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Bobby & Blake - Locker Room Bully - Part Two
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31st August 2014 12:49 | LAST COMMENT 350 weeks ago

Hey, it was really fun last time when we voted on the next movie release so I thought I would do it again!

So here are another three movies for you to choose from.

Spanking competition - Part Two - Wayne & Fred

Parker - Office Bully

Wayne & Adam - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home - Part Two

So please watch the preview videos below and place your vote. Oh and it would be nice for you to leave a comment saying who you voted for and why!

Parker - Office Bully

Spanking Competition - Part Two - Wayne & Fred

Wayne & Adam - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!

Hunter | 12th May 2015 21:30
I voted for this because it was Adam last video on site it's a pity he's gone
NovaDad | 27th December 2014 18:07
I voted for "Wayne & Adam - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home" for two reasons. First, I'm a fan of hot young Wayne and his hot young tattooed butt. Second, I prefer seeing lads getting spanked by an older "authority figure" (like Michael Meyers -- is that Dad's name?) more than seeing lads exchanging swats. However, I definitely enjoyed seeing the losers getting spanked in the "Spank Jenga" matches -- even though the lads were, of course, spanking each other.
windycity1 | 6th September 2014 22:40
I voted Parker but now have that to look forward to. Adam and Wayne were was Dave, of course. I love the way both boys, especially Wayne, sound genuinely contrite in the movie, it's [art of what makes SLS the best.
rak61 | 6th September 2014 01:59
sorry, how many total votes (members) are there?
rak61 | 6th September 2014 01:58
I got the one I wanted, not that I don't want to see them all but out of curiosity how many
uchikimatsu | 5th September 2014 08:48
I am in no way disappointed that the movie I voted for is not winning!
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 16:13
So Dave, when do the polls close? Is it going to be an early release or is the broken laptop still an issue?
Lynne | 4th September 2014 18:32 (386 weeks ago)
Now know this is one of those Friday releases for the winning vid :).
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 19:06 (386 weeks ago)
LOL @Lynne! I was hoping! A girl can dream, can't she...?

I mean, this is a can't lose line up! Two of the three videos have Wayne, one of them is a Part 2 hot on the heels of its own Part 1, more Adam, and the return of FRED!!!

Dave really spoiled us this time around!
Lynne | 4th September 2014 19:11 (386 weeks ago)
Yes...a very good lineup and admittedly I had to think about it myself :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th September 2014 20:19 (386 weeks ago)
Hi, the polls will close tomorrow afternoon UK time and the winning movie will be released straight away! The 2nd and 3rd movie will be the next too releases. :) Broken laptop has just been fixed! I hope Apple are spending my £340 wisely! :)
Lynne | 4th September 2014 20:26 (386 weeks ago)
Ouch! ::thinking that might dip into poor Daisy's puppy toy allowance::
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th September 2014 21:58 (386 weeks ago)
No need to worry about that Lynne, I just sold Daisy on ebay and got a new ski mask! :)
Lynne | 4th September 2014 23:04 (386 weeks ago)
Awwwww....and when you told her I am sure she just sat there with a puppy goofy grin on her face, tail thumping on the floor, head tilted to the side and then you caved and reneged on the sale and gave her that new ski mask to wrestle and play with :)
kristi | 5th September 2014 05:40 (386 weeks ago)
OMG, Dave!! You should be ashamed !! I'll bet she is sitting there right now with those sweet, sad puppy dog eyes, saying "Daddy? What's ebay?"
YOU should get a good hard spanking for that one!!! lol
Aimee | 3rd September 2014 22:44
This is a close contest. Looking forward to seeing all 3. Im wondering if since it is a vote,, will Dave do a Thursday release or wait until official release day again to make sure everyone gets to vote...suspense!!!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 4th September 2014 21:59 (386 weeks ago)
Of course I'm going to keep you waiting this week! Sorry! :)
Aimee | 4th September 2014 22:00 (386 weeks ago)
I figured. Have to make sure everyone gets the chance to vote :)
nanarr | 1st September 2014 03:21
Couldn't decide ... all three look good ... but, finally went with Adam and Wayne WTYFGH pt 2.

Adam better 'fess up about the drugs ... Wayne's not innocent, but he's getting a raw deal on this!

Besides, I kinda like having part 2 pretty soon after part 1 so it's complete.
uchikimatsu | 2nd September 2014 15:49 (387 weeks ago)
Hey nanarr, what if Adam DOESN'T fess up about the drugs? Wouldn't that leave the storyline open for a Part 3, whereby Dad discovers that Adam not only lied but allowed his friend to take blame for his actions....?

Just saying....BWAH HA HA HA HA AAAH!!!!!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 2nd September 2014 23:27 (386 weeks ago)
hmmm, so what do we all think. Does Adam confess to his Dad that it was him del that brought the drugs into the house, or is he happy to let Wayne take the rap?
uchikimatsu | 2nd September 2014 23:57 (386 weeks ago)
Well I hope not, coz that means that it's open for part 3 still! Either dad can find out and sorry Adam out our
Lynne | 3rd September 2014 00:01 (386 weeks ago)
No part 3 needed :), Dad can just handle it right there. Still, trying to figure out just when the right time for Adam's confession might be.
uchikimatsu | 3rd September 2014 00:05 (386 weeks ago)
We like serials up in need to be a killjoy on my part 3 idea....a girl can dream
uchikimatsu | 3rd September 2014 02:10 (386 weeks ago)
@Lynne - so if Adam never makes his confession in part 2, how do you figure there is no need for a Part 3 and that dad can take care of things in Part 2? Dad has, what....clairvoyance? a crystal ball? ESP? CCTV installed in Adam's room? I know you didn't purposefully piss in my cornflakes, but really...I hate people. I hate drunk people even more. I hate drunk people who scream "oh my god, this is my jam!" to every single song that comes over the sound system at bars the very most.

So you see, it's not you, it's them.
nanarr | 3rd September 2014 07:49 (386 weeks ago)
I hope Adam doesn't let Wayne continue to take the rap. If so, my opinion of Adam will go down commensurately. Hmmm, part 3, what a dilemma lol.

I know, I know, it's all make-believe .... but, still.

Uhm, Dave, since you've already filmed part 2, why are you asking us how it should end? I'm confused ('course it could be that margarita I had earlier lol).
Aimee | 3rd September 2014 10:18 (386 weeks ago)
Well there could be every chance Part 2 happens and its dealt with, Wayne fesses up and when he does Adam's dad says he is going to tell Wayne's father anyway because he only saved him from telling his father because of his 'honesty. Leaving both lads open for punishment by their fathers again. The plot thickens...
uchikimatsu | 3rd September 2014 10:56 (386 weeks ago)
Oh, ys
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd September 2014 10:56 (386 weeks ago)
Hey nanarr, I wasn't really asking how you thought it would end but just if you think that Adam will do the right thing and confess to his Dad that it was really him that brought in the drugs and not Wayne.
uchikimatsu | 3rd September 2014 11:01 (386 weeks ago)
WTF...I did not hit any submit butto
Anyway, yes, Aimee, that is a great idea, but so mean! Punishing Wayne for trying to help out Adam would be mean!
Aimee | 3rd September 2014 12:32 (386 weeks ago)
No good deed goes unpunished :)
uchikimatsu | 3rd September 2014 13:07 (386 weeks ago)
True that, especially in SLSville! Aw, poor Wayne if that did happen! He wouldn't get to go to the Eminem concert!

Lynne | 3rd September 2014 21:18 (386 weeks ago)
Hmmm...something just came to mind about all this. Knowing how dad likes to lecture I am thinking a line such as "I have half a mind to not allow Adam to be friends with you" or some such. Of course then Adam would need to fess up at that point.
nanarr | 3rd September 2014 22:31 (386 weeks ago)
Thx for clearing up my confusion, Dave. Guess I shouldn't have gone to Margaritaville ... blame Jimmy Buffett.
I think the truth will come out and Adam will do the right thing.
Ooleary | 3rd September 2014 22:45 (386 weeks ago)
I reckon Wayne struggles with the belt and Adam confesses to his Dad to save his friend but we know that once the punishment starts it has to carry on til the end ie 2 red glowing sore backsides cos essentially they both lied
uchikimatsu | 3rd September 2014 22:49 (386 weeks ago)
Hey, Orla good guess ! BTW I left a post for you in the movie comment alert blog...
uchikimatsu | 4th September 2014 20:40 (386 weeks ago)
We're going to find out very soon if Adam steps up and does the right thing. Dad can be heard in the preview scolding Wayne about what a put influence he's been on Adam, and Wayne just nods quietly to agree....that made me sad!!!!
CassieAnne17 | 3rd September 2014 20:25
Well they all look good, as has been stated already! If it goes like last time and these will be for the next 3 weeks then really no matter what I choose no one looses right?! But I think I have to choose Spanking Competition because I want to see Fred again! But can't wait for Wayne and Adam part 2 either! And Parker! Ok, I love them all! :)
welshboy | 3rd September 2014 11:12
Ok I have voted, but it was very hard to choose as they all looked top films, so the film I have gone for is Adam and Wayne part 2 and why I picked this film is that I loved the story and how part 1 turned out and the way Adam and Wayne acted off each other, but as I have said all three films looked great.
Domfan | 31st August 2014 16:19
Now this is real hard (both meanings of the phrase!).
My gut says Parker, but then I wanted Fred to return. So torn.

I'm gonna say Parker just because of the premise and his office trousers. I want Parker on my knee pretty bad.
wardcoleman | 31st August 2014 22:42 (387 weeks ago)
Those suit pants are certainly compelling!
Domfan | 1st September 2014 23:27 (387 weeks ago)
Tell me about it!
nanarr | 3rd September 2014 07:30 (386 weeks ago)
Parker on your knee or across your knee, Domfan? (Or does it matter which?)
kristi | 1st September 2014 17:29
I have no idea which one I want to see most! I wanna see all of them. which one are you voting for Dave?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st September 2014 19:38 (387 weeks ago)
Good question Kristi. I just voted and I voted Spanking Competition. Really, it's just because I was so happy to get Fred back! It's as simple as that! I am lucky enough to have seen all three movies and I don' t think anyone will be disappointed with the results. Oh and whilst I am here. Can I request that from now on we don't discuss the actually percentages of the ratings. It's fine to talk about who is in the lead and so on but not by how much as I feel that could wrongly influence peoples votes. :)
uchikimatsu | 1st September 2014 20:55 (387 weeks ago)
Sorry, Dave! 😱
Aimee | 1st September 2014 21:25 (387 weeks ago)
Good point Dave. Never thought of that. Lips are sealed from here on in.
nanarr | 1st September 2014 21:33 (387 weeks ago)
Sorry, Dave. Won't do it again!
Lynne | 1st September 2014 22:08 (387 weeks ago)
Message received and filed :). Are we still allowed to bribe and or threaten? :)
kristi | 2nd September 2014 01:52 (387 weeks ago)
Good choice Dave, I think I might go with that one also. I really enjoyed the interview in the beginning last time, it was funny! I do want to see all of them though, it is difficult to choose just one!
Lynne | 2nd September 2014 08:50 (387 weeks ago)
I just wanted to make sure that when I said threaten that people understood I meant in the silly kind of way, not literal :)
nanarr | 3rd September 2014 07:26 (386 weeks ago)
I understood it as being in the silly way; of course you didn't mean it literally!! I had a lot of fun with the brownies and handbags posts.
matt | 3rd September 2014 01:26
All three movies look great. Since it's possible that my first choice, Parker - Office Bully, might not win, may I suggest you release the 1st and 2nd runners up again right after the winner? As I said the last time, the only possible lose here is if you know there's a movie you really want to see and it doesn't get released for a long time. Other than that, this competition thing is a lot of fun. Thanks, Dave. Can't wait to see whichever movie wins.
uchikimatsu | 2nd September 2014 16:08
As Dave would say, it's still early days, but I'm surprised that all three movies are more evenly matched than the last batch, whereby Ryan had some kind of bizarre hair handicap...
Rasputin | 1st September 2014 15:00
Actually, I'm looking forward to seeing all three videos. However, I voted for Wayne & Adam - WTYFGH Part 2 because Part 1 was so good, and I wanted to complete the story.

I enjoyed the first "Spanking Competition" video very much, so I'm looking forward to this new installment with Wayne & Fred. The new "Wayne & Fred" video is tied for second place with Parker's "Office Bully" film.

I was impressed by Parker's cocky, bratty attitude and demonstrative response to his spanking in his first video. He's definitely a good actor. However, I'm a bit turned off by his appearance. If he were a little more good-looking and muscular, he's be one of my favorite "Straight Lads". That said, those tight gray boxer briefs look good on him, and the preview clip portends another fine, demonstrative performance. Thus, Parker's video is tied for second place with Wayne & Fred.
uchikimatsu | 1st September 2014 15:18 (387 weeks ago)
Hey Rasputin, I am also impressed with Parker and loved his first video, I've probably watched 30 times or so. The thing I find the most fun about Parker is despite that cocky, arrogant attitude on the exterior, when he's getting spanked he kicks those little legs like a naughty 5 year old! Its so adorable and endearing! You can even see just a little bit of that in the preview for Office Bully. Ah! Its so cute I can't stand it!
uchikimatsu | 1st September 2014 15:20 (387 weeks ago)
Ok, so I went to play Parker's preview again and hit the "VOTE" button by mistake... so there's that. Decision made. LOL, Freudian much?
uchikimatsu | 31st August 2014 13:31
The Butch's unofficial vote is for Wayne & Adam WTYFGH, but I haven't decided yet!! They all look really good...

nanarr | 1st September 2014 03:39 (387 weeks ago)
LOL at Chiki !!!

When I voted just a minute ago, Parker was at 50%, Competition was at 16.67%, and WYYFGH was at 33.33%. Depending on how many people haven't voted :::: innocently looking all around :::: this may not be as close as we think.
uchikimatsu | 1st September 2014 12:44 (387 weeks ago)
It looks like a lot of people want to see Parker again! I have to confess, when I first joined I noticed a comment by @flashgordon in Suggestion Blog that described the scenario of a young man in a smart business suit from an office sent to Mr. X and I seconded that suggestion saying how much more humiliating the experience would be for someone like that as opposed to our rough builders who must already be immune to the attentions of the community disciplinarian. So, I've been waiting some time for this video... very, very enticing model and scenario...

@Lynne - Dave announced both the filming of Office Bully and the Double WTYFGH about 12 weeks ago, so you might want to adjust whatever data you use to predict the release date of movies....
Lynne | 1st September 2014 12:58 (387 weeks ago)
@chiki: what I have figured out overall is that new movies are usually released around the 12 week mark. The exceptions have been the real punishments are after about 8 weeks and that includes Patrick's WTYFGH which was done as a result of his having a slumber party at the local police station :).

Of course the polling to choose the next release more or less tosses out any estimated schedule, as, making the assumption Dave will follow suit and release these three in order of vote, the only other movie we know has been shot is the third spanking competition installment. We also know there may be a new Oliver movie shot, if it hasn't already been in the last few days :)

I am guessing there may be more that have been shot in between, that Dave hasn't hinted at as of yet, as these four, possibly five, won't carry to the end of the year.

Lynne | 1st September 2014 13:22 (387 weeks ago)
I counted wrong (makes a second cup of tea to get brain functioning)..make that six possible movies already noted; we still have Part 2 of Jay and Scott :)
natoshiba | 1st September 2014 11:35
I voted for Parker just because I think he looks very nice in his shirt and trousers and I like his cocky attitude. Looking forward to seeing it very much. :)
welshboy | 1st September 2014 10:13
Their are three real top spanking films here, so I am finding it very hard to choose one. Its going to take a lot of thinking time and watching the previews again and again. Dave you are not making this easy for us.
liuhaoda | 1st September 2014 05:42
Nobody votes the spanking competition? We haven't seen Fred long time already. Love him!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st September 2014 07:57 (387 weeks ago)
Hey, I love Fred too. Good news there are days left for voting so if you want to see Fred next then place your vote now!
Lynne | 31st August 2014 23:46
OK, I admit I was waffling between Adam,. Wayne and Parker but went with my usual decision; I want part 2 :), so, Adam and Wayne it is/was. @Chiki, current tally is running Parker at 47.62%; Adam and Wayne at 33.33%. It is going to be another close run :)
wardcoleman | 31st August 2014 17:15
Very torn here. I really want to see Wayne and Adam WTYFGH Part 2 - but Parker looks really enticing too
uchikimatsu | 31st August 2014 21:47 (387 weeks ago)
I'm really torn too...however last vote I ended up trying to bribe people toward the very end of the poll, I figure this time I'd save my vote and see if I can sell it to some desperate fan for favors or maybe brownies.

Where're we at?
wardcoleman | 31st August 2014 22:40 (387 weeks ago)
That sounds like a clever strategy! :-) Parker is still in the lead, but it is now more evenly spread with the other two catching up. They all look good
uchikimatsu | 31st August 2014 14:59
I wish there was a teensy bit more info about the premise in the Parker review to help me decide...
Seriously, I can't make a decision. Thankfully, there's still plenty of time! I can't see the stats until I vote... where are we so far?
Aimee | 31st August 2014 15:34 (387 weeks ago)
Parker on 80%
Wayne & Adam 20%
uchikimatsu | 31st August 2014 15:41 (387 weeks ago)
for realz? and nothing for the competition? I am looking forward to that one too... there isn't enough Fred to go around lately....
Aimee | 31st August 2014 16:19 (387 weeks ago)
Still very early days though. I reckon all three of these ones will be super great movies!!
Ooleary | 31st August 2014 14:16
I voted for Parker his other movie was one of my favs so excited to see more Parker xxx Haven't seen any Fred for a while too so looking forward to it being released also. Adam and Wayne 2 really looking forward to it as well really tough choice cos they're all winners
Aimee | 31st August 2014 13:37
Ohhh they all look very good indeed but I do think I really want to see Adam & Wayne part 2. Whichever one wins though, I really do not think I will disappointed :)
matt | 31st August 2014 13:36
I voted "Office Bully" because I'm excited to see more of Parker. He's a perfect Straight Lads Spanked model; handsome, masculine, great butt, etc. He's also a good actor; great naughty boy attitude. He had one of the best transitions from cocky to sorry young man in his last video and I love the way he kicks his legs when he's getting spanked. The tight dress pants are super hot in the preview. As are the tight underpants and inevitable bare bottom spanking. .I love OTK and this kind of scenario so this is definitely my choice.
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