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Taylor & Oscar - Rugby Initiation - MM Spanking Video

RELEASED: 9th June 2016

Taylor & Oscar

Rugby Initiation

MM Spanking Video

This brand new spanking video features Oscar and Taylor, two straight lads in locker room spanking action!

Taylor has decided that he wants to leave the football team and join the tough rugby lads. The rugby players have an initiation ceremony that all new members need to go through and Oscar has been elected to take care of this.

Taylor has been summoned to the locker room and he arrives on time feeling rather nervous, and unsure as to exactly that the initiation will be. 

The general feeling amongst the rugby lads is that their sport is a lot tougher than football and you have to be able to deal with a bit of pain. 

Oscar explains to Taylor that he has to submit to a spanking and Taylor reluctantly agrees. Taylor has been spanked by people in authority before but it somehow seems worse when it is another guy is own age. The spanking starts over Taylor's shorts and you can see from his facial reactions that they don't offer much protection!

That is only stage one though of this mm spanking video and Taylor is soon told to remove his shorts and top for stage two. He is feeling even more vulnerable as he stands there wearing only his tight, white underwear.

Back over Oscar's knee he goes and the OTK spanking continues. You can see that Oscar is really enjoying the task in hand as he spanks Taylor's bottom. Of course stage two comes to an end and leads into stage three. A BARE BOTTOM SPANKING! 

How Humiliating! To be ordered to strip off, fully exposed in front of Oscar. It's just embarrassing!

But Taylor clearly really wants to join the rugby team so goes ahead. Oscar has really big hands and each spank makes a real impact on Taylor's throbbing cheeks!

There is stage four to come of this mm spanking video! Taylor has to bend over and grab the locker room bench, with his bottom in the air and accept some hard whacks from the gym plimsoll! This thick rubber shoe really has quite an impact on Taylor's muscular bottom and Oscar really does whack him hard! 12 Times! 

Taylor must really want to become a member of the Rugby Team!

""more from Producer Dave, it was quite an effort to get these guys together to make this movie. I find it really interesting how the guys would rather take a spanking from myself than from a guy their own age. So I was delighted when both Taylor and Oscar agreed. The other fact for you is that both guys play their sports professionally. So Oscar really is a rugby player and Taylor plays football. I really try and stick to as much reality as possible. On the day of filming I arranged to meet both guys at my local train station and by the time I got there they had already met each other and were busy chatting away. I found it fun in the car on the way back listening to their very normal conversation about their sports and girlfriend trouble knowing that they were about to spank each other. I did ask Taylor what he first thought when he met Oscar and he very truthfully said he just had this knot in his stomach as Oscar is quite a tall, muscular imposing figure (I'm not sure how much that comes across in the movies. 

For me it was nice to make a movie that did not involve punishment and lectures and one that did not require a strong figure of authority either. Just lads and their own fun rituals!""

Available streams for iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Safari, IE or Firefox
jacko | 16th January 2017 11:55
I really enjoyed this movie. The choice of Oscar and Taylor as the participants was clever casting as their interaction was excellent. They both gave convincing performances. Because there was no negativity, no punishment and no aggression they were both relaxed. That’s not surprising because prior to the filming they had struck up a relationship and in fact, Taylor had watched while Oscar filmed a caning movie similar to the one that he had featured in previously.

In the initiation movie Oscar gave the impression that he really wanted Taylor to make it through and join him as a rugby teammate but that didn't prevent him from delivering a sound spanking. He didn’t come across as a bully character like Bailey but rather a friendly mate who had a job to do.

As explained by Oscar in the interview with Taylor, this was his first role spanking a fellow sportsman and model, so it was difficult for him at first to gauge the effectiveness of his spanking. However, he soon settled into a steady rhythm and produced a spanking that had Taylor grimacing with pain. His twelve swats with the plimsoll would have done Mr. X proud.

I liked the dialogue between them which was appropriate and friendly. I remember the following delightful line from Oscar's dialogue. It was produced when Taylor questioned the need to remove his underwear.

"Listen mate, in a rugby club there are none of them namby pamby one-way showers. We get changed together mate. You haven't got anything to hide have you?"

Did rugby professional Oscar have tongue in cheek when he made this comment to football professional, Taylor? Perhaps Dave was the one with tongue in cheek because he chose these models then developed the scenario around them. Very amusing!

Because of the dialogue, excellent acting and friendly scenario, this is one of my favourite movies. I look forward to many more movies featuring these two charming models.
Ficwriterjet | 28th December 2016 05:32
I liked Oscar as the spanker. It didn't seem particularly uncomfortable with the situation, and he had a nice solid swing. Since Taylor is also a tall guy, it was nice to have Oscar as the spanker since he's just as tall if not a bit taller. It was different to see Oscar smiling through the whole thing, but I thought it fit for the situation.
NovaDad | 17th June 2016 18:53
I went back and looked at Oscar's and Taylor's earlier solo videos. Taylor is a great bottom and Oscar is definitely a better bottom than a top (IMHO). I hope we will see more of Taylor -- for sure!
NovaDad | 17th June 2016 18:28
Not bad, but I was disappointed that Oscar clearly held-back by cupping his hand so that Taylor only felted a muted impact from Oscar's hand.
I'm looking forward to the second part and keeping my fingers crossed that Oscar didn't hold-back with the paddle. =;-))
Ooleary | 11th June 2016 17:36
Taylor was excellent here, always love his facial expressions and reactions to his spanking and He's Hot Damn xx

Oscar - while he may have been a little nervous and unsure at the start he has a nice spanking arm and big hands - you thought him well sensi.😈
LucienG | 10th June 2016 14:20
I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Sure, there was nervous smiling but this was an initiation not discipline. Oscar's administered a good spanking, with excellent cadence and technique. You taught him well, Dave. He has a strong spanking arm, big hands, and uses his wrist well. None of that splayed fingers foolishness as in Chris's performance with Declan. Further, loved the camera angles and clearly the editing was very well done. Taylor took his spanking like a man. His facial expressions are priceless. Lovely bum too. All in all, this is a well made spanking video. Thanks and kudos to all.
welshboy | 9th June 2016 19:37
Ok I think I will have to watch this a few times more, On first viewing Taylor is great as always. I love the faces he pulls as he is being spanked. I do like the story line. The only down side is Oscar for me, Now don't get me wrong I loved Oscars first film. He just looked so ill at ease with doing the spanking for the first time. Maybe this film will grow on me. I will review it again then.
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