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Duration: 08:30 Size: 205.22 MB

Forrest Nettle Whipping - Part Two - (Andy's Revenge)

RELEASED: 25th January 2013

This movie follows directly on from Part One! Furios Andy Lee drags Liam through the forrest to get his revenge! Shirtless Andy easily pick Liam up with one strong arm and proceeds to spank this leather clad bikers bottom! 

Liam is protestng and wriggling around but Andy does not let go. Soon the leather trousers are ripped down. Andy grabs a fresh bunch of stinging nettles and Liam is helpless as Andy proceeds to thrash his bare butt with the nettles. 

You can clearly see the effect this has on Liam's smooth pale bottom. It does not stay milly white for long though as Andy continues to spank Liam's already stung and throbbing cheeks hard and fast whilst wearing a leather clad glove! 

Liam is left on the forrest floor gasping fro breath as Andy leaves. Revenge is sweet! 

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Domfan | 17th January 2015 00:40
Love when Andy picks him up by the gooleys. Sexy!
Cherylkay | 17th January 2015 04:34 (336 weeks ago)
@Domfan, dare I ask what "gooleys" are? lol
Ooleary | 17th January 2015 20:46 (335 weeks ago)
@cheryl gooleys = balls xx
Cherylkay | 18th January 2015 02:48 (335 weeks ago)
@orla, ummmmm...ouch lol. I don't even have them and that sounds painful.
Cherylkay | 13th January 2015 00:44
Everyone should have friends like this, who come through for us when we need them. What a friend Liam was on this occasion. I'm not sure that I would go that far for a friend. However, a really nice film came out of this. I loved the OTK parts of the film. For me, it's always thrilling when someone ends up in that position. And I love Andy as a spanker! I'm giving this one 8/10 for the dedication of Andy and Liam and for the awesome spanking Liam took (wearing leather too!). Stinging nettles isn't something you see guys lining up to do, I would imagine. Well done, Andy and Liam!
red1967 | 12th January 2015 23:13
Loved it that teach Liam to not tie up and spank Andy Liam got a cute bum as well as Andy Well done boys again thanks Dave Liam wonderful Andy and Art like the split screen
Rasputin | Voted Video 10/10 | 26th January 2013 00:47 (439 weeks ago)
Mr. X,

That was quite a video! Kudos to you, Art, Andy & Liam for a job well done!

That said, I feel sorry for Andy & Liam. Poor boys! I hope you compensated them handsomely.

I have never done something like that to anyone, nor has it ever been done to me. (Thank God for small favors!) I am a curious sort, so I have a few questions about this video:

1) How did you get Andy & Liam to do that to each other? They are supposed to be friends! Were there any hard feelings between these guys afterwards?

2) How long did it take for the inflammation to disappear?

3) How long did it take for the itching and stinging to subside?

4) What kind of medication does one apply to the inflamed skin?

5) Do you have any footage of the medication being applied to the posteriors of these lads?

Please reply when you can.

wardcoleman | Voted Video 9/10 | 26th January 2013 20:03 (438 weeks ago)
Poor Liam, that must have really stung! :-)
Mr X | Voted Video 10/10 | 26th January 2013 20:41 (438 weeks ago)
Hey Rasputin! Really glad you enjoyed! I will pass on your thanks to Andy & Liam and especially Art (Art never gets enough thanks)! :)

Ok to so to answer your questions!

1. This was actually Andy's idea! Let me tell you a story! I am sure you have seen the brief interview with Andy after the Mouth Soaping & Bath Brush Beating where we spoke about Andy doing this as he wanted funds for the bike of his dreams. Well this nettle movie was shot in the same week and was part of the deal. Andy had actually looked through the blog and found more extreme things that fans had asked for. Mouth Soaping, Bath Brush and Nettles. Andy called me up and said, I want this bike so badly I will do all of these things if it helps raise the funds. I told Andy that I wanted him to go away for a day and think about it and if he was still keen we would do it! He called me about 10 times that day saying he was 100% sure! So! I decided to put some trust in Andy and I made a decision and gave him the funds he needed up front. At first he refused but I insisted. He agreed only on the condition that we film everything in a week so that he could work for it and not be in debt.

So this was the basis on how it all happened. I'm telling you this story as I think it shows more than ever what a great bloke Andy is. I suppose he could have thought well I already have the wage, I will do it half-heartedly. Not a chance! Andy worked even harder to make the best movie possible! Andy spoke to Liam and talked him into doing it. It's because they are such good friends that this happened. Liam wanted to help his mate get his bike! There was no hard feelings afterwards. In fact, I recorded a brief video interview with them both in the car directly afterwards which I'm sure you have already seen and you can see that everything is fine between them.

2. The inflammation took a few hours to die down and was completely gone by the next morning.

3. The itching and stinging went fairly soon after the cream was implied. Not 100% but to a bearable level.

4. Antihistamine cream was used to soothe them!

5. Guess what Rasputin. I do! In fact, I have put together some raw footage that was never meant to be shown. It will be uploaded to the blog soon. This shows without question the very real effects!

I hope you enjoy!


Mr X
lorilee | Voted Video 9/10 | 29th January 2013 22:40 (438 weeks ago)
I would love to see this litle interview in the car if possible, This video was one of my fav. I would love to see more of this type when possible, Bailey would be great . Andy is a very special person and Liam is fanastic to go along with Andy on this project and All that pain for a bike, Would love to see that as well it must be quite special. Keep up the good work Mr. X and Hats off to Art you are tops at your art.
Mr X | Voted Video 10/10 | 29th January 2013 23:03 (438 weeks ago)
Hey Lori! You can download all the interviews here free of charge
Yasmin | Voted Video 10/10 | 7th November 2013 13:35 (398 weeks ago)
Andy and Liam were up to now my favorites.
Now, because I know the background (to present own ideas, to show initiative), they are my heroes.

Many thanks to Dave, Art, Andy and Liam for your creativity, courage and passion.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | Not voted video yet | 24th November 2013 08:58 (395 weeks ago)
Aaaw! That is a lovely thing to say! Yes, the way Andy & Liam worked to produce this movie was something else! They have a very strong friendship!
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 30th October 2014 00:55 (347 weeks ago)
Wow not seen this one before. Just wow!
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