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Oliver - Real Punishment
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Zane & Alex - Best Mates Spanking
Blake - Bath Brush Beating
Bobby & Blake - Locker Room Bully - Part Two
Jake - Bath Brush Beating
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22nd August 2014 13:09 | LAST COMMENT 90 weeks ago

Sorry, but that was the best blog name I could come up with!

I just wanted to have a place where I could make little announcements or pass on random thoughts that I had. I guess the kind of thing that does not need a whole blog posting of it's own

bendamien | 7th May 2020 14:34
Hi Guys

I have recently signed up to SLS membership.

I know there are a few videos where Dave / Mr X calls the spankee a “naughty boy”. Are there any videos where the boy has to say they are a “naughty boy”? Also any videos where they have to say they’re going to be spanked?

I’m hoping you can direct to me to any videos that are relevant for me to watch from the above.

Thanks all
| 9th May 2020 00:58 (90 weeks ago)
In Blake’s Bubble Bath Blues, Blake has to say that he’s “s naughty little boy”.
bendamien | 9th May 2020 05:34 (90 weeks ago)
That’s great - thank you. Please let me know if you come across anymore :)
mjensen | 23rd March 2020 15:52
Glad to hear your ok. Was getting worried. Thanks for the site. Be well
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 9th February 2020 14:07
Hey Everyone, I just wanted to give you a further update. Though to be honest, not much has changed.

I'm still not in a position where I am going to be making any new content and I don't see that changing any time in the near future.

It's likely that I will film some new movies later in the year and I'll add them to this site and the Clips4Sale. However, I don't see a time where I'll be having any kind of regular or predictable release schedule. It will just be some new movies now and then. I just wanted to be as honest and clear about the situation as I possibly can be.

I also want to reassure anyone with concerns that overall I'm fine and there is nothing too serious going on. I have an annoying and persistent shoulder injury. In addition though. My life has changed in ways where filming these movies is no longer a priority as I'm focussing on other, unrelated work.

The website and it's content will still remain here for anyone who wants to enjoy it.

Dave x
Deandra | 11th February 2020 01:04 (103 weeks ago)
Thanks for the update and the assurance that you’re okay! I love your movies, but I also want you happy. While I’m sure that making these kinds of movies is a labor of love, it’s still a ton of work. Not to mention the logistics of it all. So, while I’ll miss the frequent updates, I’m grateful that it sounds like all is well and the library of content here is still absolutely top notch! Thank you for continuing to make this website available and I hope you will stop by from time to time just to say hello. :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th December 2019 17:39
Hey Everyone, I hope this finds you all well and beginning to feel festive?

I wanted to give you some news regarding the future of Straight Lads Spanked.

For various different reasons, I'm in a position where I am currently unable to produce new movies. This is partly due to an injury that I have which, thankfully is not too serious it has stopped production.

I currently have movies to last until the end of the year, but there will be some time from the beginning of 2020 where there won't be any new content added to the website.

I've tried hard to avoid this situation but I'm afraid I do need to take a break.

I sincerely hope that I will be up and running without too much delay but at present I'm unable to tell you when that will be. Also, I'm not sure that if I do start producing movies again that it will revert back to being a weekly release.

I'm giving you this notice so that you have the option of cancelling your membership and you won't be charged again.

If you are not on my email list then you can join it here and I'll be sure to email you as soon as I've made some new movies -

From a personal point of view and want to thank each and every one of you for all of your support over the years. It's been such a joy making these movies for you.

If you have any questions about this fella free to email me directly on - [email protected]
Teacherman123 | 13th December 2019 00:11 (111 weeks ago)
Not at all surprised that you need to take a break, Dave. Can't imagine the pressure involved in getting a new release out every week, as you have for so long.

Don't worry about your loyal fans. Take some time to recover, recharge your batteries...and we'll look forward to seeing that strong right arm restored to full vigour some time in the new year!

After all, we've got hundreds of movies in the SLS back-catalogue to sustain us until then!

Happy Christmas to you and all the lads at SLS!
vinniecp | 13th December 2019 12:18 (111 weeks ago)
You need to have break and fully charged your self back up you have loyal fans so ever how you do it we will be happy to support your work you do for us weekly or not have a great Christmas and a fab new year to you and your lads

newspank | 13th December 2019 13:48 (111 weeks ago)
Sorry to hear that you're not at your best Dave. As a suggestion, could you not fill in some blanks with the Straight Lads Wank movies - I've seen some on clips4sale and there was an accidental release (no pun intended) of a few on here some years back. Might keeps us all entertained until you're firing on all cylinders.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th December 2019 17:20 (111 weeks ago)
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your support and kind words.
denimclad | 22nd December 2019 15:00 (110 weeks ago)
I hope everything goes well. Have a great Christmas.
Deandra | 16th January 2020 03:17 (106 weeks ago)
Dave, I just wanted to drop in and leave a few words. I'm brand new and just sort of stumbled onto the site. It's fantastic! And I already have my favorite models!!! LOL

It's hard to find a website such as this and a film maker such as yourself that understands that sometimes this kink isn't always sexual and it can be extremely multi-faceted and complicated. You've successfully ticked all the boxes for me. I LOVE what you've done here and the movies you, Art, and the many outstanding guys on your team have worked so hard to create.

I'm sad that it seems I've found you as you're needing to take some time away, but it's absolutely understandable! The amount of videos here and the many extras available (like this blog) is mind boggling. Wonderfully mind boggling. :)

And I love the fact that you seem to be just a really great guy. You care about your models. You are passionate about what you do. And you truly want to produce content you can be proud of that will also thrill your viewers!

I said I was going to leave a few words... I guess this is a few words times ten. I hope whatever it is you're dealing with has positive outcomes and that you're able to reenergize and come back soon. Regardless, we'll be waiting happily. I'm going to join the email list right now.

You, your site, Art, and everyone else are truly awesome! Thank you for all you do! It's EXTREMELY appreciated!

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th September 2019 19:07
Hey Everyone, just to leat you know that the next release will be sometime over the weekend, I was planning on uploading it today but I'm afraid a technical glitch has got in the way.

Please bear with me.

Whilst we are waiting feel free to post in the comments below any movie storyline ideas that you might have1 Does not have to to be too involved. Even just a reason for a grown up lad to be spanked.

For example. Guy spanked by room mate for borrowing his clothes!
| 14th September 2019 01:08 (124 weeks ago)
Hi Dave - Here’s a storyline . . .

Son totally convinces Dad that he’s sick (perhaps he dips a thermometer in a hot cup of tea) and that he needs to stay home from school/work and rest. Dad has a work meeting to attend and can’t stay home with his “sick” son. Dad is really worried and cuts his meeting short or comes home during his lunch break to check up on him. Of course Dad catches son doing something naughty (perhaps Christian is having a poker game with his mates).
mattnyc | 14th September 2019 02:50 (124 weeks ago)
I love this storyline because when Dad comes home there would be two or even three naughty boys playing poker or drinking beer. So his son (Christian, Bobby, Blake, Alfie, or any of the cute young-looking models) is definitely going to get an over the knee spanking. But like in some of my favorite older clips, when Dad threatens to let the other boys' dads know what they've been up to do the other boys ask for whatever punishment their friend is going to get as long as their dads don't find out. So it's two or three (!) naughty boys over dad's knee for an embarrassing spanking in front of their friends. If the lad would go for it, Dad could even take his naughty son's temperature in his bottom to prove the whole thing was a hoax. Again, this would be a super sexy plus but if a lad like Bobby wouldn't go for it, it wouldn't be necessary for the scene. A variation could be the whole scene gets played out at a strict uncle's house where Bobby is staying. With A big, strapping lad like Andy as the strict uncle. Anyway, I love this scenario however it might play out. Thanks for listening, Dave. And great idea, anonymous member! Thanks!
| 15th September 2019 12:26 (124 weeks ago)
Thanks! Not sure why I’m anonymous. Dave - Is there a way to fix this?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th September 2019 14:31 (124 weeks ago)
Sure, drop me an email on - [email protected] & illl see what I can do.
SerenaG3 | 15th September 2019 23:19 (124 weeks ago)
Hi Dave. I'd like to see a scenario I suggested a long time ago as I like sometimes more heartfelt and even emotional storylines. And i had suggested Bobby but Alfie or Christian would be good too which involves a guy being punished for something that he felt he did for right reasons or even wrongly ( like dad over reacts or is unfair) like example: fighting at college or football but it was to defend someone from being bullied or something like that or even just being blamed for something unfairly.
Also I'd like to see a dad scenario with more than one boy again as it has been a while ( though we have had this with coach) maybe a brothers one that is more serious or heartfelt as we did have the John and Jordan one though it was with Mr X and a more funny video. Like an older brother gets his younger brother into some sort of scenario and they both get spanked and it could be made cute like the big brother stands up for his younger brother as he feels bad to see him in pain and offers to take the worst of the punishment or even just beg dad to stop. I would suggest Alfie and Bobby as believable in those roles but anyone really :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 11th July 2019 17:15
Hey Everyone,

Just to let you know that I won't be releasing the next video until later on Sunday. I'm actually away on a camping holiday and I'm afraid I don't have good enough wifi to prepare it for you until I get back home.


Dave :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th July 2019 21:46 (133 weeks ago)
Ignore that! I managed to get the movie uploaded.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd June 2018 18:44
I just wanted to speak about the new Movie - 'Stan Craves Attention'. I'm well aware that it's not the usual Father/Son punishment scenario that I normally present to you. It's definitely something I have wanted to make for many, many years.

I've had a lot of communication from members over the years giving me an insight as to why the MM Spanking fetish resonates with you.

One of the most recurring reasons was with the punishment being a source of much needed love and attention. I've heard tales of guys being spanked by matron or nurse at boarding school and it actually being something to treasure as it was dished out with love and care. Or the more extreme cases of son's receiving no physical affection at all from their Fathers and whilst being punished was one of the only times they got to hear their Dad say that they actually loved them or were cared for. Just having that private time and attention from an otherwise distant Dad was sometimes worth the punishment...

It's also a theme that members has suggested they would like to see depicted in a movie.

I wanted to only make this with a new model and for it to be the first time we see him, That was not easy as I also needed to be sure the model had the required acting skills to carry it off. Of course I can't really find that out until we film something.

With Stan though, I knew he could do it as soon as we met, In fact, he fitted the description of the lad I had always imagined would be in this scenario..

I thought he played it too perfection...

I'm also well aware that this storyline is not going to appeal to everyone. In fact it may well me a minority of members who really 'get' this and enjoy it. To be honest, I make no apologies for that. I've made well over 400 movies so far and have always tried to explore different themes as well as going for some deeper emotional storylines too. I'm thinking the very first Brother in Charge as an example of that....

In fact, Most movies are like this to some degree. I know that some members hate caning movies whilst others like them best of all. Some members can't understand the character of Mr X and turn off when he appears and other members love him, the set -up that he belongs too and his style of dishing out punishment! Some members hate it when I leave the underwear on for any length of time, whilst others want more spanking over underwear. Some love the spanking games like Jenga and others think they are silly!

Ultimately allI I can do is be aware of all of that. Try and spread out the scenarios whilst only ever making a movie that I believe in and feel that I can pull off. For example, I've never felt comfortable replication School punishment so just don't do that.

Anyway! I enough of my rambling! I do hope some of you enjoy this new movie with Stan and for those who don't there will be something different coming along next week. :)
mattnyc | 3rd June 2018 19:28 (191 weeks ago)
Hi Dave. I was actually thinking about this after watching the Stan movie and was planning to to post a comment when I logged on and found your latest "Dave Speaks" piece. I think it's pretty dead on. I love the new model and the spanking was exactly the kind of spanking action that turns me on. Stan is an amazing find; great actor and super handsome with a sexy body and great butt. The scenario wasn't for me but I was happy to simply fast forward over the intro and get to the spanking. Since you try to accommodate all members who make their preferences known, it's up to members to make specific requests. Saying "I hate this kind of scenario or that implement, isn't as useful (IMHO) as saying "I'd like to see more of such and such"". Part of expressing a preference for something is always going to be asking for less of something else but we all have to understand that there are members waiting precisely for that "something" that doesn't turn us on. I guess it comes down to being patient with the clips that are suited to other members and not taking it personally when someone's comments ask for less of what we'd like to see. I felt the same way about the clip with Marco. He's one of the hottest models on the site and has the most perfect, spankable butt. He's big, beefy, smooth, masculine, and he's also an excellent actor. So I loved his spanking. The scenario of that clip was actually kind of disturbing to me. His character is basically a serial abuser who sexually harasses women in his office. It's hard for me to go from that to being turned on by the m/m spanking. But the spanking was great and I just don't watch the beginning of the clip. Someone must have requested that type of scenario and I'm glad they got to enjoy it. And this is my official request for a scene with Marco that doesn't have that kind of scenario. Another example would be the frequent and really specific mentions of mom or girlfriend "fill in name" here. I gather that's a turn on for some members so you should definitely keep making clips like that. Oddly, I'm really turned on by the hermetic, male/male world of the clips where it's just dad or the boss or the coach or male friends and the spankee. I have no interest in living in that world in real life (😂) but I like it in spanking erotica. So this is both my defense of clips I don't like AND my request for more that I do like. We should all feel free to express what we like and don't like and which models we'd like to see more of and which we'd like to see less of. I think that's an important part of being a member. But since it's not a custom video site we also have to accept the movies that don't float our boat. Whew. That was probably more than anyone ever needs to hear from me. Thanks, Dave. I love the recent slew of new models and as always, can't wait to see what comes next.
JamieJones | 4th June 2018 17:40 (191 weeks ago)
Hi Mattnyc,

I think you've totally hit the nail on the head regarding feedback, it has to be constructive or it's no use to anyone.

Before anyone says it, I'm fully aware that this site is a commercial enterprise selling a product to consumers and as the saying goes 'The customer is always right' so people will feel strongly when they see movies, themes, scenarios etc. they don't like. That said we have to bear in mind that we are all customers and while we obviously all like MM spanking (or we wouldn't be members of 'Straight Lads Spanked' ) there are always going to be things that work for one person that don't necessarily work for another and that's fine, that's how it should be. After all the world would be a very boring place if we all liked and disliked exactly the same things.

I generally watch every movie at least once as how can I judge it if I've not even given it a go? There are movies which I'm not keen on, for whatever reason, but I do what you do; I either skip through the bits I don't like or I don't watch that movie again. As Dave makes such a wide range of movies, I never have to wait long before one more suited to my taste is released.

I've not seen many other MM spanking sites (maybe I've just not been looking in the right place) but those I have seen don't have the 'Community Blog' structure we have here at SLS where members are actively encouraged to join in discussions about the movies and make suggestions, some of which are then taken forward and acted upon. Let's not waste the opportunity we've been given but make the most of it and help Dave to make movies that we can all enjoy, even if we don't always agree that they are the same ones.
Uchikimatsu | 8th June 2018 23:03 (190 weeks ago)
I'm a little late to the Stan Party, but just wanted to say a few things anyway. As one of the (probably) many members who have suggested an idea similar to this one, I was thrilled that Dave brought the scene to life. My original idea was to have other Dads kind of just pick up where Neglectful Dad leaves off the discipline. Personal reasons for that which I can discuss if anyone is interested, just ask, LOL.

I get that filming the scenario I suggested would take time, other models, and necessarily drag out over several clips to do correctly. Dave did a great job finding a scenario that works in one movie, yet leaving the storyline open for sequels. Brilliant, as usual.

I wanted to just throw out another perspective on Neglectful Dad here. He's gotten quite a bit of flak from you lot, and maybe unfairly! I do not see Dad as much of a monster as some of you do. He seems busy and distracted. Men are natural providers and if Dad thinks he must always work in order to keep a roof over the family, then that would be his focus. In addition, Stan is twenty years old, not seven. Dad may not even realize his son needs the kind of attention he has been seeking (no judgments here, every one is different and Stan may be seeking approval/attention from his parents in the face of school pressures, etc.)

I would judge Dad more harshly if the light bulb didn't go on after that little scene and he continued to ignore Stan in his needful state.

Any other thoughts?
philimare | 16th June 2018 08:45 (189 weeks ago)
I am one of those who like the « Stan movie » not because Stan is a really sexy lad (he sure is) but essentially for the scenario. What makes Stan incredible in this movie is above all his quality of acting, the way he seems to live and feel the situation. Besides, the scenario is so credible to me, it does look like the real life. Dads are like this, not 100% perfect all the time and it makes the storyline original, credible, so real to me.
For me, spanking movies need to be credible and the chemistry is more important than the muscles of the lad.
Contrary to some other viewers, « the Conor & Lee » did nothing to me but « the Stan » absolutely yes !

One last comment, movies are always commented by the same 5 or 6 people (including me sometimes). So this may not reflect the opinion of the majority of the viewers. Each comment reflects the opinion of one out of maybe hundreds of viewers …
I am not a fan of the Mr X movies for ex, I am not into beefy muscular guys for ex too … For me, seeing a man with a black mask spanking a big tall beefy guy is too unrealistic, who would see that in real life ??? Although I also like a lot of things in those movie …

So yes, you are absolutely right Dave, diversity is the key. We all are into MM spanking but it is surprising to see how so different we are.

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th June 2018 21:35
Hey, just had a little glitch with this weeks release. Apologies for that. I'm expecting to have that resolved and it back up in a few hours time,
FraserFan | 4th June 2018 15:47
Hi Dave re the Stan movie: well I was hoping we could all think of a way fitting in with the SLS World ethos that Dad `who is a total dick in the scenario` gets HIS just desserts. There must be some way where Stan triumphs and DAD walks away with something to think about.
flashgordon | 5th June 2018 00:03 (191 weeks ago)

Dad is so self-absorbed, and takes so little interest in his son, that he has no idea who Stan's friends are. For instance, he isn't aware that Stan hangs out a lot with Charlie. Charlie has often heard Stan speak about his difficulty with getting his Dad's attention, and Charlie, for whom family is important and who himself, as we know, always looks out for his younger brothers, is appalled at Dad's attitude.

Well, a few days have gone by since the spanking episode. And something has come up. Maybe it's the issue about the car tyres, or maybe it's something else - I don't know. Anyway, Stan's in trouble. And Dad, who warned him what would happen next time, and keeps to his word, gets out his belt. Reluctantly, Stan bends over the arm of the sofa. Dad raises the belt over his shoulder ready to swing it down across Stan's bottom for the first stinging smack - when suddenly, from behind, a hand grabs it from him!

Charlie, who had wandered in through the kitchen looking for his friend Stan, had followed the sound of voices, and has saved Stan from his fate. Instead Charlie turns to Dad. "Is that the only way you know to show your son you care about him? If anyone deserved a damn good hiding it's you, for the way you treat my friend Stan. I've wanted to do this for a long time!" And Stan watches amazed as Charlie lifts Dad into position, and Dad rapidly starts to feel his just deserts, from the powerful combination of his own trusty leather belt in Charlie's big right arm.

Far-fetched, but no more so than many spanking scenarios! But somehow I have a feeling that Dave is not going to make this film...
FraserFan | 5th June 2018 16:36 (191 weeks ago)
That's awesome. I love that idea. It really needs to happen. The scenario may have struck a bit of a nerve. There are too many men who don't actually love their sons, yet love to throw their weight around at the same time, men like `dad` in this scenario who are selfish and interested only in themselves. I say for long-suffering sons everywhere DAD needs to be taught a lesson. Dave if your listening this great idea needs to happen.
flashgordon | 5th June 2018 21:47 (190 weeks ago)
Thanks for your encouragement, FraserFan!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 27th April 2018 04:48

I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in paying for the membership using Bitcoin or Monero?

If you are could you please drop me a quick email on [email protected] to register your interest?


Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2017 20:48
Hey Everyone,

As another year ends I just wanted to reach out to you all and say hello!


I'm really pleased to tell you that there are some exciting developments at Straight Lads Spanked. Mr X has moved home! Oh yes! His new home is very different than his previous one. There is a lot more space all over. He has a proper house! In addition there is a bit of space between the next house so the neighbour is not so close.

I'm so excited about this new space. There are so many new possibilities to create new sets including a little outdoor space.

So I can assure you that SLS is going stronger than ever. I really am very appreciative of all the support many of you have given me over the years and I promise to reward that loyalty with exciting new movies. I'm always on the look out for new models too.

There was a lot of upheaval involved with the move. I've been living in a building site for months getting the new home ready. Its nearly finished. This has meant that I've not been filming for some time. I did plan for this and made as many movies as I could before I moved. It's possible that the movies over the next few weeks will have the same models in them. So please bear with me as I get started in the new place.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2018 x
JamieJones | 30th December 2017 23:22 (213 weeks ago)
Hi Dave,

Good to hear the news of the house move, I hope you will be very happy in your new home. Having more space sounds very exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing the new sets start to appear in the films in a few months time.

Hope Mr X has found time to unpack his selection of spanking implements ready for all the naughty lads who have no doubt been getting up to mischief and causing mayhem while he has been otherwise engaged. I trust he didn't use old Mr Smith's building firm - the lads who work there seem to be nothing but trouble! LOL!

Take care and have a brilliant New Year / Hogmanay. Happy 2018 everyone!

Jamie x
Orla | 1st January 2018 16:26 (213 weeks ago)
How exciting 👏👏 Good luck with the move,can't wait to see all the new changes also nice to have a bigger garden for Daisy too xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st September 2017 14:19
Hey Everyone!

I know we have some members on here with great imaginations and I was thinking it would be fun to see your descriptions for the movies. So this week I made the written description for the Elliot, Caned, Traditional Punishment very scarce. I would love you to post your own descriptions of that movie in the comment section below the movie and I will use my favourite one as the main description. Maybe we could do this every week?
Orla | 1st September 2017 17:53 (230 weeks ago)
Challenge accepted. ...this is fun xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th September 2017 17:18 (229 weeks ago)
I loved your description Orla and have used it.

Feel free to have another go with this weeks movie!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 27th April 2017 20:00
I've been reading all the comments and feedback about the "Old Fashioned Spanking" movies. First of all, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading all the comments. I really do read everything that gets posted. I really enjoy how much you get involved with the themes of these movies. I'm actually a big fan too of continuity and I do have my own rules for the movies. (though of course rules are made to be broken too).

Also, I should point out that I filmed most of these Old Fashioned Spanking videos some time ago, so they were made without having this recent input from viewers. So for example, adding the reasons for spanking occasionally was something that I decided to do myself.

So what makes the "Old Fashioned Spankings" different from the other spanking videos? What is the theme? Well for me it comes down to just one thing. Its the absence of lecturing from Dad. Which means the lad gets spanked without any pause at all. So in these movies the real focus is the actual spanking. It doesn't mean that Dad wont say the occasional line before the spanking begins or scold slightly during the spanking. What there wont be, however, is any significant breaks in the spanking whilst Dad lectures/scolds.

In my head all the lecturing and scolding has already happened. There really is nothing left to say. I like to think that these punishments aren't always dished out by a furious Dad. In fact, it could well be that father and son have already made peace with each other before the spanking even happens. Dad though still has his duty to do and that is to ensure a sound spanking is delivered.

One bonus to making these movies is that there generally is no need at all to stop the filming. There are no camera changes that happen. So the movies are usually filmed on one continuous take. This also means that we get some really real, real-time reactions from the model.
Cmwilson | 15th February 2017 18:49
Cant seem to find the interview with Bailey. Can you directme
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th February 2017 23:35 (258 weeks ago)
Hi, is there a particular interview with Bailey you want to see? Can any of the other members help?
Orla | 17th February 2017 23:41 (258 weeks ago)
There's one in the free downloads it's Andy Lee and Bailey Interviews, that's the only one i can think of .....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2017 17:22
Just wanted to thank all my wonderful members for your support throughout 2016. It's your membership that keeps this site going and allows me to pay those naughty lads to appear in the movies!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017. I am looking forward to bring you lots more movies and of course some new lads too!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th July 2016 20:01
Hey Everyone,

Just to let you know I have been having some issues with the websites hosting provider which is causing the website to go offline.

I would like to assure you that I am not only fully aware of this but have a plan in place to fix it.

My tech guy Stuart is in the process of moving the website to a shiny new server with a new hosting company. This is taking longer than normal as the server drops out every time we attempt to move it.

However, we are confident that this will all be sorted and we will be on our new, stable super slick server very soon indeed!

So please accept my apologies for this inconvenience.


Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th December 2015 11:22
Apologies everyone. The website has been down. This was due to a power failure with the hosting company that manages the server. I would like to assure everyone that the website is here to stay and this was a temporary glitch out of my control.

I'm hoping this week's release will make up for any inconvenience! :)
Ooleary | 10th December 2015 11:29 (320 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave i was going to email you yesterday but i thought it was my phone playing up but it looks like it's fine now can't wait for new release xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 22:47
What shall we talk about whilst we are waiting for the interview to be reading for streaming?
Ooleary | 4th July 2015 22:48 (343 weeks ago)
How Awesome you are lol xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 22:49 (343 weeks ago)
If you could spank or be spanked by one of the Straight Lads Spanked guys then who would it be?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 22:50 (343 weeks ago)
You do raise a good subject Orla. I really am rather awesome! :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 22:54 (343 weeks ago)
If you have a look on my Twitter page you will see a pic of who is on the famous Straight Lads Spanked sofa right now!
Ooleary | 4th July 2015 22:54 (343 weeks ago)
After watching Seb movie I'd let him spank me lol
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 23:00 (343 weeks ago)
I was just thinking about this yesterday and today... odd...

Its never a simple question with me, though, is it? Spank? Easy-peasy... Karl, Kevin, Parker, Lee, Jack, and for some reason Bailey makes me want to tie him down VERY SECURELY and have my torturous ways with him, he brings out the sadist in me... i just want to beat the nonsense out of him and make him cry for his mother...

But be spanked by? Thats much more difficult because being more the toppy type I'm super picky about that. Its not about a physical type, and even when its role-play, or something just very playful and fun, to me, its always about respect. I have to respect the person in the more dominant role. You just can't be a total fuck-up with no job, no home, no family, no direction, no clue about life and then expect to tell me what to do. Its a thing. I just can't do it, not even for a 10 minute role-play. In my head I'm judging and telling the person to eff off and its just all around unpleasant.

Now, this is IN NO WAY a judgment on any of the SLS lads, but we do know that some of them don't make the best decisions. Given what we do know, at this point I'd have to say Steve. He seems like he has his life together, he has direction, he's educating himself, etc. I would totally allow him to spank me. Or Oliver.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 23:03 (343 weeks ago)
Great answer Chiki! I bet Steve would be flattered! Would you trust that mean old Mr X to spank you?
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 23:05 (343 weeks ago)
Indeed I would, Sir! xxxx

And as you know I live the life I never had vicariously through the domestic type films, so any one of the Dads I would trust as well...
Ooleary | 4th July 2015 23:05 (343 weeks ago)
I'd let Oliver spank me too but i wouldn't be able to spank any of the lads.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 23:08 (343 weeks ago)
Even the Dad with no head??????
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 23:12 (343 weeks ago)
Decap-Dad is the best! He gives the best scoldings and can make a gal/guy feel all blushy.... LOL
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 23:23 (343 weeks ago)
Ok, well I'm afraid I have done my best to keep you all entertained! It looks like the streaming convert will be a bit longer. It will 100% be ready within the hour though... nighty night!
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 23:26 (343 weeks ago)
@Orla - really? none of these delicious lads draw out your inner Top?
Ooleary | 4th July 2015 23:35 (343 weeks ago)
I'd be in fits of laughter couldn't take it seriously lol I'm not a spanko i just like watching lol
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 23:40 (343 weeks ago)
Awwww, you're just so adorable, Orla!
Ooleary | 4th July 2015 23:44 (343 weeks ago)
I know ha ha you too Chiki.

I'm refusing to give in to sleep til i see this movie,even though I'm knackered tired.
Ooleary | 5th July 2015 00:07 (343 weeks ago)
I can't believe Dave abandoned us - naughty daddy.

I've watched Seb and Kev movie again twice and still no interview but I'm not going to bed til i see it
Cherylkay | 5th July 2015 01:27 (343 weeks ago)
I'm late to the party, as always, but I'd like to answer the question if it's still OK to do so. I'm not much of a top but I would spank several of the guys (not naming names here) in a heartbeat. If I could pick one guy to spank me I think I would pick Glen. He grabs my imagination in that department. Dave, if you spanked women, I would get spanked by you for sure. I quite like your technique (though I might spend the whole spanking asking you to go harder lol).
nanarr | 5th July 2015 01:56 (343 weeks ago)
You're right Ooleary (or do you prefer Orla?) When Dad leaves us unsupervised who knows what kind of mischief we can get into? He should know better LOL!

Let's see ... who would I spank? ... there's so many ... Fraser, Matt, Kevin, George, etc. and the trio (Bailey, Andy, Patrick). And, of course, Mr X or Dad (de-cap version ... mask Dad scares me LOL)!

Who could spank me? ... well, my druthers would be any one of the trio (especially Bailey). Oliver can dish out a pretty good "whuppin". Matt could be a contender and now that I've seen Sebastian spank Kevin and talk about spanking females in his interview, I'm seeing him in a new light. (Doesn't Lorilee live in Texas? I do. Perhaps I could fix up a room for him as well.)
nanarr | 5th July 2015 02:07 (343 weeks ago)
WTF?! Should have edited before I hit submit ... The Mr X or Dad comment should have gone under the "Who could spank me" paragraph. Sorry, OOPS! (Will wear my hair shirt in penance after I get it back from the cleaners LOL!) ::: in the meantime slowly backing away from Dave. Let's don't do anything rash here :::
Ooleary | 5th July 2015 02:21 (343 weeks ago)
Nanarr my name is Orla O'leary so I don't mind what I'm called lol.

Wasn't that interview just delish, love the chemistry between the two lads and who knew Sebastian could be so funny . I could never date him bit too smarmy charmy but would definitely love to go out on the tear with him.
uchikimatsu | 5th July 2015 02:50 (343 weeks ago)
@Orla - what the heck are you still doing up at that hour?

@nanarr - "hair shirt?' I can't even... just the thought of something like that is making me sweat... I'm in South Florida! Being in Texas you're not stranger to heat, but i'm pretty sure we got you beat for humidity.... hair shirt... :::gag:::

p.s. I'm pretty sure Dave doesn't care where you're posting as long as the boards are active ;-)
Ooleary | 5th July 2015 07:59 (343 weeks ago)
Chiki i loved that interview so much I had to watch it 5 times and now i just woke up and going to watch again xx
| 5th July 2015 15:25 (343 weeks ago)
Ohhh!!! Well...I wouldn't spank any because I am tiny and not at all dominant. If I was though I'd probably pick Wayne.
To spank me...Andy, Patrick, Bailey & Oliver :)
uchikimatsu | 5th July 2015 15:34 (343 weeks ago)
Who posted this comment...? No screen name is identified or attached to the comment, how odd!!!

If I had to guess I'd say this is from my Aimee-kitteh, my teeny tiny non-dominant Lee brothers loving kitteh...

Surprised Matt wasn't mentioned...
wardcoleman | 5th July 2015 15:45 (343 weeks ago)
Oh drat, can I only choose one?! That's just so mean!

There is a scene in one of those old "Whacko!" movies made in the non-PC 1950's where the school Headmaster, played by Jimmy Edwards, makes about six boys bend over in a row, and he picks up a very, very long cane so he can Whack them all at once!! :-)
uchikimatsu | 5th July 2015 16:04 (343 weeks ago)
What a lovely visual, Ward
| 5th July 2015 16:19 (343 weeks ago)
Oh how weird yes it was meeeee. Aimee.
Oh my god how could I have forgotten Matt?!?! He is on both lists. Lol
| 5th July 2015 16:20 (343 weeks ago)
What has happened to my name?!?!
wardcoleman | 5th July 2015 16:21 (343 weeks ago)
True, especially is the six bending boys were Fraser, Dom, Kevin, Wayne, Bailey and Jack .... make it an (un)lucky seven and include Oliver!!

Hows that for a mental picture? anyone know where I can buy a 15 foot paddle?
Ooleary | 5th July 2015 16:37 (343 weeks ago)
Ward my friend Trevor is a carpenter I'm sure i could get him to make one lol. That Whacko film you were talking about is called Bottoms Up and it was 5 boys,it's on you tube.
Aimee | 5th July 2015 16:37 (343 weeks ago)
I do like that image Ward :) lol
wardcoleman | 5th July 2015 16:44 (343 weeks ago)
Hi @Ooleary oh yes of course it was "Bottoms Up" what a great title, perhaps Dave could use it for one of the videos!! two boys get punished after a night out drinking - so to play on the other use of "bottoms up"

Was it only 5? I guess I was born greedy!

Glad you got your name back @Aimee
uchikimatsu | 5th July 2015 17:06 (343 weeks ago)
Glad I'm not the lone Jack fan!
wardcoleman | 5th July 2015 17:10 (343 weeks ago)
Shame he didn't come back :-(
Domfan | 5th July 2015 17:47 (343 weeks ago)
I dont really think I'm a spanko, I just like watching for various reasons so I don't think I'd want any of them to spank me.
On the other hand, I'd spank most of them for purely aesthetic reasons but it wouldn't be very hard spanks unless they insisted lol.
I guess Kevin would be number 1 on my list as I'm suddenly seeing so many different sides to him both visually and personality wise.
wardcoleman | 5th July 2015 18:09 (343 weeks ago)
Hi @Domfan, I think most of us here are Spank-watchers rather than actual Spankos, let Dave and Sebastian get the sore hands, its much easier to sit back and enjoy the show! :-)

You are right that Kevin have various sides, but I know which side I like best!!
Cherylkay | 5th July 2015 21:08 (343 weeks ago)
@Ward, I can't speak for the others, but I'm definitely a spanko. And when I'm not getting spanked (like now because I don't have a regular play partner at the moment), watching videos is a good outlet for me.
wardcoleman | 5th July 2015 21:51 (343 weeks ago)
Hi @Cheryl, yes I fully understand that many of those here are Spankos, you should not take my comments like that seriously. I can only judge what I get from this site. There is a lot to enjoy, and people enjoy it in many ways..

I have really enjoyed the site in the last few days and I am glad that it gives you an outlet too.
Cherylkay | 5th July 2015 22:33 (343 weeks ago)
@Ward, just letting you know that there are real honest-to-goodness spankos here :D I sometimes do tend to take things a bit seriously but I'm pretty hard to offend. I love all the different aspects of this site. It's the only paysite I will ever be on (unless the M/F sites start playing their cards right, which I doubt). But it has been amazing fun here the past few days. I even gave up part of the 4th of July celebrations to watch the interview. I love the interviews and there's no spanking in them lol.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th July 2015 22:49 (343 weeks ago)
I have just been looking at the second comment on this thread made by Orla and feel that should be addressed in a lot more detail!


wardcoleman | 5th July 2015 22:50 (343 weeks ago)
@|Cheryl Then again the interviews are talking about spanking, so that half the fun. Glad you were not offended I was really just joking that we should let Dave do all the hard lifting, while we sit back and watch the fun with a beer and some popcorn :-) Different people want different things from spanking sites, for a lot of people it is enough to see a handsome guy get spanked, I want more, I certainly want him to be handsome, but I also want to know who he is, what he is thinking and why he deserves to be spanked. This site is great because it provides that extra dimension.

I imagine as a fully paid up spanko, its that extra dimension which enables you to identify?
wardcoleman | 5th July 2015 22:53 (343 weeks ago)
@Dave, do you mean we should discuss how awesome you are?
uchikimatsu | 5th July 2015 23:14 (343 weeks ago)
Well, I guess you're OK, Dave...
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th July 2015 23:32 (343 weeks ago)
hmmmm, I've gone from awesome to OK. Humph!
uchikimatsu | 5th July 2015 23:38 (343 weeks ago)
Pft. You know no one believes I think you're just OK.
Ooleary | 6th July 2015 00:17 (343 weeks ago)
Definitely Awesome after that interview the only thing that would make you Awesomer was if Kevin had a twin,he is truly a treasure and i hope he comes back often xx
Ooleary | 6th July 2015 00:26 (343 weeks ago)
ps Ward I'm not a spanko so I'm with you ,can't really explain why but i just love watching so Beer and Popcorn on me next week xx
Cherylkay | 6th July 2015 06:32 (343 weeks ago)
@Ward, true...the interviews do revolve around spanking and I find them charming as well as enlightening. To be honest, half the time I don't even know what I expect to get out of the movies here at SLS, but I've been a member long enough to know that Dave seldom disappoints me. It comes as a bit of a surprise to me that there are members who aren't into spanking though. That would be a fascinating topic for discussion.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 22:28
There has been exactly 100 comments on the site in the last 48 hours! You really are a bunch of chatterboxes! Please keep it up! :)
welshboy | 2nd July 2015 19:45
Hi Dave, just want to say loved the last posting so much. What can you tell me about Seb's interview' sa I can't wait to see it
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 19:51 (343 weeks ago)
Great question! I can tell you that I think people will see a different side to Sebastian for sure. Or they will be surprised at how funny he is! I can also tell you that there were some unplanned events that happened that we kept in! Oh and Sebastian is not alone throughout!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 19:52 (343 weeks ago)
Oh and hello Welshboy! Oh and I seem to recall you get a very personalised mention from Sebastian!
welshboy | 2nd July 2015 19:53 (343 weeks ago)
wow now I just can't wait
uchikimatsu | 2nd July 2015 19:57 (343 weeks ago)
Go welshboy! Go welshboy! Go welshboy!
welshboy | 2nd July 2015 19:59 (343 weeks ago)
I love reading your posts Uchikimatsu
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 20:02 (343 weeks ago)
Don't be fooled by Uchikimatsu's posts Welshboy. She actually employs a professional scriptwriter. She doesn't even watch the movies. It's all just a front!
uchikimatsu | 2nd July 2015 20:06 (343 weeks ago)
Thanks welshboy! Your Seb/Kevin review was really perfect and spot on, I loved it!

Aaaaandddd.... You get a special shout out from Sebastian!!!! Whooohoooo
welshboy | 2nd July 2015 20:08 (343 weeks ago)
Yes I will look forward to seeing that
uchikimatsu | 2nd July 2015 20:09 (343 weeks ago)
::::slaps Dave hard on his arm before throwing him a hard side eye::::

Yeah, like that guy in the mask isn't you, Dave, it's a paid actor..
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 20:11 (343 weeks ago)
HaHa! I think you get a mention too Chiki! :)
uchikimatsu | 2nd July 2015 20:16 (343 weeks ago)
Cherylkay | 3rd July 2015 06:27 (343 weeks ago)
Well, I'm late to the party as usual (damn, having to work for a living!), but I wanted to ask you, Dave if it was Sebastian's idea to be the spanker or if you just decided on him since Kevin is new and a bit younger than Sebastian? As I said in my review, I never would have pictured him giving a spanking. But I think he took to it like a duck to water. Did you have to coach him on what to do? These are things that keep me awake LOL.
uchikimatsu | 3rd July 2015 10:38 (343 weeks ago)
I'm surprised you didn't see Sebastian as a spanker, Cheryl. I've been hoping for a long while that Dave would give him the spanker role and I think that was one of my questions to Sebastian in the Q&A interview. Regardless of the poor choices he's made in his personal life, I still think he has a certain energy that would make him great in a toppy role... and we weren't disappointed!
Cherylkay | 3rd July 2015 19:40 (343 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I guess if I'm being honest, I never pictured Sebastian as a "toppy type". He's always the one needing discipline lol. But I was pleasantly surprised by how easily he took to his new role. He was just amazing. After all, he had never laid eyes on Kevin before and Kevin had never done a story-driven film before so both lads are to commended. I'm not sure about his "energy", but I do have to say that Sebastian certainly has the hands to be a spanker lol.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd July 2015 19:49 (343 weeks ago)
Hi Cheryl, I made the decision about who was going to the spanking. However, I didn't select Sebastian & Kevin, it just happened that they both wanted to film on the same day so I came up with the idea. In that scenario it just made more sense to me to have Sebastian dish it out.
Yes, I guess I do coach to some degree. I was there directing throughout the movie both giving them the storyline and assisting with dialogue and also with the action part!
Cherylkay | 3rd July 2015 19:52 (343 weeks ago)
Hi Dave, and thank you for answering my question. Isn't it funny how a coincidence like both guys wanting to film on the same day turned into such a lovely film? It was an awesome stroke of good luck, I must say.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd July 2015 19:55 (343 weeks ago)
Often the best movies are unplanned! :)
Cherylkay | 3rd July 2015 20:17 (343 weeks ago)
I hereby make a motion that from now on, all movies on Straight Lads Spanked shall now be unplanned. All in agreement signify by saying "aye".

(This is tongue in cheek, of course! lol)
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 10:45 (343 weeks ago)
Have there been some other unplanned SLS films?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 15:08 (343 weeks ago)
Well I do make most of them up as I go along!
Cherylkay | 4th July 2015 21:12 (343 weeks ago)
Dave, you have a great and active imagination! I hope you never run out of ideas, but if you do, just put it to the group and I'm sure that some good ideas will spring forth :)
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 22:37
Just home from work now ...damn... are you still there xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 22:44 (343 weeks ago)
Hello Orla! How are you today?
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 22:53 (343 weeks ago)
Super WOW loved today's movie and i kept thinking and replaying in my head all day no wonder the sun was shining today lol.

Anyway my question is even ghough you explain in great detail to the boys about the spanking being real have any of the boys ever jumped up and been like hey what are you doing and be really pissed that yes it actually is real.

What about your next door neighbour ever get any complaints lol xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 23:01 (343 weeks ago)
Hey! Well I am so pleased you really enjoyed todays movie! What was your favourite thing about it?

I guess the closet situation I have had like that was with Ben! He was surprised that the spanking hurt, even though I had described it to him! Afterwards when I asked him to clarify that I had explained that it was real he agreed that I did, but he just didn't comprehend there would be some pain involved!

He soon got over that though and then came back several times!

I have never had a complaint from the neighbours. Fortunately the walls are really thick and I hope they don't hear anything! I once had the window cleaner do all the front windows (like the kitchen and bathroom) when I was filming. He must have heard something!!!
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 23:08 (343 weeks ago)
Ok my favourite part in the movie was the easy dialogue between Kevin and Sebastian and my god Sebastian was #Amazing talking about how he got spanked too and it helped him and now he's the Captain , both boys were so natural , are they friends outside of SLS do they know each other because the chemistry between the 2 was WOW
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 23:09 (343 weeks ago)
Plus like everyone else was saying can't get over what a good spanker Sebastian is he really reddened Kevin's sexy bottom
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 23:11 (343 weeks ago)
I liked all these things too! Sebastian and Kevin had never met until about 10 mins before that movie was filmed! I had though gone through the storyline in great detail with Kevin for a day or so before we filmed so he really had ideas about it in his head.
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 23:12 (343 weeks ago)
Ok another question sorry i know it's late but now that Harry, Wayne,Adam etc gone is Dom gone too and if so is that the end of the spanking competition
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 23:14 (343 weeks ago)
One more thing Oliver is my No.1 and always will be so please please please never let him go xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 23:32 (343 weeks ago)
I'd actually forgotten about the Spanking Competition! I reckon it probably is the end. I am thinking of doing another spanking game with the newer lads but probably wouldn't start the Spanking Competition again... Were you a big fan of it Orla? I could never work out how popular it was!

Oh and I have no intention of letting Oliver go!
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 23:39 (343 weeks ago)
Yes for Oliver xxx I Love you Dave xx

Yes i liked the spanking competition but loved the Jenga and Twister more.

Goodnight Dave and yes you should defo do this again and I'll think up some really good questions this kinda got me off guard xx
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 23:48 (343 weeks ago)
I'm shedding a little tear for Dom 😭😭😭
uchikimatsu | 3rd July 2015 10:46 (343 weeks ago)
i was just reading through all the comments this morning, Orla, and your little "hashtag Amazing" made me giggle! Kevin being brand new (was...was that a nod to the poet e.e. cummings? yes, yes it was) and so nervous about other men, and Sebastian never having filmed with anyone but Dave before, these two were just extraordinary... really amazing! KUDOS
Ooleary | 3rd July 2015 11:33 (343 weeks ago)
Chiki i can't get enough of Sebastian he was amazing though his no nonsense get the job done so incredible he has to spank again and I'm so looking forward to the interview, Dave made it sound so #Amazing lol xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd July 2015 19:50 (343 weeks ago)
I hope I have not built this interview up too much!
Ooleary | 3rd July 2015 22:31 (343 weeks ago)
No way Dave it's going to be epic I'm working 16 hour shift tomorrow and this interview is my reward lol xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 19:28
Ok, never done this before and have no idea if anyone is around! However! Just thought I'd mention that I am online and if anyone wants to ask me any questions or even just say hello then you will get an instant reply!
I'm sitting here ready!!!
uchikimatsu | 2nd July 2015 19:54 (343 weeks ago)
Hiya Dave, hope your foot is healing up!

Wondering if there was any particular reasons behind the decision on which bedroom to film in? We usually see the "front" room as opposed to the "other" room or your room. I'm wondering if it's whoever's is cleanest? Also, have you ever had a flatmate stay thru filming because he couldn't or didn't want to leave?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 19:58 (343 weeks ago)
Foot is doing good thanks! Probably 90% healed! So I'm pleased with that!

A lot of the bedroom decision comes down to what I'm filming. One bed has a metal post and grill at the bottom so is not good for say WTYFGH movies as you wont see the lads face!

Yes! One flatmate is often home! He hides in his room with headphones on!

Oh and yes, I guess tidiness can come into it too!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 23:34 (343 weeks ago)
Ok! I'm off to sleep now! I will answer any other questions that are left tomorrow! Shall we do this again sometime?
uchikimatsu | 2nd July 2015 20:39
Still taking questions Dave?

If you are in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

If you ate pasta and antipasta would you still be hungry?

Do pyromaniacs wear blazers?

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Have you formulated your own grand unifying theory of physics and what are your thoughts on String Theory?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd July 2015 20:47 (343 weeks ago)
The answer is 42.
uchikimatsu | 2nd July 2015 20:49 (343 weeks ago)
I fucking adore you.
welshboy | 2nd July 2015 19:55
I wantto say thank you dave for all the great films you have given us. I have so enjoyed all of them. Will we see Oliver soon?.
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 09:33
Super excited Kevin and Sebastian xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st July 2015 14:02
I'm quite looking forward to this weeks releases.....
vicky | 1st July 2015 14:13 (343 weeks ago)
Releases? :) :) ;)
wardcoleman | 1st July 2015 15:13 (343 weeks ago)
Dave keeps the boys all locked in a cellar beneath his home. Every year, at the beginning of July, he sets one free to celebrate Independence Day.

They don't usually get far though
Cherylkay | 1st July 2015 17:06 (343 weeks ago)
There's more than one release this week? Awesome!! I'm looking forward to them now too.
uchikimatsu | 1st July 2015 17:24 (343 weeks ago)
LOL @Ward... That's celebrating Independence Day from the UK's perspective, I take it...?
uchikimatsu | 1st July 2015 17:36 (343 weeks ago)
And in light of the upcoming holiday... I will share a joke told to me by my Aimee-kitteh



Englishman to American: Why do you feel the need to change the spelling of the English language?

American: We are trying to get rid of YOU! (U)

Ooleary | 1st July 2015 18:27 (343 weeks ago)
Dave please say it wasn't a typo you actually meant releases as in more than one movie this weekend yippee sooo excited any little bitty hints xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st July 2015 19:26 (343 weeks ago)
No typo! There will be a spanking movie and something different released as well....

I am really looking forward to you seeing the spanking movie, I always enjoy the ones that I am, not in!
Ooleary | 1st July 2015 19:45 (343 weeks ago)
Oooh who could it be ..... can't wait ...... this will make up for me having to work all wkend cos the lads have football matches.Thanks Dave xx
uchikimatsu | 1st July 2015 20:44 (343 weeks ago)
Of course I always look forward to the spanking movies... Hmmmm and dad it Mr. X is not in it? Could it be uncle or coach Andy? Hmmm...

But I'm REALLY looking forward to "something different" You've got me really curious now, Dave...

And now for something completely different.... (Cue Monty Python music)
Ooleary | 1st July 2015 23:19 (343 weeks ago)
I'll be checking on the hour every hour for the new release xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st July 2015 23:26 (343 weeks ago)
Hey Orla, no need to! It wont be up for at least 12 hours from now. Oh and did someone mention football matches..... I hope the players behave themselves....
Ooleary | 2nd July 2015 00:44 (343 weeks ago)
Ha ha you don't know our team great lads off the pitch but a bunch of hot heads on the pitch xx Oh and I meant I'll be checking tomorrow every hour ha ha not now I'm off to bed it's 2am and i'll be dreaming up possible scenarios for tomorrow. NIGHT NIGHT xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 27th June 2015 23:37
Hey! Apologies for the loss of service today. The power plant supplying the server went down causing a complete loss of power! All back in order now. :)
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 01:50 (344 weeks ago)
Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Hey! Who turned out the lights?

wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 07:09 (344 weeks ago)
Must have been Mr.X. he is the only one with his fingers on the power switch!
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 10:00 (344 weeks ago)
Sorry, Ward, that was just a silly Doctor Who reference...
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 10:40 (344 weeks ago)
Hi Uchikimatsu Don't say "silly" in connection with The Time Lord, there are fans present!!!!!! As I am not one of them, I didn't get it!! However, what do you think of a Dr Who Spanking theme. I recall seeing a cartoon story entitled "Flash Gordon -v- the SpankMonster from the Planet SoreAss" so Sci Fi and Spanking have been combined before.
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 11:33 (344 weeks ago)
Ha! Robert Heinlein was a famous sci-fi writer spanko, he incorporated many spankings and spanking references into his works!

As for Doctor Who, I am of two hearts when it comes to spanking themes or fictions. Each incarnation comes with its own personality, so some would definitely be more "inclined" than others, and some companions just seem to scream for it. Also, spanking between companions is also an idea. On the other hand, I just feel like I'm a dirty old woman, perverting this beautiful tradition.

I did write a collaborative fiction (more like a role play) in which The Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) spanks Jack Harkness. Then I felt dirty.
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 12:00 (344 weeks ago)
Jack Harkness can have that effect, but there are compensations to feeling dirty!!!

I have to say that the image of Christopher Eccleston spanking young Jack will stay with me for a time
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 12:12 (344 weeks ago)
One problem though, Jack probably would not qualify for Straight Lad Spanked, just saying!
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 12:39 (344 weeks ago)
You might have missed this, Ward! It's on the Members Meme's Blog!

Glad I could make you smile !
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 12:39 (344 weeks ago)
P.S. - great minds do think alike! Ha!
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 12:49 (344 weeks ago)
LOL!!! That is very good, and yes, it certainly does make me smile! :-0 )
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th June 2015 19:07 (344 weeks ago)
So I turn my back for 2 minutes and this is what happens!!!


Anyway, from Dr Who, I'm sure Adric deserved a spanking!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th June 2015 19:24
Hi, I'm delighted to say that the network issue is now fully resolved and the streaming seems to be working faster than ever!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 19th June 2015 15:37
Hey Everyone! Ok, so just to let you know there is a network error going on right now which is affecting he streaming. It's one of those rare issues that is currently out of my hands, however the server provider is aware of the situation and is working as we speak to get it rectified. Even though I have not been given a timescale as to when it will be solved, I don't envisage it taking too long. I'm sure normal service will be resolved soon!

I do sincerely apologise for this. I am proud of the record so far with the running of the website and this is not a situation that has happened before. However I do take the issue very seriously and please rest assured that it is being dealt with.

Ooleary | 19th June 2015 16:50 (345 weeks ago)
Streaming perfectly now Dave xx I think that maybe you should put part 2 up over the weekend for the mess up ,i know it wasn't your fault but ....... love you Orla xx
Hunter | 4th June 2015 21:42
Hi Dave.

I hope you get better soon so the spanking videos don't stop.

How did you get the glass embedded in your foot.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th June 2015 11:38 (347 weeks ago)
Thanks! It is slowly healing! I smashed a glass in my room and it surrounded my little pup Daisy and she had to be rescued! Don;t worry, it wont stop me filming but you may notice a limp here and there!
nanarr | 10th June 2015 09:01 (346 weeks ago)
You're a good Dad, Dave ... thinking of your "kid" first!

BTW, we haven't seen Daisy in a long time .... could you post some more pictures of her for us?
Lynne | 10th June 2015 14:45 (346 weeks ago)
Repeat after me Dave... :)

Hunter | 8th June 2015 11:21
Dies the cat used in a movie belong to you and what her or his name and will she appear in other videos and same goes for Daisy
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th June 2015 18:24 (347 weeks ago)
Hi, there are two cats, Jimmy and Charlie. Yes they live with me. They get on very well with Daisy! The cat's have appeared in a few of the movies. Daisy is less likely to appear as I send her away on the days that I film.
Hunter | 8th June 2015 20:00 (347 weeks ago)
Thank you

Dave they look adorable I love cats they are my favorite pet.

Hunter | 8th June 2015 11:16
Hi Dave

Like Daisy does the cat used in one of Karl's spanking videos your like daisy and what's her name
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th May 2015 19:41
Hey Everyone, Sorry again for being quite again.... I had to have a little operation yesterday to remove some glass from my foot. Everything will be fine, just a bit doped up so can't comment hear as much as I'd like to! I'm supposed to be filming on Sunday so I should be back in action properly asap. I'm loving the comments on the Matt Movie! You are too kind! :)
Ooleary | 8th May 2015 22:33 (351 weeks ago)
Get Well Soon 😙😙👍❤💋
wardcoleman | 8th May 2015 23:02 (351 weeks ago)
Sorry to hear of your injury, just so long as your spanking arm is still okay!!
lorilee | 8th May 2015 23:13 (351 weeks ago)
Sorry about the foot, get better. On a good note glade it was not the Spanking hand or arm :)
nanarr | 9th May 2015 00:52 (351 weeks ago)
Get well soon, Dave!! We don't want you injured in any way.
Cherylkay | 9th May 2015 00:56 (351 weeks ago)
Heal up quick, Dave. So sorry to hear you have an injury. But the pain meds are a plus lol.
Ficwriterjet | 9th May 2015 03:47 (351 weeks ago)
Ouch, that sounds painful. I hope you feel better quickly!
Lynne | 9th May 2015 16:15 (351 weeks ago)
::shakes head rufeully..picks up the ever present slipper, hands it to Dave in a strong hint about wearing footwear when cleaning up glass::

Healing thoughts Dave...take it easy. :)
Ooleary | 10th May 2015 07:53 (351 weeks ago)
Dave any hints on who or what type of movie you might be filming today ???? 😆
red1967 | 10th May 2015 07:21
I hope you are all better and your foot not too painful to walk on. Good luck with filming to day. If you still banged up make a storyline out of it as who ever your spanking broke the glass and you stood on it
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th April 2015 18:18
Hey! Just to let you all know I'm working away for a few days with really limited internet access. So apologies if im a bit quiet. I'll catch up with everything next week.

Behave Yourselves!!!!
Cherylkay | 25th April 2015 21:09 (353 weeks ago)
Hee hee hee! Looks like the cat's going to be away. Do any of the mice want to play? LOL
Lynne | 25th April 2015 21:11 (353 weeks ago)
Hmmmm....all projects and deliverables have been completed and the semester courses are OVER as of much time on my hands.......
red1967 | 25th April 2015 22:48 (353 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay I'll will make time to play in between work and my college work. he he @ Dave I'm always good honest just no one believes me
lorilee | 25th April 2015 22:51 (353 weeks ago)
Have a little fun , Work hard and most of all be safe , see you on the flipside .
uchikimatsu | 26th April 2015 12:59 (353 weeks ago)
Hey, Dave, have a good time and pay no mind to those people with microphones and cameras...they're definitely not a crew from Sun, Sea, and Suspicious SLS Members. Those guys are just making a local documentary.
red1967 | 26th April 2015 14:54 (353 weeks ago)
@ uchikimatsu That's good to hear ,so it's safe for Dave to have fun. I am sure he be well behaved lol. I was thinking as he is away that I could drop by his flat and decorate one of the rooms, who with me, we could get Oliver and Fred to help us. @ Dave I hope you have a good time as well.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th April 2015 08:45
Ward at Jockspank has posted some great screenshots from the Karl Trust movie which you can see here

Please feel free to leave a comment about the movie over there! :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th April 2015 07:44
Hey! I am currently giving away a movie free of charge as an Easter treat and a way of spreading the word about SLS and the movies I make and the wonderful community we have here. Our friends at Jockspank are currently promoting this. The movie is the original Brother in Charge. If anyone fancies leaving some comments about that movie or just about the community here then that would be appreciated!
wardcoleman | 6th April 2015 10:10 (356 weeks ago)
Comments are very welcome at Jockspank! :-) I always try to grab screenshots which do Dave's great movies justice
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th January 2015 20:08
Hey Everyone, Our great friend Ward over at Jockspank has made some excellent screenshots of the latest movie featuring Glen. Please check them out and feel free to leave a comment over there! In fact the more comments the merrier! Lets spread the Glen love!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 7th January 2015 19:57
Just wanted to say how much I have been enjoying reading all the movie comments recently. I'm really sorry that I have not yet been able to reply to them all yet, however I just wanted to let you know that I am reading every word that you leave and it means a lot to me. So please keep the comments and feedback coming. It's great to have some of the older movies reviewed. I look forward to reading more...
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th December 2014 01:18
Hey Everyone, Ward over at Jockspank has taken some really awesome screenshots from the latest Oliver and Fred movie! I'd really appreciate it if you have a look and leave a comment on Jockspank letting people know how much you enjoyed the movie!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd December 2014 18:13
Hi Everyone, there is has been a lot in the UK press today about some new rulings about censoring certain types of Adult Material. However, I am pleased to say that this ruling only applies to websites that have been officially classed as Video On Demand. SLS does not fit into that category so everyone can relax... However, it's not something I want discussed further on these forums so please don't respond to this post. If anyone has any concerns, please contact me directly.
bungabemia | 3rd December 2014 18:16 (373 weeks ago)
Oh thankd Dave, this mean your company and other (including cfnm web site) are saved. Thanks. now we contunie to dreaming
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd November 2014 17:40
Hey Everyone Our Friends over at JockSpank have posted about the Dean movie! Iit would be great if you could take a moment to leave a comment letting people know how much you enjoyed this movie. You can see the posting here
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th November 2014 08:26
Was just wondering if there was anyone with some spare time today that could help me with something. It involves taking some screenshots from some of the movies....
Ooleary | 17th November 2014 10:51 (376 weeks ago)
I'm free now for a few hours not working til the evening
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th November 2014 00:58
So filming with the new model went really well. He is a little older than than some the models at 26. Oh and he is also Australian and rather masculine. Great at delivering lines.... oh and rather masculine...
Ooleary | 16th November 2014 01:42 (376 weeks ago)
Great i love the Aussie accent hope there is a lot of dialogue xx
Cherylkay | 16th November 2014 03:00 (376 weeks ago)
:::faints::: Oh my, he sounds lovely. Can't wait to see that young man.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 12th November 2014 23:10
Hey everyone! Sorry I have been a bit quiet this week, had a lot going on. Just wanted to reassure you that I am doing just fine and I am also looking after my mate and he is doing good too....

I know you are all excited about tomorrow's release. I'd love to drop a hint as to what it is going to be but the truth is I simply not made up my mind either! I can tell you though that I am filming with a brand new model tomorrow! I am REALLY excited about this one!
Lynne | 12th November 2014 23:24 (376 weeks ago)
Kind jingles to you and your friend Dave.

As for the new victim, er, model, be a gentle mean so you don't scare him off :).

uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 00:00 (376 weeks ago)
well, sir, if you need help making up your mind.... just go ahead and run Dom's mouth soaping clip. there now, wasnt that easy?
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 00:18 (376 weeks ago)
@Lynne - what the hell are Kind Jingles? Friendly Ditties? Benevolent Tunes? Indulgent Melodies?
Domfan | 13th November 2014 00:29 (376 weeks ago)
Dave you are the most terrible tease. I'll have to ignore you because you get me way too excited with these teasers. Your choice of guys is 100% like mine. Well maybe 98.5%.
I love the way you get them to act out different parts of their personality such as temper tantrums, arrogance, humour, contrition, guilt, emotional upset etc.Loved when Andy Lee got physically cheeky and aggressive with you, and also Oliver and Fred...only to be brought down a peg or two. And you seem to have the same love of pants hanging of their legs and socks on lol.
Domfan | 13th November 2014 00:29 (376 weeks ago)
Oh and please bring back Billy.
Ooleary | 13th November 2014 01:58 (376 weeks ago)
Yes like chiki post Dom mouth soaping or Karl real punishment or Oliver+Fred carpet beater or
Ooleary | 13th November 2014 02:00 (376 weeks ago)
Damn these tiny keys hit submit by mistake. ..ormaybe something with Parker xxx
Cherylkay | 13th November 2014 02:28 (376 weeks ago)
@Dave, I'm happy to hear that all is well. And I'm going to echo what others have said. Please, please give us the Dom mouth soaping video. Getting Dom two weeks in a row would be almost as good as winning the lottery :)

Also, can you tell us anything about the new model or what kind of scene it's going to be (if you've decided already)?
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 02:31 (376 weeks ago)
@Orla - I am 100% with you about Parker! Would love to see more of that lad. I know more members preferred his Mr. X movie, but I actually liked Parker's BBBlues movie better and dearly hope for another domestic clip from him. ::::crosses fingers, scrunches up eyes, and wishes really, really hard::::
Cherylkay | 13th November 2014 02:35 (376 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I would take Parker any way I could get him. I loves me a kicker :D
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 02:43 (376 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - YES! Kicking is awesome indeed! That was the one heartbreak about Parker's BBBlues movie. We could see his legs kicking and hear his feet thumping as they landed on the bed behind him, but his feet kicking and hitting the bed is off camera. ::::SOBBING:::
Cherylkay | 13th November 2014 02:54 (376 weeks ago)
@Chiki, yes I was disappointed that we didn't get to see those kicking feet. But I love the fact that his pants were only pulled down to thigh level. I love that visual of pants around the thighs with the legs kicking. We're not treated to many kickers here at SLS (although Dan kicked his feet very, very cutely when he was OTK with Mr. X) and so when it happens, I love it. But seeing Parker's cute bottom bouncing and turning nice and red made up for it.
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 03:56 (376 weeks ago)

The Pants Down people of SLS unite! ::::marches around living room with fist raised in the air::::
Cherylkay | 13th November 2014 04:52 (376 weeks ago)
@Chiki, shall I make signs? I'm not artistic, but I can scribble "Leave The Pants On!" on a piece of poster board LOL.
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 06:28 (376 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - Yes, and put glitter on that shit. People like glitter.
Cherylkay | 13th November 2014 06:30 (376 weeks ago)
:::makes signs with glitter on them for Chiki:::
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th November 2014 00:48
Dave is well and looking forward to a brand new week! :)
Cherylkay | 10th November 2014 03:56 (377 weeks ago)
Would you like to give us a hint about what next week's release is? ;)
baroquen_art | 10th November 2014 20:16 (377 weeks ago)
baroquenart is happy to hear Dave is well and she is also looking forward to a brand new week! ;-) Can't wait to see what video we get this week, Dave. :) Still hoping for a lad in a kilt, Dave. :D :D
uchikimatsu | 10th November 2014 20:32 (377 weeks ago)
I really want to see that. Like, a lot.
Aimee | 10th November 2014 22:41 (377 weeks ago)
Smiles all around :) I'm waving at you since I'm in your area right now. Haha. Close to slsville. If only I knew the secret entrance lol
Lynne | 10th November 2014 22:54 (377 weeks ago)
Well, there are clues in several vids. That pawn shop Oliver walked out of; the configuration of the apartment complex we have seen so often and we know it is along a main route somewhere given the emergency vehicles we've heard :); it just takes a little sleuthing. Could also use Daisy as a know her approximate size and she wears a pink collar :)
Aimee | 11th November 2014 22:25 (376 weeks ago)
Lol. I'm not a stalker haha. I'm quite busy while here anyway. Though I'm def keeping my eyes peeled in case I happen to see any of the guys about though lol
Cherylkay | 11th November 2014 22:31 (376 weeks ago)
@Aimee, if you do see one of the guys, please tell him "hello" from the rest of us :)
Aimee | 12th November 2014 12:01 (376 weeks ago)
I've just arrived home. No such luck this time guys. There is always when I am back in February.
Cherylkay | 12th November 2014 17:01 (376 weeks ago)
@Aimee. that's too bad...I know you wanted to see one of them "in the flesh" (so to speak).
Lynne | 4th November 2014 18:55
::takes everyone present, except Dave, gently by the arms and steers them back to the Random Blog::
uchikimatsu | 4th November 2014 19:12 (378 weeks ago)
Hey! LOL! We are still on topic with tears on film, which is the announcement Dave started...
Lynne | 4th November 2014 19:38 (378 weeks ago)
Chili love the blog reads"Dave Speaks"...not "Blog of Rebuttal" :)
uchikimatsu | 4th November 2014 19:43 (378 weeks ago)
You can call me Chili today, cuz I'm one hot tamale! LOL! YES! My victory Post of Rebuttal!!!! 😜
Cherylkay | 4th November 2014 19:59 (378 weeks ago)
@Lynne, I think the blame for this can all be blamed squarely on Dave. He started it by whetting our appetites with partial information and then continuing to keep us simmering by adding tantalizing bits of information. Yeah, it's all Dave's fault as he had to know this would happen >:)
Lynne | 4th November 2014 22:29 (377 weeks ago)
Sorry Chiki :)..your name was the victim of auto-correct,a moving train and a screen too small to read even with my glasses :).
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th October 2014 22:53
So today I filmed a movie that had real tears. 100% real tears and a big hug. I can't wait for you all to see it.......
James | 30th October 2014 22:55 (378 weeks ago)
Does this mean we wont have to wait long lol
Lynne | 30th October 2014 22:56 (378 weeks ago)
I don't suppose you will tell us who even if you wont tell us why? (Marks calendar for the 6-week wait).
Lynne | 30th October 2014 22:58 (378 weeks ago) the pic any indication? That looks like it could be Ryan.
James | 30th October 2014 23:02 (378 weeks ago)
maybe a christmas special release
Cherylkay | 30th October 2014 23:19 (378 weeks ago)
What photo is Lynne referring to? Real tears...oh I know someone who's going to be well pleased to hear this.
Lynne | 30th October 2014 23:24 (378 weeks ago)
The pic to the right of the post identifier on the homepage
Cherylkay | 30th October 2014 23:29 (378 weeks ago)
@Lynne, that looks like it was taken from Ryan's Bubble Bath Blues. Ryan doesn't seem like the crying type (but I've been surprised before lol). I'm going to hem and haw until someone tells us who it was LOL. Dave, surprises are only good if you get them right away!
Lynne | 30th October 2014 23:34 (378 weeks ago)
Yep are correct. My eyes must be getting better if I was able to identify Ryan in that tiny pic :)
red1967 | 30th October 2014 23:34 (378 weeks ago)
Dave pleases pleases pleases give us a clue or a date maybe it Karl hmmm as we know he meant to have a real punshment am I righr please tell I'll try to wait patiently pmsl
Ooleary | 30th October 2014 23:46 (378 weeks ago)
Yes looks like Ryan so excited just hope we won't be waiting to long xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th October 2014 23:48 (378 weeks ago)
Hey everyone, It's not my intention to torture you all (well maybe a bit) . I am just excited about it... I've not even watched the footage back yet, never mind let Art get his clever hands on it. I won't be divulging yet who was involved with it and yes, it will be a bit if of a wait. But I will say that it was not Karl and it was also not a 'Real Punishment' movie.
Cherylkay | 31st October 2014 00:10 (378 weeks ago)
@Lynne, I have to have my glasses on to do anything except read the big E at the top of the eye chart! lol

@Dave, if you're holding that film back a bit, then can I suggest (very sweetly) that you release it on New Year's Day? Or better yet, New Year's Eve, as that's my birthday :) It would make a great present *just saying*.
Lynne | 31st October 2014 05:24 (378 weeks ago)
Cheryl...I haven't been able to even FIND the chart without my glasses for many years :). I see a squarish looking something on the wall...:)
Cherylkay | 31st October 2014 06:04 (378 weeks ago)
Lynne, wow that's really awful. I work for an accountant and I was always warned that my eyes would go at some point. I guess that point has come and been passed. Oh, I hate getting older. How come we can't go back in time and be 20-years-old anymore? Or maybe 21 because I would want to be able to get served in a bar. Kids in England don't know how lucky they are that they can have a beer legally at 18. I was using a fake ID to get served at that age LOL. Now I'm an old lady that has to wear glasses...sigh. Time really does march on.
Lynne | 31st October 2014 08:23 (378 weeks ago)
Dave, dear, love....can we get a hint? Is it someone we know or someone new? (Thinks we might have a new wager game starting).
Cherylkay | 31st October 2014 14:37 (378 weeks ago)
@Lynne, I'm going to think it's someone who trusts Dave an awful lot. I wouldn't think it's a first timer (although I could be wrong...I've been known to be wrong lol).
baroquen_art | 31st October 2014 17:58 (378 weeks ago)
I'm looking forward to this!!! Right up my alley! I hope it's one of my favorites, but I'm betting it's not. No matter, I can't wait to see the tears, but also a HUG!!!
red1967 | 31st October 2014 19:10 (378 weeks ago)
I am looking forward to seeing this whoever the model is @ Dave you are torturing us la bit lol I was wrong about Karl thats ok I was going to say I hope the model is ok after you made the poor lad cry. This was in hope that you would say that they are ok and giveaway the models name. gut I know it won't work it's worth a try. @ Cherylkay |and Lynne I know what it's like to have bad eyesight I have had to wear glasses from the age of 9 and I know I could not even find the opticians without mine. lol.
Cherylkay Me and my friend got an older person to get our drinks for us. but when I was old enough they where still refusing to served me As I look younger for my age My friends had to get the drinks for me. but on the up side I got childs fair on the bus, train and anywhere else untell I was 26. hehe
Lynne | 31st October 2014 19:56 (378 weeks ago)
@Cheryl...well, it would all depend on mindset. Guilty feelings over something, stressors, just a bad day. someone new wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility :), still, I have my suspicions on three possibles. What I need is for Dave to narrow down the possibilities from any number of males under the age of 30 who currently occupy the planet and the 20 or so models that occupy this site :).

@Red...I have two lab mix dogs one of which looks like a black German Shepherd. I have always made the remark that if I ever lost my glasses I would have to have her fitted for a guide dog harness. :). I wear trifocals.
Cherylkay | 31st October 2014 20:22 (378 weeks ago)
@Red, yes Dave is torturing us a bit here lol. This is why I really don't like surprises unless I'm told right away. Now my uninformed brain is going in ten different directions on who it might be. You are a devious one trying to trick Dave into saying who it was. I think I would be safe in assuming that it's one of the domestic scenarios, as I've never seen Mr. X hug anyone (he usually hands the lads their shoes and shoves them out the door LOL). But I suppose one person's guess is as good as another's until Dave releases the film.

I guess I should 'fess up since you did and admit that I drank when I was underage (the legal drinking age here in the States is 21), too. I had a pretty good fake ID, but to be honest, very few places carded in those days. I was playing pool in bars when I was 14 (and once hustled $150 out of a guy when I was that age). Suffice to say, I was a very bad girl LOL.

@Lynne, you're right. Anything could have happened to cause the tears. I keep looking at it from a spanko's perspective. It very well could be someone new. I also have my theories on who it could be. What would be delightful would be that turns out to be someone I would never have suspected. What we need to do is find some way to get Dave to release the movie sooner rather than later. I wonder if bribery would work? lol
Lynne | 31st October 2014 20:36 (378 weeks ago)
Actually I was thinking of going to the softer touch...oh AAAAArrrrrrrrttttt :)

As for the unexpected, remember Dave did get tears out of Andy; I don't think anyone suspected that would ever happen.
Cherylkay | 31st October 2014 21:48 (378 weeks ago)
@Lynne, I did see the one where Andy cried a bit. Since I can't hear very well, I didn't listen for sobbing as he was doing his corner time. What gave it away was his shoulders were shaking. Dave really did put the poor guy through the ringer so who could blame him? Perhaps Andy was just played out (as we say about exhausted horses) and couldn't take anymore? I don't think Andy was the toughest nut to crack. There are models though whose emotions tend to be close to the surface; I don't think it would take much to push (gently) one of those guys to an emotional response. I guess we'll just have to discuss our views on this until Dave either decides to tell us who it was (because he's sick to death of us speculating) or he releases the film, hopefully on my birthday :)
uchikimatsu | 31st October 2014 22:37 (378 weeks ago)
Can't believe I haven't chimed in until now. For all of you who believe Dave is a big softie...think again! He is an awful, horrid, meanie that obviously revels in the delightful torture of his members. I've been trying to convince you guys, maybe now you believe me. DAVE IS A BIG MEANIE, I TELL YA!
Cherylkay | 31st October 2014 22:59 (378 weeks ago)
Chiki, on this I'll have to agree with you. He's being a really big meanie right now. I'm kind of annoyed right now. Not shin-kicking mad, but I'm definitely pouting lol. Yeah, I can't have my own way, so Dave is a meanie LOL.
uchikimatsu | 31st October 2014 23:04 (378 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - pouting and/or tantrums won't get you anywhere with that man!
Cherylkay | 31st October 2014 23:07 (378 weeks ago)
@Chiki, well crap, what are we gonna do then? I don't think I can wait :(
uchikimatsu | 31st October 2014 23:10 (378 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - I dunno! I don't live in London otherwise Dave would come to with a bump on his head wondering where his hard drive went!
Cherylkay | 31st October 2014 23:17 (378 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I'm looking at available flights now. What the heck, I have the weekend off. Wanna fly to London with me? ;)
uchikimatsu | 31st October 2014 23:38 (378 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - you're trippin'! I live in Fort Lauderdale, dude...its like 74 degrees and I'm chilled. London might as well be the arctic tundra this time of year! No way, uh uh, hell to the no!
Cherylkay | 31st October 2014 23:57 (378 weeks ago)
@Chiki, come on, where's your spunk? The houses have heat, I'm pretty sure. Heck, it's probably warmer in London than it is here in Chicago. It snowed this morning LOL.
red1967 | 1st November 2014 02:49 (378 weeks ago)
@Lynne I hope you never loss your glasses then I am meant to wear varifocal but not got around to getting them I do ok with my glass on and my contact lenses but without can only see blurred shapes whitout anything I manged to walk into glass doors walls and a tree lol ' Cherylkay lol I am very devious My friends get worried if they see me laughing and don't know why as they think I am up to something but I am never in trouble lol. I agree about Mr X but have seen him shake the lads hand a few times. I was the same with the drinking I never used a fake ID but got someone older to buy it and hang around the parks smoking and drinking or at school at lunchtime.One of my classmate got very drunk and we tryed sobering but did not work I think we said she was sick thought we got away. Her parents called the police in as they thought there where drugs as well lucky for me I had pulled a sick day so was off they never knew I had vodka in a cola bottle I was 15 at the time. I am glade you won $150 out a that guy. lol yeah your a bad girl I am a good girl honest I can through a big tantrums as well I worked in child care for 18 years no elderly care so I've seen good tantrums over the years.lays down and screams I WANT THE MOVIE NOW IT'S NOT FAIR YOU MADE A MODEL CRY did it work lol And don't worry ladies I live near London and going down there this Sunday We going to Camden market so if I see Mr X (a man in a mask ) walking around buying wipes, paddles ect I beg him to stop been such a meanie
red1967 | 1st November 2014 02:55 (378 weeks ago)
sorry meant know I work with the elderly not no elderly
Cherylkay | 1st November 2014 03:18 (378 weeks ago)
@Red, Chiki already told me that tantrums don't work with Dave. Also pouting doesn't work, something I'm really good at. Underage drinking actually got me my last belting from my dad. I was 17 and he grounded me for getting a C in History. He and my mom both worked nights so I waited until they left and snuck out. My friend had a car and I didn't so we drove to the local frat house (I lived in a college town at the time) to see if we could get in, but they wouldn't let us. So I told my friend that my dad had booze and wouldn't miss it. So she drove me home and I took his bottle of Jim Beam (that's whiskey). We went to the park and drank it. When the bottle was empty, it dawned on me that I would have to explain where it went. My friend told me she wouldn't be in my shoes for anything LOL. Some friend! I had to beat my parents home and barely made it with a few minutes to spare. The next morning, he came into my room and shook me awake (just like Dave does the lads lol), asking where his bottle was. I wasn't used to spirits and so my head was pounding. I was convinced I was having a cerebral hemorrhage. I told him I had broken the bottle while I was dusting. It was a ridiculous lie and he knew it. He put me over the bed and took his belt to me. It was awful. But I never stole from him again and I never lied to him again. I was a good student and he worried about me going down the wrong road.

You, young lady, were extremely lucky to not get grabbed by the cops lol. Now that the blog is totally hijacked. Sorry, Dave. There will be no tantrums and no pouting from me, I promise. We'll just wait patiently for this little gem of a film.
Cherylkay | 1st November 2014 03:20 (378 weeks ago)
By the way, @Red, I think there's one sure way to know for sure if you see a man in a mask if it's Mr. X. Just say the F-word loud enough for him to hear. If he says "You watch your language!" you'll know it's him :) Easy!
uchikimatsu | 1st November 2014 07:27 (378 weeks ago)
When I was a teenager, in order to keep myself off the street and out of shelters I had the bright idea to market myself and start working as an "au pair." I would make friends with the other girls in the neighborhood also working as live-in nannies (all of whom were foreign) and they would sometimes lend me a bus pass or other form of I.D. if we wanted to go out on our night off. At the door i pretended not to speak English and the bouncers never wanted to be bothered trying to figure out my age or the legitimacy of my I.D., they would just wave me in to the bar or club! Sweet!
uchikimatsu | 1st November 2014 07:36 (378 weeks ago)
@Lynne - who are your top three guesses for the cryer? Oliver is definitely at the top of my list, metaphorically speaking since I don't really have a list, just Oliver!

Ido love a cryer! (spelling intentional 😝😆😁😈 @Dave)
Lynne | 1st November 2014 11:30 (378 weeks ago)
@Chiki..I thought you were made of much sterner stuff :). It is a glorious whole 40 (4.5C) at the moment about 1070 miles (1721 km) north of you (I looked up how far apart we are :)), winds are blowing at about 15 mph (24 Km/hr), what acorns haven't come off the trees have become little bullets and tonight we are going to 36 (2C). Heck, I am still in a t-shirt and shorts inside the house and the heat is still off :)

(Wonders at Dave's reaction to us hijacking his personal to speak. Can we claim a crack in the wall and thus bleedover between the Random Blog and Dave Speaks?)
uchikimatsu | 1st November 2014 12:23 (378 weeks ago)
Ohhhh....yeah, Dave, there was a crack in the wall..


Lynne and I went to investigate, but time got all wibbly-wobbly, and then there was a *thing* with parallel realities. Sorry all these Random posts ended up in your personal blog. Couldn't be helped.
uchikimatsu | 1st November 2014 12:27 (378 weeks ago)
@Lynne. Nope. I'm severely iron-deficient anemic; I'm cold *all the time* although A/C air seems to affect me more. I can be in my office, which is kept around 74 degrees farenheit and need multiple layers, plus a Snuggie, but walk outside in the crisp fresh air at 50 degrees and be completely comfortable in a tee shirt.
Lynne | 1st November 2014 12:43 (378 weeks ago)
@Chiki...I know the feeling. It took a good 8 years post my New Orleans time before anything under the temp of 80 felt warmer than sub-arctic. Even that first summer in Virginia, my first duty station after New Orleans, I was walking around, always, in my winter uniform sweater in what they laughingly referred to as "summer." When it finally hit 80 (around July) I indicated that now it was just Spring.
uchikimatsu | 1st November 2014 12:53 (378 weeks ago)
P.S. @Lynne - you are awesome without even knowing it!
There is a meme around that says something like "I'm sorry for all my Doctor Who references...but I'm even sorrier you don't get them." This is my apology to this site.
For the meme to be correct, and even funnier it should have said, "I'm so, so sorry for all my Doctor Who references..." But its not my meme. If I had written it, that shit would be correct.
red1967 | 3rd November 2014 10:18 (378 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay your right that tantrums don't work with Dave. lol I can understand your parents been really mad at you for drinking I am sorry your dad belted It must of been awful for you It's good that you learnt a lesson and yeah it dose sound like one Dave movies you been shaken awake by your dad. We all said stupid things when we where younger to get out of trouble lol. I was sometimes a good student but been dyslexic I got low grades I tried not to go to school much. When I was there I got a lot of detentions at lunchtime for not doing home work not turning up for lesson been late in fact My teachers had to book an detention as I had so meny ( That sound like one of the lads as well ) lol. The cops didn't come in to the park much and see could see them before they saw us so we got out before they got to use. As I said before I got beaten for anything but don't remember getting spanked for under age drinking or [email protected] Dave There will be no tantrums from me, as well honest. @ uchikimatsu I too left home to work as a nanny I was never got kicked out but always felt safer away from home here in the uk we have family pubs( Bars) Where kids can go with an adult of course you not allowed to drink but as long as your with someone how 18 or over they could buy alcohol and sneek you some. We would perend the older person was my uncle brother or stepdad if anyone asked but as you said no one cared as long as you didn't course any trouble it was ok. I went to London yesterday had a grate time got some cool things A tee shirt with a skeleton on it he giving the finger and a hat warning perants I swear I did look for a man in a mask and I did say the F word a lot but couldn't find no one said mind your language Dave I am back home it's safe to walk the streets again lol.
uchikimatsu | 3rd November 2014 12:20 (378 weeks ago)
@Everyone - Yes, Dave calls my tantrums "amusing," so they definitly don't work with him. Yet, yet....I am just one small voice. I'm wondering what would happen if we all threw a tantrum at the same time? One giant mass tantrum on a global scale? United in this common cause of obtaining hints about the crier, we can be a powerful force! Whaddaya say guys? Should we synchronize?
Ooleary | 3rd November 2014 12:51 (378 weeks ago)
@chiki count me in one thing u should know about me I'm very easily lead and will try anything xxxx
baroquen_art | 3rd November 2014 20:22 (378 weeks ago)
Dave, you must have half-killed the lad!
uchikimatsu | 3rd November 2014 20:30 (378 weeks ago)
@baroquen_art - are you willing to stand united with the other members to execute a mass global tantrum at Dave? What say you?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd November 2014 23:14 (378 weeks ago)
Hey Everyone! So yes I am still here and I have been reading every post, both here and in the Random blog. I'm pleased that my mention of a model having real tears has got you all excited.... Clearly I am not going to divulge who was involved.. I have really enjoyed reading all your speculation. To be honest, I made a mistake in breaking my own rules in not releasing 'Spoilers'. But I have now........ so I am going to have my final word on the situation.... It was a Dad/Son movie..... The son had tears and he was not alone..... Dad also got emotional too... This was before any spanking happened...... has anyone guessed the scenario correctly yet? Not even close...........
Ooleary | 3rd November 2014 23:23 (378 weeks ago)
OMG OMG OMG Sooooo excited jumping up and down shouting i love Dave i love Dave i need to calm down one of the girls at work is looking at me funny cos my on again/off again boyfriends name is Paul
Lynne | 3rd November 2014 23:24 (378 weeks ago)
Hmmm...I think someone mentioned a domestic scene so that would have most likely been a Dad/son mix. As for the scenario, given the untold number of possibilities I wouldn't even hazard a guess. We did mention that it would possibly take some sort of emotional upheaval, before or during, to get any of the models to the point of tears in that manner. Am hoping, however, that it WAS just a scene and not a true issue with the model in question.
uchikimatsu | 3rd November 2014 23:29 (378 weeks ago)
@Orla - why are you jumping up and down loving Dave? He basically just pissed in my cornflakes and put his foot down on my plans for the mass, global-wide synchronized tantrum, and is otherwise being a big meanie....
Lynne | 3rd November 2014 23:33 (378 weeks ago)
Does this mean I have to find a place to stash my extra air horns again?
uchikimatsu | 3rd November 2014 23:37 (378 weeks ago)
@Lynne - I'll take a few of those. I could always wait until Dave is fast asleep and hold one close to his ear 😡
Ooleary | 3rd November 2014 23:41 (378 weeks ago)
@chiki not really sure just excited i suppose that Dave answered and basically said we were all wrong no one guessed I'm quite happy to wait now sort of
uchikimatsu | 3rd November 2014 23:50 (378 weeks ago)
@Orla - yes, it is very exciting! I knew Dave wasn't going to spill the beans, and of course I really didn't want the surprise spoiled... but should I ever need to, I know I can mobilize my SLS peeps into a powerful task force! LOL! It was fun while it lasted.....!
Ooleary | 4th November 2014 00:07 (378 weeks ago)
@chiki i was so looking forward to my first tantrum too but I'll hold off for now 😇
uchikimatsu | 4th November 2014 01:18 (378 weeks ago)
@Orla - Dave is sure to give us another reason to assemble and show our true strength as SLS members! We'll be back another day to wheedle, whine, and stomp our way to Dave's secrets!
Ooleary | 4th November 2014 01:32 (378 weeks ago)
@chiki yah it's been a fun couple of days ☺☺
Cherylkay | 4th November 2014 03:22 (378 weeks ago)
And here I thought I was always such a good guesser :( I wasn't even close? It's kind of interesting that more than one lad was involved and that the tears started before the spanking. I can relate. I'll take the hardest spanking someone can dish out and not shed a tear. But scold me a little and the floodgates open...big time. If it wasn't one of the usual suspects, then I'm going to assume it was someone we haven't seen yet or someone we haven't seen in a while. But maybe...just maybe, Dave saying that HE got emotional is a hint.
uchikimatsu | 4th November 2014 05:26 (378 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - I don't think there was more than one lad involved. Pretty sure when Dave said "and he was not alone" he meant the lad was not alone in becoming emotional, because "Dad" did too.
Cherylkay | 4th November 2014 05:32 (378 weeks ago)
@Chiki, you're right. I misread (not the first time, won't be the last I'm afraid). I love it that the tears started before the spanking did. That seems so sweet to me. And I love it that Dave got emotional, too, meaning it may have been someone he feels close to or has an affinity with. But guessing isn't going to help because it looks like we're all barking up the wrong tree. But it's a fun game, nonetheless ;)
uchikimatsu | 4th November 2014 12:55 (378 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - I agree, tears *before* the spanking make it a much more poignant moment. The tears could indicate shame, guilt, fear, etc. That is truly lovely.
Cherylkay | 4th November 2014 18:24 (378 weeks ago)
@Chiki, yes it's a lovely thought that the tears fell before the spanking started. I also think it's interesting that the men, aside from @Domfan, are keeping out this discussion. I guess it must be a girl thing. I know from reading his comments that Domfan is a very big fan of male/male caring. I also enjoy seeing the care and concern the lads sometimes show for each other, even if it's cleverly disguised in some kind of behavior that's more socially acceptable (what I call "macho posturing"). Now don't get me wrong...I LOVE all the different kind of male bodies we get treated to. The eye candy is lovely. But I think women like something deeper.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd October 2014 20:48
Stand by for a revealing Karl interview in just a few days!
Aimee | 23rd October 2014 21:42 (379 weeks ago)
Happy face :)
Ooleary | 23rd October 2014 22:22 (379 weeks ago)
Wow more Karl i loved his last interview you really are spoiling us Dave 💖💖💖
Cherylkay | 23rd October 2014 23:18 (379 weeks ago)
Can't wait to see it :)
uchikimatsu | 24th October 2014 01:22 (379 weeks ago)
::::squeezes Dave in a giant hug for a really long time::::
MJM | 24th October 2014 11:07 (379 weeks ago)
Looking forward to that. :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st October 2014 22:47
Hey everyone! Sorry for not chatting so much on here recently. The good news is that I have been busy working behind the scenes on bring you exciting new movies..

Anyway, my tip for today in advance of this weeks new movie release is to re-watch 'Dom - Dad Found Twitter'
Cherylkay | 2nd October 2014 01:07 (382 weeks ago)
Dave, does this mean that the soap movie is next? Poor Dom!
wardcoleman | 2nd October 2014 05:25 (382 weeks ago)
Looking forward to this!! "Dom - Dad Found Twitter" is one of my favourites - so if its more of the same .....!!!!
Ooleary | 2nd October 2014 06:43 (382 weeks ago)
Wow can't wait if this is the one that was done before his interview with the soap sooo excited I LOVE YOU DAVE xxxx
kristi | 3rd October 2014 06:40 (382 weeks ago)
Wow, what a wonderful surprise, everybody thought it was gonna be the soap movie! awesome shock!
millie | 3rd September 2014 18:03
i have 4 very big labs and thank goodness so far the only thing they eat is their dinner, i do 12 hr shifts 6 on and 2 days ff then it all starts again and they never destroy a thing, get Daisy a friend to keep her company while you are out
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th August 2014 20:08
Hey Everyone, So the very latest news from Straight Lads Spanked is that Daisy (my puppy) decided to bite my laptop screen causing a complete malfunction! The main consequence is that I am currently unable to access and create the preview movies for the three movies I was going to select for you to vote on this week to choose the next release.

It also means I might not be as quick to respond and catch up on the blogs and move comments.

I am planning to visit the Apple store tomorrow morning and am hoping for a same day screen repair.. If that happens I will do my best to get it all back on track.

It may though, take several days to fix.

So please carry on as normal and I will be back properly as soon as possible!


PS does anyone want a puppy?

welshboy | 30th August 2014 20:11 (387 weeks ago)
now I know you don't mean that Dave.
Lynne | 30th August 2014 20:49 (387 weeks ago)
welcome to the world of chew on everything :). This begs the question however, how did she manage to do that? Puppies are usually on the floor?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th August 2014 20:56 (387 weeks ago)
Good question Lynne. I was moving from sofa to bedroom and was dealing with a customer service issue and was awaiting an email response. So I put MacBook on bed and went to brush my teeth. By the time I returned, Daisy was sitting there looking all cute and my screen was going haywire! It was one single bite that caused the damage! I'm guessing Daisy probably got a bit of a shock when it cracked....
lisa72 | 30th August 2014 21:22 (387 weeks ago)
Haha I shouldn't laugh... but...Oh the joys of having pup in the house.. :) been there done that and still going through it!! Try having 4!!! Bank cards are my youngest pups favourite also he likes to think he is the andrex pup aswell but unfortunately he is not a lab he is a rottie so completely the wrong colour but is just as cute! but the best is going to the laundry basket and dragging the laundry all over the house especially when I have visitors!! Im sure she will not go near your laptop again bless her she was only trying to help you OR was trying to pick her top 3 models! :)
Lynne | 30th August 2014 22:14 (387 weeks ago)
I think the worst I ever had was the couch (sofa) cushion getting half eaten. Otherwise my only issue now with my 7 yr old lab is the fact that she has to always have something in her mouth and her favorite things to carry are my sneakers, socks and slippers. She doesn't chew on them, just steals them :) including out of my hand as I am putting them on. She has enough soft toys to open her own pet shop but she prefers my shoes/socks. I finally gave in and she has a bundle of my socks (singles where the matching one went into that area only lost socks know about) to play with and carry around.

Mental note not leave electronics within puppy teeth reach :)
Aimee | 30th August 2014 22:38 (387 weeks ago)
Oh deary me! The joys of puppies. When I got my 1st puppy, a very over excited 8 week old labrado, it was an early Christmas present from a relative. The house was suitably decorated in twinkly lights. Within one evening he had chewed through 2 sets of lights and an HDMI cable so I had no image on the tv for all the good Christmas TV. Hes lucky he made it boxing day without either killing himself or me killing him lol. It is those puppy eyes those. You just can't be angry at them for long. Mind you a mac book? That's a really expensive chew toy.
uchikimatsu | 30th August 2014 22:50 (387 weeks ago)
Oh yeah, the goldendoodle will pick up any shoe within reach and just carry it around, but will never chew it. Good luck finding it again when you need to make a pair. Socks, on the other hand, are apparently a rare delicacy, and she has eaten literally hundreds of them, clean, soiled, whatever. We will catch her chewing on them like bubble gum. If they are small eenough, like no-show peds, she will sometimes just swallow, then poop them out whole.

Once, I let her in from her morning walk and I noticed she was carrying an unopened package of graham crackers I had bought the day before and was saving for my lunch.

Me: Butchy, did you see Zoe take my graham crackers out with her this morning when you let her out?

The Butch: No, but I saw her carrying something around last night when I let her out, I thought it was just a piece of paper or garbage.

Me: So this dog stole my crackers last night, hid them in the yard overnight so I couldn't have them, and then went to retrieve them for herself this morning?

The Butch: Yep. It would seem.

Me: They're still sealed, I'm eating them.
nanarr | 1st September 2014 03:52 (387 weeks ago)
There ya go ... five second rule (or close enough since they were still sealed).

LOL at Zoe ... atta girl !!
nanarr | 1st September 2014 04:17 (387 weeks ago)
Poor Dave :::: snickering behind my hand :::: can't help but laugh. It's too late to try to give her away, I think Daisy Darling already has you wrapped around her paw.

Welcome to the joys of puppy fatherhood !! At least she's a girl, so she isn't hiking her leg and piddling on everything. However, you might want to find the electronics a better home (maybe a shelf she can't reach?), when you're away from the laptop.
nanarr | 1st September 2014 04:19 (387 weeks ago)
I love family pictures ... could you post more of Daisy? Unless she ate the cameras, too? By the way, how does she get along with the cats?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd August 2014 21:30
Hey Everyone!

So I just wanted to talk about the voting which has been a lot of fun over the past few weeks. Voting on our favourite movies, models and so on.

In particular, I am considering putting up another three movies for you all to vote on again. However, I just wanted to throw in some thoughts of my own about this,

There seems to be some kind of general feeling that the movie that gets the least votes is somewhat inferior or even worse that the model in that movie is not popular. I certainly don't see it like that and neither should you.

It's a really difficult choice having to choose and no matter what way you look at it, one movie has to come third. Even if I put three different Andy movies up well one of them would have to come third. Or if I put a Bailey, Andy & Oliver movie up against each other then of course one would have to come last. That does not mean for a second that we need to feel sorry for the model that come in third place or feel that the movie is not going to be worth watching....

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest and I hope that the Ryan - Bubble Bath Blues movie that was released this week showed that even though it came in third it is still a great movie! :)
welshboy | 24th August 2014 16:19 (388 weeks ago)
Well said Dave, All three films were great in their own way, and in the end they should have all come first. As for Ryan I must say seeing the full film it was great and I loved Ryan's acting and the spanking was full on. So it was a number one spanking film.
Aimee | 24th August 2014 16:58 (388 weeks ago)
Absolutely Dave. Ryans movie was great. I would like to get something off my chest too if that is ok? Some members seem to be taking negative comments made in the movie comments in a way in which they are not intended. If I say something about a movie like well it would have been a 10 if ........ had happened. It is simply me saying what I personally look for and I am under no illusion that I speak on behalf of the whole community. These comments are not meant in an insulting way and I hope they do not come across to you as such.

Ryan is very new to the site and I put that in my comments in his movie. He is doing a great job! I didn't take to Dom when I watched his first few movies and now he is one of my favourites to watch :) i hope we see some more from him because based on his most recent movie he is going to be great.
Aimee | 24th August 2014 17:01 (388 weeks ago)
*hope we see some more from Ryan
wardcoleman | 24th August 2014 17:04 (388 weeks ago)
I have got round to watching Ryan's movie this afternoon, and I agree it is a really enjoyable movie, with a great performance from Ryan, certainly as good as the other two he was up against. Ryan suffered from the fact that he was less well known to members than Bailey Wayne and Adam - he had also not had a chance to prove himself in a solo performance. After Bubble Bath Blues I think all that would change. I really enjoyed all three films
uchikimatsu | 24th August 2014 18:33 (388 weeks ago)
I have to echo Aimee on the point that when I say one thing or another would have improved a movie, it is always implied as my own personal opinion. I assume Dave put the rating system in place to better gauge what his members like and want, so going around during every movie a "10" is pretty useless. I assume Dave also installed the ability to make comments for this same reason, or at least that is one of the reasons. Saying I would have liked "x" better than "y" or not automatically giving a movie a perfect "10" is not putting down or hating on the movie at all.
wardcoleman | 24th August 2014 19:14 (388 weeks ago)
I meant to also say I thought Ryan gave a good acting performance, he looked ready to burst into tears a couple of times
[email protected] | 24th August 2014 20:02 (388 weeks ago)
Here Here well said Dave ,i watched Ryan and he is a good actor and he took his spanking well plus a cute butt too .
James | 25th August 2014 03:28 (388 weeks ago)
I didn't think of it like that. All 3 movies was great and was really impressed with Ryan I think he will become more popular as time goes on. He looks so innocent as well
Domfan | 25th August 2014 08:45 (388 weeks ago)
I agree. All three videos were great.
nanarr | 1st September 2014 04:07 (387 weeks ago)
Aimee, I didn't take it that way ... Wound up enjoying Ryan's movie much more than I thought I would ... didn't even pay attention to his hair (it had bothered me in his first movie). "Third place" didn't mean the movie wasn't good.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th August 2014 21:11
I have noticed recently a few comments thanking the well known contributors to Straight Lads Spanked with some mention to the others that they don't yet know about. So I thought I would come clean and confess that there really is no one else.

The Straight Lads Spanked team is as follows.

Stuart - Website Designer & Technical Guru! He just makes things work behind the scenes for me very simply and makes things look lovely for all you members.

Art - Editor and General Genius! Such a talented man that never ceases to amaze me! He 100% understands what I am trying to create and makes it a reality. He is truly gifted and turns my often shambolic footage into something wonderful!

Dave - Oh he just recruits the models, comes up with the story lines, and deals with all of the filming and lighting during the shoots. He is also deals with all customer service issues as well as monitoring the blogs and comments. Oh and he also plays Dad, Mr X and the occasional Uncle!

and that is your entire SLS team!
nanarr | 1st September 2014 03:57 (387 weeks ago)
And we love you all: Stuart and Art and Dave! Appreciate all the work yall put into everything to make great movies for us ... thank you, thank you!!

And if that sounds like brown-nosing, too bad ... it's not.
wardcoleman | 22nd August 2014 16:39
That is like a headline announcing one of the early 1920 talking Movies "Garb Speaks"! or "Hear Navarro talk!"
wardcoleman | 22nd August 2014 16:39 (388 weeks ago)
That should have said "Garbo Speaks!"
lorilee | 22nd August 2014 13:55
I got it call your page "Dave's only special post page "

1. Now that we all posted our three fav's I would like to know what the models think of us crazy fans.
2. I would like to know one thing about each model that does not include sls if they will do that for us.

Thanks for being here Dave,
kristi | 22nd August 2014 13:43
Ok Dave, announce away!!
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