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Caught Spying on Girls - 18 year old Karl

RELEASED: 6th June 2012



Introducing Karl who is soundly punished by Coach Bailey


Karl has just finished swimming practise. He heads for the showers to freshen up. Whilst he is busy soaping himself down under the running water he notices a hole in the wall.   Coach Bailey delivers a stern but kindly lecture about keeping his young desires under control.


He can't believe what he is seeing on the other side..... The girls showering! 



Karl does what any 18 year old straight lad would do under the circumstances and spies whilst jerking off!


He is in mid stroke when Coach Bailey comes barging in.


Caught red handed Karl is told to get to the Coaches office! Karl is so embarrassed. He really looks up to Coach Bailey and is martified that he got caught wanking!



Karl is faced with a stark choice. Bailey tells Karl's parents and the rest of the team or Karl accepts a punishment


It's a grim decision but Karl decides he would rather face Baileys strong hand than public humiliation!


What happens next is a tough lesson. Bailey really goes to town on this sorry lad and wastes no time in  getting the speedos off! Karl is spanked hard over the coaches knee. He is struggling around with his legs kicking back but he is powerless in Baileys strong grip! 


Eventually the punishment is over and Karl is sent on his way with Bailey promising that it will never be mentioned again! 


......more from Mr X! 

"Well this was young Karl's first every shoot at Straight Lads Spanked. It was also his first ever spanking! Bailey laid it on hard and Karl certainly got a thorough introduction!

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Rasputin | Voted Video 7/10 | 27th January 12:28
Dear Mr. X,

Karl is too skinny and boyish-looking for my tastes, and his acting style is too stoic. That said, this wasn't a half-bad video. If only Bailey had been the one getting spanked while wearing a speedo! :-)

Hey, I just thought of a sequel to this that would really light my fire. In Scene One Coach Bailey is in his office late one night and he is doing something he shouldn't do on school property - getting drunk, smoking a joint, snorting cocaine, nailing a girl, whatever. Unbeknownst to the Coach, Karl is in the pool doing laps while this is going on. Karl gets out of the pool and heads to the locker room to change. He inadvertently stumbles upon Coach Bailey doing his naughty deed. Karl does not make his presence known, but instead sneaks back to his locker room, whips out his smartphone and records the Coach "in the act" without being seen. There is a mischievous grin on Karl's face - he is not quite the naïve, sweet-natured lad he appears to be1 :-)

Scene One is the next day. The swimming team has finished practice, and the pool is empty except for Coach Bailey. Bailey, wearing a tight, skimpy speedo, is relaxing by swimming laps. His private practice over, the Coach pulls himself out of the pool and is headed toward the showers when Karl makes his presence known. (Karl has not changed into his street clothes, and is still wearing his speedo.) Bailey asks Karl what he wants, and Karl whips out his phone, and says, "I want you to glance at this, Coach." and plays back the footage of the Coach doing "whatever".

Bailey, still wearing his speedo and still dripping wet from his swim, is taken aback at what he sees. He asks Karl what is he going to do. Karl replies that what Bailey does next will determine his action. If the Coach does nothing or tries to make trouble for him, he will post the clip on the Internet or e-mail it to the school authorities, in which the Coach is fired, arrested or both. If Bailey agrees to work this out between himself and Karl, Karl will remain silent and agree to destroy the clip.

Bailey asks what the lad has in mind. Karl says that he wants to punish the Coach in the same way that the Coach punished him.Bailey at first protests, but realizes he is over a barrel and has no choice. Bailey agrees to this, and the two men walk out of the pool area toward the Coach's office.

Scene Three is in the Coach's office that same night. Bailey & Karl walk in, with Karl carrying a gym bag. Both men are still wearing their speedos. They have made sure that the locker room is empty and have locked the doors. Bailey says "let's get his over with". Karl sits down on a chair, pulls Bailey face-down over his lap, and proceeds to spank the Coach harshly on the seat of his wet speedos.

At first Bailey tries to "take his punishment like a man" by stoically grunting, gasping, cursing under his breath, flinching, etc. while he is being spanked. However, after a few minutes of spanking the pain becomes unbearable and he starts squirm over Karl's lap, kick his legs, yell "ouch! ow!", etc.

After he has spanked Bailey for a few more minutes, he stops. Bailey groans and, thinking his ordeal is over, starts to get up off of the lad's lap. Karl, however, smiles, says "Not yet, Coach!", pushes Bailey back down over his lap, pulls the Coach's speedo down in back to below his buttocks and upper thighs, and starts to spank Bailey's bare ass even harder than before. Bailey response is even more demonstrative than when he was spanked on his speedos.

Karl spank's Bailey's bare bottom for a few minutes, then stops, smiles and says "just one more thing, Coach - just to make sure you learn your lesson!" Bailey, still lying over Karl's lap, grimacing in pain, looks back over his shoulder at his blackmailer, and says "What the fuck ... No! No! You can't do this!" Karl has pulled a freshly-cut switch out of his gym bag, and Bailey goes ballistic when he says the switch. Karl pushes the panic-stricken Coach back down over his lap, says, "Sorry, Coach! This is for your own good. This will hurt me more than it will you - yeah, right!"pulls a switch out of his gym bag, and proceeds to soundly switch Bailey's bare bottom. The Coach's buttocks and upper thighs, already bright red from the spankng, soon begin to show red stripes from the switching. Bailey is squirming over Karl's lap, kicking his legs futilely, whimpering, sobbing, bawling, begging for mercy.

Karl stops switching Bailey after a minute or two. The Coach doesn't try to get up initially, but instead continues to lie over Karl's lap, whimpering and trembling and groaning in agony. His red, striped buttocks and upper thighs throb in agony. Karl quietly lets Bailey lie over his lap for about 20 seconds and then says, "I'm a man of my word, Coach. Watch this." Bailey, still whimpering in pain and lying over Bailey's lap, looks back over his shoulder at his blackmailer. Bailey holds up his smartphone, starts to play back the footage showing the Coach's naught actions, and pushes the erase button. The incriminating digital evidence vanishes. Karl then grins, pushes the playback button again, and NEW footage now appears of the Coach being spanked by Karl! Karl explains to the flabbergasted Coach, "I've recorded this session, Coach - as insurance that you don't cause trouble for me in the future! Don't worry, Coach, I'll erase this file as well - at the end of the school term, after I graduate! This session will be our little secret - provided that you let me spank you every week until I graduate! Relax, Coach, I won't use the switch on you again - I'm not THAT sadistic! But a good, bare-handed spanking from me every week - both on your speedos and on your bare ass - is just what is needed to drive the lesson home!" Karl then starts to pull up Bailey's speedo in back to cover the Coach's ravaged buttocks and upper thighs, and says, "Deal?". Bailey, still lying face-down over Karl's lap, groaning in pain, realizes he is over a barrel and resignedly says "Deal!" as his speedo is pulled back up.

How is that for a sequel?

Please reply when you can.

cami | Voted Video 10/10 | 25th March 19:44
OMG MR.X YOU ARE A GENIUS. That would be awesome if you could bring that to life. Cuz i wanted karl to get bailey back. bailey beat the crap out of karl 's butt. They bailey you know what they say about pay backs... lol
Great idea Mr.X
cami | Voted Video 10/10 | 25th March 19:47
OOOPS I Mean RASPUTIN, so sorry about that. But you are a genius i hope Mr,X will bring that to life cuz that is a great story that you had rasputin..
cami | Voted Video 10/10 | 25th March 19:48
But in the karl interview they said they don't know if karl would get revenge on bailey. But we will see :)
tmdallas | Not voted video yet | 9th April 10:19
Please do a sequel to this one where Karl gets to spank Bailey very hard for revenge. Have it with no story line other than a quick interview at the beginning where it's discussed that Bailey and Karl agree that Bailey is being paid to accept Karl's revenge, and it's up to Karl to do that as he likes. Then, Bailey gets it good mostly naked and Karl is in his underwear.
Mr X | Not voted video yet | 12th April 03:49
I'll look into this! I'm not so sure how easily Bailey would agree to get over Karl's knee though! lol!
jockbud | Not voted video yet | 30th October 11:02
Awesome spanking. I love Baileys spanking style, you can tell that that hurt.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | Not voted video yet | 30th October 12:10
Bailey is mean! That was one tough spanking!
[email protected] | Voted Video 10/10 | 24th August 05:46
I love Bailey as the spanker but my poor little Karl he really can take it good job .NO NO NO Karl can't spank Bailey that's insane end of...
Cherylkay | Voted Video 7/10 | 12th November 21:57
I'll admit I was hesitant to watch this one because, quite frankly, watching a guy spank his monkey isn't really my thing. But I'm glad I watched it because it was better than I expected. Part of the reason is the size difference between Bailey and Karl. I love it when the bottom is smaller than the top so that he "fits" over the top's knee instead of hanging all over the place. Also Bailey's spanking style is what I can only term relentless. Not a bad movie at all. Karl took a very good spanking like a pro. I imagine that being a boxer helped. A guy who's used to getting punched in the face isn't likely to complain too much about getting smacked on the bottom.
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