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25th January 2015 13:26 | LAST COMMENT 154 weeks ago

So a few months ago I happened to mention that I had just filmed a movie where there were some real tears from the model. At this stage, when I first menitoned it, I had not even watched the footage back.

Now my awesome editor Art has worked his magic on it and I have seen the final version.

There was a lot of excitiement about this and I am worried that peoples expecations for this movie may exceed what I described. 

So at this stage I am not going to mention any details as to the model involved, but I will tell you more about what happened on the day.

The story of the movie was quite emotionally charged and I just wanted to get this right. So I had actually spoken in great detail to the model in question prior to him coming for filming. I wanted him to really play the story out in his head and try and fully immerse himself in what I wanted to produce.

And he really did! Beyond my expectaions!

If you are expecting a lad to have tears streaming down his face because of the ain of a spanking then you will be disapointed. Instead, this is all about the emotions between a father and a son and what leads to the spanking. The emotion that you see is real and very raw and starts within the first few minutes of the movie.

Actually I have just watched this movie again with fresh eyes (well actually slightly tear stained eyes). Art has done an astounding job woth this edit (well let's face it, he always does) and I just know that you are going to really enjoy it! 

Not long to wait now! 

Serena89 | 11th February 2019 21:38
Hi. I'm new here. I had seen clips and teasers of one particular model on here that I feell in love with his work. It promoted me to come here and see more.
The emotional aspect it what I really enjoy above all else. I'm sooo late but could someone please tell me what video this is about.
Ficwriterjet | 17th February 2019 04:57 (154 weeks ago)
Hi Serena89, I believe this discussion was about the film: "Jay -Failed Substance Test - Part Four - Please Forgive Me'.
Serena89 | 17th February 2019 05:09 (154 weeks ago)
Thank you, Jet! Unsure of your name so I do apologise there.
I actually found it then haha I went on a little investigation!
Thanks a lot for your reply, people are quite quiet on here but I do suppose it's not a site to come to conversation but that's me all over I love to talk and I've never joined something like this before so I got excited and commented on lots of stufd :')
Ficwriterjet | 17th February 2019 08:02 (154 weeks ago)
You're welcome, and Jet is fine.

I certainly understand being excited after joining, and then commenting on a bunch of the clips. I did too. :)
CassieAnne17 | 27th January 2015 00:41
Wow, I'm going to be on pins and needles all week waiting for this! I actually really enjoy the emotions of a story and look for it. This is the only site I keep a membership with because it is the best for me. No other does what you do with storytelling and being connected to the models. For me a huge part is the story and all the emotion that goes with it, especially with father/son, and the excellent dialogue you have with the lads is just great. Others try, but either the story is ridiculous or the spanking is or there isn't even a story line at all, at least for my taste. One of my all time favorites on here is Oliver's Bath Brush Beating, I liked how realistic it was and emotionally charged, as well as a good spanking too of course!
millie | 25th January 2015 15:36
i loved how you approached this Dave im so glad you did not tell us who the model was, anticipation and suspense it keeps us interested and now i cant wait till friday as i have a feeling you will release it then, so looking forward to this movie , i was a bit reserved about how i felt about tears in a movie unless the person is in total character im glad you cleared this up for me, i always find young kids always cry but when they get older i always used spanking to bring them down a peg or two just a little sting in the but to say im still your mum thanks Dave you are a star and cant wait till the next release xx
Cherylkay | 25th January 2015 19:16 (366 weeks ago)
That the tears started before you ever laid a glove on the model is testament to both you and the young man in question. Emotions are messy things and from what I know of young men (having three nephews of my own which I helped raise) they avoid any strong show of emotion, except for anger. Society pretty much teaches men to keep their emotions in check.

Dave, you must think we're a bunch of sadists, licking our chops in anticipation of seeing some poor guy cry. But for me, at least, that's not it. I came to SLS because it offered something I hadn't seen on other sites--namely, a bond between you and the young men who work for you. While tears per se aren't my thing, I do like it when a person feels it's OK to "go there". I love the fact that someone made himself vulnerable emotionally. I also like the fact that you admit that the emotions of the other person got to you, too. It shows you have real empathy for people and that you genuinely care about the guys. I can't wait to see the movie and I just want to say thank you for being so much better (at least from a straight female's perspective) than any other M/M site out there.
Ooleary | 26th January 2015 00:52 (366 weeks ago)
@cheryl i agree 100% i love the storylines and the emotions and the interactions between Dave and the lads counting down the hours xx
Cherylkay | 25th January 2015 20:17
Sorry for the double post...I think my laptop went on a proper Saturday night out lol.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th January 2015 21:08 (366 weeks ago)
Double post has been sorted Cheryl!
Cherylkay | 25th January 2015 22:30 (366 weeks ago)
Thank you, Dave!
MJM | 25th January 2015 14:40
When you say, "Not long to wait now"... How long is that, exactly??? As you can see, you've piqu my interest. Lol.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th January 2015 14:47 (366 weeks ago)
Well it will be this weeks release MJM! :)
MJM | 25th January 2015 18:10 (366 weeks ago)
Oh good :)
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