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John - Belted - Brother In Charge - Part 17

RELEASED: 9th February 2018

John - Belted

Brother in Charge

Part 17

The last time we saw John, he was over Charlie's knee, getting his bare bottom soundly spanked for inviting his kid brother round for a naughty smoke.


In this week's brand-new male corporal punishment movie from Straight Lads Spanked, John is in trouble again.... and this time it's with his dad, who is beyond angry to have had the fathers of not one but two of John's friends complaining to him about his son being a bad influence.


The lad is grounded for a month, and gets a lecture to boot, but he's also going to be feeling his dad's wrath in a rather more direct fashion, with another sound thrashing!


Dad wastes no time getting to the bottom of the problem, hoisting the wayward lad high over one knee and applying a very firm hand to the seat of his jeans. But when he then takes off his belt, John knows this is going to be a hiding he won't soon forget.


The belt cracks down across John's jeans, and then his tight white pants. In a desperate bid to appease his father, John tries to claim that the incident with Jason was a one-off  but Dad's not buying it, and to prove it, he pulls the lad's pants tight up the crack of his bottom and whips his belt across his bared sit spots.


Determined to give him the hardest thrashing he has ever had, Dad tells John to pull his pants down, and lifts him up over one knee, with his legs dangling off the ground, to spank his bare bottom hard with his hand and then the belt.


A relentless belting concludes with John pushed down onto his bed with his pants still around his ankles, and promising that he has learned his lesson. When Dad finally leaves the room, John is left rubbing a sore, cherry-red bottom. Let's see how long that will help him remember the lesson this time!

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CassieAnne17 | 16th February 2018 19:03
I like this! The position and dialogue were great, not t to mention the spanking action! Great dad/son story which is my favorite and been missing a bit here on this site. And last but not least John is great too!
JamieJones | 12th February 2018 20:29
OMG! I really wouldn't want to catch John's Dad on a bad day. John must have nerves of steel as he didn't even flinch when Dad yelled at him to "Pass me the belt!" I've watched this movie three times now and it still makes me jump every time!

Also I totally agree with Orla about the lectures that Dad dishes out, I LOVE them too (and I'm so glad I'm not on the receiving end of them) they're what make these movies so special.

jamester | 11th February 2018 18:28
I wish you would do a video where Andy takes the belt to John's ass. Andy gave him a hell of a hand spanking and would love to see him use a belt or brush or paddle
Uchikimatsu | 10th February 2018 22:48
Well, John isn't much of a talker, is he? But holy leather, Batman, that boy sure can take a strapping! On a scale of 1 to Karl, that was definitely some Karl level beating going on. It was really thrilling to see "Dad" not holding back but following through with those smacks of the belt.

I'm normally not thrilled with the "hoisted over one elevated knee" position, because it can look really awkward, however, Dave managed to pull this off flawlessly, and it fit perfectly with the style and mood of the film.

Even though at the beginning John was not demonstrative or talkative, by the end, as others have mentioned, I could really tell how much the spanking was getting to him. I loved watching him go from really stoic to a begging, sorry little boy.

Also, I think my heart skipped three beats when "Dad" yelled for the belt. I don't think he has ever raised his voice like that. Awesomely exciting.

Some other points I really enjoyed were John's dangling feet tangled up in his jeans and underpants, and something I absolutely adore but haven't seen in a really long time...face-touching. I loved the scene where "Dad" grabs John's face, forcing John to look at him while he's talking, always a favorite.

Art! {waves} How ya doing? I really loved the editing in this film! It was superior! I loved the picture in picture effect (maybe not with fuzzy borders? It was a little hard to discern what was going on at first) and the 3 frames side by side was my favorite, getting to see all the action at once in an....I dunno....organized way, I guess. The film looked great! Thank you!
Art | 11th February 2018 03:43 (75 weeks ago)
Hi Uchikimatsu - doing well thanks, hope you are too. I appreciate the compliment. I'll keep in mind what you said about fuzzy borders :-)
Rasputin | 10th February 2018 19:03
Art - I have noticed in your most recent videos that you have dispensed with that grotesque mask for Dave to wear. I much prefer this new arrangement whereby you photograph the back of Dave's head or only his chin so that one can't see Dave's face. Good work.

Dave - I have always been intrigued by your Scottish burr. From which part of Scotland did it originate? And finally, is that your natural accent, or are you acting?
Uchikimatsu | 10th February 2018 22:51 (75 weeks ago)
Funny you should mention Dave's accent, Rasputin. I was watching some very early films this week and thought to myself that his Scottish accent is much more pronounced in the earlier films compared to the later ones. London is seeping into his bones....

Has anyone else thought so?
Art | 11th February 2018 03:41 (75 weeks ago)
Thanks for the note, Rasputin, but I can't take the credit. Dave does all the filming, all I do is the editing with the shots and clips that Dave has filmed. :-)
Rasputin | 10th February 2018 18:50
I generally prefer the lad to be spanked while over the spanker's lap, but I liked the way John was hoisted over his dad's knee. (Maybe next time you can try a shot in which the lad is hoisted over the spanker's knee AND the lad's legs are dangling and kicking in mid-air.) The way "Dad" wedged John's shorts up into his crack was a nice touch. John's buttocks reddened quite nicely as well.
Orla | 10th February 2018 10:49
Another great movie from John ,Another beautiful red bottom and you can see that the belt did hurt his bottom was quivering.

I loved all the different camera angles,split screens.I like the spanking with the lad hoisted over one knee , I prefer lad draped over dad's lap but this works great too esp with the smaller/lighter lads .

I know this is slightly sadistic and poor John was in pain but he was perfectly positioned for you to give him a few belts on the top of his legs maybe next time lol xx

Great lecture from DAD,I really love dad's lectures apart from the spanking it's my favourite part in the movies xx
Rasputin | 10th February 2018 03:43
This video was very good. I enjoyed the fairly long time that John was spanked on his underpants before his "Dad" spanked him on the bare bottom. (I only wish that John's "pants" had been a bit tighter and skimpier, like the briefs that Charlie has worn when he was being spanked.) John did a good job of acting too - based on his reaction, he was hurt by his punishment.
Kass44 | 9th February 2018 22:22
Another film with John! I know I'm going to love it!
Kass44 | 9th February 2018 23:45 (75 weeks ago)
Sorry - I did not mean to post twice before - WONDERFUL WONDERFUL - just wish you spent now time on the shorts (underpants) - and still waiting and wishing for a good spanking while nursing that bar of soap but - John is a JOY and your films are fan-bleeping-tantic!
Rasputin | 10th February 2018 03:37 (75 weeks ago)
I was wondering about your statement "...Just wish you spent now time on the shorts (underpants)..." What does "now time" mean?
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