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Brother In Charge - Part Four - Andy & Oliver

RELEASED: 13th June 2014

Brother In Charge - Part Four - Andy & Oliver

Oliver and his Dad are having a nice quiet night in. Mum is away so the guys decide to order some take-away and have a few drinks.

Good quality Father & Son time!

The peaceful night in is soon ruined by a ferocious knocking at the door!

Dad goes to see what all the noise is about and encounters a very angry Andy Lee!

Andy has discovered that Oliver was involved in selling the 'gear' with his younger brother Dan and he is not happy.

What happens next is Oliver's biggest nightmare. 

Total Humiliation 

A Very Sore Bottom!

""More from producer Dave. Well when I first made Brother in Charge Part One I never dreamed that we would end up with a fourth part.

I love how these movies have a life of their own.

The main thing to tell you about this one, was how difficult it was for Oliver! He has had worse spankings in his time, but this was just total humiliation. Having to show respect to Andy and get spanked by him in front of myself was really difficult. In fact at one point I really thought Oliver would not go through with it. 

So of course, what we end up with are some delightfully real, awkward, embarrassing squirming moments from Oliver that we know are 100% genuine!


Available streams for iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Safari, IE or Firefox
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 10/10 | 13th June 04:02
::::sprays OJ onto toast and eggs:::

DAVE! There was no indication whatsoever in any of the blogs or comments that you had this in the works! Its like a christmas birthday hanukkah easter kwanza yak shaving day gift!

Its not streaming yet for me so I haven't been able to view it, but the preview looks wonderful! (unless Andy and Oliver suddenly break out into a random game of Twister in the middle of the movie)

Can't wait! :::::does happy dance::::
Lynne | Voted Video 8/10 | 13th June 06:04
You are one up on me...I can't even get the preview to load :)
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 10/10 | 13th June 07:13
I was able to watch a few minutes of it before the girlfriend yanked my headphones off and dragged me out the door to work! I won't say anything other than the storyline leaves room for more BIC! I'll be "square men" (Andy's pronunciation of squirming) all day at work in anticipation!
welshboy | Voted Video 9/10 | 13th June 09:50
It was great to see Andy and Oliver working together. I love wear this story is going. Andy as always puts on a good show with a hard spanking. Oliver's acting was a joy to watch and his red bottom is always wonderful to see, I loved the jeans and underwear that Oliver had on. Can't wait for part five. It's going to be a must see I think. Dave who did the music at the end? that was so cool. It was like a spanking beat loved it. Well done to all.
welshboy | Voted Video 9/10 | 13th June 10:00
I also wanted to say how much I loved Oliver's hair cut too.
MistressAlex | Voted Video 8/10 | 13th June 10:09
Great job once again Dave! Andy's random head punching threat made me giggle even though I'm sure it wasn't meant to. ^_^
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 13th June 16:56
Sexy clip. Oliver's cock and balls flopping on Andy's big lap was horny. Nice wriggling action too. Too cute!
Rasputin | Voted Video 9/10 | 13th June 17:20
Oliver did a great job of acting - kicking and squirming over Dave's & Andy's lap while being spanked, grimacing, pained facial expressions, grunting, protesting, cursing, etc. The split-screen shots, where we could see Andy's facial expressions and his spanking simultaneously, were great.

Oliver wasn't wearing tight, skimpy briefs, but he looked very sexy in those boxers.

Honestly, Dave, I think you went too easy on Oliver. In addition to dealing in drugs, he got Andy's little brother in trouble as well. In addition to the hand spanking you gave Oliver, I think you & Andy should have paddled him with a bath brush as well!

If Oliver had been wearing tight, skimpy briefs, and he had been spanked with a bath brush as well as hand-spanked, this video would have gotten a 10 out of 10 rating from me.

Still, I enjoyed this video very much. Well done, chaps.
lorilee | Voted Video 10/10 | 14th June 10:30
Great job guys, The key parts for me were at the beginning when Oliver looked over at dad from the corner of his eye like what is next, Then when Andy first arrived he was quite convincing playing the angry older care taker of his brother, Then when the spanking began with dad and son when camera showed Andy you could see him blink every time dad spanked Oliver. Beat deep down he could feel every one of those spanks. Art like the music and split screens as well thank you. Well done Dave looking foreword to number 5.

I agree with Rasputin on Oliver performance, and must say he is looking better each time I see him.
matt | Voted Video 9/10 | 14th June 15:34
Great clip. This one pushes so many of my buttons. I love Andy as a spanker; he's really in a class by himself.. He's so masculine and sexy and such a strong actor. He's totally convincing as a disciplinarian. Oliver looks great, too. Very sexy haircut. I love this scenario. That it starts out daddy/son but then turns into a humiliating spanking for Oliver by a friend's older brother is genius. And Oliver is totally convincing, too. I love how humiliated he seems and I especially love seeing him kicking and squirming over Andy's lap during his spanking. I'd love to see more stories like this. Strict, serious discipline handed out by an older (young) man like Andy, George, or even Oliver. Love to see Adam over Andy's or George's knee. Great work, Dave. Love the writing, direction, acting, and especially the spanking. Congrats Andy and Oliver, and, as always, excellent cutting, Art. More like this, please!
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 14th June 16:58
Mr X you find the best blokes for this site. Not the fake tanned glossy type, the real next door neighbour type every day lads. Good looking yet down to earth, just my type.
Aimee1234 | Voted Video 7/10 | 14th June 17:03
Great movie. I just can't get enough of Andy. The lust he brings out in me is ridiculous. lol. How good to see Dad and Andy giving it to Oliver in the one clip. I really like the Brother in charge series and can't wait for part 5.
Andy & Oliver in a pair for a movie is perfection for me. Would love to see some more from them together. Throw Patrick in the mix too and you have got me on cloud nine.
I have rated it 7 as although I enjoyed it, it isn't as good for my tastes as others I have rated 8-10 so I wanted to be more particular with my ratings.The reason it wasn't higher for me was putting all the videos into the SLS world in my head I felt that Dad would have been way more mad than he seemed in this given his recent incident with Oliver and the engagement ring in Oliver's bath brush movie. Seemed like Oliver got off to lightly to me. I'm sure Oliver would not agree though :)
Had Dad seemed a little more angry I think I would have rated it higher.
Well done Dave, Art, Andy & Oliver on another great movie.
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 10/10 | 14th June 21:35
10/10 and you know how stingy I am about those!
Wow, I really loved this for so many different reasons! Before I get into all the little details that made the film great as a whole, I want give special kudos to Art on this one. We all love split screen, and as @Rasputin pointed out, sometimes its not all about the spankee, so being able to watch Andy's face and his own reactions and scolding via the split screen were just as important. The split screen effect is always great, but I just felt that the editing in general had a very polished and mainstream feel to it. An example would be when Andy and Oliver were sitting adjacent on the sofas and "Dad" is standing between them. During the conversation we had close ups of each of them interspersed with pan out of all of them. Sorry about not knowing the editing jargon here, Art! I just thought it looked really wonderful!

As we all know, I'm not here to ogle the hot bods, so I tend to notice and appreciate "different" things about each movie. The first thing I noticed and loved was a clear delineation in the hierarchy of power. "Dad" and Andy were NOT equals. Dad most definitely held the upper hand and Andy deferred to him, although you could see respect flowed in both directions.

So, even though this was probably filmed like, what? five years before I wrote the scenario in the Suggestion Blog it is really similar to something I wanted to see, which is someone getting passed back and forth between several spankers after being confronted in an intervention type setting, so.... SQUEE! I wanted to make that little squee-face like @DoberDork does, but I dont know how to do that shit on here.

The opening conversation when "Dad" tells Oliver he's doing well because he's had this job for 2 whole weeks now. The look on Oliver's face is absolutely priceless. Its got Muthaf---er written all over it.

Andy nonchalantly pulling the little tray table out of the way.

Andy looking at his watch and declaring "I haven't got all day here!"

When Oliver disrespects "Dad" and things get a little heated. I like moments like this that seem a little more "real" and less rehearsed or ritualistic. "Dad" getting angry and making a grab for Oliver's ear and then his hair, which unfortunately there was none, and then just his head was brilliant, Andy taking control and scolding him was just... icing. On a cake. Chocolate cake, soaked in Irish cream. Sprinkled with valium. And a glass of red wine.

Oliver gets better with each movie. I'm sure he's a great kid in person, but the character he's built in the SLS soap opera world is kind of an ass-hat douche-nozzle. Can I say that here? He's the one I love to hate and enjoy watching every grimace, grunt, and bead of sweat develop at his temple. I'd like to see him cry. Can you make him cry, please?

I actually did feel sorry for him in his discomfort over Andy's knee and was wondering if that alone was enough to atone for the whole "Interview Debacle." But... nah!

Andy has grown into quite an amazing spanker. Thank you for recognizing that and continuing to showcase his talent!

This probably belongs in Suggestion Blog, but what the heck I'm here now and its relevant. Suggestion: when reviewing the raw footage, every time you notice a model look directly into the face-cam either a) deduct a small percentage of their fees, or b) give them extra spanks next time. Yeah, yeah, thats it... extra spanks for the face-cam lookers.

uchikimatsu | Voted Video 10/10 | 14th June 23:14
@Aimee - I guess the thing I tried to keep in mind is that the extent of Oliver's involvement is never really disclosed to us. We believe that he is neither taking nor selling the drugs and is so far removed from the transaction that the police do not even have cause to arrest him.

Don't worry, though, Oliver is built for ass-whippings, I bet BIC/5 gives us the Oliver beat-down you crave in your soul, along with some Dan spanking. Ah, remember that conversation in the OTHER blog... about Andy and Patrick confronting and then spanking Dan...?? Wouldn't THAT be sweet? Ah, double spankings.... Just fantasizing.....
Lynne | Voted Video 8/10 | 15th June 07:18
Now that I may be able to string together a coherent sentence (It was pretty iffy on Friday and absolutely impossible yesterday :) ), I might be able to make some sense, Some of this is may be duplicated a little, however....

I agree with Oliver's new haircut style; it suits him quite nicely :). I would also dearly love to know how long it takes Dave to get into full view "Dad" character; that disguise is....unique :).

Andy was well in character especially with the outraged, barging in, through the open door. I got the feeling Dave (not “Dad”) was a little surprised as well.

I like that “Dad” initially stood up for Oliver despite the past issues but also wasn't afraid to once again nail him to the to speak, even while initially keeping Oliver “safe” from Andy’s clutches at the start of things; although he quickly handed Oliver over to Andy’s dubious mercies later and was giving Andy tips on how hard to spank :)

Oliver did well in the changes of position and being bounced between “Dad” and Andy. What I don’t think anyone has commented on as yet is that Oliver, actual Oliver not character Oliver, laughed a couple of times during Andy’s portion of the spanking. Not sure how to describe the attitude but it was definitely a lighthearted, playful?, reaction. Still, his overall attitude was ALL Oliver and brought to mind one of Oliver’s interviews..where Dave indicated that Oliver doesn’t swear much and that they would work on it…I think the work was successful. As always, when “Dad” takes over the attitude changes which fascinates me but on that note, I also think these models are suicidal at times with some of the off-the-cuff dialog they use unless that is a part of the plan. They have to know what the reaction is going to be and it certainly would not result in an early end to the spanking…no sense of self-preservation these guys :)

As for the BIC5 peek, I am guessing Oliver is going after Dan for getting Oliver into trouble…similar to which was it, Ben and Karl in Ben’s humiliation spanking. Of course we know Mr X caught Ben taking things out on Karl so am guessing we are going to see something similar, although, Dave has gotten good at throwing in twists so what I am thinking may happen may be way off the mark :)

@Chiki…what was it you said prior…call it morbid fascination with what we are afraid of. They keep looking into the camera so they can see their proverbial doom about to descend :)

@Welshboy…the music is a flowing theme throughout all of the BIC movies..I agree though that it fits very well and I have always liked this particular music. It has to be Art’s never ending abilities to find just the right tone for the end of these vids.

As we always repeat, well done to all for yet another success :)

Art | Not voted video yet | 15th June 18:10
Thanks to uchikimatsu for what you said about the editing and the split screens. I appreciate that a lot. Welshboy, yeah, I choose the music - it's either original stuff that I compose or rhythm fragments that I piece together. Glad you liked it. Some music I use several times - every now and then I put together a new one - just to keep things interesting :-)
regina | Voted Video 10/10 | 15th June 22:08
I do believe my new favorite is Oliver his emotions are great! I can only magine how embarrassing it was to go over andy knee. Even know I like andy be spank more he also a great Spanker. I thought was going to die when heard Oliver cursing. Now dad don't you think that calls for some soap?

Overall everyone did a great job. Art keep up the great work!😆
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 10/10 | 16th June 04:17
@Lynne - I'm going to have to keep a notebook and pen handy to take notes while watching these vids so I can make my reviews! I never remember everything I want to say! I just wanted to chime in on your observation about Dad's transition from "maybe your lot, but not my Oliver!" to "spank him harder!" It was both very funny and well paced throughout.
Lynne | Voted Video 8/10 | 16th June 14:04 usually takes me three views at least to get all of the little nuances out of the vid. The first run through is just for enjoyment..the others to catch what I missed in the previous views :). By the time the third run rolls around I have more or less captured everything.

It also helps that I got spoiled at work with dual monitors and now use them at home. If needed, I can run the vid back on one screen at the same time as I am creating the post. I also create the post in Word so I can edit (and correct the typos), then just do a copy and paste into the post. I know...overkill :).

Domfan | Not voted video yet | 17th June 14:25
I'm torn. Dom and Andy are amazing for opposite reasons. But Oliver is such a sexy little fucker. This site gas the best blokes ever.
Aimee1234 | Voted Video 7/10 | 17th June 15:18 do make me laugh so much

"Andy taking control and scolding him was just... icing. On a cake. Chocolate cake, soaked in Irish cream. Sprinkled with valium. And a glass of red wine."

What an awesome description lol. I understand what you are saying so far as the extent of Oliver's involvement. I just felt that Dad would have been really angry at A) the lying about his job income being the source of his new belongings and B) involvement in drugs at any level. I sort of want to believe Dad is running a tight ship after his recent history with other naughty behaviour and therefore any further misbehaviour would warrant a more serious punishment. Despite this I did enjoy the movie very much. I am just being a little more strict with my ratings as I can't give everything high ones. Especially since I want the lovely Andy (as a spankee) higher in the leader board of top ten movies **blushes and heart skips a beat at thought of Andy's spanking videos** lol.
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 10/10 | 18th June 04:58
@Aimee - thank you! I recently sent an email about an issue I was having at work. The HR director responded, and added that I should have been a stand-up comedian. I was pleased until I realized I wasn't sure if that was a commentary on my job performance 😨
millie | Voted Video 10/10 | 18th June 11:58
i was dying to see this movie i had such a hassle getting my account sorted , today i finally did and i cant stream the movies as it keeps pausing and crashing, how long before i can download, from what i got to see Andy did well as the angry big brother, Dad very protective of Oliver , Oliver was a star as usual good story line
jamester | Not voted video yet | 18th June 12:10
Hot video, but Andy needs to do more spanking. I'd do anything to get paddled by those big strong arms of his when I am in London LOL
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | Not voted video yet | 18th June 13:12
Hi Millie, if you send me an email to [email protected] I'll help you with your streaming.
kristi10 | Voted Video 9/10 | 26th June 12:44
Aimee, I completely agree with you, @chiki is hilarious , cracks me up!
kristi10 | Voted Video 9/10 | 26th June 18:34
Jamester, you might want to rethink that! Those big strong hands on my backside? I don't know, the word " terrified" comes to mind! but, good luck with that! LOL
toshiba | Voted Video 9/10 | 12th August 15:25
I love the part when Andy turns around after closing the front door, it makes me laugh.
regina | Voted Video 10/10 | 15th August 18:11
All I can say is this is awesome!
[email protected] | Voted Video 10/10 | 26th August 16:18
Wow Andy and Oliver what a great combo. I wet myself when Andy said he'd punch Oliver in the head, and Oliver asking why am I being spanked. My poor Oliver really got his ass reddened.
red1967 | Voted Video 10/10 | 28th October 06:52
wow grate continue this story getting better I love Olivier cocky attitude swearing at dad and Andy not good idea lol Olivier grate acting. Olivier + Drugs = sore bum I did giggle when dad grounded you. Andy and Dad wow you spanked him hard loved the movie gave 10/10 As it got 2 of my fav models thanks Dave and Art
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