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Duration: 16:22 Size: 157.60 MB

Locker Room Spanking - Karl & Johnny

RELEASED: 24th May 2013

Karl and Johnny are only 18 and  star football players. It does not stop them from misbehaving though! They have been kicking a ball around private land and windows got broken. 

Coach Andy is furious! He drags the lads into the locker room and demands to know who was responsible. Neither Karl or Johnny own up and this makes the coach even more angry. He tells them that unless one of them confesses they will both be getting a good spanking. The threat of being spanked does not seem to work...

Coach Andy Lee deals with Karl first as he drags him by his ear and puts him over his knee.... Karl gets spanked hard whilst Johnny looks on! Soon though it's time to swap as Johnny feels the full force of the coaches hand.. It's humiliating getting spanked bare ass in front of your team mate.

Spanking over and coach Andy sends the sorry straight lads for a shower.....

The lads get themselves nice and clean and think the punishment is all over... They are wrong!  Coach Andy has received further information about the broken window. He has found out that both lads are to blame!

It's time for the paddle! Johnny is up first and has to bend over, fully naked and receive 6 hard swats from the hard wooden paddle! There is no doubt at all just how much they hurt. Karl can only watch in despair knowing that he is next!

Two 18 year old lads get spanked and paddled hard!

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hyunjun900 | 16th April 2019 08:11
jacko | 4th February 2017 07:34
By my reckoning this was Karl's eighth movie if "Spank Jenga" is counted as a single movie. He was still an 18-year-old when this movie was released in 2013. Art was but a twinkle in Dave's eye when this film was produced so the film lacks the slick editing which has been a feature of more recent films. Nevertheless it remains one of my two most-viewed videos because it is convincing, different, innovative and features two of SLS's promising young stars. With Andy as the spanker, the paddle and a twist at the end, it excels the entertainment value of many other SLS movies that I have watched. An unpredictable masterpiece which is a credit to all involved in its production.

Karl joins a brand spanking new model (excuse the pun) in Johnny and together they weave a believable scenario with confident interaction and appropriate dialogue. It is ever so smooth.

Although the realism is enhanced by filming this movie in a real change-room it is counter-productive because of the less than adequate acoustics. I needed to watch it a few times to catch much of Andy's dialogue.

In this film, Karl shows that he has made a more important change than the addition of a new tattoo between his shoulder blades. His reaction to punishment has improved so much since his first movie; it is now animated and energetic. Although the cheeky smile does reappear from time to time during a spanking, his general reaction is no longer pasive. In this case it may have something to do with the effectiveness of Andy's clouts which were randomly placed and powerfully executed.

For a total novice, Johnny appeared to be a natural talent and there was no hesitation, embarrassment or resistance as often happens when models are spanked for the first time. Johnny is a handsome model whose only problem appears to be his apparent indifference to spanking.

If, as had been suggested, an injustice had been done to one of the boys, I would have expected more dialogue between Karl and Johnny during the shower scene. It became simply an opportunity to view red backsides rather than an opportunity for angry exchange. Perhaps they were both guilty after all. Made possible by the use of real change rooms, the shower scene fell short of its potential until the very end when I couldn't understand the dialogue between the two lads.

The paddling obviously hurt when applied to recently-showered skin and Karl showed the disadvantage of having a less-than-robust backside when he bruised after six strokes.

It is regretful that Johnny did not return to make another movie. He showed so much potential and with training could have improved his reaction skills. Of all the models who have been limited to only a handful of films, I found Johnny to be more impressive than most. Maybe it was his good looks, his confidence, his excellent interaction with Karl or just the fact that he was a really pleasant talent but he appealed to me. I hope that he wasn't scared away by his first-up harsher-than-usual spanking. He really was far too good to lose.

Once again, Andy proved to be a very competent spanker. I always prefer the films in which he adopts this role to the films in which he is spanked.

Overall, despite its flaws which I have detailed above, this film hit the spot with me. All three models showed exceptional talent and/or potential which contributed to a very entertaining film which I have watched time and time again.

Thank you so much for your efforts lads and Dave too for a memorable production.
OregonSir | 5th March 2015 01:43
bravo - my favorite of all (so far) - Andy is nothing short of brilliant and the paddle provides for a great finish!
red1967 | 22nd January 2015 16:43
Well done Andy one of the best Spanker on SLS ( but Mr x and Dave are the best Lol ) Wow Karl looks so young over Andy's knee Karl can takes a good spanking well and so did Johnny well done boys enjoyed the movie is johnny in anything else would of liked to see more of him. Thanks to you all
SoupGoblin | Not voted video yet | 24th May 2013 11:25 (330 weeks ago)
UNF. Coach Andy, take me now!
wardcoleman | Voted Video 10/10 | 24th May 2013 19:29 (330 weeks ago)
What a cute pair! And Coach Andy is excellent!
cami | Voted Video 10/10 | 24th May 2013 20:02 (330 weeks ago)
OMG, Andy does very one have a issue with Karl?, The coaches just leave marks or karl butt. Coach Bailey & now coach Andy. now why in the world would you even try anything bad like that? You know that andy & bailey are very strong. But 1 thing i gotta say to karl you can take a hard spank that is for sure. But now here is the Q how hits harder Andy or Bailey? . Now for Johnny you did a good job :). Anther great video once again :) Awesome job ev1 :) :)
badladldn | Not voted video yet | 24th May 2013 22:08 (330 weeks ago)
great job. Andy is a great spanker! Could sure be taught a lesson by him one day! As for who spanks harder Andy or Bailey... id love to be able to answer that!
SoupGoblin | Not voted video yet | 25th May 2013 00:03 (330 weeks ago)
Congrats on the new locale as well, btw. Is this a new set?
matt | Voted Video 7/10 | 25th May 2013 06:14 (330 weeks ago)
This is a FANTASTIC new video. I love the scenario; anything with two boys getting spanked over Andy's knee is good for me! Karl is adorable and excellent as always. I love the new model; very cute, very believable, and a good actor already. I hope to see more of him in the future. And Andy is just the best; handsome, a great actor, and a great spanker. So all in all, this gets five stars from me.
rugbydiscipline | Not voted video yet | 10th June 2013 08:47 (328 weeks ago)
Excellent - very authentic paddling and script 'assume the position. Great vid
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | Not voted video yet | 10th June 2013 09:36 (328 weeks ago)
Thanks! The paddling was 100% real! The lads bottoms were on fire afterwards!
TopJeff34LR | Voted Video 9/10 | 2nd July 2013 03:53 (325 weeks ago)
Excellent video. Andy did a great job. You have to be spanked to know how to spank correctly. Would love to see more "real paddling" with a real paddle. Assume the position is perfect. Love the new boy, he took it well. Would love to see Mr. X utilize the wooden paddle more often in the video's.
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | Not voted video yet | 3rd July 2013 22:31 (325 weeks ago)
Thanks TopJejj! Yes, I must admit I should use the paddle a buit more! Let's see what I can do! :)
thespanker | Not voted video yet | 8th July 2014 02:00 (272 weeks ago)
Love the paddle reminds me of high school days great video
[email protected] | Voted Video 10/10 | 24th August 2014 01:34 (265 weeks ago)
So funny when Coach Andy Mr Wiggler himself tells Karl to keep still.Seriously though my poor little Karl stop picking on him ,Johnny looked every bit as guilty .Great job Andy love your new role as the spanker more Coach Andy xx Karl as always I love you here's a big cuddle for you Orla
[email protected] | Voted Video 10/10 | 24th August 2014 01:36 (265 weeks ago)
sorry forgot to vote with my last comment here it is now xx
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