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RELEASED: 31st December 1969
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millie | Not voted video yet | 14th August 13:55
the weekend has officially begun
jammurhy | Not voted video yet | 14th August 14:52
Now we know why there is a part two. Good little twist on it to make it different to the other WTYFGT
kristi10 | Not voted video yet | 14th August 15:52
Wow, that was one massive spliff!! That's some Cheech and Chong stuff right there!!

As I suspected, now I can't wait for the second one to be released! Those bottoms sure were red, for that short, sharp lesson, ouch! Both of the guys looked great, great reactions, I suspect that is because they had already gotten it pretty hard, and it was painful. Good job everyone, Art, really like the end credits. Wayne and Adam, looking great lads!! And Dave, as always , your the best!
Aimee1234 | Not voted video yet | 14th August 15:59
This was SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!!! Can't wait for part 2. Adam, Wayne & 'dad' were brilliant. The acting was really good. Great storyline. Art the fancy stuff with the credits at the end was amazing! Well done all. I really loved it and eagerly await part 2.
Rasputin | Not voted video yet | 14th August 18:27
A very good video, Dave. I am looking forward to Part 2 of this story. Thanks again for spanking these lads on their briefs for a fairly long time before pulling their underpants down for the bare-assed finale.

I have a suggestion for Wayne if you can pass it along. Tell him that he's a good-looking guy, but he'd look even better without all that gel in his hair.
nanarr | Not voted video yet | 14th August 19:30
WHEW, is that what's called a "fattie"??! Kristi, you're right, that's definitely Cheech and Chong proportions!!

I enjoyed part 1 and am looking forward to part 2. What a good friend Wayne was ... claiming he brought smoke into the house. Couldn't help but wonder if Adam really would have done the same for Wayne. Adam had the opportunity to "fess up" and he didn't (but should have). :::: Tsk tsk, shaking my finger at Adam ::::

Going to re-watch it because ... I can! ... and

nanarr | Not voted video yet | 14th August 19:42
enjoy it all over again !!

Thanks to Dave, Art, Stuart, Wayne, Adam, and all the others we don't know about for a great job. You've spoiled us so we expect a wonderful production, and yall never disappoint!
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 14th August 20:05
@kristi10 - LOL, Cheech and Chong! you must be around my age! ha ha ha!

Oh my gooedness LOVED the movie, and the boyos looked so adorable passed out together on the bed. Aunt Mary came by and put those kittens to sleep with some catnip....LOL, they were so CUTE!

welshboy | Not voted video yet | 15th August 01:47
This was a top mark story. Wayne and Adam worked well of each other, and the build up to the spanking was very enjoyable. Both guys underwear was number one in my book. The film was very well throught out and seemed to flow very well. Both boys acting has come along so much and loved the little acting at the end of the film, as they talked about what was tho come. As others have said Art well done on the lettering at the end ,it did look good and Dave these films just get better and better.
kristi10 | Not voted video yet | 15th August 03:49
Oh, whoops, was i showing my age there?

Dont forget to vote chiki.
Lynne | Not voted video yet | 15th August 06:57
Adam was showing some early nerves there..hand was already shaking a bit :); can't argue the storyline was spot on. I like the interaction between Wayne and Adam..they seem comfortable around each other and both fall nicely into the Dad/son dynamic.

@kristi..I had to laugh about the Cheech and Chong comment :). I had this same conversation with someone else few days ago. A picture posted on FB with a Cheech and Chong label. A friend of mine from the barn had no clue who they were :); she's only :)
Lynne | Not voted video yet | 15th August 07:00
Oops...hit submit early.

Well done to all seems redundant :)

Part 2 awaits; possibly the week after next?
regina | Not voted video yet | 15th August 07:19
This was a great video All 3 y'all did a great job! I think there butt are too red for just hand spanking.
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 15th August 09:16
Good catch, @regina! Maybe Dave will confirm for us if this was filmed on the same day as the first Spanking Competition? Adam's poor bottom looked a hot mess.
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 15th August 09:23
@Lynne - week after next for Part 2? Do you think we'll be that lucky? Hmmm, how many weeks did Dave torture us while holding onto the conclusion of Coach Bailey?
baroquen_art | Not voted video yet | 15th August 09:25
I thought the boys did a great acting job in this one! Nice video, looking forward to part 2!
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | Not voted video yet | 15th August 12:15
Thanks for all the great comments about this movie. Really glad you enjoyed it. It's certainly a favourite of mine too and yes, this was filmed on the same day as the lads Spanking Competition..
Art | Not voted video yet | 15th August 19:47
Thanks, guys. :-)
matt | Not voted video yet | 16th August 14:50
So good! I love these two models. Adam and Wayne are both super cute and perfect for this kind of father/naughty son scenario. Wayne just gets hotter and hotter. So handsome and such a perfect, spankable butt. I love a two guy OTK scene like this and it's especially hot because they're both so cute. I love seeing them lounge around on the bed with their sexy bare feet. The acting is great, the spanking action is great. I'm with Rasputin; I also love a nice, long, OTK session on tight underpants before the bare bottom round, Dave, another fantastic clip. Thanks, Dave, Art, Adam, and Wayne.
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 16th August 14:51
I'm really getting a thing for Wayne, I think I'm falling in love again...
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 17th August 15:05
@Domfan - didn't you just say the same about Oliver? Can't keep up with your fickle love life! LOL!!!
tinhead | Not voted video yet | 18th August 13:52
@Chiki - I think I'm a Wayne fan. I KNOW I'm a Dom=fan. As for Patrick, I get his fan magazine every quarter. Bailey is my favourite. But I much prefer Oliver, who is clearly the hottest. Apart from Liam and Ryan :-p
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | Not voted video yet | 18th August 14:19
Well I'm glad we got that cleared up tinhead! :)
tinhead | Not voted video yet | 18th August 14:30
Dave, you might as well invite me onto [Spanking] Supermarket Sweep - with the finest merchandise anywhere - and ask me to take just one thing at a time. It's just not going to happen. :o)
Dave - Straight Lads Spanked | Not voted video yet | 18th August 14:32
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 19th August 07:43
ROFL @tinhead! No worries, I can't choose just one either, that's why I never claim I have a favorite! I think all of them bring something unique of themselves to the table, which is why I'm sad when they go away (come back Karl, Ben, Tommy...)

Aimee1234 n/k/a Just Aimee and I had a detailed discussion about this vid off forum. We'll be bringing it here soon, using the new movie comment blog, and hope some people join in!
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 19th August 08:24
I've watched this 5 or 6 times now and its fast becoming one of my absolute
favorites.  There is almost nothing not to love about this film so I will
get down to the parts that Just Aimee and I were discussing that both of us
thought lost the edge from a 10 to a 9.

I like Wayne.  I do not love Wayne.  I will say it again that I am not the
best at people-reading.  To me, Wayne's acting seems a bit wooden.
However, Aimee pointed out that the difference in his behavior goes from
relaxed and having fun with Adam to a very subdued demeanor where he makes
very little eye contact with Dave during the scolding.  I would like
feedback from others on this.  Other than the fact that Wayne is a nice
looking person with a fit body (ie; the physical, which has no effect on my
evaluation) what attracts you to Wayne?  I have heard a lot about Wayne
here when most of what I'd like to say is about Adam.

Ok, the only thing that brought this from a 10 to a 9 for me was this.  The
boys postures while they were observing each other's punishment.  It
basically projected, "Ho, hum.  Yes, we are quite often half naked and
spanked by Dave in front of others.  No big dealio."  When their body
language and facial expressions should have been screaming, "OH MY DEAR
LORD!, My Dad is actually spanking my best mate's bare ass right in front
of me... this is not happening PLEASE GOD, make it stop! make it stop!"

Aimee also brought up Adam's lack of embarrassment when Dad announced his
punishment in front of Wayne.  He was upset that he was going to be
spanked, but not particularly embarrassed at having it announced in front
of his friend.
I said, to justify this point, since we are in SLSville, we can assume that
most(ahem) all boys are still spanked at 18+ and that Wayne already knew
that Adam was spanked regularly at home.  He even admitted to Dad that his
father would do the same (but without the belt.)  Aimee is a hard case,
though, and says she does not forgive this, LOL.  There should have been
deep embarrassment.  Anyone?  Opinions?

As I said, there is much love for Wayne in the comments here, however, Adam
is the stand-out actor in this film.  His face and body language are
spot-on appropriate!  He was perfect, very, very expressive! I know Dave
snagged him on the same day as the competition, but I hope he can convince
him to do more story driven movies... he is really, really good!  I snorted
when Wayne asked if the belt was going to hurt (duh) and Adam turned to him
and just said "yes."  Like, sorry, dude, there's no sugar coating that.

I'm going to watch again and look at Wayne with new eyes and try to see
what Aimee sees.  I encourage all the Wayne fans to watch again and have
another look at Adam from my perspective.

Oh, one last thing, I was so sad that once Wayne's spanking was over and he
was sitting next to Adam again, he was rubbing his bottom while Dad was
scolding more, but the camera didn't catch that... :::cries:::
Lynne | Not voted video yet | 19th August 09:51
I wasn't sure how to address these so just a few thoughts here. First, we do have to remember both of these guys were already quite sore. To have voluntarily put themselves in Dave's clutches soon thereafter, well, that took guts :). Knowing Dave tends to ad lib and possibly even add to a shoot without necessarily giving prior warning, I can see why neither would want to chance extra..there is a handspanking and then there is a HANDSPANKING while still sticking with any pre-shoot agreement; (guessing here, Dave can chime in :) ).

They were coming off of one shoot with each other so the embarrassment issue just may not have been there. Plus these two seem very comfortable with each other in any case; they had already been through one group effort with the Jenga vids. To me they reacted more as Wayne and Adam, real life friends, rather than "Wayne and Adam getting spanked by Adam's dad," if that makes sense.

Aimee | Not voted video yet | 19th August 11:55
Well basically what you said Chiki. I had rated it a 10 but when we discussed it I reset my vote to a 9 because there were some minor, (MINOR) grumbles.

I agree that there was a lack of embarrassment between the boys when the mere topic of punishment was brought up. If that was me in that position I would die of shame if that happened. Then again there wasn't too much reaction by the other lad when the other was over the knee. No real humiliation from it going down to bare bottoms. Though I also realise we maybe didn't get to see as much of the spectators reactions as we usually would in say a Mr X movie. This is what brought it down to a 9 for me.

I love both lads. I like there acting. Wayne is very easy on the eye but I don't think that is all he has got going for him. I see a clear definition between him relaxed and nervous or uncomfortable. Works for me. Adam in this is just fantastic. He did have a little of an edge over Wayne but as I say I really like Wayne too.

One of my favourite films so far this one. Really good. I think both guys and of course dad did a great job. 9/10 is a great score.
Aimee | Not voted video yet | 19th August 11:57
Had to reset my vote again because I had selected 7 by mistake. 9 !!!!
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 19th August 13:54
@Lynne - well yeah, you have great points, but this wasn't real punishment, it's a storyline movie, that's why it's called *acting.*

The credits say directed by Dave, so I am placing this VERY MINOR flaw on his shoulders, not the boys, who were, as you said, just coming off the competition...ha ha ha!

It's still one of my favs, regardless....
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 19th August 17:03
Ok I get where Chiki is coming from with Adam being more natural etc but I actually like Wayne's slight awkwardness. It contrasts nicely with his dramatic facial expressions. Yes maybe Adam might be more fun and chilled out, but Wayne gives me the horn and also makes me wanna look after him.
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 19th August 17:07
Lol@tinhead. You're so up my street.
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 20th August 06:02
Actually, Domfan, I would expect Adam to act more natural and relaxed in front of his own dad, and Wayne to be more stiff and awkward in front of his mates dad, so I think you have great points here, it flows well with the story.

I think the only real issue Aimee and I had here was the lack of embarrassment displayed by either boy while watching the other get spanked. Their postures were very casual and relaxed, etc. And Aimee had an additional issue with Adam not being embarrassed by having his dad talk about his punishment in front of Wayne.
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 20th August 06:27
@Domfan - I think Adam has more of a vulnerable look than Wayne, actually. To me he always looks just a tad worried and sorry, LOL. In my interpretation, Wayne is definitely the more hardened or jaded of the two.
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 20th August 08:50
@Domfan, sorry forgot to ask, are you British? Just curious, in the States we would say "up my alley"
millie | Not voted video yet | 20th August 08:57
reading through the comments i feel the movie has been slated a little, both boys did really well, acting and reacting to the situation, Adams hands shaking when he is told he is getting it and Wayne keeping his head down when talking to dad trying to negotiate a punishment suited for him so that his own dad doesnt find out, it all worked well for me. I wonder if part two has been filmed yet or if the comments will sway the boys to be over the top acting next time. Does Adam fess up to the joint being his, or does Wayne steal the show and totally cover for him, thank you Adam, Wayne and Dave for this fab movie and looking forward to part two
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 20th August 12:33
Ok, going to chime in here one last time!  There is one other thing thats
been bothering me about Wayne's performance here, and I have a suspicion
that its purely a cultural misunderstanding, so I would love it for Brits
and Americans alike to comment.

When speaking with Dad, Wayne uses language that makes him sound more
annoyed than nervous.  Now I know its subtle, but it did make a difference
in how I perceived his attitude.  Phrases like "that's the last thing I
need," or "I don't need that," or "I don't need him finding out" (using
"need" in the negative) are usually reserved for when you are either being
sarcastic or very annoyed, here in the US.  It would not be something you
would say to your friends Dad or your elders, especially not when in
trouble about to be punished.

Had any of those phrases been uttered replacing the word "need" with "want"
they would have had a different connotation, at least for me.  Can I get
some feedback from both sides of the pond?
Aimee | Not voted video yet | 20th August 12:40
@millie not slating it at all. As I said in my earlier comment I love both boys and think they did a great job. It's one of my favourite movies to have been released of late. This is why I emphasized that these were MINOR grumbles. This movie still received a 9/10 for me despite these things. All that being said I am sure Dave knows when we point out things that we perhaps would have liked to have seen to make it a perfect 10, he realizes it is not meant as an insult at all just us pointing out our own little quirks that we like. I think all the movies are excellent and Dave does an amazing job.
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 20th August 13:14
I'm pretty sure the entire point of the rating system and comments section is so that Dave can get an accurate idea of what his members like and appreciate most. I'm sure he takes everything we say into consideration, while still making the movies that fit his vision and suit this site best.
Aimee | Not voted video yet | 20th August 13:22
@chiki here that would be considered perfectly acceptable hun.
Aimee | Not voted video yet | 20th August 13:48
@chiki here that would be considered perfectly acceptable hun.
Aimee | Not voted video yet | 20th August 13:48
I have no idea why my comments are posting twice sorry. Lol
Lynne | Not voted video yet | 20th August 13:53
@chiki: I would think it would depend upon the tone and body language used along with the words; hard to show an example with just typing here but there is the stubborn quality of "I don't NEED that" with fists clenched and just a defiant or outraged stance to the more 'desperate to get out of it' tone even while being compliant. Call it the last ditch effort to keep the punishment from happening.
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 20th August 14:30
@Lynne, I know it's subtle, but I still think "I don't need my dad finding out" as opposed to "I don't want my dad finding out" has different connotations here, regardless of body language.

I've been thinking on why this is so, and I haven't pinpointed it quite yet. It's possible that "I don't need" is quite often followed by an angry "this shit"

Somehow the use of "I don't need" connotes the speaker feels he is in the right and the other party is going to fuck up his game

"I don't want" somehow conveys a more humble attitude, to my ear
Domfan | Not voted video yet | 20th August 16:35
Chiki you've made some good points re: lack of embarrassment in the acting. But the other things I think are a bit translational. Wayne is annoyed more than worried I agree, but that's his petulant character.
By the way yes I'm British .
I know Adam is the 'softer' one, but I think Wayne is mire vulnerable because he's more uptight and needs mire reassurance. Plus his facial expressions make me want to look after him.
Aimee | Not voted video yet | 20th August 16:50
Well from a british point of view, we wouldnt take that as an issue here just a turn of phrase so Wayne was totally on point with our lingo :) language barriers must suck for you guys at times.
Aimee | Not voted video yet | 20th August 16:51
That wasn't meant to sound cheeky! Lol. I mean genuinely it must be annoying to hear something and wonder if it has the same effect here as it does where you are :)
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 20th August 19:45
Thanks Domfan and Aimee - and no, it doesn't suck, it just makes things more interesting! I'm curious so I'll explore and investigate, to me that's rather fun. It would probably suck for the incurious sheeple who have no desire to learn or explore outside the predigested pablum that is spoon-fed to them.

I like your point, Domfan, about Wayne needing more reassurance because he's more uptight. I can see how that might be. I think Wayne actually seems more guarded to me. I know about judging books by their covers, but thats how Wayne always seemed to me, hardened, jaded, guarded, street-wise. Yet, in his BBB video, he came across in a different light, so I wonder if I really misjudged.

Perhaps Dave has a few words on this. Not that he's ever likely to say "Oh, you'll never believe the douche-baggery that boy is capable of" He'll probably agree what a delightful lad Wayne is, LOL!
uchikimatsu | Not voted video yet | 20th August 19:49
@Domfan - "look after him," is that what you kids are calling it now?
[email protected] | Not voted video yet | 24th August 13:38
These 2 are adorable when they were asleep too cute xx Adam my fave here now don't shoot me but i just haven't clicked with Wayne yet in the younger catagory [Adam/Dom/Karl/Dan it was love at first sight ].Dad top notch job as ever.
Ooleary | Not voted video yet | 20th September 02:40
Ok I've changed my mind I'm now a Wayne fan love this guy after watching Wayne/Dom interview on the blog post what a cute and funny guy plus I've watched all other movies
Cherylkay | Not voted video yet | 26th September 14:38
OMG these two are great together! I came of age in the 70's (I think I just gave my age away lol) and everyone toked weed in those days. I used to smoke it in my room all the time as a teenager and then would spray massive amounts of air freshener...ahhhh memories :)

Adam and Wayne, great job, boys :) It's pretty obvious that they have a certain comfort level with each other. They just seemed completely natural, like any young men hanging around in a friends' bedroom. I don't think this scenario would have worked as well without real life friends.

I want to make a special comment about Wayne's performance here, though Adam was spectacular. The moment when Wayne takes the blame for the pot kind of lifts this one from your run-of-the-mill spanking video and brings up the subject of what one would be willing to do for a friend. I like that Wayne deliberated pretty calmly with Dad, rather than overly dramatic begging and pleading.

Adam as I said was really great here. This is my first day on the site so I'm a bit like a hungry person at an all-you-can-eat buffet LOL. But Adam is quickly becoming a favorite. He has that "ordinary lad" look and personality that I really love. His bottom also pinks up nicely.

My only real criticism is a personal one. I hate the word "tits" and I hate "massive tits" even more. But I do understand that that's how guys talk so it's no big deal. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Dave, the question "What have you got to say for yourself?" also ticks a special spanking box of mine :) Thank you for knowing what your audience wants and giving it to us.

Art, I don't know how or why you came to work as Dave's editor but I hope you never leave. You're very creative and I love that. Keep up the good work.
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