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Dom & Harry - Don't Mess With My Girlfriend

RELEASED: 6th November 2014

Harry & Dom

Don't Mess With My Girlfriend

Harry and Dom are best mates and are happy to share most things. One thing you don't share though is girlfriends!

Harry decided to 'play' with Dom's girlfriend and got caught!

Harry broke a serious rule between friends!

Dom is really disappointed with his friend and very angry!

So it's time for Harry to suffer! 

Harry goes over his friends knee for what ends up being a very sore, bare bottom spanking!

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millie | Voted Video 10/10 | 6th November 10:04
so looking forward to this my night is set i now have plans
millie | Voted Video 10/10 | 6th November 12:08
this movie was fantastic Dom and Harry work well together, Dom you could not have liked your girlfriend that much i think slag was thrown into the story line, or was that to hide your feelings and to ease your situation, loved the black and white split screen , infact loved the whole movie well done boys and Dom you managed to hide your laughter well and stop smoking boy oft that cough,
Ooleary | Voted Video 9/10 | 6th November 12:35
Great movie Dom and Harry really work well together xx good job mr.x wasn't there what with all the swearing and Dom didn't really like his missus much calling her a slag , i think he was more upset tjat he had to hear about from Fred that's why he spanked Harry .
Cherylkay | Voted Video 9/10 | 6th November 14:27
@Orla, wow!! A 30/10 rating :) That ought to skyrocket this one into the Top Ten lol.

I loved the macho posturing in this one. Dom writes his girlfriend off as a slag, saying he expected her to cheat, but not with his best friend, after first telling Harry they were planning to move in together. I love how the story line from Stolen Holiday Money is continued here. It's only fair that Harry suffer the same fate as he gave Fred. I love how Daisy barks her approval off-camera for what Dom is doing LOL. I love the chemistry between Dom and Harry and how easy they are together. And I love how...well, dommy Dom was with Harry, from his insistent door pounding to offering Harry the same ultimatum he gave Fred. I do love it when the guys spank each other and Dom is really good at it.

On a more serious note, I think someone should encourage Dom to stop smoking. His smoker's cough sounded horrible.
Ooleary | Voted Video 9/10 | 6th November 15:38
@cheryl i agree with you about Dom's cough maybe mr.x should do what he did with poor Lee xx
Lynne | Voted Video 7/10 | 6th November 15:39
I guess Dave hasn't figured out that "super voting power" issue as yet :)

I love seeing the interaction between the four, Dom, Harry, Wayne and Adam; I can see why they are best friends. I think the storyline was accurate and both did very well.

As for Dom and that cough, if it is from smoking, yes, agreed...need an intervention there...Mr X? After watching my mother suffer through 10 years of COPD, as a direct result of smoking, I have sort of a hangup about things.
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 6th November 15:58
Wow, this has some of the most natural dialog I've seen anywhere! The chemistry between Dom and Harry is just right for this scenario and they work together beautifully.

I really like everything about this movie except one thing and I hesitate to even mention it because its so intangible. If anyone feels the same I'd like to hear some opinions about it.

I loved the banter between them, but when the spanking got started it seemed that they both... I dunno.. lost some energy. The discussion in the entryway was very dynamic and full of energy that they seemed to bounce off one another and feed from each other; it really was perfect, but the spanking itself seemed a tad lackluster and...sluggish? I do feel awful saying something so negative, but am curious too if anyone felt the same.

Everyone did great, I honestly really liked it! Art, great job - you are really creative and bring these movies to another level.
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 6th November 16:19
@Orla.... ha ha... I love that clip, its so awesome! I just want to suck on Lee's cowlick like a strand of spaghetti...he's so freakin' adorable I can't stand it!
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 6th November 16:25
So many things I loved about this one.
1. The laddish talk with swearing and "go on then"
2. Loved it when Harry kept saying Dom's name. My heart went all funny
3. Loved seeing Harry's willy on Dom's lap, even if it was brief
4. Dom was really quite gentle with Harry. So sweet
5. Harry's bum and legs are delicious
6. So funny that Dom forgave him because she's "a slag", and then the handshake. Proper lads
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 6th November 16:27
@Chiki, I just took it that Dom was gentle on him as they're friends
Rasputin | Voted Video 8/10 | 6th November 17:03
I agree with uchikimatsu. Everything was fine EXCEPT that the spanking was sluggish, lacked energy, wasn't hard enough, etc. If Dom had spanked Harry much harder, and Harry had reacted in a more demonstrative manner to the spanking, I would have given it a "9 out of 10".

If Dom couldn't spank Harry physically harder than he did in this video, he should have used a bath brush on his cheating mate. That would have driven home to Harry the seriousness of his transgression.
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 6th November 17:09
@Domfan - yeah, that crossed my mind, too. My heart also got a little fluttery when Harry would say "Dom" while he was over Dom's knee, especially during the count. It was akin to the lads counting for Mr. X or Dad... One, sir! or One, Dad! It represented a kind of respect (and submission) that I found really thrilling.

I wonder if that was by design because Dave was there directing and encouraged it, or by habit as the lads are used to counting that way for Dave.
Cherylkay | Voted Video 9/10 | 6th November 17:39
@Chiki, I noticed that, too. I put it down to the fact that, once the spanking started, everything Dom had to say on the subject had been said. Also, I think both Dom and Harry were trying to keep count, even though Dom said he wouldn't do it. It might also be that scolding might not come as naturally to Dom as it does Dave, although showed again that he's an awesome actor. Harry is getting pretty good with dialogue, too so I can see your bit of disappointment.

@Lynne, I also love the chemistry with the four mates as I call them (though it makes them sound a little like a singing group lol). I think it was a great coup to get the four of them at SLS at the same time. I love it when a lad who's not in the actual film gets mentioned (like Fred was here). It makes it all seem like a real community.
Cherylkay | Voted Video 9/10 | 7th November 00:05
@Domfan and @Chiki, I thought for a non-spanko, Dom did a pretty nice job. I think there may have been a limit as to how hard Dom would be willing to spank his friend. Interesting point about the counting and Harry saying "Dom" after some of the counts. I also loved that aspect...I would say he was submitting to the situation because to do otherwise would have made him look like a hypocrite. This was just a really nice film.
MJM | Not voted video yet | 7th November 04:08
It was great! Was on holiday for a few days in Eastbourne, but couldn't download or view anything as the wifi reception was completely crap! But just got home (where the wifi reception is in perfect downloading mode), so I have just watched and downloaded this. :)
Lynne | Voted Video 7/10 | 7th November 15:30
@Cheryl...I had to go back and look at the vid Stolen Holiday Money. Harry got spanked in that one as well by both Fred and Oliver (part II).

Other than maybe the Spank Jenga, and we know Harry is in Spanking Comp 3, I don't think Harry has ever taken the "top" role.
Art | Not voted video yet | 7th November 19:56
I appreciate you saying that, uchikimatsu.
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 8th November 00:57
Harry has really shot up in my estimation in that last few months. He's so adorable. He has so many aspects to his character. Sometimes he plays the dumb chav, sometimes he's bright, relaxed, mature (like in the interview), sometimes he's stroppy (like in this), and then of course he's the gym bunny. i coyote list all his physical attributes too but I'll save you all that :-D. I think I'm in love (yes again)
Cherylkay | Voted Video 9/10 | 8th November 10:41
@Lynne, I thought Harry was suitably "toppy" in Stolen Holiday Money 3. He laid out the ultimatum to Fred the same way Dom did to him here. I think he feels more comfortable working with his friends. The next competition should be very interesting :)

@Domfan, I had to Google "chav" LOL. I guess we would call a person like that a "lowlife" here in the States or maybe a "thug". But I think Harry has matured since he first came (having just joined and not seen the changes in him in real time, I've had to go back and watch his older films). I've also become quite fond of Harry.
Lynne | Voted Video 7/10 | 8th November 16:19
(forehead hard to table)

OK Cheryl..somehow Part III slipped by my the heck did that happen? I recant my rebuttal :). Looking at the release date I was probably neck deep in class. I can't wait until this semester is over..just three more weeks.

Oh, and as an aside, only 17 weeks until Spring, only 17 weeks until Spring....
Lynne | Voted Video 7/10 | 8th November 16:31
I need caffeine...I just posted int he wrong thread..sorry Dave :)

@Cheryl..further lack of observation...I just noticed the release date was a year ago. Still not sure how I missed the movie.
Cherylkay | Voted Video 9/10 | 8th November 21:17
@Lynne, there are tons of movies I haven't watched yet, but Stolen Holiday Money was on my list of ones to watch as soon as I joined. I love it when the guys spank each other. I love it when they get into the spirit of things, even if the execution is less than perfect.

And I'm with on wanting Spring to hurry up and get here because then the tax season will be over. I guess we'll have to hang in there together lol.
matt | Voted Video 8/10 | 9th November 05:56
Excellent clip. Dom is always great and just keeps getting better. He's handsome and he's one of the best actors on the site. Great at roleplaying and for a young guy, surprisingly good at taking the spanker role. Harry has a butt that's made for spanking. It's just ridiculously round, smooth, sexy, and begs to be smacked. I like when the guys do scenes like this with OTK but with serious discipline scenarios. So this was a fun one for me. I LOVE when Dom grabs Harry's hair towards the end while he's spanking him. Very hot. Great work Dave, Art, and Dom and Harry.
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 9th November 16:06
Yes Matt I loved the hair grab too ;-)
red1967 | Voted Video 9/10 | 10th November 02:03
Really good movie. Loved the storyline Dom & Harry work well together Dom you Where more hurt by Harry then your girlfriend calling her a slag and bumping her so easily. Harry you bad boy I hope your are really are sorry. @ Cherylkay I also thought with Dom been a non-spanko, He did a really good Job. Well done Dom. Harry Dave and Art love the split black and white screen grate job
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 10th November 17:53
@matt and @Domfan - I totally forgot to mention the hair grabbing... OH MA GAH! That part was exciting... Harry's little scrunched up face... and Dom being, well, Domly. YES, PLEASE.... more of THAT!!

@matt - I also love the lad/lad stuff if its discipline. I know Andy and Bailey do a fair share of spanking, but I think by now they've outgrown "lad" status. From the Jenga vids I knew Dom would be great in the role of spanker, but watching the SHM compilation I think Harry would also be good at it and Oliver as well (in a discipline context) The only issue with Oliver is that his character in SLSville is completely irresponsible and a screw-up, so I can't see his character being mature enough to be correcting anyone else, especially not a peer. While not reallly discipline (Dom's spanking was more revenge) I like that he played down the anger and was calm and methodical. I can see it playing out the other way as well, Dom storming in and just whipping Harry's as, no warning, no dilemma. I'm pretty sure Harry would have to still be half asleep for Dom to ambush him and get the upper hand... LOL!

Domfan | Not voted video yet | 11th November 14:23
I'm such a saddo that I find myself constantly looking forward for the Thursday updates. Like a soap opera where I'm in love with all the characters.
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 12th November 04:03
@Cheryl - for some reason "chav" is a *thing* in MM vids, most especially among the sneaker/gym socks crowd, is what I've observed. In my corner of the world we might say "hood" or "hood rat."
Cherylkay | Voted Video 9/10 | 12th November 09:46
@Chiki, where I come from, we would probably call someone like that a "punk" lol.

@Domfan, don't feel bad. I do the same thing.
welshboy | Voted Video 8/10 | 12th November 10:21
Harry has a bottom that you can watch get spanked again and again. Dom and Harry do work so well together. It does help that they are real friends and it shows in this film. I did love Harry's underwear and his cut off's. I did like this story and I think this idea could have legs and go on. Well done to the boys. Art you are the Master, keep up the great work. Dave what can I say this site just gets better and better.
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 12th November 11:05
@Domfan - I think a lot of us are in the same boat, darling. I'm such a saddo that I dedicate a good many hours to creating SLS related media (memes, sketches, short stories)

That's pretty sad...
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