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Jay & Scott - Failed Substance Test - Part Two

RELEASED: 30th October 2014

Jay & Scott - Failed Substance Test

Part Two

This movie follows on directly from Part One.

Having being caught taking 'enhancements' to boost their performance. Martial Arts fighters Jay & Scott have been sent to Mr X for punishment.

Having just received a hard OTK spanking in Part One, Mr X has decided that the lads still have not learned their lesson so further 'Attitude Adjustment" is required!

So the lads face 12 swats of the paddle each!

Mr X does not gl lightly and you can see the pain etched on each lads face as the paddle hits the mark on their already tender bottoms!

These sorry straight lads are left with very sore, bruised backsides after a tough spanking and paddling!

Available streams for iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Safari, IE or Firefox
jacko | 31st March 2017 04:26
There is no doubt that this video was an extremely painful exercise for both models. It is rather difficult to fake the reaction to a paddling because the sound and reddening are clear indicators of the impact. There was certainly no faking in this traumatic confrontation with the wood. Imagine the reaction if the lads had encountered the butt blisterer wielded with the same force. Scott's reactions were exactly what I would expect; convincing, measured and appropriate yet he still retained his self-control. Either Jay has a very low pain tolerance or his reactions were well in excess of what I would consider to be reasonable. His claims that Scott's swats were softer than his were pathetic unless they were part of the pre-arranged banter. The extensive bruising on Scott's backside were in marked contrast to the lack of bruising on Jay's.

As I started off by saying, this must have been an excruciating assignment for both boys but that didn't stop me from laughing the whole way through. Scott's charming demeanor and smiling in the face of adversity encouraged empathy as I hoped he would make it through to the end, sorry perhaps but satisfied with his composure. A fantastic job Scott! As for that wuss Jay, it gave me great pleasure to savor every whack on his beefy behind. I got the impression that Scott enjoyed it nearly as much. Thanks for having the courage to front up, Jay. Take enough of these wallops and eventually you might be able cope with some of the tough stuff that Mr. X hands out.

A thoroughly entertaining movie for the reasons I have espoused. The paddle excites me; I would like to see it used more often.
| 29th March 2017 03:59
OregonSir | 19th February 2015 16:52
this is great! I love the way the paddle really connects with the guys. Scott's smirking is handled with a great dose of the paddle. I'm not sure if your demented frog reference was about an amphibian or a neighbor to the south, either way I loved the dancing..... may I have more like this sir, please?
Aimee | Voted Video 8/10 | 30th October 2014 12:22 (194 weeks ago)
I enjoyed this one. Jay really has gotten rather hot. Yum. Still not quite as hot as Andy but he's certainly jumped up the list of most gorgeous models. Fit!!

Dave, I laughed out loud when you called him a demented frog. Hilarious!

Well done all.
Ooleary | Voted Video 6/10 | 30th October 2014 13:44 (194 weeks ago)
Scott definitely took the paddle better and harder his bum looked really bruised unlike Jay "the demented frog " ha ha jumping around
Ooleary | Voted Video 6/10 | 30th October 2014 13:57 (194 weeks ago)
Ps Dave don't know what my phone is doing but my vote should read 6/10 xxOrla .
i usually vote and comment on my laptop but i loaned it to a friend for a few weeks cos he broke his and he needs it for college so really missing it cos a lot of my fave movies won't stream on my phone roll on 5 weeks when I get it back still makes me laugh though everytime i think of how it got damaged he was getting into his car when his phone rang so he put his bag on roof of the car and started chatting then sat into the car and drove off forgetting his bag was on the roof it slid off the roof and he reversed over it
MJM | Not voted video yet | 30th October 2014 14:15 (194 weeks ago)
Hi Dave, great film! Love Jay's screams, squeaks and general outcries of pain... Delightful! What did your neighbours think, when you started making these films? Did or do they ever hear the screams of pain from some of the guys? (Thinking, 'What was that?!') (((Chuckles at the thought)))
welshboy | Voted Video 8/10 | 30th October 2014 15:05 (194 weeks ago)
Jay and Scott work so well together. I must say not as good as part one. But I have always loved Jay and his shouts and face pulling make it all part of the fun. As for Scott he is growing on me, I do hope he does more spanking films. I am so glad their is going to be a part three with Jay. It will be a joy to watch. Art well done on the over look of the film, you just keep coming up with the goods.
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 30th October 2014 15:14 (194 weeks ago)
Haven't seen it yet but can't wait to find out about "demented frog!"
I'm hoping Jay is a little (well, a lot!) more humbled in this one...really liking forward to his peg-down-taking 😁
Cherylkay | Voted Video 7/10 | 30th October 2014 19:27 (194 weeks ago)
Poor Jay...he really does struggle with implements. That hasn't changed. As an American, I can relate to getting the paddle, as most of my teachers were fond of using them (and yes, teachers paddled girls in my day). Both Jay and Scott have really nice bottoms that color nicely. Those "bull's eye" bruises are the mark of a hard paddling and Scott's were really noticeable. Both guys are muscular, but not what I would call muscle bound, although Scott's quads are huge. I do love seeing a strong, muscular guy being spanked and having a bit of a hard time with it (probably why I like Wayne so much lol). Something kind of cute about that.

@Dave, you should issue a "spew alert" before you say things like demented frog! lol I was watching the video at work and I nearly shorted out my computer spewing my drink on the screen. That was one of the funniest things I've ever heard you say.

I would love to see Scott in another film. He seems a bit quieter and a bit camera shy. Maybe another shoot would get rid of that shyness?

Great work, as always, Art.
Lynne | Voted Video 7/10 | 30th October 2014 21:06 (194 weeks ago)
Downloading at the moment but Chiki, dear...I think you meant down peg taking :). As for the demented frog, I can imagine it. Jay has always been rather uhm, active, in his responses...vocally and physically :)
Rasputin | Voted Video 7/10 | 31st October 2014 00:32 (194 weeks ago)
Not as enjoyable as Part 1, Dave, but still a fun video.

I'm looking forward to Part 3. I know Jay will react quite demonstratively to the bath brush. It'll be interesting to see how Scott reacts to it.
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 1st November 2014 00:48 (193 weeks ago)
A treat to see Jay's dangly bits between his thighs 😍. Oh and he has lovely eyes and teeth
Cherylkay | Voted Video 7/10 | 1st November 2014 14:15 (193 weeks ago)
@Rasputin, if Jay is getting the bath brush, I'm getting my earplugs ready.
Cherylkay | Voted Video 7/10 | 1st November 2014 22:48 (193 weeks ago)
Seeing as how Jay has a hard time with implements, I have to wonder why he agreed to the bath brush? That video should be interesting (and loud!) lol.
Lynne | Voted Video 7/10 | 1st November 2014 23:46 (193 weeks ago)
The first time I watched the vid I didn't go to the very end but stopped when the credits came up. Rasputin's comment about Jay and the bath brush sent me back to watch it again this time all the way through. I never thought that Jay would ever agree to the bath brush and Cheryl, I think you are correct. While Jay did much better in this vid, and in part I, with the quieter voice, I can't see how he will be able to hold back with the bath brush.
Cherylkay | Voted Video 7/10 | 4th November 2014 04:04 (193 weeks ago)
@Lynne, if past performances from Jay are anything to go by, I don't see it happening either lol. I'm getting my custom made ear plugs ready for that one. I recall (maybe it was the interview with Andy after the mouth soaping video) Dave reminding Andy that both he and Jay had said during a shoot they neither would ever do the bath brush and now they've both done it. There are some other models I'd like to see do a bath brush video. Dom is one of them, but the way that guy marks, I doubt we'll ever see it. But I won't say never.
Alg | Voted Video 7/10 | 10th November 2014 10:37 (192 weeks ago)
Jay is so funny, I love his reactions and honest yelps and wiggles ... big sad eyes brimming with tears ... I have the feeling he really wants to let himself go and breakdown; perhaps the bathbrush will help him on his way?
Cherylkay | Voted Video 7/10 | 12th November 2014 19:33 (192 weeks ago)
@Alg, Jay always looks wretched afterwards, doesn't he? LOL I always feel slightly antagonized in any discussion involving bath brushes because well...quite frankly, I hate them. My hat is off to anyone who can tolerate those evil things lol.
Lynne | Voted Video 7/10 | 12th November 2014 23:48 (192 weeks ago)
Addendum...Scott would be a possibility physical stature wise..whether he is crazy enough to do it, well.....
Cherylkay | Voted Video 7/10 | 13th November 2014 04:57 (192 weeks ago)
Oh and did I mention I'm in love with Scott's quads :)
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