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2nd May 2014 19:45 | LAST COMMENT 349 weeks ago

One conversation I have time and time again is whether or not I produce gay spanking movies. I had it again when I went home for Christmas and was discussing Straight Lads Spanked with my brother and he kept on referring to it as my gay website.

I tried to explain to him that it's not a gay website and I am not producing gay spanking videos but I am simply producing spanking movies. Or to be exact, mm spanking movies.

It's an interesting one when it comes to fetishes. I think in many ways having a fetish does not represent your sexuality. I know for example that there are many women who are members of the website. I am fairly certain that there are also men who identify as being straight that also enjoy mm spanking movies. If there are, maybe you could say hello here?

I also realised though that if you are searching online for mm spanking movies it is probably normal that you would put "gay spanking movies" into the search engine.  

Anyway, i realise it does not matter in the big scheme of things and I personally have an issue with people feeling the need to have to fit into a category. We should all be free to enjoy whatever we like without labelling! 

I think there are movies out there that very much could fit into the category of gay spanking videos, where you have two guys that are having intimate, enjoyable sexual spanking scenarios. 

I'm not sure the lads on my site find the spanking scenarios at all intimate sexual or enjoyable! lol!

uchikimatsu | 20th May 2015 19:06
@johnbezjian and @switchers

BRAVO!!! well said, both of you!

johnbezjian | 20th May 2015 17:01
I am a gay man and I spank straight, gay and bi men myself as well as get spanked and strapped by other men. I have spanked straight, married husbands, with sons of their own, some that did spank their own boys growing up and some that don't or never spanked their own sons. Why and how we are all interested in seeing guys spanked I think has very little to do with most of our sexual orientations... regardless of who we are, how we identify and who we chose to have sex with.
I like the site and after many years seeing your preview clips I finally bought a subscription. All the guys you have acting in the videos are good. I realize the name of the site is "Straight Lads Spanked" and while for many guys that aspect I'm sure is also important, to me, it doesn't matter wether the guy getting or giving the spankings is straight, bi or gay. As long as everyone is good at what they're doing... and the action/story line is decent that's the important thing. I wouldn't bother me if you also started spanking guys that identified as bisexual or gay. And given that human sexuality is rarely black and white, but many shades of grey in between, I wouldn't be surprised if out of all these actors you've spanked here some of them, at some point in their lives probably had "experimented" with other guys... maybe not, but the odds are something I'd think it's likely.
Anyway, for me and I assume most of the viewers on this site, the main reason we are here is because we all are into seeing masculine guys spanked...
switchers | 19th May 2015 21:14
Oh man, where do I begin on this subject? As some of you know, my husband signed me up as a member - unbeknownst to me - as a mother's day gift. If there's a label or box we fit in, I don't want to know about it because we are the way we are and could care less the reasons because we are having way the hell too much fun to bother with the why's. We watch the videos together and I can assure you my husband is straight. He enjoys M/M spanking as much as I do. He is not at all threatened by my enjoyment of watching buff young men getting their beautiful bottoms reddened, either. In fact, he has told me he would think there was something wrong with me if I didn't enjoy it so much! We call ourselves switchers simply because we switch roles all the time in other ways besides spanking one another. I'll let y'all figure that one out on your own as it may be TMI for some folks. LOL! So Dave, as per your request, Hubby says, "Hello!" *evil grin*
MJM | 31st January 2015 08:52
When I came out as gay, I always thought that gay men were the stereotype effeminate in stance, minced when walking, camp in voice, limp in wrist, because I had seen actors on TV like John Inman, Kenneth Williams and Frankie Howard. Also because I have been a sort of permenant recluse for the past ten years (except when I'm at work) that I came to believe that that was what gay men were like. And I was wrong, some are like that, and then some if not most are like Andy Lee in looks. They can be the average guy in the street. I remember when I was at collage, I had a friend who was effeminate in stance, limp wrested, minced when walked and camp in voice - and for that year I thought, 'Your gay,' turned out I was wrong and he was straight. Then the reverse happened. At the end of the year, I came out to him, and his response was that he thought that I was dead straight. I suppose it's because I'm a very closed off person to the outside world. But inside I know who I am, and I won't say so, until I've gained that person's trust. Over the last ten years, I've been gradually not stereotyping gay men as to what I first thought. But it is annoyingly hard in my case, because whenever I do go out, which isn't that much, I always seem to end up trying to chat up a straight guy. And they're never interested in experimenting. I've often said to people, if I have a gaydar, it's obviously faulty. Lol.
Lynne | 31st January 2015 12:45 (365 weeks ago)
I can't figure out how to start this and hopefully it doesn't end up as overly rambling :).

What has to be remembered is that there are strong and gender weak, for lack of a better term, in heterosexuals as well so it only makes sense there would be the same in a gay/lesbian realm of living as well. At the time I was on active duty, when we were in the "don't ask, don't tell" version of things, I served with people I would never have guessed were gay. While one or two may have had some quirks, that, if I had been really worried about I might have figured it out, the others that came out, post retirement, were a complete surprise. Still, it didn't and hasn't changed the way I feel about them. For the few with which I still maintain contact, the way we interact with each other hasn't changed from our active duty days other than a more relaxed personal posture since we are no longer supervisor/subordinate but simply friends.

One thing I will correct here, gently and with a hint of silly reproach :), is that the term effeminate has been badly applied. The intended definition is having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman. Now, personally, that is actually insulting to women as well. Even in cultures that are patriarchical in nature, very few women exhibit the level of "effeminate" the word implies. Sure, they may be more submissive in nature, and by that I mean simply that the male takes the lead in things, but for the most part they are strong people. Now, the caveat here of course are those abused or hurt in some way who lack any confidence in themselves or are brought up in such an overly oppressive household that they don't know of any other way to live. When I meet people for the first time, mostly in business, I find that females meet on the same level. They both offer a firm handshake. When meeting men, however, I find, and hate, that token handshake, quick touch of the fingers, insulting. These guys have that limp wristed handshake not because they are afraid of hurting a woman but because they are showing that they feel a woman, n that particular instance, is beneath their notice. Still, I smile and return with my standard handshake and have, more than once, gotten a very surprised look and even a few comments of "that is some grip." So what is the point, I hear people saying about now :)

In any relationship, gay/lesbian, heterosexual, there is always a side that takes on more of a leader role even if the outward glance is of an equal partnership. We know that in some relationships those roles are more clearly defined and perhaps overdefined but those tend to be in individual relationships and not the general societal idea of a relationship. For some it is simply easier to take on that subordinate role.

There are extremes everywhere and I see the typical gay stereotypical behaviors as just that, extreme. Very few gays/lesbiansI know, have known or have seen in the past, exhibit overly extreme, what has been attributed to female, characteristics. Those that do, on either side, are a mystery to me; I just don't get it but I don't worry about it and move on.
MJM | 31st January 2015 17:57 (365 weeks ago)
I'm sorry if my comment sounded offensive, in using the word 'effeminate' the way I did, I had no intention of my comment being offensive. I was just commenting on how I used to see that word. Having Asperges Sydrome, for me it sort of like, if I write something it may sound okay and natural to me - but to others may cause offence, even though I had no intention of doing so. Lynne, after reading your reply, it helped me to understand that word a lot more than how I used to view it as.
Cherylkay | 31st January 2015 18:45 (365 weeks ago)
@Lynne, very good comments! I also dislike the word "effeminate" the same way I dislike the word "queer". My best friend in the world is a gay man and I never even knew it until he came out to me in 1986. I used to wonder why we were just friends and why he had never asked me out. I once went to my mother lamenting why he wouldn't ask me out and Mom replied "because he likes guys". I chided her at the time, saying that if he was gay, I would know have known it (coz you know, you can tell). I was young and naive back in those days and I see now that I helped perpetuate a stereotype with my ignorance.

The truth is, that society in most parts of the world still expects men to act a certain way. They are expected to be the strong leaders. Most societies, whether we want to believe it or not, are still patriarcal in nature. And I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing. I have no problem playing the gender role that nature has assigned me. But I also have no problem with people who live and act outside those assigned roles. I think everyone ought to be free to live their lives in the way that makes them happiest and fulfills them.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st January 2015 18:50 (365 weeks ago)
Hey Lynne, thanks for such detailed input. I do find this really interesting to read. It's great hearing about different experiences from different cultures, from all over the world! :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 31st January 2015 18:54 (365 weeks ago)
Oh and MJM, please don't worry. I am certain no one was offended by the words you used. You certainly didn't use them offensively. This thread has whole discussion has been a real eye-opener to me and lets face it, the world is changing at an amazing rate and every day is a day of learning, progression and understanding... It was really nice of you to respond to Lynne though and to share that her thoughts made you look at things differently. The same applies to me! :)
uchikimatsu | 31st January 2015 19:28 (365 weeks ago)
@Cheryl - as much as I would like to expound on this conversation - I'm limited at the moment, so I just wanted to tell you that I fucking LOVE the word "queer!"
Love. It. There are so many dynamics and variables at play in human sexuality that to attempt to pidgin-hole anyone is ridiculous. Queer is an awesome word that describes something odd, curious, out of the ordinary... Good word.
Cherylkay | 31st January 2015 21:08 (365 weeks ago)
@Chiki. I guess my dislike of the word "queer" comes from hearing it used so often as a pejorative when I was younger (like in the phrase "queer as a $3 bill"). I agree, pigeon holing people is ridiculous. Someone once asked me what I label myself as and I just said "Labels belong on jars, not people." By the way, i can't wait till you get a laptop and can expound to your heart's content. I really do miss your insight and humor.
Lynne | 31st January 2015 21:47 (365 weeks ago)
Hi apologies necessary :). I wasn't directing the comment specifically at you but just giving a general observation. Many innocent type terms have been used as an insult to different groups and in doing so, the definition of those words tend to change in normal conversation and people start associating the insulting use of the term with its actual meaning..if that makes sense. In other words, the innocent definition gets lost and people only start associating the word with the insult.

I have a thick skin and do not offend easily. Certain terms do bother me but in general I won't react to them. I admit I have kept people from using words or terms as they realize I don't use them and many have admitted they curb the worst of things when they are around me, even though I do not and did not ask them to do so :). To me people are people. Sure, I like to see some semblance of manners and general mutual respect due basic human courtesy but for the most part I don't take exception to people unless they give me a reason to do so and even then in most cases it takes time and effort on their part to even get to that point :).
tinhead1 | 30th December 2013 22:10
Now this is a discussion that could stir up a hornet's nest! I'm only in my early thirties and have 15 years worth of spanking experience. Bizarrely enough, given I am gay, I have been over a surprising number of 'straight' men's laps getting spanked. I find the common denominator is that straight men want to give the type of punishment that they would feel guilty about giving out to a woman. One of my current spank 'buddies' is an older straight man who recently lost his wife to an illness. To him, 'love' is a woman but punishment is something that makes a young man whimper and kick over his knees.

Don't get me wrong, many gay men love it too, but I think the 'kick' of spanking transcends gender barriers. I know a few straight women who love this site, and one or two that enact giving a spanking themselves, but all agree that m/m spanking action can be best due to the sheer power play involved.

People think of 'gay' in a limp-wristed way, but a good friend of mine (also a woman) once said that there's nothing more masculine than a guy bending over to take what another guy can dish out - be it punishment or, even sex.

Good point!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th January 2015 19:07 (365 weeks ago)
Hey tinhead1, I really love that last point too! Hopefully the days of gays being thought of only in a limp-wristed way are long over!
Aimee | 31st January 2015 00:06 (365 weeks ago)
Echoing the points made here about getting rid of stereotypes. Who needs labels and boxes. Not all gay men are camp, not all camp men are gay. ☺ I love seeing these views expressed makes you feel the world is changing into a more accepting and live and let live place ☺ which is wonderful. I loved reading your experiences tinhead.
Cherylkay | 30th January 2015 22:28
Well, since all the action tends to be here today, I'll chime in. I'm a straight female spanko. But I also play with women. There's no stigma attached to women playing together on the party circuit. However. most of the national groups here in the States are just waking up to M/M because apparently they just discovered that most of the men who get spanked by other men at parties are straight, just like the women who play with other women. For some reason, there's a stigma attached to men playing together. I find that really disturbing that this double standard exists; that it's perfectly OK for me to get spanked by another woman, but my male companion can't get spanked by a man (even just for fun) because that would automatically make him gay. To me, spanking is always play (even if there's an element of funishment about it) so in my mind, anyone who wants to can get spanked by anyone they choose. I discovered my M/M interest at an early age. In fact, the first spanking story I ever wrote (at age 11) was M/M.

Many here have commented on the "punishment" aspects of the videos here, but to my mind, even if a male gets spanked by another male and he enjoys it, that doesn't make him gay. The enjoyment of spanking isn't always a sexual enjoyment. I myself, even as a straight woman who gets spanked mostly by men, don't even get much sexual satisfaction from just spanking alone (I hope that's not TMI lol). I have noticed that in some of the videos, the guys are clearly maybe not enjoying the spanking, but they don't seem to mind it that much. For me, part of the reason I enjoy the movies here on SLS is because the guys aren't into spanking like I am. It's not their "thing" so to speak.

While we do get nudity (what are sometimes referred to in spanking website circles as "beauty shots") in the videos here, I still don't think that this fact alone makes the movies sexual. I love nudity, whether male or female, just for its own sake. Don't get me wrong though. As a straight female. I do find the lads quite attractive. But if I just want to look at cute guys, I don't need SLS for that and I'm sure there are gay men out there who feel the same way. SLS fills a gap in the market for non-sexualized, very straightforward spanking videos.

I guess as an older woman, I would qualify for cougar status too! I wonder if the lads know that there are a lot of ladies on the site now and how they feel about that?
r1108 | 30th December 2013 21:36
It always seems that when something is Male/Male or Female/Female that the automatic assumption is a gay/lesbian pairing. In my apartment with roommate days, both parents indicated they would prefer I had an opposite gender roommate or people would think I was gay/lesbian. To me having a roommate of the opposite gender would have been seen as being easy or sleeping around and I was accused of both over many years of roommates; just can't win :) These types of vids are just seen by the general folks as gay/lesbian related because they do not, and do not want to, understand the dynamics behind watching and/or participating in this type of video; viewing or watching porn is more acceptable to them even though some of those porn movies are much MUCH more graphic than anything a non-sexual spanking vid could show. I know that if I was to admit to the interest to some of my friends they would faint in sheer shock and/or run in the opposite direction; forget ever mentioning it to family. I greatly value the friends I have that share the interest and have found, maybe sadly, that they tend to be the BETTER friends in just the overall scheme of things.
Morgan88 | 8th January 2014 07:45 (420 weeks ago)
Great post, r1108 !!!.........
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th January 2015 19:05 (365 weeks ago)
I'll second that Morgan88. It is a great post! You are right r1108, sometimes no matter what you do it is impossible to win!
lorilee | 1st January 2014 21:14
I am also a woman and I like the sight of a naughty young lad getting spanked with just the right amount of force not over board like so many other sights, as for the sex part it is up to the individual as to their preference. As for me it is straight spanking with a good looking young model as for I am a cougar at heart.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th January 2015 19:03 (365 weeks ago)
You have no idea how many of the lads love the fact we have a Cougar as a member! lol!
welshboy | 31st December 2013 11:17
It's a sad world when every one wants to put people into boxes. I do enjoy this site, I would say yes I am a gay man but I don't like gay sex. I do get turned on by a straight guy getting spanking by a straight guy. Now what box am I in, Its crazy.Every one is different. No I don't think Straight lads spanked is a gay site, yes it is a fetish site.One last thing, I find camp men a real turn off. I like straight men being men. What I love is STRAIGHT MEN. End of story.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th January 2015 19:02 (365 weeks ago)
Hey Welshboy, I can 100% relate to you! Thanks for your input! Trust me, there will be loads more straight men getting spanked coming y9our way!
matt | 7th January 2014 04:04
Hey Dave. Here's my two cents. I like all kinds of erotica, particularly m/m spanking erotica. I love your site because it's about straight guys getting spanked. I find that incredibly erotic. Not exclusively, and I like all kinds of other things as well. But when I'm looking for a fix of straight, masculine men getting spanked over another guy's knee, with no sexual component, your site is the best place to find it. Obviously, I find the clips INCREDIBLY erotic, but I'm turned on, for whatever reason, by the fact that it's not erotic for the models. So that's what I love about your site. Also the amazing models, great scenes, great direction, editing, etc. But, yeah, I love gay sex and find it elsewhere. I go to your site for something else and it's something you do really well.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th January 2015 19:00 (365 weeks ago)
Hey Matt, yes for me there is an extra edge to it that it is straight guys getting spanked. Maybe in years to come as there is more equality then that will become less of an issue. But yes, there is certainly something thrilling about seeing a muscular straight lad submitting to a spanking, especially when you know he could easily knock the guy out with one punch that is dishing out the spanking! If anyone really knew Tommy for example you would just find it ridiculous that he was involved in gay mm spanking movies. Thanks for the compliments too, much appreciated
[email protected] | 4th May 2014 04:07
Dang it, did it again. Years ago I told a couple of people (of course they didn't understand
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th January 2015 18:55 (365 weeks ago)
They rarely do!
Morgan88 | 8th January 2014 08:32
Well,....having just finished reading everyone's super interesting posts, I must confess, I have learned a few more things in this old life. I have had a spanking fetish for as far back as I can remember. When I was a young teenager, I used to fantasize about spanking my older sister's hunky boyfriends. Where we all get these crazy fetishes from, who knows.... I only had 2 or 3 little spankings in my life. I learned a long time ago, that it is totally hopeless trying to explain a fetish to anyone who doesn't share the same fetish. They just can't relate. I have some very close friends, that even after all these years, think I am missing a few screws, because I love to tan a gorgeous hunky dude's bare butt. They also can't relate to why any guy would want or let me spank them. But I can't say as I blame them, since even *I* don't know why I find it such a total turn-on, but I do. Over the years, I have ran into many different fetishes, with all the wonderful guys I have had the pleasure of sharing some time with. I always listened to them, but never questioned their own unique fetishes. Unless one shares the same fetish, it is a waste of time trying to explain it to anyone. I've always felt that as long as me, & the person I'm with are happy with what's going on, who gives a shit what anyone else thinks !!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th January 2015 18:55 (365 weeks ago)
Here! Here! Morgan! You are quite right! I have also given up trying to explain, defend or justify what I do! If you like mm spanking movies then you like them, if you don't then you don't. Lets all just live and let live! :)
Aimee1234 | 2nd May 2014 17:00
HI Dave. Just thought I'd give you my opinion too as a new member of this brilliant site. I am a 26 year old straight female and like most others here have had a spanking fetish for years, since a young age. I have always struggled with it though, I never felt I could embrace it at all especially as a young teenage girl with limited access to the internet. I always felt the need to suppress the erotic feeling I got from thinking about or watching spanking as I thought it was 'weird' or I was 'odd'. Once I got older and the wonderful world that is the internet became more accessible to me I realised that I was most certainly not alone.
For a long time, I visited another website regularly and watched M/F sites assuming that as I was more turned on by the idea of being spanked rather than spanking someone this would be what would appeal to me most as a straight woman. Then I stumbled across a preview video of the handsome Bailey. It was the video Bailey- the humiliation and I can remember exactly how I felt watching it. Completely fixated with what was happening on the screen in front of me & mesmerised by the fact that it included a lecture, a friend watching and NO SEX- a life-like spanking site, finally!. It struck a chord with me big time. It left me very confused for a while to be honest. I couldn't understand why on earth I was so intrigued and turned on by two men in a spanking scene. Never the less, I continued to visit this site on a daily basis. I think for me the appeal is in the fact that they are such strong lads and could easily refuse in reality. (not to mention they are HOT!)
After having spent a lot of time watching the previews I became a member of this site and THIS SITE ONLY. There are many sites in which if a woman dares to comment she is bombarded with criticism from males on why they are on a 'gay' site. I find this horrifying. It does not matter whether you a LGBT or straight, spanking is a fetish, which as you rightly say Dave goes beyond the barriers of gender and sexuality. I have no idea where my fetish has come from and I have never told a partner or friend about it so this site gives me a place to embrace what I like without fear of judgement.
From my experiences on this site I would say it is most definitely not a gay site. Simply a M/M spanking site. There is nothing more erotic to me now than the site of strong, muscular, 20 something male submitting to another strong male for punishment for his behaviour.
By far the most fantastic thing about this site is it's lack of sexualising the spankings. It is exactly what it is described as about "the whole punishment." In fact I find the lead up to the spanking as erotic as the spanking itself and there are no other sites I have found that are as skilled at the lecture and other parts that make up the spanking experience that we crave to see.
I applaud you for taking something you are interested in a realising their was a gap in the market for it and I hope you continue to do so for a long time. (Just promise me you will NEVER let Andy leave haha)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th January 2015 18:52 (365 weeks ago)
Hi Aimee, thanks for such a detailed response and apologies for only just getting round to replying to it. The funny thing is, when I started making these movies I never realised that there was a gap in the market that needed to be filled. I just made the movies as I wanted too. It just began to annoy me a little when people that new me kept on talking about my gay spanking movies. It just seemed odd to me as I knew there were people from all sexualities that were enjoying the movies. The other thing that gets said to me often os that as I'm making gay spanking videos then the models must be gay and that secretly they must love getting spanked!

Anyway, it means so much to me that Straight Lads Spanked has been a place where as a woman you have been made welcome and been able to enjoy my movies! ") Dave
[email protected] | 4th May 2014 04:03
Mr X, thank you for having this site, and I'm glad you're not going to change a thing. I'm a straight female who can't remember a time when I didn't have an interest in spanking. I enjoy M/F and have discovered I really like M/M (especially Bailey, Ben, George, Andy, etc.) Like so many others who've posted here, I don't know where this interest (fetish) comes from, but I love it!

As Morgan88 posted, it's impossible to explain this interest to someone who's not "into" it. I don't tell others about this
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 30th January 2015 18:44 (365 weeks ago)
Well it's very much my pleasure nanarr and I'm so glad that my movies work for you!
Cherylkay | 29th September 2014 06:22
I know I'm late to the party on this one, but I'm playing catch up so bear with me. I know this one was shot back when Harry and Dom were beginners, bit they really do work well together. I think Dom makes everyone he works with raise his game a little. I found their nervous giggling endearing. They simply couldn't help it. I especially like the part where Harry tries to take a punch at Dom while he's over Mr. X's knee. Priceless!

I know that having the boys spank each other is a recycled idea, but I really do love it as a plot devise. The bit with a strap was nice, too. Now, I'm not saying this to brag, but I've met and been spanked by Ian, the man who makes that particular strap. There was a longer version of that strap as well and I opted to by the longer one. Seeing an implement that I have actually felt myself added a different dimension to the video for me. Every time I see you use that strap, my own bottom tingles a bit in sympathy lol.
Cherylkay | 29th September 2014 06:24 (383 weeks ago)
Ummmm....yikes did I goof LOL. I meant to put this under the "Spanked Footballers" video and I wound up here LOL. Just pardon me while I wipe the egg off my face. I suppose worse things have happened. Feel free to remove this comment, Dave.
[email protected] | 4th May 2014 04:24
Shoot! They didn't say I was weird or twisted, but I know they thought so because after that they treated me differently. Oh well, enough whining.

I know this is not a gay site (seen some of those and your site is just perfect and not remotely gay). Thanks for letting me vent.

Please keep on keeping on.

(Sir, is it possible to change my user name? Didn't intend to use email address. If you can change it, thanks for your help. If you can't change it, thanks anyway.)
uchikimatsu | 5th May 2014 13:04 (404 weeks ago)
Don't you wish there was an edit button for your own comments? I'm a monster about spelling and grammar so when I see I've posted with mistakes it kills me! From my phone with stupid auto correct it's practically inevitable!
nanarr | 13th May 2014 07:57 (403 weeks ago)
Yes, I do. Don't even know what I'm doing (or not doing) to cause this. Thanks to all of you for bearing with me doing two or three posts for one comment!
uchikimatsu | 13th May 2014 14:08 (403 weeks ago)
@nanarr - don't worry too much about the multiple posts. We should all have the ability to edit our own posts, and "like" buttons for others comments! A real SLS media hub, LOL!
agarbo | 5th January 2014 19:10
As a gay man who has no issue with straight or gay spanking, I find this entire discussion offensive. Only homophobes care about the gay/straight distinction and catering to them is a bad decision. Continue to produce your films the way that you want and let the viewer interpret them how they wish. The straight aspect of your site name clearly refers to your models who are being spanked and you've been explicit that many if not all are straight.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 5th January 2014 19:23 (421 weeks ago)
Hey Agarbo, I'm sorry you find it offensive and I apologise for that. This discussion was certainly not set-up to offend. In fact it was meant to be the opposite, As a gay man myself I find frustrating when people constantly label my website as a 'gay spanking website making gay spanking videos'. If it was a gay website making gay spanking movies I would have no issue with it, but it frustrates me that people don't understand the intricate complexities of fetishes and how people are so quick to label and judge and box. I do disagree with one thing though, that only homophobes care about the gay/straight distinction. I know many, many gay men (including myself) who find the idea of 'straight' men in certain situations erotic. I don't think that makes us homophobes, that would be bonkers. We just like certain things.

So just to be clear, I'm not changing the direction of the website in any way at all. I simply brought this up as it is a topic I seem to discuss a lot in my own life when discussing the website and I thought I would throw it out there to see how it affected other people.
CassieAnne17 | 1st January 2014 18:24
Well I am a woman who enjoys mm spanking, and prefer this straight stuff! :) I But yes labels can be very frustrating
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2014 18:35 (421 weeks ago)
Hello Cassie! Lovely to have you onboard! :)
cami | 1st January 2014 10:02
For me i would not like that at all. We i looked for spanking sites i was only looking for men spanking men not the other way around. & when i found this site i was so happy :) .. I hope you don't but this is your site dave. you do what's best for your site.. But i would not watch gays spanks having sex that is just not my thing.. But it's up to you & what ev1 else things too. But if you have gay spanks with out sex that is fine :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st January 2014 15:15 (421 weeks ago)
Hi Cami, I think you may have misunderstood me. Don't worry. I am not planning on changing anything at all! Straight Lads Spanked will be staying the same and I am not going to be making gay spanking videos at all! :)
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