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30th July 2014 08:40 | LAST COMMENT 257 weeks ago

Hey Everyone!

Looks like I am going to be interviewing Dom this afternoon (in just a few hours time).

It has been a last minute arrangement.

If anyone has anything they would like me to ask him, please leave a comment below!

jammurhy | 18th August 2014 01:24
Did we ever get the answer to Doms question in why in particular Wayne?
uchikimatsu | 18th August 2014 01:37 (257 weeks ago)
Hi @jammurhy, I let everyone know on the movie comment page that I sent my answer to Dom privately (via Dave, of course) 😜
Aimee1234 | 18th August 2014 12:29 (257 weeks ago)
Thats cruel!!!!
uchikimatsu | 18th August 2014 15:23 (257 weeks ago)
I know. 😈
jammurhy | 18th August 2014 21:43 (257 weeks ago)
Fair enough, my name is James by the way. I need to get Dave to change it, thats what I was on here before, I lost my bank card and then when it came to renew it declined and Dave said to set up another one.

Looking forward to this one when its released. Really surprised me that Dave done another one after Andy reaction to it when he had this one
uchikimatsu | 18th August 2014 22:55 (257 weeks ago)
Hi James! I am really liking forward to Dom's new movie as well! I have a thing for mouth soaping. You've probably heard me say it before but I love mouth soaping and face slapping, as long as they are used sparingly, if not they lose that "shock value" and aren't special anymore. I really love any touching on the face, and Dave is so good with that! It is so lacking at other sites. I love when he lifts China to make someone look at him or smooshes their cheeks if they are swearing, or taps their lips for the same reason. I know I sound like a crazy person, but I'll probably put together a compilation of face touching soon!
Aimee1234 | 18th August 2014 23:29 (257 weeks ago)
I love all those things too chiki. Hi james :)
nanarr | 19th August 2014 02:19 (257 weeks ago)
Hi, James, welcome.

I'm really looking forward to the new video with Dom. Wonder exactly what he did or said to get his mouth soaped??
uchikimatsu | 19th August 2014 02:34 (257 weeks ago)
Nanarr!!!! :::::runs up and hugs nanarr::::

Dom said in the interview that he was swearing about his dad. I think he made a point to say "about" and not directly "to" so maybe this time dad found Facebook or Instagram, lol!
Aimee | 19th August 2014 09:49 (257 weeks ago)
I thought he said swearing at his dad? Must re-watch now lol
uchikimatsu | 19th August 2014 10:40 (257 weeks ago)
was I right? I'm up at this ungodly hour with a stupid nosebleed! But I have to hide them from The Butch, otherwise she just rails at me...
uchikimatsu | 19th August 2014 11:25 (257 weeks ago)
Just rewatched, Dom definitely said "about" - its in the first minute of the interview. So excited to see this movie1
James | 19th August 2014 21:08 (257 weeks ago)
Swearing about his dad. so probably right and that he come across on some type of social media. Dave doesnt seem to like swearing, Dom even got told of in the interview. Like Dom, he seems like he can take alot despite him bruising easily. I am sure he will get far if he is in the spanking competition.
James | 19th August 2014 21:10 (257 weeks ago)
Dave changed my name back. Thanks Dave
uchikimatsu | 19th August 2014 21:15 (257 weeks ago)
He's had a busy day doing name changes, LOL

I try not to assume too much about storylines, James! just when I think I've got something figured out...I don't! Dave loves to surprise us!
millie | 9th August 2014 13:37
when will this interview be released , as i have been waiting with great anticipation for the fab Dom to bare all xx
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 9th August 2014 14:18 (258 weeks ago)
Hi Millie, it will be released soon, I promise! :)
Aimee1234 | 9th August 2014 15:26 (258 weeks ago)
I have been wondering this also. I love the interviews
nanarr | 10th August 2014 05:21 (258 weeks ago)
So do I, Aimee. I wish Bailey would give us another interview; but, I'm looking forward to Dom's interview too.
Aimee1234 | 10th August 2014 05:31 (258 weeks ago)
Is Bailey your favourite model nanarr?
nanarr | 16th August 2014 01:34 (257 weeks ago)
Hi, Aimee. Sorry didn't answer sooner, just now saw this.

Yes, Bailey is my favorite, although I do like other models, too ... Andy, Ben, George
nanarr | 16th August 2014 01:39 (257 weeks ago)
Patrick ... just to name a few.
Aimee1234 | 16th August 2014 13:49 (257 weeks ago)
Yea i hope we see Patrick again soon :)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | 10th August 2014 11:12
Well this has now been released and is available to view here!
millie | 10th August 2014 15:29 (258 weeks ago)
thank you so much, downloading as we speak, what a fun sunday no work, coffee and the company of Dave and Dom what else could a girl wish for
vince904 | 30th July 2014 12:21
Hi Aimee,

Sorry for hijacking your comment. I see now how I should have submitted mine.


Aimee1234 | 31st July 2014 20:26 (259 weeks ago)
Lol Hi Vince no worries. I have jumped on peoples comments by accident loads of times
vince904 | 1st August 2014 15:30 (259 weeks ago)
matt | 30th July 2014 15:22
Hi Dave. Hi Dom you've always been one of my favorites models on the site.You're great looking and a really good, smart actor. I'll ask a few questions and feel free to edit out whatever you don't have time for. No one asked this yet, so I'll ask: Were you spanked as a boy? If so, please describe. Did you have any spanking experiences before shooting for SLS? What was your first spanking experience at SLS like? Who's your favorite model to work with when you shoot for SLS? My favorite scene is the Uncle Andy scene with you and Lee because all three of you are such good actors in it. And the spanking scenario is great. What's it like getting spanked by Andy? You've done some scenes where you spanked other boys. Would you like to do more of that in the future? Thanks so much, Dom. You're the best. And thanks, Dave, for giving us a chance to ask some questions.
uchikimatsu | 30th July 2014 15:55 (260 weeks ago)
Oooh, good questions! 👍💕👍
kristi10 | 30th July 2014 15:25
I hope I'm not too late to get my question in! Hi Dom, my question is about the "coach rules hard" movie. You took quite a beating in this film, how long were you bruised and what was going through your mind when Bailey started with the paddle?
Lynne | 30th July 2014 12:22
Chiki and hervone track mind :)

Two questions:

1. How have your SLS perceptions changed from the first time you met Dave to today? What sort of differences do you see; how do you look at things, in real life and during time spent at SLS, as opposed to your very first shoot?

2. Given that you have a very good general idea about what is going to happen, what are your thoughts/state of mind on the day of and just prior to the shoot?
uchikimatsu | 30th July 2014 12:41 (260 weeks ago)
I had just opened my eyes and rolled out of bed, its the best I could do before my brain actually began receiving bloodflow. Not all of us go to work at 3am and have the advantage of being on UK time, brat!

I suppose I might ask if its changed his relationship with anyone he's friends with outside of SLS that has recruited him or he's recruited, particularly Wayne. Do they conspire to get more friends behind the camera?

Also, does spanking play a role in Dom's personal romantic life, playful or otherwise? Has this changed (added or dropped) since working with Dave?
windycity1 | 30th July 2014 12:38
Hi Dom. I think you are the stand out actor on SLS and your performance in 'Dad Found Twitter' remains my favourite as it is with many others.

What would your favourite 2 scenarios be if you could choose? Be they home ( Dad) based or any other scenario.

And which is your favourite ( or most endurable!!) type of spanking position?

Many thanks for your excellent work

Lynne | 30th July 2014 12:26
Addendum ( for both Dom and Dave..and Art of course).....repeat all previous praise and thanks from the membership...your work is great and your time is appreciated. :)
Aimee1234 | 30th July 2014 09:12
Hi Dave I have a question for Dom :)

Hi Dom. Hope you are well. Love watching you & hope to watch you do lots more. Which of your movies have been the hardest (most painful) to film? And Are you finding the acting side of the movies easier as you make more?

You get better & better every time we see you. Keep it up. Thanks for all the hard work.

vince904 | 30th July 2014 12:19 (260 weeks ago)
Hi Dave,

I have several questions, so please feel free to ignore any/all of them.

1. Does the pain last long afterwards or does it fade quickly?
2. Which instrument has the longest/shortest impact?
3. How long do the marks last?
4. Have you ever had to explain these away? If so, how?
5. Have you ever found it painful to sit down afterwards? If so, how long for?
6. Do you use any techniques for dealing with the pain afterwards (cream/ice packs/cushions/avoiding sitting down)?
7. How do you feel beforehand? Is it like a visit to the dentist? If so, when do the nerves start to kick in?
8. Have you ever felt tempted to cancel a shoot?

Sorry for being so selfish in asking so many questions, but these interest me. Obviously you know Dom well, so will be the best judge of whether any of these are too close to the bone to ask him.


uchikimatsu | 30th July 2014 11:41
Always looking for opportunities to hear about Dave's ratty slipper and if that flimsy old thing really does hurt...!

Kindly let Dom know that he is appreciated, and that I think his acting, his comedic timing, and his ability to ad lib are wonderful. We are all hoping for more of his movies soon.
welshboy | 30th July 2014 09:37
Hi Dave I hope the interveiw with Dom goes well.
Hello Dom I would like to ask if you could spank any female film star who would it be and why? I would also like to ask what themed spanking film would you like to do that you have not filmed so fare. Thank you Dom for all your hard work.
welshboy | 30th July 2014 09:36
Hi Dave I hope the interveiw with Dom goes well.
Hello Dom I would like to ask if you could spank any female film star who would it be and why? I would also like to ask what themed spanking film would you like to do that you have not filmed so fare. Thank you Dom for all your hard work.
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