into it! Can you tell me what device you are using? Phone, laptop, iPad or whatever?
Lynne | 9th November 2014 20:52
Hi Dave....I just wanted to verify that you have now placed all the Blog posts behind the member curtain? If I try to access without logging in first the site keeps bringing up the Member Login page.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th November 2014 00:45 (362 weeks ago)
Hey Lynne, yes that's correct. At this moment in time the content is visible just for members only. :)
uchikimatsu | 5th November 2014 12:21

I was just going over this thread again, particularly the posts about twat vs. twot. You know, by reading a lot of the much older blogs I don't think I'm mistaken in believing that Dave is a well traveled guy. I'm willing to bet he knew exactly what he was doing when he was saying "twot" and why it was funny. It may be a nonsense word in the UK, but I think he knew it would cause some talk or controversy on this side of the pond.

Dave, were you being naughty on purpose? What say you, sir?
kristi | 6th November 2014 05:32 (363 weeks ago)
Whatever Dave might say....I do believe he is guilty of being naughty ....SPANKING FOR DAVE!!!!!!
kristi | 6th November 2014 05:35 (363 weeks ago)
Sorry I had to call you out Dave.....but you are naughty ... right?? Oh..shit.... am I in trouble?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th November 2014 17:02 (363 weeks ago)
Hey! Well here is the truth! When I said the word 'Twot' is was simply Dad being confused about 'Tweets'. The way I said it was Twot (sounds like got). I am very much aware of the word 'Twat' but where I come from it is pronounced to sound like 'that'. So I am 100% innocent! :)
uchikimatsu | 6th November 2014 17:07 (363 weeks ago)
::::eyeballs Dave suspiciously::::

Uh huh.....
Cherylkay | 6th November 2014 21:55 (363 weeks ago)
*agrees with Chiki and rolls my eyes*

Sure, you stick to that story LOL.
Aimee | 6th November 2014 21:56 (363 weeks ago)
I thought so Dave :) it made me giggle
Cherylkay | 6th November 2014 17:13
Hi Dave...I'm using a borrowed computer at the moment so I can't download the movies, I can only stream them. I'm dying to watch the new one, but it's not available for streaming yet. Can you tell when I'll be able to stream it? I've been dying to see this one since I saw the photo on Twitter :) Thanks!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th November 2014 17:16 (363 weeks ago)
Hi, it will be about an hour from now
Cherylkay | 6th November 2014 18:13 (363 weeks ago)
Thanks, Dave :) I can't wait to see this one.
Cherylkay | 2nd November 2014 22:11
It's been four days since anyone's asked you anything? Unbelievable lol. I guess I'll ask you how you've been and, now that Halloween is over, did you answer the door in your Dad mask? That thing alone would scare the kids away! lol
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd November 2014 23:18 (363 weeks ago)
Hey! Ive been really good thanks for asking. My other work has kept me busy but at the same time I have been chatting to potential new SLS models. I never answered the door in my mask! I would probably get arrested if I did! It seems that Halloween now equals fireworks round here and I was worried as to how Daisy would be, but so far, she has been fine! Not bothered at all.....
Lynne | 3rd November 2014 23:26 (363 weeks ago)
If you have had thunderstorms previously and she wasn't bothered than fireworks probably wouldn't. Neither of my girls like fireworks but as long as they are inside they are fine. I live on a pretty busy main route so both were hearing fire engines, cruisers and ambulances on a routine basis; sort of like your place :).
Cherylkay | 4th November 2014 03:40 (363 weeks ago)
Dave, you're riding herd on a pretty unruly bunch right now and you're taking on more? (BTW, "riding herd" means looking after). It seems like a very exciting time at SLS right now. I'm glad to hear you're well and that Daisy tolerated the fireworks OK. Here where I live, the fireworks are the night BEFORE Halloween, commonly known as Mischief Night. That's when all the youngsters go out and soap windows and toilet paper trees and egg people's houses. The trees in front of my condo are literally covered in toilet paper. I felt sorry for the maintenance guys when they came to work this morning lol.
@Lynne, I live right by the local firehouse so sirens and lights are a fact of life. It's annoying, but I can live with it. Whenever I hear sirens in one of the videos I always check to see if it's a real siren or on the video :)
uchikimatsu | 28th October 2014 22:34
Hello Sweetie! There is a question I've always wanted to ask waiting for you on Brett Belts Billy comments.... THANK YOU!
Cherylkay | 22nd October 2014 19:24
Hey Dave, it's me again, your friendly little pain in the derriere LOL. My 30 days isn't up yet so I can only stream the films. However, this morning when I went for my SLS lunch break fix, none of the movies would stream. Are you doing some maintenance on the site? Thanks in advance.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd October 2014 20:16 (365 weeks ago)
Are you still having an issue? I just tried it and it worked fine for me...
Cherylkay | 22nd October 2014 21:44 (365 weeks ago)
I'm still having an issue, yes. Funny enough, I think it may be my laptop's fault. I have two of them, one which doesn't have sound that I only use for writing and getting emails. The one with sound that I watch the movies on is the one that won't let me stream them. I have no idea why this is happening as I'm not the most tech savvy girl in the world. Any advice you or anyone else could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Cherylkay | 22nd October 2014 22:12 (365 weeks ago)
OK, I switched over from Google Chrome to Internet Explorer (which I hate) and that lets me watch them....weird. I think my laptop has moved on to harder stuff than cooking sherry lol.
MJM | 19th October 2014 21:16
I don't know if this question has ever been asked before of Mr X, but we hear it being asked a lot in the interviews of the guys, if they're straight, gay etc... but, what of Mr X? ... I can't believe I've dared myself to ask that question!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st October 2014 23:49 (365 weeks ago)
WellI am not so sure about Mr X, the community spanker. I like to think he is probably widowed. Anyway, I can tell you that I, Dave is most certainly gay.
MJM | 22nd October 2014 19:06 (365 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave. I wasn't actually expecting a reply... As I wasn't entirely too sure you would answer it. After I posted it, I felt like running for hills. Lol!
Cherylkay | 20th October 2014 22:31
Question for you, Dave. Through watching the films and talking to Chiki, I've become aware of a very unusual phrase you sometimes use in the films, "stay at peace". I have come to the conclusion that it means more than just "stay in place" or "keep your hands down" since you have no problem saying those things straight out. Does it mean more along the lines of "calm down" or something like that? I'm just curious because you tend to use it quite often and not when someone is really playing up. It tends to be when someone is having a bit of a problem coping. So I just wanted to pick your brain a bit. When I was in my 30's, I dated an Irish guy from Dublin and once, when I was throwing a fit about something, he told me "Will you be at peace!?" It was the first time I'd ever heard it and I hadn't even thought about it until I heard you say it. Thanks for any response you give (and I think this might get Chiki's attention, too lol).
uchikimatsu | 21st October 2014 00:43 (365 weeks ago)

Not that again! LOL!
Cherylkay | 21st October 2014 01:56 (365 weeks ago)
See what you did. Chiki? :D
Cherylkay | 21st October 2014 02:03 (365 weeks ago)
@Chiki, can you direct me to where the original convo took place? That might answer my questions without bothering Dave.
uchikimatsu | 21st October 2014 02:19 (365 weeks ago)
Oh goodness.... probably not! The conversation took place over an extended period of time in several different blogs and movie comment section. I can tell you that the bulk of it most likely occured in Random Blog, our "members playground." You can go to any of the blogs and if your browser allows it, use the "find on this page" feature. Type in the most likely word with the least likely occurance in a random conversation... like "peace," and the find feature should highlight every instance of that word. I probably had private conversations with several people about it as well, which obviously wont be here.
Cherylkay | 21st October 2014 02:57 (365 weeks ago)
:::sobbing::: I have Google Chrome and there's no search feature. I guess I'll pop some popcorn an slog until I find it LOL. It's not crushingly important, I just was curious. My curiosity does have a habit of getting me in trouble ;)
uchikimatsu | 21st October 2014 03:02 (365 weeks ago)
LOL, yes it does.... on the address bar there should be an icon that looks like horizontal bars... if you click that you should see the "find" option. Also, you can always use ctrl+f and you should get the find bar.
Cherylkay | 21st October 2014 03:26 (365 weeks ago)
OK, I found that particular thread, but it doesn't answer my question. In fact, the discussion very quickly veers off in talking about the weather LOL. Dave has said it in quite a few films including "Graffiti Artist Spanked-Part 2" (which is why I left you a comment over there) and even in "Ben's Birthday Spanking". He also says it to Wayne in "WTYFGH Adam and Wayne" (but he says it really softly so it's hard to catch). He says it to Oliver in his WTYFGH and that's just the films I've watched so it must be a pretty common phrase.
uchikimatsu | 21st October 2014 03:33 (365 weeks ago)
Might be in another blog, but ibelieve Aimee wrote arather long and endearing explanation about the phrase "be at peace," which is the Irish version. Dave uses "stay at peace," which is more common in Scotland. However, don't knock yourself out as I'm sure Dave will answer as soon as it's not the dead of night on his side of the pond.
Cherylkay | 21st October 2014 03:37 (365 weeks ago)
I would love to hear his explanation, but I'm sure he probably doesn't even think about it lol.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st October 2014 23:46 (365 weeks ago)
Hey, well this is an easy answer. There really is no deep meaning. I think it is a Scottish thing mainly. When I say "Stay at peace" I am simply saying ' keep still'. It would not be used a a really stern command. For that I would maybe say, "stay still" or "stop moving around"... There really is no deeper meaning to it. I hope that helps.. :)
Cherylkay | 22nd October 2014 00:40 (365 weeks ago)
Thanks, Dave. I've noticed you tend to say it softly so I figured that was the intent. I wonder if you ever get tired of answering our silly questions? The thing is that I've never been on a site like this, where everyone is included. On most sites, the owners cater to the "elite members" and the rest get ignored. You really are a peach, Dave :)
MJM | 15th October 2014 18:02
Hi Dave, I left a comment on Wayne - Bath Brush Beating and Sebastian - The Story So Far, that I would like you to look at. Both are just, really curiosity questions.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th October 2014 18:41 (366 weeks ago)
Hey, I've just answered MJM! :)
MJM | 15th October 2014 20:23 (366 weeks ago)
Hi Dave, thanks for the answer to the comment I left on Wayne - Bath Brush Beating. I particularly love Mr X's films.

I would love to see a film done, where someone who has had the Bath Brush before, wants revenge on Mr X, and so decides to break into Mr X's home, only to find Mr X lying (supposedly) asleep across his sofa. The intruder sees the Bath Brush and picks up, intending to break it, but then decides to try and use it on the supposedly sleeping Mr X... Only for it to backfire spectacularly, with Mr X waking up and turning the tables on the intruder.
Cherylkay | 15th October 2014 22:14 (366 weeks ago)
@MJM, I don't see that happening LOL. Dave has seen the way some of those guys swing implements and I don't think he would want to risk it. Besides, no one is THAT assicidal lol.
MJM | 15th October 2014 22:39 (366 weeks ago)
Oh, well... it was just a thought. :)
nanarr | 16th October 2014 08:54 (366 weeks ago)
MJM, I like your suggestion. It would take some rehearsal to make sure Dave was safe from actually being hit; and I don't know who the model would be. As Cherylkay said, no one is that suicidal.

Are you new to this site? If so, welcome
MJM | 17th October 2014 20:19 (366 weeks ago)
I am. I'm SO pleased that the new Oliver & Fred movie came out the other day, as I wasn't sure if i'd still be a member when it came out. SO, so Happy... Now, I just hope that I'm still a member, when Part 2 is released. :)
MJM | 17th October 2014 20:23 (366 weeks ago)
I did say in that comment about Dave benign asleep and for someone to enact their revenge, that Mr X is 'Supposedly' asleep. He could've just had some form of premonition that morning, that something wasn't feeling right, and so decides to lay a trap, by pretending to be asleep or something like that. I dunno really.
MJM | 17th October 2014 20:29 (366 weeks ago)
Hi Dave - that (raw footage) interview to did between yourself and Oliver, when he had missed that job interview for the Oil Rigs. Is it possible to download that interview?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st October 2014 23:50 (365 weeks ago)
I'm afraid that is not available to download.
uchikimatsu | 15th October 2014 23:54
Hi Dave... question for you-ish in Suggestion Blog! Or for any male or female with brothers...thanks kids!
uchikimatsu | 10th October 2014 23:31
You know Dave is going to tell us to take this to Random Blog....
Cherylkay | 10th October 2014 23:35 (367 weeks ago)
@Chiki, Orla started it with her cream rubbing question LOL. But you're probably right.
Lynne | 10th October 2014 23:36 (367 weeks ago)
Eh, so we occasionally hijack things a bit. Hey Dave..can you transfer the posts to the Random Blog or can we continue to hijack things? :)
Cherylkay | 10th October 2014 23:41 (367 weeks ago)
@Lynne, since Chiki called him a big meanie, we might have to butter him up a bit ;)
Ooleary | 10th October 2014 23:59 (367 weeks ago)
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I started off by asking Dave a question on the cream and then the conversation took a new direction that defo belongs in the random blog if we blame the newbie we should be fine sorry Cherylkay xx
Cherylkay | 11th October 2014 00:06 (367 weeks ago)
@Orla, my natural position is under the bus, so feel free LOL.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 11th October 2014 00:29 (367 weeks ago)
Oh, please feel free to carry on! :)
uchikimatsu | 11th October 2014 00:37 (367 weeks ago)
ha ha! I think Lynne and I have hijacked every other blog for our own purposes... why not Ask Dave... we have permission now!

So, anyone want to share some animal pics or rant about work or something?
Ooleary | 11th October 2014 00:44 (367 weeks ago)
I want everyone to wish my local GAA club good luck in hurling match tomorrow if we win we will get promoted to Intermediate A come on AN SPIDEAL xx
uchikimatsu | 11th October 2014 00:49 (367 weeks ago)
I don't have a clue what you just said, Orla... but I'm sending out good luck vibes for....whatever that is...

Ok, anyone want to use the Ask Dave Blog to discuss Existentialism, the nature of radical individuality, and the arbitrary constructions of reality? Talk amongst yourselves for a bit, I have to feed The Butch...she gets cranky!
Cherylkay | 11th October 2014 00:59 (367 weeks ago)
OK, so under the bus turned out good for me, for once lol.
@Orla, here in America, hurling is another word for vomiting. I sure do hope that's not the kind of contest you're talking about. Whatever it is, I wish your team the best of luck :D Fingers crossed!
@Chiki, you are what we in the spanking community call an instigator LOL. I could rant about work until the cows come home because accountancy is just that boring. Hey, didn't Monty Python do a skit about accounting called "The Wide Accountant Sea"? Whatever. As long as we have permission from Dave to carry on, I will. Carrying on is something I happen to be really good at (even better than accounting, if you can believe that! lol).

I did pose a question over in Random about everyones' favorite "I'm gonna count to five" moment if anyone wants to play over there for a bit.
Ooleary | 11th October 2014 00:59 (367 weeks ago)
@chiki when she gets cranky just say one of them irish words I sent you with a smile on your face she won't have a clue lol xx
uchikimatsu | 11th October 2014 01:06 (367 weeks ago)
@Orla - I tried out "Feisi" and all I got was a blank look 😶 LOL, she thinks I'm nuts!

@Cheryl - instigator? me? I'm hurt, really... 😝
Ooleary | 11th October 2014 01:19 (367 weeks ago)
@chiki just to let u know irish and scottish gaelic are quite similar so u know who is scottish and u know how he feels about bad language
Cherylkay | 11th October 2014 01:22 (367 weeks ago)
*pictures Chiki being drug to the sink by you know who and fed a bar of soap* OK, that was good for a very small laugh LOL And sweetie, you know I meant calling you an instigator all in fun :)
uchikimatsu | 11th October 2014 01:28 (367 weeks ago)
@Orla & @Cheryl - Thats not even funny!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡
Cherylkay | 11th October 2014 01:32 (367 weeks ago)
@Chiki, Dave said "carry on". This is how I roll ;) Besides, I said it was only good for a very small laugh. Yeah, biting the bar is NO FUN!!!
uchikimatsu | 11th October 2014 01:43 (367 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - I wouldn't know! Thankfully, I've never really had a Dom or Top...because I swear like a sailor...

Here's a question: what do subs/bottoms/spankee's think of Tops like myself that occasionally desire to be held accountable? I honestly don't see myself as a switch, but I kind of see it as "everyone is accountable to someone." Your team leader has a supervisor, the supervisor has a manager, etc.

I never really got to experience discipline/accountability, so I'm curious and I'd really like to. Who knows, maybe I'll hate it!

So, are Tops that have or want a mentor viewed as weak or less than desireable as a Dom?
Cherylkay | 11th October 2014 02:06 (367 weeks ago)
@Chik, this gets discussed all the time in my circle. For me, I think switches make the best tops. They know how it feels to be spanked and most know their own strength. However, I just get spanked for fun and occasionally, "funishment". So it really doesn't matter to me who spanks me as long as he or she knows what they're doing and respects my limits. But that said, I identify as a bottom simply because I don't engage in an actual power exchange dynamic. I can roleplay submissive to a point, but real Dom/sub isn't my cup of kinky tea.

But...there are certain sub/bottoms who really only want to get spanked by an authority figure and it would ruin the illusion if the tough, no-nonsense top who just spanked her (or him) to tears now goes out and gets his own bottom spanked, which is why many tops bottom secretly so as not to injure their domly Dom reputation. My late twin was a switch and she spanked A LOT of top/doms who just wanted to give up that control occasionally. It didn't really mean they were held accountable as she didn't do discipline either, whether topping or bottoming.

I myself also top occasionally and have spanked my room mate (who's also a bottom) for fun. I don't feel that that makes me a switch. It makes me a bottom who sometimes tops. The fact that you desire to be on the other side of the lap doesn't make you a switch. To my way of thinking, a switch is someone who gets the same kind of enjoyment from both topping and bottoming.

I do know of subs who would NEVER give their submission ever again to a Dom they knew bottomed in any way, even just trying out a new toy (something a lot of Doms I know do).

The fact that you never had rules or accountability doesn't surprise me that you would want to try it consensually (or perhaps as consensual non-consent). Long held fantasies can become very strong if not acted on. I had a long held fantasy about being whipped with my own belt that only recently got fulfilled. I don't think it's unusual. Really, there's no right or wrong way to do This Thing We Do (as we call it) as long as everyone is playing nice.

(Sorry this turned into a novel!)
uchikimatsu | 11th October 2014 02:47 (367 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - thank you for your candid and thorough reply! No need to apologize, I really appreciate hearing your perspective. I don't think I'd have an issue if someone I chose to be accountable to was a switch or bottomed sometimes, I view the situation through the Team Lead/Supervisor/Manager paradigm; not everyone can be at the top of the totem pole. I would, however, have a problem switching roles with the same person, I dont think I could ever do that. Thankfully I only seek to fulfill those long held desires once every 6 - 8 years as every encounter tends to be a disaster, no matter how thoroughly I vet my choices.

I also understand how knowing that your Dom will occasionally submit to the authority of another can burst that tenuous fantasy bubble, which is why I never tell anyone I top about that part of myself. When I meet a prospective top for myself, I make it a point to always tell them I'm a Top. I feel like its professional courtesy or something, LOL! However, this never seems to work in my favor as they always seem to either overcompensate or become intimidated and disappear.

I've been hit many times as I don't believe in using implements on anyone unless I know what it feels like and what kind of damage is possible. I've also been demo bottom at some events, so spankings I've had, but never really been "topped" or experienced any kind of real discipline. I was even demo bottom for a class on psychological torture/mind fucking at a rather large, international event. If you ever have a chance to do that....just don't.

You and I seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum as it is true discipline and accountability that I want to experience. If I wanted a "funishment" I could probably call a kinky friend and have one any time within the hour. I'm not a sensation junkie; its more the psychological aspects that fascinate me. The urge to find a mentor or disciplinarian does get overwhelming every now and again, but then I meet some ass-hat douche-nozzle and I put those feelings away and...carry on.
Cherylkay | 11th October 2014 03:25 (367 weeks ago)
@Chiki, we all have our own needs and our own way of fulfilling them. While I don't do discipline as a rule, I do have a top to whom I'm accountable for one thing--if I'm getting together to play with someone, I'm supposed to use him for my safe call. Two weeks ago, I went to Detroit for a party. I met a guy there who it turned out lived literally down the road from me. I got together with this guy and neglected to call my top and tell him. He tried to call me and couldn't get hold of me (I put my phone on vibrate and left it in my purse). After repeated calls went unanswered, he called my room mate at work and she couldn't reach me either. He was furious, once he discovered I was alright. But you better believe I got a nice reminder (with a belt) to never, ever do that again. Would I call that discipline? Yeah, probably. We have an agreement and I broke it. Pretty simple.

I actually bottomed during a caning demo with five different tops once. THAT was a colossal error in judgment. Once the endorphins wore off, I was extremely sore, as you can imagine LOL. But it was fun while I was doing it. I knew I was in endorphin overload because I was shaking. But I still wouldn't stop. I'm pretty much a pain slut (I like having the fronts of my thighs caned, for example). Being masochistic, I sometimes attract unsafe players. Luckily, there are enough red flags that I haven't yet fallen victim to one.

You have a difficult situation, that's for sure. My mother used to say "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince" and I think it's the same for finding a good top. But you will find him eventually. Just don't give up hope.

(And now the blog has been thoroughly hijacked!)
uchikimatsu | 11th October 2014 03:45 (367 weeks ago)
Hrmmmm... I kinda like the idea of being accountable for one particular thing. When I say I want a mentor, I wouldn't want someone trying to make decisions for me about my "real life." I have a career, my own home, a long-term relationship, and all the responsibilities that go along with those things. In other words, I'm an adult. However, I do want to find out what that whole "real discipline" thing feels like. I have tried, but when getting together with a random top that i've only known a few weeks or whatever, I just can't feel anything. It would be hurtful I suppose to build up a friendship and rapport with someone just to say, "hey, thanks for that experience, you can go now...dismissed." But I can't imagine being able to take anything like that seriously if I didn't care for and respect the other person. There definitely needs to be a connection. I've tried and I only end up (internally) laughing and rolling my eyes. Yep, its a pickle!
Cherylkay | 11th October 2014 04:22 (367 weeks ago)
It's the only thing that Clayton is firm on--he wants to make sure I'm OK, not because he thinks I'm incapable of making a sound decision or because he doesn't trust my judgment. He just worries about me. So it's a courtesy, basically. I wouldn't want him being the super-strict Dom type who gives out assignments and makes me go to bed at a certain time. I'm not saying that kind of structure isn't good for some people, but as you said, I'm an adult and I have adult responsibilities that I handle just fine.

The kind of discipline you're seeking requires a vast amount of trust. There are plenty of so-called doms out there who love to punish women. But someone giving you loving correction because they care about you is pretty hard to find. It takes a long time to build that kind of trust. That's probably why you don't feel anything with those other people, because that amount of trust is absent. You can't really make yourself that vulnerable without trust.
Cherylkay | 11th October 2014 04:23 (367 weeks ago)
Hiccup! Not sure why that posted twice. Maybe my computer has been getting into the cooking sherry LOL.
Cherylkay | 6th October 2014 22:35
Question for you, Dave:

I've been watching the videos at a go and I've wondered something. Does your arm or hand ever get sore from all that spanking? Or have you ever injured your arm or shoulder? Have you ever had to take a break from shooting either because you were hurt or you were a bit burned out? I was just wondering. Thanks in advance for answering.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th October 2014 14:34 (367 weeks ago)
Hey, well the truth is hardly ever. I think I get an adrenalin rich that keeps me going caused by the pressures of filming. I did have to stop briefly recently though and that was when spanking Oliver and Fred! It was shot on the same day I had already made another movie and I was worn out! Don't worry though, I only took a break for a few moments and the lads never got off lightly!
Cherylkay | 10th October 2014 18:02 (367 weeks ago)
Wow, Dave that's some bionic arm you have there lol, I would imagine the pressures of sticking to a schedule might cause the adrenaline rush. Thanks again for answering my questions :)
uchikimatsu | 11th October 2014 01:25 (367 weeks ago)
Oh, I think I'd have an adrenaline rush too... but not from the pressures of filming...LOL! I'd never tire of spanking Adam or Karl! 😋
Cherylkay | 11th October 2014 03:06 (367 weeks ago)
Oh I would spank Adam in a heartbeat! I would unload both toy bags on that cute bottom, given a chance ;)
Ooleary | 10th October 2014 01:57
Hi Dave what do I have to do to get a chance to be the one to rub the soothing cream on the boys bottoms I'll do anything just watched the new Wayne bathbrush wow xx I love you xx
Cherylkay | 10th October 2014 02:55 (367 weeks ago)
Yeah, I want that job, too :)
uchikimatsu | 10th October 2014 03:07 (367 weeks ago)
:::raises hand::::

I'll stand by and gleefully watch the proceedings...
Domfan | 10th October 2014 05:02 (367 weeks ago)
Hands off. Definitely my job!
Aimee | 10th October 2014 13:38 (367 weeks ago)
I'm sick & in hospital- definitely my job to make me feel better!!
Cherylkay | 10th October 2014 14:29 (367 weeks ago)
Oh my goodness, Aimee...nothing serious, I hope. Please do what your docs say and get well soon!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th October 2014 14:32 (367 weeks ago)
Ha! I never knew this cream rubbing job was up for grabs! :)
Ooleary | 10th October 2014 16:18 (367 weeks ago)
If Dom or Adam ever do a bath brush beating I want them 👍 I wouldn't mind flying over for the day 💋
uchikimatsu | 10th October 2014 16:58 (367 weeks ago)
I don't think Mr. X is giving up that privilege...erm, job any time soon!

I'll still be over there in a corner somewhere, observing quietly...and maybe snapping some photos.

Definitely photos.
Cherylkay | 10th October 2014 19:04 (367 weeks ago)
I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen a spanking video with aftercare in it before. I love that Dave gives aftercare, if only after the bath brush. I love the fact that he makes an attempt to soothe the pain, even though only time really does that lol. it just shows that, under that tough, punishing exterior, is a heart of gold :)
Ooleary | 10th October 2014 19:24 (367 weeks ago)
@cherylkay yes hes a big softie really just look in his eyes and he has the cutest laugh
uchikimatsu | 10th October 2014 20:31 (367 weeks ago)
Pft. Don't let those kind and merry eyes fool you....he's a big meanie!
Cherylkay | 10th October 2014 20:41 (367 weeks ago)
Yeah, Chiki, I once called a top a "big meanie" to his face and I lived to regret it lol.
Lynne | 10th October 2014 23:04 (367 weeks ago)
It's all in the delivery CherylKay :)'s all in the delivery. You must have forgotten the bashful, "aw shucks" glance from under the hair fringe, toe making circles in the sand look :)
uchikimatsu | 10th October 2014 23:13 (367 weeks ago)
LOL @ Lynnie! I swear I have had people in front of me that have practiced that look to an exact science!
uchikimatsu | 10th October 2014 23:15 (367 weeks ago)
Which is not to say I don't have my very own practiced "toppy" look to give right back...
Cherylkay | 10th October 2014 23:17 (367 weeks ago)
@Lynne, is that how it's done? Now you tell me LOL. I spent a rather uncomfortable night lying on my stomach with an ice pack on each cheek because he said I hadn't seen mean yet! LOL

Note to self: practice it Lynne's way.
Lynne | 10th October 2014 23:32 (367 weeks ago)
I found it worked about 60% of the time...too hard for the top in question not to smile and laugh. :) Of course the other 40% just rolled their eyes at me and proceeded to redefine the word "mean." Even then it was a half-hearted effort..I just referred to it as "top pride" :)
uchikimatsu | 11th October 2014 01:17 (367 weeks ago)
[email protected] "top pride" We can't let subbies think they've won at any time on any level. There would be pandemonium, subbies running amok! Besides, I've found when they do get their way they tend to become petulant and ill-tempered.
kristi | 3rd October 2014 08:26
Dave, what a beautiful surprise!! Seeing Harry, big buff Harry get spanked by Dom's dad, Mr. Wilson, was it? I think a lot of the members thought we were going to see Dom's mouth get the soap, however, I was a little skeptical, after all, that would have been a wonderful hint, right? I think I have discovered that your hints can be deceiving, but I love them non the less, allows my imagination run wild!

The reason I am posting this message is because I'm curious about the dad mask you wear. I know that you are a forty ish year old man who is way younger than that mask perceives. In the mask, i'd say you look like a 65 year old man who has suffered some sort of burn. Most of the lads who play son is these movies, I would guess, have fathers who are somewhere between 40 and 55. Maybe you should add some more hair to it , or something. Most young men that are that good looking, have dads who are not that bad looking guys, know what I mean? Or you could try playing it yourself, you are a good looking guy, everybody knows that!
kristi | 3rd October 2014 09:15 (368 weeks ago)
my birthday is on the forth of October, tomorrow , how about something sweet, just for me, on my birthday, like an interview with Andy, he is my favorite , by the way, or any thing extra that is awesome, that would be really cool!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th October 2014 00:13 (368 weeks ago)
Hey! Happy Birthday! I'll answer your great question about the mask asap and have a think about any kind of bonus.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th October 2014 14:31 (367 weeks ago)
Hey Kristi, so about the mask. It is actually an incredible prop that was made by a Special Effects company in the USA. I actually would like more hair on it, but it would involve sending it back to the states to get adjusted. I understand the mask is not ideal, however, I feel it is a million times better than Dad not showing his face at all. Interestingly the current top two rated movies both involve Dad wearing the mask. Oh and less of the 'isn' when it comes to my age! LOL! I am only just 40! The truth is, I genuinely wouldn't look right as the lads Dad without some kind of make-up. Also for many different reasons, I am not ready to fully put my face on camera. I hope that helps a bit?
grewster | 7th October 2014 03:30
Why am I only getting clips but I expect became a month member?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 7th October 2014 09:34 (367 weeks ago)
Hi grewster, if you need any technical support, please email me on [email protected]

Thanks, Dave
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd October 2014 13:42
The submit comment box is now at the top! :) WooHoo
Aimee | 3rd October 2014 21:22 (368 weeks ago)
Ypu are too awesome :)
Cherylkay | 3rd October 2014 16:45
Thanks, Dave for moving the comment box and for your answer to my question :) I'll go watch Liam's video and see what happens.
Cherylkay | 29th September 2014 23:22
Hi Dave...I have a question I'm hoping you can answer. I'm a newbie here and so I'm still feeling my way around, trying to absorb the SLS culture and what is canon and what's not here. Also if this has already been addressed, let me know.

Before I ask my question, let me give you some context here. For me, spanking isn't just something I love, crave (and sometimes dread!) and need. It serves a purpose. For me, pain is a purifier. It helps me get rid of things like stress and emotions that build up. Only spanking does this for me.

So my question is do the guys ever coming away from a shoot feeling better? Like something has been released and now they can go on and focus on their lives a little better? I guess what I'm asking is have any of them ever experienced the therapeutic benefits of spanking? Or would they tell you if they did? Sorry, this one is a bit complicated but I was curious. Thanks in advance for your answer :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th September 2014 00:26 (368 weeks ago)
Hi Cheryl, good question. Well the truth is, the models I work with don't have any interest in the MM Spanking fetish. However there has been some occasions where I feel that maybe there has been some release. Liam, Spanked for Fighting - Part One was a movie that was very close to real life for Liam and I genuinely feel from watching it back that Liam really was reacting to being scolded...... Also, Sebastian after receiving a severe spanking has commented that he felt good about earning his money, that he really felt he had properly worked hard for it.
uchikimatsu | 21st August 2014 21:25
Hello Sweetie!

All this chatter in the "Favorite Model" Blog has me thinking about the other side of the coin.

We know you've shot with a model you were not entirely happy with (Peter) and decided to release the movie anyway to your members, but I was curious if you've ever filmed a movie with a model (familiar or otherwise) that you later decided should never see the light of day? Are there any models that you've filmed and we've not seen and you have no intention of us to?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st August 2014 21:39 (374 weeks ago)
Hmmmm, kind of! There was one lad that was apprehensive.... so we agreed that we would shoot a movie first and then he could decide if he was ok with it. He took a hell of a spanking but afterwards decided he never wanted his face on film...

So he left without getting paid and that was that!
Lynne | 21st August 2014 21:49 (374 weeks ago)
That was probably a lot to go through only to change his mind. I am sure he understood the whole full face video idea prior to you even doing the shoot, and he waited until after it was all over to say thanks but no thanks?
uchikimatsu | 21st August 2014 22:23 (374 weeks ago)
Awww, you know that just makes me want to see that film now...
nanarr | 11th September 2014 03:14 (371 weeks ago)
Me, too, Chiki. Just happened to see this post and now I really want to see this video ... wonder if Art could blank out the face or something so we wouldn't see the model's face, but could still see the show? Hmm ...that might bring up legal (or other) problems. Dave would know.

Dave, is something like that possible?
uchikimatsu | 11th September 2014 03:31 (371 weeks ago)
Ooh... Mr. X and Model Black Bar.... Hmmmmmm, sexy....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 11th September 2014 13:12 (371 weeks ago)
As much as I'd like to I'm afraid not as I don't have consent to use the footage.
uchikimatsu | 8th September 2014 16:20
Pure awesomeness (aka my review) is up in Wayne and Adam WTYFGH Part Two....with a sort of question or two for Dave...
uchikimatsu | 6th September 2014 20:49
Hey Dave, question for you in Wayne and Adam WTYFGH P2... thanks
Aimee | 5th September 2014 19:00
Hey Dave. Did you ever get to the bottom of the weird streaming issue?
welshboy | 5th September 2014 17:14
The new twitter photo shows Fred with Oliver looking very pleased with themselfs.I do hope that does not last to long?
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 03:01
Hi Dave,

I believe I read somewhere, possibly on JockSpank and not on SLS, that you have an outtake from the Karl & Bailey movie "Caught Spying on Girls" where you had to tap Bailey on the head to get him to stop spanking Karl as he was so focused on his job, even though poor Karl had been signaling for help! If you're inclined to share this with the members I would really love to see this!

Also, in Parker's BBBlues movie, while his is OTK he can clearly be seen kicking his legs and his feet can be heard landing on the bed, but at no time are his feet kicking or landing on the bed visible during the movie. If any of this was captured on film I would very much be interested in seeing that. Obviously not as universally appealing as the Karl/Bailey footage, so... name your price, Sir.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th September 2014 23:02 (372 weeks ago)
Hey Chiki! Both good requests but I'm afraid the first one is forever lost on the cutting room floor and the second one was never actually caught on film! Sorry about that :(
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 23:08 (372 weeks ago)
Hey, Dave... no problem at all, thanks for the reply!

::::sobs bitterly for days::::
welshboy | 29th August 2014 10:04
Dave I am loving the new photo of Oliver on twitter. Does that mean you have filmed a full story about Oliver painting one of your rooms and getting spanked for doing a bad job as we can see from the photo ? I shore hope so
uchikimatsu | 29th August 2014 10:57 (373 weeks ago)
I think I laughed for an hour after seeing that pic, @welshboy. Very bad painting job indeed!
welshboy | 29th August 2014 11:04 (373 weeks ago)
I am so looking forward to seeing Oliver getting a red spanked bottom for doing that.
Lynne | 29th August 2014 12:33 (373 weeks ago)
No, I can't see that going over very well.... :)

uchikimatsu | 29th August 2014 13:29 (373 weeks ago)
Swearing in Mr. X's house calls for a spanking, swearing *AT* Mr. X in latex paint on his own walls calls for something a little more...stern.
Ooleary | 29th August 2014 15:38 (373 weeks ago)
Wow thanks guys haven't been on twitter for a while but jumped on straight away to see my Oliver OMG this is going to be Bad
uchikimatsu | 29th August 2014 15:45 (373 weeks ago)
Orla, you can find me on Twitter using this same user name! Come say hi!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th September 2014 23:03 (372 weeks ago)
Hey Welshboy! You are quite correct! I dusted off the old footage I originally recorded and filmed some more and then turned it into a brand new movie! Oh and Oliver was not alone! Head over to twitter to find out more! @Str8LadsSpank
uchikimatsu | 29th August 2014 20:11
Isn't it about time for more PARKER??!!!??
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th August 2014 21:09 (372 weeks ago)
not much longer to wait now!
Aimee | 30th August 2014 23:44 (372 weeks ago)
Shush chiki it is time for wayne & adam part 2!!!!!
Domfan | 4th September 2014 08:58 (372 weeks ago)
Definitely time for Parker
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 22:13 (372 weeks ago)
Looks like we have to wait till next week, Domfan!
Aimee | 4th September 2014 22:26 (372 weeks ago)
It looked like Wayne & Adam were winning last time & bailey swooped it at the last minute. I can see the fat lady but she hasn't started singing.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th September 2014 23:00 (372 weeks ago)
Still early days! :)
uchikimatsu | 30th August 2014 00:13
Question for you (or anyone that can assist) in Jay & Scott
uchikimatsu | 30th August 2014 00:13
Question for you (or anyone that can assist) in Jay & Scott
James | 25th August 2014 14:54
Hi Dave

I know you dont like talking too much about what you have lined up. Just wondering if any of the models that we haven't seen for awhile are coming back in the future?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th August 2014 19:17 (373 weeks ago)
Hmmm, well the next movie is starring Jay and ------- Scott!
uchikimatsu | 25th August 2014 19:43 (373 weeks ago)
if I ever had mixed emotions about the release of a movie...
Lynne | 25th August 2014 20:05 (373 weeks ago)
Rats..missed. The question about Jay and Scott belongs here :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th August 2014 20:12 (373 weeks ago)
Jay did bring Scott along! :)
uchikimatsu | 25th August 2014 20:16 (373 weeks ago)
Is this maybe a much older movie, filmed some time ago that you've had stashed away on your hard drive?
welshboy | 25th August 2014 20:42 (373 weeks ago)
Jay has always been one of my favorite guys he is well built and in past films come up with comic turns, As for Scott have I not seen a photo of his? Well I will look forward to this one.
uchikimatsu | 25th August 2014 21:02 (373 weeks ago)
's not like i *won't* watch it....cuz its got Dave in it... and spanking
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th August 2014 22:19 (373 weeks ago)
It's really new and actually looking Jay is looking so well and healthy! :)
kristi | 24th August 2014 23:16
When do get to see the next movies to vote on? The anticipation is killing me, Dave!! please, Dave, please, show us!
uchikimatsu | 24th August 2014 23:47 (373 weeks ago)
well, he just answered you yesterday that we are not voting this week, but *probably* next week, so I'm pretty sure Dave's not going to reveal the voting choices almost 2 weeks in advance! He's certainly generous to us....but it aint goin' down like that.....
Lynne | 25th August 2014 00:16 (373 weeks ago)
Besides, we already know the vid being released this is going to be Wayne and Adam part II :)

::now to figure out how to pull it off; puppynap Daisy and spoil that cute little girl rotten?::
kristi | 25th August 2014 00:41 (373 weeks ago)
hhuummmm, I must have missed that somehow
Lynne | 25th August 2014 19:47 (373 weeks ago)
One returns one gets broken to speak :) Did Jay bring Scott along?
James | 25th August 2014 20:07 (373 weeks ago)
indeed. This one sounds good
uchikimatsu | 23rd August 2014 20:26
Hi Dave... just curious... in Karl Consequences of Cheating - WTYFGH, who is the cameraman that appears in frame a few times?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd August 2014 22:03 (373 weeks ago)
Can you tell me what time it happens and I'll have a look?
Lynne | 23rd August 2014 22:08 (373 weeks ago)
Given the leg/foot cast and the storyline, I am going to guess the person behind the other cam was Bailey. If you look around minute 11:15 you can see the white stripe on the side of the shorts.
uchikimatsu | 23rd August 2014 23:35 (373 weeks ago)
I think Lynne is right, given Dave's "how many films can we make in one day" philosophy!

Here is the best shot of our mystery cameraman:
kristi | 24th August 2014 22:21 (373 weeks ago)
looks like bailey to me
Lynne | 24th August 2014 22:32 (373 weeks ago)
:)..I was waffling between Bailey or Liam due to the striped shirt but the white stripe clinched it
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th August 2014 00:24 (373 weeks ago)
It's 100% Bailey!
kristi | 22nd August 2014 22:41
Hi Dave! I wonder if you could ask lovely Stuart to put the comment box at the top of the page, so we don't have to scroll thru 52 million comments when we what to post something new??? That would be lovely,

But that wasn't my question, my question is, are we voting on a movie this upcoming week?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd August 2014 22:08 (373 weeks ago)
Hey, Kristi, I am working on the comment box thing. We are not voting on this weeks movie but I will probably do it for the following week. :)
welshboy | 20th August 2014 22:03
Hi Dave I wanted to ask. When will the video of Oliver working in your house I think he was plastering your wall and getting spanked for doing it wrong comes out? As I loved Dom's video with that kind of story line.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 20th August 2014 22:06 (374 weeks ago)
Good question! The truth is, we only filmed the starting of the paining and then life got in the way and the movie never progressed from there....... I had actually forgotten about that. I might try and see if I can salvage anything from it and make it into a movie as Oliver is keen to film some more.... :)
welshboy | 20th August 2014 22:12 (374 weeks ago)
That sounds great, as I loved Dom's video, those story lines could work very well with the other lads too.
baroquen_art | 23rd August 2014 08:57 (374 weeks ago)
We get to see more of Oliver? YES! That's great news!
kristi | 21st August 2014 22:49
Dave, I was just watching the builders gatecrash spanking party(part 1&2) and I am curious about the movie you mention there? This is the only site I am a member of, and I have not seen that movie. red card, red bottom, I believe it is called, with Bailey and Coach Barton? Is it not on this site, where can I see it?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st August 2014 23:33 (374 weeks ago)
Hi Kristi, I'm afraid that this was an early film I was involved with and for reasons I can't really go into, it is no longer available from my site.
kristi | 22nd August 2014 03:04 (374 weeks ago)
oh, well that is a bummer, I would have liked to see it....but that's ok Dave...I love ya anyway!!
uchikimatsu | 22nd August 2014 00:27
Dave, question for you in Ryan's BBB movie comments
uchikimatsu | 19th August 2014 22:18
Hi Dave, I just re-watched Tommy BBB for a project I'm putting together (face touching, this one has one of my favs) and to my heathen Yankee ear he has a very curious kind of accent. Can you tell me where he is from?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th August 2014 22:36 (374 weeks ago)
It's just a very thick what we would call 'street' London accent....... (I miss Tommy too!)
Aimee1234 | 18th August 2014 23:31
Dave can my name on here be changed to take out the numbers? Since i appear to be the only Aimee :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th August 2014 01:24 (374 weeks ago)
Done! :)
Aimee | 19th August 2014 09:48 (374 weeks ago)
Aw thanks Dave :)
kristi10 | 19th August 2014 11:10 (374 weeks ago)
Dave, can you do that for me as well?
kristi10 | 19th August 2014 13:06 (374 weeks ago)
Dave, can you do that for me as well?
uchikimatsu | 15th August 2014 17:27
Question for you, Dave, in Wayne/Adam WTYFGH...thanks
uchikimatsu | 12th August 2014 20:24
The blog list to the left indicates there is a new comment add of an hour ago, but there is nothing here. All comments on this page are more than 24 hours old (yellow)

Stuart? Stuart, honey?
uchikimatsu | 12th August 2014 20:26 (375 weeks ago)
Ok, I may not know my right from left, but I know there was no new comment before I made mine a minute ago!
Lynne | 12th August 2014 20:33 (375 weeks ago)
I was wondering the same thing Chiki...:)..I chalk it up to the technological electrons occasionally having a breakdown in communication.
kristi10 | 12th August 2014 20:35 (375 weeks ago)
Good answer Lynne! OK, so there is no new comment then? OK, bye
uchikimatsu | 12th August 2014 20:44 (375 weeks ago)
I really admire Kristi10's ability to completely dismiss the inexplicable without having to tear everything apart to find an explanation and drive herself, and everyone around her, insane.
uchikimatsu | 12th August 2014 20:52 (375 weeks ago)
@Lynne, Wayne BBB yet? Any thoughts?
Lynne | 12th August 2014 21:33 (375 weeks ago)
@Chiki....Dave and his "sell tickets" threat :). Agree with what you said earlier. Certain models are more comfortable with the Dad/son dynamic. I did like the vid and not sure how I missed it earlier. Wayne wasn't always a draw and the BBB aren't my favorite scenarios so I probably just glossed over it. His vids have gotten better over time so it made watching this earlier one much better with that newer appreciation in mind. :)

Going on the models in general, agreed that Wayne, Dom and Oliver, as the most recent, are more relaxed. Karl, and most likely Lee, were, or also would have been, in that same mindset if they had continued. Dan might drop into it, and maybe Adam; will have to see but that feeling isn't there as yet, but the others, and maybe it is age level related, can pull it off but it isn't as deep a sense as the one's I named.
uchikimatsu | 12th August 2014 22:00 (375 weeks ago)
@Lynn - in the same page here! Wayne seemed totally relaxed in the role. I loved the whole "you and me against the world" dad/son rapport there, and Wayne seemed truly sorry, and not just because he was about to be punished.

Karl was exceptional throughout his interview, and there was something magical about the Spanked/Caned/School movie, but I think he would have also relaxed into the acting given time. Same with Lee, lots of potential there.

Now that Wayne's BBB is on my radar, I would like to see more Wayne in the dad/son movies. I thought he was very sweet. And "sweet" would never have been a word I would use to describe Wayne before! LOL!

This one really satisfied my need for a softer/kinder interaction between the players. Not that Dave shouldn't film more like that... I just didn't imagine it would be with Wayne. I don't know why. Tough guy bravado maybe.
kristi10 | 12th August 2014 22:17 (375 weeks ago)
Why, thank you chiki..... lol
uchikimatsu | 13th August 2014 14:09 (375 weeks ago)
@kristi - you're welcome, i'm sure your life is a lot more zen than mine...

@Lynne - I watched Wayne's BBB again with The Butch, she liked it too, particularly Dave's technique of scolding/teaching (what do we do when we use a dish or a fork? thats correct...) then a round of spanks to anchor the lesson! This was very similar to Parker's BBB and I loved, loved, loved it because its more talky/teachy.
Hey, we hijacked Dave's own blog to talk about this video, didn't we? oooopppssss.....
Lynne | 13th August 2014 14:17 (375 weeks ago)
We can always move it over to the Random..maybe Dave and/or Stuart have some magic to redirect?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th August 2014 18:04 (375 weeks ago)
Or you could move it over to the WayneBBB movie page! :)
Lynne | 13th August 2014 18:14 (375 weeks ago)
Waiting for you, or Stuart, to transfer the conversation over :)..we don't have that capability........yet :)
uchikimatsu | 13th August 2014 18:25 (375 weeks ago)
Also, no one gets notified when there are new comments in a movie page...
kitkat | 11th August 2014 06:17
There's a question and answer earlier on this string about an interview with Bailey in the free downloads section. I was very glad to read that because I had yet to find a Bailey interview. I will watch it happily when I'm next on a desktop rather than the tablet. There was a comment made on the vote-for-this-weeks-video blog that hinted at more than one Bailey interview, soooooo my question is, is there more than one, and if so, where??? Thank you!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th August 2014 18:06 (375 weeks ago)
As far as I remember all the Bailey interviews are here
toshiba | 12th August 2014 21:17
Hi Dave

Sorry if this question has been asked and answered before. I just wondered if the neighbors ever questioned you about filming on the balcony outside the flat or any noise coming from inside?

Thanks from toshiba /Natalie x
uchikimatsu | 12th August 2014 22:02 (375 weeks ago) has a name!

::::waves hello:::: hi Natalie!
toshiba | 12th August 2014 22:47 (375 weeks ago)
Hi chiki or cheeky, as Dom said! :) lol
toshiba | 12th August 2014 22:50 (375 weeks ago)
I am watching Dale - Money Waster at the moment, I have not seen it before.
uchikimatsu | 13th August 2014 01:29 (375 weeks ago)
Hiya! Ooohhh, i loves me some real punishment! Chiki = cheeky! pronounced the same!
Uchikimatsu Pronunciation Tutorial:
U; as oo in food
chiki; cheeky
mat; maht
su; sue

oo cheeky maht sue - slight emphasis on the middle two syllables. And there ya have it! Just call me chiki!
Aimee1234 | 13th August 2014 03:05 (375 weeks ago)
I have always said it in my head as cheeky! Being that you are such a cute cheeky chiki! Lol
uchikimatsu | 13th August 2014 14:56 (375 weeks ago)
LOL :::squeezes Aimee in giant hug:::: ❤️💋❤️
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th August 2014 18:03 (375 weeks ago)
Good question! Well I have never had any complaints. However, I am convinced my neighbours must have heard something. Especially when lads like Jay get rather vocal! I think one occasion when I was discovered was by my window cleaner! I was filming a movie and it was so hot (I think it might have been Oliver & Dale) that I left the front door open. So I filmed in the normal room with that door closed. Afterwards, I discovered a note on the inside front door matt from my window cleaner saying he had been and done windows. I'm convinced he must have heard something. I have seen him around locally and I get sense of strange looks! :)
lisa72 | 6th August 2014 20:27