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4th July 2016 20:47 | LAST COMMENT 39 weeks ago

As requested by Welshboy. 

Here is the place to ask any technical questions about the editing directly to our amazing editor, Art! 

Krisk9999 | 28th April 2021 20:28
Hi Art - quick question... sorry it's not about editing, but is Wayne & Adam - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home - Part One no longer on the site? I can't find it anywhere and the link to it from Part 2 takes me to a somewhat dead looking page? Help! Thanks :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 1st May 2021 10:22 (39 weeks ago)
Hey, I’m afraid that movie had to be removed & is no longer available on this site. Apologies about that.
Krisk9999 | 4th May 2021 11:09 (39 weeks ago)
That's a huge shame! Thanks for responding to let me know though!
Krisk9999 | 28th April 2021 16:26
Hi Art - quick question... sorry it's not about editing, but is Wayne & Adam - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home - Part One no longer on the site? I can't find it anywhere and the link to it from Part 2 takes me to a somewhat dead looking page? Help! Thanks :)
[email protected] | 2nd February 2021 20:27
bonmar | 5th November 2016 23:38
Hi Art,
Just wanted to let you know that I also noticed the music after Sebastian's Birthday Spanking. It was so appropriate it made me laugh. Good work!
Art | 6th November 2016 03:16 (273 weeks ago)
Great of you to mention it, Bonmar. I appreciate it.
Art | 30th October 2016 03:34
Hello Ben:
Always glad to answer whatever questions you have. I try to choose music that suits the character and the mood of the video when the editing is done, and then (because the titles are always the same), I try to make the lettering and motion a bit different each time. It's kind of a challenge to make the end titles a little different in every movie. Did you notice the music after the Sebastian Birthday Spanking video? I recorded the "Happy Birthday" song - which is now in the public domain - and added some weird harmonies. I thought it fitted that kinda unusual birthday spanking. :-)
SpankGuyUS | 30th October 2016 16:38 (274 weeks ago)
Hi Art, thank you very much for answering my question. I had no idea you were also writing music too. I did notice the happy birthday music and it made me smile. It was a really tense movie and the music was perfect. Just so you know then that some dude in the US is liking your work.

So are you there when the movies are filmed I wasn't sure if you were operating the cameras as well?

Art | 31st October 2016 13:54 (274 weeks ago)
Glad you liked the happy birthday music. I do write most of the music, and glad to know that I have a fan in the US :-)
I'm not there when the movies are filmed - I'm actually in Canada. Dave operates the cameras, then sends me the footage from the three cameras. I edit the footage into a movie and send it back to Dave. Amazing that I can be half a world away and still be his editor.
SpankGuyUS | 31st October 2016 22:50 (274 weeks ago)
Well I had no idea it worked like that. You are right, it seems to work really well no matter that you are so far away.

The last thing I wanted to say, well for now anyway, as I don't want to annoy you too much with all my questions was to say thanks for the Kevin Birthday movie. I've never seen a movie like that on any other website. I don't know what made it so special. I can't put it properly but it felt I was also in the room when it was all happening. It was very intimate and amazing to see the whole movie just as it happened. It's new things like this that keep me coming back for more.
Art | 31st October 2016 23:59 (274 weeks ago)
You would never annoy me with lots of questions. It's a privilege to get feedback about the videos - the only way that happens in the prof. world is if you win an award or something - otherwise editing is supposed to go unnoticed - you should feel the emotion of the piece but not know why - which is pretty well what you said. Glad you liked the way the Kevin Birthday video was edited. :-)
SpankGuyUS | 29th October 2016 16:14
Hello Mr Art,

It's really cool that you are answering our questions. I wanted to ask you about the music for the movies. I was wondering how you choose it? I always look forward to hearing what you add to the titles and it always seems different.


Art | 6th July 2016 02:48
Thanks Matt. At first it was a bit of a struggle trying to make sure that I satisfied what the members wanted - but I figured if you are into seeing men get spanked by a man, you would probably be interested in three things - the butt, the expression on the guy's face as he deals with the experience, and (maybe) the guy who is doing the spanking. I later was pulled up on the fact that I didn't show the "victim's" cock and balls while he was being spanked in fact I never thought about that being important mainly because there wasn't much footage of that. Lately, Dave has been incorporating that into the videos so I have made sure it is part into the video
Kevinfan | 20th July 2016 20:27 (288 weeks ago)
I might have been one of the ones who "pulled you up" about that, lol. To me the spanking has to work on a couple of levels: firstly the visual imagery of the guys body (all of it, because every inch of the male body is beautiful to me) from different angles and his it relates to the spankers lap. Secondly, the interactions between the guy which has to be at least partly realistic with a slight comical element. Thirdly, there has to be an element of a tough or laddish guy being vulnerable emotionally but without being too feminine. Finally, the clothes. I can't explain this one except to say the clothes enhance the situation, including the undies and how they get yanked down. I must be the only one who's not interested in a red bottom, lol.
Art | 21st July 2016 02:45 (288 weeks ago)
That is really interesting Kevinfan. I guess there is a whole psychology behind it in the things that turn you on. So it's more about the ritual and the reveal of the guys body and the connection between the guy over the lap and the spanker than about the actual spanking itself? Did I get that right? Pull me up again if I haven't quite got it :-)
It's all good for me to know something like that when I am editing.
denimclad | 26th July 2016 19:59 (287 weeks ago)
I will go along with that too. I think some of my favourite videos that start off fully clothed, with a spanking on nicely fitting jeans or shorts, then underwear, and finishing up of course on the bare bottom. Perhaps its just me, but it does seem like a nice logical progression. Of course there are exceptions - punishment spankings should have no warm up and start full strength bare. Anyway, that's just my view (and a bit of a kink of mine). Variety is the spice of life - keep up the great work Art, you're doing a cracking job.
Art | 27th July 2016 02:28 (287 weeks ago)
Thanks denimclad - all of this really helps. If I understand the way it works in your mind, it is easier for me to deliver what you want to see.
I appreciate the complement too. Tell me, is it a big turn on when the jeans and the underwear come down? I always try to show the best angle of that. Would that be enhanced by slow motion, or would that be too gimmicky and make it not seem real?
mattnyc | 27th July 2016 15:38 (287 weeks ago)
Hi Art. My two cents: the moment when the guy's pants and then underwear gets taken down is SUPER important. At least to me. I'm really turned on by the whole humiliation aspect of a grown man being treated like a boy (having to go OTK, etc.) and having his pants taken down is a big part of that. So even if the guy has to lower his own pants, it's still a big moment in the story for me. Slow motion seems worth trying. Or you could try it and see what you think. But even at 24 frames, the lowering of the pants and especially underpants are really exciting and the more the cutting features those moments, the better. You're doing an amazing job, Art. I never noticed anything missing in those moments but since you asked about it, I thought I'd chime in. Thanks and take care.
Art | 27th July 2016 17:19 (287 weeks ago)
Hey mattnyc: I'll give the slow motion a try and see how it looks. Remember, though, that I am way ahead in my editing compared to what you are watching at the moment, so it might be a while before it shows up in a video, and then I will wait for response before trying it again. I will put something up here to let you know that I have tried it, so you can give me your thoughts. I appreciate the complement, mattnyc. :-)
Kevinfan | 1st August 2016 23:28 (287 weeks ago)
Thanks for the reply Art. First time you ever replied to me so I'm chuffed :-)
Yes it is the reveal AND the interaction with the spanker. For instance, when the guy takes off all his clothes himself it's not too interesting to me. But when the spanker does it I love it. I like the stages of it e.g. Undies around thighs, then ankles, close of up of the creases of the undies. And then even more lovely when the guy is wriggling on the spankers knee with all his junk flopping or rubbing on the spankers lap. I love the views from both the side (which shows the shape of the guys body nicely) and also from the back between the guys thighs/butt cheeks.
Art | 2nd August 2016 17:09 (287 weeks ago)
Hey Kevinfan - I'm flattered you are chuffed. Happy to answer you any time. Okay, those are all points for me to take into account when the spanker is lowering the guy's underpants. I'm going to work on making that the way you like it. I'm way ahead in editing right now, but keep watching and you'll see when I do it. I'll chat with Dave about filming the junk from the front as well as between the legs. If he doe that, I will definitely give you a few from both sides. :-)
Art | 3rd August 2016 02:43 (286 weeks ago)
The last sentence should read: If he does that, I will definitely give you a view from both sides. :-)
mattnyc | 5th August 2016 19:05 (286 weeks ago)
I just want to second EVERYTHING Kevinfan said. I totally agree and definitely couldn't have said it better. Thanks for listening, Art.
Art | 6th August 2016 02:50 (286 weeks ago)
Thanks for letting me know that, mattnyc. I will let you and Kevinfan know when I do it and maybe you guys can let me know if I got it right. :-)
Art | 2nd August 2016 17:11
The last sentence should read: If he does that, I will definitely give you a view from both sides. :-)
pridds | 15th July 2016 23:51
In the early days of SLS most films would end with the lad against the wall, hands on his head, with a long lingering shot of his spanked bum.

that seems to have stopped. is it hard to do or is it more of an artistic/directorial/edit taste?

personally I loved it :-)
Art | 16th July 2016 02:33 (289 weeks ago)
Hey pridds: The last shot is usually determined by Dave, based on how he chose to end the action. Lately, he has been ending with a handshake and I've been using that. But I do get your point, and it's not hard to do, so I will look into doing to again - especially if it is something you loved to see. :-)
Art | 15th July 2016 02:59
That's a fair enough request, welshboy. I'll see what I can do and let you know.
welshboy | 14th July 2016 14:07
Art I don't want to say you are doing a bad job at the Teasers as I thank they are great, but may be just as a one off to see what it will look like would be kind of fun, But I do understand it would take more work, so its up to you?
welshboy | 13th July 2016 10:36
Hello Art I loved what you did with the Josh and Jenson film last week, I want to ask when Dave puts out a Teaser is their anything different in that then will be in the full film that come out at the end of the week. Or is their anything you would like to take out to give the Teaser more punch? I am a true film buff. I love all the extras that come with a DVD, This is why I am glad we have now got a place to ask you these questions. Keep up the great work Art.
Art | 13th July 2016 20:34 (289 weeks ago)
Hello Welshboy. Thanks for the comment. I'm really glad you liked the Josh and Jenson film. There were a few filming problems with that one that were tough to get around, but I'm happy to know that they didn't spoil your enjoyment. It's great to have a place where you can ask me questions. Always be happy to answer.
I create the teaser. Usually all I do is take some or all of the discussion/interview and add a couple of spanking scenes to show the members what is coming up. If the interview is long, then I edit it down for the teaser. Would you rather the teaser had more punch and was like a trailer rather than just an excerpt? It can be done. It's a lot of work, though. :-)
Cherylkay | 7th July 2016 17:05
Hi Art :) It's so cool that you have your own blog. I might have mentioned back when I first joined the site that I used to have an interest in film editing. This would be in the days before digital, when you had to actually cut and splice videotape. I gave up because it was just too frustrating. I know that editing the SLS films often present a challenge, so I wanted to ask you what's the biggest challenge you face on an ongoing basis as the SLS film editor?
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 7th July 2016 19:09 (290 weeks ago)
I'm particularly looking forward to this answer! :)
Art | 8th July 2016 03:06 (290 weeks ago)
Hi Cheryl (Is it okay if I call you that?) I remember you saying that you have an interest in film editing. And you are right - digital editing in modern computers is a breeze compared to what it must have been like to cut and splice. I work with film quite a bit, but the days of cutting and splicing are over - film is downloaded to a computer, edited, then uploaded back to film. Easy.
Okay - biggest ongoing challenge as SLS editor - hands down, it's continuity. Dave will stop the action to give a direction. He tells the model not to move, but of course they do. It is impossible not to. So I deal with footage where (for example), the model is on the bed with his left hand behind his head, and when Dave resumes the action, the model now has his right hand behind his head. Or Dave is spanking a guy and has his hand on the model's ear - then he stops to adjust the camera and when he resumes the action he has his hand on the guy's back. Or Dave is doing some dialogue and decides to do it again - but since there is no script, he words it in a way that doesn't work with what was said before, so I have problems getting the two pieces of dialogue to sound like they belong together.
Actually I sound like I'm complaining, but actually the challenges are what I love - and solving them so you as the viewer don't know it happened is very rewarding.
Cherylkay | 8th July 2016 05:03 (290 weeks ago)
It's perfectly OK to call me Cheryl. Cherylkay is actually my first and middle names. When I first joined, I didn't know if there was already another Cheryl in the group. Thank you for your response. I never thought about continuity being a huge problem but that's probably because you do your job so well. Thanks again for all the hard work you put in.
Art | 8th July 2016 15:58 (290 weeks ago)
Thanks Cheryl. I'm curious about what you thought might be the biggest challenge. In fact, most videos have different challenges, but continuity is the one that affects almost all of them.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 7th July 2016 19:08
Really great to see all the contributions here and just wanted to express my gratitude to Art for taking the tome to respond, I have really enjoyed reading all the answers so far!
Art | 7th July 2016 03:08
I also meant to mention that I got a lot of advice from my boss at the studio where I work. He is into spanking men.
mattnyc | 7th July 2016 03:24 (290 weeks ago)
Makes sense..a combination of basic editing instincts and some guidance from someone who shares the interest. Thanks again, Art. Talk to you soon.
Art | 6th July 2016 02:56
If I didn't answer the question right, please ask again :-)
mattnyc | 6th July 2016 18:46 (290 weeks ago)
Answered perfectly! Thanks, Art. I'll post again if I have any more questions.
Art | 6th July 2016 02:52
Actually, it is kind of like any editing - I edit all kinds of subjects in regular movies that I know nothing about - torture, murder etc. that are all part of modern entertainment - I usually just go for a sense of excitement and hope for the best :-)
mattnyc | 5th July 2016 20:19
Hi Art. Great work on the site. Your story telling instincts and your sense of timing are fantastic. Definitely a huge part of the success of the site. My question is less technical and more creative. Since you came to the site with no background or interest in male/male spanking, what would you say you've had to learn about the scene and the fetish in order to tell the stories in a way that satisfies the members? Since we're all turned on by various, super specific things in a male/male spanking scenario, have you developed a sense of what shots will "work" better than others for the members? Not sure if this is a super clear question. But I guess I'm asking how you get into the minds of the members, who are into male/male spanking, in order make the best editorial decisions for a male/male spanking clip. Again, thanks for all the great work and for offering to do answer these questions.
Art | 4th July 2016 21:45
If any of you ask a specific question now, I'll do my best not to get wordy :-)
Art | 4th July 2016 21:44
Thanks for the question, buddy, and for getting this started. Thanks so much for what you said about what I do with these films. Dave sends me the footage directly from his three cameras. He allows me to change and modify the footage as much as I want. Some edits are a big challenge because of continuity errors. I make sure you don't see those errors by manipulating the shot or by using closeups, cropping the shot so you don't see the error (and so on). Dave puts the cameras on tripods and lets them roll, so I add the zooms, cuts, closeups etc. trying to make sure that you get to see what you want to see. I also compose some of the music you hear at the end, the ticking clocks, the special effects (split screens - black and white with colour, motion paths as a single shot becomes three shots (or two) and then another motion shot to return to that (or another) single shot. I also do the opening titles and the end titles, which I try to make different each time.
Thanks again for asking :-)
Art | 4th July 2016 21:32
Please feel free to ask me any question you like about the editing of the videos. The questions don't have to be technical.
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