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Jay & Scott - Failed Substance Test - Part One

RELEASED: 28th August 2014

Jay & Scott 

Failed Substance Test

Part One

Jay has taken up martial arts and is really good at it. In fact, he has been selected by the coach to enter a competition with his mate Scott. 

Training has been going well. In fact, a little too well! The coach is suspicious about the lads sudden improved performance.

He orders a private substance testing kit and is dismayed when both lads prove positive for banned enhancement substances.

If the lads were to get caught with this during the competition it would have serious repercussions.

The coach decides the lads need to learn a serious lesson and he sends them off to visit the local spanker, Mr X!

Scott has never been before and is in for a shock when he finds out that a spanking is going to be dished out.

For two straight friends getting spanked in front of each other is just embarrassing!

Especially as they are forced to strip off naked in front of each other!

Jay and Scott are spanked hard, bare bottom over the knee!

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kristi | Voted Video 7/10 | 28th August 07:25
Wow,, I wasn't expecting that! Dave, I guess you just love to surprise us, eh?
Jay sure is looking good, thinned down quit a bit, but as cute as ever. still just as cheeky as ever as well, I don't think that will ever change, Dave, but keep trying, if for no other reason than movie enjoyment! lol
New model Scott looks great! beefy bod, nice tush.
Great new movie Dave, thanks
Good job Jay, Scott, and Art- love your work here
Dave, as always, your the best!
Aimee | Voted Video 7/10 | 28th August 08:23
Well I have to say Jay is looking fine! Thinner & tighter! Really fit! Wasn't expecting to enjoy this one but I did. Good job all.
welshboy | Voted Video 10/10 | 28th August 08:24
Dave I am so happy right now after seeing this new film with Jay and Scott. The story was spot on whitch I loved. The attitude of both guys was great and they did indeed need a good spanking. I have a great big smile after seeing Jay' red spanked bottom. Scott could be so good for straightladsspanked. I do hope he does more films. As for Jay, I was so happy Dave when you said his name and it was a new film, I can't wait for more from Jay. Dave you have made my week and also its my birthday on sunday. So seeing Jay spanked is a wonderful birthday gift.
[email protected] | Voted Video 5/10 | 28th August 08:25
Jay Wow wow wow he is Hot love the new Jay and Scott so cute too the look on his face really thought it was a joke Jay not as wriggly as before either can take a spanking now until pants came down Scott too can't wait for part 2 xxxx wow wow wow can't get over how good Jay's looking xxxx
natoshiba | Voted Video 8/10 | 28th August 11:04
Glad you mentioned Jay touching himself Dave :).
millie | Voted Video 9/10 | 28th August 14:47
well you can see that Jay has been working out and looking good for it well done there and im pleased that he still has the same sense of humor the Jay moves in the corner the smiles and the little giggles all in good fun, glad he had a buddy to share the shame with Scott didnt think the spanking was going to be so sore by the sounds of things, both boys did well so glad Jay is back , love the new look and Scott lets hope we see more of him also, you sounded a tad frustrated at Jay Mr X, i think you are going to sort him right out in part 2, well done every one
Ooleary | Voted Video 5/10 | 28th August 16:11
Ok so I've watched this 2 more times and while I think Jay looks great fit and trim good on him i didn't like how he kept messing around and touching himself in the corner very disrespectful to you and you had to stop spanking Scott to tell him off he defo deserved the belt for his potty mouth and i hope you don't go easy with the paddle in part 2 no matter how loud and squirmy he gets.
Rasputin | Voted Video 9/10 | 28th August 17:49
Very good video, Dave. Welcome back, Jay. Welcome, Scott.

I was amazed at Jay's transformation. He's really slimmed down. I liked his cheeky, defiant attitude. I did notice that his performance , although still good, was not quite as demonstrative as in the past - not as much squirming, kicking, grimacing, grunting, yelling, etc. I hope that Jay becomes his old demonstrative self when the punishment becomes even more severe in Part 2.

Good-looking, athletic Scott made an impressive debut. He was just as cheeky and defiant as Jay, and he gave a solid, demonstrative performance over Mr. X's knee.

Dave, you might be getting tired of hearing this, but I'll say it again. If Jay and Scott had been wearing tight-fitting, skimpy, European-cut briefs or speedos instead of their boxer briefs during their spankings, I would have given this video a "10 out of 10" rating.
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 28th August 19:43
@Orla - first Jay movie? You never really get used to it...
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 29th August 04:17
I really like this movie, begrudgingly and with extreme reluctance...

First, comments from The Butch:
"Wow, Jay's sack is really huge!" (she has a bizarre fascination with junk)
"What? How could Dave end it there? I want to see Jay get his ass beat, he needs his ass beat for that attitude!" (this from someone just watching to keep me company. She admitted that the more she watches the more involved she gets with the characters and storylines and that she is really enjoying SLS. YES! HOOKED!)

As everyone agrees, I think Jay looks phenomenal, he's a beautiful boy, and Scott, if he decides to stay and once the giggles die down, will make an interesting addition to SLS, I like him, but I like everybody.

I say I liked this film reluctantly because Jay used to really bother me. I thought all his extreme antics in the background made a mockery of the film Dave was trying to make and in turn, mocked the genre in whole. By association, he was belittling the audience, and it made me feel embarrassed. I thought maybe Jay was uncomfortable with working in the MM spanking genre (highly doubtful) and the antics were his form of male posturing or the equivalent of nervous giggles. I tried every way to justify it but I still wanted to smack him in the smush.

Then I was counseled by a very wise and patient man who said that not all people are going to be immediately submissive in the presence of Mr. X, and reminded me what a boring world it would be if everybody reacted exactly the same. This man also reminded me what fun it is to watch Mr. X doing his job so we can witness the transformation from cocky ass-hat douche-nozzle (my name, not his) to contrite and subdued.

So, with that shift in perspective I was able to watch this video without the usual fantasies of violence toward Jay and it was actually quite fun! I'm looking forward to Part Two and hope we can take Jay and Scott all the way to contrite and subdued (its a long trip.)

I have to say the look on Jay's face in the last scene scene as the movie freezes for ending credits is perfect and priceless!
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 29th August 04:22
Also, this movie has a lot of face touching, which is an absolute favorite of mine... so I couldn't not like this film even if I tried... (THANK YOU DAVE FOR ALL THE FACE TOUCHING IN HERE - ITS GORGEOUS AND BRILLIANT)
Ooleary | Voted Video 5/10 | 29th August 08:15
@ chiki going to watch the other Jay movies later and will let you know what I think but I have a feeling i won't be impressed he's a good looking boy for sure but all that carry on in the corner (can someone either punch him or tie him up)
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 29th August 08:34
@orla - I changed the phrase "smack him in the smush" from "punch him in the neck" in the review above because I thought people would think I was some kind of violent crazy person, so I'm glad you said it first, LOL.

I really am a loving, gentle person, that was all just fantasy on the inside...
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 29th August 13:49
Oooh, just realized Dave uses "stay at peace!"

Lynne | Not voted video yet | 29th August 14:03
I am going to agree with Chiki on this one :). This first part seemed very similar to Paddle Dare 2 in the way Jay was acting, plus a lot of the recycled verbiage.; I actually went back to check I was playing the correct download.

I got the feeling at times, due to the verbiage and also due to Dave's occasional attempt to hide smiles, that it wasn't so much a Mr X dealing with "Jay" as it was Dave having a good time with Jay. Agreed Jay is looking much better; the new look suits him very well and Scott did well for first time jitters. I am sure it feels very strange to have to act out something when you find the whole situation funny in and of itself :) Scott just needs more "game face" practice. Jay is Jay :) and the beginning antics are sure to continue but as Chiki also indicated, part of the draw here is watching the transformation from the playful, not taking things seriously to 'I swear I will never do it again,' attitude. From the stills at the end of the vid I am guessing the paddle was successful.....

Am guessing the paddle will be doing some of that transforming in Part 2 :) but hopefully it didn't, or doesn't, scare Scott off...that is a tough implement to be using on a first time introduction.

uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 29th August 16:15
Hi, can I get some assistance from anyone with good hearing? Can someone kindly tell me what Jay is saying right at 2:59 that causes him to smirk/laugh and then suddenly go serious? Its a funny effect but I have no idea what he says... thanks for the help!
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 29th August 16:18
Jay has beautiful cock and balls
Lynne | Not voted video yet | 29th August 17:07
I think he is saying "take enhancements" but with the difference in accent it is hard to tell. My US brain is automatically translating to en-hance (like hand) but it sounds like en-honce (like hot) to my ears :).
Ooleary | Voted Video 5/10 | 30th August 01:51
@chiki he says take enhancements
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 30th August 03:56
Thanks, Lynne, that's exactly what he says, "take enhancements." If I have at least some idea I can usually confirm it by reading lips. Jay did really well there, it was a funny moment, he had good timing and control.
uchikimatsu | Voted Video 7/10 | 30th August 04:41
thanks, Orla! Your post was not showing by time I saw Lynne's and checked the movie again as there is still a posting delay on the movie comments... but thank you for the help!
matt | Voted Video 7/10 | 31st August 06:43
Late rating this one but I'd echo what everyone else says about Jay. He looks great. Trim but more muscular, etc. He's always been a sexy model but he's definitely looking better than ever. Scott has an fantastic body and butt. He's kind of stiff at this point but he has real potential.
Alg | Voted Video 9/10 | 5th September 04:28
Loved it! I really liked the way Jay can't control himself and the adrenaline and endorphins kick in - all the mucking about and touching himself ... less a performance than a genuine reaction ... and he seems so confused by his obvious delight at seeing another guy spanked ... loved that. He needs a scenario where he can jerk off whilst watching and just get itout of his system.
Cherylkay | Voted Video 7/10 | 1st October 14:00
This is only my second time really seeing Jay (I did see "Paddle Dare" because it was free) and I have to say that he looks amazing. If it's possible, he looks younger than he looked two years ago. He has absolutely gorgeous eyes! But...all the histrionics just don't do anything for me. Jay is a big, tough guy and we're supposed to believe that a martial artist can't take a hand spanking without all that carrying on? A low pain tolerance is one thing, but come on LOL.

I understand that, in these kinds of films, the boys do touch themselves occasionally. I have no problem with that. It's what young guys do. But when Mr. X tells a guy to "stand at peace" then he should do it. Otherwise, it turns the proceedings into a farce. Hopefully, the paddling they're going to get in Part 2 will straighten both of them out.

I've spent a lot of time talking about Jay but I think Scott did a very nice job for a first time. The nervous giggling was cute up to a point, but it quickly got out of hand. I enjoy the natural reactions of friends seeing each other spanked for the first time, but I felt both guys played it up a bit. I hope Scott comes back. He has such a sweet face and will get nothing but better.

I'm a bit all over the place here because there were things I liked about it and things I didn't like. As I said before, I don't dislike any of the guys here. They all have different personalities and there will be some I like more than others. But it was good to see Jay finally, all that carrying on aside.
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