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16th April 2015 22:30 | LAST COMMENT 172 weeks ago

So I am going to be filming some new movies shortly and have been thinking about reasons why a lad might get sent to Mr X, or indeed why a father would spank a grown-up son.

I was just wondering what ideas, you the viewers had? Is there anything the youth of today do and get away with that annoys you? Of course, it does not have to be the youth. I have a young man coming to visit me very soon who is in his early 30's. I wonder what crimes he could have committed?

Anyway, I just thought I'd throw it out there. I would be very interested in hearing your ideas and who knows, you may well see them come alive on screen

Towngate | 16th August 2018 14:45
How about Andy comes home drunk dad has to go away on a business trip and was going to leave Andy in charge again . But as he is so disapointed in him that he phones some / all the brothers to take charge and take care of his punishment.. they leap at the chance for revenge.

Just a small request can Andy be in embarrassing undies, Mickey Mouse pants or boxers with big hearts. His vengeful brothers could laugh at his discomfort.
hvicn1960 | 6th August 2018 01:31
One may not think it realistic for a grown man to get spanked/paddled bare assed----it may have been over 40 yrs ago but as a adult employee i got my naked butt spanked and paddled by boss in front of other guys-----today it would be cause for a lawsuit then i just took it it was humiliating and it hurt on my naked butt like crazy but i kept my job and was actually grateful as i did not lose my job MY BUTT HURT LIKE CRAZY
JamieJones | 2nd December 2017 16:12
Not sure if you're still looking for ideas or reasons for why a grown up lad would get punished but these are both based on real life situations and I found myself wondering what would happen if Mr X or an SLSville Dad got to hear of them. These are the back-stories and the movies would start with the lad(s) arriving at Mr X's or facing the wrath of an angry Dad.

1) The local sports team were playing an important away fixture - possible a cup final. The fans / supporters were travelling by train to the match. One of more of the SLSville lads were on the train and had been drinking heavily before and/or during the journey. The lad(s) cause a nuisance on the train, bothering other passengers with their noise and behaviour so the Train Manager / Guard threatened to call the British Transport Police (BTP) to have them removed. If this had happened the train would have been delayed and the fans / supporters would have been late for the start of the match. Luckily for the passengers, but not for the lad(s), either some of the locals who know Mr X or Mr X himself were onboard the train. They/Mr X managed to convince the Train Manager not to call the BTP as the lad(s) would get their punishment from Mr X either later that day or the next.

You could also have a train passenger worried by the behaviour of a group of lads, or one of a group of lads messing around activate the emergency stop button on the train. On UK trains there is supposed to be a fine for improper use of the emergency stop button but in a year of commuting I've been on 4 trains where the emergency stop button has been activated and no-one has been fined yet. Maybe a visit to Mr X could be used as a threat instead of a fine!

2) An SLSville lad working at the same large, nationwide firm as his Mum / Dad (but not in the same office or team) has to attend a training course at Head Office. The course is being attended by 30+ others from offices and team around the country and is being run / delivered by an external provider (in my real life case it was the Metropolitan Police delivering the training). The lad arrives late to the training course, despite there being no problems on public transport, in fact others from the same office have arrived on time. Once there the lad fails to apologise either to the Trainer or the other attendees, disrupts the session which has just started, then sitting at the front (in the only seat left) starts checking his mobile phone for messages, social media updates etc. completely disrespecting the Trainer and others attending the course. Mum / Dad hears from colleagues how their son has behaved and is horrified. Either Mum sends the lad to Mr X or Dad deals with him at home for his attitude, disrespect, bringing shame on the family name etc.
jimj835 | 27th May 2017 01:06
I did not get spanked by my dad as a young adult---but our boss who supervised a group of about 8 or 10 guys did give me and another guy a bare ass spanking in front of the other guys--I was 20 so very close to being adult---the work situation that summer was such that we all lived together in a small house on the property we worked on---the boss told us we were getting a bare ass spanking and we had to wait all day til we were all back at the small house we lived in---we had to strip down and take a bare spanking as the other guys watched---It was embarrassing to go over his lap and he spanked very hard and it hurt a lot----so while its not dad/son it was close to it----our butts were sore and it was humiliating
Ficwriterjet | 30th April 2017 00:22
Hi Dave,

How about a story where a son gets in trouble and seems very contrite before a spanking. Dad seeing that the son so contrite is reluctant to spank him, and ends up giving the son a fairly light punishment. The son is vocal and maybe even teary for the light punishment. Then a few seconds after dad leaves the room, the son smirks, and relaxes. His mate calls him to ask how he's doing after getting into trouble, and the son brags about how he has his dad so wrapped around his finger that he could commit murder and only get a few love taps as punishment. Of course Dad overhears this and decides it's time to be a lot harder on his son than he has before.
jacko | 1st May 2017 19:40 (239 weeks ago)
I like this one! I hope to see it come to fruition, maybe featuring the bath brush, wooden paddle, plimsoll or tawse the second time around. It might have to be in two parts, however.
uchikimatsu | 6th December 2015 22:01
Hey Dave, I had put forth this suggestion elsewhere, but I'll mention it here.

Since I work in a law firm I'd like to see a young attorney (solicitor over there?) punished by a partner (owner, stakeholder in the firm) or, if necessary sent to Mr. X to be punished, for really messing up a trial or hearing thru some sort of negligence, like not being prepared or not having filed the correct motions before the hearing, etc, which pissed off the judge.

Lynne | 6th December 2015 22:25 (312 weeks ago)
Or worse, losing the paperwork :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 23:09 (312 weeks ago)
Thanks for the idea Chiki. :)
uchikimatsu | 7th December 2015 15:48 (312 weeks ago)
@Lynne, yeah good point! If the paralegal put in all the time to prepare the motions, file them, set the hearing, make the hearing package for the attorney, etc, and he showed up without it because he lost the package, or worse, list client originals.... That would bad indeed...
Uchikimatsu | 21st April 2017 23:07 (241 weeks ago)
I'm bumping this because people in my firm need to be spanked.
jacko | 12th January 2017 06:46
Hi Dave

A scenario

Several past recipients of Mr. X's spankings have related to their cocky mate about their experiences and how it has cured them for life of becoming eligible for a repeat performance. The cocky mate tells them that as spanking is a punishment for young children they are a lot of cry babies/sooks and their manliness should be questioned. His mates dare him to front up to Mr. X and endure the same kind of spanking they received and even offer to pay for it. He accepts the challenge. Perhaps they provide an incentive of some kind to make it worth his while. If he fails to last the distance and begs Mr. X to stop he has to put a photo of his red backside on his facebook page. Of course they send along a member of the group to observe the spanking and of course Mr. X has the cocky one pleading for mercy before the spanking is at an end. The observing mate makes a big deal of this, calling him a cry baby and a wimp and insists that the punishment is continued to the end since it has been paid for. Perhaps the cocky boy could make a commitment to do this before the spanking starts while he is so sure of himself. Or he may give a commitment that if he asks for the spanking to stop the observing mate gives him a further 10 or 20 spanks.
mstr_spkr | 19th April 2017 19:52 (241 weeks ago)
Perhaps this can be a way to introduce a new model who is a friend of a current model. Was it not Taylor who said he had some mates he'd like to have spanked or even spank himself? Maybe he can bring one of them in this kind of scenario.

One idea: the deal is that if the new model endures the spanking then Mr X can give the friend who brought him 18 with the paddle with him leaning against the wall (maybe 6 pants up, 6 on underwear and 6 bare.)

We're still waiting to see Taylor as a spanker so maybe in a follow-up video Taylor can spank his friend to get even for him having to get the paddle,
Orla | 15th April 2017 20:54
Ok so i went to work today for a while cos the lads wanted to go to the Football Match so i gave them a list of things to do before they left ,so anyway a while later i went into the storeroom to get something and the lads in there rush to get out just threw things up a shelf not securely and a big heavy box fell on my foot which was so painful but i hobbled around anyway til they came back from the Match which we won by 4 points so all good so i went into A&E and I've actually broken my big toe ,so i was thinking that maybe we could get a story from this;

Say as a previous punishment from Dad the Lad was asked to clean out Garage /Attic/Spare Room and Mum goes in to get something and similiar to me things aren't secure and something falls down on her head or foot like me and she has to go to A & E and Dad is furious
jacko | 12th January 2017 06:25
Hi Dave

What about a Mr. X movie with a victim who PRETENDS to be injured to get out of the spanking. His partner, once aware that the spanking will be restricted to him or that he will be given double to compensate, could try his utmost to uncover the sham by relating his recent observations of the boy's fitness.

Mylene88 | 12th January 2017 14:30 (255 weeks ago)
Jacko , you have a lot of imagination .... :)) I like the idea posted at 07:25 .
Mylene88 | 9th January 2017 16:04
Hi Dave and every members ,

first of all , happy new year and congratulation for SLS , which nowdays is for me the best M/M spanking video . I'm french so excuse me for my english .... At least , i like 3/4 of the videos you submitted , but depsite all , like everyone i have my favorite videos .
Last year , i discovered the video Josh and Jenson " Lazy lads " and i must confess i was immediately delighted by this video because the situation , the ambiance were very near of my idealistic spanking scenarios . I like all the details ( the position of the two beds , the choice of the two lads , who were credible as friends , even the color of the underwears , the father , who is angry but not exagerated .... )
It gave me some ideas of scenarios in the same way .

- i would like different kid of situations of SLEEPOVER ; i love the idea of the son , who invites his best buddy , he promises , he will have good behaviour but inevitably it's easier to mess around when we are two ....
My idea is to show the warnings of the father . It's the evening before bedtime , the two lads ( wearing pajamas ) are in the bedroom with the closed door , together they want to have fun , listen music and talk , laugh loud . We can see the father , who gave earlier the permission of the sleepover , trying to concentrate on his work . The noise makes him to see the boys in the bedroom to ask gently for less noise . At the beginning he is not angry , he knows boys are happy to be together for the night . He says to them , they have still 30 minutes before to go to bed to sleep and makes undertand , he don't want to come back . After the father leaves the room , the boys laugh and don't take seriously the father's words .
The best friend shows to the son a bottle of alcohol , he stealed to his father and decides to share with him . After calmer minutes , alcohol makes them talking and laughing loud again . This time the father desagrees totally this behaviour and comes back to the bedroom . The friend has just time to hide the bottle in the bed . The father clearly warns and if he has to come back again , it will be the spanking ! If the boys behave like children , he will treaten them like children with a good spanking . The boys are surprised by this kind of warning and don't believe dad is serious ....
After dad leaves again , the friend begins to tease the son because his father used the word " spanking " , they finally wrestle on the bed . Dad is hearing that and decides to punish his son ....and his buddy ....
mattnyc | 10th January 2017 18:34 (255 weeks ago)
I love this scenario. The warnings, and especially the friend teasing the son about getting a "spanking". I like the whole lead up and hearing the word "spanking" that much. Also love the idea of a double OTK spanking that starts for both boys in PJ's. I'd love to see John and Josh in this clip. They're my two current favorites and they're both adults but youthful enough to make this work. Great ideas, Mylene88. This would also be an great scenario with a strict Uncle. Maybe the return of Andy? Or Bailey? With Josh and John it could even work with Jay as the young Uncle. Of course Dave as Dad would be great, too. Love this idea and hope to see a version of it down the road. Thanks, Dave.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th January 2017 22:12 (255 weeks ago)
Hi Myleen88,

Thanks for the kind words about my movies and I'm so pleased that you enjoyed them. Thanks for the suggestion. I do like it and I will think some more about it.


jacko | 11th January 2017 11:40 (255 weeks ago)
Excellent scenario Mylene88. I do enjoy the movies in which the Dad spanks not only his own son but the son who is stopping over. It is even better if the visitor asks for the same punishment as his mate as an alternative to being sent home before learning what that punishment will actually be. (Shock! Horror!) I also appreciate movies in which one of the boys owns up to being the ringleader and thus receives harsher treatment. I suggest no extra protection under the pj's. Although appropriate, the slipper doesn't look painful enough for this scenario although it might well be. As the spanking implement, what about a sandal or similar footwear that is conveniently lying around on the floor. There should be only one warning. The next time the Dad comes to investigate all the noise he sees the boys wrestling on the bed and notices the bottle of grog.
Mylene88 | 11th January 2017 15:34 (255 weeks ago)
Thank you for these comments , it's always pleasant to read and to share ideas and opinions .

- To Dave : I trust you , you would be perfect for this role of the dad , who get gradually build up angry . Cheers !
- To Mattnyc : I agree , the double spanking have always something special : to get spanked in front of his friend is a very classic idea but will keep always an efficent effect . I like almost all the actors of SLS ( for different reasons , they have each their own style ) . I would imagine Callum ( very expressive face , i love it ) with Kevin or Oscar with Jenson or Josh with Taylor . :)
- To jacko : i though also bare ass under the pj's and i totally agree : after the hand spanking the angry dad would pick up what he would find . The idea of the sandal is great !

I have some another ideas , i will try to expose them . :)
723woodlawn | 20th September 2016 22:30
I grew up in the 60's rural US and it was just accepted as a part of growing up that guys got paddled/switched--even in high school---My dad was a great guy but he would paddle my brothers and I bare--for something serious---It was the same for my friends even thru high school---It took place in the boys bedroom---it hurt--but was just accepted as a part of life--that guys in that era needed every so often----Unlike these videos no one else would have paddled us dad just did it when needed and of course he decided when it was needed!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th July 2016 14:13
Hey People, I am thinking of playing this card game that DenimClad suggested with 3 of the lads in a few days.

So there are a couple of things I am not 100% sure about. The first one is, who dishes out the first spanking?

Also, what incentive is there for the guys to spank hard enough? I imagine this game was designed for people who would relish the chance to spank whereas as my lads are not exactly into spanking.

I had a couple of ideas about this. I could referee the entire game and dish out the first spanking and then from then onwards it's the lads themselves that do it (so whoever was last to get spanked, spanks the next lad).

I suppose I could decide if the spanks are hard enough and if they are not hard enough then I will dish out the same punishment to the lad who never spanked hard enough. So for example, if the first 3 of the 12 are not hard enough then he needs to accept 3 from myself.

It's important that there is some control as I also need to make sure the hits are not so hard that they could be damaging, It has to get that balance right.

I would be interested in any thoughts.

I am also very open to the idea of not appearing in the movie and just leaving it too the lads. I'm just not 100% sure how that would work...

Here is the description of the game...

""""That sounds really good. I do like the game videos (spank jenga, spank twister etc), and to see the boys having so much fun spanking each other.

We sometimes play a card game which is very simple, but a good laugh, and suitable for any number of players.

1. Select 13 instruments of punishment from mild to severe, and lay them out of the floor in order of severity.
2. Take a pack of card (no jokers) and split them all between each player.
3. Players take it in turns to turn over one of their cards. If it is an Ace he puts it over the first instrument, if it's a two he puts it over the second instrument etc, right the way up to Jack, Queen and King, which go onto the 11th, 12th and 13th instruments.
4. Whenever a player puts the fourth card onto an instrument, he receives 12 strokes of that instrument by the previous person to be whacked
5. The round finishes when there are no cards left and all instruments have been used

A round lasts around 10 minutes, and starts of quite slowly, but becomes much more intense towards the end.

If you want a longer game, try doing it in three rounds over jeans, short and finally bare, and with increasing number of strokes for each round.

Have Fun!
Anthony | 16th July 2016 16:31 (280 weeks ago)
This sounds good, been a while for a movie like this.

It seems to me that the first player would be the one that has puts the 4th card on the instrument, so if there was 3 sevens on the belt and the next card is a 7 that player would be first and get the belt .
I suppose the incentive will be who will last the longest like the spanking competition that you did.
Ooleary | 16th July 2016 19:29 (280 weeks ago)
Yes i would love to see another movie like this, I really enjoyed the spank jenga and spank twister .

1. The who goes first argument maybe do it alphabetically.

2. You let the boys know from the start that If you don't think the boys are spanking hard enough or messing about too much that you will step in and that boy will receive maybe 5/6 hard swats from you,eg Fraser and Karl,if Fraser is spanking Karl and you don't think Fraser is spanking hard enough then you should give Fraser 5 /6 hard swats not Karl he can't control the spanking he just lies there and takes what he's given.

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th July 2016 19:58 (280 weeks ago)
Hey Anthony, I know which lad will receive the first spanking, it's as you described. The question was who dishes the first spanking out?

I'm still thinking it might be me that does the first one and that way i can set the pace on how hard I expect the lads to hit!

Anthony | 18th July 2016 22:04 (280 weeks ago)
Thats a good point and can be a few different options depending on how many people are playing. The amount could be split equally between the ones left or for you to start it off.

Although I think they will be doing pretty hard as the newer models are not as friendly/close with each other as the previous models.
wardcoleman | 15th May 2016 12:49
I was thinking of the recent story featuring Callum and the loan shark, and I wondered if that might be the subject for another story, perhaps with the loan shark himself ending up getting the spankings. Sebastian might be good in that role, if dressed in a flash suit and Italian shoes, with his hair slicked back. (Kevin is also a possibility)

Loan sharks typically charge huge interest rates, sometimes 1000 % or more. So what if, as punishment for his illegal loan business, some similar extortionate level of "interest" was charged by way of spanking, so each time he takes a spanking, he finds that he has only paid off a small percentage of the debt because of the spiraling interest. Just as would happen to one of his customers / victims?

Does that make sense?

It is always satisfying when the guy who gets punished deserves what is coming to him. Like when Bailey bullied his apprentice, when Kevin picked on Karl. or recently with Sebastian and Chris.

Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:43 (285 weeks ago)
Hi Ward, it does make sense and it has also clarified to me just how warped your mind is. I love it! :)
mattnyc | 17th July 2016 23:54 (280 weeks ago)
Dave, this sounds great! Can't wait. Is there any way to incorporate OTK as a position the way you do in the Spank Jenga movies? I love when the guys have to go over each other's knee for their spanking. Thanks so much!
jeremiah15 | 18th January 2016 16:59
How about this. A very exclusive investment firm has a strict policy requiring new executives to be "tatoo free." In fact, the contract each new hire signed explicity stated that the corporation would NOT tolerate tatoos of any kind. Word has it that one particularly handsome and athletic young exective has a tatoo. He is summoned to the CEO's office. He denies having a tatoo. However, just to make sure he's telling the truth, he is ordered to remove all his clothes, including shoes, socks, and underwear. He is not happy about being told to strip right there in the office, but he has little choice if he wants to keep his job. Once completely nude, his body is inspected. The CEO's suspicions were indeed correct. The young man has a tatoo (perhaps even several, depending upon which model you choose to play this scene). As a result of this tatoo problem, the young man is told he will either be fired or face a the nude. He reluctantly accepts the spanking!
wardcoleman | 18th January 2016 17:57 (306 weeks ago)
That is a neat story idea Jeremiah15, having any tattoo deserves severe punishment in my view, I also like the office theme (The recent story wit Tom was a particular favorite of mine) I also like the idea of the boy being spanked totally naked in a work situation. All hot triggers!!
uchikimatsu | 18th January 2016 21:25 (306 weeks ago)
I like this idea too. And while a company probably couldn't expect to dictate whether it's employees had any tattoos at all, many firms have a policy against visible tattoos or piercings. I suppose multiple violations of that rule would be subject to disciplinary action!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:57 (285 weeks ago)
Any excuse for me to spank a guy that was wearing a smart suit is a good one for me! :)
lesbianadom | 23rd January 2016 17:51
Hello, I like when Mr. X pulls up to the underwear of a boy, and put the underwear between the ass, like a tanga, my idea for the next video, spanking a boy homophobe, my itch to see a homophobic guy spanked by an older gay.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:56 (285 weeks ago)
hmmm, the only problem with this idea about spanking a guy for being homophobic is that I really don't like the guys to do such terrible things.. I will have a think about this.
spank100 | 2nd March 2016 05:27
Hi Dave
Here is a story you might like to play out what happened to me. I was asked by my cousin to take photos of her daughters christening which I was happy to do. There was her son who is the Godfather of his sister. He was a pain in the butt. When I saw him I asked him to get changed so we can take photos which he didn’t he just stayed in a pair of jeans, t-shirt and everyday jacket? I expected him in trouser shirt, tie and blazer. Not only that he the photos he did not smile like take the photo so lets get this over and done with type of attitude he was in. I kept on asking/telling him to smile which he refused to do. He was in this attitude all day during the service and reception. When we were taking photos where the cake and desert was and I was taking photos of family and friends he was coming to the table taking food off the table when he was supposed to be in the photo’s I ended up telling him off not to touch anything from the table. All I got from him “what did I do now?” I felt like shaking him since he was the godfather of his baby sister. In the photos you can see everyone smiling and him refusing to be in the photos. His mother was not too happy with him either she got frustrated. Funny thing is at the end of reception I went into a bedroom where I had my camera bag in I found him asleep on the bed facing down with his butt in a perfect target for a swat.
This is scene I was thinking Sebastian playing the part of the photographer who enters the bedroom and finds Callum asleep facing down. Sebastian sees him he puts his camera away. Then he walks up to Callum and gives him a swat on his butt and lectures him how he ruined the photos etc. followed by a lengthy spanking Sebastian’s see’s a hairbrush and he orders Callum to get it to continue the spanking. At the end he is told to report to Mr. X on the request of his mother.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:54 (285 weeks ago)
Sounds like that guy really did deserve a spanking for being a brat!!
2l8k | 4th May 2016 22:59
I have one somewhat dear to my heart. I work in customer care and certain things make it more difficult... Like the following:

An engineer could be sent to Mr X for being lazy. Basically, he's been sneaking up to the doors and posting a card through to say he's been but he's not actually visited the premises to do the work. He could have been caught after customer complaints (I remember seeing cctv footage of one actually crawling across a yard to avoid being detected once, long before I was old enough to work) and sent to Mr X to teach him better customer care. It's either that or lose his job.

Hope this appeals to someone other than me. I may be feeling a bit vengeful today xD
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:52 (285 weeks ago)
Ooooh, this kind of thing really annoys me too! I like the idea a lot!
spank100 | 30th December 2015 09:51
Hi Dave this is a repeat from the suggestion blog that I put forward.

I was wondering if we can have another game which consists of 2 or 4 players where 2 players roll the dice for each other where the dice will decide on the number of spanks, the implement to be used for example
1. Hand
2. Leather Paddle
3. Chinese Birch
4. Slipper
5. Wooden Paddle
6. Cane
Plus the position the need to be in for example hands on wall, bending over a chair, touching toes extra. And if the dice comes up as a wild then Mr. X steps in and does that particular spanking. I have a set of dice like this if you want to see them i can email you a pic of them. One has the amount of spanks it goes from 1 to 30 the other dice picks the implement to be used and the 3rd dice is for the position to be in to be spanked. Just an idea it could go for a few rounds like Jenga did. And its fun to play.

Just in case if you do not get the dice I mentioned. You can also play it this way where they guys roll a pair of dice which will decided the amount of spanks/strokes for example if they rolled a pair of 6's which means they get 36 spanks instead of added the dice together you multiply the dice together. Then they use a single dice to decide the implement to be used as above from 1 to 6. Then they roll again with the single dice to decide what position they will be spanked. If they refuse and decides to forfeit the roll then Mr. X steps in he rolls the dice and what ever Mr. X rolls they have to do it. And its all done on bare butt or totally naked.

1st Roll a pair of dice to decide the amount of spanks.
2nd Roll with one dice to decide the implement as above
3rd Roll with one dice to decide the position. for example.

1. OTK
2. Hold Ankles
3. Over The Table
4. Hands On Wall
5. Over The Chair
6. All Fours

Looking Forward to seeing this in an up coming movie if people do like this idea. Curious to hear what the members think of this.


Keep up the great work Dave.

PS Have you received the dice and have you tried them out yet. I even thought of the name of the game as HIGH STAKES SPANKING.

Curious to hear what the members think about it.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2015 19:36 (309 weeks ago)
The dice have been ordered! I like the idea! :)
spank100 | 31st December 2015 05:23 (309 weeks ago)
Can't wait to see it. You will get hours of fun I have these dice and had a group of guys playing it. Putting their fate to the role of the dice. Where they have to play it out. No one leaves with an non-spanked bottom.

denimclad | 31st December 2015 12:20 (309 weeks ago)
That sounds really good. I do like the game videos (spank jenga, spank twister etc), and to see the boys having so much fun spanking each other.

We sometimes play a card game which is very simple, but a good laugh, and suitable for any number of players.

1. Select 13 instruments of punishment from mild to severe, and lay them out of the floor in order of severity.
2. Take a pack of card (no jokers) and split them all between each player.
3. Players take it in turns to turn over one of their cards. If it is an Ace he puts it over the first instrument, if it's a two he puts it over the second instrument etc, right the way up to Jack, Queen and King, which go onto the 11th, 12th and 13th instruments.
4. Whenever a player puts the fourth card onto an instrument, he receives 12 strokes of that instrument by the previous person to be whacked
5. The round finishes when there are no cards left and all instruments have been used

A round lasts around 10 minutes, and starts of quite slowly, but becomes much more intense towards the end.

If you want a longer game, try doing it in three rounds over jeans, short and finally bare, and with increasing number of strokes for each round.

Have Fun!
Cherylkay | 31st December 2015 16:16 (309 weeks ago)
I've played this game at spanking parties and it's always a hit (no pun intended lol). Everyone seems to enjoy rolling the dice, not knowing what their fate will be. I really do like the games and competitions so I'm really looking forward to seeing this one.
spank100 | 13th May 2016 13:50 (290 weeks ago)
Hi Dave
Just Curious have you received the dice yet. Can't wait to see them rolling the dice to decide there opponents fate its good if its played by 2 or 4 players. And if it rolls on the Wild that's when Mr. X comes in to play too in dishing out the punishment. Looking forward to seeing it. Dave and Art keep up with the great work. And to the models they are doing a great job also.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:44 (285 weeks ago)
Hey Spank100, yeah the dice have arrived. I've just not found the right opportunity with the right guys to play this. So no promises as to when it will be made, but it should be at some point.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:50 (285 weeks ago)
Hey Denimclad, I just saw your idea here. Not quite sure how I missed it. I really like it to be honest. I can sense a real thrill about this game and I like it because it really is just very random! Some guys could have no spanking and some guys could have loads!

How do you decide who spanks the first guy to lay down the fourth card?
billenkoek1984 | 23rd May 2016 03:38
i think this situation will always work; the son is a teenager who has done an offence so he has been arrested by the police. After a night at the police the cops are bringing the teenage son home. finally sat home dad is in shock and brutully angry at his son. even his last spanking has been at 11 years old, dad is so mad he takes his son's arm and moves him to his bedroom and sits down on his bed. After they yell both at each other, dad put his big son with beefy bubble butt covered in thight levi's 501 licht blue jeans
billenkoek1984 | 23rd May 2016 03:55 (288 weeks ago)
, over his knee and begins to spank the behind of his son's levi's 501. very hard and very fast. with his hand. the sound is like a machine, so fast and hard. dad is really angry. so after 3 minutes the tough streetwise teenager is screaming: STOP DAD PLEASE STOP and he is kicking with his legs. but it doesn't help,dad opens his levi's 501 and drops it while the same legs still keep kicking. now dad gives even harder and faster slaps with his hand on his son's boxershort. this situation takes also 3 minutes; son screaming and dad spanking his boxershort with +/- 50 slaps in a minute..

Then dad pulls down his son''s boxershort too on the legs of him and the his teenage macho son is immediately crying: MWAAA BOEEHOEEE DADDD NOOO THIS HURTS TOO MUCH I CANT STAND NOMORE PLEASE BOEHOEE OMG I FEEL SO EMBERASSED STOPPPPPPPP THIS SOUND EVERYONE WILL HEAR BOEHOEEEEEEE the last sounds seem very girlish and his son is now crying like a little girl, only because of the big pain. This is his pain level!

This is the start of a strange stuation. For 2 minutes long, thje son is not yelling or screaming anymore, just little kicks with his legs and little cries. He has accepted the pain of the spanking and dad continues for these 2 minutes with machine-like verybig sound spankings on the bare butt of the teenager. The last 20 or 30 slaps are so hard and fast, Moh begins to scvream and yell again. But safter 10 seconds the spanking is really over.

This story scenario could really has happened in every western country even nowadays. many dads wwould spank their teenage (14 or 15 year old) sons because of getting arrested by the cops.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:39 (285 weeks ago)
Hi Bill, thanks for sharing your ideas. It does sound pretty full on! I'm sure though some of the lads could deal with a spanking like this!
jimjohn | 15th June 2016 00:29
This was back in the 60's--rural US and guys got switched/paddled thru high school--as did I. As I recall, it was mostly for shows of disrespect---For any perceived show of disrespect especially from mom dad paddled my brothers and me on the bare butt--In that era--we just never questioned that we needed to get our naked butts paddled every so often My parents were great parents--it was just a different type of life in those days PS and yes--my naked butt hurt plenty!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th June 2016 22:37 (285 weeks ago)
Thanks for sharing JimJohn. I it has reminded me that I should get the paddle out more often!
billenkoek1984 | 9th January 2016 00:32
Hi Dave is it possible the models could wear (tight) levi's 501 when they are getting spanked over your knee? I would love that (and I'm sure a lot more..)
denimclad | 16th January 2016 16:36 (306 weeks ago)
I'll second that. There's nothing better (for me) than seeing a guy being spanked in tight jeans, before removing them for the finale.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 29th December 2015 21:20
Ok so I think it's time for some new ideas! This does not mean that I still wont make movies based on the current list, but I thought I'd open it out there again.

So in particular I am looking forR
reasons why a lad could be sent to see Mr X
Reason;s why a Dad would spank a grown up son
Locker Room situations
Reasons why the lads might spank each other...
And any other scenarios you think I could realistically pull off!

I am not really wanting you to think about specific models as there may well be some new lads coming along.


uchikimatsu | 29th December 2015 22:29 (309 weeks ago)
Well, I don't know if this is too close to the whole BIC storyline, but I was thinking of something I may or may not have been involved in as a youth. This would work for either Mr. X or Dad, preferably both!

So, my friend and I might have accidentally "found" a big unused roll of raffle tickets somewhere in the school storage that accidentally came unlocked one day. And we may or may not have sold said tickets around several neighborhoods for a non-existent school cause and a raffle that never took place. But I can't confirm any of that.

Of course, the idea doesn't have to be identical, but the premise of a young man running a game on his neighbors, conning the nice little old ladies who barely have enough, etc...
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 29th December 2015 23:30 (309 weeks ago)
What a dastardly deed! I'm not sure any of the SLS Lads would be THAT naughty!


PS I love the idea!
Ooleary | 30th December 2015 00:17 (309 weeks ago)
Oh Ckiki i knew we were kindred spirits myself and a friend did something kinda similar only more daring when we were 12 we held a collection outside our local church,no one really asked what we were collecting for they assumed it was for the church and the priest assumed it was for the school and we kept the collection for ourselves .
uchikimatsu | 30th December 2015 00:19 (309 weeks ago)
I have mentioned that I was very naughty in my youth and never paid for any of my crimes. Somehow I turned out with a strong sense of morals and ethics, but I do tend to re-live my youth vicariously through your models and this site, LOL!

Glad you like the idea! Hope you have a model sufficiently dastardly to pull something like this off!
uchikimatsu | 30th December 2015 00:21 (309 weeks ago)
LOL @ Orla...thats brilliant! You were much braver than I was as I made sure I stayed away from my own neighborhood when selling the tickets, LOL! And I was about the same age, too!
Cherylkay | 30th December 2015 17:35 (309 weeks ago)
@Orla and Chiki!!! My goodness, such naughtiness lol. I do love the idea of one (or more) of the guys running a scam in their neighborhood. The guys in question would probably have to be sufficiently trustworthy (i.e. no history of stealing or tomfoolery) for it to work. Yeah, I'm thinking this would make for an awesome film!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2015 19:30 (309 weeks ago)
Maybe I filmed this today with a brand new model!
uchikimatsu | 30th December 2015 22:26 (309 weeks ago)
Cherylkay | 31st December 2015 05:07 (309 weeks ago)
Wow! Can't wait to see it!
Ooleary | 31st December 2015 10:06 (309 weeks ago)
Wow can't wait xx
Ooleary | 7th January 2016 11:17 (308 weeks ago)
Ok Dave this is another true story that maybe you can work with lol

This was quite a few years ago when i was 13 but was not involved only the older kids ha ha ....One of the Boys had an Uncle who just opened up a pitch&putt course which was great another new place for us to meet up and hang around and this boy Martin 19 got a job helping out his Uncle on wkends and school holidays so after a few months his uncle was starting to trust him leaving him on his own etc to see how he got on and all went well and then one wkend his uncle and wife were invited to a wedding and would be away for a few days so Martin's uncle gave him the keys and left instructions about opening up and locking up carefully etc and that he was trusting him ......Martin told a couple of his really good friends that they should pop around after closing ,bring some tinnies , they could have them in the club house and he had a radio in there and have a few rounds of pitch & putt themselves BUT word soon got out and the 4/5 lads he'd invited soon turned into nearly 30 lads and girls looking to party and they destroyed the place beer cans everywhere, broken vodka bottles , couple of the golf clubs were bent,most of the golf balls lost,one lad rode his scrambler bike around the pitch&putt course and tore it up , poor Martin was bricking it the next day cos in the light of day you could see the damage, he tried cleaning up picking up the cans and broken bottles and trying to find the lost balls and eventually he had to tell his Dad cos he didn't know what to do about the bike tracks around the pitch and he wanted it all sorted before his uncle came up which of course wasn't going to happen he was only gone for 3 days , and to resurface the pitch would take about 2 weeks so his Dad and Uncle got the pitch resurfaced and Martin had to pay for it out of his savings and work for free for his uncle the entire summer and was grounded the entire summer too .
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 7th January 2016 21:04 (308 weeks ago)
Hi Orla, thanks for sharing this epic story! I do like the idea of a house party gone wrong. It sounds Martin really got stung over by his "mates"!
Ooleary | 7th January 2016 22:59 (308 weeks ago)
There was also the time after a football game win the lads were seriously pissed and playing dare games but they took it a bit too far when one of the lads unscrewed the condom machine from the loo in the pub and left it down in the church grotto beside the virgin mary , it was really funny at the time but the next day the village was in uproar and the priest wanted to call the guards but the football manager said he'd deal with it , all the lads even those not involved every member of that winning team had to pay 50e to the church and take it in turns to cut grass and polish the church floors and seats for 3 months , loads more stories like that .....
Ooleary | 7th January 2016 23:02 (308 weeks ago)
Ps i wouldn't worry about Martin he's a legend he was also involved in the above story he just attracts disaster everytime he's out ....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:21
So does anyone have any suggestions why a very handsome man, mid to late 20's dressed smart in a suit might be sent to Mr X for punishment?
Ooleary | 6th December 2015 19:53 (312 weeks ago)
Well as its nearly xmas there's a lot of xmas office parties going on so maybe he could have got totally pissed and got a little handsie with an older married female colleague like a secretary /accountant or he could have gotten abusive and tried to punch a colleague or client/customer .

This is based on a true story we haven't had an official fully paid staff party in 10 years because an ex manager where i work did just that he got handsie with our married female accountant really groping her and when one of the other guys stepped in he punched him in the face and broke his nose and chipped a tooth and of course both victims made formal complaints to our Boss next day, Adrian got fired and our boss hasn't paid for an parties since then
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 23:10 (312 weeks ago)
Thanks Orla! I never tire of hearing about your workplace! :)
Ooleary | 7th December 2015 01:00 (312 weeks ago)
It's just a normal shop but the staff are Insane esp the evening crew me included but i love it been there 15 years and never want to leave ... i also work 2 mornings a week in a preschool with 3-5 yr olds and some of them are more mature than these guys lol xx.

On the year before the above incident the staff were always allowed to bring their significant others to staff functions but that stopped when one of the wives started calling one of the girls a slut and a whore cos she was out on the floor dirty dancing with her husband who is the butcher in the shop accusing them of having an affair , it was hilarious, we are a really close bunch in the shop we're always joking and messing and pranking and a lot of Flanter (flirting+banter) but it's harmless fun so i can see how a stranger seeing us all together would think there was more going on but poor Dan was mortified and left early.

This year on the 12th Dec a group of us are going greyhound racing and dinner and then clubbing and then at 6am for those of us who are still standing are going to watch the MMA match of the century our very own Notorious Conor McGregor 🍀 v Jose Aldo 🍸🍸🍺🍺🙊🙉🙈
uchikimatsu | 30th December 2015 22:27 (309 weeks ago)
Isn't this your story for the new model, Tom, Orla?????
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2015 22:31 (309 weeks ago)
It certainly is! :)
Ooleary | 30th December 2015 23:09 (309 weeks ago)
Yes i know so cool , trying to think of a few more incidents like that there's so many i could write books on the stuff we used to get up on nights out or just at work
pthompson | 30th December 2015 16:47
How about this for another idea. Guy's measure different body parts - biceps, thighs, chest etc . . . and the guy with the biggest gets spanked! Would be so funny to see the guy's measuring each other's arses to find out who has the biggest and therefore gets the spanking. Would be really amusing.

Of course with the buttock measuring (because who wouldn't want to see some of your models getting their buttocks measured!) there would need to be the person with the biggest behind getting spanked but also the person with the biggest waist to buttock ratio. They would need the biggest spanking of the lot!

Is it just me who believes this, or has anyone else heard that a bottom spanking makes the bottom bigger?!!
Cherylkay | 30th December 2015 17:08 (309 weeks ago)
Spanking making the bottom bigger is a total myth. I've been getting spanked regularly for nearly 13 years and have probably heard every myth and urban legend there is involving spanking. The buttocks are made up of muscles, the largest ones in the body. Like any other muscle, exercise enlarges it. It can't be made bigger by outside forces (unless you count temporary swelling from a hard spanking). My bottom is bigger, of course, because I'm female and we ladies distribute fat differently than men do. I also can't see these straight guys measuring each other, but then again, who knows? lol
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2015 19:35 (309 weeks ago)
Hey Pthomson, it is an interesting concept, I'm just not sure the lads would be comfortable with it. It tends to sway away from the idea of "punishment movies". I know I have done the spanking competitions, but I guess I am happy to include them occasionally as the lads are playing a game with a real loser. The whole measuring each other would not be something I feel fits in with Straight Lads Spanked..

But please, keep the ideas coming in... :)
Ficwriterjet | 30th December 2015 14:58
How about one of the guys intentionally loses a football game (kicks the ball wide from the goal, gets in the way of other players trying to score, etc.), because he has bet against his own team to make some money? He could get caught receiving money in the locker room after the game.

I'm thinking this would be a Locker Room situation with the captain or coach doing the spanking, but really it could work with Mr. X, too. Or it could work with Aimee's suggestion of one guy getting spanked in front of team members.
Ooleary | 30th December 2015 17:18 (309 weeks ago)
I like that Fic can defo see this one work out love love love it
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th December 2015 19:31 (309 weeks ago)
Oooh, this is a really good idea indeed!
pthompson | 30th December 2015 08:42
Wow Dave. Thanks for this opportunity. I have so many ideas.

I will repeat a couple from the suggestion blog which I have made.

1) mr x is going on holiday and needs someone to take over his spanking. he decides to get one of his guys over to be the spanker but knows he will need training first and so he calls another guy over (who is always in trouble) and decides to spank him in front of his apprentice spanker and explain how a good spanking is done. he then passes the guy onto the apprentice to spank.

I would love the conversation about his bum, where to hit it, the continuous back and forth as the apprentice is learning to spank and the humiliation for the spankee.
Aimee | 18th September 2015 09:04
I would really love to see a movie were say one footballer does get punished in front of his team mates. Not one when they all get spanked in turn. One were one player has done something and coach Andy or captain Sebastian gather a least a few (logistically for Dave it could only be a couple I am guessing) of the team players together to witness the punishment and maybe even each be allowed to join in a little at the end :)
uchikimatsu | 18th September 2015 12:40 (324 weeks ago)
I like this idea, Kitteh! It would be cool if the coach didn't have to gather anyone, but they just kinda started wandering in after the game and coach or captain just carried on...LOL
wardcoleman | 18th September 2015 18:26 (324 weeks ago)
Aimee's suggestion gets my vote!
Lynne | 18th September 2015 20:32 (324 weeks ago)
Probably in line with what was suggested but this play along the lines of Karl's stealing idea. Something another player does, like theft or vandalism; practical jokes etc. Team members go to Coach and demand he do something about it since of course Coach has flatly forbade any players to take revenge on each other :)
Aimee | 18th September 2015 20:37 (324 weeks ago)
Yes I love the idea of them just mayeb arriving just as a spanking got underway. That is a good idea Chiks. Like the othet players coming in to get changed and catchibg it. Your idea is great too Lynne. It would work as a further continuation of that story wouldn't it.
Aimee | 18th September 2015 21:03 (324 weeks ago)
Yes I love the idea of them just mayeb arriving just as a spanking got underway. That is a good idea Chiks. Like the othet players coming in to get changed and catchibg it. Your idea is great too Lynne. It would work as a further continuation of that story wouldn't it.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:12 (312 weeks ago)
This is something I have always wanted to do! For far to long there has been the threat of getting spanked in front of the team! I guess we got a bit close to it on the Locker Room thief series. :)
SoupGoblin | 7th December 2015 16:33 (312 weeks ago)
I'd love this too! Put in another vote for me. :]
uchikimatsu | 30th December 2015 00:31 (309 weeks ago)
Was just re-visiting this idea put forth by Aimee-kitteh and thought I'd add some ideas. I was thinking that if Dave took a few minutes with every model, regardless of what they were filming that day, to film them opening the "locker room" door and giving a reaction to seeing their teammate getting a spanking from Coach, then in a short time he could have a nice collection of all those different reactions and retreats. With Art's talent I'm sure this could be edited into a clip to make it appear that a lad is being spanked and they are continuously being interrupted by players peeking in or being surprised. I imagine the first few reactions would be shock and then word would get around and the rest of the team would have a peek to giggle or smirk at the unlucky lad's expense.

I guess this would be a way to get a whole "team" viewing the spanking without Dave having to break the bank to do it! Just a thought!
spank100 | 30th December 2015 00:05
Hi Dave
I was thinking like in Real Punishment or True Confessions where the lads come to Mr X and they confess what the did as a boy, teenager or adult that they need to clear the conscious. Where they got other siblings, cousins, school friends or not into trouble for what they did and gotten away with it. And they are ready to take whatever punishment Mr. X sees fit they deserved or get the same punishment as their siblings, cousins, friends or school friends or not what they received knowing by their ages are now probably spanking or caning didn't exits when they where young for some at school but there where Mr. X steps in. Just an idea.
uchikimatsu | 30th December 2015 00:16 (309 weeks ago)
love....LOVE... L O V E !!!!!!!!!
| 16th September 2015 01:55
Morning. For me I like set ups such as Liam's vaentine's caning not least cos Liam is looking hotter each time.

I also like forfeits - spank jenga was ace. Could you do a 'trivial pursuit' type quiz where the forfeit is linked to theamount they are wrong eg how many thousand feet high is Mt Everest? One stroke for every thousand feet youare out.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:13 (312 weeks ago)
Actually i have been thinking it would be fun to do another forfeit style movie again, :)
SoupGoblin | 7th December 2015 16:33 (312 weeks ago)
Going with the trivial pursuit idea, what if the questions the boys had to answer were about... each other? For example, "how many spanking movies has Jay filmed at SLS?" "what is the rough circumference of Dom's left buttock?" "who won the most recent game of Spank Jenga?" "just how long is Andy's penis (while flaccid)" ...okay, I should probably stop now! lol
Lynne | 22nd July 2015 22:19
Fraser's new vid put an idea in my head..sort of. A suggestion for a new line of vids...."Choose Your Fate." Put names of the implements in one "hat"; number of strokes in the other :)
Ooleary | 22nd July 2015 23:05 (332 weeks ago)
Love it great suggestions Lynne xx
nanarr | 23rd July 2015 08:00 (332 weeks ago)
Maybe type of position in another "hat"?

(Of course, if I was in charge of the positions hat, there would only be OTK 'cause you know how I am about that LOL).
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:20 (312 weeks ago)
I already did a version of this with the Spank Twister movies... :)
rgsix | 30th September 2015 22:01
Breaking curfew is always a favorite. Bonus points for setting up the story with his friends with more liberal parents out having a good time, laughing at him for fearing punishment. Then he gets home just a couple minutes late and his overbearing dad beats him anyway.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:10 (312 weeks ago)
Thanks for the idea rgsix! :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th September 2015 21:10
Oh and of course this weeks release starring Fraser in Take A Cold Shower was number 8 on this list! :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th July 2015 20:04
So tomorrow's movie will see number 9 ticked off this list!
Ooleary | 8th July 2015 21:03 (334 weeks ago)
Hey Dave hope you had a good week can't believe it's movie day again.

who is it???

No i don't want to know.

Yes i do.

No i don't

Okay little hint is it one of the newer boys or a brand new boy or one of the crew .

Ooleary | 8th July 2015 21:05 (334 weeks ago)
Sorry that should one of the old crew like Olly Fred Parker etc
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th July 2015 21:12 (334 weeks ago)
Hmmmm, so this week you will get to meet Declan!
Ooleary | 8th July 2015 21:15 (334 weeks ago)
Thank you Dave xx Cool another newbie,looking forward to it xx
Ooleary | 8th July 2015 21:22 (334 weeks ago)
Declan is a typically Irish name your Declan Irish .
uchikimatsu | 8th July 2015 21:34 (334 weeks ago)
Hooray! That's Lynne's idea! So excited to see it come to life!!!!
Cherylkay | 8th July 2015 21:57 (334 weeks ago)

I'm slightly bummed out because my laptop, which is legendary among my friends and family considering the beating its taken over the years, has finally given out. So I'm now laptopless. In fact, I'm writing this on my Android, which is really cute but, alas, I can't stream movies on it. I won't be able to see this week's movie or meet Declan until Friday, when I'll be buying a new laptop. But I'm giddy with anticipation!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 8th July 2015 22:31 (334 weeks ago)
Sorry to hear about your Laptop Cheryl! Declan is not Irish Orla. He is a petulant, moody skater boy!
Ooleary | 8th July 2015 22:39 (334 weeks ago)
Wow a moody skater boy ,is there any other kind,in need of a good hard spanking so xx
uchikimatsu | 8th July 2015 23:09 (334 weeks ago)
What? There are no moody skaters in Ireland?
Ooleary | 8th July 2015 23:36 (334 weeks ago)
Plenty Chiki trust me plenty of the little shits,going to enjoy this movie,with their long hair,arse hanging out of their trousers,rude language and "accidentally " knocking into people.
Cherylkay | 9th July 2015 00:14 (334 weeks ago)
@Orla, we have plenty of those here in the States. I use a bike path on a daily basis and the skaters are rude beyond belief, knocking people over and blowing cigarette smoke in people's faces. I can't wait to see how Mr. X deals with that. I'm really happy that Lynne's story got filmed.
Ooleary | 9th July 2015 00:35 (334 weeks ago)
Yes me too. Dave has been a busy bee,what with making our suggestions for movies a reality and recruiting new models,such an exciting time.
Cherylkay | 9th July 2015 03:00 (334 weeks ago)
@Orla, this scenario has the potential to be one of the best Dave's ever done and we owe it all to Lynne :-)
red1967 | 9th July 2015 06:20 (334 weeks ago)
Love the idea Lynne. Looking forward to seeing the movie and with a new model sounds great looking forward to meeting Declan @ Cherylkay bummer about your laptop hun glad you will be back tomorrow.
Hunter | 13th June 2015 08:06
Another idea for s movie.

Brothers goes out for the night and leaves there mobiles in the nightclub therefore he can't get in touch and is late home and his dad gives him a spanking but that doesn't seem to work so the bad lad is sent to Mr x for extreme hard spanking
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 15:39 (337 weeks ago)
Thanks Hunter
Victor | 8th June 2015 13:52
Hi Dave,
I would like to see a three generations spanking.
Young lad steals money from his grandfather and gets caught. Grand dad takes boy to his father and has a go at him for raising a thief. First grandfather spanks father while the boy is watching against fathers' protest and afterwards father and grandfather spank the boy
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 15:39 (337 weeks ago)
Hi Victor, thanks for this. I'm not sure if I would ever be able to pull it off, but I will bear it in mind.
Hunter | 2nd June 2015 21:11
I have had another Idea for the next time.

A rugby player steals from his teammates then the he stole from have a fight and they are sent to Mr X to be punished
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th June 2015 15:38 (337 weeks ago)
thanks for the idea Hunter!
Hunter | 12th June 2015 20:20
Brilliant idea I agree
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd May 2015 18:28
Hey Everyone!

So I have been a rather busy bee doing a lot of filming recently. I thought you might be pleased to hear I have already implemented some of your idea!

1. Rioting/looting.

2. Store/Office worker late for 5th time,face getting fired or a spanking from Mr.X

3. Double Spanking - Uncle Andy type scenario - Nephew and friend skip school - gets caught by Uncle - discusses punishment with boys fathers and gets permission to spank them.

4. Outdoor spanking scene - Mr.X spanks lads outside where they are seen taking drugs or Camping trip where boysvget into trouble and Dad spanks with switch.

5.Fred steals Dads car - crashes it - sets it alight to blame local thugs but Dad thinks it's Oliver - Fred doesn't fess up but he was caught on.CCTV and Dad is informed just as he's about to spank Oliver - Dad spanks Fred but also allows Oliver to spank Fred too.

6.Older guy gets divorced, quits job he hates , moves home and goes back to college to find new career path but retreats back to his youth while hanging out with younger students drink/drugs/one night stands .Dad's ultimatum take punishment, cop on or move out.

7. College Lad - disrespecting and intimidating female teacher - pissed with bad grade - yells at teacher in front of class and storms out - choice Mr.X or drop out of class.

8. Dad gets annoyed at son's womanising ways. - DONE

9. Hard bass busting music late at night from young lads car - ticked off neighbours - Mr.X and Dad.

10. Food fight in college dining hall - boys sent to Mr.X and must also face Dad.

11. Lads grandmother sends him to Mr.X for his constant potty mouth .

12. Lad scatterbrained , lack of focus is getting him in trouble with work , family etc.

13. Office Boy - insubordination and issues with authority - Mr.X trains some respect into him.

14. Boy stays over at friends house for a week while his parents are out of town - he gets in trouble with his friend - friends father discusses punishment with boysvfather - And is given permission to punish same as his own child - results in spanking - DONE

15. Prank gone wrong - innocent bystander injured or property damaged. - DONE

16. Group discipline of friend - out of control drinking/drugs.Intervention.

17. Older boy/boys caught selling drink to underage kids. - DONE

18. Lad caught cheating on exam gets sent to Mr.X /Headmaster and then.Dad.

19. Chronic tardiness, older lad, plus then late arriving to Mr.X.

20. College lad hiding his failing grades not justbfor partying ,he's struggling with the work load and loss of confidence punished by Dad but then sits down for heart to heart about how to help eg.getting a tutor etc. - DONE

lorilee | 23rd May 2015 18:37 (340 weeks ago)
Looks like we have a lot of great videos coming so many good ideas Thank's
Ooleary | 23rd May 2015 18:52 (340 weeks ago)
Wow you have been busy really looking forward these movies ...keep them coming xxx
Cherylkay | 24th May 2015 03:40 (340 weeks ago)
OMG I can hardly wait to see some of these. Dave, you have got to be the coolest dude on the face of the earth. Quick question on the ones that are done: did you tell the lads that a member had come up with the idea? And if so, what did they think?
red1967 | 25th May 2015 16:39 (340 weeks ago)
I an looking forward to seeing them all and wow you have been working hard getting them together Thank you Dave and of course everyone for coming up with the ideas and as Cherylkay said your are one cool dude
Lynne | 28th May 2015 21:05 (340 weeks ago)
I need to update my spreadsheet :)
Hunter | 2nd June 2015 21:08 (339 weeks ago)
Thank. Dave

Seen some of ideas I sent you so a big thank you you're the best.
Ficwriterjet | 10th May 2015 04:35
Soooo.... can I add one more to the list? I got this idea because I was thinking about Dave's recent post about his injury. Poor Dave. :(

How about a story about a football player (or some other sport - weightlifting would work) who has a minor injury. Maybe a sprained ankle. The doctor says no playing for three weeks to let it heal. The lad decides he feels just fine two weeks later and wants to play in the game. He tells his dad he's all better and he's going to play, dad says no, the lad plays anyway and gets injured worse. Then the doctor says it will be three more weeks for the newly injured area to heal. Then Dad can spank him AND ground him for three weeks to make sure he doesn't hurt himself again.
Or it could be a coach story. Two weeks after the injury the lad could lie to his coach and say he's been cleared by the doctor to play when really he hasn't. Then it could be the coach to spank, and/or the dad.
red1967 | 10th May 2015 07:52 (342 weeks ago)
@ Ficwriterjet like the idea I would love to see this in BBB and Dad definitely grounding his son as I love to hear those words when said by dad .
uchikimatsu | 19th May 2015 02:07 (341 weeks ago)
Just reading thru these again...
I love the idea of a coach spanking a player because he's both lied and compromised his health. Unfortunately, I don't think that Coach Bailey will be back, but wasn't there a Coach Andy? He paddled Karl and Johnny. Who the hell was Johnny anyway? We never saw this kid again, and he doesn't even get his own model heading despite not being the only lad to appear in a sole movie....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 9th May 2015 20:36
Hmmm, so I was thinking earlier today! I know this is really cheeky and I don't expect anyone to take up the challenge. However, I was thinking it would be a really good idea to put these suggestions into some kind of abbreviated list or spreadsheet (why am I thinking of Lynne here)

Anyway, if nobody wants to volunteer I will probably do it myself at some point as I do want to work through this stuff and see if I can turn some of it into movies!

lorilee | 9th May 2015 21:01 (342 weeks ago)
I think Lynn would be the best she seems to know her stuff. I am no good at things like that sorry.
Cherylkay | 9th May 2015 21:06 (342 weeks ago)
If I had even one atom of talent with that kind of thing and if I didn't work 60 hours a week, I would be glad to help you out, Dave. But I agree with @lorilee. I think Lynne is the best candidate for this job.
Ooleary | 9th May 2015 21:56 (342 weeks ago)
Gosh had a sort through it myself out of curiosity and there is a lot,i have nothing but free time for another week or so still feeling under the weather,but not sure how to categorise them maybe someone else Lynne might do better job but I'll give it a go ...
Ooleary | 9th May 2015 23:17 (342 weeks ago)
1. Rioting/looting.

2. Store/Office worker late for 5th time,face getting fired or a spanking from Mr.X

3. Double Spanking - Uncle Andy type scenario - Nephew and friend skip school - gets caught by Uncle - discusses punishment with boys fathers and gets permission to spank them.

4. Outdoor spanking scene - Mr.X spanks lads outside where they are seen taking drugs or Camping trip where boysvget into trouble and Dad spanks with switch.

5.Fred steals Dads car - crashes it - sets it alight to blame local thugs but Dad thinks it's Oliver - Fred doesn't fess up but he was caught on.CCTV and Dad is informed just as he's about to spank Oliver - Dad spanks Fred but also allows Oliver to spank Fred too.

6.Older guy gets divorced, quits job he hates , moves home and goes back to college to find new career path but retreats back to his youth while hanging out with younger students drink/drugs/one night stands .Dad's ultimatum take punishment, cop on or move out.

7. College Lad - disrespecting and intimidating female teacher - pissed with bad grade - yells at teacher in front of class and storms out - choice Mr.X or drop out of class.

8. Dad gets annoyed at son's womanising ways.

9. Hard bass busting music late at night from young lads car - ticked off neighbours - Mr.X and Dad.

10. Food fight in college dining hall - boys sent to Mr.X and must also face Dad.

11. Lads grandmother sends him to Mr.X for his constant potty mouth .

12. Lad scatterbrained , lack of focus is getting him in trouble with work , family etc.

13. Office Boy - insubordination and issues with authority - Mr.X trains some respect into him.

14. Boy stays over at friends house for a week while his parents are out of town - he gets in trouble with his friend - friends father discusses punishment with boysvfather
Ooleary | 9th May 2015 23:26 (342 weeks ago)
And is given permission to punish same as his own child - results in spanking.

15. Prank gone wrong - innocent bystander injured or property damaged.

16. Group discipline of friend - out of control drinking/drugs.Intervention.

17. Older boy/boys caught selling drink to underage kids.

18. Lad caught cheating on exam gets sent to Mr.X /Headmaster and then.Dad.

19. Chronic tardiness, older lad, plus then late arriving to Mr.X.

20. College lad hiding his failing grades not justbfor partying ,he's struggling with the work load and loss of confidence punished by Dad but then sits down for heart to heart about how to help eg.getting a tutor etc.

Damn my fat fingers and small keys on my phone hit submit too soon 😠😠
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th May 2015 00:02 (342 weeks ago)
This is brilliant!!! Thank you so much! :)
Ooleary | 10th May 2015 00:22 (342 weeks ago)
I think i missed 2 or 3 from the random blog I'll have a look xx
Cherylkay | 10th May 2015 02:29 (342 weeks ago)
Well done, Orla :-) As we say here in the States, you win the internet!
Ficwriterjet | 10th May 2015 04:26 (342 weeks ago)
Great job Ooleary!
nanarr | 10th May 2015 05:39 (342 weeks ago)
Thanks Ooleary for taking the time to do this for us. Hope you start feeling better soon. Don't want you to be under the weather.
red1967 | 10th May 2015 07:45 (342 weeks ago)
@ Ooleary |Wow what a wonderful list well done
Lynne | 28th April 2015 20:57
Hmmmm.....given that the teens in this area are essentially writing their own stories....rioting with related looting/violence. Preparing for night 2.....will see if the added law enforcement types can keep it toned down tonight.
Cherylkay | 29th April 2015 02:28 (344 weeks ago)
And I just heard that the next game at Camden Yards is going to be "closed to the public". Whoever heard of playing a baseball game without fans? It's insane.
Lynne | 3rd May 2015 19:54 (343 weeks ago)
I asked some folks about the game being played in a closed stadium. Form what they told me, it is due to the schedule. They had already cancelled three games due to the rioting but couldn't cancel a fourth; there just wasn't any more room in the schedule for makeups. They closed the game to fans due tot he ongoing security issues. Things have settled and it has been quiet the last three days or so but police presence is still heightened. The league has moved the rest of the games to Florida. Of course, Baltimore isn't really happy about that given the loss of revenue each game brings in but....
wardcoleman | 3rd May 2015 13:49
I have left a "Reason for Spanking" in the Random blog thread
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 17:37 (343 weeks ago)
Oooh, I'm not meant to be looking in the Random Blog!
mattnyc | 3rd May 2015 17:06
I just noticed this thread. I hope it's not too late to add a suggestion/request. I'd love to see the two new super sexy models, Fraser and Kevin in a double OTK scene like an Uncle Andy video. Fraser could be another nephew (Lee's cousin) and be staying with Uncle Andrew. His friend, Kevin is hanging out with him after cutting school and Uncle Andy comes home to say he got a call about Fraser being absent. Following the Uncle Andrew tradition, he tells Kevin he's calling his father and that Fraser is going to get spanked like a naughty little boy since that's how he's been acting. Kevin doesn't want his dad to find out so he asks Andrew to punish him and not call his dad. So both boys go over Uncle Andy's knee with the usual scolding, corner time, etc. that Uncle Andy is famous for. This would also be great with Fraser and Lee if he was still available. Other possible double spanking scenarios would be Andy or Oliver as the manager of a store or office where Fraser and Andy work. They're late for the 5th time and Oliver says they're both getting fired. They tell him they need the job, they'll be better, they'll never be later again, etc. "Please don't fire us." So Oliver says if they want to keep their jobs they're both getting spanked. They've been behaving like two naughty ten year olds and that's how he's going to treat them if they want to keep their jobs. So a good, long, humiliating, OTK spanking for both of them. Sorry for the overly long post. Just wanted to add my two cents. Great suggestions from the other members. Thanks, Dave. More Fraser, please!!!!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd May 2015 17:36 (343 weeks ago)
Great suggestions Matt and I'm sure there will be more Fraser! :)
red1967 | 20th April 2015 02:14
I love all the ideas and think they will make good Movies. I have a few of my own I love the
father /son they are all my favourites also the brothers getting spanked together or one of the brothers been spanked by the other
. Around where I live we have a lot of problems with the lads it is a rough area there are drug and alcohol problems which leads to guys fighting on the street criminal damage they steal the cars then set light to them. The lads been rude to anyone walking by like swearing at them making fun of I think that with the guys fighting on the street it could be Dan and Patrick Andy finds out from his uncle, Mr X or his policeman friend and spanks both of his brothers. I like to see Fred steal dads car and crash it but he doesn't get hurt he then set it alight thinking dad will think it's the local lads but dad thinks it Oliver Fred won't own up to this but he been caught on CTV by someone so just before Oliver spanked dad finds out the truth dad allows Oliver to spank Fred as well The lads been rude I thought Dom, Wayne and Harry Mr X get a call from one of the local shopkeepers and Spanks all of them I also thought it be cool if two of the lads are caught taking drugs and drink in an outside area by or one of the lads dad is driving by and dealing with then there I know Dom said he do some scene outside. I love to see you tell the lads they are grounded no TV computer or sending them to bed as that's few of my favourite saying
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 17:20 (345 weeks ago)
I like outside scenes too where the discipline is taken care of immediately instead of waiting until home. I loved the stinging netttle movie because it was filmed outside and Andy was saying to Liam all those embarrassing things about people driving by and being able to see him getting spanked, LOL!
wardcoleman | 21st April 2015 17:32 (345 weeks ago)
LOL! I love your mind Uchikimatsu! :-) I enjoyed that as well
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 18:27 (345 weeks ago)
Some great ideas there! I will se if I can do something outside now it is getting warmer! :)
red1967 | 25th April 2015 07:58 (344 weeks ago)
@ Dave yeah an outside scene would be awesome looking forward to seeing that one
Cherylkay | 25th April 2015 18:13 (344 weeks ago)
OMG I love outdoor spanking! If you could get this done, it would be awesome. I remember in his interview Dom said he would be OK with shooting outside.
red1967 | 25th April 2015 23:02 (344 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay That's what I was thinking when I was writing my suggestion for a movie to have Dom and one of his friends. I did say they could be found taking drugs but it's be cool whatever he or any model does. lol as long as they are spanked outside and hopefully by Dad
Cherylkay | 26th April 2015 00:19 (344 weeks ago)
@red, I was thinking maybe a camping trip of some sort, where the boys get in some kind of trouble and have to call Dad to come bail them out and an outside spanking ensues. Maybe car trouble of some sort and the drugs get found by accident? That would be cool!
red1967 | 26th April 2015 05:38 (344 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay that sounds a really cool Idea.
nanarr | 27th April 2015 20:13 (344 weeks ago)
Cherylkay, really like the camping trip idea. Maybe Dad could use a switch on them (hate the cane!) since they'd be in a wooded area. Just a thought ....
red1967 | 28th April 2015 17:08 (344 weeks ago)
@ nanarr love your Idea
Ficwriterjet | 19th April 2015 20:07
Here are a few ideas I was thinking about:

A college guy disrespecting or intimidating a female teacher. Something like a guy gets a essay back in class, is pissed about the grade, and yells at the teacher in front of everyone. She says they'll talk after class, but he storms out. The teacher or the Dean could tell the guy he can either go to Mr. X or drop out of the class.

This idea would be for an older guy. He's just had a divorce, and decides he hates his current job. He decides he needs a new direction in life, especially since the ex-wife took most of the assets in the divorce. He asks his father if he can move back in, and go to college for a new career. But then once he's living at home and going to college he starts hanging out with the college kids, drinking, and having one night stands instead of actually studying. So dad says move out or get your life on track.

As a different option for Chiki's idea, there could be a college guy doing a prank on the Dean/Headmaster - whatever the head of the university is called over there in the U.K. Caught in the middle of the prank and sent to Mr. X. Or like she said, the prank could go very wrong, and end up causing damage that the person hadn't planned on.
uchikimatsu | 19th April 2015 20:18 (345 weeks ago)
oooohhhh, i'm just loving all of these, Jet, but I think the first one is especially good - a professor sending a rude or errant student. Brilliant! There can be more variations on this theme, such as a basically good kid is caught cheating and the headmaster gives the boy the option of Mr. X or expulsion from the school. I see Dean in that scenario for some reason.
Ficwriterjet | 19th April 2015 22:18 (345 weeks ago)
Dean Winchester? LOL Yeah, I can picture that. Actually when you mentioned prank wars, I immediately thought Sam and Dean. :)
uchikimatsu | 20th April 2015 00:35 (345 weeks ago)
@Jet - Dean and Sam were totally my inspiration for the prank war idea! I just wasn't sure anyone else would get the reference. I should have realized that you would, of course!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 19:21 (345 weeks ago)
Really like these ideas, especially the middle one where the adult male goes back home to live with Dad and goes to college and starts to behave like a stupid kid! Brilliant1
nanarr | 24th April 2015 02:52 (345 weeks ago)
Oh, lord ... Sam and Dean Winchester? ::: wiping drool off laptop ::: love those guys! Their father, John Winchester, isn't bad either LOL.

Drawn a complete blank ... can't think of a single scenario that hasn't already been done. Hate when that happens!
uchikimatsu | 24th April 2015 09:45 (345 weeks ago)
@nanarr - I saw a film not too long ago featuring the actor that plays John Winchester. He was a dad in this movie and in one scene he was on the phone while his daughter was trying to get his attention. He whipped his head around to give her "the look," and at the same time he snapped his fingers and pointed at her to shut her up. I just about DIED. It was so delicious.

I'll try to remember what film, if you find it free on Netflix you can fast forward to that scene (and play it multiple times, like I did!)
nanarr | 27th April 2015 20:23 (344 weeks ago)
Chiki, please try to remember the film ... I got tingles and chills just reading about it!!
uchikimatsu | 27th April 2015 20:32 (344 weeks ago)
Nanarr -it was a horror film called "The Possession" from 2012. Great scene, terrible movie...
nanarr | 27th April 2015 21:00 (344 weeks ago)
Thank you ... won't be the first time I've watched a stinker of a movie just to see a certain actor. Going to Netflix now to see if I can find it!
Aimee | 17th April 2015 12:37
Ohhh Do one where dad gets annoyed at his son for womanizing plz Dave!!! (Stereotypical young woman response lol)
uchikimatsu | 17th April 2015 13:24 (346 weeks ago)
I'm not exactly young, but I do like this idea because it plays into respect
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 18:34 (345 weeks ago)
I have actually shot something similar already, where Dad punishes a lad for his bad attitude to women and watching extreme porn!
Cherylkay | 21st April 2015 23:27 (345 weeks ago)
O_o Can hardly wait to see this one!
Aimee | 22nd April 2015 21:33 (345 weeks ago)
***squels*** ong dave I love you long time I can't wait to see that one
nanarr | 24th April 2015 02:38 (345 weeks ago)
Was the porn watching etc. the one with Harley in it?
uchikimatsu | 24th April 2015 09:54 (345 weeks ago)
I think Harley was a peeping Tom, but also taking pics of women thru windows and jerking to them later. There have been a few clips where porn was featured or mentioned. Just off the top of my head I can think of Andy/Patrick (found after the fact in a mess of porn, tissues, and empty booze bottle), Danny (at work, Bailey spanks him), Dom (BBBlues, he breaks the internet), Bailey (BBBlues, caught jerking with a mag), and Wayne (BBBlues, "those disgusting movies" are mentioned).
Aimee | 25th April 2015 17:31 (344 weeks ago)
I don't mean porn though. I mean in their real fictional sls lad lives lol. If that makes any sense at all lol
Hunter | 25th April 2015 12:51
hi Dave

What about two friends having a food in the college dining room then sent to Mr X to be punished then them going home together and punished by Dad
Domfan | 24th April 2015 20:13
Hey Dave I have had a naughty thought. What about spanking the lads when still wet after a shower or bath? Like you were so annoyed you refused to wait for them to towel and dry, it's just straight over the knee with some wet slaps on bare ass. Would sound interesting.
red1967 | 25th April 2015 08:01 (344 weeks ago)
@ Domfan I like the sound of that a spanked wet bottom yum
Hunter | 25th April 2015 12:45 (344 weeks ago)
What great idea domfan
Lynne | 24th April 2015 12:53
I know from a past visit to the UK that you guys have the same problem....the loud, bass busting "music" coming from a car at 2 am....say, frustrated and ticked off neighbor identifies the driver and......
uchikimatsu | 24th April 2015 13:04 (345 weeks ago)
Damn Lynne, that is freakin brilliant!

Florida had a law about the volume in car stereos, but it was struck From the books recently, citing "freedom of speech"

Lynne | 24th April 2015 13:56 (345 weeks ago)
My fantasy is to be able to get the license plate of the car, identify the address of the owner, go over in the dark of night, say 2 am, and blast classical music under their window.

As for the "freedom of speech." There are usually noise ordinances out there and, at least in my area, if someone can get an actual identification, which is rare, someone could be fined under that ordinance. Can't do much within the "noise allowed" hours...
Ooleary | 24th April 2015 14:08 (345 weeks ago)
@Lynne Loving this idea,we have this problem too but it's not just the music it's revving the engines of their supped up cars and doing donuts and drag racing, thankfully where i live I'm 2 miles up this windy country road and they don't come up cos it's full of potholes etc it would rip the bottom of their cars but down on the main road you can see the tyre marks on the road,some of the lads have been caught and fined but that doesn't stop them.
uchikimatsu | 24th April 2015 15:06 (345 weeks ago)
@Lynne - we definitely have noise ordinances, which are enforced at the city level, but apparently the Florida supreme court believes that sanctions against loud car radios violates the constitutional right of freedom of speech. If I remember, the law failed to make exception for religious or political speech, so the whole law was thrown off the books.
Cherylkay | 17th April 2015 04:25
Oh Dave...are my plot bunnies hopping around! There is one thing that I hate from the younger people (not just guys) and that's the fact that most of the young people I meet on a daily basis cuss like sailors. I work at night in a supermarket and have stood there slack jawed while a kid cusses his mother out. They throw four letter words into conversations even when there are children around. I used to swear at times when I was young, but never in front of adults and never just as part of idle conversation. You probably know by now that swearing is a major pet peeve of mine. Perhaps a lad's grandmother could send him to see Mr. X in order to get his potty mouth under control? Not very original, I know. but I want to slap some of these kids across the teeth when I hear them.

As for a father spanking a grown up son, I would just use that age old reason: if you're going to act like a child, you're going to get treated like one. Paul's Bubble Bath Blues comes to mind as a film that moved along those lines. In fact, I think a lot of the Bubble Bath Blues films are in that vain.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 18:33 (345 weeks ago)
I agree, when I hear kids swear in front of their parents it drives me mad!
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 21:09 (345 weeks ago)
That reminds me of a tree shirt I saw that describes me perfectly:

1) I'm very sorry
2) I'll try to do better
3) Number 1 and 2 are lies
4) Now fuck off
nanarr | 24th April 2015 02:43 (345 weeks ago)
Attagirl Chiki, I like that shirt!
Ooleary | 20th April 2015 23:34
Here's what's happened in my village tonight some tool lit a fire in one of the fields to burn the gorse which between march and August is illegal cos of the wildlife birds nesting etc well anyway like i said some tool did and it got out of control and it's spread out all over the bog and up into the woods and came dangerously close to some houses (i took some pics and put them up on twitter, maybe this is another job for Mr.X to beat some sense into these idiots .
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 01:57 (345 weeks ago)
So sorry about the trouble in your village, Orla. What's gorse?
Ooleary | 21st April 2015 02:53 (345 weeks ago)
@chiki Gorse is a wild prickly evergreen plant with little yellow flowers it grows everywhere around here very invasive plant and every year the farmers burn it off there land but it's very resilient and always grows back but some ass started a fire and left it and it went out of control it's nearly 4am here and i'm looking out my bedroom window at the smoke and flames up on the bog firemen busy tonight
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 09:30 (345 weeks ago)
@Orla - how's the situation? Have the fire dept. extinguished the fire completely? Anyone hurt?
Ooleary | 21st April 2015 12:58 (345 weeks ago)
It's under control but still smoldering away in parts fire service finished up at 9.00 this morn , no one was hurt or no property damaged it came close to a few houses andvhad to be evacuated but it's all good now.This happens every year but this latest fire by far the worst lots of damage to bog, woods and wildlife,everywhere is black and the smell of smoke is still heavy in the air,rain forecast from Wednesday so that will cool everything down
red1967 | 21st April 2015 17:18 (345 weeks ago)
@ Ooleary Thank god on one was hurt and no one lost their property damaged. I hate to think the wildlife has suffered because some mindless idiots. I hope they catch the person or persons who did this, they should be made to clean it up and it would be good if Mr X was there.. I live in a small town in England where crime is very high mostly on the estate I live on. Anyway I hope your village will be ok and any damage can be sorted out.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 18:28 (345 weeks ago)
Sounds like a nightnare Ooleary! Sounds like Mr X should be offering a mobile service! Maybe some kind of campaign where he travels the country dishing out discipline!
Cherylkay | 22nd April 2015 14:49 (345 weeks ago)
Mr. X sets a fire of his own! Great idea!
red1967 | 22nd April 2015 19:02 (345 weeks ago)
@ Dave that made me laugh sound a good idea It be Mr X the local and mobile Spanker Wish you could do that lol
Hunter | 17th April 2015 08:58
what about spanked boxers 2 as sequel to the first one it would good if you carried out your threat to Karl and Liam
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th April 2015 10:58 (346 weeks ago)
Hey Hunter, can you remind me what the threat was to Karl & Liam, that was about 3 years ago now! :)
Ooleary | 21st April 2015 23:05 (345 weeks ago)
I couldn't remember either it's been a while since I watched it so i watched it today you threatened to spank them in the boxing ring and sell tickets lol on the subject of Liam are you still in contact with him and will he do more filming i liked Liam even with his snotty nose xx
uchikimatsu | 21st April 2015 23:13 (345 weeks ago)
haha, Dave and his tickets, lol!
Hunter | 22nd April 2015 07:31 (345 weeks ago)
Hi Dave

If they had a fight in the changing rooms again and damage the room Mr x would hire a. Boxing ring and spank them in the ring and sell tickets so the public could see them getting their botttom spanked panked.
Lynne | 17th April 2015 10:36
Given that Kevin spurred on that pet peeve again; blowing people off in general; not just Mr X. Chiki brought back the chronic tardiness issue which hit home again yesterday and I'll leave it at that :). I also like CHiki's idea of prank war fallout or another angle there; drag racing on the road.

As Cheryl also indicated, the cursing going on but along with that, simple disrespect of people and lack of manners...maybe that goes along with the first suggestion of blowing people off.

Another idea that may not be punishment so much as an intervention of sorts, just someone who has been scatterbrained and has made some bad choices. Only hurting themselves vice others but lack of focus is getting them into trouble with others; family, work.....
uchikimatsu | 17th April 2015 13:26 (346 weeks ago)
Hey Lynne, I like the "get your shit together in general" idea for a scatter brain! Do you see that with Dad or Mr. X?
Lynne | 17th April 2015 16:55 (346 weeks ago)
Heya Chiki....:)...thanks for sending the warm weather up is a glorious 78 today :). As for the suggestion, it could work either way. Self-referral to Mr X, or dad decides some re-focus is in order. I am thinking more along the lines of reducing self harm rather than harm to someone else. Safety issues due to lack of paying attention because someone is too busy thinking of something else; losing things constantly etc....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 18:36 (345 weeks ago)
I do like the lack of focus idea too Lynne! :)
uchikimatsu | 16th April 2015 23:20
This idea is Lynne's from the early days of Suggestion Blog, but I have always loved it: chronic tardiness. Of course it would be extra special if the lad (this might be a good one for the young man in his 30's) was late arriving to Mr. X !!!

These are some ideas, and they are most likely a bit too detailed than you wanted, but I'll throw it all on the wall to see if anything sticks...

A boy is home from college and has been hiding/lying about failing grades. I would love to see some vulnerability in the lad. For instance he is failing because he's struggling with the work and lost confidence, not just because he has been partying. I'd love to see the spanking as symbolic that his family has not given up on him and expectations are still that he will work hard and succeed (and be honest in future.) I'd like to see Dad counsel son by offering some solutions they could work on together, like hiring a tutor, making a study schedule, etc. Yes, this was inspired by Jay.

It would be interesting to see a group discipline a peer out of concern for some destructive behavior like drugs or drink. Something like an intervention. I got this idea for George, the Rock Star, but he is clearly not coming back to film. Jay / Scott was a good example of concern for dangerous behaviors, but it would be hot to see a lad being passed between friends who give their own brand of scolding and why they are worried.

Pranks gone wrong. Two lads have a prank war and the whole thing goes pear-shaped when an innocent bystander is injured or expensive property is destroyed.

Friends are spending the night because one has parents that are away. They both get into some shenanigans and Dad calls Other Dad at which point Other Dad gives permission for Dad to punish his son as if he were his own. In Loco Parentis. Like Wayne/Adam except this time Other Dad is fully aware and provides consent for the spanking. (how freakin embarrassing is THAT!?)

Love to see more Parker-like office boys (better still, more PARKER) - it would be interesting to see one sent for insubordination and for having issues with authority. Watching Mr. X take a lad through incremental stages of "training" some respect into him would be....HAWT. I guess you could say I want to see Mr. X break a bad boy.... what an awful dilemma, submit convincingly against your nature or (blah blah blah - whatever the dilemma choice is... he cant lose his job)

Might have more later!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th April 2015 22:08 (346 weeks ago)
Lot's of really good ideas here... There is one I will definitely use.. I like the idea of bit of an older guy (late 20's) staying with his Dad's friend. His Dad's friend (lets call him Bob) has agreed to put the lad up for a week whilst he does some work.

Bob comes home, catches lad committing some crime and threatens to send him home. Bob calls the lads Dad and permission is given for Bob to spank the guy. :)
Ficwriterjet | 19th April 2015 19:54 (345 weeks ago)
Hi Chiki - I especially like the prank war idea. :) And the grades idea is awesome too.
uchikimatsu | 19th April 2015 20:07 (345 weeks ago)
@Jet - thanks! good to see you back on the boards!

I think Wayne/Dom would be perfect for the prank idea, but I can also see Oliver/Fred engaging in a sibling prank war!

@Dave - I was just thinking its too bad Liam is no longer filming because he'd be perfect for the "Bob" scenario, but I think Fred or Jay would do well too!
Ficwriterjet | 19th April 2015 22:22 (345 weeks ago)
Good to be back. Real life is just horribly time consuming some days.

I can picture Wayne/Dom for the prank idea. :)
Cherylkay | 20th April 2015 01:38 (345 weeks ago)
@jet, OKG I can so picture Dom and Wayne in that scenario, too! I thin they would be perfect for it.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 18:32 (345 weeks ago)
So what kind of prank could it be then I wonder?
Hunter | 21st April 2015 15:31
Hi Dave

Has Young Adam left if so it a shame because he is a good model for the site
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 18:31 (345 weeks ago)
Hi, Adam is doing really well in his career and it is unlikely he will be back to film any more. I know it;s a shame but it just means I get some more new lads onboard! :)
Hunter | 21st April 2015 16:04
A lad caught cheating in an exam by his teacher then sent to Mr X to be dealt with then given a good hard spanking by his dad. I did this myself and was punished by my headmaster and then my dads belt
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 21st April 2015 18:30 (345 weeks ago)
Yes, I like the scenes where the lad has already been punished and then Dad steps in a dishes out some more! :)
Ooleary | 17th April 2015 00:07
Here's what's annoying me right now

Ok this is what's happening where i live at the moment and it's a big problem and one i think Mr.X would sort out pretty sharp .The older lads 18-20 yr olds are buying drink and going bushing which is perfectly fine except now the 15-17 yr olds are joining them and the older lads are selling them the drink.I live in a small village and as i work evenings in the local Supermarket/Petrol station i see the young lads missing football/hurling practice getting cheeky and agressive and disrespectful ,falling around drunk and vomiting in my shop,i live in a small village like i said so i know these kids so i just ring a parent or neighbour to collect them,but they're back again a few days later hanging around the older guys .

The 15/16 yr olds are just kids but the 19/20 yr olds should know better and a visit from Mr.X to spank a group of them together might work.
uchikimatsu | 17th April 2015 00:14 (346 weeks ago)
I WOULD say what a fantastic idea pulled straight from real life experience... IF i knew what "bushing" meant....
Ooleary | 17th April 2015 00:31 (346 weeks ago)
Chiki Bushing is drinking alcohol in some discreet area like a dark,secluded corner of the woods or beach or behind an abandoned building or such like our lads use the pier and old churchyard
uchikimatsu | 17th April 2015 13:28 (346 weeks ago)
Ha ha ha, there's an actual word for that...brilliant!

Love love love this idea...teaching young men about enabling and endangering kids....!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th April 2015 16:33 (346 weeks ago)
Well I actually filmed to day and used this idea a little! :)
Lynne | 17th April 2015 16:56 (346 weeks ago)
Given your extra attention to the boards this morning I had a feeling someone was coming in for some Dave type attention :)
Cherylkay | 17th April 2015 19:46 (346 weeks ago)
WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! Can't wait to see this one! Can you give us a hint as to whether it was a new model or a regular?
Ooleary | 17th April 2015 20:57 (346 weeks ago)
Ohh so excited can we please have hint on what boy/boys are being used xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th April 2015 22:04 (346 weeks ago)
It was a brand new model and his crime was buyings booze from Mr Jones's store and then selling it to 15 year old kids that were outside. Of course Mr Jones could lose his license for the and the lad was caught on CTV so he was given a choice. The evidence gets handed into the Police or he visits Mr X! :)
Ooleary | 17th April 2015 22:40 (346 weeks ago)
I can't wait for this,going to imagine Jason and Anton getting this punishment these are 2 of the 19yr olds that sell drink to the younger boys in my village.
Ficwriterjet | 19th April 2015 19:51 (345 weeks ago)
Excellent idea for a movie Ooleary! I'm glad Dave used it, and I can't wait to see the movie. :)
Domfan | 17th April 2015 20:34
How about punishing Fred fir being so gorgeous?
uchikimatsu | 17th April 2015 20:38 (346 weeks ago)
:::flicks Domfan on his ear:::
Domfan | 17th April 2015 21:09 (346 weeks ago)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th April 2015 22:01 (346 weeks ago)
Hahahahaha! The trouble with this suggestion is that knowing these guys and how competitive (and vain) some of them are, if they heard Fred and been spanked for being too gorgeous then I would suddenly find a queue of lads outside my door stating that there were more gorgeous than Fred!
Domfan | 17th April 2015 22:59 (346 weeks ago)
Ha ha true! Hey Dave, on Fred's next vid can we have a close up of his face and esp. his eyes. Obviously other parts of him too ;-)
Lynne | 17th April 2015 23:08 (346 weeks ago)
Well Dave, at least then you wouldn't have to advertise or think up any scenarios for a bit :).
Domfan | 18th April 2015 11:50 (345 weeks ago)
Good point @ Lynne. Rest your brain for a bit Dave. Would be so funny to see how models respond to being spanked for looking gorgeous :-D
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th April 2015 07:21
I'm loving all the ideas from everyone! Please keep them coming! :)
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