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8th December 2013 15:12

So this weekend has been eventful to say the least!

I'm not quite sure where to begin. It's been quite stressful and I have gone from nearly closing down the site to being more invigorated than ever before!

Ok so here goes!

On Friday I started getting emails from members telling me that one of the Straight Lads Spanked models had appeared in a movie for another mm spanking site No Way Out. I had a look and was pretty upset to see that it was Sebastian.

I also saw from the description that the movie he was appearing in was very similar to the ongoing series of movies he was currently involved with for Straight Lads Spanked.

Sebastian was called Tom in No Way Out. The movie was titled

'Tom - Crime and Punishment'

The series of movies that Sebastian was appearing in on my site was called

'Sebastian - Real Punishment'

In Tom - Crime and Punishment, Tom is interviewed and confesses to a real life crime and is suitably punished.

In Sebastian - Crime and Punishment, Sebastian is interviewed and confesses to a real life crime and is suitably punished!!!

My heart sank and I'm gonna be honest with you guys and girls I got quite upset.

Now let me tell you something... I have a great relationship with some of the other mm spanking sites. We all respect and appreciate the work we do. It's a specialised market with not much financial return so most of us do it as a labour of love first and foremost. So with this in mind, we have a gentleman's agreement not to use each others models and step on each others toes. 

This is something that is very important to me.

I had also previously reached out to No Way Out on this same matter and thought that we had also come to the same gentelmans agreement.

So seeing this movie was like a kick in the stomach.

So I contacted the producer of No Way Out to find out what was going on. 

He told me that Sebastian had not suggested that he had previously done MM Spanking movies. I had already spoken to Sebastian at this point and he had told me that the producer was fully aware that he was a Straight Lads Spanked model.

So I put this to the producer who then admitted that yes he did know, but only when Sebastian had turned up to film and by then he felt it was too late.

Now at this stage I am receiving emails from members asking me if I am now collaborating with No Way Out as they have seen the movie and can't believe how similar it was to what I had already produced. I assured them I had nothing to do with it...

But the emails kept on coming!

I am getting pissed off now as this movie from No Way Out is really affecting my business.

The Real Punishment movies I had filmed with Sebastian were about as real as you can get! The story was real and the punishment was real. Suddenly having him appear on a different site as a different character dramatically took away from the authenticity of my work. 

But that was not all. The final part of the series Real Punishment - Sebastian - Bath Brush Beating still had not been released.

This was crazy! I'm pushing boundaries trying to give you all the best movies I can and this other site is jumping in and doing this. It just made me feel that the Real Punishment series with Sebastian was no longer valid or believable. So I reacted and just removed them from my site and I also scrapped the, as yet, unreleased Sebastian Bath Brush movie from my schedule.

I asked No Way Out again if we could stop this situation from ever happening again and respectfully asked them to stop using my models.

The reply I was given from No Way Out was basically this. They were not using MY models. They were just using models and the models were free to work anywhere....

So let me tell you about the models that work on Straight Lads Spanked. actually let me make it specific. I'll tell you about Sebastian.

When I first met Sebastian he had never done any filming. He was not a model and had never been spanked. I knew he would be perfect and was a real life naughty lad!

It took me 6 months of conversations and coaxing to finally get him to make his first movie. It was a lot of hard work on my part to get him on film. After that he gained confidence and you have all seen the results of what happened afterwards...

Until now, Sebastian has never appeared on any other mm spanking site. He was new and fresh to you. 

This is what is important to me. 

Dom, Wayne, Karl, Oliver, Fred, Sebastian, Tommy, Dale, Adam and so on..... All new! All fresh and all magnificent! 

Trust me, it takes a lot of work to get these guys on film. They are not 'working models.. They all have regular jobs and regular lives.

So to find another mm spanking site, making a movie with a model from my site, is shit!

To discover the movie is just like the movies the same model had filmed for me was cringe worthy!!!

So I'm now on damage limitation mode. I offered to pay the producer all of his production costs to remove his version of the movie from his site but he refused.

I then asked him to at least hold it back for four weeks, release a different movie in the meantime and to allow me to release my final part of the series but he refused.

He explained to me that capitalism is not nice but its the world we live in!

I asked, can we at least prevent this from happening again by not using models that work on my site?

I was pretty much told that it is up to me to keep the models exclusive and if they approach him then it is fair game.

Keeping the models exclusive would be a lovely thing to achieve. The truth is, I can't. I simply can't afford to pay them a retainer not to work elsewhere. It's just not financially viable. I do discuss with the models that I want them to remain exclusive to Straight Lads Spanked and that if they choose to work for another mm spanking site that will be the last time they work for me.

The sad reality though is that many of these young guys don't think about long-term consequences and they react to the here & now. So if they need cash they will go and get it. I don't really blame the models. I know what I am getting in to when I work with them.

That is exactly what happened with Sebastian. I spoke to him yesterday and he told me he needed the desperately needed cash and I was working away from home and unable to help. So he shot that movie with No Way Out. Sebastian said he was unsure how much more work I would give him. I understand that point of view as I have to release the movies, gauge your feedback and then make plans for future shoots. So there will of course be some gaps where he is not working for me. 

Now of course, Sebastian is dreadfully sorry and fully regretful for that snap decision he made back then. He realises now what he has lost work-wise from myself.

That is why I feel it has to be up to producers to be ethical and enforce this exclusivity between ourselves! The great news is that I have that understanding in place with most of the other studios and it works great. I thought I had the same agreement with No Way Out. 

No Way Out have explained they don't want to work like that. Their opinion is that it is down to myself to stop the models seeking work elsewhere if I want them to be exclusive. 

Which has lead to this situation and this rather long rant!

I guess it bothers me because I just can't relate to that train of thought.

I don't want to use models from other sites. I turn them down often. I want to bring you new and fresh guys that you have never seen before. I want to bring you guys that have never been spanked before! I work hard to do this. The alternative to me seems lazy.

So what you end up seeing on here is the guys taken on a spanking journey. From normally an initial OTK hand spanking, then some implements and building up to something like a bath brush beating and who knows what else!!!

That is exactly what was happening with Sebastian. I had already filmed his bath brush beating months ago and it was in the schedule waiting to be released. Suddenly, out of the blue No Way Out release their movie with Sebastian and it knocks me for six. It just seems to unfair. Unfair to me from a business point of view. Dreadfully unfair to Sebastian as his career at Straight Lads Spanked comes to a sudden stop and finally unfair to you, the faithful viewers.

I ask all my models right from the first conversation if they have worked on other mm spanking sites. If they say yes I simply wont use them. If, in the case of No Way Out and Sebastian where a model had turned up to me to film and suddenly confessed that he had worked for a rival mm spanking company I would stop the shoot and the model would go home without pay. 

Even of No Way Out found out too late that Sebastian had worked for Straight Lads Spanked and the shoot was already complete, then they could have at least contacted and made me aware of the situation. Between us maybe we could have worked out a release schedule that minimised impact on our business. From previous conversations they knew this was a big deal. The first I heard was when the movie had been released!

I have movies filmed approximately 6 months in advance. So now the fear is that this could happen again with a different model that I have nurtured on here. It's very frustrating!

Never in my wildest dreams did it occur to me that I would be facing this issue from another MM Spanking studio. The relationship I have with other studios is warm, courteous and respectful. We all do our own different thing to bring you, the viewers, the best movies we can whilst respecting each other. It's never felt like a 'dog eat dog' world.

Until now!

So that, dear members is why part three of Sebastian's Real Punishment series has been rush released today.  I guess I will just carry on doing what I do. I'm going to be honest though and say this situation this has affected me deeply. I do take it personally and I'm not sure how I would deal with it happening again.......

I tried hard to negotiate with No Way Out. I never wanted to release this blog post. I never wanted you to even be aware of the situation. All I want is for them to find their own models and leave the guys that have been exclusive on Straight Lads Spanked alone. Is that really too much to ask?


Want to see what happened next?

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