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25th May 2014 22:04 | LAST COMMENT 112 weeks ago

The Random Blog

So here is the place where you can just post random thoughts, ideas or anything you want! 

Have Fun!


Lee | 8th September 2019 01:19
Just thought I'd say a bit about myself and my CP fetish. I am now 54-years-old (eek, where has the time gone!) and I'm from Teesside UK. I've had a fetish for male corporal punishment for literally as long as I can remember. I can remember being about seven or eight years-old and there was an old Tarzan film on TV and I remember a scene where Tarzan was being whipped on the back (or possibly chest) and I can clearly remember this excited butterfly feeling in my stomach and it really stirred something in my psyche. I always knew I was different from most other lads as I had zero interest in girls and I aways felt quite lonely and isolated growing up as I just felt 'different'. I am very much an introvert and a very deep thinker. I worry a lot and suffer with anxiety and have severe social phobia, which has been a blight on my life, making it very hard to seek out contacts with like minded people. I have only ever spanked a willing 22-year-old lad one time and it was a nerve-wracking experience. So I am quite isolated and have had some bad experiences with being let down or treated poorly when trying to make contacts on various spanking sites, which puts me off. My CP fetish mostly revolves around the corporal punishment of 18-25 year-old lads and some young people can be quite difficult and unreliable. Not all of them of course, but I have experienced quite a few like that. I always treat people with the utmost respect and am a decent, polite guy, so it can be quite hurtful when it doesn't get returned.

So anyway, back to the CP - I don't know how my fetish came about but it seems to embody the whole of my sexuality - I consider myself a gay man as I am sexually attracted to males, but the only thing that I get sexual pleasure from is corporal punishment and the male bottom. I do also also have an underwear fetish and a football kit fetish but both have to involve CP as well. When I spanked the 22-year-old guy I mentioned earlier, I had him wear thin white football shorts and skimpy white briefs as I just love that. In the past I have been to see psychiatrists and psychologists as I used to think there was something wrong with me and that my sexuality had somehow been derailed. It used to really frighten me to be honest. However, I was advised to just embrace it and that it's not wrong, just different. Sexuality is not black and white.

I am old enough to remember lads being spanked and caned at school. We had corporal punishment at both my catholic primary school and at my comprehensive school. I myself had the cane a few tines, although only on the hand, but I did get slippered in PE. It was applied across my thin white nylon PE shorts which was what lads wore in those days. I used to get turned on by how you could see their underpants through them - underpants were mostly patterned and brighty coloured in the 1970's and there was no boxer shorts or trunks - every lad wore briefs. I also had the blackboard ruler across my clothed arse and was spanked and slippered at primary school. I think the humilaition was the worst part and that's a massive part of the CP ritual to me these days. Since I got turned on by seeing other boys get whacked it used to mortify me when it was my turn. At my comp school we had a really old-fashioned headmaster and he thought nothing of spanking 16-year old lads in front of the class. He used to also teach geography and I was in one of his classes. He was one of those teachers who everyone was really scared of - you even had to stand up whenever he entered the room. I vividly remember him spanking two lads of about 15/16 for turning up late to his class which was a cardinal sin. He didn't make them bend over but grabbed them and spanked them standing up on their black school trousers. I remember how shocked they looked and I had to have a wank over it when I got home. I know it might sound made up but I swear on my life that it happened. Lads these days have no idea what it was like back then - they would never believe it and I doubt they would accept it these days. I think one of the most unjust things is that girls weren't allowed to be given CP at my schools, so they got away with stuff while they often saw lads getting punished in front of them. That's a bit exciting to my CP mind too though. Despite my CP fetish, I would hate to see CP brought back again - it is a deplorable thing to do to young people and can mentally damage them. It was clear to me that some teachers enjoyed it and some possibly got a sexual kick out of it. They would deliberately seek out any reason to apply it and abuse it and that is simply not acceptable when we're talking about real young people. The fact that in some parts of the world it still happens and is legal really disgusts me. In role-play with consenting I love it, though.

I am thankful for a site like this that gives people like me an outlet. I am still amazed that such beautiful young guys would be willing to submit to CP even for cash but I am eternally grateful that they do it for us. When I fisrt got the internet years ago, I remember the first CP site I found was Sting Pictures and they also make great CP videos. I remember you used to have to send off to the Netherlands to buy copies of actual physial DVD discs. How times change. Haha.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling, I have just been spilling out thoughts and experiences.
richardc | 8th September 2019 07:32 (125 weeks ago)
Hi Lee, I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing your experiences - we are quite close in age, and grew up not too far away from each other. Although I never witnessed a spanking at school, we did have a maths teacher (one Mr Brown) who was notorious for spanking boys who stepped out of line! Richard x
Lee | 8th September 2019 08:04 (125 weeks ago)
Thanks Richard. X
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2019 22:06 (124 weeks ago)
Hey Lee, I really enjoyed reading that. Thanks for sharing. Really pleased my site is an outlet for you.

Lee | 11th September 2019 17:38 (124 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave.
| 4th December 2019 00:49 (112 weeks ago)
Same age Lee- same feeling and same experience - our pe teacher would wait till we were in the showers and then punish us with the belt - we couldn't get away - we couldn't say anything at home or dad would do it again
GruNt | 31st October 2019 18:54
I just want to say
(whatever the time is)

And a friend wants to say
(sorry she's just kidding :P)
richardc | 8th September 2019 07:25
Hello Dave,

I am new to your site, although I have been enjoying M/M spanking videos for many years now. Something I like to see in a video is the spanked man having his butt cheeks pulled apart, so that the viewer can clearly see his asshole. I notice that you don't do this in your videos, which to me is a great shame as it really heightens the erotic experience. We all have our personal likes and dislikes so I hope I won't be judged for saying this! I just wondered if there is a reason that you don't do this - perhaps because you don't feel it would be appropriate to the scenarios you are trying to recreate in your videos?

Thank you for considering this point, Richard
Lee | 8th September 2019 01:24
Gah. I wish there was an edit feature here. I made a few minor typos, which I hate doing.
JamieJones | 4th November 2018 15:56
There hasn’t been much ‘Random’ chat on here recently so I thought I’d ask something to see what anyone else thinks.

I’ve had an interest in CP and spanking in particular for as long as I can remember but was never physically disciplined either at home or at school as a child. In my early 20s I tried asking a couple of boyfriends to try spanking me, one refused straight away and while the other gave it a go a bit of a half-hearted go then gave up. Fast forward through life until about 18 months ago when I stumbled across this site, liked what I saw, signed up and haven’t looked back since…except there is still that little nagging voice in the back of my head asking ‘What would it feel like to be spanked for real?’

Well curiosity got the better of me so a few months ago I signed up to a website which puts spankers in touch with spankees. After chatting online to quite a number of people I settled on one guy who just sounded right for me and we met up in a public place to see if we thought we could take it further. Long story short, we met again, took it further and are planning to take it further still. 😊

My question is; Is there anyone out there who has been through the same thing as me and if you have, has it affected how you watch the movies and if so in what way?

For me, I still really enjoy the movies and look forward to Fridays when we get the new release, but it has given me a whole new level of respect for the lads and what they go through. I also appreciate even more now, the effort that must go into making the dialogue work and the action flow so smoothly that they look effortless and almost natural in a way. So, Dave, Art and all the lads at SLS – thank you so much for what you do, keep up the good work and long may it continue. Jamie xxx
| 5th November 2018 10:14 (169 weeks ago)
wow thank for sharing this story I have been a member for several years now and love watching Dave and his naughty boys but I have no desire to be spanked myself strictly just an observer,I was never spanked at home/school either,but I was spanked twice by my uncle when I was about 10 during the summer holidays while I was staying there with my cousin who got me in lots of trouble.

So I'll be real curious as to how you get on, how old is this guy,have you set a date yet,your place or his,do you want an implement or just the hand for now please keep me informed and hoping it's a good experience for you and more ...You are so brave . Best of luck Orla xxx
JamieJones | 7th November 2018 22:00 (168 weeks ago)
Hi Orla.

Thank you for your interest. Okay to answer some of your questions, the guy I’m seeing is in his mid-50s so he’s not that much older than me. We’ve met three times, have played twice and have another session pencilled in for next week. So far, we have only played at his but our next session will be at mine, so we’re taking it in turn to travel as we live almost 60 miles apart.

We’ve really thrown ourselves into it with gusto as so far I’ve had his hand otk, the slipper, gym shoe, leather paddle and even the cane and before you ask, ‘No’ he doesn’t go easy on me – 18 strokes of the cane were tough!!! 😊 Jamie xxx
Orla | 14th November 2018 01:10 (167 weeks ago)
Bloody hell and I was thinking you'd start off easy with a few little slaps 🤣🤣 you're one crazy lady well it all you hoped it would be xx
JamieJones | 18th November 2018 12:01 (167 weeks ago)
A few little slaps – I wish!!! 😊 No, this guy is very like Dave in as much as the spankings are real and they are going to hurt (and believe me, they really do!) We had another session this week and took it back to basics with a much longer otk session to start with, then the slipper also otk followed by the gym shoe bending over a chair before finishing with another otk hand spanking.

Is it everything I hoped it would be? Strangely, yes it really is. Am I going to continue to see him? Totally! We’re both checking our diaries to see if we can fit in two more sessions in before the new year – fingers crossed he’s not too busy!!! 😊
JamieJones | 8th April 2018 19:04
As I can't think of anything to say about this week's movie release, although I did really enjoy it, I thought I'd ask a random question instead.

Does anyone have an issue with the same person (Dave) playing so many different characters in so many different movies? It totally works for me and isn't a problem but one of my friends really doesn't get it. She can't understand how I know which part Dave is playing each week (Coach, Dad, Mr X or the Boss) and why it doesn't matter to me that all the Dads in SLSville look and sound exactly the same. I've tried explaining about the different film sets and that each character has a different personality, costume and/or mask but she still doesn't get it.

I've offered to show her clips of some of the movies to see if that helps but until recently she didn't even know that having an interest in m/m spanking or corporal punishment was an actual thing so she isn't keen on this idea. How can I explain it to her? Any ideas?
Uchikimatsu | 9th April 2018 14:24 (199 weeks ago)
Hey JJ!
It doesn't bother me a bit!
What I might say to your friend is that because Dave provides so many little details in the films to help weave together a whole virtual community of characters, it is easy to achieve a state of "suspension of disbelief."
We are invested in the characters and drawn into the storylines and can readily accept whatever is presented on screen, even if it seems unrealistic or ridiculous to an outsider that is not "involved" in SLSville.
JamieJones | 12th April 2018 22:35 (198 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki,

Hope all is well with you and your backyard survived the tornado!

I told my friend what you said and her first comments was "Wow, she's good." meaning the style and content of your writing. Then she said while she still doesn't quite get it, your explanation made sense and she thinks she now understands how SLSville works to those of us who reside there. :-)

Uchikimatsu | 14th April 2018 10:40 (198 weeks ago)
Hi JJ, and thanks! I'm glad I could help :-)

And nothing was damaged in my backyard, just part of a utility pole landed in there, LOL, thank you for asking!
Uchikimatsu | 10th April 2018 22:27
A tornado touched down at the house and now there is half a utility pole in my backyard 😒
Uchikimatsu | 31st March 2018 03:10
I don't really watch a lot of TV, and I hate everything that's available right now, so I've been watching old episodes of Chef Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare, both the American and U.K. versions.
Recently I saw a U.K. episode where Ramsay tells another really young chef, just 21 years old, "I will spank your ass!"

Wow! Pretty incredible, right??? I mean, I may have a teensy little lesbian crush on Chef Ramsay...Michelin stars are sexy...

I then watched an American episode where the owner had the same name as I do. My name is rather unusual so I was tickled to hear Chef say it a bunch of times!

Now, all I need to do is get them together somehow...

Art? ART! How much do I have to pay you to splice those things together??? I don't need video, a nice soundbite will do... "[My Name], I will spank your ass!"

Bah ha ha ha!!! ROFL!

ART?!? art...?
jacko | 21st May 2017 02:08
I recently watched a 10-minute bare bottom spanking video, presumably a promotion video, (it was free), from another website.
The young model was physically and aesthetically attractive, presented a very spankable bubble bottom which reddened nicely and he displayed a high pain tolerance. The cause of the spanking was clear and the actual chastisement was appropriate. The model was completely nude, posed comfortably over the spanker’s knee and was not sexually exploited. The visually and audibly high quality video was shot from a variety of angles so that there was no doubt that the spanking was real and continuous. Yet, I found the spanking video to be surprisingly boring to the extent that I nodded off a couple of times while watching it. I did not feel emotionally involved or excited in any way.

This unfortunate experience caused me to wonder why there are videos from other websites that have many features in common and tick many of my boxes which fail to impress me when compared with the Straight Lads Spanked videos. I realise that for all sorts of motivations spanking videos stimulate and arouse members so I have limited the reasons listed here to my personal responses although I would be interested to read the views of others.

Comparing the unexciting video from the other website with a similar recent but much more stimulating SLS video, I have come up with the following reasons.

1. Familiarity with the model and his previous work and characteristics built up over a period of time and through performances, interviews and interactions.
2. Familiarity with the spanker and his previous work and characteristics.
3. The model’s reactions, including vocalizations, facial expressions, gestures and body movements.
4. The sound, speed, positioning and force of the spanking and overall expertise of the spanker.
5. The spanking’s introduction and conclusion.
6. The acting ability of the spanker and the model spanked.
7. Accompanying dialogue from the participants.
8. The format of the spanking; a build up to bare bottom or not.
9. The amount of clothing worn; totally nude, partly or fully clothed.
10. The choice and appropriateness of clothes worn if not totally nude from the start.

For the purpose of this exercise I have compared two bare bottom OTK hand spankings so considerations such as implement choice, effectiveness, aptness and appearance are not relevant. Of necessity the spanking component of the compared Straight Lads Spanked video was longer.

Taking into consideration the fact that there were additional vital prerequisites as described at the start of this commentary which both videos had in common, so much time and effort must go into producing the spanking videos that are regularly offered for our entertainment by Straight Lads Spanked.

Congratulations and thanks to the SLS team for maintaining such a high standard of production and entertainment value for more than a decade.
Orla | 21st May 2017 13:03 (245 weeks ago)
I too have viewed free clips from other sites , handsome boys and red bottoms both vital ingredients but they lacked the Dave Factor, there's just something about Dave that makes the experience more personal. .(I'm useless with words talking yes i can express myself better but I'm crap at writing)
Uchikimatsu | 30th March 2018 23:30 (200 weeks ago)
I spent years watching just free clips from other sites before joining SLS. Orla, you said it perfectly, no other site on the interwebs has the "Dave Factor." That is a perfect expression and it is exactly what makes these films stand above and allows us to become vested in the models and their characters. Good job on coining a new phrase! The Dave Factor... excellent!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st March 2018 00:52 (200 weeks ago)
I quite like - The Dave Factor'. It has a nice ring to it...

Truth is though, I just make this stuff up as I go along! :)
Orla | 24th March 2018 16:06
Ok so re Jake and Dave and Dave giving out about his son not respecting his wife it triggered a memory ... When i was about 12 i was staying with my cousins for summer hols and we were going on a car trip to the visit a lighthouse anyway myself and my cousin Sean same age as me and his little brother Cian who was 7 were in the backseat,we were playing eye spy and Cian was losing so he threw a tantrum and started kicking the seat in front of him which was the passenger seat with my Aunt,his mum and she asked him to quit it but he wouldn't and his Dad said Cian listen to mummy stop kicking the seat and my Aunt turned around and asked again for him to stop but he wasn't having any of it and kept kicking the seat shouting not fair not fair when suddenly my Uncle hit the brakes of the car so fast and turned around and shouted so loud at Cian" if you kick My Wife one more time I will drag you out of this car and kick your arse you little shit head" we were all stunned even my Aunt the whole car just went completely silent and my Uncle he said Cian I want you to apologise to my Wife,your mother and he did and he was well behaved for the rest of the trip.
Uchikimatsu | 25th March 2018 14:06 (201 weeks ago)
I love this story Orla!

I also loved that "Dad" referred to Jack's mother as "my wife!" I like it because it demonstrates a protectiveness towards the woman he loves and that she doesn't only exist as Jack's mother. I think women who are mothers can often get pigeonholed into that one role and people forget that they are not just one dimensional child-rearing machines. Dave is fantastic at adding all these little layers to a story to make it seem so much more realistic.

I have a few memories like this too. I had an uncle that was studying to be a priest but left the seminary and married my aunt, so he was a bit...strict. I loved visiting my cousins because there was always discipline going on in some form or another. At one point my cousin, 6 years older than me, who was 18 at the time, threatened to spank both his brother who is the exact same age as me by a few days, and myself, for some mischief or another that we were doing. Shenanigans. Chicanery. We were terrible, or at least I was. I think the younger cousin was always wary when I came for a visit because he was afraid I'd get them in trouble.

I never did get a spanking from my uncle or cousin. What a shame. LOL!
Uchikimatsu | 23rd February 2018 17:05
Hello fellow residents of SLSville!

What movie would you say is the Crowning Achievement of SLS to date, and why?

Dave, I'd love for you to chime in here too when you have a moment!

I would have to pick Oliver's Bath Brush Beating! Even though it is not my favorite movie (that distinction goes to "18 Year Old Karl Spanked for Getting Caned at School" for just personal reasons that will always remain my favorite I think)

Oliver BBB is just an amazing film in terms of acting, direction, editing, The Main Event, storyline, and anything and everything else I might have neglected to mention.

What about you guys?
FraserFan | 23rd February 2018 17:24 (205 weeks ago)
That is a pretty tough question to answer. Any movie with Fraser, obviously! Fraser is awesome. But my three favorite movies are: Jasons first spanking and interview / Lee his first spanking / and Karl the Prison Caning / actually make that 4 favourite movies, Chris his first spanking and subsequent interview when he was late.. Of course there are lots of SLS movies I really like but those 4 stand out for me.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd February 2018 19:35 (205 weeks ago)
Hmmm, Crowning Achievement is a good question! Its a little different than say 'best' or 'favourite'.

I'm going to give the first thoughts that come to my head without really thinking about it!

1. For me it will be the first Brother in Charge movie with Andy and Patrick. I thought the intensity of their acting was incredible. Just so real. Almost like a drama! I'm not sure any spanking movies had ever gone down that route before.

2. Also the for me the other example also features Andy and it was when Mr X literally dragged him to Frankfurt to be spanked by Steven in Foul; Mouthed Andy - Spanked & Belted. I mean how did I even think of that never mind pull it off! Just going from one spanking studio to another. Actually dragging Andy through Heathrow airport by his ear and filming it! I also like who I kept it quiet so the viewers got to enjoy the surprise!

Oh and I think Spank Twister with 4 real life brothers was pretty cool too!
Kass44 | 24th February 2018 04:54 (205 weeks ago)
I love Oliver BBB as well - but Parker mouthing off was fantastic - If I have to pick one though, it would be Dom in the kitchen getting his mouth washed out as he is whacked. Cut closes to the real deal.
flashgordon | 24th February 2018 14:40 (205 weeks ago)
It's a difficult question to answer, because different films are great in different ways. But to me, SLS's crowning achievements are the things that it has brought to our screens that you will see nowhere else. So I'll propose two nominations, in different categories.

My own personal all-time favourites - because I love that sort of thing and it's rare to see it done at all, let alone done so splendidly - are the Spanking Games, with the cards, especially the first series, with Chris, Josh and Jenson. So much spanking, so much laughter...

And then there's "The Consequences of Cheating", with coach Bailey and "18-year-old Karl" as he was known in those days. So many factors go to make this an all-time classic. They've both been "in the wars", so there's a tension in the air right from the start. Bailey's muscles, Karl in his school uniform, Bailey's South African accent, Karl's pitiful glances towards us as the punishment proceeds, Bailey taking his shirt off - and then the supreme moment when Bailey picks Karl up with one hand and spanks him with the other! Where else will you see that?!

Uchikimatsu | 24th February 2018 14:57 (205 weeks ago)
Hey Flash! What's shakin? I'm afraid I don't understand the reference to "in the wars." What does that mean?
flashgordon | 24th February 2018 15:31 (205 weeks ago)
Hi Uchikimatsu! It's just an expression - must be a British one, I guess: it means they've both got injuries: Karl has got a cast on his leg, Bailey has a black eye...
JamieJones | 25th February 2018 22:56 (205 weeks ago)
Hi Uchikimatsu, I'm with you 100% on this one. My favourite SLS movie is also 'Karl - Spanked at home for getting caned at school' and I agree the movie that most deserves the 'Crowning Achievement' award is Oliver's Bath Brush Beating. Everything about this movie just worked and for me, it's an absolute timeless classic that I'll never get bored of watching.

The interaction between Oliver and Dave is amazing - it's so natural, it's almost as if they are a real father and son. There are just so many little details that set this movie apart from the rest; the hurt in Dad's voice when he finally realises what Oliver has done, Oliver's phone call to Mum, the physical closeness between Oliver and Dad first when Oliver returns from the bathroom with the bath brush and then again at the end when Dad puts his arm on Oliver's shoulder as he asks 'You alright?' then ruffles his hair as he says 'Get yourself sorted.' to name but a few.

It can't have been an easy movie to film or to edit with all the changes of set / locations etc. but Dave and Art have done an incredible job as did Oliver who took one of the longest, most severe beatings I think we've ever seen.
Uchikimatsu | 10th March 2018 01:05 (203 weeks ago)
So, I have been watching some of the older films and I'd like to offer some "runners up" that deserve a mention. I just re-watched Brother in Charge Oliver and Andy and I forgot how freaking hilarious that film is! Oliver had the best lines and he is a great actor!

I'd also like to offer beautiful Jay's emotion-filled performance in Failed Substance Test - Please Forgive Me. Jay did an amazing job! Anyone who's been on the site long enough knows I went from boycotting Jay's movies to really, really loving him. This movie is why I changed my mind.
Uchikimatsu | 10th March 2018 01:05 (203 weeks ago)
So, I have been watching some of the older films and I'd like to offer some "runners up" that deserve a mention. I just re-watched Brother in Charge Oliver and Andy and I forgot how freaking hilarious that film is! Oliver had the best lines and he is a great actor!

I'd also like to offer beautiful Jay's emotion-filled performance in Failed Substance Test - Please Forgive Me. Jay did an amazing job! Anyone who's been on the site long enough knows I went from boycotting Jay's movies to really, really loving him. This movie is why I changed my mind.
Orla | 16th October 2017 16:25
JamieJones | 9th September 2017 15:10
Hi all
I'm a newbie here having only signed up to this amazing website a couple of months ago. I've spent my time not just watching the videos / movies (which are truly amazing so a massive THANK YOU to all involved) but also finding my way round the site and getting to know not only Dave, Mr X, Art, the models (through their interviews with Dave) but also many of you through your blog posts.

I've decided I don't want to 'lurk' in the background anymore but it feels a bit daunting to even writing this never mind considering posting it. It's a bit like I've arrived really late to a party and you've all been here for ages. I'm hovering in the doorway trying to pluck up courage to walk over to the nearest group and introduce myself so here goes...

I'm Jamie (sorry this isn't my real name but I'm not yet feeling brave enough to share that, even with you) and this is the first site I've ever even considered signing up to and the first blog post I've ever made so today is all about firsts! (If I mess up the blog post etiquette please let me know as I'm also new to social media and it will be completely unintentional and in no way deliberate - thanks.)

I'm a straight female, I'm a little older than Dave, hopefully a bit younger than 'Masked' Dad (I love the Dad mask! Sorry I know almost everyone else who comments hates it but in some weird way it works for me) and maybe around the same age as Mr X. I'm originally from (North) London but now live and work in the Midlands in the UK. I've had an interest in Corporal Punishment (CP) for as long as I can remember but have never acted on it other than watching movies, mainly because the opportunity hasn't yet arisen...But never say never, who knows what might happen tomorrow, it could all change:-)

What I really like about this site, apart from movies, the blogs and the friendly atmosphere that Dave encourages is the absence of sex. My 'fetish' is CP particularly MM and I don't need (or like) sex to be included in the scenes. I've got nothing against those who want to see sex or sexual contact in their CP movies, it just doesn't rock my world.

Well I think that's probably enough from me for now...not sure when I'll have time to post again but I'll be checking the blogs regularly to read what you are all up to and what you think of the movies. Who knows I might even vote on some soon. Take care and thanks for reading.

Jamie x

p.s. not sure if I posted this in the right place but it is quite random (a bit like me!) so I though the 'Random Blog' seemed as good a place as any. Dave - please feel free to move it if you feel it should be somewhere else - thanks - Jamie x
Orla | 9th September 2017 21:44 (229 weeks ago)
Welcome Jamie hope to see you posting more and commenting on the movies , Dave is great and we are all a pretty friendly bunch here xx Orla xxx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th September 2017 22:40 (228 weeks ago)
Hey Jamie, It's lovely to have you joining in and I'm so pleased that my movies mean something to you. I also understand that it can be a big deal for you to even make this first post.

What I'd like to add is that it would mean a lot to me if you could leave a comment on the videos as they are released. That really helps me and it gives me inspiration to keep on going!
Orla | 19th May 2017 12:12
No Teaser ...i wonder what exciting new movie Dave has for us ...Josh&Jenson B'day spanking part 2 ... New Boy Todd ... Part 3 of the Spanking Game. ... something else entirely. ..checking every hour patiently 😆😆 no work today so i can watch it the second it's streamed... i broke my big toe a few weeks ago but i got the cast off today , so i might watch one of my old favourite movies while I wait xx
jacko | 19th April 2017 00:53
I have been plagued with a spanking fetish since I was a wee lad. Perhaps surprisingly, I have never endured a spanking other than in my fantasies. Only recently did I discover that I am not the only person in the world who possesses what I once considered to be a sadistically perverse personality trait. I reached that conclusion when quite by accident I came across the SLS trailers on the Internet and read the accompanying blogs.

Other than the stimulation I receive from watching spankings I am totally straight and find unappealing, the sexual activities that often feature in spanking movies. Although as a youngster I did regret the fact that unlike my classmates I wasn’t chastised, as an adult I have never experienced that desire. By watching others being whacked, however, I derive a similar sensation without suffering the pain. Any intentional focus on sexuality in the SLS movies actually detracts from my viewing pleasure although I realize that am in the minority. While a youthful bottom, naked or otherwise, presented for a spanking, excites me, I have no interest in the “dangley bits” or the sexual poses. I also find unappealing, punishments that break the skin or could be interpreted as brutal or torture. On occasions I have been critical of some SLS films that have highlighted sexuality, but I appreciate that the needs of all members should be satisfied.

After discovering the SLS trailers, before I committed to membership, I browsed the Internet for other websites which featured spanking movies and to my amazement found more than a hundred of them, some of which offered preview excerpts that I was able to use for comparison. I continue to find more even to this day.

With very few exceptions, the bulk of spanking videos offered by these websites start, include or conclude with sexual activity including sucking, masturbation and sexual penetration. Many of the websites offer trailers gathered from numerous sources including SLS but again, the predominance of sexual activities in a majority of these short extracts is noticeable. I was frustrated to find that there are so few websites out there that offer videos featuring straight guys doing nothing other than spanking. Of course, I now realise that it would be difficult for such websites to survive without presenting something “extra”.

Of the few websites I have uncovered that satisfy my personal preferences, SLS is the only one that proposes a storyline, features punishment that is not too severe yet motivates painful reaction and welcomes viewer suggestions. I am so grateful to SLS for not only proving to me that my fetish is acceptable to many other straight males but for satisfying my needs with videos that I can view without feeling uncomfortable. Thank you!

Whilst on my Cyberspace expedition, I did come across videos on other websites featuring ex-models of SLS produced either before or after their inclusion in the SLS team. It was painfully obvious that these videos lacked Dave’s direction and Art’s superb editing; they didn’t appeal to me at all. How privileged we are to have these two experts on the job.

Orla | 16th April 2017 08:44
Chiki watch Callum caught sexting but don't read any of the comments there's a little surprise for you xx
Orla | 16th April 2017 08:41
HAPPY EASTER 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣DAVE AND ALL SLS MEMBERS AND MODELS xx😊 or as the kids say 'Happy eat as much chocolate til you puke day'.
Uchikimatsu | 8th April 2017 03:11
See what happens when I leave for a year? No one knows what the hell I'm talking about... Stay at peace, wet towels....BAH!
Orla | 8th April 2017 10:19 (251 weeks ago)
I get you.

I totally agree about the towel Who walks about the hoyse naked before or after bath/shower not me, I wrap up in a nice fluffy towel.I know it worked in some of the movies where he spanked the guys straight out of the bath on wet skin.

Uchikimatsu | 8th April 2017 10:44 (251 weeks ago)
I was actually glad to be rid of the wet towel this time! Since I live in South Florida and not somewhere bordering the arctic circle, like Ireland, walking around after a shower without a towel is perfectly comfortable!
Uchikimatsu | 31st March 2017 08:05
Hi Kids! After a nearly year-long hiatus I'm so thrilled to be back! I just wanted to say a quick hello to my old friends in SLSville and a wave to all the new faces as well. I can't wait to tuck into all these exciting new films with such an array of fine new models! I'm like a kid in a candy store! I do hope everyone has been well and I look forward to getting to know all the new members here. 💋
Orla | 31st March 2017 12:20 (252 weeks ago)
Welcome back Chiki i missed you 😊😊💋💋
Uchikimatsu | 31st March 2017 15:29 (252 weeks ago)
I missed you too my beautiful red-headed spitfire friend! 😍
Orla | 31st March 2017 19:03 (252 weeks ago)
You must comment on the new guys , I'm dying to get your reaction. ..The J boys as I call them are my latest obsession Josh/John /Jenson,
Uchikimatsu | 1st April 2017 00:17 (252 weeks ago)
LOL, I'm trying to work my way forward from where I left off. You know so many of these films have sequels and whatnot. Is there any particular one you think I should jump ahead to take a peek?
Orla | 1st April 2017 12:26 (252 weeks ago)
Oh that's a tough one, any of the J boys solo, Bradley real punishment or old punishment can't remember but it's the one with the purple duvet, new spanking game the 1st one with Josh, Jenson and Fraser, Taylor and Chris together another good one ....actually they're all great have fun xx
Kass44 | 14th January 2017 22:41
Will Oliver ever be coming back? If not please wish him well. I loved his films.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:40 (262 weeks ago)
I'm afraid not, however I speak to him most weeks and he is doing great!
jacko | 23rd January 2017 03:11 (262 weeks ago)
It's great to hear that your friendship continues. I hope that Oliver is aware how much his efforts were and are still appreciated.
sumai-Davefan | 1st January 2017 03:26
Happy new year to everyone!very happy met SLS in 2016. I hope SLS getting better and better in2017. I will always support Dave and the site.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:41 (262 weeks ago)
Thanks for your support :)
Cherylkay | 31st December 2016 06:16
Despite a couple serious health scares, I'm fortunate to make it to the end of 2016. Another birthday is here and I feel really blessed to have great friends and family. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Ooleary | 31st December 2016 10:46 (265 weeks ago)
Happy New Year to you too Cheryl and all on SLS,members, models,Art,Stuart and Dave.💋❤🍸🍻🎉🎉
sumai-Davefan | 1st January 2017 03:33 (265 weeks ago)
Happy New Year to Cheryl and Ooleary!😄😄
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:41 (262 weeks ago)
Hope 2017 is more positive for you :)
welshboy | 25th December 2016 21:39
I hope everyone has had a great Christmas day Best wishes to you all and have safe and happy new year.
Ooleary | 26th December 2016 01:09 (266 weeks ago)
Had a wonderful day and wish the same for you too Welshboy xx.I bet that little Slap to Andy was the icing on your Christmas cake lol xx
welshboy | 26th December 2016 18:36 (266 weeks ago)
Yes that made my Christmas day.
Cherylkay | 26th December 2016 18:40 (266 weeks ago)
Thanks, welshboy, I had a terrific day with my family. I hope you had a Merry Christmas too.
welshboy | 27th December 2016 17:38 (266 weeks ago)
I have been winding down over the last few days and now I am building myself for new years and its all go again.
welshboy | 1st January 2017 14:33 (265 weeks ago)
I want to wish everyone at Straightladsspanked a Happy and safe New Year
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd January 2017 23:41 (262 weeks ago)
and the same to you all too!
cheeky | 28th November 2016 19:02
Hi, I would love to see more embarrassment for the lads during corner time, like having to put their nose against the wall!! They'll really hate it.
Spankmedan | 20th November 2016 21:26
Hi guys. Is anyone else having issues streammg videos on safari after updating to IOS10?
Ooleary | 17th November 2016 01:29
By my calculations this week should be Part 3 of The Spanking Game, which i just love and have watched Parts 1 & 2 over and over again, the 3 lads are just magic together ☺
Cherylkay | 4th July 2016 04:41
I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July. While you're eating, drinking and being merry, please take a moment to reflect on our freedoms and how precious they are. Hope everyone has a great day:)
welshboy | 4th July 2016 10:29 (291 weeks ago)
Yes happy holidays to all our USA friends
Ooleary | 4th July 2016 22:28 (291 weeks ago)
Happy 4th of July 🎆🎇
Kass44 | 19th May 2016 21:30
I hope Chris will be making more films. Any chance that Dom will come back?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:32 (293 weeks ago)
Hey, I'm afraid Dom has moved on but you are likely to see some more of Chris. :)
friedpopcorn | 16th June 2016 15:01
Hello,everyone.I'm from China.I like SLS for a long time.I'm so excited to become a member.There are so many great videos and handsome lads.I love SLS more and more after watched videos a few days later.I will aways support SLS and Dave. :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:31 (293 weeks ago)
Hey FriedPopcorn. It's really good to have you as a member of SLS. Thank you for your support. :)
Ooleary | 29th May 2016 08:39
So excited heading up to Croke Park later to see #TheBoss Bruce Springsteen,I'll check back in on Monday to see if Dave has left any new Teasers ☺
lazycat999 | 19th May 2016 13:28
Can't wait for Kevin's bath brush beating.
Ooleary | 19th May 2016 14:22 (297 weeks ago)
Me too , thought it would be up before i started my evening work,I'll try and get a sneaky peek in later otherwise I'll just have to wait til i finish work around midnight,but Kevin is so worth waiting for xx
lazycat999 | 3rd May 2016 03:17
Happy Birthday Dave♥Wish you have a great day today.Thank you for bring us so much joy and happiness by your movies.I will always support you and the site.Stay young,stay creative as you are.

sincerely Lazycat. ,-)
sumai-Davefan | 3rd May 2016 03:53 (300 weeks ago)
Dear Dave, happy birthday! I sent an email to you, hope you can see it.
wardcoleman | 3rd May 2016 07:10 (300 weeks ago)
Happy birthday Dave, you are wearing well! I suspect that in Chez Dave, traditions are reversed and it is you who hands out the Birthday spankings!
Ooleary | 4th May 2016 01:08 (299 weeks ago)
Happy B'Day Dave xx 😊 💋 🎂 🎁
Slipper Boy | 27th April 2016 09:45
hi everyone just let you today id my 1st year anniversary since joining the wonderful site
wardcoleman | 28th April 2016 08:04 (300 weeks ago)
Congratulations Slipper Boy, happy anniversary. You obviously like this site

What is it that you like most about Straight Lads Spanked?
Slipper Boy | 2nd May 2016 19:34 (300 weeks ago)
Hi ward Dave and hid excellent work and the top models he uses to be spanked
pridds | 24th April 2016 19:27
Is Fraser coming back or has he retired?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th April 2016 19:53 (301 weeks ago)
Hi, there is nothing filmed with Fraser at the moment, however I have been speaking to him this week and he is coming back. We just need to sort out some dates.
lorilee | 25th April 2016 00:36 (301 weeks ago)
Hope it is soon I miss him
lazycat999 | 25th April 2016 01:06 (301 weeks ago)
I miss Fraser ,too.One of the most lovely lads.He is just perfect on filming.
Cherylkay | 25th April 2016 04:24 (301 weeks ago)
Fabulous news! I was akso missing Fraser.
pridds | 1st May 2016 00:47 (300 weeks ago)
Great news.

you have given us so many new models lately that i forgot about him :-)
lazycat999 | 30th April 2016 13:39
Hello,is Orla online?
I just sent a message to you on Twitter.Please check it and reply me,thank you very much.I am waiting for your reply.
| 23rd April 2016 16:51
Dave, you're doing a fantastic job with the site.

I am an occasional member, but would join for longer, if like some other comments, more was shown of the models 'bits', when over the knee.

Also, the hands over the head should apply when the model is turned front also!

More bathbrush.

Otherwise, 9.5/10.

Well done!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 24th April 2016 19:56 (301 weeks ago)
Hey, I have taken the "more bits" comments onboard and have made efforts to include this in production when it seems natural to do so.

Saying that, I'm pretty pleased with 9.5 out of 10!
sumai-Davefan | 14th April 2016 16:04
Hello,SLS friends,I'm sumai-Davefan,I'm from China.I've concerned about the site for months and very happy to be a member.I think SLS is the most amazing mm spanking site I have ever seen.I love Dave very much.I will always support Dave and the site.
lazycat999 | 16th April 2016 05:31 (302 weeks ago)
Hi sumai.congratulations for your dream comes true.welcome aborad.Hope you enjoy the fantastic movies.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th April 2016 22:07 (302 weeks ago)
Hi Sumai. I am so glad you become a member and I am really pleased that you love me! I love you too! :)
sumai-Davefan | 19th April 2016 15:37 (302 weeks ago)
Hi Lazycat999.Thanks you. ;)
sumai-Davefan | 19th April 2016 15:38 (302 weeks ago)
Hi Dave.I'm glad to see your reply, I like all of your films.:)
Ooleary | 14th April 2016 12:40
So excited for today's movie release Sebastian & Chris , checking in every hour ☺☺
Ooleary | 1st April 2016 22:58
Ooleary | 17th March 2016 17:49
Can't wait to see Oscar later Ward , i don't know if you've ever heard of Freddie Flintoff but Oscar sounds just like him and i'm a huge Flintoff fan ❤❤
wardcoleman | 17th March 2016 21:38 (306 weeks ago)
Hi Orla, Oh yes I know Freddie Flintoff, and I fully understand why you are a fan. A handsome guy who often behaves as if he needs a spanking, especially when he was younger
Ooleary | 17th March 2016 09:31
Happy St Patrick's Day 🐍🐍🍺🍺
wardcoleman | 17th March 2016 14:25 (306 weeks ago)
And Happy Saint Patricks Day to you too Orla! :-)
Lynn | 7th March 2016 22:59
I've been lurking in and out, sometimes going a few weeks in between and end up downloading a whole bunch to get caught up :). I had gotten laid off, again, and was without work for two months, then got picked up by my previous company for a great position, but is is also an hour drive one way. Time is very much at a premium right now as I am also in advanced courses as well as trying to keep up my riding..which is about the only thing saving my sanity right now :). Just 6 more weeks and the classes will be done.

Dave, I love the new color in the room and your new look :)
Cherylkay | 10th March 2016 06:50 (307 weeks ago)
Hi Lynn and welcome back :) I also have some catching up to do and have some time on my hands, thanks to surgery lol. I know that long commute can be a drag. Just hang in there until the classes are done. You can do it!
lazycat999 | 4th March 2016 08:03
Happy birthday Orla🎂🍰🎁😊
Ooleary | 4th March 2016 09:19 (308 weeks ago)
Thanks Lazycat xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th March 2016 22:29 (308 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday from Daisy, Jimmy, Charlie and myself Orla..... There are definitely some treats lined up for you this weekend. :)
Ooleary | 5th March 2016 00:47 (308 weeks ago)
Yeah i just watched Kevin/Karl teaser can't wait so need to watch part 1 of this again in preparation for it xx
Cherylkay | 7th March 2016 06:07 (308 weeks ago)
Oh Orla, Happy Belated Birthday :D I hope you had the perfect day.
Ooleary | 5th December 2015 16:14
I've just posted my letter to Santa 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅 I've asked him for Dave to please make an Interview movie and /or a Real Life Punishment movie xx

Ooleary | 6th March 2016 23:18 (308 weeks ago)
👅👅 to all you non believers Santa is real

I got my mini interview Kev/Karl.

I got a real punishment with new boy Bradley.
| 16th February 2016 14:08
I'm back

I'm home at last.After a very busy,tired,crazy Spring Festival holiday.(Spring Festival means Chinese new year,the most important festival)
Ooleary | 16th February 2016 14:53 (311 weeks ago)
Welcome Home xxx
wardcoleman | 17th February 2016 09:11 (310 weeks ago)
Is that you Chiki? Welcome back, sounds like you had fun, but there is fun to be had here as well. I assume you have checked out Kevin's latest, and the new boys Carlo and Callum?
lazycat999 | 17th February 2016 11:39 (310 weeks ago)
Haha,I'm sorry but you guessed wrong.I'm Lazycat.Though i live in a big city with my parents,we always spend Spring Festival in another city and a conturyside(small village) every year,because my grandparents live in there.The conturyside is so far away that we have to spend nearly 20 hours on the train.(just go to there,when we return we took another 20 hours).By tradition,we visited many relatives and friends,A range of celebrations let me very tired.At last we arrived home 2 days ago.Then I couldn't wait to check out Levin 's latest,and the new boys .
Ooleary | 17th February 2016 14:24 (310 weeks ago)
Ha just like you Ward I too thought it was Chiki,I miss her.
wardcoleman | 17th February 2016 16:22 (310 weeks ago)
Hi Lazycat999, sorry I guessed wrong!! Welcome back, it sounds as if you have had an exhausting journey. 20 hours on a train sounds like a marathon, however, I hope the views from the train were pleasant and you received a warm welcome when you reached the village. I am sur you are having lots of fun, checking out all the boys you have missed! :-)
wardcoleman | 17th February 2016 16:25 (310 weeks ago)
Hi Orla, yes, I miss Chiki too, I assume she swaps her site subscriptions around, lets hope she comes back to this one soon
Ooleary | 15th February 2016 20:24
New boy Callum's actions do not surprise me in the least , i used to have this app on my phone Tinder and i must say quite a number of the lads i got talking too would ask if i had snapchat and they would send me Dick Pics needless to say I've deleted that app lol xx
Ooleary | 4th February 2016 13:53
Seriously can't wait for Kevin. ...I'm on a Kevin Fest right now watching his other movies while i wait for Dave to put up the new movie ....i hope it's up before i start work ☺☺
wardcoleman | 4th February 2016 16:35 (312 weeks ago)
Oh Hi Orla great to hear from you. I was just passing by, I had totally forgotten it was Thursday, and the new Kevin movie was due for release!! It's not as if I am impatient or anything!!! .........

Not impatient at all!! ........................ really
Ooleary | 4th February 2016 18:34 (312 weeks ago)
Well i am I'm due a break in 2 hours it better be up then lol☺☺☺
Ooleary | 28th January 2016 12:33
So excited after watching the teaser movie again this morn,can't wait for the new guy Carlo to get his arse well and truly tanned by Mr.X,
billenkoek1984 | 28th January 2016 17:09 (313 weeks ago)
I can't wait :(
which time the new video will be uploaded?
Lynn | 21st January 2016 22:32
If anyone wants some snow I'll be happy to send it over; we are going to have plenty to go around. I am very close to Baltimore.
wardcoleman | 22nd January 2016 13:29 (314 weeks ago)
Hi Lynn

I see that you could be facing the worst blizzard in almost 100 years (since 1922) so it should be quite dramatic!! Take care and stay safe.

Maybe Dave can send a couple of the lads over to did you out if it gets too deep!!
wardcoleman | 22nd January 2016 13:30 (314 weeks ago)
That should have said "dig you out"
Ooleary | 22nd January 2016 20:57 (314 weeks ago)
Ok Lynne , you send some snow ❄❄my way and i'll send on the rain ☔☔ we have here ☺☺
Lynn | 23rd January 2016 00:45 (314 weeks ago)
There was already 1/2 inch on the ground 15 minutes after the snow started. Everyone is hunkered down and tucked in tight :).
wardcoleman | 23rd January 2016 09:42 (314 weeks ago)
Stay hunkered down, I just saw it on the news, it looks very cold! Just stay indoors and stay warm
Lynn | 23rd January 2016 22:57 (314 weeks ago)
Snow cones anyone? The second half of the storm is in full swing. At last check I had 19" on the ground with another 5-8 expected tonight. WInds are out of due north at 30 mph with some pretty impressive gusts. Full whiteout conditions during the gusty squalls.


The two cats are Maiya (Torti), next to the wall and Mandy who were watching my dog (Spirit) and I come in from the latest "out" time.


wardcoleman | 24th January 2016 08:31 (314 weeks ago)
Incredible pictures, it looks quite beautiful, but it is dangerous, and I am sure very cold. From the news I see it is still coming down. So I hope you and the cats and dog are all still hunkering down and staying warm. Those pictures remind me of the stories of early settlers who got snow bound for months on end!!

In years to come you can tell your grandchildren about the Great Storm of 2016
lesbianadom | 23rd January 2016 19:42
he is hot for your next production
Ooleary | 14th January 2016 14:26
Chris and Liam part 2 Anyone!!!!! or another Tom movie or Kevin or Fraser
wardcoleman | 14th January 2016 19:19 (315 weeks ago)
You got the first one right!! :-)
Spanked Chris | 17th January 2016 10:46 (315 weeks ago)
I would add another Aaron or Declan ooleary
lazycat999 | 3rd January 2016 07:31
Hello SLSville friends:) I'm lazycat,I just became a member yesterday(but have concerned about this site for months already).I'm very glad to join the warm SLSfamily and watch so many amazing movies.Thanks Dave,Art,and all the great models.I will always be here until forever.,-)
Ooleary | 3rd January 2016 10:20 (317 weeks ago)
Hi lazycat welcome to SLS .Orla xx
uchikimatsu | 3rd January 2016 15:34 (317 weeks ago)
Welcome, lazycat... Looking forward to your comments and reviews😉
lorilee | 3rd January 2016 16:21 (317 weeks ago)
Welcome lazycat,
Cherylkay | 11th January 2016 00:32 (316 weeks ago)
Hello, lazycat and wekcome aboard. I'm looking forward to seeing more postings from you :)
lazycat999 | 11th January 2016 01:57 (316 weeks ago)
Hello Orla.Hello chiki.Hello lori.Hello Cherylkay.:)
wardcoleman | 10th January 2016 14:08
I wonder if there will be a bonus or a teaser this afternoon!!!
Ooleary | 10th January 2016 15:36 (316 weeks ago)
I'd love it .... so depressed I'm taking down all my xmas decorations and the house looks so bare so i need cheering up xx
Ooleary | 1st January 2016 01:54
Happy New Year 🍸 🍸 🍸 💋 ❤ 🍺 🍺 🍺 to Everyone ,wishing everyone good health and happiness and many many spankings in 2016.ORLA xx
Cherylkay | 28th December 2015 19:08
Hello, all you lovely people :D I was gone for a while but happy to be back now. It's a cold, rainy miserable day here, so I've ordered a pizza to be delivered and will now spend an enjoyable afternoon getting caught up.
Ooleary | 28th December 2015 21:43 (318 weeks ago)
Weather the same here Cheryl , missed your comments so glad you're back some really great movies to catch up on and you're just back in time to see the new boy Tom Hot or What xx
Ooleary | 24th December 2015 10:29
Wishing a very Merry.Christmas and a Spanking New Year to all my SLS Friends .Orla xx ☺🎁🎅🎄🍸🍺🍸
uchikimatsu | 24th December 2015 15:52 (318 weeks ago)
Oh, bah freaking humbug.
Ooleary | 24th December 2015 18:57 (318 weeks ago)
No Chiki No I ❤ 🎄 my favouritist time of the year lol xx
lorilee | 24th December 2015 19:32 (318 weeks ago)
Happy Holidays to everyone in our SLS World, Special thanks to Dave, Art and all our special models who make this so entertaining for us every weeks. Love you all !!!!
Spanked Chris | 17th December 2015 07:37
I wonder what we have today a new model or a brilliant one from the lads at SLS
Spanked Chris | 9th December 2015 21:13
I wondewr what we have in store for us tomorrow is a regular model or is it a new one
Spanked Chris | 9th December 2015 21:18 (320 weeks ago)
Like you Ooleary I just wrote an email to the north pole asking Santa I have asked him for Dave to please have some more models in the new year and a return of a favorite old model/I too believe
uchikimatsu | 4th December 2015 11:16
Where's welshboy?
Ooleary | 3rd December 2015 10:07

Today is Fraser Day

hip hip horray ,

No.20 on Dave's list,

Chiki got her wish.
uchikimatsu | 3rd December 2015 11:50 (321 weeks ago)
Ha ha, that's brilliant, Orla!
Ooleary | 21st November 2015 21:40
My psychic senses are tingling I wonder if that means Dave has a surprise bonus movie planned for tomorrow ????
Kevinfan | 19th November 2015 01:07
Hey guys, rare random thread from me here.....just wanted to ask which models you all think have the BEST facial expressions. And who's? Not just current models.
For me, I like th following for different reasons;
1. Dom.His crybaby face is/was just the best
2. Chris. He has one of those 'scoundrel' faces and his face is so expressive and he just looks genuinely startled by things,lol
3.Declan. Not really that attractive for me, but I just love his blasé and petulant expressions, as if nothing can get through to him and he doesn't give a shit. Love it.
4. Kevin. You can tell he really feels it, the way he's crunches up his face and pouts. V. Cute
5.Fred. He acts with his eyes. Puppy dog style.

The following models are generally expressionless and have difficulty showing any emotion, yet still cute for other reasons;
1. Fraser
2. Ben
3. Karl
Ooleary | 13th November 2015 00:58
Hello Friday the 13th 2 mins after midnight and everything turned to shit , 1 hour later and it only gets worse , no sleep tonight for me ,
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2015 01:38 (324 weeks ago)
What's wrong, my darling?
Ooleary | 13th November 2015 02:57 (324 weeks ago)
Firstly we have a storm here at the mo Abigail , boss is away, I'm in charge getting ready to lock up and power goes then back.up generator doesn't work , so alarm doesn't work doors won't lock so I'm stuck here til morning, battery on my phone just under 50% and then my sister calls my nephew had been rushed into Hosp with appendix but i can't leave work this is all at 2 mins past midnight but liam out of surgery at 2.30 now all went well he's very sore ,the power is back on again here but I'm going to stay in case it goes again myself and Sean the lad that's stuck here with me are seriously thinking of having a little party in the off licence department the poor guy has an exam at 9 tomorrow morn but he doesn't want to leave me own to go home and study , but only 3 more hours before the morning shift turn up and then i can let the day manager deal with calling alarm co. and generator co. etc and pray it won't happen again tonight cos I'm locking up and then sleep NO I'm popping into the hospital to relieve my sister so she can get the other kids ready for school and let them know their big brother is fine and that's all that matters my precious Liam is doing well .It's 3 o clock now and touch wood all is quiet so I'm going to do some tidying up and mop the floors again or i will tackle the off licence 🍺🍺😆
wardcoleman | 13th November 2015 08:33 (324 weeks ago)
Poor Orla, what an awful night, at least I assume it is now over, the day shift has taken over and you are home tucked up in bed. I hope your employer gives you a good Christmas bonus for your dedication (and maybe a pay rise) The young lad you work with sounds very gallant, I hope he did well in his exam.
Ooleary | 13th November 2015 12:20 (324 weeks ago)
Just home now from the hospital Liam in a lot of pain poor fella going to get 3 hrs sleep before my shift starts again i pray for no more drama 😴😴😴
wardcoleman | 13th November 2015 14:10 (324 weeks ago)
Sleep well Orla, and try not to work too hard this evening. I hope Liam is better soon xx
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2015 03:26 (324 weeks ago)
Orla honey, how is Liam doing? I'm so sorry about the rough night you had... that really was a lot on your plate to deal with. I hope the company you work for appreciates your dedication and recognizes you in some way!
Ooleary | 15th November 2015 22:04 (324 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki Liam should be coming home tomorrow, he feeling much better today he was up and walking about for a few minutes, he was in so much pain Fri and Sat he couldn't move and they were trying to reduce his morphine drip but he was in great spirits today the doc very happy with his incision wounds they're nice and clean no sign of infections. My boss back on Tues so I'm getting Thurs Fri Sat and Sun off paid of course so i think I might get a head start on some Xmas shopping yes i said it Xmas Xmas Xmas my favourite time of the year 🎅🎄⛄🎁😆
wardcoleman | 12th November 2015 14:06
I was wondering what is the general view of "wedgies" and would many members like to see more of them? especially during the course of a spanking? (or who, would you like to see get a wedgie)

Those who don't like wedgies can also comment to give a balanced view

Am I getting kinkier as I get older?!!

(In case anyone doesn't know what a wedgie is - here is a definition in the Urban dictionary and on Wikipedia )
uchikimatsu | 12th November 2015 15:20 (324 weeks ago)
I think I'm going to have to say no to the wedgie. At least for me, there are very strong connotations of junior high bullying and all manner of puerile behaviour that goes along with that age. It would just seem ... weirdly immature and anachronistic.
wardcoleman | 12th November 2015 15:38 (324 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki, I wasn't thinking of the High School bullying type wedgie, I agree that wound not fit with SLS, other than as possibly a reason for a bully to be punished. I was thinking more in terms of when a man has a lad over his knee, instead of immediately pulling his pants down, he instead pulls them up. exposing the butt cheeks and slightly raising the target
Ooleary | 12th November 2015 18:40 (324 weeks ago)
I know what your saying Ward but it's not for me maybe this is just me but it feels too sexual or something i don't know it would depend on the scenario like i can't see Dad or Mr.X doing it
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2015 03:32 (324 weeks ago)
hey Ward! Still not a fan! But I am a fan of when the spanker does that with trousers for some reason! go figure! I like the look of when a guy's pants are pulled up tighter (smoothing them out?) and, like you said, raising his bum for a better target, and best if it raises his feet right off the floor! but for that to work the spankee would have to be short, lol! This works best for me when the lad is wearing a belt so there is something solid for the spanker to hold onto. I believe it is because I like the visual of the spankee being "man-handled" a bit.
wardcoleman | 15th November 2015 12:22 (324 weeks ago)
I certainly agree with you regarding the visual of seeing a spankee manhandled!! :-) (also agree about the trousers / pants being pulled tight across the behind during a spanking).
wardcoleman | 5th November 2015 05:54
Hmmmm! I wonder what today will bring!!
Ooleary | 5th November 2015 10:44 (325 weeks ago)
Hey Ward just woke up now with the same thought can't believe it's Thursday again i hope it's either part 2 of Kevin & Fraser or if not maybe Chris , who do you want to see ???
wardcoleman | 7th November 2015 13:43 (325 weeks ago)
Chris would have been great, as he is one of my favourites, however, I am really pleased that its this one. Can't wait to see Kevin get what he has been asking for!
Ooleary | 8th November 2015 11:17 (325 weeks ago)
wardcoleman | 10th November 2015 08:29 (325 weeks ago)
I spy a happy Orla :-) - only two days to go and then Chris gets it! v
Ooleary | 10th November 2015 10:01 (325 weeks ago)
Ward I've been watching the Chris real punishment and his interview so really psyched for Thursday xx
wardcoleman | 10th November 2015 10:54 (325 weeks ago)
LOL! Guess Chris is lucky its not you or I doing the spanking on Thursday!
Ooleary | 10th November 2015 12:46 (325 weeks ago)
Oh god no i could never hurt anyone ,i love watching etc but there is no way i could actually spank someone even if they were ok with it , I'm weird right i can't explain it i have this spanking thing but i don't actually want to be spanked (really low pain threshold - i cry from a bloody paper cut true story) or do any spanking either and yet i get so excited for these movies .
uchikimatsu | 10th November 2015 13:44 (325 weeks ago)
Pet. I could. Jeans that to me, I'd be more than happy to!
wardcoleman | 10th November 2015 13:56 (325 weeks ago)
There is nothing odd about that, a lot of people are exactly the same. Personally I get more enjoyment watching a guy get spanked than I do in doing the job myself. (I also have no wish to be spanked ... ever!!) - What I should have said is that Chris is lucky that you and I are not directing the action!!! (better? :-) )
wardcoleman | 10th November 2015 13:58 (325 weeks ago)
I am sure Chiki would do the job brilliantly! (poor Chris!!)
uchikimatsu | 10th November 2015 14:03 (325 weeks ago)
Thanks Ward! Those ridiculous typos in my comment, tho...
wardcoleman | 10th November 2015 14:14 (325 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki, I didn't want to say anything I just thought that "jeans that to me" was some snappy new Urban slang which I had missed!! "Jeans that to me Babe, I know what I'm doing!"
Ooleary | 10th November 2015 15:29 (325 weeks ago)
Oh your so right ward I'd be yelling at Dave to hit him harder and to get the top of his legs too OUCH little sadist that i am when watching Dave spank the lads
uchikimatsu | 10th November 2015 17:31 (325 weeks ago)
I'd be right next to you Orla! Especially about the thighs!!!!

Jeans that to me....(said to self in menacing Darth Vader voice...)
wardcoleman | 11th November 2015 17:58 (324 weeks ago)
Hi Orla, that is the joy of Straight Lads Spanked we get the fun of watching with none of the responsibility or guilt. Just sit back and let Dave do the heavy lifting.

Albeit, I see Chiki would not be averse to taking over some of the lifting :-)
uchikimatsu | 11th November 2015 18:39 (324 weeks ago)
That's right, kids, you just jeans that to me.
Ooleary | 12th November 2015 11:01 (324 weeks ago)
It's here it's here yippee
Ooleary | 1st November 2015 12:48
Kevin and Fraser footballers spanked is a great movie 🎬 why aren't more members commenting or voting ???? C'mon people show your love ❤ for Dave and the Lads they work really hard for us.
uchikimatsu | 1st November 2015 13:36 (326 weeks ago)
Hey Orla, this is a good movie, agreed, but I can't shake the suspicion that it was actually Kevin's first movie filmed (other than all the Don't Be Late Real Punishment stuff. It fits great with the storyline with Sebastian and Fraser, but I think Kevin's attitude bothers me. Its that slight continuity thing where, as Cheryl points out he had been to Mr. X before with his friend Mike for the prank. Thats why his attitude and behavior are so different from previous (but really subsequent) clips. Honestly, don't mind me, I pay attention to the weirdest things. I'm not saying its not a great movie because it is and I'm very much looking forward to the next part!
Ooleary | 1st November 2015 14:08 (326 weeks ago)
I get all that cos that's what I thought at first too Kevin has been to Mr. x already with Mike but that was obviously filmed after the footballers one well anyway that's how I got over that little detail as for his attitude in this one I liked this side to Kevin,I guess I'm different I don't really get bogged down in all the details 😃😃 but i totally get where ur coming from valid points I think because it's Kevin I let it slide I'm sooo in love ❤ he can do no wrong lol
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st November 2015 16:33 (326 weeks ago)
Hey, so well spotted everyone regarding the continuity conundrum regarding whether it was Kevin's first visit to Mr X or not.

So the reality is that the movies are filmed as and when the models are available and this little gem was filmed sometime ago. In fact it was this movie that then gave me the idea of the Team Punishment and Bubble Bath Blues movie with Kevin.

For those that are bothered about canon (trust me I am one of them) then in SLS world the Kevin and Mike movie clearly took place after this Spanked Footballers movie with Kevin & Fraser. So this is simply a flashback movie showing you Kevin's first meeting with Mr X.

Cherylkay | 2nd November 2015 01:12 (326 weeks ago)
Kevin and Fraser is an awesome pairing :D It doesn't matter which was shot first, I'm just happy to see this one.
lesbianadom | 31st October 2015 10:43
hello friends in the world straight spanked, I came back here, I'm back in the winter to warm my winter days with your little asses red
uchikimatsu | 18th October 2015 16:08
The superb actor, Titus Welliver as the lead character in Amazon's original series "Bosch" telling his teen daughter she's not too old for a spanking after she has run away from her mother's home to visit him, as he is propelling her through a crowded bus stop by her upper arm.

Cherylkay | 18th October 2015 18:11 (328 weeks ago)
@Chiki, were you expecting it or was it a startle? I just love startles :D I may have to give this one a look. I love a good spanking threat, especially if no spanking materializes (don't ask me why, it's probably some deep seated psychological thing lol).
uchikimatsu | 18th October 2015 18:28 (328 weeks ago)
COMPLETE STARTLE!!!!! In older films you learn to expect that kind of parental reaction and dialog, but this is a modern setting and while spankings still do continue in the privacy of American homes, it has become almost completely politically incorrect to admit belief in such discipline tactics, never mind portray them on television. That kind of thing has been scrubbed from the media, unless its specifically done to make a political point, like a public service announcement.
I was so startled, in fact, that I wasn't even sure I heard it and The Butch turned to me and said "Did you even see that? Rewind it, look what he says!" And I did, I rewound and played it back like 47 million times until The Butch was ready to strangle me! LOL!
The show is based on a series of books, so I'm curious now if that line, or more lines like it are found in the books.
The show is worth watching, by the way, even without that line.
Cherylkay | 29th October 2015 16:56 (326 weeks ago)
Oh Chiki, I apologize for just now seeing your response. I guess I haven't been as vigilant as I should be, I too enjoy a good startle and I'm glad I'm not the only one. There are only three reasons I can think of where a spanking might get shown in a TV show or movie:

1) To show the audience that the person doing the spanking is a "bad guy" and that they shouldn't like him.
2) To portray the characters as "kinky" or abnormal.
3) For comic effect.

I don't believe that spankings are given on TV or in movies these days to show that the spanked character did something wrong and is now paying for their actions, especially if the character is a child. Political correctness has permeated almost all thought on this subject.
Ooleary | 28th October 2015 14:08
I really hope Dave got that little glitch with sorted with Fraser and Kevin movie , si looking forward to it's release fingers and everything else crossed ☺☺🙅🙅
wardcoleman | 29th October 2015 07:58 (326 weeks ago)
I am sure it will be fine. We may know later today! Can't wait!!
wardcoleman | 25th October 2015 13:52
I think people may be forgetting to rate the releases. None of the new ones have made it into the top rated list in ages whereas a lot of them, especially those featuring the likes of Fraser, Kevin, Chris and Sebastian deserve a place in the rankings, IMHO
uchikimatsu | 25th October 2015 14:06 (327 weeks ago)
I think you're right Ward. I bet it's down to the upgrades on the site and the new mobile version which lots of people use now! We can't vote from the mobile version, and while I watch mostly on my iPad, I still haven't figured out how to vote from there either. I can tap the stars, but can't make them "stick" or "stay"

The only way for me to vote is on a laptop or desktop computer.
wardcoleman | 25th October 2015 14:29 (327 weeks ago)
Ah! Thanks Chiki, that answers it, I wondered why some of these great releases were not making it into the rankings
uchikimatsu | 20th October 2015 23:46
Jay's been on my mind.... wonder what he's up to...?

Some characters, like Andy (in my opinion) have obtained sufficient character development and should retire as spankee and continue on in SLSville in the role as spanker. After Jay's last few movies, I kinda feel like that about him. To see Jay return to his old antics after witnessing his leap into maturity and adulthood would be bizarre. I've been thinking it would be cool if Jay had a young nephew or cousin that came to stay with him for a bit, though. Maybe the young lad is falling into some of the same pitfalls that Jay did and is sent there with hopes that Jay can straighten him out.

Just a few musings...

Of course, its not like I *wouldn't* watch the clip if Jay came back and he was the one getting the spanking in stead of giving it.... LOL
Lynne | 23rd October 2015 14:45 (327 weeks ago)
Well, there is always the "good boy gone bad" scenario. One who tuned over that more mature leaf but then went out and did something stupid and needs a reminder/intervention :). That might also be a new scenario for Dave with a new model. Would need to build a background with a new model to set the story but one of the other models would work; one who has turned themselves around and then goofed. mind is turning towards Oliver on this one for some reason.
uchikimatsu | 23rd October 2015 14:56 (327 weeks ago)
Ha ha! I don't know a time when your mind isn't turning toward Oliver!

I do like this scenario! It reminds me of Matt's BBBlues, which was similar, but Matt seemed to be a good kid that got in trouble for the first time.

Yes it would be interesting to see someone that has worked hard to get their life back in order only to backslide and need that reminder from Dad, or uncle, or whoever!
Ooleary | 19th October 2015 09:50
Nice surprise to wake up to on a Monday morning a new teaser movie,i just hate having to wait for it to stream.Thanks Dave ☺☺💕👍
wardcoleman | 17th October 2015 16:47
I left a comment on the new update (Karl and Fraser) thread, asking why there has been so little feedback. I hope we will hear from some of you.
mattnyc | 17th October 2015 19:37 (328 weeks ago)
Done and done, Ward.
wardcoleman | 18th October 2015 08:35 (328 weeks ago)
Thanks Matt! I see you enjoyed it :-)
Ooleary | 8th October 2015 15:47
Hi everyone I'm just home from the hospital Yippee so dying to watch this weeks new release ummmm maybe dying isn't the right word ha ha considering where i was all week but with regular check ups and meds i should live a long while yet ☺☺☺
wardcoleman | 8th October 2015 16:02 (329 weeks ago)
Hi Orla, it is great news that you are out of hospital and, hopefully well on the road to recovery.

i have a sneaking suspicion that today's release will make you feel considerably better!
Ooleary | 8th October 2015 16:16 (329 weeks ago)
Considering i was in with my blood pressure through the roof , i don't know how wise it is too get too excited haha
wardcoleman | 8th October 2015 17:05 (329 weeks ago)
Ah!! ..... In that case don't go anywhere near today's update, it is very likely to send blood pressure into orbit!!
Ooleary | 30th September 2015 22:44
Well Ward mystic Orla thinks it's been a while since Oliver or Fred got a spanking this is more wishful thinking on my half rather actual prediction lol , but any of the above mentioned would be great or even a new guy , yes definitely a new guy xx
Hunter | 1st October 2015 06:28 (330 weeks ago)
well warf I think it could be Chris or Pau;
wardcoleman | 1st October 2015 17:48 (330 weeks ago)
So it seems we were all wrong!! Even Mystic Orla!! LOL!!
Ooleary | 1st October 2015 19:16 (330 weeks ago)
Damn but there is a bonus movie so maybe i got that right lol
Ooleary | 1st October 2015 22:23 (330 weeks ago)
Just got a vision it's Kevin and Mike Part 3
Hunter | 1st October 2015 06:29
I cant wait to see what gem Dave has in store for us tonorrow
wardcoleman | 30th September 2015 18:32
Looking forward to the next update will it be tomorrow or Friday?!!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it might be? Will it be Kevin? Chris? Fraser? or maybe Andy? or Sebastian? Or could it be someone entirely new? What do you think?

How about Mystic Orla are your scary powers telling you anything?
Hunter | 24th September 2015 19:14
Just seen this weeks movie I can't for next week gem to come from Dave I guess I not on my own in writing this
Hunter | 12th September 2015 17:10
just listened to the pretenders son spanking a bad bad boy and thought the song was good for the archive
wardcoleman | 13th September 2015 14:54 (333 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter, yes that is certainly a suitable song, until you mentioned it I had forgotten it. Another good one is the 1960's hit by Paul Jones "I've been a bad, bad boy" I would love to see one of the lads, maybe Kevin, sing that, maybe with appropriate tweaks to the lyrics!! :-) it would be nice to have a theme tune for SLS, can anyone think of one?
Ooleary | 13th September 2015 15:28 (333 weeks ago)
Akon feat Eminem Smack that just the chorus
Ooleary | 13th September 2015 15:38 (333 weeks ago)
Jedward - bad behaviour my 2nd favorite adorable identical twins, 1st place of course goes to my identical twin nephews
uchikimatsu | 14th September 2015 13:55 (333 weeks ago)
Madonna's "Hanky Panky" or am I really showing my age here...?
Cherylkay | 14th September 2015 16:31 (333 weeks ago)
I always liked "Beat My Guest" by Adam and the Ants.
wardcoleman | 15th September 2015 09:39 (333 weeks ago)
I would have happily spanked Adam Ant in his day, unfortunately his day was quite some while back
uchikimatsu | 15th September 2015 13:38 (333 weeks ago)
@Ward - have you seen that film with Pierce Brosnan and Adam Ant? I think it was called Nomads. It didn't get good reviews but I quite liked it!

There's another one for you, Orla! Tell me what you think!!!
Cherylkay | 15th September 2015 16:02 (333 weeks ago)
@Ward, Adam was definitely hot back in the day!
Ooleary | 15th September 2015 19:26 (333 weeks ago)
@chiki love Pierce Brosnan and Adam Ant I'll watch it later after work plus i have to watch last nights Dancing with the stars
Ooleary | 16th September 2015 14:18 (332 weeks ago)
Chiki what am i watching OMG the french accent is terribly off putting but I'll watch to the end anyway ooh I'm watching while I'm typing ooooh just got interesting Pierce Brosnan getting naked now check back later
uchikimatsu | 16th September 2015 15:33 (332 weeks ago)
Ohhhh, I forgot about that part....

I always give you interesting things to watch tho, don't I? Never ordinary...
uchikimatsu | 22nd September 2015 15:47 (332 weeks ago)
Orla, you never said if you liked the movie or not...? I've got another one for you if you're ready, LOL! This one's a *tad* less bizarre, but definitely off the beaten path. I think you'll enjoy it.

Take a look at "The Perfect Host" when you get a chance and let me know what you think!
wardcoleman | 22nd September 2015 17:31 (332 weeks ago)
I just looked up "The Perfect Host" it looks rather fun, in a violent, kinky and sadistic sort of way. (what's not to like!!) There is a trailer here:
uchikimatsu | 22nd September 2015 18:30 (332 weeks ago)
I honestly suggesting watching the movie with virgin eyes, without knowing anything about the movie first (more fun that way!!!)
Ooleary | 22nd September 2015 19:42 (332 weeks ago)
Chiki I'll watch it tonight after work and let you know and I'll not watch the trailer so it'll be a surprise lol as for Nomads I'll have to watch that again tonight also omg the french accent really distracted me and couldn't follow the story
uchikimatsu | 22nd September 2015 21:07 (332 weeks ago)
ha ha, I think you just got distracted by full frontal Pierce Brosnan....
Ooleary | 23rd September 2015 00:13 (331 weeks ago)
Hey Chiki just finished watching The Perfect Host and i loved it. Niels from Fraser is terrific , really enjoyed it.
Ooleary | 23rd September 2015 07:17 (331 weeks ago)
Chiki I watched Nomads again but this time i gave it my full attention and surprisingly i really liked it , it's very different but yes i got the story in the end ...see the first time i watched it i had the rugby on the tv and watching this on the tablet but this time no distractions, I'm not sure that the heavy metal music made any sense either that was annoying too but apart from the french accent and music I'd rate it 6.5/10
uchikimatsu | 23rd September 2015 12:20 (331 weeks ago)
ha ha! I think you gave it a higher rating than any critic gave it at that time...LOL! I think all that music was supposed to be ominous and create a kind of tension. The movie had a really low budget, but I loved it for its amazing, unexpected ending.

Ok, one more... hopefully you don't know this one. "Oldboy" its very important again if you don't already know it to NOT read anything about it. Also very important that you watch the original 2003 Korean version directed by Park Chan-wook. It is absolutely mind-blowing. One of my all time favorites. In my top 20 in the history of EVER.

There is an American re-make from 2013 that is absolute rubbish, pure shit... do not watch that under any circumstances. Make sure you are watching the South Korean Oldboy from 2003... you'll know it by the subtitles, and all the actors will be asian, LOL!
Ooleary | 23rd September 2015 14:22 (331 weeks ago)
Cool I'll watch that tonight after work and after I've watched Dancing with the stars and no I've never heard of it xx
Ooleary | 24th September 2015 01:06 (331 weeks ago)
Ok Chiki i watched Oldboys 2003 version with the horrible dubbing lol my god that was the weirdest thing you've had me watch and i'm so confused i just don't get it- being locked up, the hypnosis, the girl,(was she his daughter),so many questions???
uchikimatsu | 24th September 2015 11:30 (331 weeks ago)
Holy Foreign Film! You sat through a dubbed version rather than subtitles...??? You poor thing!!!

And you thought it was weirder than Antichrist? LOL! Maybe it was the dubbing. I definitely saw it with subtitles which I know some people don't like, but I watch EVERYTHING with closed captions because I'm hard of hearing, so I'm used to it. It is far, far superior to dubbing!

I will message you later to answer your questions and other stuff...💋
Ooleary | 24th September 2015 12:35 (331 weeks ago)
Ha ha the dubbing wasn't too bad i was lying in bed watching it on my tablet so couldn't be bothered with reading the screen.Appreciate your take on what it was all about ..... was it all about revenge for the sister talk later plus new movie later too , i wonder if it's part 3 of Coach Andy, Karl and Sebastian.xx
Hunter | 22nd September 2015 20:13
hi everyone

what is your best song that could be used in one the Dave movies?
uchikimatsu | 22nd September 2015 21:52 (331 weeks ago)
Didn't we just have that conversation...? LOL!
wardcoleman | 22nd September 2015 22:43 (331 weeks ago)
I think for most of the movies the theme song should be "Who's sorry now?"
uchikimatsu | 22nd September 2015 21:41
OK, so I *finally* got around to downloading and watching the entire Bailey/Andy interview with bonus spanking clip! I can't believe it took me this long (nearly 2 years!!!) The interviews were interspersed with short clips advertising some of the older movies, and seeing them made me feel so nostalgic! I started missing things I hadn't realized I missed such as:

The writing in permanent marker on the blue walls
the weird paper clock in the blue room
Mr. X's rickety wooden chair
Dr. Barton
dramatic violin music during WTYFGH
Pajamas, and lads being spanked in them
Pajamas being pulled down for a slippering
Pajamas after a bubble bath and not a wet towel

What about you guys? Anybody nostalgic for something from SLS past tense?
Lynne | 16th September 2015 21:18
Very random...if anyone can figure out how to reset an internal alarm clock, that doesn't involve copious amounts of alcohol (I don't drink) please let me in on the secret. Staying up extra late and/or exercising myself into a semi-comatose state doesn't work. I am still wakng up every morning promptly at 2:45 when, due to a job change, I can now "sleep in" (allegedly) until 5:30.

Chiki? You always have tricks up your sleeve...:)
uchikimatsu | 16th September 2015 21:44 (332 weeks ago)
Hi friend! Are you getting to bed at a 5:30am appropriate wake time? 10pm or so?

You don't need external stimuli. Try some meditation before bed with self talk that focuses on not waking up until 5:30am, not being aware of any light or sound until you hear your phone alarm or alarm clock go off...

If you wake up do not stay in bed. Get up, move to a different part of the house, read quietly for 15 min, then get back into bed with the meditation.

Let me know! 💋
Lynne | 16th September 2015 21:58 (332 weeks ago)
I stayed up a few times until midnight/1 and still was wide awake at 3 :). At least the commute is down to only 25 mins in both directions and NOT in DC.
uchikimatsu | 20th September 2015 16:32 (332 weeks ago)
How's your sleep health, Lynnie?
Hunter | 17th September 2015 13:34
I wonder what the Magician Dave has in store for us tomorrow is it the final part of Karl's movie or another gem I can not wait to find out but I will have won't I does anyone share the same excitement as me.
Ooleary | 17th September 2015 14:18 (332 weeks ago)
I'm excited every Thursday Hunter it's my favourite day of the week for 2 reasons:- 1.New Movie Day. 2.Payday lol xx

I'd too would like to see part 3 of Coach Andy Karl and Sebastian but whatever it is it will be a good one and i'm really looking forward to it.
Hunter | 20th September 2015 09:04 (332 weeks ago)
Thank you
Ooleary | 15th September 2015 23:24
Just got the new upgrade on my phone and I can watch all my fave movies that I could only get on my laptop sooo happpy 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 📱 📱 📱
wardcoleman | 13th September 2015 13:02
After just watching the latest download I have starting to wonder if these lads ever really learn their lesson. Here we have Fraser back in trouble again despite all the efforts his Dad and Mr X have made to put him on the right track. What do you think? Do straight lads ever learn a lesson which sticks after the sting of the last spanking has been forgotten?
Ooleary | 13th September 2015 13:24 (333 weeks ago)
Ahh but the question is do we actually want them too? I'm in 2 minds about this - in one way I'd love the lads to learn their lesson and be better behaved in future but then on the other side if the lads behaved there would be no more spanking and adorably red bottoms xx
wardcoleman | 13th September 2015 13:42 (333 weeks ago)
Well Orla it appears to me that it's a win win situation for us, and a lose lose situation for the lads. They do learn to behave for as long as they can't sit down comfortably, which, in the case of the likes of Kevin , Fraser and, at one stage Dom, is quite a lot of the time, but we all know that sooner or later, they will unlearn their lesson, and need to be spanked again!
Ooleary | 13th September 2015 13:59 (333 weeks ago)
Well the solution to this is for Dad/Mr.X to spank harder and for longer so their bottoms are sorer and so the lesson is learned for a little longer - like poor Fraser and the wooden spatula he's going to be out of action for a few weeks I'd say but eventually he'll be back for more fingers crossed and in the mean time we can enjoy some of the other lads so yes Win Win
Ooleary | 11th September 2015 23:20
Crazy Crazy day today it hasn't stopped raining here since 9 o clock thursday night and doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon floods everywhere lots of damage roads cut off,houses flooded, fields overflowing Thank god I'm up the mountain road my house is fine but my sister's husband is a farmer so there hay fields are flooded and the sheds - Monday and Tuesday we had a heatwave kids at the beach and now this Mother Nature's a bitch
Ooleary | 10th September 2015 11:46
What little treat does Dave have in store for us today ????

I'd quite like to see Fred ...I'm in the mood for some Fred.xx
Aimee | 10th September 2015 14:17 (333 weeks ago)
Ive been wondering too Orla.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2015 16:13 (333 weeks ago)
How about a different "F"? Fraser!!!! :)
Ooleary | 10th September 2015 19:26 (333 weeks ago)
F'n love it xx
uchikimatsu | 8th September 2015 15:52
I just wanted to share some happy news with my beautiful SLS family...

The Butch popped the question! I said yes! I'm soon to officially be Mrs. The Butch!

We've been together 13 years and have been wearing a symbolic wedding band for about ten years...just biding our time until the laws caught up with enlightenment...
uchikimatsu | 8th September 2015 15:55 (334 weeks ago)
Pic of the ring, if anyone is curious:

(she done good)
wardcoleman | 8th September 2015 17:42 (334 weeks ago)
That is a very nice ring Chiki, obviously chosen with love!
Congratulations Mrs. The Butch, I don't need to wish you lick, if you have been together for 13 years I guess you know it works, this just seals the deal with a loving declaration.

Thanks for sharing
Lynne | 8th September 2015 23:00 (333 weeks ago)
Congratulations Chiki :) and agree. that ring is perfect :)
Ooleary | 8th September 2015 23:08 (333 weeks ago)
Cograts Chiki and The Butch, i too love the ring.Wishing you all the Best for the future 👰🌹👄❤

Ps I coming over for the Wedding xx
uchikimatsu | 9th September 2015 11:46 (333 weeks ago)
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the kind words! Even after 13 years there is still something really special about having this ring on my finger, silly right??!!??

We are most likely just going to have the ceremony at the courthouse. I wanted to set the date for 5 November and have the building rigged to explode as we walked out, but The Butch said no. 😈
wardcoleman | 9th September 2015 19:42 (333 weeks ago)
That's wise!! The Butch is obviously the sensible one!!! Have a wonderful day whenever it is
Aimee | 10th September 2015 14:17 (333 weeks ago)
I have been wondering when you would tell everyone on here 😀
Once again, many loving congratulations to my gorgeous babycake and the adorable butchy. So pleased for you both.
Ooleary | 29th August 2015 19:06
Just spent the last 2 hours learning the dance for Whip/Nae Nae from my 5 year old niece Amira , god i never felt so uncoordinated,but I'm not giving up no 5yr old is going to beat me.
Cherylkay | 30th August 2015 02:20 (335 weeks ago)
@Orla, I have a friend whose 2-year-old granddaughter is nuts over that video. I just heard the song for the first time yesterday. No way did I attempt any of the dance steps lol.
Ooleary | 25th August 2015 23:00
Boo Hoo 😣😣😣😣Summer is officially over back to school tomorrow, no more lazy sleep-ins til Halloween break.
Lynne | 26th August 2015 16:25 (335 weeks ago)
You get a Halloween break????
Ooleary | 26th August 2015 16:36 (335 weeks ago)
Yes we get a week off around that time it's kind of a mid term break plus it's a bank holiday too end of October
Aimee | 26th August 2015 22:07 (335 weeks ago)
Awwww boo. Back to normal for you :( there is no bank holiday at the end of October in N.I? That is so not fair!! Schools get the half term break but not a bank holiday for the rest of us.
uchikimatsu | 27th August 2015 02:04 (335 weeks ago)
@Lynne - I was thinking, they sure are serious about Samhain....
wardcoleman | 27th August 2015 05:32 (335 weeks ago)
It isn't officially a celebration of Halloween, they just happen to coincide!
Ooleary | 27th August 2015 07:13 (335 weeks ago)
@chiki very good yes Samhain is taken very seriously in most parts of the country anyway it's not just about kids going out trick or treating with scary costumes etc although we do that , near where i live there is this place called Bridgets Gardens and they hold this old pagan festival and they have a huge bonfire and they play drums and we sing songs for the winter solstice it's really good plus they do storytelling for the kids about witches and druids etc
Lynne | 27th August 2015 19:16 (335 weeks ago)
Here the schools get Labor Day (first Monday in September), and a couple of other one dayers, but, their first longer break isn't until the end of November for Thanksgiving. Kids here would just about kill to get Halloween off :)
Ooleary | 27th August 2015 19:59 (335 weeks ago)
We also get 3 days off in march around Paddy's week and 2 weeks off over easter some schools are different but schools around my area are all Irish Catholic schools so i shouldn't complain really
Aimee | 27th August 2015 20:05 (335 weeks ago)
What did I get in school? I'm trying to remember. We had a week for half term around Halloween, 2 weeks at Christmas. We got St Patrick's day but only because it was the day of the rugby School cup so only Grammar schools got that and then a week at Easter. That was it I think.
Lynne | 27th August 2015 20:44 (335 weeks ago)
Not counting the seemingly endless teacher preparation and training days, in the US schools close routinely...I have always been amazed they actually get in the required number of days. Students are off for Labor Day (already mentioned) which is usually only about a week to two weeks after school starts again., then a day the following week for Rosh Hoshana (7th for Labor Day and the 14th for RH this year). Two more days in October, the 2nd and the 16th. November 2 for a teacher planning day and then the 11th for Veteran's Day though irritatingly, they are labeling it as Parent-teacher conference day. 25-27 November are days off for Thanksgiving, then they actually go a whole 4 weeks without a day off until winter break from 23 December to 1 January. Without going into the rest of the schedule, there are another 16 days when schools are closed for students over a period of about 5 months including an 8-day Spring break..which happens only two weeks after two days off for teacher planning.
Aimee | 27th August 2015 23:02 (335 weeks ago)
It probably all amounts to about the same quantity of time off. There are several teacher training days here too but not always the same times each year. I loved school. I hated all the social hierarchy crap but i had such a good wee circle of friends and a best friend who was like my other half and life just seemed like one big party. The simple days. My friends and I had just the right mix of wanting to get our qualifications and wanting to experience life at the same time. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
Ooleary | 26th August 2015 21:21
Just watching Chris again, getting all set for full movie tomorrow,it's going to be a good one.xx
uchikimatsu | 20th August 2015 20:55
We got our first hurricane of the season, kids, "Danny" Whoo Hoop it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

If it reaches us everyone's invited over for a hurricane party! WOOT!
Lynne | 20th August 2015 21:11 (336 weeks ago)
Eh...been following it since it was first discovered a WAY out there :). For you at least start slowly getting ready but forecast shows a weakening trend once it rolls over Cuba. What I don't get is that the bulk of the tracking models have it turning to the north to head up the Gulf Stream but the National Hurricane Center seems to like a more southern track and possibly into the Gulf of Mexico. Either way, the Lesser and Greater Antilles are in for it.

As a matter of history, the last storm "Dan" we had was the blizzard of '78...hopefully this storm isn't his grandson. Essentially the same type of storm just different seasons :).
uchikimatsu | 21st August 2015 10:55 (336 weeks ago)
oh yeah, the chance of it ever landing here is very low..... you just have to be from south florida to understand why we get excited about hurricanes. Even I'm not sure I could explain it...
wardcoleman | 22nd August 2015 12:06 (336 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki I see that Hurricane Danny is running out of steam, and the threat has been downgraded, so hopefully you and your little Dog Toto won't end up in Kansas after all.

Hope you are all okay!
uchikimatsu | 26th August 2015 01:27 (335 weeks ago)
No worries, Ward... I've got higher hopes for Ericka....
Lynne | 26th August 2015 15:45 (335 weeks ago)
Looks like Erika might be making a late summer visit :). Packing in the party supplies yet?
wardcoleman | 20th August 2015 09:20
I wonder what this week's update will be, and will it happen today or tomorrow. I am a bit torn, I want to see what happens to Kevin and Mike, but I also want to see what happens to Sebastian and Karl now coach Andy has arrived. Then again I want to see Chris get what he deserves ....... and, of course, there's the very spankable Fraser .... decisions, decisions
Ooleary | 20th August 2015 10:08 (336 weeks ago)
Ditto mate Kevin is my favourite of all the new boys but I'm also really excited to see Andy back .I hope Dave releases it this evening
wardcoleman | 20th August 2015 15:23 (336 weeks ago)
It seems you got your wishes Orla, its a Thursday update, and its Kevin! :-)
Ooleary | 20th August 2015 20:47 (336 weeks ago)
Ha ha just like in my real life I'm the favourite child lol
Aimee | 16th August 2015 21:04

don't blame it on the sunshine. Don't blame it on the moonlight. Don't blame it on the good times. Blame it on the boogie **dances**

I am HYPERRRRRR someone entertain me pleaseeeeeeeee
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th August 2015 21:26 (337 weeks ago)
I'm doing the actions!
Aimee | 16th August 2015 22:22 (337 weeks ago)
Haha. Excellent! Show us your moves Dave

I just can't I just can't i just can't control my feet
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th August 2015 22:25 (337 weeks ago)
my moves for the "Good Times" section of this song are legendary!
Aimee | 17th August 2015 16:25 (337 weeks ago)
Hahaha I rock that bit myself. We would go well together on a night out clearly lol
wardcoleman | 17th August 2015 18:24 (337 weeks ago)
"Legendary"? ... Dave, I think the word is actually "infamous"
uchikimatsu | 17th August 2015 18:38 (337 weeks ago)
Ooohhh, Dave, you might want to apply a little ointment to that BURN!!!
Aimee | 18th August 2015 22:37 (336 weeks ago)
Ohhh Wards claws are out. Lol
uchikimatsu | 19th August 2015 13:22 (336 weeks ago)
Is that a reference to Ward's sexy tiger avatar?
Aimee | 20th August 2015 00:44 (336 weeks ago)
No just the saying claws are out. Sexy finger avatar?
wardcoleman | 20th August 2015 07:35 (336 weeks ago)
Thanks Chiki Yes my Avatar is sexy!! :-) however, I think Aimee was referring to the comment where I said that our host's dancing was "infamous". In retrospect, that was maybe not quite the right word, lets just say its "notorious"
uchikimatsu | 15th August 2015 02:11
I am at a bar. There are many people here to celebrate my birthday. I hate people. Tolerable levels of human interaction have been exceeded. But there is cake. They brought cake to the bar. Who brings cake to a bar? Who picks a bar in which to celebrate the birthday of someone who is allergic to alcohol? I hate people.
wardcoleman | 15th August 2015 10:52 (337 weeks ago)
Bad luck Chiki, I am sure they meant well. Couldn't you just imagine spanking them?

I can't imagine being allergic to alcohol, there would be hours each day when I'd have to find something else to do !!
Ooleary | 15th August 2015 11:08 (337 weeks ago)
There is always Cake at the bar for b'day or other such occasions like tomorrow night we're having a staff night out cos the part time college kids that were working this summer are finishing up to get ready for college so we're having loads of cake and cocktails and one of my best friends is just like you Chiki so i know how much it really sucks i told the guys this so we're all going out to the cinema and food tonight so she won't have to come to pub with us tomorrow night.
wardcoleman | 15th August 2015 11:21 (337 weeks ago)
That is really kind and thoughtful of you Orla, I am sure your friend will appreciate it
uchikimatsu | 15th August 2015 13:53 (337 weeks ago)
@Ward - this is everyone's favorite bar. The industry I work in is really, um....incestuous. Its a specialized field so there is no where you can go to work without running into droves of people you've worked with at least 3 other firms. So my whole work family was there, past and present! It was kind of awesome, actually, but people who don't understand introverts never realize how that much socializing drains my very soul. But still. Good times. As for the alcohol... I find enough other things that occupy the hours of my day...I'll leave that to your wicked imagination.

@Orla - that is really, super thoughtful of you! I told everyone that next time the ultimate birthday celebration for me would be if everyone gathered at the same bar, danced, laughed, got drunk, had cake, screamed over the loud music at each other, smoked their cigarretts and cigars while I stayed home in my pajamas with the guarantee that no one would call, text, or otherwise contact me for at leat 5 hours. Then I said, "Ha, ha, just kidding!" But I wasn't.
Aimee | 15th August 2015 15:12 (337 weeks ago)
Awwww they took you to a bar? How did you not manage to sway a pool party? Though there is cake so you cannot complain. Go face plant the cake and you will be drunk on sugar while everyone else is drunk on cosmos.
Lynne | 15th August 2015 18:09 (337 weeks ago)
Ah Chiki...the perfect conspiracy about keeping everyone busy in some fun atmosphere while you stay home enjoying peace and quiet :)
uchikimatsu | 15th August 2015 18:30 (337 weeks ago)
@Lynne - Ah, you know me so well, my friend....

@Aimee - well of course a BBQ/pool party is already in the planning stages before it gets too cold to swim... LOL
Aimee | 15th August 2015 19:15 (337 weeks ago)
Hahaha!!! I could have guessed you'd fit one in.
uchikimatsu | 3rd August 2015 22:52
@Jet -

Hi there! So remember I was sayin' how me and The Butch were re-watching all of SPN in preparation for Season 10 on Netflix (b/c I just didn't remember so much of it and it was difficult to keep the entire storyline straight in my head?) Well, we're mid-way through Season 8 now, starting to wind down a bit, finally. I told you that I'd let you know if I came across any "missing scenes" that I really thought needed a spanking. While there were so, so many that I considered, I think S0801 is just perfectly ripe. The entirety of Season 7 has Dean completely in "Daddy" mode, peppered with lines like "I'll wash your mouth out with soap" (said to a Leviathan, ha ha) and "Don't make me pull over!"

The first ep of S8 titled "We Need to Talk about Kevin" when Dean returns from Purgatory and learns that Sam abandoned Kevin for a year. He is listening to the messages on Sam's discarded cell phones and he is shooting death lasers at Sam with his eyes. Sam is over there trying to be all chill, eating dinner, but its evident he feels a bit guilty, but not enough. To me, this would be an ideal time for Dean to step in and hand Sam his own ass along with a few reminders about duty and his responsibility to protect Kevin.
The following scenes between Dean and Sam show them relaxed and joking in the Impala and I just don't think that would happen without those two coming to a certain *understanding,* which would normally mean Dean punching Sam in the face, but in my, much nicer world, would mean Sam gets a spanking and a scolding from his older brother.

On a somewhat related note, we bought a beta fish (chinese fighting fish) Its white. Normally they are very colorful but ours is white. My nephew said its like an angel so we named him Castiel. Now The Butch wants to get a black one and name it Crowly. She says we'd have to put a book between their little tanks so they don't see each other. I said, a bible, naturally. BWAH HA HA HA HA!
Ficwriterjet | 4th August 2015 01:49 (339 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki, I know exactly the spot you're talking about in that episode. I could write that - Sam is totally deserving. If real life doesn't get in my way I should have it done in a week or two.

OMG I love it when Dean threatens to pull the car over!

LMAO - I love the idea of Castiel and Crowly beta fish that have to be separated by a bible. That's prefect.
uchikimatsu | 4th August 2015 13:45 (339 weeks ago)
@Jet - that is really quite awesome of you! Please don't go to any trouble, if you feel like writing it for me I would be honored! SQUEEE!

I seem to be a tad obsessed with cultural references in television and movies. Dean is the undisputed KING of making both common and obscure cultural references and jokes, they come hard and fast in the dialog and I can barely keep up. The thing about those is that if you know the reference, something in your brain will click, and you'll laugh or nod to yourself or just feel generally pleased that you knew what was being referenced. But if you don't know the reference, your brain totally glosses it and goes for the larger meaning, so that you don't even realize any kind of reference was made 2 seconds later. At least that's what happens with most incurious people. I don't understand the lack of desire to understand the unfamiliar in many people.

What does this have to do with SPN? Well, at least 3 or 4 times now, Dean has referred to other people as "Bukowski," and this got me curious, of course. The only Bukowski I knew of was from the TV show, "Chuck." But I looked online and there is a German-American author named Charles Bukowski whose written around sixty books of stories and poems. As it happens, the protagonist of the TV show "Chuck" is also named Charles Bukowski, and since I know that writers never, ever write anything without great forethought and purpose, in other words, nothings ever a coincidence, I'm on a mission to find the connection between the context of Dean's references to Bukowski, the writer, and the television show "Chuck."

Unless anyone here knows what I'm talking about and can save me the trouble of reading sixty or so books?
Ficwriterjet | 4th August 2015 14:19 (339 weeks ago)
There are SO many references to popular culture in SPN, there's no way I could keep up if I tried to figure them all out. I'm just pleased when I understand one. LOL I do have a massive lack of desire to understand the unfamiliar most of the time. I blame lack of personal free time mixed with the desire to spend my limited free time writing.

I watched the show Chuck for two or three seasons, and his last name wasn't Bukowski, it was Bartowski. So I'm guessing the reference must be about the writer, and not the show Chuck. I've never read anything from Bukowski, so I'm afraid I won't be much help.
uchikimatsu | 4th August 2015 14:45 (339 weeks ago)
Bartowski not Bukowski...THANK THE SWEET SWEET LORD

I really didn't know how I was going to wrap my brain around that one...

I'm probably missing 90% of the pop culture references on the show too, simply because my brain is ignoring them in favor of putting the rest of sentence together to make sense of it!

I think Bukowski stuck because there are at least 3, maybe 4 references, so the repetition must have triggered curiosity!
Ficwriterjet | 14th August 2015 02:16 (337 weeks ago)
Hey Chiki - The SPN story is up at my website for S8E1. :)
Ooleary | 14th August 2015 08:32 (337 weeks ago)
Lucky Chiki ..I just read it xxxx
uchikimatsu | 14th August 2015 13:09 (337 weeks ago)
@Jet - S Q U E E E E E E E !!!!!

OMG!!!! Thank you, Jet!

It's really quite perfect. I mean, seriously perfect in every way. There are endless fanfic writers out there doing SPN spank fic, but I have to say very few of them can write canon Sam and Dean as well as you do. You not only capture the rhythm and unique style of their dialogue, but I think you have one of the best understanding of these characters motivations. It's no easy feat to show a reader the complicated string of feelings that can lead a character to action, but you always do it with finesse, and more importantly, within the canon of the show/character!

Thank you again! 💋 ❤ 💋 ❤ 💋

I was going to tell you before you started writing that I wasnt a big fan of shmoop between these two, that I didn't want Dean to be angry, just really feel the old weight of responsibility toward everything,especially Sam, that I thought Sam only seemed unconcerned on the outside, but I think a spanking would bring his guilt to the surface....

I am SO GLAD I just trusted you to do your thing because we were just on the exact same page and it turned out beautifully!!!
Ficwriterjet | 14th August 2015 14:52 (337 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki - Aw, that's the sweetest feedback ever. I'm blushing. :) Thank you, you've made my day. I'm glad we were on the same wavelength for how things should go down between the brothers.

I'm always surprised at the lack of cannon type stories when it comes to SPN spanking fics. They seem so... easy to picture.

Hey Ooleary - I'm glad you enjoyed the story, too. :)
uchikimatsu | 14th August 2015 17:07 (337 weeks ago)
I just wanted to add that while I've written a few things here and there for other people (though I'm not very good, and admittedly it's because I don't write enough) this is the first fic anyone has ever written on my prompt. I feel really honored that the amazing ficwriterjet wrote something just for me, and did it so in tune to my wavelength...thanks again!

I'm also surprised that more writers aren't writing canon Sam and Dean, mostly because they are stellar characters! Some of the interpretations are just downright...disturbing.
uchikimatsu | 15th August 2015 18:49 (337 weeks ago)
I thought I finished all of Season 9, but it seems that I only got halfway through the season, which is good, because now I get to view episodes that are brand new to me that I only thought I saw before! Can I just take a moment to talk about the fact that with all the tumbler, pinterest, and fanfic I read about SPN I have never heard that Dean actually gave a spank to one of the Ghostfacers in S9E15. And it was a real spank, too. Not a tap, not a shove or a punch. He came in angry that they were playing paparazzi at a real crime scene. One of them had his ass up bent over a diner counter trying to video a dead body and Dean came up behind him and gave him a good swat while saying "Hey!" It was designed to startle them and get their attention, but it I know it was also to establish dominance in the situation (amateur v. professional.) Dean was basically saying, "Daddy's here, put your toys away, boys."

And how odd all of this, all these conversations must sound to someone that is not really, really familiar with SPN.

I also want to say how much I love that Dean's phone number is programmed into Crowley's cell as "Not Moose" Its nice that Sam is *someone's* favorite, even if it is Crowley.
Aimee | 14th August 2015 19:32
Aimee is back in the land of commenting after enjoying silently appreciating the movies for a little while. Hi everyone. Hope you arre all well.
Cherylkay | 15th August 2015 09:02 (337 weeks ago)
*Waves at Aimee*

Good to see you back :D
wardcoleman | 15th August 2015 10:54 (337 weeks ago)
Welcome back to the Chatting sphere Aimee. I am sure you have plenty to say about what has been going on
Ooleary | 15th August 2015 11:09 (337 weeks ago)
Aimee BIG HUGS xxx
Aimee | 15th August 2015 15:11 (337 weeks ago)
Waving back at Cheryl and hugs back to My bunny bun Orla.
I have actually Ward. Mainly with regards to the ridiculously awesome amount of fitties our fabulous Dave is managing to recruit for he site. Yum!!! How does he do it thoug, how? Lol
uchikimatsu | 9th August 2015 22:38
Just wanted to say how awesome my sister is. She invited me to her house for my birthday and I walked in to a completely Doctor Who themed party. Her dining table had been transformed into the TARDIS, and it held pretzel stick sonic screwdrivers, marshmallow adipose babies, jars of wibbly wobbly timey wimey blue galaxy jello, jelly babies,red napkins folded into bow ties, and more!

I asked if she knew what any of this stuff was, and she confessed she had no clue but she researched it all on Pinterest...AWESOME!!!!
Lynne | 9th August 2015 23:15 (338 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday Chiki :)
Ooleary | 9th August 2015 23:54 (338 weeks ago)
Happy B'Day Chiki xxx 🎁🎂😊💋💖
Cherylkay | 10th August 2015 05:46 (338 weeks ago)
That might be the most thoughtful birthday party I've ever heard of. Your sis is all kinds of awesome!!! Glad you had a special and wonderful birthday, my lovely friend. And now is it OK if I confess that I'm totally jealous because you have a summer birthday and mine is in the dead of winter? lol
uchikimatsu | 10th August 2015 14:00 (338 weeks ago)
Thanks everyone! I had a wonderful birthday back to reality at work...UGH!

@Cheryl - I thought so to, I was both surprised and really touched. I'm not ashamed to say that at my age I was still totally giddy at all the cool Doctor Who themed stuff she came up with for my party!
P.S. don't be jealous because while all the other kids had their moms bringing cupcakes and shit to school on their birthday, I knew my birthday fell in the middle of summer when no one was in school and everyone was either on vacation with their families or at summer camp.
Ooleary | 6th August 2015 01:28
It's almost Kevin & Mike Time,I can't wait xxx
Ooleary | 30th July 2015 13:53
Wow Glen is looking super FIT in his new movie xx
Cherylkay | 30th July 2015 17:09 (339 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, he sure is! I want to know what kind of workouts he did to get glutes like those. I want glutes like Glen's lol.
uchikimatsu | 28th July 2015 13:12
@Jet - I just wanted to mention that I lifted your questions from Sebastian and asked them in the Chris interview (modified.) I did not see you post on Chris and I thought they were very good questions and wanted to get them in there in case you did not post before the blog was closed for questions! I hope you don't mind!
Ficwriterjet | 28th July 2015 14:12 (340 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki, I don't mind at all. :) I saw the post, and I tried to think of something new/interesting/different to ask Chris, but nothing came to mind, and I didn't want to repeat myself - so I'm glad you did it for me. LOL
uchikimatsu | 28th July 2015 14:28 (340 weeks ago)
I'm glad you don't mind! As I writer I know how you must feel about plagiarism! I would be annoyed!
Ficwriterjet | 28th July 2015 21:51 (339 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki, I'm not as upset about plagiarism of my work as many other fanfiction writers are. I mean the characters I'm using aren't even mine to begin with, and it's illegal to make money off fanfiction, so it's not like someone would be taking money away from me. I'd still point it out the person and ask them to stop, but I wouldn't feel angry or hurt about it. Now if it was an original character story that I'd written to send out for publication, that would be an entirely different situation.
uchikimatsu | 26th July 2015 12:13
Dear Life,

When I said "can my day get any harder," it was a rhetorical question, not a challange.
Ooleary | 26th July 2015 23:54 (340 weeks ago)
Hope all is well with you now Hun xx if you want to talk or vent to agony aunt Orla DM twitter xxHugs
Ooleary | 25th July 2015 15:01
I'm just wondering what little bonus Dave has planned for us .... Oliver Fred Kevin Chris Fraser Declan Sebastian. ..I'd love them all
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th July 2015 19:24 (340 weeks ago)
I'll give you a clue.... It;s none of the above!!! :)
Lynne | 25th July 2015 20:34 (340 weeks ago)
Let;s try some others on the list...Andy, Patrick, Dan, Dom, Wayne, Harry, Jay, uhm, Karl, Liam......given all of these have been fairly noticeably absent of late with the exception of Karl not too long ago :). Of course it could also be someone totally new :). Or maybe, just maybe...George?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th July 2015 20:54 (340 weeks ago)
Hey Lynne, so I'll give you a's none of the suggestions you came up with! Oh do you want to repost your Chris question over in the Chris Interview thread? Cheers, Dave
Ooleary | 25th July 2015 21:09 (340 weeks ago)
So it's not anyone i mentioned or Lynne or someone new is it Dean Paul Bailey Rico Scott Matt
nanarr | 26th July 2015 02:15 (340 weeks ago)
B A I L E Y !!! (Of course, I'm not holding my breath
Ooleary | 26th July 2015 09:27 (340 weeks ago)
Glen my Aussie mate forgot all about him just assumed he was gone too.Nice one Dave xx
uchikimatsu | 16th July 2015 20:25
I hate that everyone is talking about the new movie and I still have two more hours at work! 😠
wardcoleman | 17th July 2015 09:54 (341 weeks ago)
I hope you are not still stuck at work Chiki, we are missing your comments over at this week's update
Cherylkay | 17th July 2015 17:55 (341 weeks ago)
I can't wait to see you review, Chiki. I got to actually post my review right after seeing the movie this week only because my boss was out of the office yesterday. I'm allowed to have my laptop with me, but I can only use it during my lunch break ( a rule I'm ashamed to report I often break).
Lynne | 20th July 2015 20:06 (341 weeks ago)
Hey Chiki...have you gotten home from work yet? :)
wardcoleman | 21st July 2015 17:49 (341 weeks ago)
Yes Chiki has been very quiet, I would love to know what she thought of the new Chris movie. I enjoy Chiki's witty comments
uchikimatsu | 22nd July 2015 13:14 (340 weeks ago)
@Lynne - No, I've set up camp via a blanket fort under the desk in my office. The Butch sends provisions every few days but rations are getting low. I've sent a runner to headquarters for news on enemy activity but I fear she's been captured and is being held at the water cooler by the gossip crowd.
Lynne | 22nd July 2015 20:35 (340 weeks ago)
You are well hidden as the recon patrol I sent out to determine your whereabouts couldn't locate you...they came back all depressed and muttering something about an overflight and psychedelic marking dye...I didn't ask :)
wardcoleman | 20th July 2015 12:42
Mr. X - The Early Days (picture)

Before he bought the masks!
Ooleary | 20th July 2015 23:20 (341 weeks ago)
Ha ha much prefer the mask,although he could have a few different brown paper bags and draw a different expression on each one and swop them around happy sad angry confused lol xx
Ooleary | 20th July 2015 23:21 (341 weeks ago)
Ha ha much prefer the mask,although he could have a few different brown paper bags and draw a different expression on each one and swop them around happy sad angry confused lol xx
wardcoleman | 21st July 2015 17:08 (341 weeks ago)
@Orla That's a good idea, except that the angry one would get a lot more use then the others!
wardcoleman | 16th July 2015 08:29
Well, it's Thursday, I wonder what SLS Entertainment has in store for us! Which naughty straight lad will be standing up on the bus home tonight?!
Ooleary | 16th July 2015 10:29 (341 weeks ago)
Dave is staying very quiet so I'm not sure but whatever it is Dave never disappoints me xx
Ooleary | 16th July 2015 10:57 (341 weeks ago)
I was watching Kev/Seb interview again this morn and Sebastian got spanked too that day so might be Seb movie but I'm stiil hoping it's Chris xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th July 2015 12:34 (341 weeks ago)
Of course the official movie release day is actually a Friday.....
Ooleary | 16th July 2015 12:43 (341 weeks ago)
What ??????
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th July 2015 12:49 (341 weeks ago)
However, like today I normally release the movie a day early! Enjoy! :)
Ooleary | 16th July 2015 13:50 (341 weeks ago)
God ur such a tease i don't think I like that abour you lol can't enjoy this til later meeting friends for lunch before work xxx
Ooleary | 15th July 2015 10:46
I wonder what Dave has planned for tomorrow's release ?????
uchikimatsu | 15th July 2015 17:49 (341 weeks ago)
Well I hope we get to the bottom of the burning question about Chris, which I sincerely hope is his burning bottom!
wardcoleman | 15th July 2015 18:23 (341 weeks ago)
Yes, that would certainly be nice to see. Lets hope Dave hasn't gone all artistic and made one of those 1970's style art films, where we sit for 30 minutes looking at an empty couch, imagining what we would have seen if Chris hadn't done a bunk!

(Mid-Atlantic translation: "Done a bunk" = vanished like a raccoon up a chimney)
Ooleary | 15th July 2015 18:28 (341 weeks ago)
I'm hoping to see Chris's red bottom too
Lynne | 15th July 2015 20:10 (341 weeks ago)
I was going to comment but I don't want to jinx it :)
Ooleary | 15th July 2015 22:24 (341 weeks ago)
I've watched the Chris Interview loads trying to read his body language and then reading Dave's comments i have a really bad feeling that Chris backed out

,i was going on the assumption that like Kevin if he said no Dave would switch off camera not get him to sign model release form and that was that but seeing as the interview was released he must have taken the punishment Right but what if like Dave said he paid him for the interview anyway ...... plus Chris really hated the idea of himself not a character getting spanked
Cherylkay | 15th July 2015 22:51 (341 weeks ago)
I didn't get the vibe that Chris had backed out. Hopefully, we will find out tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
Ooleary | 12th July 2015 01:04
Just flicking through a few of my fav movies with one eye on the tv waiting for UFC fight night C'Mon The Notorious Conor McGregor 🍀🍀 proud to be irish xx
uchikimatsu | 7th July 2015 00:11

Always wear gloves when handling hot peppers. If you fail to wear gloves, remember that you should never touch your face, eyes, mouth, nose, or any other mucus membrane come to think of it, after working with hot peppers. This is no joke. The oil from even a mild pepper like a poblano, which I was preparing for supper tonight, will seriously kick your ass. If you handle a pepper, before touching anything, wash your hands, and then you wash them again! You wash those dirty little mitts like you just stuck them in a giant steaming bowl of ebola tainted feces shat out by the love child of Paris Hilton and Justin Beiber. What do you do then? Thats right, you wash them again!

You know what helps the burning from chile oil? NOTHING! I rubbed antacid on my face. I had a Rolaid in my nostril. A Rolaid. In. My. Nostril.

I will not be entertaining any smart-ass comments, thank you. After finishing dinner I helped myself to a great big slice of humble pie and thought about all the overly cautious TV chefs I laughed at with their nitrile gloves and attorney approved blurbs about handling chile peppers. But you know what? They were right. They were right....
Ooleary | 7th July 2015 01:21 (343 weeks ago)
Bruno Mars song comes to mind after reading this Too hot hot damn call the police and the fireman Too hot hot damn makes a dragon want to retire man Too hot hot damn xx
uchikimatsu | 7th July 2015 01:31 (343 weeks ago)
Girls, hit your halleleujah (WHOOO!)

love this song, know all the words, LOL
Ooleary | 7th July 2015 01:33 (343 weeks ago)
Lol xx
Ooleary | 7th July 2015 01:42 (343 weeks ago)
This happened to an old boyfriend of mine many years ago no matter how well you think you've washed your hands there is always a trace anyway he had to pee and yes he burned his poor mickey and had to stick in a glass of milk for about 20 mins and then scrub it in the shower he was in tears poor fella.... so mind where you put your hands later lol xx
uchikimatsu | 7th July 2015 01:48 (343 weeks ago)
Yes, just to be clear, I DID wash my hands first before I touched my face, but CLEARLY that was not good enough...
wardcoleman | 7th July 2015 07:10 (343 weeks ago)
HMMMM!!! Hot chili on the palm of your hands huh? I wonder it that gives Mr X any ideas for a future spanking session. (Says the sadistic one, fondly remembering the Deep Heat challenge from the Spank Jenga days). I hoper your face feels better @Chiki, but imagine that was Fraser's bottom!!
Cherylkay | 7th July 2015 07:37 (343 weeks ago)
I once had a top who thought he was going to rub Capsasum (which has the same ingredient that makes peppers hot) on a certain part of my anatomy and I put the kibash on that. When he asked why, intimating that I stopped him because I was "a chicken", I told him I'm allergic to hot peppers. A lot of people are and don't know it. Sorry to turn this serious, but a trip to the hospital isn't worth it for me. I always tell people make sure you're not allergic before playing with hot peppers or ointments containing capsasin. Deep Heat is probably OK >;-)
wardcoleman | 7th July 2015 08:13 (343 weeks ago)
Hi @Cheryl, once again fantasy and reality collide! :-) You are so right that, in real life it is important to play safe and consider health and safety issues. Of course, SLS Town is located on a parallel plane where these things may react differently. That said, I am sure Dave would not want to encourage irresponsible behaviour.

Deep heat is the equivalent of the Icy Hot in the USA, perhaps the ski-masked avenger could rub some of that on his hands, before dealing with a young lad straight out of a hot shower?
uchikimatsu | 7th July 2015 10:22 (343 weeks ago)
Thanks for asking @Ward, took about two hours for the burning to subside but it's 100% better now!
Lynne | 7th July 2015 20:34 (343 weeks ago)
At some point I had to go through advanced security training, a part of which meant being hit full in the face with pepper spray; Capsaicin. The only thing that works to decontaminate, so to speak, was copious amounts of water and even them my eyes felt like they had grit in them for three days afterwards. Using moisturizing cream or even petroleum jelly helped. When washing your hands post handling, it is going to take a bunch of times, not just once. Use dishwashing liquid or even dishwasher liquid/paste instead of regular soap.
uchikimatsu | 8th July 2015 00:16 (342 weeks ago)
Hey Lynnie! I honestly thought about jumping face-first into the pool, but read somewhere that water only spreads the oils and doesn't help the burn. I read that sugar works, and drinking soda or taking a sugar packet really does work for me if I've eaten something too spicy, but it wasn't practical for my face, and certainly wouldn't be practical for your eyes! Someone online suggested liquid antacid like Gaviscon or Maloxx on the affected area, which I didn't have, but I managed with the creative use of some Rolaids. All good now.

The really crappy thing? There were no actual visible signs of my suffering. I looked in the mirror and I definitely expected to see the charred and bloody remnants of my face hanging pitifully from my skull, but no, I didn't look at all like Satan himself had pissed up my nose, which is how I felt. The Butch had no real appreciation for my struggle. She said I looked fine.
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 17:18
General Observation:

In Fraser WTYFGH the team loses because Fraser is fighting with Harry and in Team Punishment the team loses because Fraser is fighting with Kevin. Seems like the problem is Fraser. Fraser might be a bit of a douche.
Ooleary | 4th July 2015 17:37 (343 weeks ago)
A randy little douche after his team mates girlfriends but ahh he's so cute xx
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 17:51 (343 weeks ago)
Indeed! Maybe it is he that needs to pay a visit to his strict uncle Sebastian who can warn him against the evils of womanizing, providing some anecdotal advice... and beat Fraser's sweet, sweet ass for some related or unrelated infraction... Doesn't matter, as long as Fraser's bare bum is spanked thoroughly and hard!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 17:59 (343 weeks ago)
General Observation - Uchikimatsu still has not written the review she promised about Fraser - WTYFGH!
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 18:21 (343 weeks ago)
Ouch. All out in public like that? Aight. I see how it is now, Dave.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th July 2015 19:20 (343 weeks ago)
I will stop at nothing when it comes to reading lovely things about the movies!
wardcoleman | 4th July 2015 19:51 (343 weeks ago)
Reviews apart, Chiki has raised a very valid point, the common factor to all the problems is Fraser. There is a vital need to get to the bottom of the problem, and that would appear to be Fraser's bottom. The team is going to carry on losing and receiving penalties until the problem is exposed and soundly dealt with.
uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 21:04 (343 weeks ago)
You know, this most excellent post by Ward makes me wish we had a "like" or "love" button to show general approval of someone's post, but maybe it could be a "spank" button instead that could also serve to bump topics to the top you wanted to remind people of or wanted fresh eyes or new members to see.
wardcoleman | 5th July 2015 07:53 (343 weeks ago)
"A spank" button could be fun, perpaps Dave could arrange for it to be connected to an electrical device in the seat of selected SLS actor's pants, which gives them a little shock whenever anyone spanks a comment about them .... um... sorry my mind is wandering!!

@Chicki glad you agree that we need to get to the bottom of the Fraser problem
Lynne | 4th July 2015 20:17
Hah...back :). Despite my overly paranoid system security measures I managed to get hacked. Took me a few days due to other things going on but the files inserted have been found and removed, the hacker sent packing, passwords changed and my firewall beefed up.

So, in the light of not having been here:

::upends a bucket of fluorescent colored confetti over Chiki::

::slides three trays of double chocolate fudge brownies on the table; pre-cut so Chiki doesn't attack anyone with her fork....again::

Now to catch up......

uchikimatsu | 4th July 2015 21:12 (343 weeks ago)
Oh, and how did I get singled out for the confetti treatment, Lynnie? I thought you liked me, LOL

::::picks confetti out of hair. and eye::::
Lynne | 4th July 2015 23:33 (343 weeks ago)
Eh, I've known you the longest :)
Hunter | 1st July 2015 20:49
I can't wait its Thursday tomorrow what has Dave in store for tomorrow
Hunter | 30th June 2015 18:50
Hi Dave

Just wondering where is Karl We have seen in a movie since the trust real punishment has he left like Adam I do hope not
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th June 2015 19:08 (344 weeks ago)
Don't worry, Karl is still around being naughty!
Ooleary | 30th June 2015 22:33 (343 weeks ago)
Good to know that I miss Karl too xx
Hunter | 1st July 2015 20:48 (343 weeks ago)
Thanks Dave

You got me wondering what has he been up to to be naughty
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 12:28
My conversation with the delightfully (not to say corruptively) imaginative Chiki was getting a bit too "random" over at the Dave Speaks Blog, but it got me thinking, if there was ever an off shoot of Straight Lads Spanked caller Super Heroes Spanked, which Super Heroes would you like to see spanked, and who should play them? (NO Bailey can't play them all!!!!0
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 12:49 (344 weeks ago)
LOL, is this where I get to admit I have a Batman/Robin spanking and discipline fetish??? Oh come on! That pairing lends itself so beautifully to TTWD..

If we are going with SLS lads to play parts, Ima say Oliver as Batman and Karl as Robin!
Another nice pairing would be Tommy/Lee
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 12:55 (344 weeks ago)
To my mind its a tight choice between Dom and Frazer as to which one wears the red, green and yellow costume and goes over Batman's knee
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 12:59 (344 weeks ago)
I had to zoom in really close to see what Alfred had on his tray. Then I LAUGHED SO HARD!!!!

love this, Ward! Dom would look great in that position...
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 13:01 (344 weeks ago)
A position he was most surely born to fill!
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 13:04 (344 weeks ago)
Now who plays Superboy?!! (or Superman for that matter)
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 13:05 (344 weeks ago)
I love that the artist tells us why Robin is getting his bottom blistered! I almost missed it... naughty, naughty Robin!
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 13:09 (344 weeks ago)
Yes, I like those little touches to the drawing, they add humour, which, bizarrely, I find sexy
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 13:10 (344 weeks ago)
Can we have John Barrowman back in the mix? There should always be John Barrowman.

I think Fraser makes a good Superboy.
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 13:27 (344 weeks ago)
John Barrowman certainly looks right as Superman (with suitable corsetry) but there's that little inconvenient fact again :-) Fraser would be great as Superboy
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 13:32 (344 weeks ago)
::::puts finger over Ward's lips::::

Ssssssshhhhhh..... John Barrowman
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 13:45 (344 weeks ago)
Point taken!! Henry Cavill has a lots that is spankworthy about him (says he changing the subject)
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 13:46 (344 weeks ago)
Who spanks who? Green Hornet/Kato???
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 13:55 (344 weeks ago)
Ha ha! Haven't seen a Superman movie since Christopher Reeve, so had to look that up, but totally worth it... Yum!

I was really confused what was going on with those dueling Superman movies... I just threw my hands up and gave up on it all... Hulk too.
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 14:00 (344 weeks ago)
Oh the Villains could do the spanking, Lex Luther could take his revenge on Superman, the Riddle, Joker and Penguin could take turns with Robin and even the Fiddler could get to ... well you know
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 14:04 (344 weeks ago)
I think if you grew up with DC comics, you somehow absorb the culture! I had an eclectic collection, The Legion of Super heroes, Batman and the Beano
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 14:06 (344 weeks ago)
You know, I I've the idea of a villain spanking a sidekick to piss off the superhero! If love to see Robin over the Joker's knee!!!

Like if Robin went after him alone and got in over his head. The joker wouldn't really harm Robin....
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 14:09 (344 weeks ago)
Then Batman would have to save him, and spank him again for being reckless
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 14:20 (344 weeks ago)
Exaaaaaaactly. Oh I do love the way you think, Ward!
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 14:21 (344 weeks ago)
Kindred spirits huh? :-)
uchikimatsu | 30th June 2015 14:59 (344 weeks ago)
Indeed. And while not exactly appropriate for SLS lad portrayal, there's still the X-men. I always thought that Beast (Hank McCoy) should really spank that brat Gambit (Remy LeBeau)
wardcoleman | 30th June 2015 15:34 (344 weeks ago)
You are right, the X-Men present us with all sorts of new potential (and a whole new audience) as you say Gambit is a particularly deserving bratt
Hunter | 25th June 2015 20:18
Hi everyone

If you like me and like Aaron what movie would you like to see him in for me it would be the bubble bath blued
Ooleary | 24th June 2015 22:36
Can't believe it's Thursday again tomorrow or SLS Day as i call it ,i wonder what Dave has in store for us this week...we were truly spoiled last way he can top that xx
Hunter | 24th June 2015 11:24
Hi Dave & everyone

I watch Aaron movie again and again but I have forgotten how old the young he is can anyone help so I can decide what movie's he would be suitable in when he comes back.
uchikimatsu | 24th June 2015 12:07 (344 weeks ago)
Its in the first paragraph of the description on the movie page
Ooleary | 24th June 2015 01:11
@chiki great questions to Dave on Kevin's movie dying for Dave to answer,that's why I love it so much it feels like an actual real real punishment
Ooleary | 23rd June 2015 11:48
I think i need some kind of intervention, I am obsessed with Kevin I need to watch him everyday,it used to be Dom but i didn't need to watch everyday just maybe every other day but there is just something about Kevin HELP.....
uchikimatsu | 23rd June 2015 12:02 (345 weeks ago)
Reminds me of that really creepy movie "We Need to Talk About Kevin" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
uchikimatsu | 23rd June 2015 13:22 (345 weeks ago)
Also, The Butch watched the Kevin movie last night and she adores it, even though it's decidedly short on dangly bits (she's obsessed!) Oh and that was not a pun in order to indirectly comment on the size of Kevin's manhood... Bwah ha ha ha ha!

She truly loved the film for the same reasons I do. I didn't say anything to her before playing it, but I could hear her "hmm" ing and "ah" ing at all the same places that gave me pause and made me sit up and pay closer attention. She may not be a spanko, but she's pretty astute, my little butchy.
Ooleary | 23rd June 2015 14:51 (345 weeks ago)
OMG I'd never heard of that movie so I've a few hours free before work so i looked it up online and watched it and I loved it,what a psycho child, great little actor though xxThanks
uchikimatsu | 23rd June 2015 15:01 (345 weeks ago)
The mom, tho....
uchikimatsu | 23rd June 2015 15:55 (345 weeks ago)
If you liked that one you might like "Antichrist" which is not about the devil or anything religious. It is, however, a very, very dark psychological horror film. A bit bizarre, actually.
Ooleary | 23rd June 2015 16:59 (345 weeks ago)
I'll check that out tonight after work love psychological thrillers and i'll let you know what i think xx
Cherylkay | 23rd June 2015 17:19 (345 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, I'm a HUGE fan of Kevin's, too! I find his discomfort delicious lol. I sincerely hope this doesn't make me a bad person.
uchikimatsu | 23rd June 2015 17:41 (345 weeks ago)
Orla, I did say psychological horror, not thriller, let me just cover my own ass on that one... In any case, let me know what you think!
Ooleary | 23rd June 2015 20:29 (345 weeks ago)
Hey Chiki There are 2 movies called Antichrist that i found is it the one with.William Dafoe xx
uchikimatsu | 23rd June 2015 20:34 (345 weeks ago)
Yes, the one with Willem Defoe is the one you want, just.... don't say I didn't warn ya! LOL enjoy!
Ooleary | 24th June 2015 00:25 (344 weeks ago)
Chiki what did you make me watch I'm going to have nightmares for sure but i loved it ha ha .Jesus the first 5 mins itself was so graphic between the sex scene and the baby falling out the window , then the stages of grief etc that was fine but once they got to the cabin in the woods , she turned all psycho , there were quite a few moments when i was peeping through my fingers esp when she screwed that wheelie thing to his leg , and OMG when she cut her lula with the scissors fuckin hell ~shivers~.

Anymore recommendations xx
uchikimatsu | 24th June 2015 00:56 (344 weeks ago)
I did warn you....
There's been lots of discussion on the interpretation of the religious historical symbolism in this movie, but basically it doesn't really mean anything. The author of the book wrote it when he was in a deep depression and has no idea where the imagry came from. But its fun to think about!
Hunter | 23rd June 2015 16:54
\I watch \Aaron movie again i cant wait to see him again he was a funny and Like Ooleary is with Kevin I am the same with Aaron so Please Dave lets have another one
Hunter | 22nd June 2015 18:59
Hi Dave.

Been a member now for 2 months and enjoyed every single minute of been here.

I like joining in when I can and enjoy the discussions
Hunter | 21st June 2015 14:15
Hi Dave/everyone by

Have anyone played the card game uno if so what about spank uno where the losers gets spanked by the winner
Hunter | 20th June 2015 07:57
I hit submit before I finished to my spank twister idea the loser gets spanked by the winner doesa home agree with me a d who would you like the models in spank twister k suggest Fred,Aaron, Paul,and finally Domwho would you choose and why
Lynne | 21st June 2015 13:39 (345 weeks ago)
Hi Hunter....Twister has already been done; I think it was actually done prior to the Jenga series. Go into the alphabetical movie listing and scroll down to Spank Twister.
Hunter | 20th June 2015 07:49
Hi Dave and fellow members

I have a random sugestion whatout a new group of lads doing spank twister it would be bevery. Funny.
uchikimatsu | 18th June 2015 20:01
So, with our Jenga Boys gone, I was wondering if it could be possible to somehow recreate that fantasy of SLSville where Dave weaves stories and lives together to create that continuity that made SLSville come alive.

If you could create a community of 3 or 4 from the pool of new lads, who would they be (and any reasons?)

I think I would choose Kevin, Fraser, Paul, and Aaron. No particular reason other than they seem like they could be friends. I'd like to throw Parker in there but I'm not sure he's coming back.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 18th June 2015 23:24 (345 weeks ago)
I wouldn't worry at all about any loss of the idea of SLSville. It existed long before Dom and his friends came along and trust me it will only grow and grow! Trust me on this one! :)
uchikimatsu | 18th June 2015 23:53 (345 weeks ago)
HOORAY! Now that we know the concept of SLSville reemains intact, I considered making an almost probably inappropriate remark about Tony and Steve. Something about DNA. But I decided against that.
uchikimatsu | 18th June 2015 19:10
I just wanted to thank you again for your very kind words and to let you in on a secret about writing. Sometimes, writing isn't about the best placement of a semicolon or finding the perfect word from a thesaurus. When I read your reviews here, words dance with your obvious joy and excitement. Your enthusiasm practically bubbles up and off my computer screen, infecting me with the same delight I imagine you are experiencing. When you write, your words flow with energy and a momentum I can only hope to capture in my writing one day. I believe to retain such child-like (not childish) enchantment is the rare and precious gift of an enlightened mind. Keep writing.

Never sell yourself short.
Ooleary | 18th June 2015 20:11 (345 weeks ago)
Thank you Chiki younhit the nail on the head there i do get very excited about new movies lol can't wait for tomorrow, kinda disappointed no movie today kept checking in every hour xx I hope it's a Dad one there my fave and i'll need cheering up tomorrow it's our last day of pre school and going to miss my little kiddies so much,they will be moving on to big school as they say themselves, but I'll have a new group in September.xx
Cherylkay | 15th June 2015 06:56
Have you ever had an "SLS moment" out in the real world? You know, a moment when some belligerent punk thinks he's going to get the best of you and you wished Mr.X would show up right in the nick of time? I had a moment like that tonight. My night job is working in a supermarket and usually, I like it. Tonight, this young British guy came in and walked into my line with his six pack. As I watched him, I thought he might be trouble because he looked too young. When he got to the register to check out, I asked him the usual (like did he find everything he needed) and he was very polite. I said "You're not from around here" and he confirmed he was attending a local college as an exchange student. He was in Morton (where I live) to watch some of his friends play baseball as he'd never seen it before. I told him I would need to see ID for the beer and he said "Not a problem" and took his driver's license out of his pocket. His English license was perfectly acceptable since it had his picture on it and had been issued by a government. When he handed it to me, I saw immediately that there WAS going to be a problem. He was born in 1997 and had just turned 18 within the last couple of months. I told him I was sorry but I couldn't sell the beer to him because he was underage. "That's bullocks! I'm 18!" he said, raising his voice. I told him calmly that the legal drinking age in America is 21. I was surprised none of his friends had told him. He asked if one of his friends, who was 21, could buy it for him and I said no, that's illegal too. He again tried to argue with me and he was getting louder and louder the longer it went on. I told him "You can yell and scream all you want to, young man, but you're leaving here without beer". He responded by calling me an "F'ing slag" and leaving. I wished with all my might that Dave had been there to see how he carried on and the way he cursed at me. If I had been inclined, I might have spanked him myself. I hate cursing and I dislike people who disrespect their elders. Sorry, I guess I'm old fashioned LOL.
uchikimatsu | 10th June 2015 13:15
The Butch thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

She is amazing, though I don't know how I feel about being the girlfriend of a senior citizen! LOL!

I love her like Rasputin loves speedos

She's the '67 Impala to my sawed-off shotgun full of rock salt

She's the Rory to my Amy

I would simply walk into Mordor for her

She IS the droid I'm looking for

Forever the yin to my yang, matching spark and Butch
wardcoleman | 10th June 2015 18:08 (346 weeks ago)
Happy birthday To The Butch! You have obviously found your soul mate you are both very lucky! :-)
uchikimatsu | 11th June 2015 14:05 (346 weeks ago)
Thank you kindly, Ward! I feel very lucky indeed!
Hunter | 13th June 2015 07:46 (346 weeks ago)
Hope you had lovely day and was the weather fine for your birthday
Lynne | 11th June 2015 20:42
Hallelujah praise the (insert deity of choice here) I get my kitchen back tomorrow! One month of paper plates, solo cups and trying to wash what few regular dishes I had to use in a small bathroom sink. I went through three full tanks of propane for the grill to avoid using pots and pans..which I would have had to wash :).
Hunter | 11th June 2015 06:41
cant wait to see the next movie
Hunter | 10th June 2015 08:27
Hi everyone

Just had thought it would be nice to see coach Bailey and Karl again I just watched the first encounter and thought 4 years have passed so let's have a another one
nanarr | 10th June 2015 08:44 (346 weeks ago)
Hi, Hunter, I'd like to see Bailey again in anything (especially as the spanker). Don't know if he's ever coming back; sure miss him! >>> SOB
uchikimatsu | 5th June 2015 20:24
So, next week The Butch turns 55, which is officially a "senior" under certain circumstances. I told her the first rule of Alzheimer's Club, is you don't talk about Chess Club.

She didn't think that was funny.
Cherylkay | 5th June 2015 20:52 (347 weeks ago)
I'll be 55 this year. too which means that I will be able to order off the senior menu at Denny's :-) I knew there were perks to getting older lol. Please wish her a Happy Birthday from me.
Ooleary | 5th June 2015 23:19 (347 weeks ago)
Happy B'Day The Butch 🎂🎁☺💋❤
Lynne | 6th June 2015 19:20 (347 weeks ago)
Huh...same age as my brother who turns the double nickel on the 17th :). June seems to be a busy birthday month. The Butch :), four ladies from the barn and my uncle (who hit 90 this year and still going uber strong :). My brother's birthday, father's birthday and Father's day are all in the same week. My grandfather was a June birthday as well.

Happy birthday to all :)
nanarr | 10th June 2015 08:30 (346 weeks ago)
Chiki, please tell The Butch happy birthday!
Lynne | 6th June 2015 23:07
Well, the drought has ended. 37 years since the last Triple Crown winner and American Pharaoh had an easy run of it. Looks like all the horses came through safe and healthy which is always a concern.
Cherylkay | 7th June 2015 01:23 (347 weeks ago)
I witnessed my 4th Triple Crown today---Secretariat (1973), Seattle Slew (1977), Affirmed (1978) and now American Pharaoh. I remember my mother watching Secretariat with tears streaming down her face. What can I say? We were horse people. My sister turned to me when it was over and said "Mom would have loved this" and I teared up. He ran a beautiful race. He never once looked like he was laboring. He's just a beautiful little horse and he deserved his moment in the sun.
uchikimatsu | 7th June 2015 04:55 (347 weeks ago)
Hey hey, you never mentioned being a "horse person" before, you definitely have something in common with the lovely Lynnie!
Cherylkay | 7th June 2015 05:52 (347 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I'm pretty sure my mom put me on a horse before I could walk LOL. I posted the photo of her with her horse, King on Twitter on Mother's Day. I still have the blue ribbon she won that day in 1947 (as a 12 year old and yes, she was 12 in the pic). Horses were our passion for many years and I walk bowlegged thanks to all the riding I did. I also have a very tough bottom :P
Lynne | 7th June 2015 13:27 (347 weeks ago)
I was 11 before I saw my first live horse :) but the bug bit me hard; 39 years later I am still at it. Former hunter/jumper type my nerves caught up with my age, or should that be common sense, and I am now, trying anyway, the dressage side of things. My horse has more knowledge than I do about dressage and he works hard to make sure I know he is smarter :). I told chiki once before that if it wasn't for riding, I would have been stuffed into an "I love me" jacket and be lying in a padded room somewhere a long time ago.
Cherylkay | 7th June 2015 16:54 (347 weeks ago)
@Lynne, I haven't ridden in years. My mother was quite good at dressage even when she was older. She did competition, mostly in dressage and show jumping, until a bad back forced her to quit and take up gardening (her other passion). What I love most is that she was able to pass that passion for horses on to my sisters and I. We spent a lot of lazy summer and fall weekends on trail rides through Illinois and Missouri. Horses almost always make me think of my mother. I'm happy to have found another horse person on this site :)
Lynne | 8th June 2015 18:35 (347 weeks ago)
Here is foaling season :). The little chestnut colt is at our barn; barn name Eros; Official Name: Sir Corazon. The little black filly is just a hair over a week old and belongs to a friend of mine; ame yet to be determined :). Both are specifically bred for dressage.
Hunter | 7th June 2015 22:00
Hi Dave

who was it who said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or beauty is skin deep all these sayings doesn't mean a thing to mem

if a model acts well and take his punishment and doesn't resist it that what really matter.

Plus another thing that means more in my book is manners and how to address each other
Ooleary | 6th June 2015 17:12
Even though i am a red head i do not have the fiery temper that's usually associated with it ,i'm calm , easy going and very tolerant of a lot of things but OMG Im pissed today after reading some of the comments on Aaron and his little bit of puppy fat, the poor guy , his acting top notch as was his spanking and his chemistry with Dave or Mr.X was brilliant i for one don't want to see more Aaron and love that Dave has a wide range of models to suit everyone,i enjoy the stories, the dialogue, the scolding and the spanking not just the eye candy i for one appreciate the Bailey's in this world he has got the best butt no doubt but his acting wouldn't be as good.

So please Dave give Aaron another shot at least xx
Ooleary | 6th June 2015 17:16 (347 weeks ago)
Just read back what i wrote and i meant that I do want to see more Aaron i do
Cherylkay | 6th June 2015 18:41 (347 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, you make a really good point. I also dislike seeing criticism of the models here, even though I know it's a free country and people are free to like who they want to and even to dislike who they want to. Even more, they're free to comment on it. But it always makes me feel bad for the poor model even though I know they don't read the boards here. I would imagine not being asked back tells them they didn't go over so well. The guys here aren't pros. Most of them are fit either because they work out or play sports or were simply blessed with great genes.
Lynne | 6th June 2015 18:47 (347 weeks ago)
I admit I blinked when I read that one line :). We have got to get Stuart to allow editing post posting :)

One thing that has been said many times before at various times, "we" have our own specific, hmm, preferences. Some prefer fit and firm, others prefer a more active response to things, stil some prefer the little boy lost (so to speak) look and some prefer the "so what are you gonna do about it" attitude.

For me at least, I don't look at one specific thing but at the overall effect. Sure, I prefer to see certain things, certain ways of reacting, but, I look at the overall effect. For example, it took me a while to warm up to Jay as his ongoing antics in the background just irritated me; that and the rather loud reaction to the spanking seemed to, acted, amplified so to speak, as at other times he was quiet, or quieter anyway.
Cherylkay | 6th June 2015 18:56 (347 weeks ago)
Sorry...hit submit too soon LOL.

Anyway, people who expect every guy to look like Bailey or Jay (who are gym rats, no doubt) will be disappointed when an average-looking model comes along. For me, I much prefer a guy who's great with the acting part and might leave a bit to be desired in the looks department than a stunner who just nods in response to Dave's words. To me, a beautiful body isn't enough to make up for it if there isn't anything else there.

I'll be honest and say that there are several models here who put me off, despite being fantastic to look at. Bailey is one of them. No matter what role he was playing, there was always a bit of the arrogant prick about him that I found distasteful even as I marveled at his gorgeous physique. But as you say, that's what I love about SLS---you get a nice mix of different types here. Dave knows he's not going to please everyone. But I prefer not to make negative comments regarding someone's looks when I review a movie because, quite frankly, it's usually something the guy can't help. I remember right before I joined the shit storm about Ryan's hair. A few mentioned that Ryan's curly hair prevented them from fully enjoying his movie. Aaron's shall we say, lack of muscle tone did nothing to take away from my complete enjoyment of his film because he quite simply acted his little cotton socks off (as the lovely Chiki would say). There are other guys, like Parker and Paul, who aren't my ideal physically, but that also didn't stop me from finding Parker's films delightful or enjoying seeing the cheeky Paul get what he had coming. Believe me, I enjoy the "regular lads" of Dave's films much more than the primped perfection I see on other sites.

So just to sum up...what @Orla said!!
uchikimatsu | 6th June 2015 19:08 (347 weeks ago)
All y'all know I don't give a rats ass about the models physical appearance, but honestly, what everyone seems to be calling baby fat looks to me like extra skin, as if he might have been a much larger person at one point and lost weight, but I could be wrong. Either way I really don't care.
uchikimatsu | 6th June 2015 19:17 (347 weeks ago)
I LOL'ed @ "the shit storm about Ryan's hair"

It boggles the mind, doesn't it...?
Cherylkay | 6th June 2015 19:43 (347 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I remember how passionate people were about it lol. Also whether or not Wayne should gel his or keep it dry. I made a promise too myself when I joined that I would never criticize a model's appearance beyond simply saying he's not my ideal. I've been criticized and had people reject me for being too fat and it just hurts like hell. I try to be body positive. The only thing I noticed about Aaron's abdomen is that he has an appendectomy scar (he's too young for it to be a gall bladder removal scar) LOL.

Also, the term "shit storm" is popular here in the Midwest, where we get storms of all kinds :-)
goodyuk | 6th June 2015 22:04 (347 weeks ago)
I personally like to see a variety of guys and LOVE it when the site gets new models to add to the repetoire. I personally love guys who are a natural build, the site should not all be muscles and pristine bodies, - everyone has a preference I guess, and there is no one on the site who is not good looking... if a particular model is not to your own particular liking, just be polite and keep quiet on it, there will be plenty that you like, and remember, one man's like is another man's dislike
goodyuk | 6th June 2015 21:56
Hi Dave

Loving the site. As quite a newbie here I have a couple of suggestions

1. On the models tab, I think it would be helpful to have a photo of the model next to their name in their category - as, as a newbie you sometimes forget who is who so this would help when scrolling down the model list. Well, in my opinion, not sure if you or anyone else will agree, or if it is logistically possible?

2. I absolutely love it when you interview the guys, especially the new guys. I love in particular to hear about any type of discipline that they might have got for real as a child in these interviews - many a time the guy has not had any but sometimes, the question see,s to get skirted over - would be nice to get more of the gory details where they exist!! Don't let them wriggle out of telling all! I also love getting some personal info stuff like do they smoke? (potential for a spanking?!) or perhaps stuff they ought to have got spanked for in real life but got away with, or got a lesser punishment.... again potential for a move!

3. Would love to see some moves too where the guys get an implement used on them first, maybe on their bare backsides, like in the good old days, and then this could be cemented later with a vigorous hand spanking! Kinda the reverse to how things normally pan out - for maybe the experienced models who you know can take it well, the "no warm up" would possibly make them squirm more..... or this could be kind of a major sanction when you want to punish a model for screwing up in some way, punctuality, cancelled meets, etc etc

Just a few initial thoughts coupled with some of my own pervs!

Keep up the great work - more interviews and all the other stuff (I love real reactions, I love it when a guy is majorly embarrassed or uncomfortable with what he is going through, and when he finds the punishment hard to take!!_ Also love the gratuitous nudity - long may it continue!

Have you ever spanked anyone to tears??...... maybe you could film a series where that happens for real..... maybe I am throwing down the gauntlet for the experienced guys who have been here an age and can take it really well........ or for those newbies who wanted to earn the extra by not stopping until tears.....?

Who knows... maybe you will indulge me with incorporating some of this, and I will be interested to see if I get a reply... and indeed what it is!! :)

Cheers for listening

Ooleary | 23rd May 2015 13:09
Ok cos I'm working 2 jobs all week between the preschool and the shop i catch up on all my soaps and tv prog on the wkend and i just finished watching this weeks Eastenders (my American friends you probably don't know this) on mondays episode Dean and his parents are sitting at table and Dean is basically telling them what awful parents they etc and finally Dad has enough and tells him to pack it in and Dean says OR WHAT YOU'LL TAKE ME ACROSS YOUR KNEE i kept replaying that moment
uchikimatsu | 23rd May 2015 14:07 (349 weeks ago)
hey Orla, EastEnders is actually fairly popular here in the States. I watched it when I was much younger. we have lots and lots of UK programming in the States, especially with the advent of satellite television. some of the programming I've watched includes Doctor Who, of course, Wallander, Sherlock, mi - 5 one of my all time favorites, Luther, the fall, peaky blinders, Bletchley Circle,some of the older stuff would be like Monty Python, are you being served, Fawlty Towers,AbFab,Ballykissangel, bless me Father, and probably a million more that don't come to mind right now!
Cherylkay | 23rd May 2015 15:31 (349 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, when a spanking threat happens out of the blue like that, we call it a startle. Startles are awesome when they happen :-)
uchikimatsu | 23rd May 2015 15:41 (349 weeks ago)
Cheryl, I never knew there was an actual name for that! Startles are my absolute favorite thing! The worst Park is when you're watching with a non Banco and you have to act all cool and calm like it didn't affect you, well you're going all crazy on the inside! what are some of your favorite mainstream startles?
Ooleary | 23rd May 2015 16:31 (349 weeks ago)
@chiki Sorry I should have known that seeing as it's mostly American programmes i watch like all the CSI LAW&ORDER MENTALIST CASTLE CHICAGO FIRE CHICAGO PD SCANDAL etc plus my English and Australian soaps Home&Away Neighbours Emmerdale Eastenders Corrie Shortland Street.
Cherylkay | 5th June 2015 23:57 (347 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I'm so sorry! I just saw your question LOL. Please forgive me for being late to respond. It's strange, but my favorite startle is from a movie I barely remember because I haven't seen it since I was young. It was a movie called "The All American Boy", a boxing movie starring Jon Voigt. The movie came out in 1973 and I think I saw it in the theater because in those days, there was no other way to see movies except on television with the crap edited out of them. Anyway, Voigt's character, Vic is sitting on a couch and a young girl is sitting across from him (or maybe next to him, I don't remember) doing something that he finds really irritating (again, the memory is faulty on exactly what it was). He looks up with those gorgeous blue eyes and tells her something like "If you do that one more time, I'm gonna put over you over my knee!" What made it such a startle is that it was the first line in the film. I don't even remember the details clearly. The only thing I remember clearly is how my little teenage heart skipped several beats when I heard that. For me, a startle is more exciting if no spanking actually happens. Unfortunately, the little girl stopped whatever it was she'd been doing. I would absolutely die to see that scene again.
Ooleary | 23rd May 2015 17:00
It's official the final votes are in IRELAND SAYS YES #MarRef2015
switchers | 21st May 2015 23:32
Note to self: Just because your 22 year old son can jump off the side of your three foot tall concrete porch doesn't mean you can, too. In future, it would be good to remember this as you sit here with a badly sprained ankle. NEXT TIME USE THE STEPS YOU STUPID COW! *groans* :o)
Ooleary | 22nd May 2015 00:08 (349 weeks ago)
I hear you.... at the moment I'm nursing 2 sprained ankles which my class of 3/4yr olds thought was hilarious a real practice what you preach tale about running and looking in front of you YOU GOTTA LOVE THEM PAINKILLERS THOUGH .
uchikimatsu | 22nd May 2015 00:32 (349 weeks ago)
Ouch! Hope you feel better soon...and ice it down...
Cherylkay | 22nd May 2015 06:01 (349 weeks ago)
@switchers and @Ooleary. I hope you both heal up soon. And yes...I love painkillers :-)
Ficwriterjet | 22nd May 2015 15:31 (349 weeks ago)
Ouch! I hope it heals up quickly. LOL - yeah you're right, trying to do the same physical acts that your kids can do probably isn't the best plan. Just trying to keep up with my kids wears me out some days.
Ooleary | 22nd May 2015 00:46
Big referendum here in Ireland tomorrow ,I'm voting YES FOR EQUALITY 👫 👬 👭 LOVE IS LOVE xx
Hunter | 21st May 2015 19:52
Hi Dave

I have had a look at some spanking websites and disliked everything until I watched a number of your videos and I liked what I saw and that's why! I became a member of your great website. So a big thank you
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st May 2015 20:08 (349 weeks ago)
Why thank you very much Hunter! I am glad you are enjoying my work! :)
uchikimatsu | 20th May 2015 01:58
So I made this silly little comic strip of me eating sushi from Ryan's torso and thought I'd share with you guys. I'm pretty sure I don't need any kind of disclaimer about it being just a smidge risque... Hope you enjoy!
Cherylkay | 20th May 2015 02:06 (349 weeks ago)
OMG Chiki! You are brilliant!! That was absolutely how I would picture it going lol. WTG girl!
wardcoleman | 20th May 2015 05:11 (349 weeks ago)
LOL!! That is excellent, really clever and amusing
Ooleary | 20th May 2015 06:12 (349 weeks ago)
I love it ,so funny,especially the last shot too much sushi I think xx
red1967 | 20th May 2015 10:05 (349 weeks ago)
I agree very funny well done Chiki you got love the last one
uchikimatsu | 20th May 2015 13:04 (349 weeks ago)
Thanks guys! I make this stuff to entertain myself and I'm always thrilled when anyone else gets enjoyment from my random musings 💋
Ooleary | 3rd May 2015 11:58
I'm home alone for the Bank Holiday weekend cos I'm sick😤😥😩😷 and now it looks like I'm home alone here too ....Where is everyone 😔😔
wardcoleman | 3rd May 2015 13:48 (352 weeks ago)
Hi Oolary Sorry to hear you are unwell, and alone at home, that is certainly nit much fun. Cheer yourself up by thinking of what Straight Lad you would like to see spanked, by whom, with what, and why, then write and let us know.

Here is my suggestion Fraser (or Dom) has a new job working for an investment firm, he starts stealing money from the firm (perhaps two or three thousand pounds) but he gets caught by his boss (say Andy or Bailey) who gives him a choice of either being reported to the police, or taking a bare bottom spanking every morning before work, until he has paid off the money he stole, at £100 a spanking. Each day the boss brings in a different implement to spank him with. That way his bottom will be sore all day as he sits at his desk.
Ooleary | 3rd May 2015 14:39 (352 weeks ago)
The rest of my family gone to Cork for the weekend to visit my Uncles and Auntie but i have a viral infection and didn't want to spread it so i chose to stay at home.

Thanks Ward that's cheered me up but poor Fraser spanked every morning for 2 weeks not nice lol.

Seeing as been watching Kevin again today I'll choose:

Kevin Spankee

Mr.X Spanker

Weapon Hand and Paddle

Reason ( Well this happened at our local football pitch last weekend ) Kevin is football player and the team are through to the finals so this is a big important match and both teams are in it to win it and both teams are local teams and are sworn enemies and it's not just the players but the crowd aswell and you can feel the tension in the air no one is giving an inch halfway through an off the ball incident happens that the ref misses one of the players from the opposite team gives Kevin a dig in ribs with his elbow and Kevin goes down screaming foul but the ref plays on so Kevin gets up curses the ref gets right up in his face cursing and swearing so the ref pulls out a yellow card for Kevin but he's so pissed off he pulls card off ref rips it up soits
Ooleary | 3rd May 2015 14:41 (352 weeks ago)
Spits at ref and storms off and then Mr.X is friends with the Coach of course and he gets called in to deal with Kevin

Ooleary | 3rd May 2015 14:50 (352 weeks ago)
Our lad got 6 match ban and our club got fined 500e but i think that warming his ass with the paddle would have cooled his hot head
uchikimatsu | 3rd May 2015 15:24 (352 weeks ago)
Hey Ward! Love your idea of white collar employee spanked for stealing/embezzling. I think Fraser would fit the bill nicely with Rico as the sharply dressed boss that catches him. I cant even imagine someone getting a spanking every day in a row, especially with an implement (you are quite evilly sadistic (its a beautiful thing) but I can imagine once a week! What if it was after work on a Friday, so the poor lad had little chance of having any fun over the weekend? Bwah ha ha ha ha!

Orla - so sorry to hear you're not feeling well {{{HUGS}}} Sending healing thoughts and energy your way. I love your idea also! We've seen players fighting each other, and players late/absent, but I don't think we've seen players directly aggressive toward the coach before. Maybe it could be implyed that Kevin was already spanked in a spontaneous angry fit by the coach in front of the players and fans, but was sent to Mr. X for a proper job of it. LOL LOL LOL LOL!
Ooleary | 3rd May 2015 15:40 (352 weeks ago)
@chiki love it love it love it xxx

Maybe Dave should hire us to write his scripts lol
wardcoleman | 3rd May 2015 17:06 (352 weeks ago)
Yes @chiki I admit I am just a tad sadistic, but its fun! I like your idea @Ooleary, sports themes are always popular, and as Chiki mentions there is always the possibility of a public spanking in a sports scenario
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 17:35 (352 weeks ago)
I very much enjoyed reading this! Oh and hope you feel better son Ooleary!
Ooleary | 24th April 2015 02:10
I haven't stopped laughing all night at work, retelling this story to the annoyance of my ( ex ) friend ( not really).This poor lady came into the shop and she had a bad cough and was very hoarse so we were talking to her and my friend Maire said that she should go to the health food shop and ask for Euthanasia ha ha i think she meant Echinacea but Euthanasia would get rid of it too.
Cherylkay | 24th April 2015 03:08 (353 weeks ago)
Yeah, it would cure her permanently LOL.
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 19:55
Just curious, does anyone have any head canon for SLS? Something you believe to be true, or something that just makes sense to you about SLSville even though there is no evidence in the movies?

For instance, I think Oliver cries after his spankings in private when no one is watching. No evidence at all that this is true, but I've adopted it as my personal SLS canon.

I'm really curious I'd anyone else had any head canon about SLS?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 20:58 (354 weeks ago)
Oh My! I have loads! If only I read this blog...
Lynne | 21st April 2015 21:08 (354 weeks ago)
I have to agree with your assessment Chiki, and not just with Oliver. Andy, Karl, Wayne, and Adam all make me think post filming there may be some emotional release after some shoots; not necessarily all but just the end expressions for some of their vids. Those with t he most "evidence," so to speak, are after the real spankings. Although real I didn't get the feeling with me he was just wigged as mabe first visits, regardles sof scenario, may go.

My other head idea is that after a shoot Dave doesn't just hand them cash and show them the door. We know from interviews post shoot models have stayed but I am guessing, and I know I put this to Dave once but he didn't actually answer :), he makes sure they have leveled again before allowing them to leave. Whether it is a quick drink (non-alcohol; ::gives sideways glance at Dave::) and/or a chat

uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 21:22 (353 weeks ago)
Hey Lynne! I was really thinking more along the lines of what the characters might do. We get only a fleeting glimpse via the clips, but sometimes my imagination takes over and my brain starts filling in the blanks of life in SLSville.

Another example would be that I have always imagined Andy messes up on purpose because he misses the strong guidance of his father, and Mr. X acts as a kind of surrogate. Recently, my own personal canon was sort of confirmed when Andy went to his uncle to ask for discipline.
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 21:23 (353 weeks ago)
Dave, do I need to tee-post this in Ask Dave or Suggestion Blog for you to answer?
Lynne | 21st April 2015 21:38 (353 weeks ago)
Ah well :)..what I wrote is sort of along the same lines..just more technical than fantastical (is that a word?) or philosophical; I must be in an "ical" mood today.

I've had the picture more than once of that pub owner who has the never ending charity jar, wiping out a glass with a towel, shaking his head and wearing a fond smile as yet another 50 pounds is deposited from an embarrassed lad :).
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 21:57 (353 weeks ago)
There is one thing that has surprised me. No one has ever asked what actually happened to Andy, Patrick and Dan's father...

Lynne | 21st April 2015 22:00 (353 weeks ago)
I think the wish to know has been on a few people's minds, especially after BIC1, but that is also a very private thing.
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 22:02 (353 weeks ago)
oh my goodness, it never occurred to me that you actually had a back story for Andy's father. I always assumed he was just gone. so Dave, will you let us in on the story you had in mind, or are you saving it to be revealed in a future clip?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 22:08 (353 weeks ago)
I was just wondering if people just presumed that he was dead?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 22:15 (353 weeks ago)
Also my flatmate has a theory about Mr X. He reckons that he is a character a bit like James Bond where it's the title that stays the same but the person playing him changes. So that it's perfectly acceptable that in 40 years time that Mr X will still exist in SLS ville but just with somebody else taking on the role....
lorilee | 21st April 2015 22:18 (353 weeks ago)
It was n my mind but I just left it up to privacy , I would love to know everything about all my boys but that is just a dream.

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 22:22 (353 weeks ago)
Don't forget we are talking about the characters of SLSville and not real life...
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 22:28 (353 weeks ago)
Dave, I absolutely did assume that Andy's father was dead. looking back I now see that you have left his fate completely vague and open-ended. the brothers never say their dad is dead, only that he's not there. Oliver's dead also says something like how tragic it was what happened to Andy's dad. so, not necessarily dead, could he be in jail?
Ooleary | 21st April 2015 22:31 (353 weeks ago)
@Dave i didn't think Andy's dad died i thought like a lot of irish fathers he had a drink problem and mam kicked him out
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 22:32 (353 weeks ago)
LOLZ @ your flatmate, Dave, I love that idea! Why should the spanko world be deprived of quality material when you get old and decrepit...?
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 22:33 (353 weeks ago)
Ha ha, Orla, you're so Irish!
Ooleary | 21st April 2015 22:42 (353 weeks ago)
@chiki I totally agree with Oliver having a cry and getting a hug from Dave after his spanking esp the real punishment and the bath brush one.I don't see Andy crying i see him laughing and messing, having a cup of tea standing up of course til his bum cools down snd it's time to go home.Dom and Wayne the same as Andy messers.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 22:45 (353 weeks ago)
I purposely never killed Dad off on-screen, always wanted to leave it open-ended. Could be Jail, could have gone to a different country to work... could have had money troubles and just left the family...or maybe he is dead... I guess only time will tell! :)
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 22:49 (353 weeks ago)
hey Orla, I was really talking about what went on with the characters in the fictional world of SLSville. although you and Lynne seem to be on the same wavelength. I guess I don't prefer to speculate about the models real life (maybe out of respect for privacy), and just enjoy imagining life in SLSville.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 22:53 (353 weeks ago)
Oh and my flatmate also doesn't think that Mr X lives in the place where he dishes out the punishment.. what are the thoughts on that one?
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 23:11 (353 weeks ago)
I think your flatmate is right Dave. it would be quite impossible for Mr X to live in the same space where he metes out all the discipline.I think his identity would be too easily compromised as neighbors would see him as he comes and goes from his home.
and wouldn't neighbors be curious why a parade of hot young lads constantly streamed through the home of the nice widowed gentleman on the estate.

did I use Estate correctly? Should it have been "in the estate" instead? Just flexing my UK vocabulary muscles.
Ooleary | 21st April 2015 23:12 (353 weeks ago)
@Dave I agree with your mate Mr.X has to live somewhere else he only lives there on the weekends to punish the lads. I think when he's not Mr.X i think he's like a president or ceo of some big bank or company that's very stressful and he looks forward to the weekends when he can get away and de stress on some naughty boys xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 23:14 (353 weeks ago)
"on the estate" is perfect!
Ooleary | 21st April 2015 23:19 (353 weeks ago)
@chiki real life , SLS ville all merges into one for me,just like i think Dave/Mr.X and Dads are all different people ... i know I'm a nutter ha ha
Cherylkay | 21st April 2015 23:23 (353 weeks ago)
Well, I just got home from work (I feel like that's all I do lol) and saw this awesome convo. Yes, I do have head canon when it comes to SLS and the various lads. In my head cannon, the lads have younger brothers who will one day turn 18 and perhaps fall into the clutches of Mr. X. They will turn up for punishment having been forewarned by their older brothers about Mr. X does. I like to believe that Mr. X does punish the lads where he lives. I don't think that the boys would be as comfortable going to an office to be spanked. I think going to an office would add an impersonal, dehumanizing aspect to the punishment.
@Dave, I never suspected that the Lee family father had died. If he had, there could have been a nice Irish wake and then closure. I always assumed that he'd abandoned the family for some reason. Death can be gotten over, but the pain and betrayal of an abandonment would easily account for the way things fall apart so quickly for the Lee boys.
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 23:23 (353 weeks ago)
Orla, I try to keep those things separate just because the fantasy is always better than the reality! in SLSville there is no Dave, but you are right Mr X and all the dads are completely different characters.
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 23:25 (353 weeks ago)
Cheryl, I always imagined younger siblings for the lads you, usually in the das scenarios. in my head, they are always lurking just within earshot of the unfortunate naughty lad being spanked!
Lynne | 21st April 2015 22:07
We have hit 1400 posts in the Random Blog. Hey Dave, remember the 200 spanks suggestion for some brave, volunteer? 3:)
wardcoleman | 19th April 2015 16:16
In the new lad Kevin's interview he said he would prefer to be spanked with an "implement" rather than have a man's bear hand touch his bottom. I wonder what other implement other members would like to see Kevin, or any other lad of your choice. spanked with?
Domfan | 19th April 2015 18:32 (354 weeks ago)
I had a naughty answer all ready. But I controlled myself.
uchikimatsu | 19th April 2015 19:50 (354 weeks ago)
@Domfan - please, my dear, don't censure yourself on our account!
Cherylkay | 19th April 2015 22:19 (354 weeks ago)
I'd choose the cane just because it's my favorite implement to have used on me. I love Liam's Valentine Caning and watch that one a lot. I also like the birthday spankings because they feature the cane. However, I'm pretty sure none of the guys, let alone Kevin, are keen to feel the cane.
Ooleary | 18th April 2015 20:09
I wonder if Dave will surprise us tomorrow with bonus movie or interview ,he seems to be in a funny,giddy mood these past few days so who knows...
Cherylkay | 18th April 2015 21:46 (354 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, I sure hope so. And yes, Dave does seem to be in a...dare I say it?...mischievous mood these days.
Cherylkay | 16th April 2015 21:16
OK, I have to be honest and say that my boss caught me looking at SLS while I was at work today. Like a lot of offices here in the States, our office closes from noon to one o'clock so that we can go to lunch. I had some work to catch up on so I decided to take lunch at my desk. The CLOSED sign was out and everyone else was gone so I decided to look at the comments on the new movie today. Just as I got on the website, my boss came back into the office because he'd forgotten his umbrella. He looked at what I was watching and said "Cheryl, do I pay you to look at men's bottoms?" "No," I replied. "What do I pay you to do?" he asked. I replied "Answer the phone and file claims." He was goodnatured about what I was doing because I was technically at lunch. But...I had to explain the my fetish is for spanking, not looking at men's bottoms (though I like doing that, too!). I have to say that, after spending 20 minutes explaining what I like about spanking to him, I have one of the coolest bosses on the planet. And I still have my job :D
Lynne | 17th April 2015 17:05 (354 weeks ago)
I had a similar experience. I had brought in my personal laptop as I was working on some work items with a program we didn't have on the main system. I pulled up a vid I had stored but hadn't watched yet and while things were quiet and empty in the office over lunch, I tuned it in with headphones. What I didn't realize at the time was my supervisor had stuck his head around the partition at some point; my back was to the opening. He didn't say anything but came out later, in private, with the surprise announcement he saw it. What was embarrassing was that he knew; what was even more of a surprise was that he admitted to being a lifestyle Dominant which he and his wife utilized in their marriage. It could have been sticky as I was still in uniform at the time, but it never affected how we worked with one another and to this day we are still very good friends.
Cherylkay | 17th April 2015 19:41 (354 weeks ago)
@Lynne, I think my boss is at least interested. The job I just left was with a man who used to be my top and I had to tread that line between familiarity and professionalism. It's amazing to me how many people are either into the lifestyle or interested in getting in. I really hope my boss didn't go home that night and announce to his wife that he was going to spank her lol. I guess I'll ask him Monday when I see him next. It's a really good thing that your supervisor was involved in the kink community or it could have gotten a bit dodgy for you lol.
Lynne | 17th April 2015 23:17 (354 weeks ago)
HI Cheryl....what got me was finding out just how many military types were into some level of the lifestyle/fetish. Maybe it is a simple matter of the work they do, chain-of-command and so on so it was a natural way of thinking, but when I finally jumped into the pool, so to speak, the number of people, male and female alike, from all stages of the military (active, retired or just served for a short time and got out)that I met while roaming about was an eye opener :).
uchikimatsu | 17th April 2015 23:37 (354 weeks ago)
@Lynne - I can see how it could be a very short jump from an interest in discipline to the military 😜

I do love a (wo)man in uniform. Thats HAWT!
Cherylkay | 18th April 2015 04:16 (354 weeks ago)
@Lynne, I think there's something to what you're saying. My dad was a Marine and, believe me, discipline was his strong suit LOL.
Ooleary | 17th April 2015 00:43
My sister's getting married tomorrow and i got my hair done today so I'm staying up all night watching my favourite lads don't want to mess my hair up by going to bed lol plus my sis keeps ringing freaking out about little things like what if we forget/lose rings ,what if i trip or tear dress,what if one of the kids get sick or forget their readings,what if hotel made a mistake and double booked our reception, what if we crash the car on the way to the ceremony, thank god I'm a calm rational person and i love her so much otherwise we'd be going to a funeral and not a wedding.
Cherylkay | 17th April 2015 04:17 (354 weeks ago)
Oh nothing but warm thoughts and good wishes on the happy day :) But aren't you going to be tired? I mean, I've stayed up watching the lads but not when I had to look good the next day LOL. Big huge hugs to you, sweetie. I'm so happy for your sister.
Ooleary | 17th April 2015 04:38 (354 weeks ago)
Tired no but when the day is all over and i'm back at home again I'll fall into a coma
Ooleary | 17th April 2015 05:00 (354 weeks ago)
Ps thanks Cheryl my sister has been through a lot to get to this point and she really deserves a happy ending that's why I'm so nervous and excited too .
Aimee | 17th April 2015 13:49 (354 weeks ago)
Have a wonderful day and i hope it is a dream come true for your sister hunny. Cant wait to hear all about it.
uchikimatsu | 17th April 2015 13:54 (354 weeks ago)
I was privileged enough to get a pic of Orla with her hair done and in her outfit...She looks absolutely stunning!

Sending out good thoughts for a beautiful, flawless event....
Ooleary | 17th April 2015 20:54 (354 weeks ago)
Thank you Chiki,Aimee and Cheryl it went wonderfully, everyone happy esp the kids it was really truly a very special day
Ooleary | 16th April 2015 09:33
Watched Kevin's interview again this morn really like this guy what are the chances of his movie being today's new release ???
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th April 2015 10:43 (354 weeks ago)
If only I read the Random Blog I could answer your question! :P
Ooleary | 16th April 2015 12:10 (354 weeks ago)
Yes roll on 2.30 xxx
Ooleary | 29th March 2015 16:47
:(:(:( no little extra surprise vids today ,i guess I'll just have to watch Fraser again .
uchikimatsu | 29th March 2015 18:09 (357 weeks ago)
I could probably watch Fraser every day...
Ooleary | 29th March 2015 19:10 (357 weeks ago)
I agree he is so perfect. . .
Cherylkay | 30th March 2015 00:14 (357 weeks ago)
Look at us...pouting like spoiled brats because Dave didn't release a bonus this week LOL. I can't stop watching Fraser. I would love to see him work with Dom and/or Harry. I think I might actually die satisfied if that ever happened.
uchikimatsu | 30th March 2015 00:17 (357 weeks ago)
I need to see Fraser with his dad. I know it's been filmed, but I die a little inside every day it's not released...
Ooleary | 30th March 2015 00:42 (357 weeks ago)
I'm wondering is it a WTYFGH or BUBBLE BATH BLUES, me personally want bubble bath blues, Fraser is perfect for OTK weekend is Easter who knows Dave might have a little treat for us xxx
Cherylkay | 30th March 2015 02:05 (357 weeks ago)
I hope it's Bubble Bath Blues, for sure though part of me wants to see Fraser get the belt. And YES! I hope Dave has a special Easter treat for us :D
uchikimatsu | 30th March 2015 02:46 (357 weeks ago)
I'm slightly biased toward BBBLues because those clips seem to have a calmer vibe and exasperated dad as opposed to the wits-end furious dad we see in WTYFGH. But its Fraser, I'll take either. Both would be nice, actually...
red1967 | 30th March 2015 22:41 (357 weeks ago)
I don't mind if the next movie is WTYFGH. or BBB As I love both of them I just want to see Fraser again . @ Cherylkay Having Fraser in a Movie with Dom/ Harry sounds grate But also having him with the Lee brothers, Oliver and Fred As they are my favourites OMG I need to go watch some Lee brothers and Oliver and Fred movie As it's been a few days since I watch any but first I need to watch Fraser again
nanarr | 3rd April 2015 00:19 (356 weeks ago)
I'd like to see Fraser in BBBlues since I like OTK best of all (Cheryl, he could still get the belt OTK, Dave's done it before to others). However, I could watch BBBeating, too. Maybe both? Perhaps Patrick could spank Fraser for some reason (any reason lol) ... does Patrick still have the cupped hand problem? Or maybe Andy could spank Fraser and Patrick could spank Dan? As you can tell, I'm jonesing for a Lee brothers fix and I really enjoyed Fraser. Could we maybe have something like that, please? Pretty please with sugar on top?
uchikimatsu | 3rd April 2015 00:40 (356 weeks ago)
LOL @nanarr, jonesing much? Here, this should help.

:::hands nanarr a nice tall glass of calm the hell down:::
nanarr | 3rd April 2015 06:26 (356 weeks ago)
Thanks, I needed that. Much better now LOL!
Ooleary | 5th April 2015 10:26 (356 weeks ago)
Just saw pics on twitter so re our debate Fraser WTYFGH or BBBlues it's WTYFGH judging from the belt marks on his little bottom xx
Aimee | 5th April 2015 15:04 (356 weeks ago)
Is that what youd hoped for out of the two Orla?
Ooleary | 5th April 2015 16:25 (356 weeks ago)
No Aimee i wanted BBBlues but hey its Fraser he might come back and do one ..fingers crossed.
Cherylkay | 5th April 2015 17:46 (356 weeks ago)
I also wanted Bubble Bath Blues, but seeing those belt marks on Fraser's lovely bottom and thighs whets my appetite for a belting! I've already admitted I have a slight sadistic streak, yes :D. Happy Easter to Dave, Art. Stuart and all the lads and members. You folks have no idea what you add to my dull, boring life LOL.
Aimee | 5th April 2015 15:03
Fuzzy head...where are the pain killers? Champagne is bad
Ooleary | 5th April 2015 10:20
HAPPY EASTER everyone, Dave, Art,Stuart, All the Boys,All the members,Daisy and the cats.xx👯☺💋💗🐰🐣
Ooleary | 5th April 2015 10:19
HAPPY EASTER everyone, Dave, Art,Stuart, All the Boys,All the members,Daisy and the cats.xx👯☺💋💗🐰🐣
red1967 | 5th April 2015 08:50
Hi all just got back from work Just wanted to say HAPPY EASTER to everyone on SLS I hope everyone has a wonderful day I'm off to bed and I'm looking forward to watching the Jays interview, Andy and Toms movie before work tonight from me goodnight (=,= )
() (),
uchikimatsu | 3rd April 2015 20:45
Today I am grateful for two people that chose to show understanding and compassion instead of completely writing me off as the asshole I sometimes am.

Faith in Humanity Status:
Ooleary | 3rd April 2015 19:30
Dave thanks for the mini stroke/heart attack I'm on a break at work so like every other day i log in to see if anyone is blogging and so i Google str and a new page pops up it looks great but I'm panicking how the hell do i log in where are all the blogs but as you can see i figured it out ,(I'm not good with change, I'm a real creature of habit )
Aimee | 31st March 2015 00:11
Hi everyone. I have been very quiet lately so thought I would pop in and say hello and see how everyone is doing? Have I missed any fun debates?
uchikimatsu | 31st March 2015 00:48 (357 weeks ago)
Hi gorgeous kitteh!

Let's see...I just watched both Karl's real punishment and Oliver's real punishment back to back to compare them. Conclusion: there is no comparison...

I wrote a long and detailed post about the BIC installment where Oliver spanks Fred but when I clicked the submit button it all disappeared. I was so pissed I haven't been inclined to start over. That's happened more times than I can count. You would think I'd learn to copy all my posts before trying to submit! Clearly I'm thick headed!

We're just now debating on whether well see Fraser again in WTYFGH or reasons why we prior one over the other...

What's your take?
Aimee | 31st March 2015 01:08 (357 weeks ago)
When will you learn to copy your comments Chiki? Lol

I ahree the two real punishment movies are totally different you couldn't really compare the two.they both have very different atmospheres about them.

The Wtyfgh & BBB battle is a toughie for me. I do love a BBB because they are simple and I've always liked that spanking in pj's before bed "you'll be sleeping on your tummy tonight" premise. The only thing with them is I am not a fan of the whole bath scene. I know shock, horror. The little straight lady member of the male figure appreciation society doesn't like the bath scene. It just does nothing for me and I find myself skipping it. I know, I know it is so weird for it not to suit me. I love WTYFGH too. Those for me though depend on the performance of the model very much for me. They have to be good reaction actors or it can become a bit repetitve. In other words, I think I'd be just as happy to see him do either :)
uchikimatsu | 31st March 2015 01:19 (357 weeks ago)
I think Fraser is more suited to a BBBlues scene as his attitude is on the soft and polite side which would mesh well with the softer premise of BBBlues. However, it would also be pretty exciting to see someone like that, kind of scared and quiescent, submit to a good thrashing...

And that is why we need to have both. And soap, eventually. And face touching. Yeah...face touching...

Yes, I copied this post before submitting...
Ooleary | 31st March 2015 01:24 (357 weeks ago)
@Aimee hope all is well with you ,missed your posts.I'm totally with you on skipping forward on the bathing scenes ,for me the lads are gorgeous but i just want to get into Dave's bathroom and it's not to give the lads a good scrubbing but the grout in between his bathroom tiles lol..I'm a total clean freak xx
uchikimatsu | 31st March 2015 01:31 (357 weeks ago)
OMG, what is it with women in Ireland and cleaning?

Y'all need to spend a few weeks at my house...get that shit clean and organized. I am about the most disorganized human on earth...

I like to skip the bath scenes when I'm alone, but when The Butch is with me we have to watch. She likes analyzing and commenting on the lads' junk. She's got a fascination with it. Total penis envy.

I do like watching them get into pajamas for some reason, and getting into bed to sleep. I think it's the voyeur in me that feels as if I'm spying on someone which makes even mundane tasks look exciting...
Ooleary | 31st March 2015 01:46 (357 weeks ago)
@chiki I will sort your house out no prob i love cleaning ,i put the radio on full volume and i scrub away to my hearts content singing along happy out ,that's how i unwind and that's my me time everyone knows to stay away when I'm on one of my cleaning sprees and now that my school is closed for 2 weeks for easter hols and i'm free in the mornings i feel a cleaning spree coming on
Cherylkay | 31st March 2015 02:13 (357 weeks ago)
@Aimee, hello, sweetie :) I wondered where you'd been. I'm getting acclimated two working two new jobs and figuring out how I'm going to function without days off for a while. I've been watching the Bubble Bath Blues films, trying to picture how the lovely Fraser will rock that one. I love the bath part of the films. Being totally honest, I'll admit that when I was the same age the lads are now, I never saw guys who looked like this. I love nudity and I love bare skin. I think skin is beautiful. I especially love backs and torsos and boy, do we get those in the Bubble Bath Blues films. As for the pajamas, well, for the most part they make the guys look very sweet and innocent. My favorite Bubble Bath Blues is Wayne's (yeah, surprise surprise! LOL). I can picture Fraser doing real justice to a Bubble Bath Blues scenario.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st March 2015 05:08 (357 weeks ago)
Hello Chiki, your assignment for today is to re write your BIC post and get it on here! In future, write out your replies on a separate document and then copy then over when you are ready to post! If that is not an option then, as you say copy them a few times as you are writing!

Oh and hello everyone else!

(Ok so Dave now hurriedly leaves Random blog like he was never here and purposely ignoring the while Fraser WTYFGH/BBB discussion!)
uchikimatsu | 31st March 2015 12:31 (357 weeks ago)
Executing a smart salute, she says, "Aye, Cap'n," in her best imitation of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scot, "I'm typing as fast as I can! I dunna know how much more she can take!"
Cherylkay | 31st March 2015 15:10 (357 weeks ago)
I would love to read whatever Chiki wrote for that particular video. As the boss is grumpy today, I need some enjoyment.
I'm also waving hello to Dave, though I suspect he won't see this because how often does Dave show up in Random? Maybe I'll spend part of my day re-writing reviews for videos that disappeared on me, too. That sounds like a good idea.
uchikimatsu | 31st March 2015 16:06 (357 weeks ago)
its up 😄
Cherylkay | 31st March 2015 16:23 (357 weeks ago)
I can't see it :(
uchikimatsu | 31st March 2015 16:30 (357 weeks ago)
Should be visible now....
Lynne | 31st March 2015 19:57 (357 weeks ago)
@Chiki...Dave took away my thunder but that is OK; Mother Nature is adding her own at the moment. First storm of the season...I hate storms but it says SPRING IS HERE. 71 today and even though the allergies have kicked in hard I feel like I am finally climbing out of hibernation :).

Oh, the thunder thing....type everything out in Word first, get it nice and grammatically correct and all spell checked and such then copy it into the post..makes things MUCH easier :). I guess, like you have been writing out the story sections....(?)

::is feeling so happy Spring has arrived pushes a large plate of freshly made double fudge brownies to the masses.....::
Cherylkay | 31st March 2015 21:04 (357 weeks ago)
O_o Brownies? I feel a chocolate craving coming on! Thank, Lynne :-)
Aimee | 31st March 2015 22:15 (356 weeks ago)
Oh my!! While I was away Dave crept in to the random blog!! Naughty Dave! Lol.

@Orla @Cheryl I dunno, the guys are attractive for sure but there is something I just don't get in the bath scene. I think, and this is just personal taste, a lot of the models now (excluding Jay) aren't very muscular and tattooed which would perk my interest a lot more. Though, that's just me. I sort of think all other guys look the same with their clothes off if they haven't got an insanely amazing body. With those other guys it's more their gorgeous eyes or chiseled chins that I lust over. Though I know those bath and shower scenes are hugely popular so maybe I'm just odd.
Lynne | 31st March 2015 23:14 (356 weeks ago)
@aimee....some 1300 posts ago wen the Random Blog came into being, Dave faithfully promised he wouldn't read what was in the blog. Of course Chiki and I knew there was no way, especially with those of us that started things, Dave would leave the "room" unprotected :)....he knew better :) He doesn't pop in often but methinks he has a warning light on his side of the "door" that lights up to warn him he needs to have a look inside :). We tried to enlist Daisy as a spy but her loyalty is to Dave..she even turned her nose up at some serious puppy chew treats :)
Lynne | 31st March 2015 23:24 (356 weeks ago)
I swear on a stack of brownies I did NOT hit refresh.....the double post spirits are at it again....
Cherylkay | 31st March 2015 23:34 (356 weeks ago)
@Lynne, I saw a photo of Rico on Twitter in a bath tub scene. He's pretty ripped and has ink. As Dave would say "Watch this space"!
uchikimatsu | 1st April 2015 01:12 (356 weeks ago)
@Cheryl and @Lynne - Did I miss something? @Cheryl, what the hell are you talking about, LOL? When did Rico enter the conversation? #confused
Aimee | 1st April 2015 01:22 (356 weeks ago)
Oh I know Lynne I remember the blog being started and Dave's promises. He has a sneaky peep hole into this blog somewhere lol.

Oh Rico!! Now he would make me not skip the bath scene.
Cherylkay | 1st April 2015 01:25 (356 weeks ago)
@Chiki, Lynne was talking about skipping the bathing part of the Bubble Bath Blues films because the guys don't excite her that way. She said if the guy was muscular and had tattoos that would perk her interest so I told her about Rico's upcoming film.
Aimee | 1st April 2015 01:28 (356 weeks ago)
It was me said they didnt excite me with no ink and muscles. Wayne has potential as a real front runner with a few more years in the gym and a bit more ink lol.
Cherylkay | 1st April 2015 02:01 (356 weeks ago)
@Aimee, sorry I messed that one up lol. I have been distracted by a sore tooth all day and I guess I'm just now admitting to myself that a trip to the dentist might be in order. Agreed about Wayne! What a hottie he is. I don't know if any more ink is in his future or not. I just know his Bubble Bath Blues is among my favorites.
Aimee | 1st April 2015 03:09 (356 weeks ago)
Lol, that's ok. I hope your tooth gets better mrs. Wayne is a hottie in the making. I like my men looking a little older than he does. Just a few more years. It is funny how some guys look much more manly at an early age. Like, Bailey and Andy I mean. They are men and my ovaries go nuts. The younger ones are def hot but need to cook for a little longer before I can properly lust. Wayne is surely the hottest of the young ones. Maybe Dom after him. All this depends on muscles and ink. Lol
Cherylkay | 1st April 2015 03:29 (356 weeks ago)
@Aimee, thanks. The tooth has bothered me on and off for a few months now so it's time to get it "properly sorted" as Dave might say lol. I do know what you mean about the younger guys though. I do sometimes feel like a cradle robber, but I have seen the changes over the past year or so with Wayne and Dom and also Harry. They are growing into extremely attractive young men each in his own way. If I were a 20-year-old young woman, I would definitely find them hot. It's interesting about Andy and Bailey. They had men's bodies but boy's faces and that what I loved about them. But neither of them were 18 when they started at SLS. I've seen pics of Andy as an 18-year-old and believe me he had a lot of muscling up to do to get to where he is now. They were both mid-20s and there's a big difference between 18 and 25. I think Wayne and Dom both have tremendous potential. In fact I went back and looked at Dom's first film (which he made when he was 18) and then at his newest one and he seems to be maturing quite nicely. Isn't it kind of amazing that we see the guys practically growing up before our eyes?
Aimee | 1st April 2015 04:35 (356 weeks ago)
@Cheryl Oh I jave seen the pictures of young Andy and you are right he had a lot of muscling up to do. I sort of agree with the men body boy face thing but I always saw them as mature men with cheeky personalities and that is what I loved. The playful cheeky smiles with the seriously sexy bodies. To the point when I first heard Andy in am interview on here say he was 23 I rewound it 3 times to be sure. He is the same age as me. It's my birthday today so I'm feeling very old. I don't want to be 27. Lol. Bailey was a year or so older than Andy when they started I think. Just from watching the earlierovies when they mention their ages.

The younger guys are surely turning into very attractive young men. I for one am enjoying watching them grow into these hotties lol. Though they still aren't quite Andy level for me yet. Jay since he has come back is looking amazing.
Ooleary | 1st April 2015 05:45 (356 weeks ago)
Happy B'Day Aimee xx🎁🎂🎉🎈💖👄☺
Aimee | 1st April 2015 07:47 (356 weeks ago)
Aww Thanks Orla you wee sweetie. I am hodong under the duvet for today. 27 is far too close to 30 for my liking lol.
Aimee | 1st April 2015 07:47 (356 weeks ago)
**hiding ... stupid butter fingers
Ooleary | 1st April 2015 11:02 (356 weeks ago)
@Aimee i hear you i turned 40 last month and it's so scary time is going to quickly xx
Cherylkay | 1st April 2015 14:59 (356 weeks ago)
@Aimee, I remember 27 fondly (it was 1987 though lol). I just turned 54 on New Year's Eve, but I do remember thinking at 27 that I was getting old. It must have been because I saw 30 looming in the not-so-distant future. I will just wish you the Happiest of Happy Birthdays and wish you the best day on record! Happy Birthday :D
Aimee | 1st April 2015 17:36 (356 weeks ago)
Thank you Cheryl that's lovely. I've had a lovely day so far. Yes it is the nearly 30 bit that I'm not so sure about lol
nanarr | 1st April 2015 18:38 (356 weeks ago)
Hey, yall!

Aimee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope this day is wonderful for you ... eat some cake and ice cream for me (and don't forget to have some of Lynne's brownies while you're at it! BTW) You're still a young chick, not old one bit. (I don't even remember 27, but I spent 29 b'day in a blind panic LOL. By 30, I was resigned to it). Birthday present for you ... Dave released an interview with Jay, and it's pretty good.
nanarr | 1st April 2015 18:41 (356 weeks ago)
hmmph. BTW, thanks for the brownies, Lynne.
Lynne | 1st April 2015 19:54 (356 weeks ago)
Ah, you kids :). I spent my 30th birthday doing an inspection on an offshore oil rig :). I spent 40 teaching a bunch of green emergency responders about hazardous material response and, well, that is as far as I will admit :)
uchikimatsu | 1st April 2015 20:50 (356 weeks ago)
My 40's have been my best years yet, no joke
Aimee | 1st April 2015 21:08 (356 weeks ago)
Thanks @Nanarr. I did have cake. It was yummy. I am not much of a drinker currently but I gaurantee the closer to 30 and then 40 I get the more and more of a true lady from the Emerald isle I will become. Wine. Wine will blank out my inevitable wrinkles. My skin is already going to s**t lol. *****cries*****

Lynne that is some interesting birthday activities. Lol. I wana know what you wont admit about you 40th tho lol.
uchikimatsu | 1st April 2015 21:21 (356 weeks ago)
check your email...😁
I think Lynne is saying she is not going to tell us what she did for any birthdays past 40 because she's not admitting she's had any birthdays past 40...LOL
Lynne | 1st April 2015 21:30 (356 weeks ago)
::High 5's Chiki:: you got it Chiki, but I did hit a new decade a few weeks back. Hitting that 0 again is always least once you get into the double digits :). Then again maybe at 20 it isn't so bad as you finally leave behind the, uhm, silly years :)
Lynne | 1st April 2015 21:31 (356 weeks ago)
Happy birthday Aimee :)
Aimee | 1st April 2015 21:40 (356 weeks ago)
Haha. Lynne I don't know what age you are. We are all so young at heart on this site I forget we aren't all young'uns. Lol.

Thank you so much Chiki. Love you long time. 💖
Thanks Lynne.

**still hiding under a duvet pretending I'm still 18**
Aimee | 1st April 2015 22:52 (356 weeks ago)
I really didnt mean to send that 3 times did I do tha
uchikimatsu | 2nd April 2015 11:37 (356 weeks ago)
I meant to post this previously, but it didn't "take."

I think we've all seen those photos of Andy! I barely recognized him!

I also wanted to add that I love Karl's ink. I think his tattoos are tasteful and well placed. I'm not really a fan of a big mess of ink in totally random styles and colors.
Cherylkay | 2nd April 2015 00:21
Number of April Fool's Day pranks that were attempted on me today by my co-workers: 9
Number of April Fool's Day pranks that I fell for: 0

Because I'm the newbie in the office, they all felt justified in playing jokes on me. Now in that vein, I'm going off to watch Parker's office bull;y video to take out my frustrations lol.
wardcoleman | 2nd April 2015 04:59 (356 weeks ago)
That sounds like a perfect way to cure your frustrations Cherylkay, I hope it worked, Oddly nobody played an April Fools prank on me!
red1967 | 26th March 2015 09:54
Hi everyone I would like to know more about the spanking community as I'm looking for information on tops bottoms in a D/S relationship I have no knowledge on this or very little apart from been a member on here. I have looked at videos of females been spanked and read articles on other sites that scared me. I know some of you are Dom/subs. and have talked about this and m ficwriterjet mentioned that they felt like they needed to re-parented I feel the same .My childhood was a bad one part of me wants to be loved by a partner how will love me take care of me and I'll do them same to him but then for him to spank me if I need it. like husband did. He never did spank me though. Then there's the other part of me thinks I'm stupid for wanting this as I am a forty + year old female and why should anyone want to care about me that much. My family never did my dad hatred me I sometimes feel I'm a fuck up ( sorry for swearing ) as I have problems sorting out my life but I'm there for everyone else around me but no one here for me I have close friends I can talk to but I can't about this I do fell..on this site I am safe and enjoy it on here but want something more in my real life to. I hope no one minds me asking.
uchikimatsu | 26th March 2015 12:22 (357 weeks ago)
Hi @red,
First I want to give you a great big hug, so {{{HUG}}}
I also want to thank you for your post. Sharing something so intimate and personal can be scary. You are so very brave.
Jet's comment about re-parenting was in response to a a comment I posted on the subject explaining that the majority of people that see me for spanking and discipline have a need to be re-parented. Jet and I seem to be two sides of the same coin, so you'll have the benefit of each of our unique perspectives. I am also hoping that your bravery and willingness to make yourself vulnerable to us will inspire others here to come out of the shadows and do the same.
I want you to know that it is never stupid to want to love and be loved. The form that love takes is as varied as the people of earth, but none of it is ever wrong. I believe every person is worthy and deserves the love they seek. I have had people come to me, which I'll call "clients" just for ease, anywhere from eighteen years old to well into their seventies, so I can tell you that the needs you describe transcend age.
I'm curious to know what it was you saw or read that scared you? I know there are people into extreme forms of BDSM and pain, and many of these people use these activities as part of their sex life. What you are describing sounds a lot like a DD (Domestic Discipline) relationship. This can have elements of sexuality because you are being disciplined by your partner and can elicit strong feelings of love, need, and gratitude by either or both partners. Personally, spanking/discipline has nothing to do with sexuality or sensuality for me or my clients.
Of course I can never truly understand what you went through as a young person, but I can tell you came out the other side better than the ones who mistreated you. Not only are you brave, you are beautiful and you are strong. You are a survivor.
What you are feeling is probably not as strange as you think it is. I'm going to tell you part of my story, let me know if it sounds familiar.
As a young person I had a horrible home life. My mother was nuts and my father was absent. He was around once in a while, but he never really liked me because I was fat. He is an artist and he is drawn to beauty. Fat is not beautiful and I could see the disdain on his face when he looked at me compared to when he looked at my thin, petite younger sister.
My mother was not only emotionally abusive but physically as well. She did not care about our health or happiness at all. Her main concern was sleeping (for example, I once woke her too early in the morning on a Saturday by being noisy. That evening she locked me in the bathroom with the lights on. She would come into the bathroom every thirty minutes and awaken me with a vicious slap in the face. This went on all night. She wanted me to know what it felt like to be deprived of sleep and be tired. I was seven.) Looking back I can guess that she was probably depressed and possibly mentally ill, but at the time I hated her. Because I was smart she spoke to me and treated me like an adult. In fact, I became the parent, not only to my sister but to her as well. I was parent, doctor, and confidante by the age of eight. Trust me, no eight year old should hear the things my mother told me. But I was only those things when it suited her, when she wanted control she played her parent card. I was so confused all the time.
Because my mother's priority was my mother, no one ever gave us rules. Well, I tried to provide some structure for my sister, but none of this came from either of my parents. We had no bedtime, no curfew, no one made sure that schoolwork was done or even bothered to look at a report card. No one cared if we were bathed or if our hair was combed. I constantly felt as if I was falling and there was no safety net to catch me. I would say that I rebelled, but what was there to rebel against? My behavior was less about wanting to act out and more about the desperate need to find boundaries. Every time I stuck my toe out where there should have been a line in the sand, I realized there was no line and no one was watching. Its frightening to live in the dark and continually reach out to feel the walls around you but never discover any. Its actually terrifying.
I had friends. My friends had rules to follow. Most of them thought it was so cool that I could do whatever I wanted. It was not cool. I was always so envious whenever a friend told me they had a curfew or were punished or spanked for breaking rules. I spent a lot of times at the house of friends with the strictest parents so that I, too, would be subject to those rules.
It didn't take long for my little brain to start associating discipline in general, and spanking in particular, with love. At that time it was fairly common for spankings to be depicted in television, movies, advertisements, and comics. Almost all of them were accompanied with sentiments such as "I'm doing this for your own good," or "This hurts me more than it hurts you." When you love someone, you do whats best for them, even if it means hurting them which in turn will cause your own pain. That is a tremendous and rare sacrifice. When someone loves you enough to set boundaries to keep you safe, and is paying enough attention to know when you've crossed a boundary, that is love. To take the time and energy to follow through with discipline so you learn and are a better person, even when those efforts cause you personal pain is, to me, the purest form of love. And everybody deserves love, in whatever form they need it.
At forty-five I still seek boundaries and discipline, however, in all the time I've been looking I've never found what I need. I have a deep empathy for people like me and decided to help those with needs similar to mine by providing what I could never been able to find for myself. What I do is richly satisfying on many levels. It helps me to connect with others, which is quite difficult for me, and gives me a sense of achievement when I know I've helped someone.
Thank you again, red, for sharing your story with us. I'm so glad you feel comfortable enough here to be vulnerable. I am honored.
Cherylkay | 26th March 2015 13:53 (357 weeks ago)
@red, thank you for sharing such personal information and thank you, @Chiki for such an eloquent response. I have been part of the spanking community for 12 years. I was 42 before I started. There are many people who came into the scene rather later in lufe, mostly due to the fact that there was no Internet and no social media when we were in our 20's. While I don't practice a D/s dynamic myself, I know many who do and I count them as dear friends. Most of them have abuse or neglect in their backgrounds. I had a very good childhood, with parents who deomonstrated both love and discipline. I know how blessed I am to have had parents who corrected when I misbehaved. I remember once yelling "I hate you!" at my dad after he gave me the belt for something and he told me something that I've never forgotten: he said "Don't you know that if I didn't love you I'd let you act any way you wanted to?" It was at that point that I began to understand just a little about how hard it was to be a parent. So I understand someone who maybe didn't have the advantages that I had trying to seek that out a bit later in life. And as long as everyone is playing nice and everyone is consenting, there's no right or wrong way to do a domestic discipline relationship. You have to do what satisfies you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
However, I will give you some practical advice here if you don't mind. If you're seeking a dom, be careful. Go to local events like munches or sloshes first, where you can meet and talk to people without the pressure to play right away. Attending local events will give you the opportunity to meet local people who share your interests. But be careful! There are people out there who's main objective is hurting women under the guise of punishment or discipline. They just want to hurt them physically with no care for their emotional well-being. These predators are rampant in the scene, unfortunately no matter where you are. There are plenty of men out there calling themselves "doms" who are nothing more than bullies. Talk to other subs/bottoms and find out who's safe to play with. Take things slow and don't rush into anything. The sort of relationship you're looking for requires trust and that takes time to build. I've had my trust betrayed and I can tell you it's one of the worst things that can happen in our scene.
There's nothing wrong with having a desire for something and then taking steps to acquire it. I was 42 as I said before I finally gave myself permission to go after what I wanted and needed. Because all the women you see getting spanked in videos are young, it's logical to assume that kink is something only for the young. But don't fall for that misconception. I've seen men and women getting spanked well into their 70's at parties and no one batted an eye at it.
Let us know how your journey goes and thank you again for sharing yourself with us in such an open manner. Best of luck to you, hon :-)
uchikimatsu | 26th March 2015 14:54 (357 weeks ago)
I can only speak to my own situation, but I have experienced that events like munches generally cater to the BDSM crowd unless you happen to find a special interest group within the local bdsm/leather community. The fetish of discipline spanking is a very small niche. Most people at those events will either want to just have a bit of fun (sensation junkies) or will want to include sex. Nothing wrong with any of that, except I understood @red to need actual and real discipline because it makes her feel loved and safe. Again, I don't know exactly, but it sounds so very similar to what @Jet and myself experience. If you do find a special interest group for spankings/discipline, by all means, that can be a good way to meet people. But my suggestion is that you form a friendship or relationship with someone first, and tell them the truth about what you want and need. Communication, communication, communication. I bet you'll be surprised how many people are open to the idea or have needs to match your own.
My own experience is that men (sorry, I only deal with men when I'm receiving so can only speak to that) will lie. You can explain to them, talk to them, write a ten page letter detailing with excruciating accuracy what you want and need, and they will tell you, assure you, promise you that they get it and understand. Then, when the moment arrives, all that shit goes out the window and they do whatever they want while acting like they had no idea you didn't want to be a slave servicing his buddies while they drink beer and watch hockey.
Seriously, I've been doing what I do for almost 25 years and have always pursued my own desires as well. I have never met someone and not had the meeting turn out similar to what I just described. I really do suggest finding and bonding with someone you trust first. I think someone that knows your history will understand (not always, but it's worth the risk of rejection) and someone that loves you will want to make you happy.
ok, that was my four cents worth...
uchikimatsu | 26th March 2015 15:04 (357 weeks ago)
Oh gods, I'm sure 90% of the members now hate me and think I'm some male bashing dyke.
To clarify: I do not hate men! I love men, I love male energy. I also think their brains work differently than women's so there is going to be some dissonance in expectations from both sides.
the man-loving-in-a-platonic-kind-of-way lesbian
Cherylkay | 26th March 2015 17:02 (357 weeks ago)
@Chiki, many cities have spanking groups that hold monthly munches, Peoria being one of them. I know people who are now in very loving relationships because they met at a munch, where there is no pressure to play. While it's true that the BDSM community is much larger than the spanking community, spanking only groups do exist. It's also true that there are predators out there, something I warned @Red about in my original post. And while it's also true that there are plenty of men (and women) who expect sex with the spanking. there are just as many who prefer, like me, to keep the two separate. I've had dozens of spanking partners (some of whom I was in an accountability dynamic with) that have never been the least bit sexual with me. I also advise against trying to start a D/s or DD relationship with someone unless you're sure they're interested. I spent 20 years trying to get my vanilla boyfriends to spank me to no avail. Looking for a DD relationship with a vanilla is like shopping for a toaster in the toy department--you aren't going to find what you're after. While it's a bit riskier to look for a relationship in the spanking scene, you're much more likely to find what you're looking for. I have zero interest in a relationship with a vanilla man. Spanking would have to be part of our relationship, even though I'm basically just someone who likes pain. If we spent the time to build enough trust and our love was really strong, I would consider a DD relationship (as long as he wasn't too bossy).
uchikimatsu | 26th March 2015 17:19 (357 weeks ago)
Hey, so I guess my point was more that red didn't seem like she wanted to get spanked just for the sake of getting spanked, in other words "to play." Again, I don't know red well or her motivations, so I'm just guessing. There is a very large leather community here, of which I was part for a long time. We also had a spanking group consisting mostly of people like yourself, those less interested in discipline and more focused on the fun and tactile aspects.
I'm sure strong relationships can be formed if you find someone like minded, but it's just been my experience that the funishment crowd doesn't have all that much in common with the discipline crowd. The activity might be the same but the needs and motivations are worlds apart. I have known many people able to introduce spanking or discipline to a formally vanilla partner, and I know this doesn't always work, but neither do relationships between perfectly matched spanking partners.
I'm sorry you were never able to convert anyone to spank you, but I didn't only mean romantic relationships. Platonic friends can be wonderful disciplinarians, and less often confuse each other about the sex issue, especially if discussed prior.
Cherylkay | 26th March 2015 18:08 (357 weeks ago)
@Chiki, it wasn't from lack of trying LOL. I tried to get all of my boyfriends to spank me. But there was something I didn't yet understand. Real, hardwired spankos are hard to come by. It's true, I might have been able to get a guy to spank me, but I wasn't going to turn him into a hardwired spanko. Most of us who are hardwired recognized our kink at a very young age. I knew I was interested in spanking long before I even know what sex was. In fact, as an adult, all of my relationships with fellow spankos have been platonic. Clayton and I had an awesome relationship in which, as you know, I was accountable to him for a couple of things. I still didn't consider our relationship DD.
No matter which route @Red decides to take, she has her work cut out for her. As I said, actual hardwired spankos are hard to come by. But I will say that I know of quite a few relationships that started out "just play" and grew into lifetime commitments. It's hard, but it can be done.
Aimee | 26th March 2015 19:05 (357 weeks ago)
From personal experience it is entirely possible to have a friend/boyfriend convert into a DD style relationship. I know this to be 100% true. What helps in those situations is when the partner who isn't "hardwired" as you put it Cheryl, can speak to someone who is and get advice as they are just learning. Also not everyone who is into the DD lifestyle has had a baf childhood or a need for reparenting. I had a perfectly normal childhood with brilliant parents yet thats still were my interests lie so it is impossible to put everyone who is into a particular branch of the fetish under one umbrella.
uchikimatsu | 26th March 2015 20:19 (357 weeks ago)
@Aimee - thank you for bringing up a very valid point. Not everyone that seeks the discipline is doing so to fill voids and missed opportunities. I've met some very balanced people who had wonderful childhoods like yourself and Cheryl, but still wanted exactly what I delivered.
I'm not sure I believe in the "hardwired spanko" theory, but I will concede that many of us were probably "crosswired" very early on!
Cherylkay | 27th March 2015 02:11 (357 weeks ago)
@Chiki, "hardwired" is a general term we in the spanking community use to differentiate ourselves from people who are just into spanking for a purely sexual reason. I firmly believe that I was hardwired in my brain to be a spanko. I had an identical twin who was also a spanko so what are the odds of that? My brother and older sister are totally vanilla so I have no idea where it came from. I'm fairly sure my brain was receptive to it and then, when I saw a spanking depicted in one of my brother's comic books, imprinting must have happened. My twin was a switch, who liked to dish it out as well as take it (and no, she never spanked me...that would have been icky LOL).
@Aimee, I think you're absolutely right. People develop the spanking need for so many different reasons. It fills a different need for different people.
Cherylkay | 27th March 2015 03:11 (357 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I think a lot of people who consider themselves "hardwired" would definitely say they were born that way and didn't choose to be that way. I use it because we don't have a better term. I think it's a bit elitist myself. Hardwired people tend to think that spanking is just something they need to do or need to have done to them. There are people out there who just use the spanking scene (especially the party scene) to get laid. We definitely don't consider those folks "hardwired" spankos. I have a friend who says "labels belong on jars, not on people". But what else can we do? There are so many different kinds of spankos that one catch-all phrase just doesn't describe all of us.
uchikimatsu | 27th March 2015 03:39 (357 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - Well that IS the accepted definition of hard-wired, born that way. However, your definition to mean only non-sexual spankos made it sound like those who enjoy sensual spankings or spanking within bdsm could not have possibly been born that way and must have been converted vanillas. Which does indeed sound elitist, and in my experience, completely inaccurate. I know these people would argue that they are born this way and did not choose this, but I happen to hold my own theory on why we do TTWD. The human brain is infinitely complex and life is filled with infinite variables. My theory states that we are not born this way, but allows for the concession that we did not consciously choose this path, either. Who knows what circumstances align for each individual person to create a spanko? Who cares? Because Frasier!

BTW, I would not call people who troll events to get laid spankos anyway, I would call them opportunists!
red1967 | 28th March 2015 17:24 (357 weeks ago)
Hi sorry I have not comment back to all your post I have work tow nights in a row. I would like to thank you all for your support. @ uchikimatsu Hugs back. Sorry to hear you had a childhood like mine I wish it could have been better. .and you are brave to share your story with use on here and Your are a survivor. as well The site I looked at was talking about said Dom s taking over there Subs life e.g. telling the sub where they must live taking control over there money .Humiliating them in public by forcing them into nappies ( drapers ). It all so said that some Dons like role play making the sub younger like Mummy Daddy / girl or boy . this is because the Dom and subs have a kink in incest. They don't use a safe word the Dom don't care about the sub and the
This is a bit of my childhood My dad sexual abused me from 1 year or younger to the age of 5 when he left. I got told he had said to mum I had fallen and cut and buried myself mum didn’t do anything can't understand as she was a nurse and must on known. Mum throw me against my bedroom wall a few times and many other things like shacking me it hurt my head. . My grandparents use to look after me and my older brother. Grandam would physically and mentally telling me I was fat ugly stupid telling me I should never of been born I was a mistake and I was a devil child. They would have fights but I would hide under the table as I was safe or under my bed . Like you no bedtime no curfew. They had to look at the report cards so I could get punish I am Dyslexic so had bad grades. I was left on my Owen for hours because my 7 year old brother would go out to play and he was meant to be babysitting me. I was 5 We had an old couple next door how would drop in to see if we where OK but sometimes they would forgot We did have other babysitter sometimes. My family where more interested in going to church every day when off work They left us at home . Mum would keep me up so she could talk to me and like you no child should hear thing like that. And like you spent a lot of time at friends and been naughty there you would be punish but in a loving way. I am glade you have found something that helps you by helping others that so brave of you. Again big Hugs and an other thing You sound like a very kind and beautiful person.
@Cherylkay thank you for your advice I not ready to go local events yet so I am looking online for chat room I know what guys can be like as been on dating sites I been asked to do some gross things and I don't have anything on my profile that is sexual most I am going play it slow I was in a bad relationship when I was 18 so know the signs. And know how guys can be abusive to women so understand that guys will say they are a Dom so they can hurt women. Thank you again so much for your advice I really appreciate it.
@Aimee thank you for your comment it was a very good point.
I have tried asking ex boys to someone spank me most said no some thought that that meant I wanted to be beating up and raped luck he never got the chance to do this I have told ex boyfriend about my pass the one that treated me bad thought it was a turn on. As I said this would be an on sexual when am been spank as it does not turn me on it be discipling only and after he can hug me explain why I did something wrong. hopefully this be in a caring relationship my councillor said all of use have different side to our personality with me I have the very scared little girl, then the teenage boy who is cheeky and likes to have fun a bit naughty like the models on here. Then there is the strong macho me that comes out when I am been threaten then last there is the grown up red who is kind of strong and looks after others. I have not got a split personality as I know there are not real just part of me this is a way I coped with the abuse been someone else is easier then been yourself . I feel all parts of me need to be taken care off. My councillor and me named them so she could talk to that side of me as sometimes we had to go back to very painful times I hope this makes sense. I will let you all now how this go for me thank you all again
Lynne | 28th March 2015 21:26 (357 weeks ago)
HI Red....I am going to chime in here a little though I won't go too far into things as some of this is probably repetitive :). There are so many levels within the lifestyle; what is important is not to lock yourself into a specific level and say, '"this is what I want." Look for the who first. Find that partner who works with you and even for you, to meet your needs. The person(s) come first, not the lifestyle.

There is probably only one true and caring individual among every 100 players and wannabees, those that use the lifestyle as an excuse or avenue for abuse...or worse. For many wannabes the goal is simple; pain, be it physical, mental or emotional. They could care less for the feelings and needs of their partners. Even at the highest level in this lifestyle, the Master/slave relationship, it isn't one of abuse but simply one of ultimate caring on the part of the master and submission on the part of the slave.

There are many online communities that might help get you started where you can talk behind the safety of the computer screen. Participate, or maybe just hover, in a chat room; get to know the dynamics of people. The players will eventually make themselves known through their words and how they deal with people. One entry into a chatroom I was in a few years back, the, ahem, "top" that came in announced himself with a rather long name so I asked him what he wished to be called..his response was "you will call me King" (cue the rolling eyes). He made it very easy to spot him as a player and he was essentially ignored by everyone and eventually slithered out. The proper, for the sake of the post I'll say, tops, will generally call out the players and if the players are too out of the zone, they will cull them out of the room. Do not be afraid to approach a top within the chatroom. I find that the true lifestyle, (and sane) versions are more than willing to chat with the newbie as long as they feel you aren't playing them. Be honest, be sincere if you truly want to pursue a relationship; not necessarily with the top in question but with any of them.

The first entry into this lifestyle isn't just jumping into the fire, so to speak. Write up specific questions you want answered regardless of the top. Write out the types of answers you will accept. If the answer you receive violates your comfort zone of answers, politely walk away. Pay attention to what your internal instinct is telling you. If you are talking to someone and you are thinking of something else and just going through the motions,. chances are your instincts are telling you something isn't quite right. Your personal safety is critical; don't let go of that in pursuit of things.

Remember, a true top (at whichever level) cares and wants to help; the player wannabe is only in it for their own gratification.
uchikimatsu | 28th March 2015 21:36 (357 weeks ago)
@Lynne - beautiful, well written response... really perfect, thanks so much for taking the time to write this...
Cherylkay | 28th March 2015 23:16 (357 weeks ago)
@Lynne, you hit that one out of the park! You made some very good points.
red1967 | 29th March 2015 01:17 (357 weeks ago)
@Lynne thank you so much I didn't think about some of the points you made I will make sure I use them I agree my safety comes first and starting this online is the best way. I have looked at a few sites tonight just looking at the forms for now just seeing if I like the form I am taking this very slowly once I feel ok with the site I join the chat room and I'll do what you suggested about written down question I want to ask a Dom and carefully read what they have to say. Thank you to all my friends on here Love you all and thank you for your support
Ooleary | 23rd March 2015 12:20
After that amazing interview yesterday I am declaring today Fred Fest Day .... I'm on a Fred binge this morn ....Just have to say again WOW what an awesome interview my favourite one ... Dave you need to do ones with all the models xx
uchikimatsu | 23rd March 2015 13:26 (358 weeks ago)
What about Friday? We can make it Fred Friday! In which case I'm declaring Wayne Wednesday, Tommy Tuesday, Sebastian Saturday, and Domingo dia de Dominic (yeah, I had to use another language to make that shit work...)
uchikimatsu | 23rd March 2015 13:59 (358 weeks ago)
Oh! Don't forget Mr. X Monday!
Cherylkay | 23rd March 2015 14:39 (358 weeks ago)
I'm all for Wayne Wednesday! And Domingo dia de Dominic! And Fred Friday! I've said it before and I'll say it again: the interviews (specifically the interview with Patrick) were what first attracted me to SLS. I like how comfortable guys like Fred and Dom are with talking about making spanking videos. Really, when you get right down to it, there's nothing wrong with making videos the way Dave makes them. I'm happy every day knowing that there's a site on the vast internet that makes videos this way.
uchikimatsu | 20th March 2015 20:00
Where's Ward?
Are you hiding, sir? We haven't heard from you in a hot minute. I mean, totally hunky guy like Rico comes on board and not a peep outta you? Figured you'd be all over that...
Cherylkay | 20th March 2015 23:14 (358 weeks ago)
Yeah, I thought the same thing. I hope everything is alright with him.
wardcoleman | 21st March 2015 11:09 (358 weeks ago)
Hi all, I'm still around and fine. thanks for the concern. I've been quite busy recently. but never to busy to check out the latest update at SLS, as this remains one of my favourite sites. Rico is certainly a big hunky guy, perhaps a little too big and hunky for my taste, be absolutely perfect for most SLS fans. I will try not to stay quiet for so long in future :-)
Lynne | 20th March 2015 12:06
I am officially naming a new season...Sprinter. Sprinter is that one day a year when on the first day of Spring it is snowing. I have to wonder if that means the first day of winter 2015 will be warm and sunny?
uchikimatsu | 20th March 2015 12:11 (358 weeks ago)
It will be where I am 😆
Ooleary | 20th March 2015 13:38 (358 weeks ago)
Beautiful sunny day here in the west of Ireland , it was a bit cloudy this morn when I was trying to take pics of the eclipse but it's cleared up now plus my daffodils are blooming yes spring has truly arrived in Connemara xx
uchikimatsu | 20th March 2015 13:49 (358 weeks ago)
if you can get a pic of those daffies I would love that. It's hard to grow those bitches here in Zone 10!
Lynne | 20th March 2015 14:05 (358 weeks ago)
:: grumbles as the snow continues to fall and accumulate::
Ooleary | 20th March 2015 14:48 (358 weeks ago)
@chiki sent u a pic on twitter xx
Cherylkay | 17th March 2015 22:33
Chiki and I are on a roll. Head over to the SLS Fiction Blog to see how the story is progressing :-)
uchikimatsu | 18th March 2015 18:07 (358 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - Are you getting my texts?
Cherylkay | 18th March 2015 21:20 (358 weeks ago)
@Chiki, sorry no I'm not. My cellphone is off at the moment. The only way to contact me right now is either email or the house phone/ I can email the number to you so you can call me or I can call you on the house phone. This is a temporary situation, probably until I get my first pay check.
uchikimatsu | 17th March 2015 15:09
Autocorrects are not sexy.

That is all.
Ooleary | 17th March 2015 10:09
Cherylkay | 17th March 2015 13:52 (359 weeks ago)
Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!
Cherylkay | 14th March 2015 00:41
OMG I can't even say how happy I am that Chiki made an entry in the SLS Fiction Blog :) Now I have to think of a really cool entry to follow it. But as it's Friday the 13th, I'll do it tomorrow. Welcome back, lovely Chiki :D
Ooleary | 14th March 2015 02:12 (359 weeks ago)
@Cheryl So excited too hope i don't have to wait as long for the next installment xx
Ooleary | 14th March 2015 02:17 (359 weeks ago)
Ps Friday 13th Jinx lives on Tues, Weds and Thurs up 300e Cheltenham Races and today I lost it all. 😔👎
Cherylkay | 14th March 2015 03:04 (359 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, I'll try to get an entry in tomorrow, but these things really can't be rushed. I will have to wait for inspiration to strike. As Dom was in this week's film, that shouldn't be a problem.
uchikimatsu | 10th March 2015 23:57
Random Thought of the Day:
One should not play blues guitar unless one is a blues guitarist. While possibly perfect in the execution, the music will lack warmth and soul.

And no one needs that shit.
Lynne | 5th March 2015 16:10
::walks in and over to Chiki...without a word, yanks Chiki's snowometer out of her hands, snips the wires, drops it on the floor, stomps on it then hands it over to Spirit so she can get her revenge.....::

By the way Happy Birthday Orly :)...March seems to be a very busy month. Us Piscean types have to stick together.
uchikimatsu | 5th March 2015 18:37 (360 weeks ago)
Hey, Lynnie! I did try to adjust the settings on the snowometer dial....but my Universal Weather Remote is NOT a chew toy!!!
Lynne | 5th March 2015 22:21 (360 weeks ago)
You are correct isn't, or rather wasn't, a chew was dinner :). Spirit says it was yummy.
Ooleary | 6th March 2015 00:13 (360 weeks ago)
@Lynne thanks xx It's freezing here too in n the west of Ireland and we even had snow ..Spring my ass ...
Cherylkay | 6th March 2015 00:32 (360 weeks ago)
It's 9 degrees here in Central Illinois (with a wind chill of -5). No relief from the cold until next week.
uchikimatsu | 6th March 2015 02:54 (360 weeks ago)
It's 76°f here. At 10pm.

(That was for Spirts dinner, and I didn't even need to fib)
Lynne | 7th March 2015 20:23 (360 weeks ago)
It was a balmy 7 degrees this morning. We broke another record low for the area; the second in a week. The previous record low was set last Monday for 9 degrees. Prior to that the record low hadn't been broken since the late 1880s. Everyone is suffering from a severe case of winteritis and are more than eager for spring.
Cherylkay | 8th March 2015 03:49 (360 weeks ago)
We're warming up to the 40s and 50s here so it's more like Spring weather. The trees are budding out too so we should have leaves soon. I actually was able to get out on the walking path and stretch my legs a bit for the first time since last summer (when I moved to Chicago, where you really can't walk very much).
uchikimatsu | 4th March 2015 13:31

hope your day is filled with all the happiness you can stand 😘 💏 🌹 🎂 🍰 🍸 🍷 🍻 🍹 🌈🌈🌈🌈 👑🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 💰💰💰💰💰
Ooleary | 4th March 2015 14:29 (360 weeks ago)
@chiki thank you so much it's been a great day so far and it's only 2.30 roll on the wkend for PARTY xxx
Cherylkay | 4th March 2015 16:50 (360 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday, Orla :) I would like to say it in your native language, so Breithla Shona. I hope your day is everything you want it to be :-)
Ooleary | 4th March 2015 23:23 (360 weeks ago)
@cheryl Go raibh maith agat (Thank you).xx
uchikimatsu | 3rd March 2015 13:54
Random Thought of the Day:

Is there ever a time when mattresses are NOT on sale?
Ooleary | 3rd March 2015 14:04 (361 weeks ago)
@chiki You can't beat a good mattress xx
uchikimatsu | 3rd March 2015 14:46 (361 weeks ago)
But you can beat yer meat...
Ooleary | 3rd March 2015 15:35 (361 weeks ago)
@chiki i nearly had an asthma attack from laughing so hard but that's cos I have a filthy mind 'beat ur meat' lol .
uchikimatsu | 3rd March 2015 18:06 (361 weeks ago)
Well that is how I meant it 😁

Maybe I should have said "but you can beat yer hunky SLS models..." instead. Don't want anybody hospitalized on my watch...
Ooleary | 3rd March 2015 02:52
I wasn't sure where to post this but SHE'S BACK glory hallelujah CHIKI'S BACK I'm in tears aftet reading your review on Jay's movie everything you said spot on i bet Dave and everyone else will have the same reaction.I didn't want to post this under your comment on Jay's movie ,that spot id for Dave xxx
uchikimatsu | 3rd March 2015 03:07 (361 weeks ago)
LOL, you're so silly! But thank you.... Just wait till Jet starts writing.... she blows me away... that is some serious talent there...
Cherylkay | 3rd March 2015 04:13 (361 weeks ago)
I've also missed Chiki's reviews. I'm so happy to see that she's back and that she wrote a stellar review of Jay's movie. She and I agree on so many things in that film. Even if we didn't agree on one thing, I would still be happy to see her. Welcome back, Chiki!
uchikimatsu | 2nd March 2015 23:34

Would anyone that has a copy of the fic I wrote for Aimee kindly email it back to me at "[email protected]"

I seems that it was stored on the laptop that is now kaput, and I must have deleted the sent emails. No worries, this time I'm parking it in The Cloud...
Ooleary | 3rd March 2015 00:34 (361 weeks ago)
@chiki i sent it to you I think have a look and see xx
Cherylkay | 3rd March 2015 01:24 (361 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner or I would have sent you an email. I'm glad Orla saw it and helped you out though :) And happy to hear you now have a laptop. Yay!!
uchikimatsu | 3rd March 2015 02:45 (361 weeks ago)
got it my lovelies, thank you! i cant tell you how much of my writing has been lost to the failure of technology. i'll take care of this one :-)
Ooleary | 1st March 2015 16:54
Ouch just saw pic on twitter of a well belted bum ouch again it looks really sore.Is it Fred , i think it is..
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st March 2015 17:40 (361 weeks ago)
It is! Poor fella!
Ooleary | 1st March 2015 19:46 (361 weeks ago)
Poor fella indeed he won't be sitting comfortably for a while, can't wait to see this.
Cherylkay | 1st March 2015 23:47 (361 weeks ago)
I figured it was Fred, too. Man, that looked like a total ass whipping. I sure hope Fred and the other lads know how much we appreciate the discomfort they go through for our enjoyment.
Ooleary | 2nd March 2015 00:36 (361 weeks ago)
@cheryl i put my Sherlock Holmes cap on and spotted the freckle on his leg ha ha and just like you I hope he knows how much we appreciate how much pain the lads take for us xx
Cherylkay | 2nd March 2015 03:10 (361 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, I did the same thing LOL. I for one am quite happy to see so much of Fred. I didn't realize how much I liked him until the first " Brothers Spanked" video.
uchikimatsu | 2nd March 2015 13:49 (361 weeks ago)
That doesn't seem like the eventual result of Fred's comeuppance in BIC 10. It's looks more like a WTYFGH type of punishment.

I'm guessing that BIC 8, 9, and 10 were all filmed on the same day, but maybe, just maybe Dave convinced Fred to do a WTYFGH...

:::::keeping fingers and toes crossed::::
Ooleary | 2nd March 2015 14:16 (361 weeks ago)
@chiki I reckon it's a follow on from the bubble bath blues cos if you remember Dad told Fred if he got into any more trouble in the next 6 months he'd be getting the belt
uchikimatsu | 2nd March 2015 14:48 (361 weeks ago)
Good thinking, Batgirl!

Hmm, that just doesn't have quite the same effect as it does in person when I'm using my best superhero voice.
Ooleary | 2nd March 2015 15:31 (361 weeks ago)
it should be good thinking 99 from Get Smart 👅
Lynne | 26th February 2015 20:56
Whomever keeps ordering up this flipping snow...STOP!
Cherylkay | 26th February 2015 23:03 (361 weeks ago)
We just got six inches last night and now they say we're getting 24 hours of snow coming this weekend. Hurry up, spring!
uchikimatsu | 26th February 2015 23:04 (361 weeks ago)
Ooh, sorry about that, Lynnie :::dials down the snowometer on global weather remote control:::
Lynne | 26th February 2015 23:19 (361 weeks ago)
Fortunately the warmer temps on Sunday, a nice balmy 42, melted most of it but I had 16 inches on the ground. We got another 4 inches today. Only 22 days, 28 minutes and 26 seconds..give or take a few seconds. I have major cabin fever going on.....
Ooleary | 22nd February 2015 02:05
Just home after night out with the girls 20 of us dinner and cinema to see yes you guessed 50 shades of grey or as we call it 50 shades of shite(i loved the books) I had tears from all the laughing we were doing the best part is they were serving cocktails and champagne at the cinema but still going to see part 2 and 3
Cherylkay | 22nd February 2015 03:48 (362 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, I will admit that I only read the first book and my honest opinion is that I think Chiki could've written a better book than that. I just don't think it accurately depicts the D/s lifestyle at all. I freely admit that I don't do D/s myself but I have enough friends who do and they all agreed with me. I heard "50 Shades" described as "soft core porn for soccer moms" and that really summed it up. I just don't see the excitement over it. I guess if a film gets enough attention and has a good enough PR campaign, then it can be a hit no matter how bad. I'm afraid if I went to see it, I'd do what you did--laugh through the whole thing LOL.
Cherylkay | 21st February 2015 18:22
I've been back home for a week now. I wanted one of the first things I did to be talking a walk down to the farmland and looking at the fields (I saw none when I was in Chicago) but it's just too cold. So I'm stuck indoors until it warms up a bit. However, I'm happy to be home, even if it means sleeping on the couch until my room is ready :)
Ooleary | 12th February 2015 03:08
It's 3am i can't sleep need to be up again at 7 so was looking through twitter and OMG i saw Rico yet another new model can't wait to see him in action you really are spoiling us Dave xx
Cherylkay | 12th February 2015 08:36 (363 weeks ago)
@Ooleary. isn't he a hottie? Another cute guy with ink...I can't wait! I wonder what this week's movie will be? Friday is moving day for me so most of tomorrow will be spent finishing y packing and getting loose ends tied up here before I go. I hope tomorrow's movie is a nice distraction from the craziness.
Ooleary | 12th February 2015 08:56 (363 weeks ago)
@cheryl good luck with the move , yes Rico is a hottie , as for what movie this week haven't got a clue i know Fred has one and the Harry/Dom spanking comp. but can't think of anymore maybe Lynne might help out there .
Cherylkay | 12th February 2015 17:58 (363 weeks ago)
@Ooleary, thank you, sweetie :) It's just getting packed up and hoping the weather is with me. The weather in Chicago can be a bit unpredictable in winter. I talked to my sister last night and there is no bad weather in the forecast in their area, so it looks like it'll be smooth sailing. At least we know what movie it is now lol.
Cherylkay | 5th February 2015 05:56
Does anyone have any ideas on what's on tap for tomorrow?
Ooleary | 5th February 2015 09:41 (364 weeks ago)
I'm hoping it' s Dad and Fred
uchikimatsu | 5th February 2015 13:19 (364 weeks ago)
I'm hoping to see more of Ryan or even Paul.
Cherylkay | 5th February 2015 19:01 (364 weeks ago)
Chiki got her wish!!! :D
Cherylkay | 11th January 2015 00:55
I have never been able to cry from a spanking (as a big girl lol) but I CAN cry listening to "Danny Boy"...go figure.
red1967 | 12th January 2015 22:08 (368 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay "Danny Boy Always makes me cry as me family would sing it to my Irish papa (Granddad)
Cherylkay | 12th January 2015 23:09 (368 weeks ago)
@red1967, we played it at my father's funeral, even though he's German. He was a huge fan of tenor Mario Lanza and he loved Lanz'a version of "Danny Boy" so that why we had it played. He was a veteran and so we had a military funeral for him. Imagine a bunch of big, tough United States Marines standing in the rain with tears streaming down their faces listening to that song. I once heard Sinead O'Connor do a very nice version of it.
uchikimatsu | 30th January 2015 01:04 (365 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - i have only ever cried from being hit once - I was bound and hit across the back/shoulders with a cane. I broke like a dam and burst into sobs, but to this day i have no idea why or how it could trigger that kind of emotional break - to this day its still a mystery to me!
Cherylkay | 30th January 2015 06:54 (365 weeks ago)
OMG did you ask the person who was caning you to hit you there? I'm not sure I would cry from that. but I sure as heck would probably F-bomb him/her. Isn't it funny about emotions? Because I'm going through menopause, my emotions are all over the place. I can be laughing at something one minute, and then see something that reminds me of someone I've lost and the floodgates open really easily. I don't know it is about spanking. I've always been stiff necked when it came to getting spanked by my father (I hope that's OK to discuss here). I would wait until it was over and then run to my room and cry where no one could see me. I guess, whether right or wrong. I never wanted to give him the satisfaction of seeing my tears. But my dad was a very loving man who once told me "If I didn't care about you, I'd let you act any way you wanted." Maybe that person who was caning you just caught you on a day when your defenses were down? I really doubt the pain did it (as much as that had to hurt!).
uchikimatsu | 30th January 2015 11:03 (365 weeks ago)
I most certainly did not ask to be caned across my back! It wasn't from the pain but if I had to guess it was a mixture of shock and frustration. My hands were bound and my first instinct was probably to turn around and punch that cocksucker in the neck.
Cherylkay | 30th January 2015 22:42 (365 weeks ago)
@Chiki, that's a scenario that I've heard far too often-- a woman agrees to let a guy tie her up and then consent goes out the window. What that guy did to you was assault and I'm sorry that it happened to you. I remember once punching a guy after a caning. I was putting my clothes back on and he saw the front of my body and said "Wow. those tits would be great to cane" and then he hit me almost full force right across the chest. When I got my breath back, I gave him the right hook my father had taught me, which bloodied his nose. He then decided I was a "psycho bitch" and never asked to play with me again. Your tears may very well have been from the fact that your consent was violated and you simply didn't know how to respond.
uchikimatsu | 27th January 2015 12:59
Not being able to contribute and write on SLS is killing me! KILLING ME I tell you! Can't get a laptop fast enough...but I think soon and then I'll be back...BWAH HA HA HA HA!
Cherylkay | 27th January 2015 18:18 (366 weeks ago)
I've missed you, Chiki. I can't get my writing partner back fast enough!
Cherylkay | 27th January 2015 18:56 (366 weeks ago)
PS: I would love to hear your thoughts over on the Emotions blog.
Ooleary | 27th January 2015 20:38 (366 weeks ago)
I really miss Chiki too I'm dying to hear her thoughts on the next movie xx
uchikimatsu | 30th January 2015 01:05 (365 weeks ago)
you guys are really sweet! I should be back soon! I miss you all!
Cherylkay | 30th January 2015 06:47 (365 weeks ago)
I can't wait to see your reviews of some of the recent releases!
uchikimatsu | 30th January 2015 11:06 (365 weeks ago)
I wish I could write all that I want to when the release are fresh and relevant, I don't think we'll have same impact doing later..😭
Ooleary | 30th January 2015 12:01 (365 weeks ago)
@chiki i disagree I'm dying to read your reviews you write so beautifully .☺☺☺
Cherylkay | 30th January 2015 17:09 (365 weeks ago)
Hear, hear Orla! I agree. Just because Chiki hasn't been able to write comments for the films the day they come out doesn't mean her comments aren't relevant. I just joined in September and many of my reviews were written way past the release dates of some of the movies. So what? Write anyway. I myself am looking forward to see Chiki get caught up on the films because her comments are always insightful and always make me think of things I missed when I commented.
Ooleary | 29th January 2015 02:47
This is the longest week of my life and tomorrow isn't Friday Grrrr . 😂😂😂
Cherylkay | 29th January 2015 04:57 (365 weeks ago)
Maybe we'll get the new movie on Thursday instead since last week's release came out on Thursday and Dave knows how mean and horrible it would be to make us wait until Friday for the new movie.
uchikimatsu | 29th January 2015 10:11 (365 weeks ago)
Oh, Dave excells at mean and horrible, doesn't he...?
Cherylkay | 29th January 2015 20:09 (365 weeks ago)
@Chiki, he does at times, yes. But then he redeems himself :-)
Lynne | 15th January 2015 23:34
Hmmmm...making the assumption that all is well, I have a feeling I know which vid may be coming tomorrow. I have found that when Dave waits until Friday to post that the vid is is usually one that will have everyone in awe :). Will see except due to my schedule tomorrow it is going to be about 9 PM before I get to watch the vid.......
Ooleary | 15th January 2015 23:45 (367 weeks ago)
@lynne i must agree with you, i so want it to be the crier xx what one are you thinking of ? ?
Lynne | 15th January 2015 23:49 (367 weeks ago)
Hmmm...wasn't going to say but I am leaning towards that one myself. The other possible that comes to mind is the Andy Returns vid but the general schedule timing is right for the real tears mystery :)
nanarr | 16th January 2015 03:21 (367 weeks ago)
Hi, everyone. I hope it's the real tears video, too. Been looking forward to it! Come on, Friday!!
Cherylkay | 16th January 2015 05:09 (367 weeks ago)
I wonder too why Dave is making us wait. It's the first time since I joined that there hasn't been a new movie on Thursday. I also hope it's the real tears film. I've been dying to find out who it is.
Lynne | 16th January 2015 20:33 (367 weeks ago)
Well, I called it as the second possibility :)...::adjusts the spreadsheet dates::
Cherylkay | 12th January 2015 05:37
Here's a fetish listed on Fetlife that SLS members can appreciate!
Cherylkay | 12th January 2015 05:40 (368 weeks ago)
Apparently, you have to be a member even to read fetishes so I'll just tell it here:

"Yes. Yes what? Yes, Sir!"

It must be a popular fetish since 575 people have it listed on their fetish lists LOL.
uchikimatsu | 10th January 2015 22:21
Random Thought of the Day:

I hate those Russian dolls....they're just so full of themselves!
uchikimatsu | 7th January 2015 17:04
Random Thought of the Day:
If someone says you're smoking too much weed, just stop talking to them.

You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.
Cherylkay | 7th January 2015 19:48 (368 weeks ago)
I smoked my share of weed and drank my share of alcohol (and probably ten other people's) when I was younger. I just figure if someone is hitting the bong too much, it's none of my affair LOL. BTW, did someone tell you you smoke too much weed?
Lynne | 7th January 2015 22:46 (368 weeks ago)
uchikimatsu | 8th January 2015 00:32 (368 weeks ago)
'smatter, Lynnie? You don't like my reference to illicit mind altering substances? Maybe I should have started with "If someone says you're drinking too much..." (because drinking is legal and we know nothing bad ever happens when people abuse alcohol) or "If someone says you put too much parmesan cheese on your pasta..." LOL

I love you not despite, but because of your conservative personality! Wouldn't have you any other way! 😘 💋
uchikimatsu | 8th January 2015 00:34 (368 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - Nope. Just my quirky way of attempting to be funny. Fell a little flat, I see.... 😳
Cherylkay | 8th January 2015 00:40 (368 weeks ago)
@Chiki, more likely it went over my head LOL.
Lynne | 8th January 2015 22:40 (368 weeks ago)
You know me Chiki...:)...I'll growl at the alcohol as well; however, take away my parmesan and I can't be held responsible for the temper tantrum :)
Cherylkay | 8th January 2015 23:32 (368 weeks ago)
@Chiki, there's such a thing as too much parmesan? Who knew? lol
uchikimatsu | 2nd January 2015 22:46
So no one's payroll was deposited where I work. There's a chance it might show up tonight but it's more likely that we won't get it until tomorrow. This might have been ok if The Butch and I didn't work at the same firm! Neither of us got paid!

#tapped #poor #insufficientfunds #yourefired
Cherylkay | 3rd January 2015 00:35 (369 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I hate it when that happens! I guess that knackers your Friday night then? Hopefully, the funds show up tonight or tomorrow.
Ooleary | 3rd January 2015 02:49 (369 weeks ago)
@chiki that sucks hope it's all sorted soon
Cherylkay | 2nd January 2015 00:34
I was extremely happy to see that "Karl- Broken Curfew" has made the Top Ten :-) That sure didn't take long and is a testament to Karl's popularity.
Cherylkay | 31st December 2014 06:10
OK, so's my birthday! Where's the cake and ice cream? LOL
uchikimatsu | 31st December 2014 07:05 (369 weeks ago)
Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! Have agreat birthday, girlie! 🎂 🍰🍨🍧🌈👑🎆
Cherylkay | 31st December 2014 07:22 (369 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I'm 21 (again!) LOL
Ooleary | 31st December 2014 09:56 (369 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday @ cheryl xxx ☺🎁🎂🎉
wardcoleman | 31st December 2014 10:47 (369 weeks ago)
Happy birthday Cheryl!! What special gift would you like for your birthday?
uchikimatsu | 31st December 2014 13:11 (369 weeks ago)
I'm gonna stick my 2 cents in with the obvious and guess....a birthday spanking?
Cherylkay | 31st December 2014 18:14 (369 weeks ago)
Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone :)

And yes, I would love a birthday spanking. It's traditional for me to get caned on my birthday, but that hasn't happened in a couple of years. I got a tattoo last year on my birthday so I at least got some pain LOL.
Cherylkay | 31st December 2014 18:19 (369 weeks ago)
I think in lieu of getting a real, actual birthday spanking, I'll just watch a few birthday spanking videos :-)
red1967 | 2nd January 2015 00:23 (369 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday Cherylkay I hope you had a wonderful day
Cherylkay | 2nd January 2015 00:27 (369 weeks ago)
@red, even though there was no spanking involved, it was a great day! Thank you for the birthday wishes :-)
uchikimatsu | 31st December 2014 18:23
I'll be busy for a bit so ijust wanted to wish my lovely SLS family aa healthy and happy New Year!

Here's to bigger, longer, harder spankings in the coming year!
💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋
Cherylkay | 1st January 2015 02:00 (369 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I just wanted to publicly thank you for the Happy Birthday message. I've been a little down today (missing my twin a TON, as I always do on our birthday) but you cheered me right up. Even a totally awesome birthday caning couldn't have been better. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gesture when I really needed it. Love ya'! xxx
red1967 | 2nd January 2015 00:21 (369 weeks ago)
Happy New Year to you all on SLS Thank you for making me fell so welcome I wishing everyone all the best for this year
uchikimatsu | 28th December 2014 14:40
@Domfan - So I was on my way to re-watch the Lee movies and stopped by Jonathan to visit for a bit and thought of you! There are some really tasty scenes of Jonathan's junk rubbing on and dangling between Mr. X's legs in "Scratched Car" starting at about the 9:20 mark. If you haven't watched in a while, or at all, have a look and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

I really wish Dave could steal Jonathan away from MSF and keep him in SLSville!
Domfan | 1st January 2015 10:32 (369 weeks ago)
Ooh, just seen this. Thanks Chiki. I'll go check it out. 😊
By the way, what's MSF?
Cherylkay | 1st January 2015 17:46 (369 weeks ago)
@Domfan, MSF is Magic Spanking Factory, the company Jonathan works (or worked) for.
nanarr | 1st January 2015 06:03
Wish everyone in SLSville a happy and safe new year!!
wardcoleman | 1st January 2015 09:23 (369 weeks ago)
Thanks @nanarr - Happy new year to you also!
uchikimatsu | 30th December 2014 00:55
@Cheryl - knowing what we both know about the psychology of spanking, re-watch Spank Jenga Part Two with Adam's forfeit (where he is flogged by each other lad) and let me know what you think. You can text me if you feel thats more appropriate 😜
Cherylkay | 30th December 2014 16:18 (370 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I haven't watched that one for a while, but I'll go give it a watch and let you know. Am I looking for something in particular?
Aimee | 30th December 2014 01:06
I hope all fellow SLSers had a wonderful Christmas! Much love to you all
uchikimatsu | 29th December 2014 03:51
Random Thought of the Day - if you have laundry and clutter lying about the house and a surprise guest shows up at your door, you can hide that shit in your washer and dryer.
uchikimatsu | 29th December 2014 13:06 (370 weeks ago)
Random Thought of the Day; Part Deux - Don't forget about that shit after your guest leaves.
wardcoleman | 29th December 2014 14:04 (370 weeks ago)
I can turn a tad rancid if forgotten and left in the washer for a few days. Or so I have been told
uchikimatsu | 29th December 2014 14:23 (370 weeks ago)
@Ward - how many times have you been secreted away from the genteel company?
wardcoleman | 29th December 2014 17:09 (370 weeks ago)
@uchikimatsi - Well there was one incident I recall where I had to keep something hidden from genteel company, I am not sure its suitable for this site, but no doubt Dave will delete this message if its not. It was while I was in my 20's (so some while ago) I and a friend decided to experiment with bondage, and I had just tied the other person, face down, on the bed, when the doorbell rang. It was some quite conservative friends who had decided to pay an unexpected visit. They stayed for almost two hours, and then left in blissful ignorance that, throughout the visit, there was some tied up. naked, in the next room!!
uchikimatsu | 29th December 2014 20:07 (370 weeks ago)
@Ward - that is a great story! I love it!  While I've never been surprised by a guest during "play time," I was known to employ spank friendly people to knock on my door at a particular time, or "neighbors" to come into the house and chat for a moment or ask to borrow a cup of sugar, casually ignoring the bare-bottomed brat sniffling in the corner, or the tied, blindfolded, and nekkid victim, er, person in the room.  The inevitable transformation from shock to terror and humiliation was so, so very delicious. Does that make me a sadist?
wardcoleman | 29th December 2014 21:08 (370 weeks ago)
@ Uchikimatsu = Does that "make you a sadist"? ... er ... well yes, but it also means that your Sat Nav (GPS) was working correctly and you got to the right place.!!

Maybe I could have used the visitors to humiliate him like you describe, which might have been fun, but it would have traumatized the visitors
uchikimatsu | 29th December 2014 21:38 (370 weeks ago)
@Ward - thank you for reminding me that I'm old enough to remember life without GPS!  I was always in the right place, which was my personal play space, aka my home.  I would ask friends to "drop by" at the most opportune times, but friends always knew. what to expect! Sometimes I might ask them to telephone (before cell phones!) and play a part such as school teacher/principal, neighbor, or Auntie/Uncle.  I would instruct the victim to answer the phone for me and they would get an earful from their History teacher or whatever before passing the phone to me.  Usually after talking to the "victim" my friend would just hang up and allow me to carry on a one-sided conversation.

"Oh, did he now?  I see....hmmm.  I'm terribly sorry about that.  No, Ms. Jones, be assured I'll take care of him RIGHT. NOW."

It was absolutely the best for instilling a unique mixture of terror and giddy anticipation into the victim du jour.
Good times, good times.
wardcoleman | 24th December 2014 18:45
Merry Christmas, I hope you all get what you want for Christmas - and that the bad boys get what they deserve and don't want at all!!
uchikimatsu | 27th December 2014 16:34 (370 weeks ago)
@ward - maybe next year Dave will slip into a Santa suit and give out spankings to the naughty lads instead of coal for the first SLS Christmas Special...! 😁
wardcoleman | 27th December 2014 17:15 (370 weeks ago)
Dave would make an ideal Santa, I have never seen him in red, but I am sure it would suit him
Lynne | 26th December 2014 13:27
While a few hours late, hope all in the SLS family had a great Christmas and holiday. Happy boxing day to the UK crew :).
uchikimatsu | 24th December 2014 20:02
To my wonderful SLS family, I wish you all a joyous and happy YAK SHAVING DAY!!!!
nanarr | 24th December 2014 17:57
Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone in SLSville a love-filled and safe holiday.
Ooleary | 24th December 2014 17:55
Same here Happy Xmas and an even better 2015 to all the members ,all the lads, Art, Dave and Daisy xx💝🎄🎀🎁❄⛄
welshboy | 24th December 2014 12:03
I want to wish all members, the lads, Art and Dave A very Merry Christmas and A safe and happy new year.
Cherylkay | 24th December 2014 17:14 (370 weeks ago)
I want to wish Dave, Art, Stuart, all the guys and each and every member the Merriest of Christmases :) I hope Santa brings all of you exactly what you wished for.
Art | 24th December 2014 16:53
Merry Christmas and may 2015 be the best year yet.
lorilee | 24th December 2014 13:28
I am wishing all my SLS Family a Very Merry Christmas, May you get all you hope for. Love Always
uchikimatsu | 13th December 2014 15:03
Does anyone watch the TV show "Chuck?" The one that has the theme song that goes na-na-na-na-na-na {beat} na-na-na-na-naaaaa-na?
Ooleary | 13th December 2014 18:35 (372 weeks ago)
@chiki i watched it on netflix my fave scene in season 1 is when 'Awesome' teaches him to tango lol and i love Morgan
uchikimatsu | 13th December 2014 19:01 (372 weeks ago)
@Orla - Morgan and Awesome are indeed, uh.... Awesome! LOL! But my favorite character by far is Casey! All his little growls and grunts and facial expressions....and he's so toppy! The whole show is just brilliant, really!

I mentioned to The Butch that I might have to write some "Chuck" spanking fiction, and while my first instinct was a Casey/Chuck pairing, my brilliant butch suggested that Casey/Morgan might be a more fun combo because Morgan is so submissive....! I love it! I might even write that one day when I'm done with the 47 million other projects I want to do!
uchikimatsu | 13th December 2014 19:08 (372 weeks ago)
And of course, Adam Baldwin, who plays Casey (that man is friggin HUGE) also played Jayne on Firefly, quite possibly the best show ever aired on television in the history of EVER! Which I also say about Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica (the new one with the hot imaginary Cylon chick,) MI-5, Lost, Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Six Feet Under. I think for clever writing with deep hidden mysteries and overall understated humor, Firefly wins out by a small margin.
Ooleary | 13th December 2014 19:53 (372 weeks ago)
@chiki not a huge sci fi fan i watched 1ep of firefly only because i love Castle wanted to c a younger nathan fillion my fave shows are vampire diaries, originals, teen wolf, csi, criminal minds, the mentalist and of course white collar which next week is final final episode
Ooleary | 13th December 2014 18:46
Thank God this is the last week of exams and I get my laptop back from my friend and I can watch all my fave movies that won't stream on my damn phone ☺☺☺
Ooleary | 4th December 2014 02:33
Thank you @chiki for sharing the story you wrote for Aimee really enjoyed it your one very talented lady i also loved the story you wrote for Dave and the one you are writing now with Cheryl xxx
Cherylkay | 4th December 2014 03:27 (373 weeks ago)
@Orla, I thought the story for Aimee was really sweet. I've asked her to write another one along the same lines, I enjoyed it so much. This one we're writing together is a bit more painstaking, but glad you're enjoying it so far :-)
Aimee | 4th December 2014 12:05 (373 weeks ago)
It is so awesome right ? Chiki did suggest at the time she may do a sequel :) the one being written now is awesome. Chiki has shown me quite a few samples of her writing and she is extremely talented.
Aimee | 4th December 2014 12:06 (373 weeks ago)
Cheryl your writing is great too :)
uchikimatsu | 4th December 2014 15:19 (373 weeks ago)
You guys are too kind, thank you for the amazing words of encouragement! I'm really enjoying writing with Cheryl, even though it is aalittle painstaking, as she puts it.

::::sigh:::: ineed a new laptop...typing on my phone or iPad sucks dirty balls.
Cherylkay | 4th December 2014 16:28 (373 weeks ago)
@Aimee, thank you. sweetie :-) Maybe together we can put subtle pressure on Chiki to do that sequel? I for one would love to see it!
@Chiki, I'm on a borrowed laptop that only has Internet Explorer so I can sympathize with you. My phone is an Android so doing anything is a pain in the ass (and not the good kind! lol). I think once I get used to the ebb and flow of collaborative writing, things will go quicker.
uchikimatsu | 4th December 2014 17:15 (373 weeks ago)
Awwww! I have so many SLS projects I want to do! I've got memes, movie posters, sketches, and stories, with barely the time to get any of them off the ground! I am considering a re-write of Aimee's story so it can be published here and then writing the sequel. Dan getting spanked is so much fun...
Ooleary | 29th November 2014 17:33
Yippee Twitter back loving the new pics of Andy and the other new models cos that means great new movies on the way hip hip horray fir Dave xxx
Cherylkay | 29th November 2014 17:41 (374 weeks ago)
@Orla, I couldn't agree more! Am I the only one who thinks that Glenn looks a bit like Ben from the angle of the photo? The resemblance struck me immediately.
Cherylkay | 29th November 2014 16:43
I'm house/dog sitting for a friend this weekend and was bored so I thought I'd download a few new apps to my phone. One of them was for Dominoes Pizza. When I tested it by placing an order, I was a bit surprised to discover that the Siri-like male computer voice is called Dom. I got a kick out of that LOL.
lorilee | 27th November 2014 02:02
Cherylkay | 27th November 2014 02:32 (374 weeks ago)
@lorilee, a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. I have so much to be thankful for :-)
red1967 | 26th November 2014 11:23
I had a dream last night about Dom and Dad. It started off with dad sitting on the bed reading a piece of paper Dom has written about what a idiot dad is saying he been to Mr X twice lost his job suspended from college for smoking weed . and calling his dad a stupid old fucker. Dom saying he can do anything and get away with it. Anger dad ask Dom about it Dom say it was not him in his usual cocky way. Dad grabs his by the ear telling him he was going to get spanked and his mouth soaped I then woke up. Has anyone else on here had a dream about one of the models ?
uchikimatsu | 26th November 2014 12:15 (374 weeks ago)
@red - I once had a non-SLS dream that Jay and I were friends. I have an aversion to Jay and anything Jay related in waking life, so I have no idea what *that* was about. The subconscious mind is a scary place!

Your dream, however, sounds lovely. Must have been fun!
Ooleary | 26th November 2014 13:56 (374 weeks ago)
I didn't have a dream it was a nightmare i had the same one 3 times and it was Mr.X coming after me and when I woke up my ass was hot it took me a few seconds to realise I was dreaming that was a few weeks ago.I figured out what it was all about and haven't had any since .
Cherylkay | 26th November 2014 17:34 (374 weeks ago)
When I first joined, I spent an entire day watching one video after another and that night I had a dream about Wayne. Unfortunately, I can't remember a lot of the details, but it involved him getting a pretty severe punishment. I also once had a non-spanking dream about Adam. We ran into each other on the street and I recognized him. The funny thing is that, in the dream, I was thirty years younger yet it was the present day. We spent a pleasant evening enjoying each other and that's all I'll say about that. @Chiki is right...the subconscious mind IS a scary place! LOL
red1967 | 26th November 2014 23:58 (374 weeks ago)
@ uchikimatsu I have the weirdest at times. I dreamt once I was in the states in a park and was getting chased by alligator. This was I flow out there.The subconscious mind is indeed a very scary place. It would of been more fun If I had seen Dom getting spanked. and his mouth soaped As Dom is an other favourite of [email protected] Ooleary |Poor you That must of been a nightmare having Mr X after you I would of been scared as well. Glade you figured out what it was all about and you not had it since. @ Cherylkay They sound like you had fun in your dreams. I've had dreams where I'm much younger but it's been the present day.Its a shame we can't dream the same dream again when it's a good one lol When I fell back to asleep again I dreamt I was flying
Cherylkay | 22nd November 2014 08:27
OMG I was just browsing on Youtube and came across "Earache My Eye", a great classic by Cheech and Chong that I probably haven't heard since I was a teenager. You young folks will have to Google it, but for me this was a hilarious favorite line? "Young man, I have talked to you and talked to you and talked to you till I'm blue in the face and I'm DONE talking to you." To which the kid replies "Good, does that mean you're done spittin' on me, too?" Absolutely love it and I got a great memory, too. Probably the only rock 'n' roll song with a belting in it :-)
red1967 | 22nd November 2014 20:18 (375 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay I don't remember the song but have heard of Cheech and Chong I googled it and came up with a more updated click it was very funny good song in the clip the young lad gose through a door and you hear him and his dad talking about going to school in the end you hear a spanking lol. Thank you for that
Cherylkay | 23rd November 2014 01:16 (375 weeks ago)
@red, find a classic clip. There's one on Youtube that actually shows the album playing on the turntable, that's the one I found. This song was very popular when I was in middle school. It sounds a bit dated now ("Hey! What're you tryin' t' do? You ruined my record, man, I just bought it!") but funny is funny, no matter the era.
red1967 | 26th November 2014 10:17 (374 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay I found the clip. Very funny I loved the part when dad said get you little fanny out of bed., I know it means butt in the states and you know it's got a different meaning over here. lol Thanks for that
Cherylkay | 26th November 2014 17:24 (374 weeks ago)
@red, yep. Another instance where words have different meanings depending on what side of the Pond you're on LOL. But still, that song is hilarious. In fact, the sketch was so well-known that the phrase "Laugh it up, funny boy!" became popular with us youngsters (it was usually said during a bad situation just as it was on the record). Glad you enjoyed it ;-)
Cherylkay | 23rd November 2014 21:18
I've been passing a cold, wet day watching "The Inbetweeners" on Netflix. Those guys are totally pathetic, but really funny. Every episode seems to be about the boys chasing girls or trying to get booze LOL. It just goes to show that, no matter which side of the Pond you're on, being a teenager is really hard. Makes me wonder looking back if I was that bad.
Lynne | 17th November 2014 22:08
Guaranteed that on the coldest day of the year so far, the wonderful government planners decide it will be a great day for an emergency evacuation drill. Fortunately I have friends who still keep me in the loop and I found out about it ahead of time and promptly warned others so we can dress accordingly. The weather for this wonderful event (Chiki go sit by a roaring fire), 24 degrees, 20-25 mph winds and snowshowers.

Only 17 weeks until Spring..only 17 weeks until Spring......
Cherylkay | 17th November 2014 23:05 (376 weeks ago)
@Lynne, it's 17 degrees here on the banks of Lake Michigan. Snow is expected, but the experts don't know when or how much. I want THAT job! lol Glad you were able to warn people so they could wear their long johns.
kristi | 17th November 2014 23:59 (376 weeks ago)
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I would have had to hide in a closet somewhere for that evacuation drill!! I, like chiki, am from the south, and we southern folks don't take to kindly to all that coldness!!! It's earmuffs, hat, hoodie, winter coat, gloves, long johns, two pairs of socks, tall boots, and a hand warmer in my pocket, if it's 35 degrees outside!! OH NO,, cold weather is not my friend!
uchikimatsu | 18th November 2014 21:47 (375 weeks ago)
It's 62°f in Ft. Lauderdale...BRRRRR!
Lynne | 19th November 2014 00:11 (375 weeks ago)
(snort)...62. That would have been high Summer here. Anyway, thanks to the munchkins in the Child Development Center (read daycare) facility in the building they cancelled the drill today. Of course if the kids hadn't been there they would have had no issues carrying out the drill. It was a nice balmy 28 degrees with sustained 23 mph winds for a wind chill temp at about 17. At least the forecast was wrong about the snow showers and it was bright and sunny out.

As something of a weather historical note: all INCONUS (Continental United States) states reported temps below freezing last night (Monday into Tuesday) and that has never happened, or at least not in the time since statistics started to be kept. Not sure yet if that is a good historical note or a bad one :). I guess it would depend on where someone resides (looks over at Chiki who is huddled under blankets and muttering under her breath).
Cherylkay | 19th November 2014 17:21 (375 weeks ago)
@Lynne, ooooo that's weird.

:::cue up spooky music:::
Cherylkay | 19th November 2014 03:41
I just have to get through tomorrow and then it's two weeks paid vacation. Actually, I'm having a stay-cation because I can't afford to go anywhere. I saved just enough money to treat myself to a spa day. Still not sure what day I want to do that on, but I'm getting the works---mani/pedi, facial, sauna and a massage. I've only had one massage in my whole life (about 20 years ago) and the reflexologist said I was a tensest person he'd ever worked on LOL. I'm really going to ask the massage therapist to concentrate on my lower back because I have a sit down job and I can just feel the tension. Anyway, I wish I could afford to go somewhere, preferably somewhere warm with a beach and cabanas and drinks with little umbrellas in them. Sigh...I so wish I would hurry up and win the Lotto already.
Aimee | 8th November 2014 00:20
Hello all!! I have bee a little quiet lately on here so thought I'd pop in and say heyyyy to all my fellow SLSians. What are you all up to this fine Friday evening?
Cherylkay | 8th November 2014 00:23 (377 weeks ago)
Hello, Aimee darlin' :) I have no plans for tonight other than putting my feet up and watching some Netflix. Good to see you, as always :D
Aimee | 8th November 2014 00:29 (377 weeks ago)
Netflix is a good Friday night plan. I'm currently watching something called "date my pornstar" and eating ice cream lol. It's so coldhere, hot water bottle and blankets at the ready :)
Lynne | 8th November 2014 00:36 (377 weeks ago)
::mouths....cold air and eating ice cream....::
Cherylkay | 8th November 2014 00:38 (377 weeks ago)
I can eat ice cream no matter how cold it is LOL. I'm watching a war movie because I'm totally in the mood for some naked male aggression :D
Aimee | 8th November 2014 00:44 (377 weeks ago)
Yea but ice cream is the happy hormone Lynne, you must be over-looking that fact lol.
@Cheryl what movie is it? ☺
uchikimatsu | 8th November 2014 00:56 (377 weeks ago)
::::throws a meaningful glance towards Lynne and mouths....I know...::::

Hmmm... this is a tame Friday night for me indeed. I'm having a green smoothie for dinner while forcing, erm, persuading The Butch to watch Stolen Holiday Money before *persuading* her to watch the new Dom/Harry clip. Then I'm doing some prepwork for the Gordon Ramsay's Shepard's Pie I'm serving to some guests tomorrow. Exciting, right?

@Aimee - hmfff. You just didn't like the comment I posted about Pinterest. What kind of person doesn't like Pinterest????? Seriously, dude.
Ooleary | 8th November 2014 01:08 (377 weeks ago)
I'm sitting by the fire with tub of ice cream watching new season of white collar i know he's gay but matt bomer is sooo hot and then the vampire diaries after that ian somerhalder ohh la la it's just after 1 am here xx
Aimee | 8th November 2014 01:09 (377 weeks ago)
You did attempt to get me into it. It was just too much effort for me that one. Did you watch the northern ireland bit I sent you over skype? Huh? Huh? Did ya?
Aimee | 8th November 2014 01:12 (377 weeks ago)
Seeeeee Orla is eating ice cream in the cold too!!!
Ooleary | 8th November 2014 01:33 (377 weeks ago)
Yes @Aimee it's bloody cold out but I'm nice and toasty by my big turf fire .thank god it's the weekend no work for 2 whole days and I'm spending the day tomorrow with my precious nephews and my favourite sister
Aimee | 8th November 2014 01:37 (377 weeks ago)
That sounds just like my weekend plans. I just got a beautiful new nephew this week. My heating is on full blast too! Hot water bottle and the two dogs are my besties at the minute. Heat!! :) lol
Ooleary | 8th November 2014 02:12 (377 weeks ago)
@Aimee congrats I have 2 sisters and between them both i have 6 nephews and I niece .My fave sister has the 4 boys 16,12, and the terrible twins 10 she's my fave cos up til 5 years ago they all lived with me til they built their new house which is only 5 mins from mine but i also love my other sister too but she lives 40 mins away she gave me 2 nephews and a niece 13,10 and my little princess 4 me unfortunately can't have any kids myself so these 7 are so precious and they all love auntie Orla who spoils them rotten .I got pregnant when i was 22 but it was ectopic there were complications and had ovaries removed i was very depressed and angry at the time even tried to commit suicide but I'm fine now that was nearly 18 years ago
Cherylkay | 8th November 2014 02:13 (377 weeks ago)
@Aimee, I watched "The Thin Red Line". It's very moving, but full of testosterone, too lol.
@Chiki, let us know if you convince her :) I had to go back and watch the last Stolen Holiday Money video, too. And I would love to have that recipe. Shepherd's pie is one of my favorites and I collect recipes for it. Could you email it to me? Pretty please? :D
Cherylkay | 8th November 2014 02:20 (377 weeks ago)
@Aimee, oh congratulations on the new nephew :)I have three of them myself--my sisters boys are 30 and 27 and my brother's son is 19. Since I was never able to have children of my own, I was a professional aunt for a long time:)

@Orla, I resent the phrase "terrible twins" LOL (just kidding!). I had a twin sister and we were often called that. There seems to be something almost universally negative about having twins. While I admit that my sister and I gave our parents some trouble, I was happy to be a twin. I'm sure your nephews have a bond that's unique. Is it OK if I ask...are they identical or fraternal?
Aimee | 8th November 2014 02:23 (377 weeks ago)
@Orla oh my word you poor thing, that's a terrible thing to go through. Great you have the lovely nieces and nephews to keep you going.
I am the same I have 2 sisters and they have given me 8 nephews, no nieces. They are 15,8,6,3,2,6 months and 6 days old :) Love the bones off them.
Ooleary | 8th November 2014 02:47 (377 weeks ago)
@cheryl the twins are identical and they are so close it's scary but beautiful my sister used to always dress them the same when they were babies but even now they can dress themselves they always like to match ie last year Dara got sick and he threw up on his clothes so he had to change but then Cathal insisted he had to change too plus in school they have a uniform so the teachers still have trouble telling them apart but there friends can and we at home can except my mam sometimes gets confused and the twins get very annoyed totally different personalities though Cathal is 7 mins older is very serious whereas Dara is the clown they do fight sometimes but watch out they are also fiercely protective of each other and ps they call themselves the terrible twins cos they're lethal on the football pitch and they also play doubles handball and they always win one is left handed and the other right handed they're mirror image of each other plus one was born with birthmark on his left breast and the other guy has it on his right exact same spot spooky
uchikimatsu | 8th November 2014 02:53 (377 weeks ago)
@Orla - I'm terribly sorry for your ordeal, at such a young age. I don't have any children either, and I love being an auntie. I also get a certain fulfillment from my toppy activities as many of the people I see like roleplaying domestic scenarios, and some will tend to regress a bit. Its so difficult to find just the right partner that will help you fulfill those fantasies that I'm thrilled and humbled to be able to provide something they might otherwise go without their whole life.

@Aimee - you silly thing! you opened and closed your Pinterest account without ever telling me you joined after all the needling and convincing i did! its better when you connect with friends and share stuff... just saying.

@Cheryl - its Gordon Ramsay's recipe, you can probably Google it, but I will find a good version for you with imperial measurements and good directions. As I do sometimes bake, and baking is more science than art, I have a kitchen scale that will measure metric or imperial that I use to measure ingredients. This is the best recipe for Shepard's Pie I've ever had. And I use beef, not lamb so according to him I should be calling it cottage pie. I did some research on that last year and some sources say the cottage pie is just the potatoes sliced on top, arranged overlapping to resemble a cottage roof, and has nothing to do with which meat is used. But if Gordon Ramsay is telling me its cottage pie, then its freakin cottage pie, damnit. Michelin Stars are sexy.
Cherylkay | 8th November 2014 03:07 (377 weeks ago)
@Orla, they sound like typical twins :) And yay! They're identical. It's good your sis didn't give them names that sound alike. I'm five minutes older than my twin, whose name was Carol. My father could never tell us apart to his dying day and constantly called us by each other's names. My mother, however always knew who was who, even the many times we tried to fool her LOL. We were also good athletes when we were young. I played basketball and fast pitch softball and she excelled at soccer (football), bowling and gymnastics. We hated dressing alike! LOL I remember when we were about eight, we both had really long hair and a boy had put gum in my hair. My mother had to cut it to get it out, so Carol got her hair cut, too. I can still remember that she cried like her heart was breaking. We fought a few times, but like your nephews, we were protective of each other and Carol was always the tougher of the two of us. Also, it's a myth that twins are good at telling other twins apart LOL. I suck at it!
@Chiki, that's one thing I hate about not having cable is missing the cooking shows. They get me through the winter until baseball season starts again LOL. I would love a new shepherd's pie recipe with easy instructions. I never was one for measuring, which is probably why my baking is mediocre at best. My grandmother could do a pinch of this and a pinch of that and it would be perfect. I have tried shepherd's pie with both lamb and ground beef and both are good. The sliced potato recipe sounds really good! I do love meat and potatoes :) Thank you for getting back to me :D xx
Ooleary | 8th November 2014 03:31 (377 weeks ago)
@cheryl the twins have two first names the second first name are alike there names are Cathal Eoin and Dara Einde i picked Cathals name and they're older brother Liam picked Dara my sister picked Eoin and Einde .
Cherylkay | 8th November 2014 03:45 (377 weeks ago)
@Orla...sigh I love the name Liam. Probably because I dated a guy from Dublin named Liam and also Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors. Basically, I love Irish names in general. I'm French and German, which is why I have a French name. My older sister married an Irish guy and named her sons Sean and Andrew. We never had a redhead in the family until those boys were born LOL.
Ooleary | 8th November 2014 04:11 (377 weeks ago)
I'm a red head and I love it when i was young it was very ginger /orange but over time it's faded but it's still red all the kids alas are blonde .Liam is named after my baby brother who died when he was a baby so that name is very special and the lad in the middle is called Eamonn after his grandad my dad who is still alive and their mothet is Aisling the other 2 are sean and stephan and my little princess doesn't have irish name her name is Amira my sister is Eimear so it sounds like it i also have a brother called Sean so we all have good strong irish names

Cherylkay | 8th November 2014 04:36 (377 weeks ago)
Sean is kind of THE Irish name, isn't it? I also love keeping names in families. Sean was almost named after his father, but my sister put the brakes on that LOL. When he was born, she hadn't picked a name for him yet. But as soon as the nurse handed him to her, she said "Oh hello, Sean Michael" :) That's how he was named. Andrew was named that way as well, with my sister waiting until she saw him. His middle name is James, so as a boy we called him AJ. When he hit about 13 he demanded to be called Andrew and still refuses to answer to Andy. They have a baby sister named Courtney and they spent some of their childhood torturing her, as big brothers sometimes do LOL. They're all really close though. I don't see my brother's kids that much. He has two daughters, Rachel and Dawn and a 19 year old son, Kyle. Kyle just started his apprenticeship to a gunsmith so he's excited. Rachel has a ten year old daughter so I'm a great aunt (now I do feel old).
@Orla, I also wanted to mention about the birthmarks...Carol and I had them, too. Hers was on her left bum cheek and mine is on my right (like someone else we know lol). I purposely had my first tattoo placed so as not to cover it LOL.
Aimee | 8th November 2014 11:46 (377 weeks ago)
Sean & Patrick are the Irish names aren't they? I love the name Eimear Orla & love Aisling.too. Chiki says she really wants an Irish name lol! Dont ya chiks?
Cherylkay | 8th November 2014 18:05 (377 weeks ago)
@Aikmee, give her an honorary Irish name :)
uchikimatsu | 9th November 2014 04:50 (377 weeks ago)
@Aimee - oh yes please! Does my awesome shepherds pie qualify me for a name????

My guests loved it, i was so happy! After telling me their 9 year old won't eat carrots, she went on to have two helpings of the glazed carrot side dish! Ha! So pleased....Cooking for people ilove is my favorite thing
Cherylkay | 9th November 2014 04:57 (377 weeks ago)
@Aimee, I think that alone qualifies her for an Irish name :)
Chiki, glad your guests liked it. I'm not big on carrots, but I would try them. I also love cooking for friends and family but I don't get to do that too often anymore. I can't wait to make that shepherd's pie myself.
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2014 02:36 (376 weeks ago)
@Aimee - so what's my Irish name then? I've got a lot of nicknames, I'm not above adding one more!
Ooleary | 16th November 2014 03:10 (376 weeks ago)
@chiki- Elatha (AHL-aha) is an old irish name meaning 'art/craft'.Perfect for you what with your writings and drawings etc. Xx
Cherylkay | 16th November 2014 04:27 (376 weeks ago)
Oh it's lovely :) I know Chiki will love it!
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2014 13:13 (376 weeks ago)
@Orla - it is beautiful! I do love it and am honored... thank you, my darling
uchikimatsu | 10th November 2014 16:05
Monday. You. Bastard.
Cherylkay | 10th November 2014 19:19 (377 weeks ago)
I couldn't answer the bell this morning (boxing reference lol) so I took the day off. I hope your day gets better :(
Ooleary | 10th November 2014 20:17 (377 weeks ago)
So I've just spent the last 10 hours getting asked the same bloody question the first 2 hours fine but my god can we talk about something else! !! Every one in Ireland at the mo are talking about last nightd grand finale of the tv drama Love/ Hate it was wicked but if one more customer asks me if i saw it I'll scream :):) thanks for listening xx
Aimee | 10th November 2014 22:44 (377 weeks ago)
Lol! Well I've had a tremendous Monday in the luscious London having meetings about new work projects. Excited and close to slsville. How happy am I right now?
Lynne | 10th November 2014 22:50 (377 weeks ago)
SInce tomorrow is a holiday here in the US (Veteran's Day) I took advantage of actually having vacation time available and took today off. IT felt really strange not having to get up at a quarter to the thought of the crack of dawn. Tomorrow I can also hit the Veteran's Day sales and with my vet status get an even bigger discount :). If all goes well, by tomorrow night my Christmas shopping will be DONE!
Cherylkay | 11th November 2014 00:20 (377 weeks ago)
@Lynne, I want to thank you for your service :) Happy Veteran's Day to you!
uchikimatsu | 11th November 2014 01:27 (377 weeks ago)
@Lynne - holiday shopping DONE before Black Friday?!? You are a shopping god....

I don't even start until Black Friday and its usually more like waiting until 2 days before xmas and then ordering everything on Amazon so I can use my Prime account for the shipping. Every time.
Lynne | 11th November 2014 01:47 (377 weeks ago)
No, I just hate crowds. Veteran's Day is bad enough but the discounts are better :) I used to be the one out at the stores on 23 Dec every year because I never wanted to haul the packages when I drove to family. I still have to haul them even now but I have a better packing system. If I cheat and use any online venue, I just ship the stuff to my dad's place; saves time and effort :).
red1967 | 11th November 2014 22:17 (376 weeks ago)
My Monday was ok I spent some of the afternoon in bed as I got asked by work if I could please work an 12 nightshift witch I did work in a care home for the elderly spent most of the shift run up and down the stairs as lift wasx broken. Some of the call I got where they don't know why they rang lol , . or they needed the loo. We have to clean some of the room that are used in the day do the laundry are I had 15 sheets to Iron plus get 6 resident up washed and dressed and there breakfast So I hated Monday night and today. As after work went shopping I've only had 3 hours sleep got an other 12 hour day shift tomorrow . ok I'll stop renting lol I hope you all having or have had a wonderful day today lol I do really love my job
Cherylkay | 11th November 2014 22:27 (376 weeks ago)
@Red, it's good to see you :) I wonder where you went. Caring for the elderly can be exasperating and frustrating, but I can think of no better way to show respect to elders than to take care of them when they can no longer care for themselves. My roommate also does elder care and sometimes she comes home in a bad mood. But she always says, no matter what, that her job is rewarding and she loves it. I do hope you get a little more sleep though. Twelve hour shifts are hard to do under any circumstances.
Aimee | 11th November 2014 22:28 (376 weeks ago)
@lynne I'm with you all the way. My christmas shopping is complete. I find you get better stuff if you shop early and like you can't stand the crowds. I love shopping in December for the atmosphere but only for normal shopping. I like to have my actual gift buying done by November :)

@red wow you must be knackered! Nice to have a job you love though.
red1967 | 12th November 2014 23:54 (376 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay I was busy so could not get on here for a few days. I agree my job can be exasperating and frustrating only because they don't understand you are trying to help them no matter how many times you tell me what you are doing. or they forget what they wanted and ring they buzzer 100 times. lol I've been scratch punched kicked and slapped but they have elderly dementia so don't know what they are doing. and it's part of my job like your room mate no matter what it is rewarding. When someone is happy to see you. Glade your room mate love her job.I did get more sleep last night. Thanks I had a very busy day today but it was a good one. I am used to 12 hour shift lol got an other tomorrow @ Aimee yeah I was knackered lol yeah loving the job I am lucky to work with a good team. as well.
uchikimatsu | 13th November 2014 00:10 (376 weeks ago)
@red - its so rare to hear anyone say they truly love what they do, in that you are blessed. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, mostly when I was younger, because of the trouble at home. Consequently I spent a lot of time with their friends while I lived with them on and off. It was a total immersion elderly culture experience, LOL! I learned to play Gin Rummy with all the neighbors and learned to cook. My grandparents passion for good food and cooking is most likely what fuels my desire to please and comfort people with my food.

My grandmother died from Alzheimer's and my grandfather died a year later with super nuclear palsy dementia. I did what I could to help them and take care of them in their last years, so I'm familiar with dementia behavours. It can be frustrating, scary and dangerous, but I never saw them as anything other than the loving people that cared for me and sheltered me from the raging shitstorms at home.

I really like old people. Even the cranky ones. We get along.
Cherylkay | 15th November 2014 04:20 (376 weeks ago)
@Red, sorry I just saw your response to me. I'm glad you got a little more sleep. I know it can be nerve wracking when they forget what they buzzed you for. I find that humor helps diffuse most situations.

@Chiki, you were fortunate to have a refuge from the troubles at home. My mother died of Alzheimer's in 1993 and I lost my grandmother four years later to it. It's a horrible disease I wouldn't wish on anyone. Big hugs to you and @Red.
red1967 | 16th November 2014 02:01 (376 weeks ago)
@ uchikimatsu I am lucky to be in a job I love. I am so glade you have fond memories of your grandparents and you had a safe place to stay.. It sound like you had lots of fun with your grandparents and there friends. Your grandparents teaching you to cook is wonderful I too learnt to cook from my Pappa ( granddad ) Been Scottish he loved making thick soup he would tell me it stick to my ribs lol I love cooking for others and definitely to please and comfort them with food.

I am sorry to hear of there passing and I am sure you did everything you could of done for them in there last years. Looking after anyone with dementia is no way easy It show how special a person you are inspite of your troubled home. life you are a very loving caring and strong person I am sure your grandparents would be so proud of you.. lol Yeah the cranky ones are fun
@ Cherylkay Yeah answering the buzzer and them forgetting what they want and it mostly the emergency calls we get. It sometimes not fumy at the time but I work with a wonderful team and humor is a big part of it we laugh and joke around with each other, the resident and there families. At work my nickname is little shit as I am cheeky and or trouble lol even my manager tells me to get out of her office she is laughing when she say this. Big hugs to you both
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2014 22:53
Does anyone watch "White Collar?"

I just started season 1 on Netflix and I love it! Great premise, smart writing, good's a funny action crime drama!

I'm a total sucker for subtlety and there is some WONDERFUL subtext; a lot of Dom/sub and Dad/son dynamics going on. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chemistry between the two main players.
Ooleary | 15th November 2014 23:43 (376 weeks ago)
Yes yes yes its one of my fave shows I'm watching the final season at the mo Matt Bomer is sooo hot and yeah totally get the Dom/Sub thing between Neal and Peter
Ooleary | 15th November 2014 23:47 (376 weeks ago)
@chiki you should watch Suits too similar dynamics between the 2 main characters too Harvey and Mike xxx
Cherylkay | 16th November 2014 00:22 (376 weeks ago)
I watched "White Collar" when it was on USA Network ("characters welcome" LOL) but I never got into it. I was into different things back then. It was kind of funny and the guy was cute.
Cherylkay | 16th November 2014 01:04 (376 weeks ago)
I've spent the day on Netflix watching "Dr. Who". I started at Season One Episode One. I want to know what kind of drugs those writers are on. I don't remember the show being that freaky (I came to it in just the past year so I wanted to see how things got started). I remember the original from the 60s and it was way over my head but my mother let us watch it anyway. Just the drugs those writers were on...that's all I want :-)
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2014 01:26 (376 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - does my Nine/Harkness fiction make more sense now? LOL
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2014 07:08
Random Thought of the Day:

You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold.
Cherylkay | 15th November 2014 18:48 (376 weeks ago)
@Chiki, since you live in Florida, I'd be really interested to hear your definition of "cold" LOL. I live in Chicago so mine would probably be different...a lot different ;-)
Lynne | 15th November 2014 22:12 (376 weeks ago)
For Chiki anything under 80 probably feels cold. IT was a whole 38 here today in Maryland with some mild wind. Going to be a blistering 25 tonight :). As for Chicago, yes, mega brrrr. I spent two winters in Wisconsin at my first duty station and due to that I have seen enough of that fluffy white stuff to last me six lifetimes (I refuse to use that four letter word until at least after Thanksgiving :) ).
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2014 22:42 (376 weeks ago)
@Lynne - I was gonna say under 70°f , but yeah, basically.