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Bobby & Blake - Locker Room Bully - Part Two
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7th May 2014 12:22 | LAST COMMENT 321 weeks ago

So I received an email today from a member just chatting about the site and why they like it. They explained that they did not really see it as sexual but that they felt most of the spankings on Straight Lads Spanked were dished out with some kind of love and care. Wether it was from Dad, Older Brother, Uncle or even, dare I say it, Mr X!

They also mentioned that growing up, often the only way that they would receive attention from their Dad was when they were naughty and were getting punished...

This is not the first time someone has says something similar. In fact, another member said that Straight Lads Spanked presented the whole punishment, not just the spanking!

But I have also had members say that they like it because of the masculine models that I used and seeing a big strapping (slightly arrogant) guy like Bailey getting brought down a peg and spanked liked a naughty kid is a real thrill!

So really, I thought I would open it up here and ask, what it is that you like about the site? Is there a particular theme of movies you like more than others?

I do find it all very interesting and useful!


Dave - Straight Lads Spanked

rgsix | 16th November 2015 17:15
"Get over my knee" without the backstory doesn't do much for me. This site is great because it's always the full picture. Personality plays into it a lot too, and the role playing gives more of a chance for us to see it. The "wait until your father gets home" are my favorite. The guys stripping down to their underwear and nervously waiting just never gets old. I prefer the leaner or muscular models (Bailey and Dom are both super hot). I like the really young ones too, I think just because story wise it's more plausible.

Keep up the great work.

wardcoleman | 16th November 2015 20:17 (324 weeks ago)
I agree 100%, I know that a lot of spanking fans don't care about the storyline, they just want to see the action, but for me, the storyline is vital. The lead up, characterization, and motivation are very important. I need to know who is being spanked,why he's being punished and, if possible what he is thinking.

SLS does come up with some great dialogue, especially with some of the better actors, such as Kevin, and, of course Dom of fond memory
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 6th December 2015 18:23 (321 weeks ago)
Thanks RGsix for the awesome feedback. It's comments like this that give me the encouragement to keep on making the movies.. :)
Hunter | 22nd June 2015 18:54
Hey red I am a new member jst reading up on things I hope you are okay, what a life you have had.

I hope you settled now I like this site too the members here are so friendly so in a happy family that is what I think of SLS.
red1967 | 10th July 2015 08:29 (342 weeks ago)
Sorry Hunter I have only just read your post I am ok thank you for asking and your kind words Welcome to the site I know it late I have enjoyed reading your comments I hope you are having fun
red1967 | 28th October 2014 20:03
I love this site and have read a lot of the comments on this page and others from members I can understand where they are coming from in some ways. For me My childhood was full of abuse physical mental and sexual I never felt loved or cared for. My only eldest brother seemed to get away with most things.
As a kid I got beaten for no reason My dad left My mum let my grandmother carry on with the physical and mental abuse until I was 16 then it just metal. Abuse. I got told I should of never been born I was a big mistake. (I know now It's not true I been in counselling as an adult and know what happen was not my fault.)

I saw a few of my friend getting spanked as a kid it was just a few slaps then they where taken away spanked out of sight when they came back or after they where allowed out they told me they been hugged said it was over with and I couldn't understand why It was not like this for me and it hurt. The first spanking I saw was a friends brother getting spanked I felt butterfly in my stomach I have mentioned this in an other post. Anyway he got spanked cuz he let me and his sister and younger brother watch a movie we were too young to watch Their eldest brother spanked him. but after he hugged him this was an hour later I could not believe the love he showed. I knew something was messing in my life. I sometimes naughty at school but no one believed it was me . I started smoking when I was 9 years old talking back got caught shoplifting. When I was a teenagers I gave up trying to find someone to care about me. I left home when I was 17 got a job and moved away only came home sometimes. I thought I found someone how I trusted how loved me he spanked me when I was naughty showed me love but then the spanks turned into violence and more by I had enough I did not care any more partied all hours smoked pot slept around hang around with the wrong crowd we stole a few cars did criminal damage to a house. and lot of other thing I not proud of I never got caught. A year later I meet my husband to be. He understood me knew I liked spanking helped me get my life back.I read loads of gay stories about been spanked and watched free video through the years. When my husband got terminally ill I stopped looking I had to be the strong one put aside what I wanted witch was fine.

After he passed I came back online for spanking sites never joined in and did not really like them Got into an other relationship it was good but we fell apart as he in the states and I am in the UK.
Again looked around the spanking sites and found this one Felt like home I love the way it not just spanking it the whole punishment love the domestic stories dad/son big brothers and uncle when they get grounded sent to they rooms or bed. I love they way the son younger brother or nephew gets lectured IT not a sexual thing for me still get butterflies in my stomach when watching the movies also I do like the beefy guys getting brought down a peg or two.
After ever thing I been though I can show love say what I want in life. I have a good relationship with my family now looking for a new relationship I am still a cheeky brat get told I should be spanked a lot even though I am in my 40 lol On the abuse part of my life I use to let people bully me not any more I won't let them win I am a server and I got out alive sorry for the life story and I am crap at grammar and spelling
uchikimatsu | 28th October 2014 20:43 (378 weeks ago)
Hey @red, without going into too much detail about our similarities, ireally want to thank you for being so open and candid about yourself and sharing your story with us....thank you :::HUGS::::💜
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 28th October 2014 21:23 (378 weeks ago)
Hey Red, Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. I don't know what else to say other than you will always be safe, secure & valued here. X
Aimee | 29th October 2014 01:47 (378 weeks ago)
Hey Red. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope that you have found SLS as much as a haven as the rest of us girlies on here. I found that very interesting to read though I am sorry you hadn't the best time growing up. I am glad things are good for you now :)
Ooleary | 29th October 2014 02:05 (378 weeks ago)
@Red welcome and thanks for sharing your story it must be very hard for you to talk about and i'm so happy that you feel safe and free to share with us your new friends .Orla xxx
red1967 | 29th October 2014 13:59 (378 weeks ago)
Thank you all your replies brought a tear to my eyes as they are so kind. @ uchikimatsu Thank you so much hun that mean a lot sorry that you been through some of the same things >:D< back @ Dave Thank you I do feel safe, secure & valued I am having fun watching the videos and thank you and the members for all the support. @ Aimee Thank you I feel at home here I know my pass was tough one I am a very strong person because of it. @ Ooleary It is hard for me to talk about I rewrote it so meny times This is the first time in my life that I wrote or said about my pass outside of my family or very close friends. I guess this is a message for anyone how's been through or is going through the same things I went through IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. and your not alone xx
Cherylkay | 29th October 2014 16:54 (378 weeks ago)
@Red, I just saw your post and want to thank you for your honesty here. Writing that must have ripped open a few scars. I haven't talked a lot about my history here, but I will say that I hit the jackpot when it came to the kind of parents I got. I know how blessed and lucky I was to have parents that were both strict with us, but demonstrated their love for us as well. I had that awesome balance of love and discipline that "experts" on child rearing say is so effective at raising good kids. Guess what? I still made horrendous mistakes that still effect my life.

That you felt safe enough to share your heartbreaking story with a bunch of relative strangers speaks volumes about your character. It also really demonstrates even more fully that Dave has formed a little family here--not of blood relatives, but of people who choose to view themselves that way because they feel safe and cared for here. Bless you, dear, for your courage in telling us about the things that happened to you. It looks like you not only survived, but thrived. BIG HUGS to you!
red1967 | 30th October 2014 02:14 (378 weeks ago)
@Cherylkay Thank you so much your message was very sweet so glade you had a wonderful parents. Everyone makes mistakes hun. We learn from them and yes sometimes the mistakes that still effect our lifes unfortunately . As I have said I do feel at home and safe I agree Dave has formed a little family here-1 have had lots of support on here There are a few things that make me feel safr 1 eveyone is so friendly 2 how non violent or abusive the video are I seen video on other sites they brought back memory of my childhood they where horrible. But thanks to Dave and the models there is non of that I am sure if they did not want to do something then they don't.. Talking about my pass helps but it is no way easy I started writing it and it all came out My pass dose still effect my life sometimes.. Thank you I never seen myself as a survived,or thrived. just someone who got out alive and can still love and care about others with my mates I am the Joker always making people laugh. A bid hug back hun
Cherylkay | 30th October 2014 02:26 (378 weeks ago)
@Red, I totally understand how brutal some other sites can be. I have viewed other sites and the models are sometimes beaten bloody. Ugh! Red and sore is a good result, even sometimes a few bruises, but having a model (especially the ones on here because we care about them so much) ripped to shreds is a huge turn off for me. And yes, sometimes those brutal videos trigger memories of something that happened to me that I would rather not relive.

If you got out alive, then you are a survivor, hon :) I think the family type group we have here comes down to Dave being so present and encouraging us to talk amongst ourselves. We all have different backgrounds and different lives, but we all have our love of SLS in common. Isn't it funny how a spanking website can bring complete strangers together?
red1967 | 30th October 2014 23:18 (378 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay Hi hon yeah seen someone beaten blood is gross I agree red, sore with a few bruses is good and yes we all care about the lads on here it would upset me if I saw them been ripped apart and yes a turn off. With me it can trigger flash backs and nightmare I am sorry to hear that you been hurt like that. Your stronger than how ever hurt you as they did not win.
Well thank you I have never thought my self as a survivor, but you are one as well I agree thanks to Dave we have a family and he very supportive and yes the encouragement he give us to talk amongst wonderful. I agree on here dose not matter where you from or what life you have we all have SLS in common and we respect each other.
I was thinking same thing at work today how a spanking website has brought us together lol
Cherylkay | 26th September 2014 21:20
OK, this may get a bit long, but I'm going to try to answer as concisely as possible. As a straight female bottom in the spanking scene, I really don't "do" punishment in my own play. I would never in a million years want to give someone that kind of control over me. But as I told Chiki in an email, what one likes to watch and what one likes to experience her/himself are sometimes two different things. I really do enjoy punishment scenarios. The more embarrassing, the better. But I've found most M/f spanking videos a complete turn off. First of all, the models overreact to the blows and it's ridiculous. Here, we get real reaction and I love that, whether it's giggling or begging or leg kicking or whatever. I love that you encourage that, Dave. I also like that, while there's nudity (a lot of it frontal) it's not that leering kind of camera shot that video producers call the "money shot". I'm a straight female and looking at women's body parts does nothing for me. I'm all about the guys! Even though I do play with women and enjoy it, when I watch a video, the spanker has to be male. Female tops do nothing for me when I'm not the on getting spanked. I like the younger man/older man dynamic, too. Authority figures tick my spanking box in a big way. So SLS gives me everything I'm looking for. Please keep up the good work.

As for what movie theme I like, I seem to be liking all of them at the moment LOL. I do love domestic scenes involving family members.
uchikimatsu | 26th September 2014 23:14 (383 weeks ago)
Aaaaaand welcome to SLS..... finally! LOL
Lynne | 26th September 2014 23:17 (383 weeks ago)
Welcome aboard :)
Cherylkay | 27th September 2014 03:25 (383 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I knew I'd get here eventually :) It's great to be here.
@Lynne, thanks :)
baroquen_art | 20th September 2014 16:25
I have a question/comment and I wasn't sure where to put it, but I thought this might be logical here…. I have noticed that some of my favorite movies are ones where the models show the most emotion, not necessarily the type of spanking or who is in the movie. And by emotion, I basically mean tears, or the closest thing to tears. I particularly love the one where Andy cries - it's the most genuine and authentic cry I've seen on here (but correct me if I'm wrong.) I liked seeing that emotion coming from him, especially since I know he can take a pretty severe spanking without crying. The other one I like is Oliver's bath brush beating, because whether it's real or not, he does cry, even though I never saw tears, as we did with Andy. So, I guess I'm wondering two things: 1) Does anyone else feel the same way? 2) Am I missing any good movies with tears? I thought maybe Patrick did have a few when he got the belt… but I don't know. I feel a little mean for liking when they cry, but maybe for me crying is cathartic and natural, and for most men, clearly it's not and that little chink in the armor is appealing and refreshing. Anyone else?
Aimee | 20th September 2014 19:56 (384 weeks ago)
Oh I feel the same. 100%. Particularly when it is one of the bigger guys. Doesn't have the same.affect on me when it is one of the younger guys. Foul mouthed andy the conclusion is one of my faves!!!
baroquen_art | 20th September 2014 20:17 (384 weeks ago)
I don't really mind if they're young or "older" or big or smaller, it's just the vulnerability, right? It's not even that I necessarily need to see them taken down a peg or two, though that IS nice and enjoyable, but how they release the emotion that comes along with it. I think it's much harder to express tears when it's a made up scenario, so it's interesting to me that Andy friend in that movie. My theory on why he cried may be a combination of a few things, but Andy makes these awful grunting noises when he is spanked - they actually sound comical to me and remind me of Lorraine form Mad TV - but that's how he "gets the pain out." In the conclusion movie, he isn't able to do that, simply because his mouth must remain open. I think he couldn't quite express the pain of the spanking in the same way and that's possibly something that played a part of the tears. Of course, my other idea is just that he was going through something quite personal and this was the only way to "feel" it. With Oliver, I have always felt that he takes all the spankings about his personal life to heart, BUT, that could be totally false. His interaction with "Dad" seems to be so real for him - or, he's just a really good actor!
Aimee | 20th September 2014 22:15 (384 weeks ago)
Yes its that sense of vulnerability that makes it appeal to me more when it is a bigger or plder guy because obviously that's a side we don't usually get to see from a muscular, strong, mature character. Not that I don't appreciate it in a younger or smaller character it is just much more appealing in the bigger/older models- for me anyhow.

I like your theory on why Andy may have shed the tears in that movie. Certainly a plausible theory indeed. I always felt that spanking generally seemed quite tough tho and most likely pretty painful. Im pretty sure we see him fight back tears during his real punishment movie in this case however, I think they are tears of frustration possibly?
baroquen_art | 21st September 2014 07:39 (384 weeks ago)
I did my homework and rewatched the real punishment movie with Andy. Yes, his eyes were shimmering before the spanking, but I couldn't see any evidence of tears during his spanking, and as he is very dramatic, we know that it was a very painful spanking. I feel like I'm making out that I don't love Andy and his movies, I really, really do! I love how dramatic he is actually. But seriously, y'all google 'Lorraine MadTV' and you'll never be able to hear his spankings the same way again. Anyhow, something very different triggered the tears in that film (Foul-Mouthed Conclusion.) I think sometimes the guys wipe tears from their eyes, but I always wonder if that is for effect, because I rarely see tears. I would also believe that they are wiping them before they even have a chance to well up, too. Sometimes it makes me feel like a horrible mean person that I want to see them cry!
Aimee | 21st September 2014 07:49 (384 weeks ago) not gona look that up purely on the basis that Andy is my favourite and I would be distraught if I watched something that made me think of something comical. Lol. Glad it gives you a giggle though haha.

You are most definitely right when you say the tears are different and motivated by different things.

I don't think we are any more mean liking them crying than liking them being spanked :) what ticks our boxes, ticks our boxes! Right? :) and there is the added element of knowing that Dave is there. He is not a sadist or evil, he is really caring and compassionate so we know that the guys are never in any real danger and any emotions like that will be left at the shoot :)
baroquen_art | 21st September 2014 08:14 (384 weeks ago)
Haha! Yeah, I wouldn't look it up then. It is funny, though - the character is not at all like Andy, she just makes a noise… :-D Yes, I will let it go that it does tick my boxes! Lots of Dave's movies tick my boxes. One day, I'd like to see him hug one of the guys. I know, I know, dudes don't hug, but still… It's obvious that he cares about them and vice versa - otherwise Oliver wouldn't have shown up for his punishment. I think they hugged with their eyes and glances at the end of that one.
Aimee | 21st September 2014 08:39 (384 weeks ago)
I would say hugs may well be exchanged off camera :) know just to keep up the hard man act on camera haha
baroquen_art | 21st September 2014 12:34 (384 weeks ago)
If there's hugs, I wanna see 'em! ;-)
uchikimatsu | 21st September 2014 17:45 (384 weeks ago)
ladies, don't let him fool you, Dave is actually a mean, evil bastard. Still, a genius though....
Domfan | 7th September 2014 15:01
Hmmm. Not sure how to answer thus question. I'm not that good at psychoanalysis . For me it's a combo of sexual and emotional. The type of models used (both the arrogant ones and the quieter ones) are right up my street also. Love the male to male contact of the lads will rubbing on Dave's knee or when Dave rubs cream into their bums caringly ( though he hasn't done it in a while). I think the world is so against male-to-male caring and male-to-make contact (unlike females) that I must crave seeing it both emotionally and sexually. But the guys have to act like guys as well for me to feel its real.
Domfan | 7th September 2014 15:05 (386 weeks ago)
Also I love the guys wriggling about, I love the guys undies being pulled (have undie fetish) and love the fuss they make (whether it Dom crying or Andy swearing). I could go on.
Aimee | 7th September 2014 17:09 (386 weeks ago)
It is quite hard to define why we like it though isn't it? I found that. You know you do but trying to put a reason on it can be hard.
You are right about the guy + guy caring thing not being shown very often. That's quite interesting actually I had never thought of that before.
Domfan | 7th September 2014 17:35 (386 weeks ago)
I don't particularly want the lads to be in pain as such, but I enjoy that one guy is giving the other so much attention. I like the spanked lads vulnerability. Because guys are not "supposed" to be vulnerable in society. And other guys, even their male friends,aren't supposed to really care about them.
Aimee | 7th September 2014 17:44 (386 weeks ago)
Yea I like the vulnerability bit too. There is something very appealing about strong minded or beefy bodied men showing that vulnerable side. I quite like knowing that they could object and fight back but that they are being submissive but have no idea what the psychology of me being attracted to that is...
I mean in a relationship I am always the sub so it isn't that I have a secret dom fantasy or anything. You do have to wonder where it comes from but I love hearing everyones different points of views on it. I find it really interesting.
uchikimatsu | 9th September 2014 21:40 (385 weeks ago)
Hey, Domfan, that is an excellent point about portrayal of MM caring and
love, I am so glad you brought that up.  I had a conversation recently with
someone familiar with SLS and the movies and I said how I loved when Dave
included the lines in the Dad/son movies about how much it hurt him to do
that to his own son.  I said those were really important lines and I was
glad that Dave often included them.

The point I was making at the time was that its easy to do something you
want to do, like lash out or hurt someone in anger and frustration.  But
when you take the time and energy to do that to someone when you really
don’t want to, when it hurts you to do it, but knowing it is best for the
other person, that it will benefit them and help them to grow and change,
that’s sacrifice, that’s love.

And its doubly poignant when we witness this between two men, because in
our society its become taboo.  I really have a fascination with the male
bond, most especially Dad/son, but I am enamored of any kind of
mentor/student type relationship really. I didn’t have any kind of
structure coming up and didn’t get to experience that.  Why I focus on MM
is still unclear, but maybe because it IS so taboo it is more beautiful to
me.  Who knows?  For now I live vicariously in SLSville…
regina | 17th July 2013 16:05
I think how the member described the site, best describes how I feel about this site.
Bailey and Andy were one of the two that drew me in. Bailey looks makes him look like he's preppy (American slang for stuck up people) boy and yes could be knockdown a peg or two. Even know from the interviews I can tell he's a very nice guy. then there's Andy reminds me of someone I know. Sometimes I'm routing on the spanking sometimes I want to jump in saving him.

Dave it's your turn to tell us the reason why you like the stuff that we like?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd August 2013 08:56 (443 weeks ago)
Well I guess it's the same as most people on here. For me the key thing is the punishment. That no one is getting spanked for a thrill or dishing it out for a thrill it is about a lad getting disciplined and often making that choice too.
wardcoleman | 7th September 2014 13:57 (386 weeks ago)
Personally, I don't mind if the person giving the spanking enjoys the experience, just so long as the guy getting a sore bottom hates every second. Does that make me a sadist? Or just a bit kinky?
benaressi | 23rd May 2014 07:19
the other erotic company have multiple sistem of dowland streaming the video, can make the same? Including quicktime and window media player, thanks.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd May 2014 08:47 (401 weeks ago)
Hi Benaressi, there is actually no need for this. We have advanced technology which means that Straight Lads Spanked recognises your web browser and gives you the perfect streaming solution. The only thing you have to do is ensure your software and web browser is current. For example, If you are using Internet Explorer it needs to be the latest version which is IE 11.
nanarr | 17th May 2014 03:18
Hi everyone.
nanarr | 17th May 2014 03:24 (402 weeks ago)
All of you have made some great comments. I feel so much the same, but yall expressed it better than me.

Uchikimatsu, you asked about what clips Brett Stevens has been in. I found some: Don's Steal From Mum (parts 1 and 2), Brett Belts Billy, and Bailey - The Humiliation. Hope this helps you.
uchikimatsu | 17th May 2014 21:58 (402 weeks ago)
Thanks nanarr, you're a gem! I eventually found the "movies listed by model" feature. So useful!
uchikimatsu | 15th May 2014 00:51
I enjoy chatting with you as well! you are just charming and sweet. I grew up and still live in a large, fast, transient city in the U.S., about as far different from "Ballykissangel" as you can get! I love this site for what Dave is doing, of course, but also that I get to share things with great people like you that others could never understand.

I am so sorry you had such a terrible experience on another site! Some of them can be very clique-ish or paranoid about outsiders infiltrating their small world. I've had some similar experiences. When a group becomes a closed circle they begin thinking their way is the "right" way and being closed minded. Any attempts to "educate" me on something as subjective as a fetish, emotions, or what feels right between two (or more) people behind closed doors can only end with someone getting their little feelings hurt.

If I dont stop now I'll write for days about that nonsense. I'm grateful that you and I found a home here among these kind people!
Aimee1234 | 14th May 2014 23:34
I also had a very bad experience on another website once. It was early on. It was a forum site catered to meeting like minded people. As a newbie and only about 20 at the time I wasn't very in the know about the language and such that goes on on these sites. Due to my seemingly novis post which was simply me introducinh myself, I was bombarded by horrific emails and nasty replies saying I must be underage and just poking fun at the people on the site It was mortifying. I was simply 'learning.' It put me off meeting people that way. Hense, finding this site some 6 years later is a breath of fresh air.
Aimee1234 | 14th May 2014 23:28
Uplifting :-) maybe some day. And yes Aimee is fine on its own. I enjoy chatting to you. So nice to hear other peoples experiences and views on these topics. Such a lovely site this is.
uchikimatsu | 14th May 2014 23:02
Aimee, can I call you Aimee without the numbers? Please do not give up! You are very young yet! Than you have someone you love and in which you trust your life makes all the difference. Understand that for most people, spanking in the bedroom or as part of sex is what they will understand as most common, especially if you haven't taken the time to explain otherwise. This is only because that is what is presented most often in the media. In fact, the image of latex costumes and BDSM has almost become a cultural norm with all the exposure from TV and movies. If you want someone to truly understand your needs you must re-educate them, talk to them, watch SLS movies with them! If you are too shy to talk to them, try writing a letter for them to read with an opportunity for discussion and questions afterwards.

I've been with my partner for 12 years, but she is completely not into any aspect of spanking or discipline. She watches SLS with me though, to indulge me and for a giggle. She gets my needs and is supportive of all I do, both as a disciplinarian for others and the occasional attempts to meet my own needs. I prefer to be spanked by a male which means seeking strangers for the job. Most encounters of this kind have been train wrecks.

You, young lady, are very lucky, and I would be disappointed to know that you kept your desires buried when you have someone that you love and trust by your side! Don't give up!
Aimee1234 | 14th May 2014 17:41
I can see what you mean by twink envy but I don't get that interestingly enough..When I say 'pure' I guess I mean it's just such a stripped back situation that incorporates intense vulnerability on the spankees part. It appeals to me much more than seeing people shackled to things by people dressed in various types of leather attire. Each to their own and all but it is just not fir me personally. It makes it take on a totally different dynamic.
I have seen M/F & F/F videos that do manage to keep it non sexual in their videos I have just come to appteciate The SLS ones on a whole new level :-)

uchikimatsu | 14th May 2014 20:44 (402 weeks ago)
Aimee1234, yes,I totally get what you mean about the dungeon equipment and costumes! Its not my thing, and its so much better when its voluntary and accepted by the person being punished. Equipment make it seem involuntary and costumes make it seem unreal or more like a game. I guess my Twink Envy stems from being 15 years with a bottom over my knee, knowing that while I'd like the same experience for myself, it ain't gonna happen! I spank on!
Aimee1234 | 14th May 2014 22:14 (402 weeks ago)
uchikimatsu I really hope you get to live out your fantasy some day :-) apologies for the numerous typos in the last post. Using hand held devices for this is proving a bad decision lol. I have disclosed to one partner that I like spanking but he took it to mean sexual odd slaps during intercourse which we all know isn't the extent of the fetish. Well I suppose it is to some people but for us it's a little further than that and as we are saying during intercourse is a completely wrong scenario for it in my head. That's not what appeals to me about it at all. Unfortunately that's the only time I've had the guts to express it to anyone and I trusted that man with my life and still do. If i could't tell him, I don't think I will ever be able to tell anyone I am too nervous of a bad reaction because of the way people who aren't into it just don't u derstand it and can see it as a bit bizarre. I just don't know how I would approach that subject anymore. Its something just for me now I think so i would be very happy that although you haven't experienced exactly as you'd like, at least you've got a little slice of the fantasy. Fingers crossed you will get to fill the rest some day :-)
uchikimatsu | 8th May 2014 23:06
Aimee1234, one question, if you don't mind. You mentioned you were fascinated to watch someone surrendering control in such a "pure" way, so I was wondering if you also felt similar to myself and the young woman who sent Dave the email explaining how straight M/M spankings are really the only purely non-sexual kind? I ask because I've developed a syndrome I've coined "Twink Envy." Of course the lads on SLS are not twinks, but I made that term before I found this site. Wonder if you've experienced Twink Envy, knowing that because you're female, you won't ever really get the pure discipline experience available only to straight M/M spanking, because any other configuration M/F or F/F would be tainted somehow? Ok, strange question, I know...
Aimee1234 | 8th May 2014 21:18
I really enjoyed reading that Uchikimatsu. I find it fascinating to learn what peoples backgrounds are and what has lead them to where they are now. Fetishes are such a complex thing and there is no right answer for why we are drawn to spanking and discipline. As you rightly say some like it due to love, care and guidance while for others it's attraction to the muscular men submitting for punishment.
I am from Northern Ireland which is a particularly prudish place. Sexually backward I would call it. We don't even have strip clubs. As you can imagine growing up somewhere like that and having any sort of kink makes you feel sort of, awkward. Growing up I have no memory of physical discipline. My sister has told me before that I was spanked the odd time but I must have been very young because I really don't remember it. My parents were attentive and I had plenty of attention. I was just always fascinated by spanking. Hearing friends, teachers etc talk about it always gave me a fluttering feeling in the pit of my stomach. As I have said elsewhere, I felt the need to suppress these urges until I was around 20 because of the prudish nature of where I am from and a sense that I was somehow weird.
What I think I find the most intriguing about spanking is the fact that someone is completely surrendering control to another in such a pure way. The erotic sensation I get somehow becomes heightened when this person is a muscular & strong man who could quite easily object and refuse if he wished. Not to mention the obvious attraction I have to the extremely gorgeous men. This is however only a guess as I am still somewhat in the dark as to what exactly I find so erotic about this brilliant site.
uchikimatsu | 8th May 2014 22:42 (403 weeks ago)
Aimee1234, you make some really excellent points! In 20 years I've probably spanked nearly a hundred people, many of them on a regular basis, and some as part of a committed relationship. I loved talking to them about what pushes their spanking buttons, and while some really didn't know how or why, a few of them opened up and got talking about it to me. Yet, just when I thought I found a pattern to it all, I didn't! Who knows how our brains get wired for this sort of thing? I think it was because of my neglect and lack of structure, yet I've spoken to plenty of folks who grew up with all the rules, boundaries, and discipline I never experienced and still had the exact same fetish for spanking I did.
I know exactly that little fluttery feeling you described! I got that all the time when I was younger, not just about spankings, but any kind of discipline, usually accompanied by flushing around my cheeks. I would sometimes do mildly naughty things in school in my favorite teacher's class to get scolded specifically to elicit those feelings. I think they are tied more to humiliation and submission, in hindsight, but at age seven I only knew I liked when my male teachers scolded me.
Dave has really hit perfection in the genre of con/non-con (consensual / non-consensual) spankings! I too find something crazy exciting about seeing a fully grown adult willingly submit to punishment or discipline. I think, again, it has to do with the submissive mindset of the spankee, so I enjoy more when the charge is repentant rather than all "fine, whatever, lets get this over with," which indicates he hasn't accepted his place or his need to be disciplined.
And although I'm a lesbian, I'm not dead. These boys are pretty, pretty things and I can appreciate them aesthetically as well! Of course, I have no desire to objectify them either, they work hard to bring our twisted little minds pleasure, and they all care about doing a great job and it shows!
uchikimatsu | 8th May 2014 03:59
Dave, thanks so much for offering some insight into your personal connection with spanking and the history behind SLS! (Brett Stevens is the spanko MAN! didn’t I recognize him in a clip on here somewhere? I’m still navigating the whole site, I could be mistaken…)

There have been so many great people sharing their thoughts and experiences recently that I am inspired to do the same. What brought me out of the shadows and encouraged me to make my first post was an email from another member that is posted here:

Her letter included an astute analysis regarding why only straight M/M spankings can really work as non-sexual discipline scenarios. Everything she said I wanted to say when I saw my first preview clip, but she said it better!

So, as mentioned before I’m a gay female, American, in my 40’s, that has had thoughts and feelings around spankings and discipline for as long as I can remember. I have given a lot of thought as to why this should be so. Some people might just accept what is, but introverts tend to live in their own head, so I think about stuff. Dave mentions that he’s heard others say that the only time they’ve gotten attention from a parent is when being spanked or disciplined, and unfortunately in my experience speaking with others this is not uncommon to hear. I have about 20 years spanking experience and really enjoy learning how and why others come to be involved in spanking. I will mention that 90% of my experience is on the giving end, as a disciplinarian.

Cue the violins: Growing up my father was absent and my mom…hmmm…she might as well have been, let’s put it that way, shall we? I basically raised my little sister, did my best to, anyway. But I was quite aware that there was something missing in my life that all my friends seemed to have, like rules and boundaries. Things like bedtime and homework and curfew were completely foreign to me. Meanwhile, not only did I see my friends subjected to the horror of parental constraints (oh how jealous I was) I was being exposed to images from every kind of media, from the Sunday comic, cartoons, television, and movies with spankings (and other forms of discipline) whereby the authority figure always reassures the punished that it is being done “for their own good,” or that they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t love them, or the old stand-by, “this hurts me more than it hurts you.” Tears are dried, hugs are given, forgiveness ensues.

“Hey!” my brain screamed one day, “spanking equals love!” Synapses fired, and thus began my obsession with spanking and discipline.

So, I wanted to be spanked. More importantly, I wanted some discipline, and probably on a base level I just wanted some attention. What to do, what to do. In America, and especially the region where I live, colloquially known as “the bible belt,” spankings were, and still are believe it or not, given in school! I tried to misbehave, I really did, but it’s just never been in my nature to be a rule breaker. Of course I was a typical kid doing typical naughty things, but I couldn’t make myself misbehave on purpose. I’ve always been a rule follower (seems strange as I never really had many) and even work with the law now as a paralegal. So, I never got spanked at school.

When I got old enough to seek spankings recreationally, I ran into a real paradox. I wanted discipline (love! caring! nurturing! my brain screams) not the sexy spankings depicted in the magazines I was now old enough to buy. I was gay, so being spanked by a woman was maybe not the right thing. Also, it would remind me of my mom, and I just didn’t want it to go there. So I thought better for it to be a guy. For me, a guy would be totally not sexy. Het men just didn’t understand spankings that were not foreplay. If they said they did at first, they lied. That happened a lot. Gay men just didn’t want to be spanking a woman for any reason. Straight women, same thing unless they’re paid to do so. Now, put me over the knee of a hot butch and I’m all for that, but then we’re going somewhere else with that. Yeah, I didn’t get spanked a lot. And then I realized there were many, so many people out there just like me. So I spanked them. I knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted it, because I was them, not getting it. Which is ok.

There are many sites out there whose approach borders on abusive and cruel. Dave reveals that his other job has to do with nurturing and healing, and he also says that it is so far from Mr. X. I am not the least surprised by what Dave has said about his job. I can verify many examples in both the Mr. X movies and the WTYFGH movies that support the caring discipline I see. Of course, the members are a diverse group and just like we all have our reasons for liking what we like, we all see what we want to see. I may see a concerned father hating to but willing to strap his son in order set him on the right path, and another member sees beefy hot man buns quivering under the belt and getting red. Neither of us is wrong, really.

If you’ve made it this far, I apologize for this NOVEL I’ve posted, but I’d really, really like to hear from other members, background info and how you came to enjoy spanking or discipline, if there was a defining moment, etc. Thanks!
r1108 | 17th December 2013 00:56
I am pretty sure it has already been mentioned a few times of the dynamic between Dave and the "crew." Unlike other sites where the feeling is that everything is just a "job," the dialogue and interactions on SLS indicate more of a family dynamic, for lack of a better term. The idea behind a lecture is to bring home a few truths that the one being punished would prefer not to hear but need to understand. If someone doesn't know or understand what they did wrong and how it affects others, the actions of punishment are useless and Dave has that "voice" and related attitude that requires one to pay attention and think. The reactions of the models are truly real and admittedly, the facial expressions of surprise and horror on the faces of the new models, who have no clue what is going to happen, are priceless. One observation however :), suggest the notes that come in actually have real writing on them. The blank sheets or just wavy lines take away from that portion. Maybe have the model in that day's shooting actually pen a quick note in their own handwriting. Not necessarily so we can see it in the vid but just something that is real writing :) Another suggestion: interviews have been done with the models and with Art; how about one with Dave? Not necessarily vid recorded but answers written as a blog entry?
leto1701 | 13th August 2013 17:43
My compliments on your site. Personally I like guys like Lee, Karl and Jonathon and this is one of the few sites where such guys, with a perfect setup, get a realistic/real and severe spanking. Apart from my personal taste of bodytype I think the most videos are very good and my thanks and appreciation to all of you.
cami | 30th July 2013 02:31
I love "what until dad comes home" but what you are doing on this site to me i think it's awesome. cuz you have/had Bailey & you have Andy who brought me to this site. cuz i was looking for a good spanking site & i saw them & they are awesome actors, good looking guys & can take a spanking for sure. But now you have lots more lads & i like a lot of them now. Love this site i would not change a thing. that is just me. You have awesome lads & you have Art that is so awesome what he does. & of course we have you Mr.x, Dad & dave all in one. who comes up with producing & coming up with a story line. Other ones i use to go to are boring no story lines just spanked & its dull & boring. I can't say that about your site at all. You always have me excited to see the next movie on friday 's . I SAY WELL DONE STRAIGHT LADS SPANKED. Keep up the AWESOME JOB.
gkk1952 | 26th July 2013 03:11
PS....I hope the wonderful subtle Ben returns
gkk1952 | 26th July 2013 03:09
I will give another comment even though I not very expressive. (though I try). To get it out of the way...LOVE Dad in the Bedroom spankings. But Love Mr X too. Many things I like about your videos. I just get the feeling everybody involved takes great care to go their best in the videos. From Dave and Art and I stated elsewhere how much I like their work. (Though I am a bit jealous of Art...I want to edit like that). I do like the interviews it makes it like an SLS family. People you love to see. The games are genius...shows the fun side of things. This is NOT a lopsided site. Fun, Serious spankings, actors who seem to care a lot abut what they do. And thanks to the interviews people you like to see. I do go on.......Thanks to You, Art and the guys. For me it ticks all the right boxes
Art | 26th July 2013 13:28 (444 weeks ago)
I appreciate it gkk1952. Wish I could see your work too - bet it's great :-) btw I left an answer to your comment on ART INTERVIEWED (the one with 9 comments). Just in case you didn't see it. :-)
gkk1952 | 27th July 2013 06:31 (444 weeks ago)
Thanks so much. So many of these type of videos can turn into mind numbing and robotic slapping. I noticed my attention didn't wander as usual. Then as I watched I got very into your techniques. Plus I'm sure you follow the basic rule between Director and yourself...communicate and communicate some more. You and Dave tell a story. Plus as I said somewhere else you can capture a moment. I understand what a devil these types videos can be to edit as so much is repetitive action. I appreciate your responding and YES! These are videos where the editor has a Fan.
PS.....I wouldn't even try. I would be all over the place.
Art | 29th July 2013 14:07 (444 weeks ago)
Yeah, sometimes they are tough to edit, but I love the challenge. Proud to have you as a fan :-) I'll answer your other comment under ART INTERVIEWED.
tinhead1 | 20th July 2013 10:50
It's the guys spanking the other guys (and meaning it) that does it for me, and you are slowly starting to fill that gap in the market!
newspank | 18th July 2013 18:27
Got to agree with swespanker - much prefer guys who don't fall into the skinny-arsed Californian twink variety. Here on SLS the guys are most certainly not simpering little idiots; love the realism and the games are fun - it feels like you're invited into the living room of a bunch of guys having a laugh. Also love the behind the scenes glimpses, interviews etc, it connects the viewer with the action on screen. My only wish would be to see a more robust slipper used - the one in the movies seems a little light ;-) Also have great respect for you Dave - you respond to emails and listen to viewers. There's a lot of us out here only wish you well and want you to keep making movies!
watchdoggy | 1st August 2013 18:10 (443 weeks ago)
Yep, twinks are soooooo overrated ;)
Well, just about any reason mentioned on this page is also why I like this site; what makes it even better in my opinion, is the fact that the lads must be aware that at least part of their 'fan base' is very likely to be gay, and they seem quite comfortable with that... or even flattered. That fact alone makes them even more attractive (and more sympathetic of course) than they already were. (As opposed to guys who get offended by the sheer fact that I like them, as if that would imply that I could only like them if I thought they were gay... uhm, no.)

The interviews are a nice touch as well, it's great to see what goes on behind the scenes, and to get to know everyone involved a little. So far, from me no complaints whatsoever, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon, so thank you all :)
rak61 | 18th July 2013 04:23
I agree that it is the whole package. I love watching the guys emotions and how their attitudes change during the course of the spanking, makes it feel real. !admit I love to see them cry. The spanking games are great fun too! This is different from other sites, sexual but not. I really enjoy the site! Thanks Dave, Art and ALL the Guys
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd August 2013 08:57 (443 weeks ago)
Thanks Rak61 I apppreciate that. Glad you are having fun! :)
lorilee | 16th July 2013 14:16
For me it is the whole package, Talent of the models, body type, smile, bottom, if it has all of this I will watch them time and time again, I must have interesting graphics , music and all round put together but most of this sight is the no sex Thank is what keep me here and will keep me her for a long time to come. I would like to see Mr. X come home to find a party going on in his home after a hard day's work deal with that on ? would like to see the models hold the implement before there spanking. and corner time sometime.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd August 2013 08:46 (443 weeks ago)
Hi Lori, just for you I am going to include more corner time and get the guys to hold the implement more before getting spanked with it!
CassieAnne17 | 16th July 2013 14:15
I am more the love and care kind of person as well. Not so much about a sexual thing, but I really like the Dad, Older brother, domestice scenes best!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd August 2013 08:45 (443 weeks ago)
I'm guessing Oliver Stole Dad is a fav one for you then or maybe Karl getting spanked by Dad for getting caned at school..
CassieAnne17 | 8th August 2013 00:43 (442 weeks ago)
lol, yes indeed! :) Although I do like the stuff with Andy and Patrick too!
swespanker | 15th July 2013 17:44
For me it's the bodytype of the spankees and that you dare getting severe from time to time that makes me a regular costumer here. I like this site because it's MEN getting spanked, and ocassionally they get it hard. There are far too many sites out there with skinny hairless barely legal teens getting patted on the bum, and that is not what I am after. I like watching men, with muscles, hair on their legs/chest/whatever, getting taken down a notch. As you can understand, my favourie spankee is Andy, who is a muscular fullgrown man but still a sweet person and a smile that just screams that he's been naughty. =) My other favourites are the movies with Jay, Sebastian, Bayley and Tommy, even though he still needs to get a more severe spanking IMHO.
I like Patrick as well, but there is something about him that makes me want to see him doing the spanking instead of taking it. C'ant explain why. Even tho I liked the "brother in charge" Movie script wise, it would have been more fun for me if it would have been the other way round, with Patrick spanking Andy.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd August 2013 08:44 (443 weeks ago)
It seems you have a lot of favourites which is cool! I'd like to see Patrick do more spanking and I know he would too as he really hates receiving it! :)
welshboy | 14th July 2013 16:59
Why I love this site, Well I love the guys that get spanked, As they are British, also the story's in the films and the blog clips that show the real guys behind the spanking which makes this site special. Right from the start I have always loved Andy , which has been over a year now. He is so hot and has the most sexy smile and a bottom that you want to keep seeing getting spanked. All the other guys give it there all too in the name of spanking. Also the top selling point of this site is the way all the videos are filmed you can see the guys faces as the fight through the pain of each spanking . This site can only go from strength to strength.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 3rd August 2013 08:42 (443 weeks ago)
Thanks Welshboy! Funnily enough, I was thinking, don't think I have had any welsh Lads on the site yet! The facial reactions of the guys is very important to me to when filming...
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