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16th July 2014 12:05 | LAST COMMENT 236 weeks ago

Hey Everyone,

So we now have a cool new feature in the blog section. Let me explain how it all works. 

So the most recent blog to receive any comment will automatically be pushed to the top of the blog list.

However, even better. Within each blog, the latest thread to have a comment made will be pushed to the top. Not only that, but any comments that are 24 hours or less will show as blue so you can instantly see the new posts. After 24 hours they will revert to yellow.

So is that cool, cool or just dam cool???



Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th March 2015 09:15
stuartd | 15th March 2015 09:19 (236 weeks ago)
also, testing.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th March 2015 09:19 (236 weeks ago)
I'm testig again
Lynne | 15th March 2015 09:20 (236 weeks ago)
Mid-term testing.....sorry...just getting the caffeine going for the morning and couldn't resist. :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th March 2015 09:27 (236 weeks ago)
and again
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th March 2015 15:02 (236 weeks ago)
another test
stuartd | 15th March 2015 09:18
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th March 2015 00:13
Ok, so with the duplicate posts... we are still working on this. If you see your comments posted more than once, don't worry, it's only you that will see it like that. When you do leave a comment, it;s important that you only hit the 'submit comment' once and then wait until the comment has gone through. It might take around 30 seconds but don't press the submit button again.. :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th November 2014 17:26
Hey Everyone!

So we have a really cool new feature on the website. If you take a look down the left hand side you will see a screen shot from all the movies. Well from now on if you leave a comment on a movie then that movie will jump to the top of the list.You can also see how many comments have been left on it too. Also, moving on from here, you can reply to individual comments left on each movie page, exactly the same way that you can do in the blog page! I hope that all makes things a lot easier for you! :)
Cherylkay | 17th November 2014 18:47 (253 weeks ago)
Brilliant, Dave! Does this mean the eventual end of the Movie Alert Page?
kristi | 17th November 2014 19:19 (253 weeks ago)
Dave, oh my gosh,, that is so awesome, makes things much easier. Now anyone can make posts on alder movies and they will be seen, I love making posts on older movies,,,,because I love the older movies, as well as the newer ones,, and I like to go back and watch them again, notice things I didn't notice before...make comments...that's really cool....yes, very cool
red1967 | 18th November 2014 07:59 (253 weeks ago)
Dave Love it I've still not seen all the movie yet or commented on them I've watched a few of them over again and again and again it's only because I loved them so much. Now I'll have to watch my favorites again or should I watch the ones I've not seen so many to choose from . This has made it so much easier. Thank you.
Aimee | 18th November 2014 12:41 (253 weeks ago)
Super cool!!!
uchikimatsu | 18th November 2014 13:46 (253 weeks ago)
@red - definitely watch ones you've not seen yet, you just might discover new favorites!
red1967 | 19th November 2014 15:50 (253 weeks ago)
@ uchikimatsu I watching the new movies then watching my favorite again lol and enjoying them all I have started with Adam going to work my way down to Wayne. lol
Cherylkay | 19th November 2014 17:11 (253 weeks ago)
@red, saving the best for last? ;-)
red1967 | 19th November 2014 19:21 (253 weeks ago)
@ Cherylkay Wayne is grate and in my favourites list I think I'll have to watch down to Andy as he is my number one favourite then watch all of Andy's movies again then watch down to Patrick as he my number two favorite then watch Patrick again then watch Dan's movies as he my third favourites then keep repeating this with all my favourites then start all over again :))
Cherylkay | 20th November 2014 02:40 (253 weeks ago)
@red, I've been a member almost two months now and I haven't watched all the movies yet either. A person can stay pretty busy for quite a spell here catching up on films. It's a great part of the fun for me :-)
uchikimatsu | 17th July 2014 12:43
Stuart, honey? I’ve always found techno geeks incredibly attractive, you know.

:::sidles up to Stuart and slips one arm in his:::

Will you flex your tech muscles for me, Stuart?

::::looking up at Stuart with wide-eyed innocence::::

Gosh, Stuart, they’re so…big!

::::bites lower lip and blushes, looking down:::

Can I see your code, Stuart? Just a little peek? Pretty please?

Oh, Stuart! It’s so complex! ::::shivers::::

You know what would be totally *hot,* Stuart? :::reaching up to run fingers through Stuart’s hair:::

You know what I need, Stuart? It would be SO HOT to have a Reply Button on the comments in the movie section.

I need it, Stuart. Will you put it in? Oh, god, Stuart, please put it in! PUT IT IN! I NEED IT! PUT IT IN STUART…. NOW, PLEASE ::::whimpering::: I NEED IT STUART!!!! PUT.... IT.... INNNNNNNN......yesssssssssssssss........
stuartd | 17th July 2014 14:11 (271 weeks ago)
Dave did exactly the same thing oddly! Dave?
uchikimatsu | 17th July 2014 14:18 (271 weeks ago)
Dave, you tart!
Lynne | 17th July 2014 16:41 (271 weeks ago)
::is wondering if Stuart is asking permission/direction from Dave or pleading for help :)::
uchikimatsu | 17th July 2014 16:48 (271 weeks ago)
Dave said if I was able to get Stuart's attention and asked nicely he might bump the task of making the Reply buttons for the movie comments to the top of his to-do list.

I thought my post qualified as both attention getting and asking nicely.
kristi10 | 4th August 2014 04:59 (268 weeks ago)
Yes, I think it did qualify! I asked this same question, very recently on the ask Dave page, only to find out that it had , in fact , been asked already.

So, how much coxing does Stuart need?

Stuart? how many women or men would it take running their fingers through your hair, batting their eyes, or puckering their lips?? Cause I'm pretty sure someone can make that happen!! LOVE LOVE STUART, KISS KISS
uchikimatsu | 4th August 2014 14:13 (268 weeks ago)
Stuart never returned to the board after this exchange. I think he was overwhelmed by my awesomeness.
nanarr | 3rd August 2014 23:29
VERY damn cool !!

Thanks, Stuart, for "fixing" the blog site. It looks great (love the blue color) and is much easier and more handy to use !

Good going, Chiki, for nagging ... umh requesting Dave to have this done. Thanks to you all !!!
uchikimatsu | 16th July 2014 14:54
Everything is blue now!

@stuartd, are you our formerly-behind-the-scenes tech guru?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 16th July 2014 15:02 (271 weeks ago)
uchikimatsu | 16th July 2014 15:16 (271 weeks ago)
Boy, Dave, you must have been *really* tired of me making suggestions and demands and being a general pain in your ass to have offered Stuart up to the members like a sacrificial lamb... (LOL JK!!!!)
stuartd | 17th July 2014 04:51 (271 weeks ago)
That's me, guilty!
uchikimatsu | 17th July 2014 09:25 (271 weeks ago)
What is that? Dave's special and unique owner-of-the-website avatar? Pretty!!!!

I'm the only lesbian on the site, can I get a unique avatar? Can I have a rainbow one? LOL!

Why yes, I believe Dave does want to choke me sometimes....
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th July 2014 09:43 (271 weeks ago)
Ooooh! I've only just noticed it too! I do feel very special!!! Of course the sites token lesbian must be catered for! lol!
Lynne | 17th July 2014 00:23
Thank you, thank you! :) Just out of semi-geek curiosity; was this done using code or software?
uchikimatsu | 16th July 2014 13:30
That's ICE COLD BABY! but how come these posts aren't blue? What are the rules?
stuartd | 16th July 2014 14:09 (271 weeks ago)
Replies go blue, but yeah, actual comments should too, lets sort that!
Aimee1234 | 16th July 2014 12:54
That is pretty damn cool!!!!
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