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Jason & Charlie - Brother In Charge - Part 19

RELEASED: 9th March 2018

Jason & Charlie

Brother In Charge

Part 19

You've got to feel sorry for poor Jason, haven't you? In this week's brand-new male spanking video from Straight Lads Spanked, the cheeky pup finds himself in hot water yet again. With Mum and Dad away on holiday, he thought the coast was clear for him to bunk off from college for the afternoon.... but when he comes home, thinking he'll have the place to himself, who should be there but big brother Charlie, rained off from work! Dad has told Charlie in no uncertain terms to keep an eye on Jason while he's away, and Charlie always takes his responsibilities very seriously.... especially because he knows what he will get from Dad if he doesn't!

So when Jason refuses to go back to college, Charlie tells him that Dad has left him in charge during his absence, and that he will deal with him the same way Dad would, with a spanking! Ignoring Jason's protests, Charlie makes it very clear that he means business when he sends the young skiver off to fetch a slipper, and when he brings it back and hurls it at Charlie, Jason quickly finds himself over his big brother's knee, getting a well-deserved spanking on the seat of his tight-fitting jeans with Charlie's powerful hand and the rubber-soled slipper.

It's probably safe to assume that Jason was already wishing he had just stayed at college! Charlie tries to tell him that he is only looking out for him, but you can tell that Jason is thinking his brother has got a funny way of showing it! That's no excuse to swear at Charlie, though, and it only results in Jason being told to take down his jeans and get back over Charlie's knee to get the seat of his tight blue pants well warmed. As a responsible older brother, Charlie has been doing his best to teach his kid brother a valuable lesson abut sticking in at college and getting an education, but it's pretty obvious from Jason's stroppy attitude that the message isn't getting through.... so Charlie pulls down the lad's pants to see if a good hard spanking on the bare behind will do anything to educate Jason on the perils of a smart mouth! Eventually, with a very red and sore smacked bottom, Jason's hard-learned lesson hits home and he begins to see the error of his ways.

Charlie, ever forgiving, tells him he will drive him back to college and then the two of them can hang out in the evening. All's well that ends well.... even if Jason was almost certainly going to be sleeping on his tummy that night!

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hans | 13th June 2018 13:58
I love it when the spanker is a young muscle hunk like this! I wish that more of the updates were like this.
Paddleboy | 17th April 2018 16:56
Another great movie starring Jason
Nat74 | 17th March 2018 17:02
I like these 2 lads in movies together, I think they are funny :)
jamester | 11th March 2018 19:13
Great video. I liked how Jason had to fetch the slipper and that most of it was with the slipper instead of the majority being with the hand and just a few with the slipper at the end like a lot of spanking videos. I wish you would do another one in this series with Andy and John but with Andy wielding the slipper or another implement this time
Slipper Boy | 11th March 2018 09:34
Jason and Charlie make a real good partnership
Kass44 | 9th March 2018 23:41
Perfection! Bravo! Bravo! Much Applause! Bravo! Let Charlie lose on all your Actors! Bravo!
tinhead | 11th March 2018 00:01 (36 weeks ago)
Likes this... :-P Lots...
Uchikimatsu | 9th March 2018 23:51
The "caring but strict" sibling spanking scenario is my absolute favorite, in the history of EVER! This film is everything I love!

I agree that there is just something very believable about Charlie and Jason. I think its the similar color and texture of their hair that make it convincing. Also, like JamieJones pointed out they do work great together with dialog and definitely have a chemistry that translates to film nicely!

I would honestly be happy if we saw nothing else on the site but big brother Charlie disciplining his little brother while mom and dad took an extended vacation, LOL. Have I mentioned that this is my favorite premise???

I know that you encourage the models to be themselves as much as possible, and I wouldn't want to change that, but like some others mentioned in the previous Charlie/Jason movie I think it would show a kind of maturity from Charlie, temporarily stepping into the dad role to take care of his little brother, if he didn't swear quite as much.

I though it was super adorable how Jason, all sullen after his spanking, perked right up when Charlie offered to take him to the gym.

I hope we get to see these two again, and soon. At some point Jason is going to have to stop saying that Charlie is not going to spank him, because clearly he is! If we do get another movie with these two I would love to hear Jason be a tad more accepting of his fate (by now it should no longer be a shock!) I would love to hear him say a few things like, "oh, no, not again!" "Please, Charlie, do you have to?" And knowing what his big brother is capable of, a little begging and promising to behave couldn't hurt matters!

Please, Dave, bring these two back again. They are deserving of their own spin-off series!
*singing... Charles in Charge, of our days and our nights....Charles in Charge of our wrongs and our rights....*
Ficwriterjet | 10th March 2018 23:58 (36 weeks ago)
Hey Chiki -

I agree - seeing Jason being a little less "You can't' and a little more 'please don't' would be awesome next time.

Your signing made me laugh out loud. The song fits surprisingly well, even if it was written for a cheesy sit-com. :)
Ficwriterjet | 10th March 2018 23:52
Hooray for another movie with Charlie as big brother to Jason. I loved it. :)

Nice set up with Dad and Mum out of town and Charlie left to look after his brother, with the proviso that Charlie will be in trouble if he doesn't do a good job of looking after Jason while Dad is gone. Very nice that Charlie keeps telling Jason that he's doing it because he cares about his little brother, and not simply because he knows that is what their father would expect him to do.

I think the swearing is realistic between brothers when their folks aren't around. It was great that each time the spanking progressed to a more serious stage it was in reaction to Jason talking back or saying unkind things about his brother, instead of being contrite.

Of course I loved Jason's little confession near the end, admitting that he's having a hard time in school. And it's hard not to love Charlie when he say's he'll help. Aw.

Very sweet ending with Charlie offering to take him to the gym, and the hug was fantastic. Thank you!

Rasputin | 10th March 2018 16:57
I liked Jason's unstoic acting style. He's a cute, boyish lad as well. I only wish that he were a little more muscular. Perhaps he can work out a bit before his next video.

It's nice to see Charlie again, but I'd much rather see him taking a spanking rather than administering one.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th March 2018 20:39 (36 weeks ago)
Rasputin, please see my thoughts on the previous movie regarding comments about models changing their body shape.
Orla | 10th March 2018 15:35
More Charlie as The Spanker.

This is another vid I'll be watching over and over.Big hand and little bottom = Good spanking

I don't mind the swearing cos a big brother would swear out of frustration but Dad wouldn't,plus a little brother would swear and call his brother names but not to Dad ... obvs

I like the ending when Jase tells Charlie he's struggling with college and friends and Charlie offers to help and my absolute favourite part is when Charlie says he'll bring him to the gym and that look that Jason gives him is like a kid on Christmas morning he just lights up ... it's these little touches that make this site the best so thank you Dave and the boys xx
tinhead | 10th March 2018 10:50
Charlie is an amazing spanker and it was soo good to see him using an implement this time! It also rocks that he was wearing sweatpants! As for Jason - what a good looking and deserving brat! This has made my top 3 :-)
leeds71 | 10th March 2018 10:36
I would have preferred Jason's bottom elevated higher, with underwear fully pulled down to showcase his bottom - attention to small detail is important
JamieJones | 9th March 2018 22:26
Ooohhh!!! Loved the hug - that was totally amazing and so unexpected! Love Charlie and Jason as brothers they have a real chemistry on screen that's great to watch. Loved it when Jason opened up to Charlie about the problems he's having at college then Charlie saying he would help Jason with his studies and offering to take him to the gym was a really nice touch.

Dad should be so proud of his boys (at least until he finds out what mischief Jason has been up to while he has been away), especially Charlie for looking out for his little brother although I'm not sure Dad would be happy if he knew Charlie had been spanking Jason...isn't that Dad's job? Just saying :-)
Davelondonlad | 9th March 2018 19:40
I wish Charlie was my brother! He knows how to teach a hard lesson that’s for sure! He’s really a great spanker and the scene runs so smothly. Like how he reinforces the lesson and pulls on the ear. Great work. Now where can I find me a hand that Big? 😍
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