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Jay & Bradley - Quit Smoking

RELEASED: 14th October 2016

Jay & Bradley

Quit Smoking

Bradley likes to smoke however his flatmate Jay does not! It's also not just Jay that objects to smoking, it's also the landlord. Bradley has been warned time and time again about his smoking and Jay has had enough! No matter how many times Bradley has been warned he keeps on smoking.

Jay decides that if Bradley wont listen to words then he will listen to action! He decides that a good strong spanking might get the message through!

So muscled Jay literally grabs Bradley and puts him over his knee for a sound spanking. Jay does not go easy and Bradley can feel every single hard slap on his bottom!

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pridds | 21st October 2016 23:17
Straight lads spanking straight lads in a disciplinary scenario never quite hits (pun intended) the mark for me.

They rush it, through embarrassment. as non spnkers they don't know how to spank. it is fast, rushed and clumsy. loads of the spanks seemed to land on Bradley's right cheek/thigh
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd October 2016 20:26 (82 weeks ago)
Hey Pridds, I do understand the points that you make, but for me all the things you mentioned make the movies more enjoyable for me. I guess I just wouldn't expect Jay to be a spanker so would expect him to spank in a 'non-spanker' way and for that reason I find this kind of movie more thrilling as it all seems rather real.
NovaDad | 23rd October 2016 17:04 (82 weeks ago)
Jay and Bradley are both hot guys.
IMHO, one of the characteristics of a good spanker is empathy (as opposed to sympathy). Being able to "put yourself in the other guys shoes" is invaluable for a good spanker. I agree that Bradley is not quite able to translate his own really hot performances when he is on the receiving end into an equally hot performance when he is on the giving end.
I hope my comments will be taken in a positive (constructive) way. =:-))
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 23rd October 2016 20:04 (82 weeks ago)
Of course NovaDad, all comments are very welcome indeed. :)
Ficwriterjet | 25th October 2016 15:19 (82 weeks ago)
For me, I think the fact that it's kind of quick makes it more believable. If Jay was spanking and scolding in the same way Dave did as Mr. X or as 'Dad' I wouldn't have liked it as much, because I would be rolling my eyes and thinking 'yeah right'. But with it being a bit rushed and with not all the smacks landing evenly, it seems more like how it would play out if a guy decided to spank his flat-mate.
Uchikimatsu | 6th April 2017 21:54 (58 weeks ago)
I think in some cases it can be awkward in spanking films when models spank other models, and there are always a few body language cues to indicate when a model is uncomfortable (splayed fingers when touching or smacking is one) but in this case Jay delivers that spanking and his lines like the professional veteran SLS actor that he is. He looked convincing and natural. If Brad seemed a bit nervous, well... wouldn't you be over Jay's knee? LOL!
Art | 16th October 2016 14:19
Hi Ficwriterjet. A comment on the "Ask Art" section asked for slow motion when the pants come down, so I thought I would give it a try and see what the reaction was.
Anyone else have an opinion one way or the other?
jacko | 26th January 2017 09:15 (69 weeks ago)
Hi Art
I just watched this movie for the first time. I become extremely irritated if I see a spanking movie in which the same scene is repeated several times from different angles (eg. the boxers coming down or even worse being removed by the victim) but I have no problem with the slow motion technique used here. In fact, I don't think I really took much notice in this movie. Perhaps I agree with Ficwriterjet that it this technique is not necessary.
jacko | 26th January 2017 06:51
It is very obvious that Jay's enthusiasm for delivering a spanking far exceeds his enthusiasm for receiving one. While that is no doubt true for all the models I have yet to see many other models when given the role of spanker approaching the assignment with such gusto. Jay makes a very good spanker indeed. I much prefer to see him in this role.

His spanking technique was not measured or predictable; instead his swats were randomly weighted, spaced and directed with a surprisingly successful outcome, much to Bradley's discomfort. In this movie I found his efforts to be natural and believable (and ultimately more exciting for the viewer) because of this and totally appropriate for a scenario such as this one in which he was not delivering a formal punishment but a "friendly" deterrent.

Jay's dialogue was outstanding and revealed acting skills previously undetected when he had played the victim. His fluent repartee made a major contribution to the impact of this movie and he soon left Bradley's attempts at dialogue in his wake as the unfortunate lad's attention was directed instead to the ever-increasing pain. Jay's occasional pauses were timely although not sufficiently long to allow Bradley to recover or offer any dialogue of substance. To Jay's credit, the spanking appeared to me to be as severe as many of the hand-spankings that I have witnessed given by more experienced spankers. I don't think Bradley could have lasted much longer.

I find Bradley's reaction to spankings to be a little too stoic for my liking but then I do appreciate the victims who indicate genuine discomfort by squirming, yelling, pleading and uttering clever comments. Bradley did show more reaction towards the end when the pain took hold but regular dialogue from the victim can add much to the viewer's enjoyment and overall impression.

I note that although Bradley had been warned not to smoke, no consequences had been discussed. That's why he had continued to smoke. Therefore, this spanking was aimed at demonstrating what would happen in the future only "1000 times worse," - the mind boggles - so must have come as a real shock to the unsuspecting Bradley. It was therefore essential that the spanking act as a deterrent to Bradley and that it surely did. I wonder if Bradley thinks back to this movie every time he goes to light up in real life?

The swearing at the start was a turn-off for me because it was unnecessary. It appeared to be more in context when Bradley uttered a couple of expletives towards the end. Fortunately, it ceased as the film proceeded and was no longer a distraction from the excellent performance from both lads.

I liked the ending which helped the movie to end on a friendly note.

Well done Jay and Bradley. Could Jay possibly be the new authority figure? Please Dave, more movies in which Jay appears as the authority figure.
mstr_spkr | 19th October 2016 16:18
Great job, all! I also was not a fan of the slow motion. It seemed too commercial rather than one mate trying to correct the behavior of the other. Jay is a great spanker. My only complaint is that it was too short but I don't know how much more of Jay's onslaught Bradley could have taken. I would have preferred to have Bradley strip to add the element of humiliation to the punishment. After all he had been warned about smoking in the apartment. Part of me hopes Bradley does not quit smoking and needs worse as promised but of course part of me wants him to protect his health so he can make many more great videos. Thanks, guys.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd October 2016 20:24 (82 weeks ago)
So glad you enjoyed this one. I know what you meant about it not being too long but I also feel like you that Bradley couldn't have taken any more and that the length of the spanking was appropriate. I think it was more about enjoying watching it so much and just being disappointed when it finally had to end!
Ooleary | 16th October 2016 10:10
I agree with everything Fic just said.

Good job Jay,I want to see more of Jay the spanker.Poor Bradley his bottom was on fire 🔥 those were hard spanks and loved all the struggling and pleading in the end.Great banter between the lads too they work really well together so natural,it felt real to me .

Thanks Dave & co.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd October 2016 20:22 (82 weeks ago)
It's true Orla. That was one really tough no-nonsense spanking! I'm amazed at how much Bradley took to be honest.
Ficwriterjet | 15th October 2016 22:10
I really like Jay as the spanker, and the fact that he has his shirt off the whole time makes it that much better. :) Because Jay looks big enough to manhandle Bradley over his lap, even if Bradley were struggling, I can easily get lost in the fantasy of it. I liked the positioning with Bradley over one thigh between Jay's open legs. I liked the way Jay held Bradley down and kept his hand away near the end when Bradley was struggling more. I loved the threat of more to come if Jay caught him smoking again. And I especially liked the reason behind the spanking - not smoking in the flat, and keeping a mate from continuing to wreck their health by smoking, are perfect reasons to do something a bit drastic. I'm not overly fond of the slow motion bit when the undies come down. It takes me out of the flow of the movie. I loved the three screen shot that let us see the full view of the spanking, along with close ups of Bradley's face and rear end. And of course I loved the quick hug at the end - Jay does seem to be a hugger, and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time I watch him do it in a movie. Thanks Jay. :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 22nd October 2016 20:21 (82 weeks ago)
Awww, so much love for this movie Jet. I always enjoy and value the time and effort you make in reviewing the movies. So pleased you liked this one.
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