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Chris - Branded A Thief

RELEASED: 12th November 2015


Branded A Thief

This movie follows on from Chris Bubble Bath Blues.

Chris has been given a second chance and invited back round to do some decorating work. However, he clearly can't seem to learn lessons as he decides to rifle thought the owners belongings and steal some money!

Chris left a trail and was caught red handed!

The house owner is very disappointed and let-down that Chris has betrayed his trust and decides that a punishment is in order!

So Chris is spanked there and then, dragged over the house owners knee and given a good hard spanking! His work clothes get removed offering no protection to his exposed bottom. It's not just a hand spanking though as Chris is made to stand against the wall and feel the full force of the belt lashing his bare bum! 

What happens next? Well you will have to watch to discover Chris's humiliating ending!

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crospankee | 12th September 2020 15:27
Nice work guys.
2l8k | 2nd May 2016 18:24
I really enjoyed this one. Chris is such a lovely model - he has a great face with a lovely smile and his attitude is just right for a spanking (obviously going purely by the scenario!).

I liked the different implements and positioning in this. I will say, while otk is normally my favourite position to see, I think I prefer Chris stood up against a wall. His head bobbing is really distracting otk, whereas he had the perfect reactions stood up, and looks great like that too. I actually liked that the clothes remained on this time - it seemed more realistic to the setting - and I also love the defiance of grabbing the belt. I will say I wish he had been more repentant at the end, but I think that again just seemed pretty realistic to the attitude of the character being portrayed, so nothing against any form of script of acting ^.^
lazycat999 | 15th January 2016 11:24
This a good movie,but I am feeling a bit sorry for Chris.As a thief he definitely deserved the punishment but I think the belt is enough...I was surprised by the paintbrush...๐Ÿ˜ฒ
lazycat999 | 15th January 2016 10:12
mattnyc | 15th November 2015 19:28
Chris is one of my favorite models on the site. Great face, great body, and PERFECT butt. I love his acting in this one. He's super arrogant but in a sexy way. Perfect SLS model. Dave, great work on the scenario, dialogue, etc. But especially on the excellent, OTK spanking action, scolding etc. My only suggestion is to pull the guys' pants and underpants down further. It's way sexier when there's more revealed. And the humiliation element of that is great too. But this one's right up my street. Great work all around. More Chris, please.
rgsix | 16th November 2015 17:38 (324 weeks ago)
Agree about revealing more, but shirt with no pants can be hot. And along with that please make sure the goods are in the shots. Too many times digital zooming is used and what I want to see is getting cropped out.
Art | 17th November 2015 20:46 (323 weeks ago)
I'll watch that in future, but I'm actually not aware that I do it. I guess being straight it's not easy for me to know what you are looking for. I know I have included cock shots in the past and in a couple of cases Dave has asked me not to include them because of the model's preference.
Anyway, sorry if it frustrated your enjoyment of the video.
Do most of you fans feel the same way about this?
wardcoleman | 17th November 2015 21:27 (323 weeks ago)
Hi Art, I think you have done a great job on this video, as always, I know how much hard work goes into it. Personally, what I want to see is the guy's bottom, and I am not particularly interested in seeing the genitals, however I suspect I am in the minority, as far as the male members are concerned.So, I am generally happy with the current focus.

What I do like to see are full body shots including the legs or at least shots where the the head and bottom are in shot at the same time. I appreciate that is down to the filming and the size of the location rather than the editing, and you do tend to achieve that with the split screen scenes, but the occasional wide screen shots would be nice.

Keep up the good work, you are a very talented man
Art | 17th November 2015 21:51 (323 weeks ago)
I appreciate you saying that, Wardcoleman. I figured since it was a spanking video the focus should be on the guy's bum. In fact, Dave rarely includes a shot of the genitals, so I haven't very often had that option, but I will watch for it.
I agree with you about the full body shot, but that is restricted by the size of the filming location - I don't think Dave can get back far enough in his small living room. I'll mention it to him, though - just in case he can find a way. Editing is much more interesting if I can go from close-up to medium shot to long shot. And my preference would be for a VERY long shot - I think they look cool :-) But of course, I have to work with what Dave sends me - and he has to do the best he can with his location. Thanks for caring enough to write back to me.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th November 2015 23:12 (323 weeks ago)
Hey rgsix, thanks for the feedback..... I'm confident that shots of the "goods" are not getting cropped out. I know this as there are hardly any shots like this filmed in the first place...

My main focus when making these movies is always about the punishment situation and the lure for a lot of the models is the fact that the movies are non-sexualised. In fact I am well aware that the lure for many members is also the fact the moves don't contain any sex...

However, I am also aware that many members want to and enjoy seeing the guys in all their glory. It is for this very reason that the "Bubble Bath Blues" series was created. These movies give me the ideal opportunity to show great looking lads off in ALL their glory. Art does a first class job of capturing all of this perfectly in his edits. Often using slow motion to highlight further where possible.

As for the other movies... Well if the guys underwear gets removed and their goods happen to be on show for a moment before they go over my knee then that will be shown... Often you see more footage whilst they are over my knee. I am aware some members would like to see more and I do what I can to accommodate, but it will never be the main focus of these movies and other than the Bubble Bath movies, will never be gratuitous...
Ooleary | 17th November 2015 23:18 (323 weeks ago)
Hi Art I'm with Ward on this one the bottom ,kicking legs and facial expressions are what i look for and while i am a straight female and do appreciate a nice body I don't need to see the guys genitals cos to me at least the movies aren't sexual there about punishment and i think your doing a great job.โ˜บxx
uchikimatsu | 18th November 2015 00:08 (323 weeks ago)
Just chiming in to agree with everyone about what a great job Art does in these films. He seems to understand the audience and genre very well and always creates just the right mood and pace in each clip.

I, too, would love a longer shot showing the entire shot of the lad over Dave's knee. This is mostly because I like to see the kicking feet. This kind of thing would be the best if it was a domestic scenario and we got kicking feet on the bed, but any kicking feet will do, really. Sometimes there are kicking feet that we don't get to see ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

I understand about not having enough room to get the whole shot in the small living room, never mind the cramped bedroom! Oh well, maybe one day Dave will do another outside scene and this will be taken under advisement!
Art | 18th November 2015 01:23 (323 weeks ago)
Thank you everyone for the show of support. I guess that means I shouldn't quit :-)
Kevinfan | 18th November 2015 01:33 (323 weeks ago)
Much as I like this movie, I agree with the OP that I like to see more of "the goods" and from different angles.
I think I've said it before but, in the older movies we used to see the models' junk dangling in between the thighs of whoever was spanking them and the models would writhe about showing lots of nice angles.
I'm not sure why those camera views stopped, but they were one of the major draws for me.
mattnyc | 18th November 2015 14:54 (323 weeks ago)
Wow. A thread! To be clear I wasn't talking about how the videos are cut or shot. Art, you do a great job! All I was asking, Dave, is to pull the guys pants and/or underpants further down. This reveals more of the guys privates and gives a sexy view between their legs that you don't get when their pants are just below the bottom. I'm totally in to seeing guys butts. That's the main turn on for me but the flashes through their legs and dangling between the spanker's lap are super sexy, too. And as I said, the added humiliation of the spankee being slightly more exposed is very hot, too. But, no criticism of the photography or editing. You guys do a great job. Art, your instincts are amazing! I know you're a straight guy but you do a great job with the homerotic erotica on this site. Which is impressive. Congrats and thanks Dave and Art!
uchikimatsu | 18th November 2015 16:59 (323 weeks ago)
Hi Matt, I have to agree with you on pulling the pants down a little further, even if for different reasons! The slightly sadistic side of me likes to see Dave get the really tender under curve of a naughty lads cheeks, not to mention the deliciously painful tops of thighs!

In this particular case, though, because everything happened so quickly and with all that fury, I don't think Chris' pants were even unbuttoned, so it looked like Dave had a hard enough time getting them down where they were to begin with!
Kevinfan | 19th November 2015 00:48 (323 weeks ago)
Mattnyc, we are SO on the same page!
Art | 19th November 2015 03:54 (323 weeks ago)
I hear you guys and want to give you what you want. So what I can say is - if Dave films the "junk" I'll make sure it's in the final cut. :-)
mattnyc | 19th November 2015 04:22 (323 weeks ago)
To all the members "on the same page", thanks for responding and here's to even more of what we want in the future! Art, thanks again for being so responsive to the members and showing lots of members. Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously, Art, although you may not always have your wide, medium, and tight shots, you do an amazing job. And the digital resizing and zooms are a big plus. Thanks, Art, and thanks, Dave. Can't wait for Thursday's update.
Kevinfan | 19th November 2015 20:41 (323 weeks ago)
Hope Art doesn't get too embarrassed by our interest in all the naughty bits ๐Ÿ˜€
wardcoleman | 15th November 2015 11:55
There are a number of distinct characters in SLSville, there is the arrogant bully (Bailey, Parker) the naughty boys (Fraser, Karl) the brats (Kevin, Dom) and it seems that Chris is a bit of a rogue. We have all met rogues in our time, they can be very handsome and charming, but they will always let you down, no matter how many times you forgive them or give them a second chance you are a fool to ever trust them.

Unlike the naughty boys, who sometimes deserve some sympathy, and maybe even a hug after they have been punished, the bullies, brats and rogues are not deserving of our sympathy, they just deserve exactly what they get.

That is the beauty of SLSville, a town where adult men go to the Community Spanker to be punished, and they all live at home, or end up having to go back there, where they are spanked by their Dads.

In what passes fort the โ€œrealโ€ world, the likes of Bailey, Kevin and Chris are probably really nice guys who help little old ladies across the road and would never think of kicking a puppy, However, in SLS world, they are what we want them to be, bad boys /men who need to be spanked hard and often, and, when necessary, shamed and humiliated as well.

Rules which apply in the other word don't apply here, so, for instance, whatever the properties or water or latex based paints, in SLS world, Chris's bare, spanked, bottom has been painted and will remain painted for at least a week, ensuring he suffers all the shame, embarrassment and discomfort he earned by stealing from the man who had given him a second chance.

(that is how we want it to be, so that is what Dave gave us โ€“ just like he gave us exactly what we wanted with Kevin last week)

Painting Chris's bottom was a stroke of genius, thought up by someone who really understands retribution. It goes beyond merely punishing him and giving him a sore bottom, by effectively, mocking and humiliating him. It is an ideal extension to Chris's (or the character he is playing's) spanking because it emphasizes the fact that he has been belittled, shamed, and made a fool of, not unlike making him walk down the street carrying a sign announcing โ€œI am a thiefโ€.

Dave is the master of fulfilling fantasies and he has just achieved another milestone. In my opinion it could only have been better if the homeowner had confiscated Chris's pants and made him finish the job bare bottomed!
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2015 12:50 (324 weeks ago)
@Ward - what a thoughtful analysis of SLSville in general and this film in particular. Very well said indeed! The marriage of the impassioned homeowner and the branding of Chris makes this an extraordinary film. Your description of genius is exactly right.
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2015 12:54 (324 weeks ago)
@Ward - Does Chris not appear to be trying to suppress a smile and have a look on his face like he thinks Dave has lost his mind????
wardcoleman | 15th November 2015 13:15 (324 weeks ago)
@chiki I am glad you liked and agreed with my analysis. It was a bit long, but there is a lot to say about this movie, all of it good
wardcoleman | 15th November 2015 13:21 (324 weeks ago)
@Chiki People can react in very unusual ways, when they are outside their comfort zone, especially if they are embarrassed or afraid. Sometime people will laugh at tragic events which affect them deeply or smile to disguise fear or sadness, and when they don't know how to react.

If you noticed, what you see as a smirk on Chris's face is accompanied by a warm blush to his cheeks (the ones on his face I mean) So, I thing what we are seeing is the involuntary reflex of someone who is deeply embarrassed and rather nervous.
wardcoleman | 15th November 2015 13:24 (324 weeks ago)
That should read "I think" rather than "I thing"
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2015 13:36 (324 weeks ago)
@Ward - I think I was looking at it more from a "behind the scenes" perspective and was seeing the smirk on the models face rather than the character within SLSville. I was thinking that perhaps Dave hadn't fully prepared Chris for what he was about to unleash on him on film, and he caught a case of nervous giggles, or in his case, what looks to be amused smirks.
wardcoleman | 15th November 2015 13:42 (324 weeks ago)
That's possible, there is certainly a lot of potential for surprising Chris in this movie!! Either way I am sure nervousness, and probably some degree of embarrassment played a part
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2015 20:25 (324 weeks ago)
I feel like any moment now Dave is going to pop in and say something like...hey everyone, so I've been enjoying reading all the comments and speculations about the filming of this clip and wanted to let you all in on some information....

LOL! At least I hope...
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 15th November 2015 23:38 (324 weeks ago)
Hey! Just a real quick comment to say how much I have enjoyed reading all this... In fact, I find it a bit overwhelming (in a good way) how kind you all are about the movies!

Was there any particular information about this movie anyone was looking for?
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2015 02:59 (324 weeks ago)
Right on cue, Dave!

I guess I was just wondering where all those smirks and giggles were coming from. Did you prepare Chris at all for what you were going to do or did you surprise him on film? He looked both amused and like he thought you must have lost your mind!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th November 2015 23:26 (323 weeks ago)
I think you have summed it up perfectly! Chris does have a habit of grinning as a reaction to a lot of situations.... But iI also thought the reality of the severity of the belt combined with the very real beating with the paint brush also made Chris think that he was in the presence of a man teetering on the edge! :)

Chris did know that the belt and paint brush would be used, but It did hurt him a LOT more than he was expecting! Like it really, really was painful! so he was reacting to that ...
uchikimatsu | 18th November 2015 10:20 (323 weeks ago)
You can tell during the belting that the pain was a complete surprise. Some of his facial expressions were almost comical, bless his heart.
Kevinfan | 19th November 2015 00:47 (323 weeks ago)
[email protected], yes I thought that too. Love those expressions!
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2015 20:31
I noticed that Chris has the same habit as Andy of bobbing his head in time the spanks...
uchikimatsu | 16th November 2015 20:32 (324 weeks ago)
I meant, "in time to the spanks."
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th November 2015 23:13 (323 weeks ago)
Yes, I have noticed this too! I hope it's a habit that can be broken!
uchikimatsu | 18th November 2015 00:10 (323 weeks ago)
To break a habit requires, ahem...discipline...
Ooleary | 15th November 2015 21:51
Chiki and Ward great analysis by you both wholeheartedly agree xx

I don't think we've seen the last of roguish Chris and his little scams so many scenarios in my head he could mess with one of Mr.X's neighbours or one of the other 'Dads' or Andy lol.

Lynne | 16th November 2015 17:56 (324 weeks ago)
Actually Ooleary...that just brought a thought to mind :). Dave/Mr X commented a few times in Andy's vids that Andy always got his friends in trouble; that he instigated the mischeif. Well, given Chris' newest abilities, maybe this time he ropes Andy into it? I bet Andy would play a great aggrieved "pal."
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th November 2015 23:20 (323 weeks ago)
You all clearly have corrupted minds ----------

I love it!

rgsix | 16th November 2015 17:43
My favorite part of this was when Chris grabbed the belt out of Mr. X's hands and refused to take any more. I find it hot when punishment recipients get angry about what they're in for or are going through.
wardcoleman | 16th November 2015 20:09 (324 weeks ago)
That looked very realistic, I wonder if it was in the script, or just a reflex reaction to a particularly painful Whack!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 17th November 2015 23:18 (323 weeks ago)
Script? I've never had the luxury of a script for any of my movies!

I think in this case any further explanation might take away from the fantasy situation the movie is depicting...

NovaDad | 15th November 2015 15:02
Excellent video, Chris, Dave, and Art. Great motivation and action development.
And great to see that Chris is working his way up from hand to belt to paint brush. =:-))
I hope we will soon be lucky enough to see Chris' beautiful bum touched by the "British cane" and the wooden bath brush.
Meanwhile, I look forward to any video that Christian stars in!
uchikimatsu | 15th November 2015 03:19
Wow! This is a really different movie! Now I know the focus right now is all about the paint, and this is certainly the first and only time I've ever seen anyone spanked with paint before, but there is something else that sets this clip apart from all the others here at SLS. I'm talking about the homeowner's attitude, of course.

This is a man, lets call him "Dave," who is just 1000% done with Chris, who has just chewed up and spit out poor Dave's generousity and forgiveness. When we watch scenes with Mr. X we are reminded that he "has a job to do," and while he does sometimes express frustration, his attentions are more objective as he gets through the task he is paid to do. When we watch scenes with Dad we are also reminded that disciplining his son his his job, but that what he does is out of love and care, and a desire to see his child improve.

Dave doesn't care about any of that. He's angry and embarrassed that he's just been taken advantage of for the second time and he was foolish enough to stick his own neck out to try help Chris. Dave doesn't care if Chris is learning a lesson. He doesn't care if Chris repents or is sorry. This isn't anything about sorry. This is about Dave dishing out exactly what Chris deserves. This is a man bringing pure punishment and retribution to a most deserving recipient. And yet, the homeowner is still not without compassion as we learn that Chris will be paid for his time, if only so that his family can eat.

The scene is passionate and exciting! Its energetic and unpredictable! I'm usually attracted to scenes about caring discipline, but this one had such intensity it cannot be ignored! I will say only this: Given the "serious nature" of the premise, I wish Chris hadn't been smirking through the entire clip, but I can't say that I blame him. Compared to the calm, measured punishments of Mr. X and Dad, Homeowner Dave must have seemed like a lunatic. I wonder if Chris knew what Dave had planned or if Dave sprung that on him without preparing Chris. I probably would have giggled too.
wardcoleman | 15th November 2015 13:19 (324 weeks ago)
This is a nice and insightful analysis too, you are right, this is a different type of movie, the scene is dynamic and unpredictable, As you know, I enjoyed it a lot
Lynne | 14th November 2015 18:49
OK Dave...a question..was the paintbrush intended or was that a spur of the moment decision?

As for taking too long to come off, latex paint is water soluble so it would have been back into the tub :); still, I bet it made a mess of the room with the spatter.
wardcoleman | 14th November 2015 19:08 (324 weeks ago)
Bad luck for Chris that Dave didn't buy latex based paint then!!

I thought it was a brilliant touch, adding an extra degree of humiliation to Chris's punishment
Lynne | 14th November 2015 23:22 (324 weeks ago)
Very few internal house type paints are enamel based these days; too many regulations and requirements regarding formulation in both the US and UK; not to mention disposal requirements. Just speculation obviously since we don't know for sure what type was used. Or did I miss something in the video? :)
Lynne | 14th November 2015 23:30 (324 weeks ago) had me curious (and concerned :) ). Looking at the start of the vid there is a shot of the paint. Looking it up it is a water based paint. Dulux Brilliant White Matte Finish to be exact :).
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 14th November 2015 17:10
Hey Everyone, I think enough time has passed that if anyone wants to discuss the ending of this movie then feel free. If you don't like spoilers, then look away now! :)
| 13th November 2015 10:37
Nice boxers and nice bum ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Kevinfan | 13th November 2015 01:32
That was so sexy. I could do a lot of naughty things to Chris. He has a perfect ass.
Aww, and his sweet little defiant face after he takes the belt back. I think I'm in love, sigh.
Maybe I should change my name again....
wardcoleman | 13th November 2015 08:39 (324 weeks ago)
There are lots of good reasons to carry on being KevinFan - if you need a reminder of what they are, take another look at Bubble Bath Blues ore Spanked Footballers!!.

However, I agree this is a very nice download, which I have already watched three times (and the ending a couple more) Chris is a very good looking guy, and he took a lot of punishment in this. SLS just gets better and better
Spanked Chris | 12th November 2015 19:22
HI well what a movie well to Chris I can tell he never expected that spanking from his employer.

I am right it was the first time I heard you swear
wardcoleman | 12th November 2015 23:27 (324 weeks ago)
For a moment I thought you were Spanked Chris himself!!

If Dave swore he had good cause to do so, but I think I heard some language from Chris which might require further corrective action
Lynne | 12th November 2015 16:58
@Dave...I hope that was just some spackling dust on that stool or you had to buy a new pair of black jeans :).

Poor Chris; he was visibly trembling nearly from the start. This has to be the hardest application of the belt weโ€™ve seen though there was still a little attitude at the very end :).

Bruce | 12th November 2015 17:37 (324 weeks ago)
Yes you could tell from Chris's reaction that the belting really hurt him. Loved the cloud go paint dust when Dave started to spank him. All very realistic and well made. Great ending too, what a predicament for Chris, but he deserved it after hill betrayal of the trust placed in him.
wardcoleman | 12th November 2015 13:03
That was inspired!! How humiliating for poor Chris!! - a really great video (again)
Ooleary | 12th November 2015 12:47
๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โ˜บโ˜บ nice paintwork there at the end Dave xx.
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