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Sebastian - Birthday Spanking

RELEASED: 22nd October 2016


Birthday Spanking

Well it's close to Sebastian's birthday which means of course it's time for his birthday spanking.

I started this movie with an interview with Sebastian. The mood was meant to be fun and lighthearted, and it was. For a while. Everything changed when I asked Sebastian how his behaviour had been recently and if there had been any recent crimes he felt he had gone unpunished for. 

As usual, Sebastian managed to surprise with the depth of his confession. 

So what was meant to be a fairly relaxed spanking turned into something a lot more serious and full-on.

I wont say much more here. But this ended up being a rather severe punishment and well-deserved too!

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jacko | 25th January 2017 06:33
I make this comment on the premise that the experience revealed in Sebastian's interview really happened and has yet to be reported to the authorities.

There is only one punishment that is appropriate for a hit-run drink driver and that is not a spanking.

At the time of the interview, apparently Sebastian had no idea about the extent of the damage to the other car, the cost to repair it, how traumatised or injured the driver/passengers had been or how their lives had been adversely affected by the collision. His comments suggested that since the accident he had made no attempt to find out. Hopefully he doesn't consider that this spanking should be the extent of his response to the matter. He has a responsibility to report the matter to the police and make every effort to trace the other driver and make recompense. I can assure him from my own experience, that until he does his conscience will not rest; despite the harsh spanking.

I would hope that it is not Sebastian's involvement with SLS that has caused him to act like an irresponsible "little boy," where a real-life situation like this has become yet another spanking scenario.

Despite the severity of the spanking, it treated a very serious situation very inappropriately. The birthday spanking should have gone ahead without reference to this crime as the light-hearted movie that was originally intended. As I have suggested before, it is my opinion that a birthday spanking should be restricted to an implement or implements of the model's choice and be a fun celebration of the occasion, not a traumatic one. And I'm not suggesting for a minute that the implements from which a selection is to be made should be limited to the nasty ones offered to Sebastian in this video.

I don't think that it is a good idea to ask the models to bring up misdemeanours from the past as an excuse for their spankings. As happened with Sebastian on two occasions this can lead to an inappropriate intrusion into a model's private life.

I'm disappointed with this movie Dave, not because it falls below the excellent standard you set for yourself but because I have found it to be an inappropriate response to a very serious circumstance. I appreciate that your decision was made "on the run" but I think that the interview should have been edited after Sebastian was asked if he was feeling mentally prepared.

Despite my strong loyalty to my favourite models in particular and my desire to hear about the success they have made or are making of their lives, my comments would have been the same for any model involved in this situation.

Of course, if it was all just a fantasy .......
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 25th January 2017 12:54 (69 weeks ago)
I don't believe for a second that Sebastian's involvement with SLS has caused him to act like an irresponsible little boy.

This spanking was not intended to be any kind of proper response to Sebastian's situation. That is a matter for him to address. All I can do is deal with what is presented to me when making these movies.

If the spanking in any way made Sebastian consider his actions more then that would be a nice result.

If there was indeed anything to address, or maybe it was all fantasy....
Ooleary | 26th October 2016 11:38
So I've watched this a few times since it's release but wasn't sure how to comment I was expecting at First a light hearted fun ish Birthday Spanking but it actually turned out to be a real punishment...i agree with Dave here Sebastian grow up and stop being a Dick.

I understand Dave's frustration what with the drunk driving and like with most cases of drink driving it's always the innocent bystander that hurt or killed never the bloody drunk idiot,so yes Seb deserved every hit.

The hand spanking alone looked tough,you even had to stop and rest your arm and I love the implements esp.the mini carpet beater thingy ,Seb did get an extra hit with the Chinese birch but secretly Dave I think you knew that I could hear the mischievousness' in your voice saying I'm not too sure lol.

I loved how Seb was trying not to curse and then apologizing for it to the camera ie us watching xx I also liked his little monologues to himself when he was saying she wasn't even that hot,and wondering about getting caned at school etc.

I'd like to see more Sebastian as he does have a nice spanking bum but maybe not a real life punishment again ,maybe something more lighthearted like if u do another spanking game speaking of spanking games when is the next instalment for the current spanking game every week I'm hoping it's the one maybe you could put it up as a special treat this wkend for Halloween 👻 xx

Thank you 😊 Dave,Art and Sebastian.

One more thing the music 🎶 at the end mixed with Happy Birthday 🎂 was seriously spooky.
Rasputin | 22nd October 2016 20:05
Sebastian did a very good job, as always. In the future, however, Dave, would you PLEASE have Sebastian (and all of your bottom models as well) wear briefs so that he can be spanked for a while on his underwear before his "pants" are pulled down for the bare-bottom spanking scenes?
welshboy | 22nd October 2016 11:50
what can I say about this film? It was one of the best spanking films I have seen. I have always loved Sebastian , but what he did. he is an idiot and every one of those spanks he did need to have. His bottom was on fire you could see it. Dave I could see that you were shocked. Some times it was hard to watch. I think the birthday spankings should be light and fun, But this was not. As always Sebastian needed to get spanked for what he did, I still enjoyed this film very much and it will go down in my top 10 all time great spanking clips. Great work from Sebastian, Dave and Art.
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