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Paul - Bubble Bath Blues

RELEASED: 5th February 2015

Paul - Bubble Bath Blues

(This movie will be available to stream around 1630 UK time today)

Paul is not adjusting well to life outside the army. Living at home with his Mother and Step Dad is not an ideal situation for anyone. There is not enough room in the house and Paul is sleeping on the sofa.

His relationship with his Mother is not good at all and Paul is constantly being rude and disrespectful to her.

Well his Step Dad has had enough and decides to take matters into his own hands!

It is not easy to take on this tough ex army lad but his Step Dad decides that someone needs to teach Paul a lesson.

After a strong lecture Paul soon finds himself at the receiving end of an OTK spanking! This is really embarrassing for the tough, straight army lad!

It's not just a hand spanking though as he then feels the belt hard across his already throbbing cheeks!

Maybe this harsh lesson will keep Paul's behaviour in check?

Available streams for iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Safari, IE or Firefox
bluff888 | 18th April 2017 08:06
love Paul he has awesome sexy belly and amazing belly button
Hunter | 2nd June 2015 17:52
I hope there's more to come from Paul it ticks all boxesI like in a movie

1 Great mixes is shots from art.

2 the dialogue between the father &_son was fantastically acted out.

3 Paul's tough guy image is enduring to watch he shows no emotion I guess that's his army credentials

4 The underwear Paul wear are ideal for a spanking because they cling to go his bottom.

5 I like how Paul throws his voice at the different stages in the movie.

6 Been in the Army you would of thought they would drilled into him to show respect, to other people.

7 Paul's replies in the movie are classic father and son answers.

8 I thought the belt scene was good too.

9 it was funny how dad just pushes him aside when the spanking finished.

Hunter | 2nd June 2015 17:49
I hope there's more to come from Paul itticks all boxes.

1 Great mixes is shots from art.

2 the dialogue between the father &_son was fantastically acted out.

3 Paul's tough guy image is enduring...

4 The underwear Paul wear are ideal for a spanking because they cling to go his bottom.

5 I like how Paul throws his voice at the different stages in the movie.

6 Been in the Army you would of thought they would drilled into him to show respect, to other people.

7 Paul's replies in the movie are classic father and son answers.

8 I thought the belt scene was good too.

Domfan | 6th February 2015 01:12
Wow, this is a lovely movie. One of my favourites already.
Things I loved:
1. It's sexy. Lots of nice angles of his cute bum, his naughty bits between his thighs rubbing on Dave's lap, teasing glimpses between his bum cheeks, etc
2. It's acted really well. Paul gies from cheeky to humbled, then defiant then finally humbled again
3. Something about Paul makes me wanna protect him. He's like a chicken legged little urchin, hard to believe he ever did army training
4. Did I say how I love Paul's voice and how it changes when he has to say yes sir
5. I just love Paul . I like how normal he is.
6. I love Paul's undies, and how they hang on his thighs
7. Ok so I rarely mention editing as it's not my forte but even I noticed how good the editing was on this. The story was great and flowed so well
8. Love the shots of Paul's face as Dad tells him off. His lovely eyes look like a little lost stray
9. Great bath scene
10. Great mix of sexy and sweet
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th February 2015 23:09 (183 weeks ago)
Domfan, I always love reading your comments and thank you so much for making such an effort to list all things you like about this movie...

He genuinely is ex army and no one has mentioned it yet, but if you look at how precisely he washed his penis, there is no doubt that is 100% army trained!
uchikimatsu | 13th February 2015 23:48 (183 weeks ago)
I skipped the penis washing. I'll have to go back and have another look...
uchikimatsu | 15th February 2015 13:59 (183 weeks ago)
Wow, that is one clean penis! Then again, who would want it any other way?

wait...WAIT! Don't anybody answer that!

Anyway, both the washing and the meticulous, efficient towel drying definitely speaks to military training. I wonder if Paul was timed on his penis washing...
Domfan | 16th February 2015 00:06 (183 weeks ago)
Hey Dave, nice of you to answer my post. I get a bit too enthusiastic sometimes, lol.
millie | 7th February 2015 21:19
sorry guys its not for me i just cant get into this model at all
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th February 2015 22:52 (183 weeks ago)
No worries Millie, there are some models that even I am not fans off! Hopefully the latest movie is more to your taste?
millie | 14th February 2015 13:02 (183 weeks ago)
its not his looks Dave i think he does not look confident like the other models , he may take some time to pull this off but im sure when he builds up a rapport with you the way the other models have im sure he will come good , he is a new model and like everything else some things take time to get to that comfort zone xx
Domfan | 14th February 2015 22:43 (183 weeks ago)
It's his awkwardness that I love.
Cherylkay | 6th February 2015 01:16
Wow, Paul...entitled much? lol He wants his meals cooked and his laundry done at his age, even though his mom works? Maybe you can get that in some fantasy world but unfortunately, Dave just introduced him to the real world LOL. I love his attitude, even though I think he crossed a line from mouthy to rude in this one. The spanking and belting was richly deserved and to his credit, Paul took it well. I gave this one 8/10 because I like it when Dave plays the stepfather or mom's boyfriend who's trying his best to keep the youngsters in line. Dave, I want to thank you for continuing to show in your movies that elders and family members should be respected. I know a lot of people think that sounds preachy, but I think it's another one of the things that sets SLS apart. Paul is biting the hand that feeds him in this video so he definitely needed to be taught a lesson. I like Paul because he just looks like a normal guy that any of us would pass on the street. I would love to see him in more movies because I think he's great. Kudos to Art, too for another great job on the editing end.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th February 2015 23:07 (183 weeks ago)
Thanks Cheryl, I really enjoy your comments and reviews. I'm glad you like Paul.. For me the movies are not always about drop dead gorgeous 'eye candy', but about real lads getting punished. Just your regular guy that you would see anywhere around town... I think Paul does bring something to SLS. Clearly he is not going to be a main recurring model but I reckon there is more he can contribute...
Domfan | 14th February 2015 22:42 (183 weeks ago)
Dave, why do you say that? (About clearly not being a recurring model). Has Paul told you that? Personally I'd love to see more of him. He's a sweety.
Rasputin | 6th February 2015 04:11
Sorry, Dave. Paul is obviously a spoiled, inconsiderate, obnoxious brat who need a comeuppance badly. But his acting isn't very convincing, and he's not my type - I'm not a twink fan.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th February 2015 22:53 (183 weeks ago)
I'm not sure would class Paul as a 'Twink' but every day is a learning day! :)
uchikimatsu | 5th February 2015 23:48
Oh my gosh, I REALLY love this one for so, so many reasons...
Cherylkay | 6th February 2015 04:15 (184 weeks ago)
@Chiki, I can't wait until we're getting your reviews again. I know you probably will notice something I missed lol.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th February 2015 22:52 (183 weeks ago)
Y9ou need to get reviewing properly asap Chiki!
Ooleary | 5th February 2015 23:46
I've watched 3 times so positives Dave you were great as always , story too was great and the spanking negatives Paul just don't like him would have preferred a different lad maybe he was still nervous or whatever but i can't click with him .I'll watch it again but don't like his sneery face he's probably a lovely lad but he reminds of this gobshite i know :(:( sorry Dave .6/10 all for you.
nanarr | 7th February 2015 04:04 (184 weeks ago)
Ooleary, I agree with you --- just can't work up any enthusiasm for Paul (didn't care for him in his other movie, either).

Dave, you were great and Art, so were you. Of course, we've come to expect it and yall always deliver!

Loved the story-line ... justice applied to a spoiled rotten little snot who took everything for granted and expected even more to be done for him! LOL
millie | 7th February 2015 21:23 (184 weeks ago)
@nanarr i think step dad was great the story line was great and well delivered but i just cant get into Paul at all, maybe he will grow on us
Ooleary | 8th February 2015 03:08 (184 weeks ago)
@millie i hope so the one thing i do i like about Paul is his eyes i just love them when Stepdad is telling him off his acting isn't great but maybe he'll be better in next one if he can somehow lose that awful smirk on his face that's what put me off him maybe Dave can work on that xx
Domfan | 8th February 2015 17:25 (184 weeks ago)
Oh, I love Paul's smirk. Makes it more compelling when he loses it after he gets a good spank.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th February 2015 22:50 (183 weeks ago)
all good comments... it's a tricky one to try and work out whether people are not keen on Paul's character or his looks. In this movie I tried my best to make him as obnoxious as possible so that his punishment seemed more deserved... maybe I take that too far?
red1967 | 9th February 2015 10:18
I've watched this movie a few times now I think Paul was good need to make more movie . Love Paul attitude andthe way he changeds it when been spanked. Grate job Dave as usual thanks art Like to see more of Paul
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th February 2015 22:44 (183 weeks ago)
Hi Red, thanks for the feedback. Glad you like Paul I too liked seeing him react to the spanking! It's rather fulfilling to see a snotty nosed arrogant punk being brought down to size with a good spanking from his Step-Dad!
MJM | 6th February 2015 09:30
Loved it. It's made my birthday all the more enjoyable. Lol!
Cherylkay | 6th February 2015 17:58 (184 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday, MJM! Hope your day is awesome :-)
nanarr | 7th February 2015 03:22 (184 weeks ago)
Happy Birthday, MJM --- Hope you had a good one!
MJM | 11th February 2015 16:01 (183 weeks ago)
It wasn't that good actually. I ended up phoning emergency services as I felt unwell. Turned out I didn't need an ambulance, as it was just a panic attack, but as I hadn't had one in years, I had no idea what it was. And though it's been 5 or 6 days since, I'm still suffering from anxiety and panic attacks... great. :( Taking things easy at the moment.
Cherylkay | 12th February 2015 00:56 (183 weeks ago)
@MJM, be good to yourself. I went to the hospital with what I thought was a panic attack and I was actually having a heart attack. So it's a good thing you went to the hospital. Better safe than sorry. I'm sorry it happened on your birthday (I had my appendix out on my b-day a couple years ago so know how that feels). Please take care of yourself.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 13th February 2015 22:43 (183 weeks ago)
Hey! Belated Happy Birthday! So sorry to hear you were feeling poorly. Hope you are ok now. Really glad you enjoyed the movie on your birthday!
[email protected] | 8th February 2015 06:02
some constructive criticism from a gay spanking fan.

why at the 1:35 mark did you not show Paul's unspanked bum? wasted opportunity to tantalise us with the first view of his bum.

Another missed opportunity at 6:15. Paul's bum looks amazing in those stripy boxers. why not have him bend over more in them when he makes the bed?

at 16:40 you have a classic opportunity to bend him over the settee arm and raise his bum high. Instead Paul's bottom is lost in a melee of grey duvet.

sorry to be uber critical.
uchikimatsu | 8th February 2015 12:04 (184 weeks ago)
@pridds - I'm sure Dave will address all your questions, but I can tell you that once Dave has a new victim, er.. model in his clutches he will often film more than clip in a day before they run away. You can see that Paul was already spanked at around the 1:36 mark as he is walking toward the bathroom.

I do agree, however, that Dave has a very underutilized, or rather mis-utilized sofa arm. Many times the arm ends up supporting a lad's chest/upper body while OTK, pushing the lower body down, instead of raising the bum to make a better target. This is not as aesthetically pleasing as a bum raised over a knee, but a lot of the lads are rather tall and holding that position for an extended period would be tiresome and uncomfortable.

In defense of this clip, to me the scene played more realistically in that a dad or step dad would not be concerned with exposing a boy as graphically as possible but rather just care to get him into position to do whats necessary and be done with it.
Domfan | 8th February 2015 17:22 (184 weeks ago)
Hey pridds, you make some excellent constructive points and I agree. I still live this vid as I've already detailed.
One thing I was gonna say is that when Paul bends over in the bathroom, the camera should have been lower so we could see his cute bum. Only a small criticism.

Also, don't know what Dave thinks but I would love after a spanking for the model to sit on Dave's knee and give a 'sorry' hug while Dave gives a "there, there" type of hug. Would be cute.
Cherylkay | 8th February 2015 18:40 (184 weeks ago)
@pridds, I can understand all of your points. As a straight female, I enjoy my opportunities to gape at the guys LOL. @Chiki is right in that Dave usually films more than one movie with a new model (in case they decide not to come back) and it's pretty obvious that this was the second movie filmed that day as his bottom was still a bit pink as he headed off to the bath. So this wasn't our "first view" of his unspanked bottom. That would be "Ex-Army Lad Spanked". which was released back in September. Also, I can tell you because I have experience with being over the arm of a's extremely uncomfortable. I'm pretty tall for a girl and after a few minutes, my knees and back start to hurt. And you're right, Paul does have a very nice bottom that colors nicely (something I adore).

@Chiki, I wanted to comment on your last comment. I did love how realistically this was played out. I have often said that I find total nudity in the domestic clips to be somewhat creepy. I think having the guys keep their clothes on in that situation makes a lot more sense. The bathtub portions of these Bubble Bath Blues films makes up for lack of nudity during the actual spanking, although I know there are people who are into spankees being naked for the actual spanking. You just can't please everyone.

@Domfan, I think last week's release showed that hugging after a spanking is certainly "doable" but I think cuddling on Dave's lap afterward might be just a bit to intimate for the guys. I don't make any pretense at speaking for Dave, but I just can't see any of the guys being willing to do that.
Domfan | 8th February 2015 21:38 (184 weeks ago)
You're right Cheryl. I'm getting carried away lol. I can't help it, I'm craving man hugs.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 9th February 2015 01:30 (184 weeks ago)
Hey Mr Uber Critical Pridds! :)

I really do appreciate your feedback! (oh, would you like me to change your username to something different? Maybe just Prides?)

Ok so to answer your questions. I do sometimes film more than one scene in a day so if the bottom is already a little red I wont show it prior to the spanking.

As for the rest of your comments (and even those original ones), I'm afraid I don't approach these movies with a view to them looking really sexy. In fact the Bubble Bath Blues theme is my main exception to this rule. In a situation where a Step Dad is pushing a cheeky brat them he would not be concerned about exposing his bottom in a tantalising way, he would just want to spank him till it hurt.

But also, it is really easy to sit back and watch one of my movies and see how things could have been done differently. Trust me, I do it all the time....

Hindsight is a wonderful thing...

The reality is, that when I am making these movies I have so much to deal with. In this case, I had a brand new,, naturally nervous model. (he was genuinely an ex army lad too). I have to try and make him feel as comfortable as possible. Trust me, even getting these guys to drop their pants and bend over my knee is an achievement, to try and start trying to expose them further, well they would just walk.... Or hit me!

These guys are not really models, for most, it is their first ever time acting, getting spanked and having any kind of intimate touch with another male... They are not easy to find at all!

In addition to all of this I also have to deal with positioning the lighting bars, arranging and adjusting multiple cameras. I also have to act and play a character as well making up all of the dialogue, not just for myself but for everyone else in the movie.. When you are making spanking movies, you just have to get on with it. You can't keep on stopping and starting and trying again. The model could not take it. The only way to do that is to fake it all and not give a proper spanking. If I was to do that I probably could focus more on making it more 'sexy'..

But there are more than enough websites out there making movies with unrealistic spanking scenes but more erotic and sensual than what I do...

I don't want to add to that list and I just try and do my own thing..

So I really do welcome your feedback and it does not offend me in the slightest. It's great to see you joining in and i look forward to more input... I really do listen and take it all onboard. Often, I will act on feedback and use members ideas.... but I learned form the beginning that every single person has different things they like and dislike and if I was to try and please everyone then I would have to film each movie about 20 different ways... Instead I just stick to what feels right for me and as long as people keep watching I'll keep on filming..

red1967 | 6th February 2015 10:30
Just got back from work after working a 12 hour night shift tried watching the movie but to tired I'll watch it again after I've had some sleep and add an other comment What I have watched so far I liked it
millie | 5th February 2015 17:00
just in from work and cant wait to see this movie
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